Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 17, 1959 · Page 6
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 6

Pampa, Texas
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Tuesday, February 17, 1959
Page 6
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THfi PAMf*A DAty? MEW§ Slsf TUEStDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1959 Veaf milmiitlle itttlooi 4 By STARKtY WHITIHORN t>uring mid-winter when most hunting and fishing ac* tivities are at a standstill, the time is opportune (o brush up cm the rules and regulations regarding fish and game. In looking through the .1957-58 law book issued by the Texas GameVnd Fish Commission, there are some interesting and instructive regulations found. Here is one — "Taking Fish Without Consent of Owner. Whoever shall take, catch, ensnare or trap any fish by means of nets or seines or by poisoning, polluting, or by use of any explosive, or by muddying, ditching or draining in any lake, pool or pond in any county in this State without the consent of the owner of such lake, pool or pond, shall be fined not less than ten or more than one hundred dollars. In prosecutions hereunder the burden to prove such consent shall be upon the defendant. (Art. 925, P. C. 1925.)" On the high plains we seldom think much of the squirrel as a game animal but rather as a wild creature and look at the scampering animal from the esthetic viewpoint. We do have a squirrel season in the Panhandle, but there are practically no squirrels taken. However, in some of the other parts of the state the hunter considers the .squirrel as the topmost sporting game and then-- have been laws (o specifically protect same. Consider Art. 9231, P. C. 1925 — "Squirrel .Shipment—Liberty County. Whoever shall ship or cause to be shipped beyond the limits of Liberty County, or any agent or employee of any express or railroad company or other common carrier who receives for the purpose of transportation, or who shall transport, carry or take beyond the limits of said county, any wild squirrels, shall be fined not less than ten or more 1 than one hundred dollars. Don't Turn Loose a Wolf! The citizens of some parts of,for the purpose of transporting en- Texas get more concerned about!for the purpose of turning loose, coyotes than others do about squir- Pampa rels. It is a felony offense to mishandle coyotes. According to Acts 1930, 41st Leg.. 4th C.S., eh. 46, H. B. 13, "It shall be unlawful for any person to transport, or cause to be or to turn loose or to cause to be turned loose any live wolf within this State." The penalty upon conviction is confinement in the penitentiary for not less than six months and not more than five years. Five transported, any live wolf within i years in the State pen for illegally SNOWBELLE — Mary Lou O'Leary got snowshoes ready in Toronto and took off for the Winter Carnival in St. Paul, whore she represented her tongue twisting home town of Penetanguishene, Ontario. She added a lot to the picture. aitwiew Harvesters Play For Exercise, Plainview Plays For Second PLAINVIEW — Pampa's Harvesters and Plainview's Bulldogs meet here tonight at 8 p.m. in a game which means nothing to Pampa and very little to Plainview. The Harvesters, with a .12-0 district record, have already clinched the District 3-4A championship. The next foam" they have to worry about is Wichita Falls, in the bi* district; playoff. Wichita Falls has also clinched its district title. Plainview will he trying to gain possible undisputed possession of second place, and the glory of ending a 38 game winning streak. The Bulldogs, 8-4 in district, competition, are tied for second with Amarillo. Borger is third at 7-5. Amarillo must play the Harvesters in Pampa