Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on January 26, 1888 · Page 2
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1888
Page 2
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Evening Gazette. Per 1»>ek> TKR5SH ; .i.«rta.l Per Y«ar....atUM> BT WEDNESDAY. JAN. K. Igag. WIDE AWAKE for January is on our table, as beautiful and Instructive as usual The frontispiece Is a reproduction of a painting now in the Corcoran Art Gallery in Washington. D. C , and is a very beautiful one. WK REALLY think there ia no more deserving book to introduce into the family circle than Good Housekeeping, published fortnightly at Springfield, Mass. Its useful Information from reliable sources makes it of great value. THE FEBRUARY number of Ltppin- cott 4 s Magazine is a woman's number, and exhibits the better half of humanity in ft number of-the avocations which the present age throws open to women; Mrs. A. L. Wister translates a novel THE EVENING GAZETTE: THURSDAY, -JANUARY 2« 1888. declaring ita return With the reign of universal peace and the children of the wandering returned, then, indeed would there be Inaugurated the coming of the day when the lion and a lamb shall He down together and the little child shall lead them; when the spear shall be turned Into the pruning vhook and the sword into the plow share. It may not come in the dajs of the children of this generation, but alt things point to a time when men cannot go to battle because the instruments of death will be so absolutely fatal aa that not one could escape; and there could be no war except for the possibilities of escaping death. CURIOUS WIND PHENOMENA. THE WH PPtO MAN GETS THE STAKE. "German of E. Werner, shows herself in a new and most interesting light In a brilliant story of ancient Athens. "The Man of the Golden Pellet," a story of the most intense and exciting order. Mrs. Belva A. Lockwood gives "Efforts to become a Lawyer." Agnes. Kepplier has a pleasant little essay on "Modem Word-Parsimony." An anonymous author discusses "Our Old Maids." "Life at a Working-Man's Home," by Charlotte L. Adams, is a singularly clever and amusing glimpse into a curious phase of life. The poems are by Helen Gray Cone, Sarah M. B. Piatt, Edith M. Thomas, and Ella Wheeler-Wiicox. The "Sanil Aagan" of the Plain*—Tricks of n»by Cyclone.—A Collapce. ! A curious phenomenon," said Pro- fwwor F. E. Clarke to a reporter, "is sometimes observed on wide plains where the atmosphere Is hot and dry. It Is the forming of miniature cyclones, or rotary storms, which, when occurring on a grand scale, ns they do in the western states, are tnown as tornadoes. after thP Kj 1When the Unlon Paclflo »»way was auw_the_being constructed the workmen hud fre- Amelie Rives qnent opportunities of witnessing the formation and progress of such whirlwinds, which, on account of the peculiar action they had on dry soil, were called 'sand augers. 1 They were especially frequent In Lodge Pole Creek valley, through which the railway, leaving the Platte rtver, runs northerly to near the base of the Black hills. This valley Is quite narrow—averaging about a mile In width— and Is bounded on either side by a rnnire of low, sneven hills. A Fan! OlTf« the Monrr to • B«dl 7 Beat** Colored Sloarffm-. DEsrsn, Col, Jan. IA—A two-onno» glove fl,r|it, marquis of Queonnborry rnka, for tl.WK), betwesn the colored pnelhst*, George Uodfrey, of Boston, and MoH,.nry Johnson, of Denver, took placa Wednesday sfternoon, about fifteen miles from bora. The flmt two rounds went very tame. In the third Godfrey knotfksd Johnson almost senseless with a rixht-hander on the neck. John- ion recoverwl only to be nnmercifully pounded and knocked aronnd tha ring by Godfrey, without being able to make any kind of defense. In the fourth round John- ion again cot the worst of the flght, being so dmed that he could do nothing. The man clinched, and the referee callod to-them to break away. Godfrey paid no attention, bat continued to pound Johnson, until mt>n rushed In and separated them. The referee drolarsd tho fight endel on this" foul and Bare the money to Johnson, although he wai the whipped ina.p. CONDENSED Newa The czar bus refused to permit the Orleans princes to join the .Russian Imperial guard. A conflagration In the business portion of