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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Thursday, May 26, 1859
Page 2
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aha&n give in? com bdenf&OmStf&m tioDB against the could' not If the Editor of the ffweent does not know that mod of his insinuations against us are talM, Iby he Js guilty «f making them wlih- oat any r efiable information -whatever in the premises, ondttfally exercised orer the Ute action of deavpfto;break ita.eflfe.nipon tneir pnty, tn*l The* Mas- not ft republican State} that this .apt ; was concocted and consummated by ; know nothinjp^d > %mo6/at»;0haft'4{*ton pure re- pubUcaniean Js not at all responsible for ft.— Xhe Chicago JPnu & TrVnate endeavors to stare the Matter of tat the following bold A O AIM *H*T WXU SOt WIH. combined with of Hassachus- " P » —— .. •--w •»*•>*•• MaavtMlO Wi. |t I itOOOO U HP" , utterly regardless of their troth of j etts to carry the two years amendment at the |ffe will not weary oor i«dws,»or J f*™* >P ™ at Steto °» Monday last, theor- compromise oar own self-respect by replying •ttialcnto such a tissue of nrlsrepttsentations and «"•"' loods.". Two or three specimens most ' smBcc tor tbe preswnt, and tot alUtme, unless toe author of them givei as, his authority for making suolt statements. Hen is one which he mmkernpoa Us own responsibility: " The y<n*V«flbct« to be anthoriied to speak for -Senator Douglas." We pronounce that an unmitigated falsehood, and challenge the proof. The following, if not a pure invention of the •ditor, is published on the authority of some other party or parties, «hose name or names oan be taifly furnished r "Wfll thej^cui* tell tiw public! what induced Senator Douglas, after be had; worked during the "Whole session, •. up to a dty or two before the rote was taken, to procni4 the rejection of Its editor by the Senate, to change his mind, and come in at ' Ibe eleventh hour and vote for him I * * * * —and did Senator D. confer with Potter and , .BUlinghnrst to^make) a sure thing «f the rejection of Mr.. Sharpstern?" (The assertion that Senator Douglas worked during the, whole session, or any part of the seetion, to'procure tbfc rejection of the editor Of theA T ewa, is false. He never entertained, at any time, the idea of voting against the confirmation, and never changed his mind in regard to H. He never conferred with Potter and Billinghnrst, nor with either of them on '(he subject of the "rejection or confirmation of Mr. Sharpatsin. Mr. Billinghnr8t has himself assnrred us ' that he never interforred with the matter in any Way, and we have the very best authority for stating, that Potter never ullnded to the subject In Judge Douglas' presence. Senator Doolittle did mention the subject to Judge Douglas, and donbtles knows whether Judge Douglas was inclined or not, to work for "the rejection of the editor of the Newt by the Senate." No man outside of tbe Senate at the time that vote was taken, knows more, or care* lees about it, than the editor of the Km*. We know how, and by whom the rejection was effected, and are not indebted to Judge Douglas for onr knowledge of his conduct, or that of others, on that occasion. The Senate of the United States-has rejected in other days, when It was far more exalted, and much more respected than now, such men as John J. Crittenden, Edward Everett, Martin Van Bnreo and Henry A. Wise, and we are not therefore, surprised that it should have latterly confirmed such patriots as Joaiah A. Noonan, Brigham Young, Isaac Cook, and John Candle Box Oalhonn, gagea upon Op second part of the programme which Is to ffprear thai the repa> Ucaas did it. The anti slavery foreigners are not to be caught in this manner. They are as fully posted in the facts of tbe ease, as the pro slavery conspirators themselves. They hare «*en apiffiz* ed of the secret meetings which were held nightly throughout Massachusetts by the pro- sUvery democracy of that Slafe,-"for the express purposei of carrying the amendae..^— They knew that it was carried by American and democratic votes* tiiat the republicans in Massachusetts voted fgato.t «,£<! that the republicans in every other Slate earnestly and emphatically protested ag.inst It. They held and will continue to told the pr6-s»a»ery <;«. mocraoy responsible fwf ib* mult All tW howling of the pro-shiver/ Journals will .net secure thema single vote from the. lanksbf the liberty-loving, foreign-born eitiaens. The Springfield Journal is very ."seiry" and counseled the republican club of tfcat city to get up a, meeting one tfvening last Weel to denounce this action of the ''know nothings" of Massachusetts. Bat the repttilicans Springfield were not quite so "sorry"—bai /vwnfy-Mi'en of them met, and the ptoceeoWngi were very tame. Dr. Janyne, tn$ newly. i*»V twJTverftbis evil, la |Scatej.hro,ngheuch means, s ThapressinMas- faehnsetts WtJitfenfirelvfBfevorof tte '"infa-_ my." The Boston Allot and 'Ste, tb» leading .repnblica»rp»ierJn the etate.exultsaa follows ! aftertheelection;j' ! » tVv '*,/•>.