Thursday, so if Pampa beats both Plainview and the Sandies as expected, and Borger gets through the rest of its schedule undefeated, there will be a three-way tie for second place. Coyle Winborn, Pampa's high- f, • j* » |il*|| scoring 6-4 forward, is expected to NfnOPfml£n$f Will P ace the Harvesters' attempt for juiuciiuiciidi "in > heir 39tn straighl wllli aml their U«%KA As«Ai4>»4rlAn 26ln consecutive triumph. W 1 n- liClVC UBCI 01 lUn born has led Pampa scoring in RT ' 'u^Tsi?cn^T'of''^ £•' a^rn'tui'^S VnS MHwat S B 8 ^ ' d WH1 undeS ^ree * th. other four H^e. removal of the diseased .section ofj^r regulars have been averaging »™5:H:|sm=i^ iviis "more optimistic ' that sm last fall. By TtiM MORIARTV United Press International and can clinch at least a tie for the league title by defeating Okla- Kansas State and Michigan. homa gtale SaU)rday . State moved closer to conference | Mir hjg an state, also picking tip Lee Richards, 6-2, has been the big gun for the Bulldogs. He has been hitting the nets at a 20- points - per . game clip throughout the season. Richards is an expert shot from outside the free throw line. He hit only eight points in the last Harvester game, but he was playing with a broken finger. Bob Hunttngton Is Plainview's floor and defensive leader, but he Oklahoma, 75-55, Monday night I ley. which converted 28 of 48 field , ( | O e5n'l score much. Other probable goal attempts. George Burkel had jpiainview starters are Johnny 23 points and Bob Ferry totaledJMesser, Dale Webb, and Bill ~ Ramsey. Larry Akin is a. first-line K-STATE, MSU MOVE CLOSE TO LOOP TITLES . \ STRAINING FOR RECORD — His face contorted with effort, Pvt. Don Bragg, of the U. S. Army, clears the bar for a new world indoor pole vaulting record, 15 feet, 9'^ inches. Bragg, former University of Villanova vaulter, eclipsed previous marks during a charity meet in Philadelphia. this State. It shall be unlawful for i handling a coyote should make championships and berths in tliej steam witll c;u , n any person to possess or to receive, or to transport or to have the woif taboo to the would-be coyote mover. Have Gun, Will Hunt This Idea is correct to an extent. It was correct a hundred years ago but nowadays, with the turned home with 42 quail. The fourth hunter, a native, had given them six of the quail that he hunters on the rapid increase and made the game populations barely hold- J; • ing U,eir own the game is restrict-!their daily bag limit. The Archer ed so as to give a fair percentage j City hunter had signed a note that of the amount to the hunters. Five stated same. The hunters were perfectly le- weve ducks per day was the daily bag - - five bag was twenty- limit last season. Twenty - five gal but, nevertheless, they 1 greatly concerned and weren t sure that the y were in legal P 08 " years ago the {lV AU P g e ameAnimals and birds, to-1 session of the extra birds. In fact, gether with game fish, are pro- some of the group thought that tected to some degree. If a hunt- they were subject to prosecution er or fisherman is interested enough to hunt or fish, spend many dollars for arms and ammunition and for then the hunter fishing tackle, 'opened a NCAA basketball tournament to-; tAV o-game lend in the Big Ten day, while Auburn looked ahead 1 to placing Us 30-game victory streak on the line against Kentucky later this week. Second-ranked Kansas Slate remained undefeated in Big Eight Conference action by polishing off 19 for the eighth-ranked Billikens. West Virginia clinched a tie for first place in the Southern Conference by romping Tarheels Capture 1st Place in reserve. the the if they were checked by Warden, Of course, possessing more than the daily bag limit is contrary to or fisherman i the statutes