Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 10, 1930 · Page 4
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1930
Page 4
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DECATUR HERALD FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 10, 1930. DECATUR HERALD Decatur Doctor Named Veterans . Burem Examiner Dr VI OiHily Kennedy of Dci'iitui hn»" liern Appointed i h i Vi'd iiui"' f'u- cm i oxumlnri foi ihli i l l i t i l i t [i Kennedy .viivtetdii) t n r l v e t l nuilcc front WiithlitKtnn "( I'ls itppolrtt- ninni. which hml hn n lecfimrwnded hv f 01 mi' i ii'ivloc men In tin* i Ity wltrxnif ( d n i u i t f i i l u n tit ionium poll- Ik hi n Untie t the new t i ' t c i f i u i 1 it'll" f t u t of Intl Julv ihi' limit exiunlnetH tin' Klvi n wii] iiu'vrt.i ilmti In tilt' jm il In t h ( end t l r i t Ji inimj t i punillih' of the u - i x u c n u n ·"eelilntc com pen- nation mm b' tnv«l ttii' i 1 x pi 1 nit 1 and ilfllny nt t t f w i l t'i d i i t n n i ( f n t c i H fnt exiimlnMlori [)| Kenin*dv -icivfd In thf me (Hurl ioi(iu of th( ftiim during tln Win u) win .K -».\nit1i.\V plM ( h m i h "111 ' 1 in li'U)Uu p t y SntiudiiS liiinili noun The AtUI(. !i £ki fi b i i l ( ' i . v Mi QorKli tuui|iii[i will lc M I ml n Nervous, Tired, Felt Miserable ·····························^···············^^^^·^v^^^^ "After my bnby cnme I was so nurvous and tired that I felt mi*erahlc. OIMJ day a booklet wa* left at cmr door and after reading if 1 dcddcd to try Lydia i;. I'mkliam's Vegetable Compound, 1 nin now on my fourtli Wmlc nnd t feel much «tronj(i:r. Pk'ftM: puMisli this letter htitauso die Vegetable Compound has helped me in every w»y and 1 feel sure that other women In rundown condition will pick up if they will only take a fu« : tiottlci."-- Mri. UnyJ K fJImiint, it) So. Ohm S t , Anaheim, Uali/ornw lyilia E, Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Roy R. Wilson HARDWARE STORE 143 E. Mntn St. Guaranteed Quality Prompt Service. We Deliver Did 2-2281 LOWEST PRICES RURAL MAIL BOXES New Si«:, $2.95 See Our Annortmcnt of SMEARS, POCKET KNIVES BUTCHER KNIVES Don't Forget lo Get Thow MOUSE TRAPS, 2 f 01- 5c PLASTIC CEMENT I,Diking Kmif* itml (iill 1. !). (Mid Ml IU ('HUH R O U R O O F I N G STAR, 35 Ib, per roll $1.25 STAR, 45 Ib. pr-r roll $1.50 STAR, 55 Ib. per roll $1.75 NAVAJO, 63 Ib. roll $2.25 NAVAJO, 65 Ib. roll, $2.40 RED AND GREEN SLATE ROLL ROOFING 97 Lb., per roll, $2.25 ASBESTOS ROOF PAINT Per Col. 75c ELECTRIC LIGHT BULBS 10, 25/40 watt, ca. 15c ECONOMY PLUMBER Hwil mul *lnw BOYS' COASTER WAGONS (*r W» Hnve a Full Line of STOVE PIPE, ELBOWS, COAL HODS, SHOVELS, POKERS AND 5TOVE ZINC. WOOD CHAIR SEATS II Inch to IK tnoti, COLLIER'S DUTCH BOY WHITE LEAD Pnr lltindrcit round* ,,.,....- BOYDELL'S HOUSE PAINT Ptr Cut. *350 Continuing LINN SCRUGGS Birthd ay Party Birthday Specials at 61c Flatter Boitils and Holders Sugar and Creams Wall Vases Bon Bon Tea Pot* Notieliies Pitchers Bowls Anniversary Special Sport and Dress Coats $ 37 61 These coats are broadcloth and tweed trimmed in Persian lamb, caiacul, fox, beaver and fitch. You would never expect to have such a lovely coat at such a price--but this is an Anniversary special--so that explain the reason. Third Float Handmade Filet Laces '] licit: me Hussittn filet .md will »dd crmrm to the home. They t»re made of thousands of hand ttcd meshes rtiid hand nrmde details. Yet they have amazing durability. 