* f * \ "* Again thetieopleof Massaohectts have de- ifionstrated th< ir possession of common "s«nae ind wisd6m in managing their political affaire,' >y their ««e of yesterday/by which the two jyearg amendment is adopted by an overwhelming^ majority. M in, all speofal, elections, the vote is comparatively small in-the aggregate, but it indicates clearly the opinion of the* people We were'confident that we were hot jmistaken in our Judgment of the sentiments the-d stingnished who In .vein this State, A SPLIT is THE PESSSTLVAJTIA "PEOPLE'S PAMT."—A Coonty Convention wa« held in Nonristown, Montgomery Co ,Pa., on the 18th init., which, after a considerable amount of large and small talk, resulted in the election of two sets of delegates to the State Convention. The split occurred between the Repub lioans and know nothings. .OpfosmOK TO'THB DEMOCRACY—The op- pesHion to the democracy sail under a variety of names in different sections of the country. In Massachusetts they are Jeuersonian American republicans ; in Missouri, free democrats ; in Virginia, Whigs; in Maryland, know nothings ; in California, Broderick men ; in Pennsylvania,the people's party; and in Kentucky, Tennessee, and some of the other Southern States, where proper namss have all been used upon the niggers, they call themselves simply tb» opposition. Here is material for a fusion. BBODKBIOE AHD Own ox TH« Sruirr IB CAW»OKHlAi—Tbe San Francisco Na:,:,,al says that Hon. David Broderick will take the stump daring the approaching campaign in California, and invite Senator Qwin to meet nhn. The National is not very complimentary to the new Senator. Itsaye : There is not a mining camp in the State' there is not a country town within our borders wherein dozens of men cannot be found better able to Inform their fellow citizens about the Political events or issues of the day than the curly braggart Broderick, WAVBMHO.—The opposition in Georgia are considerably in doubt whether it would be prudent to nominate a candidate for Governor in opposition to the democracy. One thing, however, they have decided upon, and that is to wait nntU the democratic party shall have oonstructed their platform and started their candidate, and then, if they cannot swallow the principles of the democracy, they wfll probably present thpir issues and sail in. TETWOTO SHAK. Or* THE MASSAOITOS.™ AJOSTOIMST.—Hon.J. P. Parnsworth, member of Congress from the Second district of Hlinois, in a letter, says: u ed republican Mayor of that city; and Senator Trombali's father-in-law, just poked bi» countenance into the meeting for a mosneat, «nd seeing the "poor show," fttired witt| »audry other leading republicans, and attended a negro concert then in blast at Cook's Hall. . At Alton; the flattering of the republicans has been intense, from this cause. Senator Trumbnll has been here, bard at work among the few, very feu, of his 'Germas republican stool pigeons. On 8 turds.^ lost he bad a lengthy editorial in the Alton Courier, depreciating thin Massachusetts movement, and laying it on other shoulders, of coarse.— This article met with simply 4 smile of derision from our Alton German citizens.— The specious court that Senator ftnmball has lately paid .fo them, by visiting lager Baloons, and ray kind hand-shaking and generous treating, is properly understood and appreciated They know well his early raising, and habits, previous to his entering political life, and how much sincerity and heart InHis present friendly pretensions. Senator Trumbnll seat his afticle, in tlie Courier, to tlte editor of the powerful German paper in.fiL Louis, the Wc,tlicht Post, edited by Danzer, the noted writer, formerly of the St. Lonis Ameiger, The Pott announces the id wishes of the people of Massachusetts, and fbe result has Verified oar predictions. >' " We hare ao disposition to exult over the ppponentsof the amendment, notwithstanding the unfair and abusive course which some of (hem have pursued in opposing it. They ""ght to learn wisdom by this lesson^ and be i to understand something of the people of ssachnsens. It is: not the first «u»e they ive undcrtskeB to. "dioiate to the African republican party, and «n every previous occasion, as in the present csse, they have been rebuked and defeated." j Here Is another evidence. Th« great ivpub- }ie8?