but, at the same time, should spend a few minutes in the 1 the possession lirnitg were 36 Study of the rules and regulations under which these species are taken. Almost any sporting goods birds per hunter last sea.ton; therefore, if a person killed 12 in one day and two friends gave him Basketball Results United Press International Ko-st West Virginia 99 V.M.I. 55 Beckley JC 109 Sue Bennett JC 77 ^ ^ St. Vincent 83 Waynesburg 64 Massachusetts 80 Connecticut, 79 Soutti Maryland 77 Clemson 58 Richmond 69 Wash. & Lee 62 Virginia St. 81 N. C. College Virginia Tech. 91 Geo. Wash. Okla. City U. 98 Florida St. 84 Mississippi St. 76 Georgia 56 Alabama 89 Louisiana St. 84 Auburn 79 Tulane 56 to a 90-55 trl in turning back Northwest-jumph over VMT. while lOlh ern. 71-08. The .seventh-r n n k e djmnlted Mississippi State ran its! p . lB learners, 19-4 for the season Spnrtans need only two vio.tortes'season record to 21-1 by outclass-j losl yi c i r J RB J. game to in their remaining four games to'ing Georgia, 76-56. jDuro Bees, 57-52. win the conference title and a crack at the NCAA championship. •Auburn, barred from any posts' e a s o n appearance, displayed amazing shooting in its final tune- up for Kentucky by downing Tulane, 79-56. The sixth-ranked Tigers converted 31 of 53 shots from the field and added 17 of 22 free I • throws in scoring their 30th 1 straight victory. In a B game at 6:15 p.m., "- ;Carollna Tal . Heel( , Bi(U , ( , , Ken Shockers will try again to hit the charmed 20-wln circle. The Pain- red-hot 71 84 Kansas State also was against Oklahoma. The cent of their field goal attempts and 27 of 31 free throws in scoring their 20th triumph in 21 games. Bob Boozer led Kansas Slate with 21 points, than Oklahoma's Ray Harvesters Shoot 517 From FSoor The Harvesters already fabu- Bob Gindorf broke Winborn's NEW YORK (UPI) Tlie North] moved from ninth to eighth. Texas Christian (IG-t), the lurky's loss to Mi.ssiwippi State,; Southwest Conference leader, took over first place today in'headed the .second 10 group. Brad- Dinted Press 'Intern:itional'.s col- Icy, Utah, Virginia, Mar- lego bfi.skelbfill ratings for t h e : -•••—•—-———.-----—.—~-— ~~~~~.~~~* first time sirsce Dec. 17, 1957. Top Tsrt Kentucky slipped from first to NEW YORK (UPI) The United ! third. i press Jntermitionnl major college Coach rank McGuii^'s Tar'basketball ratings (first - Heels, beaten only by Michigan \ volcs an() won . lost records in State in 17 starts, moved up from parentheses); second. Kansas SUle M9-1) ad-|'r>,, am Point* vanced from third to second. The 35 leading coaches who rate the nation's major- colleges for store and your Game Warden will 24 birds, then he is just as legal be glad to supply you with cur- j as can be if, of course, the 24 rent game and fish law digests, j extra birds were legally taken. If j Qetown <y.) 87 Berea 65 Not long ago a friend remarked! this group of hunters had studied j SoutnwesLern gV Union 80 PikeviUe 67 Centre 61 one more Lewis. Purdue provided the Spartans j wilh an important boost by knock-j ing off Indiana, 9-1-89, and tying !nas the Hoosiers for second pi Michigan State plays . in-day and then takes on Indiana ." as lous shooting percentage jumped seven points last week to .517, as they sank 53 of 96 against Tascosa 'and Palo Duro. The Pampa free throw percentage rose two points to an excellent .705 mark, «s three men remained above the .780 mark. Coyle Winborn continues to dominate all 'but one of the shooting The 6-4 fonvard, who team in scoring in five ° f Ul<J a j so made several other monopoly by edging ahead in the ; changes in th« top 10. The coaches free throw percentage department.! considered games played through 1 Gindorf has a. .791 percentage from ! Saturday night in their latest bal-, the charity line, while Winborn! j 0 ( S . ' | has a .787 average. Charles Minor Mississippi State (20-1 i advanced is close behind with .788. 