The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 7, 1973 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 7, 1973
Page 10
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THE BRAZQ8PORT FACTS 10 Superporf... t Continued from Page l) million tang tons now to ISO million by ItftO and SK million Tins volume mu*t be carried by supertankers, he **id. "Our foreign competitor* have met this industrial challenge" with ports in the Rahamss and Canada, dentd. "and t know thw America is also capable flf attacking this problem head on." Delaware is the site designated tor America'« firsj dwp water port, he, said "Semal other locations are jmcntly under ewsWeratuw foe such a facility In the OuU Cba«, 1 endt\rs« Frwport. Texas, as the mow logical site lor ihts facility, "Freoport is easily accessible to the Gulf of Mexico, but $011 within ppdme distance of the many Houston-Galveston oil TEXAS TUBE SURF SHOP FOR BUSINESS g*!S*S^ateiS-^fott;..'-: Rj$*M*4Fv>fcvTji.';v?> ut 3tV'.' '• 5>i-.V- ; A CD.HPI.ETK UNK OF FINE SntFIMi EQt'lPMENT * ACCCSSORIKS j*r\c 1 E»rt Goniate* Maatfvr at I>SM: tiny, re «we—ss-mt companies. "'finny miles off the- coast <rf Frwport. the Gulf is de«p etHHi^ti io hawllc the demands of super tankers, » "Also. this growing fily Is located on the Texas tntraeuatttU Waterway, which will be « major tran«furtatton system for lttjui<l and dry wrvm-s to he handled by this facility," Cawy reviewed (he Corp* of KnRineers findings. supporting an offshore inonobiwv system, "which l-Yeeport eouW eaaly handle. "This proposed facility would be Uu'aled In approximately too feet of water «uh pipeline ikijntutmn to intermediate UttdwV 1(0 r Age and tur\Jf. or pipeline distrttmtwo to the refinery complete* of "Also, Kreeport'* un.«K>buoy *y«en\ i* the roost m>nom:faUy and ecologically favorable deep water pun facility." Without thwe JUjjerjwm, nearby (ureign *uperporu wuuM rtveoe tfi< fwcign oil 1( the domestic refinery ivipani) m (hr area* of dfiitaml Ax* not grow last (tittup lu k«p up with the demand, the refirwne* *ttl be biii!i in the neighboring vwntrte* "Awe nc<\ ntiui S*t busy In Uuldiroj; if* superporu to handle our iuper n*«ii We ran meet ihk» rtuUhrnge, a.wl I h«arulv *n<lt»r*e fr'reepart Ti'tdri <i.» IJie iise tor a d*irp »as<?r [*->ct on !h? Gutf Co*Jt ! can i«ure th* Corfu, of Kn£m«*rs that the Krwjwft tocadon *ill have the *hjWH"-4rt«J co«^wrau«i and «4>{»n oi the tli^nibrr oi t'twu/sii-rvr, Njngatwn liiifd u«'Sn:i.ih. 4«1 *U other c>ffscal* antS (it) ten.* oi the Krirepoft Wafer Quality... (Continued frtwn Pagt I) prupi^b. If we dKln't tV> wmethtng i:nm«li«|ely, J wu afraid we wvMldn'i be Mr to «« anything done about the Hratui for ihr«* je«rs." Kield* salt! Ktekb phone call to Vantls thw *<»k wa« jxwnjXed after the JVeepirt City Cowivil voted to imtrtarl Kielitt to communicate with YanlU askinjj that the TWQ» )eader (wvlde definite In* formation a» lit the Walu* of the [tratm Hlvw and *tw« Uw chance tn upttriiOe il wuuid be matte Yantis earlier m a Inter to K\eUts hAd a».iurnl him that the t»r*(a* Ktv*r tkUl bamn "k* to Iw upgraded " Soviet Car Enters U.S. Market In Low Gear LAKE I Charlotte's CLINT EASTWOOD NKVV VORK The ideal b<K'k£ruumi (or live exhibit «1 th* S ma<!e t.atta paweriger car at the 17th annual international auto show h«re would h4Vf been A /ttnotM whirrrjrring, the sound of Uw late ScO JiW McCarthy spinning (rantR-at- ly in hi* sr» v * A delicate drt|>-«lrip—«lrip- plnjt, the iound of th« l».»l v*$iige«i of CoU War k* roelung An a.'ni«i« twtton.abula- tton, th* K>ufltl uf all iNuiit cash re^uter* grtlins; s«t to cwlSwfl all Dial capitakt! profit Hut uutittti. th#re wa.» only tfc« lourtd of th^ »am* sort of genslv miiUng sliow crowd tlut thr riKlfci't of Tu>»fc», AU.J (in. MefTrt}e:». Fu»t aft*} IVii' geot. oltxt prwlvjcU of «!ftt- whi!