~leaaer in Congrese, Banks, now Governor, 1n two successive taessages to tbe Legislature of Massaehnsetts, argued in favor of and *iTOoated the passage of the two years' exclusion of American isHiasBii ft onj tbe right of snf- Ja his messsf« to the Legislatare of > the Governor said: There can be ho object of higner importance than that of dBtenniniin; npon^ what condi- tfcns the rights of suflr.. S '» shall be conferred, Md what leglsl«tlvB sVn^guftrdR are-necessary receipt of thin favor from ^Senator TrnmbnH of Illinois, in tbe most bitter and contemptuous terms Here is a free translation of this article, furniahed ns by an Alton Qenaan democrat: •' WHAT is TO tic DoN5."_The Missouri JJemofrat, Alton Coarnr, and soaie othef ff- pnblican papers, which were as still as • Ktlle mouse during the discussion and passaea of the Massachusetts infamy, and did not say one word in defence of the adopted sitizen, begin now to be a little uneasy. Th-r sew the storm which is ooming from the German republicans. Tbe Democrat and Courier, aod other papers, say that the republicans are not to blame for th« Massachusetts infamy—that she is no» a republican Slate. Now, we ask, what State it a republican State, if Massachusetts U.not 1 k not Massachusetts the embodiment of tbe anti-slavery party 7 Has ii not a republican Governor and Legislature and full Congressional delegation 1 Ho, gentlemen, with snch poor excuses von will not avert tbn storm which threatens tbe chaffering trading leaders of the republican party. This sophistry is too awkward to deceive anybody. Even were tbe republican party in other States opposed to this, yet Bt. Louis failed to record her indignation against tbe infamy, or it was not done in a proper manner ; but there was more an encouragement to the act. The editors of the Democrat are responsible that onr protest did not go on. against the Massachn- setts infamy. Also in Illinois, the republican party did not do their duty We ask Sfliiator TrumlfnH a question : Mr. Trumbnll sent ns yesterday aa article out of tbe Alton Courier and thought we would go hand in hand with that paper in softening the rage of the Germans. This is far from our pnrpose. We must ask Mr. Trum- bnll why he, a man of his note and influence, to maintain the purity <,r ^ecUon*, and tO:pro-_ trot the rights of Amen, un citizens. 1 shall fully concur with you 'in snob, neasures- as you may deem expedient for the purpose. 1 At the beginning of tin session of 1859, the Governor said: I respectfully, but Kimestly rwomtaend * concurrence in this amen Intent., in order that « may be submitted lo the people /or-their approval or rejejti.-n. Opftn the other hand, we can reewrd the very general expression of tlte demoftrttio party and press to and ontsiie of Massachusetts, before as well as after tbo election, against this measure. The following esUacts from democratic papers in thai Si.,te can now be quoted to g»od purpose, and with which we OOD- T ---— -—••» WM*K| n*»>u*u <>*4« *aa* »nc»yu montbi attempted to bejthff expedients of his Jfcnlibjr. views It will be seen from the lan- gnage l |fiur letter-writer, that Mr. Bonglasis attltfli Wnt^detnocrotfd oryawarfion, and that *n«/ eflj>rt ma4e by bogms eiponenls of his po- littoal Wafon«fn this State to «xo|nde Jinn therefrj >in, is'fuiifc. Bttt It la nceless to en- large'upon this sabjeot, the polTtioal truth disolos H! by oaf.eorresprtnrlent must fcmtnand the at|ention'of every roan Interested in the political events of the day. nt to the ancient rqisbct for treaties, and to proclaim his moderation, which nothing can shake. He at the saee time appeals to religion consolidated by him, to hbman progress in _ T . Which ha believes, to the- love of country *frtgenyfman, l ancL|.which animates him., He.doe> not desire conquests ;"bui since Austrian domination .must either t be gabniUted to.up to the eaasekjol the Alps or be driven beyond 'the; Adriatic, he .will advance wTttf uis'fiulh"'and his courage to combat to the death, ir it Wnecessary, to save the futures of FranoV, and to.ptacebetween" us and the ambition of Austria a fjv« Italy,' as we have already a free Helvetic Confederation.— Admirable'proclamation 1 silk* the discourse of a sovereign,' of a soldier, of a citizeu and of •the lather of a family! dmor.e valuation the " idwtffrhfcds of 1roinrnKriots7 ithinthe last twelf e Every democratic p.ii.-r In Massachusetts opposed it and fought acalnst it up te tbe hour the polls wer* closed Beginning with tU« Boston Post, the leading democratic par»r of that State, wcrgive belotr -itr.icts from all of them showing that It is i, . fault of the democracy of Massachusetts Unit thia infamon« oni rag&.has been palmed ,.if npon Ihe Germans. Tlie Boston /W.'on tl, morning of tu, election, said: " To-day'g Question.