72x90 lace piece $3.50 72x72 lace piece $2.95 36x36 lace piece $1 45x45 lace piece . . . .$1.59 54x54 lace piece . . . .$1.95 Filet squares oblongs 15c Chair backs 15c 4 piece set $2.25 Setoruf Floor Birthday Specials For the Birthday For our birthday we n f f e t many beautiful as well as practical baby itenrn thnt nre real values nt our Anniversary prices, Baby Dresses $1 Baby Sweaters $1 Baby Hoods $1.50 Baby Shawls $2.25 27x27 Birdseye diapers dozen $1.75 Brushed wool suits $5 Baby Coats in pastel shades $5.95 Chinchilla Coats . . . . . .$5,95 Second Floor Boys' Wash Suits Koi oiiv Blilhdav *pf- 3 f [·Inl \\e ale offeilns Q f O t hpv* wnih siillfi In atves fnt HID hoj ftnm 2 to 8(f 1 M'JII'l fit tllC It'CtlfilJ) I o( 3 tot SI 81. Chinchilla Coats The \ c i y thlnp for kui- tf -( U i K t i i l e n 01 T*honl for P ET the (hlld f t c n i 1 (o 6 ^ yenis »,,/ Floor Jersey Dresses l'ui llic thlld fiom 7 to 14, tlwte jelsey djea^ss me lenl valtiM In nfivy, hroun, tnn nnd red 7 /ii((J Floor Slip-over Sweaters o\cv ami coat stylo ro Includod In nl/.fs fiom 26 to 4A M.tny were pi Iced to IS 05 JV/ni/i Floci Neckwear Touch os of rwshno-w nnd Individuality ttinv b« ndded to any dross hy choosing (torn the new (nil berthas, panels nnd collar anil cuff seta 1 r All-Wool' Comforts Thcfp AIC flamed ^ilko- line covetlnp with pl^tin colored aaloen bordort They nio '.Izc TJxSt find woul'l otdlnnily sell nt 61 Beacon Blankets Tiio loncd blnnkots which , me d l f f e t c n l colon on cnch ildo In usse 66x80 -- Ihev launder pettcctly and ure pait wool 19 70x80 Single Blankets Pnit wool plain coloteil * blankets which ate soft J ntld ivaim for an exit a covet Inp Thpy come at 1 tlic aalp price of f 1 98 such 20x26 Bed Pillows Th«ne pillovs aic well T ^~ s -i filled «ilh fioofjt- feather* J J O I nnd tlie SHIPen Is In blue nnd white stiliJCt Ordl- nailly at Jl SO, now W61 Comforti All wfoi filled comtoit ke V2x8l. It in made flfruiM sateen wtth eoloiert bolder. Ordinarily nn 18 5ft value Second Float Saturday is Our Birthday Saturday we ceiefcrate out 61st birthday. Sixty-one years ago on that day we opened our store at No, 24 Merchant ·treet. To celebrate this Anniversary we are offering some real values in merchandise for the thrifty shopper on Friday and Saturday. It will be well worth while to read the entire ad and to come to the store--for many values are on display and not advertised in this news* paper. Your Key May Unlock the Chest! Saturday Is Out-of-Town Day In addition to giving a gift in town through our treasure chest, on Saturday, Oct. 1 1 , our Birthday, we are giving a gift to out of town people also All those from outaide of Decatur will call at the desk on the mam floor and register--then they will receive a key. So on that day there will be two lucky keys--one from Decatur and one from outside of Decatur. FOOIIDA\LL-COINC ^ WATS * If you re going to the game Saturday . . . cofrie to Linn's first, for it's the best place in town to line-up your own football fashions. $5 A rakish tip-bilt brim . . . a. perky bow or cocky little feather . , , , that'i all theie » to these new fur felt "beanie*," but oht they do flatter I $10 You'll divert quite a lot of the cheering to your own particular bit of grandstand when you appear tn your new fur jacket nnd matching