1. North Carolina (13) (lfi-1) 1. Kansas stall- (II) (tfl-t) 3. Kentucky (1) (H)-'i) 4. Cincinnati (I) (l(i-'i) .V No. Carolina St. ('!) (IS-2) H. Aiiliiirn (3) (18-0) 7. Michigan State (1) (13-3) 8. .St. Louis (IG-2) 9. California (I.V4) from 15th to 10th and appe:ired 10- jUssissipjii State (20-1) Coyle \\inborn, Layne, Minor, in tne selecl g ,. oup for tne firsl a] Texua Christian and Gindorf are all above the .500! time sinco tne UPI ratings wore Bradley *>*• 13 Utah mark in shooting percentage. Gin- inaugurated in 1950. California ; We8t viremi'a 18- 1«. i dort'is hitting .538 and Layne .524. U5 ., t , atlvanccd from ]2th to ninth.:,,/ 1ft f llc , ' roui^-i'lle 30; 26'; 301 2R5 ?.f>\ 223 213 201 120 101 48 47 12, 14, Craig Winborn is rattling the nets at a .481 average, and the following week end. If the to me that three of them had | their game laws for less than five gone down to around Archer City j minutes, then there would have for a quail hunt. They had re-! been no need for anxiety. GRID GIANTS' FOUNDER DIES IN NEW YORK NEW YOP k K (UPI) -- Timothy i to rest in the team until the time J, (Tim) Mara, founder and guid-jof his death. Only recently, ing genius of the New York foot-!had talked about plans for ball Giants, whose franchise he forthcoming season, purchased as a $2,500 whim In 1925, died of a heart attack at his Jackson St. 75 Prairie V. A&M 71 Midwest Michigan 90 Iowa 86 Bowling Green 60 Kent St. 53 Purdue 94 Indiana 89 Illinois 93 Wisconsin 54 Michigan St. 71 Northwestern 68 Alliance 74 Thiel 68 Bradley 72 St. Louis 85 Butler "92 Notre Dame 89 Wichita 65 Houston 63 the 1 Detroit 68 Loyola HU.> 65 SW. Mo. Tchrs 82 St. Michael's 63: The ruddy-faced, white-haired Mara always said he founded the William Jewell 74 Dmry 58 games, they can start lining up tickets to the NCAA tournament. Bradley <iets Revenge Bradley, bounced out of the JUPI top 10 this week, gained re- jvenge for last week's defeat to St. Louis by snapping the Billikens' 14-game winning streak, 72-65. The Braves and St. Louis now are tied for second in the Missouri Valley Conference race behind Cincinnati. Van Smith and Mike Owens each scored 19 points for 'I ,'scoring leader with 448 points, andj The same four cagers are avcr-|y ork University, •'" best average per game, aging in double figures for each'; lou , to Hth He has scored the'game. Layne is runnerup with! Cincinnati (16-21, North . free throws. 100. He also has jJ 4.2, Minor is hitting 11.7, andJn n(1 Slate ns-2i. 'Auburn best shooting percentage from : Gindorf is firing 10.7 through the I and Michigan .State (13. Marquette, 11; 16 (tic), Louisville and St. , Bradley, beaten last week by, Jonn - H , N . Y .|, 3 each; 18, St. Minor is st r,ouis, jjijpped from eighth to, Bonaventure. '>• 19 (tie) Okla- J12th. West Virginia, ups?t by New noma Cily and gt. Mary's (Calif.) dropped from ] ctl< .}i^ - John's Okla- the floor .567. i-Disiricf Game Se! nets ! mained 4-5-6-7. St Louis Cam-'quctte. Louisville, St. (18-01 (N.Y.I, St. Bonaventure, :i rc-jlioma City and St. Mary's (Calif.) (16-2)'followed in order. Southwest 55 home Monday night at the age Giants on "brute strength and ig- ! Kansas St. 75 Oklahoma norance" 34 years ago. ThejTuIsa 78 North Texas St. 60 strength belonged to his players, j Oklahoma St. 59 Iowa St. 54 of 71. Mara'3 wife, Giant team physician Dr. Francis Sweeney end a parish priest were at his bedside when th« end came. Althougn he had turned over active control of the club to hia sons, he used to explain, and the ignor-jWest Texas St. 84 Arizona 78 