—CompliajKw with certain arts of Congress makes a wfcite man who was born out of th* country an Ameri«an oit- jzen. It is Bropowd to put into the organic law of this State a provision that will abridce nn n/tsinnn* *\t 1^1 _*L. *_. *t • « _ -• O » when it was in time to Massachusetts atfoclty 7 did not say a word, •*. j.j^ . . ~™~»-«.u>,«a w».rvu«i,f I nny dm not such men as Lincoln F. P Blair Trnmbnlland others, say a word in favor of the ngbbB of adopted citizens 1 JVbere was the republican Central CommitteeOn Illinois 7 If anybody, meAimm were tee ones to spefifc out on this pending question. Under these circumstances, we most return onr thanks for these expectation* of ns. that w« will aid in putting to sleep onr adopted oil- sLSSft ^.^jf tte '»r o T who now have the on account of birth p*ao^. U» ri&lg thus L. qnir»d; to put a stigma on this class of Amer ican citizens, and tbusto rojutoit a, bold piece of isjustice. Jhe questidn is, will yon patriotic oitizcn, *ev this glate tfcnS iJIsbonoivd ? Will yon vote to-day, to pnt a servile brand on an American citizen on account of his birth-plac.. ? To the polls, and vole against this nronstrons proposition. Democrats, vete to-day.—The infamous amendment proposing to fat a servile brand en white ice-i. forsigners. after they shall U«ome r American linz-ns, will be voted on to-day ; and we trust iliac no one bearing the-namo of democrat wrill fail to go to the polls and »ote against It. It is a pure piece of insult to ih- foreigner and has not a single quality to com mend it. T<* the poll* to-d»T and vote against this miserable proposition." Bat the Boston J'n,t was nr,t tbo only democratic paper that took this told. m,nlv and democratic, position The Essex B, spirited democratic journal, Pott as follows : 'It is simply and clearly an attempt to crush down the foreign population because they do not go in for repuhlicaninni and nt- <?roes. The movement has not even the prestige of a reasonable apology ; it is a bare-faced attempt, on the part of the republicans to force an olmomions and nnjBst law on the p<>o- ple. It arrays the State iu open and decided opposition to all tbe personal freedom and equality aboul which tae republicans talk so much." This language U ie-o plain to be misunderstood, and jet U is Dot a bit plainer than that of the New Bedford 7Vm»,another leading and rn •A WeMern from reliable sources that the friends of Senator Douglas are resolutely determined that hejahall be the nominee of the Charleston Convention in i860, and are working to secure that eu'd with a tlgor and determination that will not yield the point, except jn the face of palpabje impossibilitii-s. ' Tkisjoity- (8t. Louis,) U the seat au4 centre of tbe iaiprement, and it is here that the ope- riitfdna|»re being cjuried on which, in good time, it is thoagbt will altaoh tb* party in every northern State to the cause of tbe " Little Qiant,'/ and secure to him also a sufficient footing in the southern States to prectadathe possibility: of charging him with sectionalism.— The movement ii put forward by the people of the WeU as a peculiarly western one; and west- era mep will be appealed to to support It, to counteract that Atlantic iieafcosad influence, the weight of which. w£ in the Mississippi Valley,iare too often made to feel in tbe legislation Of Congress. An attempt will be made, It 4s thought, by tbe cxtrejie Spntb, to ossifrn to ib« $linoia e*»ato» «k> inferior position In the Convention, on accohftt of Ws peonlinr - views c* the subject of stavei-y in the Territories ; land it will be intimated to him prvtty clearly,' that the city of Charleston, in South Carollrm, ia no place far an advocatJ of t^rri- torjil sovereignty to seek preferment arid honor. Bat this-will nave no eJfcct The friends of Douglas, with an audaoitj and boldness inspired By their »eader, will strensonsly nr^e hJsclainis, and take" DO cogpiza»c» of hints disparaging to his standing.' 1Vilh Missouri, Kentucky, Tf-nn^ssee and Delaware for Doaglas, at the ftutstt, RH<! Virginia drifting to his support, through Ih" fond between the frientfs of Hunter and \Vi.-,. ili« charge Of infidelity to the rights ol the South would lie absurd, aod no oth^-r candiilat.-, it (3 thought, could stand even a chance for th<» nomination. This Is the scheme The u.ana- gery UKikf but little noisn aboot—indeed, deny the lassertions occasionally m.ids l,j the Washington letter-Writers that Mr. Douglas »»" D °be° into "'e Charleston (onvtutirni, and *flt not tie a candidate for the nomination. They ndver suffer theso assertions to qo uncon- .- tradlcted DoBglas in// go into the Cli.irleston | H. „,.,.,,,,., conventloli au>4 his friends are determined that i Oil* pri>(-^t 'Military' Muster ana War Scenes at M»r- from Marsvilles, dated the A private 23 of May, says. The port of Marseilles is at thin moment the rendezvous general where thai various corps if armee intended for Italy assemble to embark. Soldiers ol every arm—recimants of tho Hc«, riflemen, cavalry and artillery—arrive and depart djiily. Th« numerous steamers belong- Ing to [Marseilles -havu been almost all engaged for the transport of troops and warlike stores, so that the port is becoming empty by degrees, and" many vacancies are to be seen In consequence of the vessels that have sailed.