beret. Between halves you'll be gratified to realize that no one look* any smarter than you if you wear this 'chie tweed-knit atop your polo These little velvet caps i feet when you're "ffoin^ i .me- where afterwards to dance" , . demure but dashing, worn pulled back to ihow curia. , Washable Specials m ape Gloves These are 6 button length in washable cape gloves--there is * choice of black, brown and willow. This it a real Anniversary bhthday special at Mom Floor $/v50 2 Our Birthday Special i in N F k ew r r o c k s $ 15 .61 Included are canton crpea, travel tweeds, knit and jersey frocki. The trimmings are such smart ones of Calyac cloth or lace. There are one, two and three piece models--and you wilt find it hard to choose from among them. There arc sizes from I I to 20 and 36 to 44, in black, brown, rubytone and green and blue. Float Birthday Specials From the Art Department Fancy Lace Scarfs, $1 There are aworted patterns in these fancy We scarf* in the 45 inch size at $1, Embroidered Scarfs 59c Hund citibi oideic J acai Is In peach, green, mnixe and orchid They ere very lovely to ust in lh* bedroom to carry out a color Stamped Goods 25c Included nr* vanltv set", lunfh »ft ncnrfs, »pron«, tow c IB children's dreiaci, pillow cw«»~tori))er)y priced much higher, Stamped Bedspreads $1.61 Then* Htamptd Ucdspi l c*dit «rf In itixe WxlOS unt they come In n user led pal- tprn«. This it an Anniversary tor our birth tiny til J Main BOOKS For October Rent and enjoy the beit book i* of fiction, for A few centt ft d»). Linn 8t Scruggs Recommend "Twenty-Four Hour»," By Lewi* Drom field, author of "PoweMion" and "Good Wonmn." "Lucky Lnwiences," By Knthleen Norrii, author of "P««i»on Flower," "tl G«« South," By MAC Kinlny Kanlar, author of "Diverney," "Lftughmp Boy," By O. UFarse, Pulitter Prize winner, Mam Flow This Weekend We Are featuring Gowns at all prices \Ve have gowns purchased especially for this biff gown weekend. We have scoured the mar- keU to secure the bent vnlues for the money and feel that you will not be disappointed, There are cotton gowns nt 89 c, Philippine gowns at $1, and lovely bati*le one* at $1,98 -- t h e silk one* range in price fiom $2.96 to $10,98. Come in and *ee all the Gownt on Dinplay Men's Silk Hose ip p«Ji DIW all i)iifict to to 1Z, and in 61 Union Suits roltnn «ufu, for men, *ll«hlly (ttfenl !)i|fh n^:hi )DIIK «!(vw, fitted cuff find tinkle* 3B lo 44 Mdi'n Float 1 flannel Robes In t _» i-i Ji r 0 I UctuHfni Ati'lpM* I IIIH ritdh* t d e a i K*n»oitt for travel, fschw)) or home iff m, Sniftll osirt lnrK Tlmd I'loot New Handbags JUM trrlvitdl A brand i n*w Hhlttment of calf pur*rt, In nil ih» new- «nt fttylfn nn] color* nt «M Stationery While and eotand it*- Uoneiy with 34 ih«*ti and Jt titvetove* Ht the u p e e l a l Annlwrnfirv uric* of tie ih* box. Main Flow CHICAGO BA RBP0R] Commend Em g ret Lack Tempei CHICAGO, Oct f udff* John H. Ly drive to Itoit pr**ld»nt« M itm pertinent tni dai «flkc." The « attorney en cw the organisation of nv« municipal : not b* rf*1«Wd." TtM report I* on Mmlnarl*" to the In rw«mm«ndln r*«i«eted, th« coi f t Mm tat hfi "i UMMC," but eond« ef Judicial umper padty tor judicial Jwlf* Lyl* bai fun* whll* · JIM »wwuJ, through (ri»« ht hat beei abovt arr**t «' ! Ow erlm* commii ·public i ITiWSS'S'EI $ 'SPAPER I

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