Newark, O., Tuesday night, consumed or damaged t^O.OOO worth of property. -Professor Vfrchow,- "GRIND, GRIND, grind," says the scissors .sharperen, ' "Grind, grind, grind," said Mr. Wegg to Mr. Wenus concerning Mr. .rfoffln. "Grind, grind, grind," sujs the laborer, as he aweuta over his toil. So it is, ever since man heard the mandate, "In the sweat ol thy brow shall thou eat bread," he has regarded work as a punishment, and too often seeks to obvivate the necessity by compelling somebody else to do It for him. The scissors' man grinds the steel blade; correct; Mr. Wegg sought to "grind" Mr. Bo(Iln's nose; that was incorrect. The laborer growls over his toil and prouounces it a grind and that, too, is bad. Men can make toil what they please, a pleasure -or^-palui-those-wtnrnrefcB-rlrtliB torm- er, are they wt o succeed. Sometimts those also succeed who try to grind somebody else; but Mr. Wegg tailed in his little game, for all his schemes ended in floppy's throwing him into the cart of a gatherer of swill. But when they do succeed, they have enough conscience left to g>adtbem for their wickedness. Man's part is to act squarely with everybody, and to do what his bands flnd to do cheerfully. It is the only way to pass through life happily. STUDENTS OF prophecy have for more than eighteen centuries declared that the millennium Is near at hand, and with assured confidence fixed a time for its dawn, falling back upon the book of Daniel, more particularly for "the time of the end." Some of the old people will recall the Miller excitement of 1842, as also the Baldwin and Pitts prophecies. Because these interpreters of prophecy have failed so repeatedly, It has grown popular to sneer at all prophecy and regard the prophetic books of the Bible as referring to times long since passed and that the binding of Satan for a thousand years as declared by Jude to be but figurative. Yet there are indications to-day which point most strongly to universal peace, and there Is likewise grounds lor believing that with It will transpire that other prophecy of a return of IsraqJ to loved Judea. 80 speafc many thoughtful, reflective men of to-day, and some of them, too, not theologians! There is |now In session a congress numerously attended, looking to international arbitration, a measure inaugurated by General Grant and by which "The first Indication of the approach of one of these 'sand angers' would be the formation, hero and there In the valley of little whirligigs of dusty winds, picking up bits of straw, paper and other uncon- sldered trifles, sometimes waltzing Into camp and flirting with the canvas tenta or scattering the embers and ashes of outdoor cooking places. "These baby cyclones would Increase In number quite rapidly, and then be whisked away by strong current* of air, r -ing from no one knew where, but all dm. ing across tho valley toward the easiorn range of hills, over which would then be seen advancing a funnel shaped cloud, lite that seen over waterspouts forming at aea. . * "From the under surface of this low lying cloud a swaying tongue of lead colored vapor would prolong Itself toward the earth, from which, to meet It, would rise a cloud of dirt and sand. This earth column would rlsa higher and higher, with a whirling motion, becoming more compact all the while, until the blna black vapor and the brown mass from below would unite above, and the completed, awiftly whirling coluu.u commence moving slowly down from above on Ita way across tho valley. "While Its forward progress was usually slow, its rotary motion about Its vertical -a»lB-^voald—bo very rapid; and~so dense would bo the mass of sand gathered up by It that when the column touched the earth It would scoop out a shallow channel like the dry bed of a small stream. Hence its name of sand auger. "The diameter of these angers seldom exceeded fifteen or twenty feet at the ground, but their bulk increased with their height until they were merged Into the brond surface, of the thick, murky vapor from the cloud above, from which electric flashes frequently played. When this occurred large hailstones would be formed, which would be thrown, by cen- trllugal force, apparently out from the revolving storm. They would be found to be, almost invariably, In tha shape of flat disks, sometimes