— Almost all onr steam navigation companies have suppHed the government with ships.— Some ol tlit'in havi- already made Ihi3 passage to Genoa and back—others are still embarking,troops and stores. Several fricnlcs and transports belonsing to the- Imp-rial n:«vy have likewise come here to embark tro«ps. and onr extensive quays afford mor» ficility for these operations than Toulon. Tliw number of Jroops who have already sailed from Marseilles fop Hal j »re estimated at 50,000 On Sunday last a gr-iit prop<irt!on of th- population of .Marseilles :is>:. mbl^d near ttie lighthouBH at the extrnmity of i.(i.' pi>>r of the Joliette, and loudly <ih.-er-il II, • j-ol,lirr» as each ship sailed away. TliK Xuu.ives of tli- frnperial Oimrd were!y w-ell r.-c,-ir ed. Their picturesque costume attrncts universal ailminilion. .in'1 th-'r cuo.l cnnduct I; is procured them imnu-r,>m fri.-ii'i-i Tlif JIT- hnbitants have t«ei'n profu-.- in unpp'yinv th, 01 with refr^hmeiits, ao,! on^ of our prin-'tp I ' bankers did not think tt l^-ncatli In-, dignity i to fraternize with a serfj.-nni In conclusion, I car. anrmnntt' j n^ral Camou, who arrived Y--tt^r,la? left this mornins for Oeivia Th, ts (Jaiilt AU,I Ana^r us w-ll ,n M", are -ti'l li-r... Tl,- ,'.irriMi • nf <)<>n E-pina<»e w-r- t,,-,1,iy quay of th«- Joli.'it- wmiinL' I" !••• -nil,.irl;-.l iOietlnT with six rniffiiilii-. nt rharu" r^ in,I -ix' nul.-s It wn int.-rid..<I 10 »|, i ( -.ini|, or tn-.-nly'.iu I ni-n in II,i- ii,-iirl,!. ( ,r- ioi«l. hat mi cri"ir>'l cini'.l Iw. l,Hind ,,i i,itfi- ient extent tn ln,l,^^ -ndi a r inif,*— T'i^ NOTICES HATHAWAY & BA.NKING, auft Collection <>«}<• »S Itl.OCU. THE WHEAT ENGLISH KK' "SIR JAMES CLARKE'S C;clobrat«'d Female I Prepared from a prescription of Sir M. D., Phyxirinn Rjetranrdintirii >o ilir This OTalnal'lt? ounhcine i|unfailinf» in the • ihuse painful -mil iI.inKeri'urf ilisi-iae« t^ wh tn^ii' constitution * subject. It moil»nl,.» an-l ri-nnivi:s atl nhstru'-tiooa, am' :i » t .f- u b.r rclieil on. ro .«AIIHIFI> it H pecaliarly suiterl. It wtli, In ^ nln the monthly ptjrS'-J willt rr^nlnrily Each hnttlt, j.nce On-- Dollar, h«-ari Stamp of (rreat Rritalu, ti. (ircvt. "•. ••. PIEtiT are *urj h> hrtuy na Mlxriir'-t-iyt, f»t£ nt , tJ-nf fjittj/ arc ft/*, In all fane* nl Perron* in. I dptna! Atf>cti>. th,- IN. -k in,l Llinhi, K»Cj!ue nn <hw>u - . , txtlan orthr llfirt, Kx^tvrii-*, »ml \V i-- •. will effect \ cur? whon HI other mfan-'Nave f aithf.ugh a powerful remeilj, d«i Dot cnntJii-l r v. i, nn'imony, «r *uj .thirty hurtful 1,1 the r . n ru!l ,l:rr'-lMnj in Llm M-impiilfl Ar .un I ^M-'. 'HA J3ATS AND CAP? Than mt ANY OTHER Ml HOfSR "UK wi.. «*»• nfi my stnolt b.-fi fill c, imnrt: »tm ,|, . ,1", :lr,. URKS X(> NT US city Mv Hi-l vain,-, ti.-n.-llt .i -••THAW <i "•< '"•• N I H< >N N (• i H< • .N NI I ;i > \ v, |. | I!' ' N N I | 1 > < > N N I- I r A t I I \ I X i- i: \l 11 ^ XJ I l f. r th.- L'niLe'l JOB MUSKS, i 1 i--, f,, V. [I - 1 1, IK) »n.l6|» h r»Zi-:l AirtT.i, 4 Ml m i Irt, ' y r,-;urn -,n/' f..r ,.Tl.. by llil.lw n £ IV ,:t,.-»l«r N. V A I URRXN t ItLTTIlM C. HAUHI.Nti Inn l.i.l-lV^mr'l t. ••> J J \|. ,|., ,,vi R FT Alt, GOODS 1 I I J . ( > HOTELS • I ^ H &.C. 0 I 1 .111 1^ (if , 11 Uen. von that n? ui Mar- Li-ut. Vi|or .'H H;I 1 Hi.- UKK VV AH i: \t 3 ALbANY RtSTAURANT 1 I 111 1 I > 1 >.\1 pinmn it i" encampment The In.l', .•*,<,; ilh of May, civ- he crarc^l p u wlii.-h tl,- old l.-n/i of. but rmnp<.teiv H* ill rjl- aval list til- the neutral ^ay, acauwt •*d upon t'l.i I V -".'hi •)£ tint it I'i 1 1 \ A t '1 1 I < > 1 i K ( d !rrrit..r \\ fc» ahull go, on a footing of perfect «jn.ili«j with Mat laoat orthodox deinoornts of the Sogth. !Th« Illinois S.-nttor hni no 1ii.-a lf f running aj an independent*, appoal- t|, :1 i tin n ing t» tlte northern 8ta(i?« for support His tl,, adherents think thoro ia no m-c.-sjity for 311,-I a.step, as he is certain «4thi;r to I* the Cliarl.-s loa nominee himself, or tlte dintstor of M,. nomination CAMILLUS. 3<mnrr, a followed Uf the In r»nnrr. PARIS, May 9 Odrre»poDd--nrp r.f th^ London T me*. nia Majesty, accompani.- 1 hy ilw Kmpress, visited thi* afU»rnoo» the rooms of a wrll- knmrn )>hoto«mplii«t on <h.- Itilian B.nile- vards — {suppose to h»v- their p«rlraiLs t»k,m. Ttiey arrived without any esc-orl or even outrider^ and was received with acclamation by tuagjroups on tte Boulevard, as it w:u th. hoBr wUen every one was abroad, »n I tli. weather !va> nagniliogiiit. The E^pnror visits an armorer's ment aft^rwsnls, and thu carriai{i« remaininc ^t the dhor uttract«i a consid^raMn i-n,*d. On hit rat uro "towards the Kno dn la l'ai\ li.