ance of the game was his. He had never seen football played when Joe Carr, then presi Ariz. St. U. 86 Harclin-Simmona 74 West Colorado 65 Kansas 53 Industrial League per game. still has a big lead in | rebounds, with .266. Gindorf has ] grabbed 23!, and Coyle Winborn j has snared 224. Craig Winborn has captured 167, and Minor has snag- Red 91. |, Rounding out the statistics, \ Craig Winbom has a 7.7 average per gam i! anrl a .615 percentage Thi> til.district basketball eameifrom the free throw line; and: , , . „ -., ,-., The bflistrut I Ran , e ^ & fiH flv , ' from today was expected to exercise chase of the white Sox. Mrs. R g. ' ' ' his opton to buy controlling in-iney. sister of White Sox Vice his option to buy controlling in- President Charles Comiakey, has terest in the Chicago White ?ox. 'set $2,700,000 as the price. The colorful former owner of: Meanwhile, Comiskey's court the St. Louis Browns and the'moves to keep the club out o( Cleveland Indians tins said little;Veeck's hands moved apace. His Bill Veeck May Announce Sox Purchase Today CHICAGO (UPTi ••- Bill Veeck have 45 days to complete his pur- thei I'ampa Harvesters; i^ayne nns a .H)i average and the Wichita Falls Coyote* will;the chanty toss line. bo plii.ycil at X p.m. Monday, In I It will In- a sudden-death playoff. I'mnpa U (he rluunpion of nu-i^ rlllnp trict H-tA with a 25-0 record for \Mnhorn the. year. Wichita Falls U the •.W™ rlianipion of District 1-lA, A sellout Is assured for t h P may Harvest Time fg ft t!i 100 dent of the National Football; Portland 69 Regis 64 John and Wellington, during the League, urged him to purchase 'College of Idaho 57 VUllametle •iVa, Mara maintained a keen in-! the New York franchise j Washington 75 Southern Calif. 55 ( i ustnu i -Can- begged me to take ihe. Seattle 88 Ooiv/.aga 68 Following franchise," Mara recalled, "be-! he felt sure pro foo'lmli; I would g-o if only ir had a New: York outlet. I was willing to risk' the $2.500 and agreed." Hoover Oil and Holmes Conoco will meet tonight at 8:30 n m.. in ' i;aiii<\ and ull adult tU-kets iParnpa Junior- High Gymnasium, be sold by '"^ito decide second place in the In i Minor Gindorf Winborn, Cy. Cr, tonight. A tot"! of S'J.i Timins V.F.W. JUNIOR COMMANDERS LKAfiUE Team Snakes Alley Gutter Boys Wild Cats Bears No Namea Jets Panthers Bowlers Bulldogs W I. 3 1 3 4 0 1 0 4 0 I 4 W 21 11 Texas Baseball Practice Starts II pmved a successful gamble. for the aggressive Mara, vvhoi AUSTIN watched the Giants capture the j George Myers is among world professional championship; lettermen returning to the Univer- »in 1927, 1934 1938 and 1956 as well'gitv of Texas baseball squad this end regular .season play, but plans vvUI j as win the Eastern Division tillelyear to defend the I^nghom's <*"' underway for a post^ season MTV.- !lO different limes. 17 16 16 15 13 12 8 15 16 16 17 19 20 24 High team game: Jets, 478 High team series: Gutter Boys, 2072 High Individual game: Steve Cox, Snakes, 188 High individual series: Simpson, Snakes. 419 CITV LEAGtE Team U' J, McCathern-King 4 Your Laundry 3 Cabot Office 3 Pampa Wrhs. ]z Duenkel-Car. 4 C&M TV 1 i Park way Br. Shp. 4 V.F.W. SEMOK JLKAfil'K n i. w 20 13 Team Eagles Ten Pins gruiiow Boys t,ane Lovers falcons |>jn Splitters team game 3 3 1 3 1 I j Malcolm Hinkle (Thompson Fencs 4 J e r r y;Tex Evans 0 jBob Hudson Ins. 1 Ktmpa Humble 3 KPDN 1 Gate Valve 2 I,[Cabot Shops 3" 4JNorthern Nat. 0 0 1 1 a 1 , o 3 0 0 0 3 1 3 2 W 31 23 22 I, 1 9 10 11 TV Appliance Ctr. 2 2 Utility Oil ii Rock Specialty 14: Miami Lbr. Co. 13 13 13 15 IS 18 17 17 18 18 a 19' 20 21 23 8 24 7 25 Cabot 19 19 19 17 17 18 15 15 14 14 12' 5 12 11 9 .