three Inches In diameter and an Inch thick, and made up of layers of Ice and sand. "One such 'sand anger' passed near an engineers' camp whore I was at work and carried off a tent or two. It then grazed tho edge of a corral near by, cutting away one angle of an adobe wall, and, sweeping by the house itself, left every pane of glass In the one window as neatly ground as If done by a sand blast tnachlDe "Passing on, the tents the 'auger' was carrying off became entangled In the telegraph wires running through the valley, and after dragging down two poles the cyclone collapsed, leaving beneath, when b^l^™ 0 ™* S*! "P °< "Pi, that tides from the throat of the crown prince, Is Inclined to the opinion that the disease Is chronic purlehondritis. Rev. Abiel I«onard wai consecrated missionary bishop of the Episcopal church In Nevada and Utah, at Christ church. Bt. Louis, Wednesday, Bishop Vail acting as conwcrator. Loulsb Mlchol continues to suffer from bar wounds. She has violent fits of shivering, which alarm her physicians. No attempt pas been made to probe for the ball, which 1« said to be so near the brain that the operation would be dangerous. , of Portland, Me., says inch a failure in that state the very children in the schools get arunt An investigation proves tho preacher s charges true, ond , Tuesday a 12-year-old boy was arrested drunk at one of the schools. At a convention of miners of the Reading railway, OSr-rMwuj employes being represented, It wasAterralned to stand by each other andmnEeTioagreeraent with the railway officials which does not Involve the reinstatement of all the union men on strike. Mrs. Weir, the wife of the "Belfast spider " was present at her husband's flght with Miller, an-! shrieked every time she saw Miller strike ot him, and went Into hysterics when she saw blood on her husband's face. Bhe got better as the flght progressed and she saw that Miller was getting the worst of it. A Mr. A. D. Bmlth, of a suburb of Hi Augustine, Fla., apparently died afewdaysago. When the funeral services were goine on he came to, and said be had been to heaven, mot sinw of his friends there, and they refused to speak to him, but referred him to a big book. In which he found his own name written, together with his wife and children After making the statement be fell back dead. —The dam meeting last night elicited some useful information. What remains to be done is settle the matter of overflow. This is a matter that should be adjusted without difficulty. —Anywhere from fl to 12 below zero this morning, according to locality and accuracy of thermometers. It warmed up during the day, and, as we go to press, it Is cloudy, threatening rain or cloudy weather. —It is customary in this country to speak of pupils of schools as scholars- In England, it is not, the term there being restricted to actual scholars,—men who are graduates, or who are taking post graduate courses. This information is given In response to a query. —The editor of this paper is In receipt of a pleasant letter from Mr. John S. Miller, dated .from Monte Carlo. Mr. Miller is having a delightful time of It, having spent several weeks In southern France and Italy. He will soon begin to wend his way northward. -Long Jones Is itching for the not- °ll. et ^l h . a t comes of politics. _He -will call his usual bienniel council of ."prominent Republicans"-February jo, next, to meet at Chicago and chin- music on politics. That's too soon: all people can't live on politics; most of UK have families to support. May 1* plenty soon to call the conference. —Col.'J, W. R. Stambaugh received to-day from Mr. Myer Stein, of Dyers burg, Tenn., Qfty-flve live quail. It it. bi8 pt ^fe? e to keep them through the wlnteflBa this spring distribute them among farmers with the idea of stock- lug the fields with this valuable game bird, which the rapacity of hunters and winter rigor have made most scarce in our county. —A dance at Gap Grove last night attracted three sleigh loads from Sterling, but they encountered drift after drift of snow, and finally after getting out about four miles were compelled to abandon the trip and return home perfectly willing that the newspaper fellows shouldn't know of the trij> Another couple in a sleigh got fast In a snow-bank, and had to adjourn to a neighboring farm-house and did not get back until this m rning. Movements of Population. A Mlllo Too Braart. I heard tho oilier rhy of a clerk: in goods More who was smart nnd quick, splendid mnnm-er nn ,i nU tn , J f h ' } an exalted opinion of himself, O J ?