- :tu4 the Empress were similarlv reo^ir^l. OPINIONS OS TBE WAS »1_4SIPKHTO. Prom the I'irii Slo-lr, Sl»y 5 Every pne has read iheEmpfror Napol.-o«i - -: proclaioatida. It clearly «ute« tb.- qu«tion. Soch firtt ani candid languag* i» U,-u,-r tl.ari all the atobiguitius of lying diploin.ui.-ts Ii | is a war of principles which we ar- alwnt to sustain; U is aa Italian nationality WH ar- go ing to defrdd. SapoleoB HI. repairs the fault oornmHled by Napolwn J. at th* tim,- of tin- Imty of Campo Kortnio. Italy mnst 1* f re ,as far as the AAaatic. Let us corner,- th.. proclamatisn of Napoteon III ^ith that of Francis Joseph, »nd we shall di.Tov.-r that from thij very rzpresstuns a sUong trutl right and l-n-u , •i, Kvll '7.- rlin.l -i K 11 I -1. 1 ( I I .x i .\ W \ V K i I M. II 1 • ^ A .\ l" THE A to II-T r,>n only wh->- ,lid for id. k'* fi.-rat , I ' liirvcti.rv. <;-n.Tnl 'l 1 .. Kmi: o! f i 1- a r in £ rn O •' \u - I / OHIO UATnWB- A -I an 1 1 l i . l \ ; i with tlr»- With t||.. |' 0; . Tlir- frnit of 1 Campo Komi Knii; i-f 1' ; J.-. I .1 ,.\N I < M r A M 11. V .K i '.ail 1' r i < UK -s I I', h.i- A N \ I > stands *rrt — France Is for ask. MII.WAI'Kl t.. V( I s I l.l I our neighboring State mast be awakened and Informed, through the Th among em The sophonflo remedy which Senator Trum- •>..•« - _» "T. — an ^ •ttempt, come from what quarteritmay, to fasten npon usor to ;«? e re l >nbll «» 1 ' Parti in any manner responsible for a principle flke that involved in the Massachusetts amendment. .It wfll not do—the hook is in the gins, and tbe more tbe republicans squirm the ereater wiH be the rent. A CotTBTEE MOVEMMT TO SODTHstBH COKTI THB -A mags meeting of the counties in HSssiasSppi actia- Opp08ed ve trade, was to hare , beenlieiainTOksbnrgonSatnrday,the Slst fast A number of disting&hed pereoae ^ from difeent parts, of the State were expected to F«went their *tors to the meeting. 0<w»WToiMoTOHiHo.--Tlie New Orlean. /Be»itt American) declares that the American «ny attempt to organize an opposition to the democracy will benna- railing. ^ JCDOI ' DOUOKAS n? Mjuxit.—it h reported that the Maine democracy have invited Judge Douglas to atttad, their State Convention. Bows'LAST .-Bon. John M-Botts has now, written Ms last card prerions-to the 'The latest epistle Is a sort of apolo- of spec tfc .I—T « -1~, Z -^'wn uourter will miss its aim. Much better if Senator Trnmbull would come out against the trading politicians party who now bid fair «o It wfll btf seen by tbis that the German presi. are not to be hoodwinked in this matter. Such plain conversation as the above is not to be mistaken. Messrs. Trnmbull sod Liscoln cannot nmk» head' against it, and th«y will hear from other parts of the State, si we can assure them, of this city and county, tnat this action of tkt republican party has lost them scores if not hundreds of German votes. We' can mention several instances already made known in this city; . ! What a poor and contemptible evasiW, to be' sure. The Uagwohnsetts Legislatnr^ which ^ recommended the prescriptive measure which i the republican' jpap^rairidicuoMly-. attempt to saddle upon the democracy, was ifar, to oae republican, whilei the party oempfexion of the people to wh9m it was submitted, as shown by the rote of 1856, is as follows: isfluential fiefnocratic paper. The Tine speaking of this -amendment, said : "No amendment in any good sense of the word, tat an exceedingly shabby discharge It is a dirty piece »>f legislation, that all men who have !ae regard for political healtfc, will vote on l 9th of May, to have remcv.ed, as being a public and a disreputable noisanre " The Lawn nee Sentinel, asolhcr Democratic journal, heft! the rejmbl Ictus to account for concocting this amendment, and denounced «H who suppoitprl it, In spirited langnag., as fbl- lows : "This shameful wrong has received the a). moat unanimous endorsement of two saoces- Bive republican legislatures, and It onlj remains for the republican majority in Massachusetts to give It their votes at the polls aed then it becomes engrafted in our organic law But the wrong may be consummated it , will not be by democratic help, nor through democratic laches." The Bamstable (Mass.) Pilot , gtm anotier supporter of Democratic Austria for the slavery of the people and for | usurpation. What strikes as, aV>on> all. is th, assurance that Italy is to be restorvd to h<-r- ! self. Wvsball fight for her etjfrancliisem^iit ] so that aju* will not hare to porcha*" liy | lr r Moodthejsad ptivileg-of changing ni.isi-r? ' When thC| Austrians shall have been einrll*! ' from Il*lJ, our ally and our frienJ win giv,. herself whatever institutions sho miy think proper, arjit will bv forever releaoed from the great and! the petty tyrants wiio oppressed her. ThfiiEmpsror has had the good id«-a of not rppndhting, like so many others, thitprin- cipal ally of Fra»ce and Italy—revolution And let n6 b« Well understood as to this word It signifies for sotnu, murder, devastation, th.