* rf!(pfr>iri and prwfRl /rw«»4.» The curious t*ofnl <4iy through pitas of Utvr^iturv, ftiletl in blank* fur a to ruiti-c tbr l^ula'i utility vefttel* couaterpjrS t" *in a twi>*r«l, trip to M«se»T»." a s4g» io«!t a*«) UiKed to tft* >jite-»mi-«. who vt«t cittteiu but r*f>f««*«ta> tl-vet of the Sdtra Corv«xa tion, » trading company run by AmerK-aft*. Everybody kept » d**»dent ey* or two oo lh* btru- mrtte m««4*l wearing a b*- klnl. fur coat, btxiU aod about lKrr« ix>uiwii o/ falw- eytluifcru iH«f ac«rv«t s«4i catctl thai the may wvU Kav« been frutn C<or^u. bus the Georgia iif«Ji»:ipJ T> fctob. R*»t lite oa« that prt*luK«l Jwfih Stalui t It U the Re* «f a of p*4i-< ful c«K*i»tem:*. Ut *hAth tfw AN EVK *• tile l,',S- NaUuMMl , AMtrilU, TW tW . tin*' •t VA \ \ Ruth Mae Wottord to nut J<ar e, a/trr all, may be p la d?i>*n Ihein tn Ifut ti Ktxlin ,' ( > tft«ff .»w*le! RVSJ bifift.J Jfw: "May" for nun,* For era- tlu Col* SJw ISURF wa.ll* at i'trtaJsfOt N'Uuo't *Mit to Its* $a*iet I'nswa t*»? yffjf caalateei) 4 cAtirh- lfc« Sovicti a$rc«4 to pay bdisrSt rrj2 mtllteo io Wurki Was- II drfc'.j but oe tomWief, l&») {ft* truZdi 5Utcn srawt g ~. t frK*itt pcmtaa etenrft mj«V nu< t» MJ fcMsbuol »hu i£v«l U,it m«?o<Iv «i*wB I r*tu*B tt. *ed «* I *». Kit) VA tf-ttBM* INe ?f«ft to US** fV?i< (rtuwrit f/wa VA wUI tw ctaMMl J< ?«ur tiM» » r»!» irf (djttam*. It fcia fj!« »»> gr*»i«r iiuft jout^ l 4$ wkiuw't g - witi. . <9*«cift&*iii*ui«w«iM<«c««!i.. t t>*-**j Wa;; ; ,- Deaths and Funerals •*-:*;<£ .*' ••* ' w'i w.-ln: ?•'. j i !f,:"J. in. Barnes infant AT* »ta'.«» ifc* y SS B. L Thrashef tnr «4 t* M Robert Rcdford George Segal &Co. The Hot Rock MMUSIUENT GUIOC SURF VILASCO ' «»*•.• 9«<winti"n> BCACON »•*«•* JWE I UWE II il* «j.«, eriA ' n t r w 7:00 & 9:10 ENDS MS, (Sr.a tya/rv ic's art j'«« (r* ,'uli Tfc* VA 4 -. i Am ttoi*in< VA punswci litnJKf Ifiie u>«-jK>ci3 "«W Uw." *«d wHMJmr if f *a» «fcj»!^» to th* "ei*-* U-»'"' 4. — Y«», tMs}»« <3»«»JijS|t. '.fti;t Rwtm M . !-"(J Emergency cat! IMVM^ A^^r^ ruemtn to meet . ;. : ... t . r f :»";. dattvcw ii -it i VA Burglars smash store window :>i' "i'1-1 Hi swret* eors^.-.j-j^c ^:r ;,-;., 'N»C V.-J.-.KP,, , i ,, v . r ,,.. ; ,,> ,. ^ i^li.Vl't >T »r - ,.-!!|.t HELD OVER 2nd Hit'Week! tw«f( U»«TO !(» ^sc •Vi<»tSt«J i: \i:^., ;-". v.-j-a ('f :.-* *r : -tj -• >f •- \!>f X» CCMTLWr »O« MCUMtV MJTUFOtTW SAT. MATINEE 1:30 I 3:00 "A Chaltflft for Robinhood' HATED G » Hut *» > » * i«* KUNG-FU/KARATE KIU ER AT THEIR \i DEADLIEST! ANTIMIHO »OU VI nunttwr »wl naif J<P"*tf7 Tturidit) evmia^ M» * N?Wlj ruvtrfcd tvirjlify About 1 W p m ««mf >t*tf^fit«» wfco *vr* p&t eultidV <rf Uw Ldk* Tfemtoni ™" r«f»artcd Uut lh*7 be*r»l jUw ' brcakidK and «h«n th«j t<r ' 1 kukad in the dtfmtton of ttw u KMind. two p«ri«<v« «*r» fc * efc*«rv«i KoofaHg up jc-»»<r> "^ /ram UM txe*«n »tafc^ ws bmatifau* P C MUkr uk5 Ike youafiten p«trM«rd tlw two ptrtofei M th«7 ran toward and »c»aH f)«k Drtrt and into (he dup*»» area, drtfifiing »PCM Jntclr)) in ttMr flight H <-•! ,-, Cfrj'.Ufcf, »?.!<ft<! ii! (,»-., r ,: SELECTED STOCKS QUOTATKMS 0»« /MM IfttT* AMW. Nail IM n< Ancr. TAT, JI4 Uiry*tor .......... »», DearhMB ....... t«»* U»« SI OoMrai Meter* ....... «M. O«U Oil .... ......... n»» MM. Lgi, A !>•»« .. *« MMI. Nai. O.i ........ m« Wfs ft J .!l«ky A»«fj» |>rn»i«: |<tjt\4 A no if »«.«•« A Mjfir SJwhr f'r»*(»)«i J'jjn Mwrta < tirj^si I ),,uii Mf» J II '*Urv Jitwfctefi I -<* >- J J«))1F Ijflfil (U'l I lu!« Mr* J W (Slvwimi !(.*«> font,*;* Majrta TJwrr^j <il.«lnj I't^ Mr* II J : l.jr.[U ! Sjwimtl Kfnj» GRAND OPENING FREE BEER!! U1MMI, t, 4M P.H. J, C f .*•% ... - T -- T - n- - m *rv • : ^f notit «\>:KV tiiitu, u;» »vu .TCXAI "«' miHXA.ME.Nt r\HtV Hu i: M uJ KAINOtT IIAI'fV IKH« fKVUtV fl \\ n It\l\w7 * TIC TOG

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