™ qnently mmle hfm-elr disagreeable-by remarking to hisas-ociiitrs that the concern could not ,™Mb!y g-t along without him. inlscnme to, tho enrs of the spnlor partner, and the old gentleman called the clerk Into the private office and said- "Mr Jenkins, you have been very efficient and we appreciate services, but I heflt Uiat yon have repeatedly asserted that 11 you were to die the concern couldn't pos- •Ibly survive It, and this has worried both myself and partner very much, for you, like all men, arc liable to die very m. expecu..]y. We have, therefore, con- eluded to experiment while we are In health and see. if the concern will gurrtvi your absence. Yon will, therefore, con-' alder yourself dead for one year, and w» will make an effort to so consider you foi that length_of I Imp. "-Globe-Democrat. A Freak of ITAtnrc. A singular freak of nature, originally discovered In western Australia, Is likely to remain unexplained. It consists of nine fine pearls adhering together In the form of a Latin cross—seven in tho shaft, ana one on each side of the second pearL A suggestion Is that a fragment of «ea. weed In the shell of the oyster formed tha frame on which the crow was built -:- DRUGS, A. T ACADEMY OF MUSIC. i Great Company of Artist A. R. HENDRIOKS 5 ALSO, a great variety of Fancy Goods at-reasonable prices. — -THE— HIGH OLD TIME COMEDY COMPANY Monday & Tuesday Nights, January 30 & 32. MONDAT NIQHT: OLD PAX8, Or, ARRIVALS. Hawley Inaugurated • Chilly Feitlr.1. ST. PAUL, Minn., Jart. 38. -Breezy, eun- •hiny weather and a crowd of 85,000 people araUted at the entrance of Borealto Rex Wednesday afternoon. His highness was attended by some 1600, membera of the varl- OIM toboggan and «now-«noo clubs, and pn- raded the atreeU In his icy car of itate drawn by six milk-white horsoa with polar bear outridera Reaching the loo pal- ale, President George Thompson made • brief address of welcome Mayor Bmlth presented the golden keys of the palace to the Ice Ktnjr, who replied with as much warmth aa he could. At night the ice palace was turned Into a huge beacon easily seen all over the city by the myriad of electric lights within 1U walls. The street Illumination, in which many thousand colored lights were use<t bogan Wednesday night, and proved. M alwayn, a most beautiful sight The fosti- val will continue ten dayg. Tho opening cer. •monies were conducted with the tbermome- tor at zero. _ Thought Canada Would B« Healthier. Mr. Lloyd to-day. Miss Maggie Kneller. was in Sterling ... - • — .««.«« **B^ W j. oauu. mts ot adobe, some old boots, a sprinkling of empty tins, part of a bale of hay and a dog eared pojcer deck of cards. The latter were afterward carefully gathered up DjrUielr owner, a genius called Slim Jim who always deplored the fact that the re-? covered pack was imperfect, there being but four nces left In It by the »aud auger " —San Francisco Examiner Proof of tha William Black, for outrage, was called In court Wednesday morning, but the defendant, who was under $3,000 bonds, had skipped to Canada, and default wastaken. Black committed the crime on a 16-year-old g rl at Wolverine last fall, while she was to nls employ. BlK Dlffarenoa In a Damage Estimate. BOSTON, Mass., Jan. 2a—The first suit against the Boston & Providence railroad for damages on account of Injuries received at tha R "°"'" < - 1 - accident came np la the supartor '--•'— morning. The plaintiff of Rosllndale. He asks and the railroad oBeri ment by a Motion. motion of . means the difficulty with Great Britain (Alabama claims) was adjusted. Indeed, whether International courts will be' established or not, there Is that at work which will necessitate appeals other than to arms for a redress of grievances. While man's Ingenuity is taxed I to ite utmost to provide armor which ' shall successfully ^sist projectiles, so equal Ingenuity is displayed In Inventing projectiles that will penetrate the armor. Indeed what with monster guns and the substitution of dynamite for gunpowder, war is now practically done away with; nations