- horrors of anarchy and civil war; for others, and we are of the number, It means independence, liberty, progress, emancipation and tli^ aaaelioratlorj of hnmaj*itjr. This is what v- nnderstand Uy rerolutlon, and those are th~ prlneiplesiwhich the Emperor riglitly calls the natara} allies of Frinre. J. H, COfiiJtS& CU able defender and principles, and advocate of equal rights to all white men, comes ne«t. The Pilot talked about this attempt of tbe republicans to e«- olnde the Gereiana from the polls, in wards like these : ftom another Slate Can vote after residing in Mateachusetts one/ear, but a Oer- mau must not only be naturalized 'anS iJ* ° nr Mation ' bnt must TV" liUle ',° !d ' ft *"» 1 Such an amendment i ofl theag. we live in; to ****** * *\ democrat^ To conclude the list o published In The t&dvertisff sa i d ^ays before tae election '''' ' Fremont, Buchanan, Fillmore 108,100 39,440 19,626 Bepnblican majority ovef both Democrats *d Americans, ^9,324. !««>ear, for Gorerno?, the 'aggregate rote was^uoalighter.showislg the following p. •nit: An-trican n 6t,700 88,388 .12,081 /'" if ( . state, iarflier,>that^n tbe Legirttture " eranceand proscription, must crushed ont of existence. «o» ajidf let all true democrats but 'do (*d we are sure they will/ and we s no mire at least, of tbiacnrse upon the so and fame of Massachusetts » • this •poke the, democratic pfess of Massa- ohasette npon tte snbject of that amendment It was opposed by every democratic- Journal; In the State, and every deaioeratf o roter In Mass*. chnsetts voted against it On iae oth«- iand itwiglnMed with the refmblfoansVpawed two repnolica» legislatures'an* has finally adopted bTreWbM™., ' w «t>». Kr.i.™.: ' [Frotathe Paris Oonstltutlon* , In Frind* and in Sarope the manifesto of tb* Emperpr of Austria will tie compared with that of Napoleon 111. it will then be seen which of ^be two has raosfl sinc*rely spoken truth, andi which has hidden behind weak phraseology tlie calculations of sel&shnes.s and ambiMOn. Minds the least «nlight- ned no longer! hesitate; all condemn the efforts of Austria ; all dUco»«r the intentions of a government whlcfi has ha*teiied to confide to Ui* fatelof afnjs a cause already lost. A journal afnjadi/ calls on ns to demonstrate the old retrogadeabsolutism wbich forms the basis of Austrian; policy ; but we tell our cotempQ- rary that We ha»e not awaited its invitation In order to doj so. The part played by Franc • we ha»e often said, is that of a nation which' without soy other ambition than that of cans- ing jnstlee in<* civilimtien to prevail, employs ita influence and its. armfes to promote the progress ofjlramiirtty The doctrines which France professes assure the repo'se of the world and when [franco draws the sword, It Is as! theEmporer has eloquently gairj, not to'de- Botninate bjit to enfranchise. [from the Courier de Paris, May 0.) The Entperor of the French and the Emperor of Aiistriajhave both spokeis. The Tat Uff WM tb^fiMt to epeafc, at he was the first who took op armj, and -sought a pretext for lanifeato is charajcieriied by a sort T ad implacaBl* BUtetinesa which to ttuial Uieiroa times of Europe. In listening to hip language, irhioh apppa»:a to con» rro»«, ualiona surprised and gitevedMkUfUbeBotBomeifaUlevocifionof the p»rt. n u the wot Id then not advanced 1 Haveweonhrfeea some vain phantasmaso- "»] H«je*th. holy immolations of the battle flelUs of «he|wv«lation and!I the ^"^ the Bmperoi'.of Aoatria. But to what tloatdoet Bespeak? To whom Auction 1. INI' 1 INO. It) W TU.rlrr i, inrr. Dry cftanthz. , at ti... or Cour.i v. and A l£o<ln-i% A- I*«MIW .M , Commusion Merchants, ,' VT> AM) M.i\>'V \» IS( ONM V .AOKK .^Al.() \ > l» It I I. L I l II 19 K i) i) .-r Mrt-,-1 I ->O l-*lt%( \ »RH.TY if !>t»h. W h ol sal. G r o c e i MS » l N PK'KLSL. returns made. N. lt.-r»,n.l« M I IAVAUK1-:H H \/. \ \ I: C, DELORME&OUENflN ISO Ktiri ir.itr NFXTriOORTO MKS?Ril HKAPKOHI) I r«t,'> «oojj, Toy», W.lii Ware an. I V »»D.| Z<-phrr HOOFING, HARDWARE, &C »i . »i K \ i 1 i. B: A ^ o \ SKIN ol- '111K HED KETTLE OKAI.KR.4 IN Sheet Iron. Tin. Hardware Stoves, WAI.I, F,\pr-:i< J. J. .llrUKATiB X- it,., 2 1 \VIVCONSI \ STII s; 1.1 an»f»RTpra3, wnouK.\i.F nnr> RWTAIL DB»L*R,^ K Paper Hangings, Window Shades, &c. Comp-tent wrtrkimen sent to oil part* nf \\e City tn.i Gonntry f«r U«cnr»tin<r anil Papi/r Hnntrinir in -\'.