-uliilt tit-lieU were available for- ]'' sl I'liiiipa people, but KM of t I) e m .Terrell game, trophies hud ln-en suld curly this iuiirnin«. : Coupe r will he. awarded to various league A ldt:i| of ».'.•» student flrktMx will ^'_ llrl _ el ' tennis and individuals They will In; siilil. | include tilt? first and se< uiid plare \ll re.ser\ed f.cHU will be lionor- \ V1 ' U >' I ten m trophies, awards to the ten ed fur Ibis K il ""'' a "d those hav- outstanding players in tin- league, in^ reser\ed »»«".»ts nitty pick up and the spoitsinaiishij) trophy their tickets Friday. Ui'»erv«'<l lUPIl— Pitching whiz! Hoover Oil and Holmes Conoco seals will IK- held until 4 p.m. the six "re now tied for second pkice in Tuesday. the league. Tonight's game will: All general admission tickets be suld on a. tirst I'ome,. first basis. The downstairs *«•<•• champion- tournament, the details of which tiuii of Hurwsler Field House will will be announced later be set apart for students, along I PciTVton's .laycees clinched with the Mnitlieasl corner ii|otairs. !first place Monday by whipping 'Hie rest of the upstairs &e<-|ion ! iShamrork Auto Supply. 86-73. Joel: will be for ailults. } sparkling 12-1 • McDowell of Perryton set the high! Oiip-hunctred uilult and I5<l stu- j record last season 'is one of three;mark for the year in the Industrial! One Hundred adult and pitchers back who lettered. The league, by sizzling the nets for to dent ticket* have been other two are Bob Sudderth and Po">U- Tom Fletcher ha,) 12 and, Wichita Falls. Paul Zavorskas. The other three'^wers 14 for Perrvton. Kor, TieKeU are o, ls aleat the returnees are outfielders yvayne 1 Shamrock. Johns scored 26, Kahoe s(-li.>ol business office, In the City McDonald, Pete Embry and Jay 171 H3 84 98 75 26 18 9 4 3 3 70 88 72 40 24 23 8 7 2 1 8 us 356 250 268 190 76 fill 25 15 H 7 9 14.2'on the subject since he paid $100 attorneys filed a new petition in 11.7, to Mrs. Dorothy Rigney 10.7 option to take over her 7.7 ( cent of the stock. But Veeck called a for I he Probate Court Monday. 54 per-: It asked Judge Kohert J. Dunne i to order Mrs. Rigney to sell her news con-; .stock 'to him. Earlier petitons ference,, and there seemed little'aski-d that Veeck's opton be de- doubt thai he was ready t.<> an- dared null and void, that she be nounce another plunge into major prevented from selling her stock league baseball. S to anyone, and that she ba re- TH« option expires Wednesday!moved as executrix of their moth- and if Veerk it, he will j PI'S estate,. THATS RIGHT- Conference ship. A field of 35 prospective ers turned out Monday for ing drills. Myers, who had a play- 150 stu-j »ent to i Hall 10 10 S 16) High Team Series: Cabot Of- Brunow Boys, tice, 2805 High Team Game: Cabot Office, 968 High Individual Seiies: Abw- 8o~ys, 158 inathy, 606 High individtoai series: N*l- High Individual G*m«: Udwif, Boys, US J234 Arnette. BORGfR lOSIS LUBBOCK — Monterey's Plainsmen whipped Borger here Mon- dav night. 5552. Borger has now lost five of its last six games, and stands 7-6 in conference play. Trjcy Cox of Boiger and Dick Deiike of Monterey shared scor- ling honors with 15 points. team aeries: Eagles, 2098 High individual game: Nelson Or, R* i, Thompson CHIROPRACTOR by Appointment g to 12—1:30 to 5:30 Thurf4*y-$*t. I to 12 300 N. BalUrd HO WRESTLING Sot., Feb.21 8;30 P.M, Top 0' Texas Sportsman's Club DOl'BLG MAIN EVKNT DOKV FUNK VS. IKON MIKK % out of 3 falls—I hour SECOND EVENT £IT4JM)G PLKCIU8 VS. (iOKV Gl ! ERRERO Ticket* on Sale at i.E\'INKS PEPT STORE Yellowstone the "no-bite Kentuoly bourion 86 PROOF STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY & 100 PROOF BOTTLED IN BOKO DISTILLED AND BOTTLED BY YELLOWSTONE, INC.. LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY

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