will be compelled to desist from fighting, or, certainly, one battle will end a war by killing all the combatants. An Inventor of very formidable guns of late has called them peace-makers. Each inventor of a gun of Increased projecting force is a contributor to that universal peace that is absolutely certain to finally come and overshadow the earth Sprinkle over the surface of the water * coatlns of Ijrcopodlnm powder" a Twblte substance, which is sometimes' £el to be toUet - • nd can Then B Poe<»ry's Then, upon the surface of this coating of Plplns; Indianapolis for Krploilo ns. INDIAWAPOIJS, Ini, Jan. 26. -Mr. John M. Wescott, of Richmond, has purchased . controlling Interest in the Broad Ripple Natural Gas company, and will at once locraaw the capital stock to 11,500,000, and ,nga« •otlvely In piping tha city for the us. oftU THE MARKET& visiting here. Station Agent Fowler is removing his family from Geneva to this place. Mrs. K. L Mangan and daughter Clara, from Pennsylvania, where they have been on a visit. _ Mr. Charles AValser and bride, on their honeymoon, fr»m Ida Co., Iowa are viaiting the father of the groom in the First Ward. . ' ; HOCK FAI.LJ*. -i-Mr. Stephen Smith, guest of Mr. Enoch Long, has left for Maquoketa. + Young ladies' missionary society M. E. church meets at Miss Lizzie Coe's tomorrow night. +Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Jacques 1 present address la 329 Ashland avenue This we publish .by request. -i-Mr. F. H. Perry and his daughter Helen conveniently have their birth upon the same day of the week and month, and his wife last night gave a party to a number of their friends it being the anniversy of their birth One of the guests Mr. J. H. Phelps, also informed them that it was his birthday as well. It is needless to say that the evening was spent In a most enjoyable manner. • +A party In Rock Falls purchased a half dozens pairs of socks and took TUESDAY NIQHT: The FaDniest Farce Corned? in. Years, with us. REMEMBER THE PUCE, OPPOSITE CALT HOUSE. JACOB EISELE, Haa already received his Fall Stock I Cassimeres Woolens! COLUMN. We're below the market OQ beans. January trade so far has been Colder weather ccmoDg; but we ADM!SSIONr2b, 35 50. 8lUe •* «•*- our ID. At* TIMKH ABE HAKO A!M> MONEY CLOSE, Ladles' and Gents' Underwear, Faoinatora. To- boo-gans, Sc«rfs, Wool Skirt*, (Bed and Horse (Blankets AJJD BOY'S FELT BOOTS, Oops, JAitiens, Glovee, dec. I never like to deM with either the Sheriff or Assessor, no please call soon A full line of ' Staple and Fancy Groceries - • At Lowest Living Prices. L. L. JOHNSON. taTrooraasoKL TO * AHRENS & HUBBARD 108 * 1 10 Third* tre" " Ari'ither lot of those fine Florida Russett Oranges, sweet and nice, 25 cents per doz«n. And 0Ber lot of goods nerer wai brongnt'to this city. -fle-don't-ask-joa-tfl-callrfor-he- haws you,will do it without- waiting for an invitation. Try our (Kilters's - (Preserves in 5 pound pails at lower vrico than elsewhere in city. the OHIOAGO REAL ESTATE. Being rleneed n>r cnaro, I ._ •.•a an Durban pro » t »° »«•«"•£"• •"—""»»« Chicago la crowing rapidly ; tate MJ-.I'O"'."* l» v«.w>; choice City Choicest new (Per aian Qates 10 cents per pound. Come and trade with us and we will save yon money. If you want a fine tomato .we have them at wholesale price. «,)»>, .1. -v th ' S llttle "««: with the charcoal powder on the "' "" contents of the bowl, »ark <? »»• other straight obj< , tha it , _ , MV. - r , lard—fcobruary. opened " P"«llol with th mw "^ t %"^ ha « p ?l ns ._ to _ be . P Bra "ei with th the or with any stationary this will serve us well undisturbed for a few then observe the position of with reference to the ob- wns parallel with. ,„* > i. fouml to hftve moved about and to have moved from east to west tr,"ih!ff *? ?? y> ln that d| rection opposite" Uaaxia *" moven "»" <* the earth on simply revolving, has potaMen, It is not possible to speak at length of the Jewish question: but we will invite attention to the fact that while the Jsraelitlsh autonomy was destroyed twenty centuries ago, that people has preserved its manners, custom* and religion as well as ita features and form; Jewish capitalists practically control European finances, and the Jewish heart still inclines to 8alem dearly loved. Jewish millionaires practically