\ -.m 1 t^ork warrante't. ft-his ANGUS SMITH & CO., Storage, Forwarding & Commission M KKCHANTS. Proprietors of the i^AiKir: r.tKVATou \*MCI.IKM si . .At the terralnas of the Miliraakec A ^(i^sissiiipi ...,,t the Milwaukee, Watertuwn A U-irnboo Valley RAiirnaits- SSf~ Liberal %,lvanc(«i mfule. on property m store, or for shipment to EaUurn Markets. oct'il-dtf C. PFISTEH A <-f». Munnfsrturera an,l D?-\l.-r^ n I ember, Fltidlnffoi III<!.-K, Ac MS East Water ilrtet, Milwaukee, W-, ' Cash psJ.| for Ill.lej. IVIU, Wool. ».- ka <r Iron. Tin. — AND— ITIUAL IHI'LK.VEXTS, r^spt/ctfuliy inforrn their fY'»"n<1 -i %nil t/i" gt-nur^ily, that Iht-y S»%v^ "nen^.l i J tnre it WKS7 WATER HTRKXT J*j«i srith 3UOV£Ld, KAKEii. I rn piemen ta pcn**r»lh i*:n)< A 1.1. A N I A <„ I A .an \ i i K A I. 11 \ etc. flCj eU-.. ftn»es pot up to onler. tSf~ SnolTr.K. RKPAJRINaof all kln.lj, ao.l ov,-ry •or: our line punctually jlt'-rulei! to. 1ST" OrJ,-r« left will be attrndej to •u^.,ul »°U 1S MKAOL£ I V I . I : t SON. EAGLE STEAM FOUNORY, — ANi>~ M ACM IN K W O L. K S Tt ItTMN A M:it( O.MIt, Pr,^.,-io-, \o». Jt>(i,-J!)S, ;$OO, .i«»-J uiKl :ioi \V KST \V ATK. K SI' K I . H. l Tw:-, l»i>rkt t.,!o* the Ln« n. B. i K K K (. II \ I Jfobu Arcliil«ci, JUNK.AU BLOCK, is, prepared t furnish plies for all klnd« of tiuilil at:the thortpat notice. inir ihusettf rofera bf the republican *>> ^•P-lfj^^itgnriabore, showing tbit to*o ,OOJoferboUt ) oosselua{reiy . ***** MVMB* wuiau ^icj om fbrmerly appeared as the star » KoW often lias the XJeririan g»«nd-dnohjr of Austria not 1«of BEPR8SXCE3 : LTOBDM BnoTntx, W. TBW*ITS, S. Vi«t», C. E. r>s»ruRTB, DiJiroKTH i Pmxiira, Locts 8. M«ci, ti i 0. Jo«s. rrt20 1 \. 0. LOKI> & C0'«., GARBLE WORKS Corner Spring and Third, itfeet*, MlMV ADKWB WISCONSIN nriQE subscribers «ecale «n klnJs of ; . Marble Wort A; for Onildingj, TiTlng for Floors anj ererj descrlo tlonof " * -^ We hsre In our varerooms^ I MAKBL.K MANTL.K.S Of tvery description const»nOjr on haad, at prices ranglns from $16 and upwards. MONUMENTS AND STATUARY of aJI kinds ezecntel at the shortest notice. , CO. tetot-tlj | A.H. tOBD« IS. .lHSTr\, De;ne§(ic Eichange an«J nnilK highest rates paid for alt kinds of GolJ and 8U- J. r v«r. Coin mod Bufltan. .| El change c«psUntly for sale at the lowest prices. As I.make deailnn In Specie and Eictunge my entire and exclusive basinets, I am «ble to give my custo- m«rs an ;«dr»»t»(ra over current, figures. Ust of prices will jbe famished at my office, ; ] WO. 62 WISCONSI.V STKEET, Onder tie Baptist Chnreh, nearlj dpposife thei.'astort Home. .... ' ,, , ' (narM-dfim T HE co-partner hip heretofore existing nndei the jrinjand stjleof A; «. XprrJ * Oo., is ;i ••-->—— solved by mntnal cornea by fj L.'Qoweo. •» ' Ml VMkee, May 80,1859. The btulncn Will be settled E.UOOWKN. HTKAil K'NMINKS, QklST • DAW M1LLM, LINK RHAtTINfl, MILL i HOBHKPOWKUT PILK DRIVING , UR1BQK., IHILBOAD aad STEAMBOAT CASTINGS IRON COLUJfNS, Fur BuiUmss, »oil every rartotjr of J.i6 Work, in ihe ' beat manner, and on the mo«t liberal terms. The attention of MUl-ownen and owaera ^f Water- I Power, Is particularly called to the ' "riJTTl.fc; WATKK WrlWKi, ; As being by far the most powerful, durable and *ce- comlcal Wheel ev« inTenled— not liable to s 'cl ,nt of i order, not an*«cte«l hy Ice or backwater, and mlnp-lt-ss ' vati'r in proportion to the power produced tJmn an^ ether When) in the market. A descriptive circular for warded upon application, free of charge. L> S C O M & A _ A RRIVAL of an entirely new ami splendid Stock French, KnKllsh and American JS WE JURY I Of Latest Styles, at t. B. VA IV C OTT »« Cbr. Kail Water and Wltcansln Strutt. Haing lately disposed <rf most of my former stock, I V" KW'Hl'Kli. N V . '<:blU f TALLIN .u.icx'.i.-i.j (obl'J 1^- KNaBKC SliOKKI C'Oi ) K A GOOD ..n,- mm,..|. lprii-.U» \V A ,\ 1 I I O UB L -a apr; 500 G U.K.VT rt-ductton iu O;IQ jn ( | n.,rt «,i irmis »< " [•ipr'-'SJ HL'.NN « uu. JVew Styles au«i PafternN, Which have b«n lmport«d and minnfactured since the ast panic. 1 have alto purchased a larffe stort of and Gentlemen 'i Watches. nth movements ackaowleageilan thi moat superior by Hie American nbllc. noySO •f BE AT f;xciTi:iii;i\r • Tbe beat aisortment of the finest .Silver TVafc, Jewelrv cipobs and y pres«at». Jajt received rerv cheap for cash .. ta , : JMAIhOM t LOOMIf *»rM 901 BgtWater itreet. Milwaukee. V VKN i SON MB chiiid- Vonmon H:inm marJT I I A M.S. I1INN c i.KfVlltir - <J 8moku,l Su MAfl.K S A 1, M ON. u unss s r«o SYKl 1'. rup, iihoir t UliO.SUV - M. NEW IK ECEIVED hy Urn boat frnrn UiilTUio, at »p r J MUNN * o 7 «>. ti. JAVA O Fsuperlor quality, » IMl, the He« In tho city at _ __ J*?!! ___ _Ul.MN« CROSBY'S. tAiMU.Y M.ol, K ~ ]»4TKW York Mills Hour, oon»ta n ,i y on hni .,, at • L1 _ m ""' i7 _____ "UMi * SMOKliib HA C HOICK Smote.! lUilibat M martl .HfJNN t CROSBY'S

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