own Palestine today and a movement once made looking to the return of the children of Abraham after their two thousand years banUJi- I8f,nt would soon lead to the Ingather- tag from ail parU of the world and the , &Ui»id«a of Jud«a would soon again be oov-erwt with rich grape riuea, the r&l- tof § Bgalc yteid rich grain. Tola peo- l»t« onee retained would wax great be- wwisaof its wealth writers cave moved from did not 0t and he wrapped them upi with the purpose of returning them A little later he ,went back to the store, bundle in arm, and threw it upon the counter with the request that the i goods be exchanged for larger ones But the storekeeper on opening the same declined to exchange. The purchaser was somewhat astonished at the refusal until he discovered that he had picked np the wrong bundle, and that it was a soiled shirt and not six D&ITR of brand new socks that he had brouir up with him. g iw D , r ;. °\ M ' Wheeler>s office, over 1.1 VVolfs store. Chronic diseases and diseases of woman my specialty, tf. The party; who took the purse lying I upon the stamp counter in tho Post [ Office, Monday afternoon last ii and to avoid trouble will leave Beien & ~ FARMS -IN- Our Jtura, and Mocha and Java Ooffoeay are the finest pat up, and richer than any put np in one and two pound packages. Lee County, His., IOWA & KANSAS FOB HALE OK TBiDB. TOWN PROPERTY For sale, or trade for stock. Try oar Maple Syrup and Sugar. Oar 50c Jap. Tea is a "hummer." It ia a bargain by 16c per pound. If you want the best mixed Oofiee lor the money, buy our Parada, 85c a pound. It is rich in flavor and atrength. ' EDWARD C. UNDERWOOSi „ —, _iea vy pdckinif _ letter Mot. o. L ^ tersremamln 8rinthePo8tofflceat Sterling for the week ending January 27,1888: B York. perfectly good proof that eve to west, which ' High IJ»ln«T at In the meantime I hear ^^Si^' s ^^ d< ss here entertain BO ^aSdly and^sZsl nas made nothing „(„„, ne Cir u.t«sswwS5:s 81S.JS310.60. f— Mom- Lard- I Bnrbank, Miss Cora Culver, O A Congue, Mm O M Correll, MlssCallla Deyoe Geo L K'J wards. Evan Fnbey, Win Krldley, Andrew F Turlow. H M Loury, Mrs J MoUulre. Mr Rlncle, Will . Wsber, MlchaSl — . . * m ^O sr*.*JWW fl«la of statesmanship. The days when by working In tha congressmen could Markets). The following are the closing quota «ons of grain cattle and hogs on the P>lcago market, reported especially for the OAZKTTK by W. 8. McCrei & Co Wheat—81 Xe May; 75i£c; cash; easy Corn—53c May; 48o cash; steady pats-SSHc May; 80o cash. y ' Pork —»14. 80. WM. A. MoCuNE. P. M. Nature, or lufectlou. CatOe—quiet; flrm. ha.» i H* ws« Insu interest; it la of uteTVorv ^ •»***• P*rhaps, WriS-" r^fnt. y1(muterf " lly to the "lethods of treating disease directly, although w« »»y eonfldetilly expect great resulta In the future along this lino. There is noth- ^Ji 0 , P ri ' vt ' nt djroot« with prmlcidea n 1K )n living bacteria In th« laboratory, and wo may hope In thto wa» to got a more scientific method of curinlr Infectloiw tllHcawa, after tha theory of the prTp^rf of" a' 11 ™ becomea »"" trufjr ttat». Thus far, liow^vS.^he tne theory haa been rather as tl preventive be I<adle« Pebble G oat Button «i a tefeSKS 3!ift!ss.r * I "'•^^^i-r^.- D. W HOPKWSON. HEADQUARTERS FOR Schiffmacher, o/i hand a "big stock of Live Cktdar (Posts, tha fast Jfif-hiffan /Sb ft (Pine I&m- ler, all kinds of (Building JdaUrial, Sash, Qocrs ! and (Blinds, Ooal, Jjime, Cement, Hair, etc., etc. . Everything at Lowest Jdar- Tcet (Prices. A 'big advantage in dealing with ua is that you can get -your loads without going over the railroads. Iry one and youll smoke no other. Boldonlyby * K * »*»•».. who atao keep, cholc^ brands of Tobacco, cigars, plpoa, and flne con fectlonary at lowest prices. ' PUMPS H«e Ira n , „ in need of Pumps will please bear in mind that we manufacture the Skeleton Iron Pomps both Lift and Force Pumps, adapted for hand use or for attaching to Wind Mills and for deep or shallow wells, and we sell thsm at very reasonable prices, and warrant them to be all right in every respect. t'ow Pomps at Home and from Vint Hand*. Call at the NOVELTY WOES and see these pumps and get our prices before you make a purchase, as we will save you money, Novelty Iron Works, ' V

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