The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 2, 1916 · Page 5
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 5

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1916
Page 5
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\ ouAB-ri-1-u-i.'iOJ.i THURSDAY, NOV. 2, 1916. DMOCfiAHpiDAltS ( C o n t i n u e d tram P intc u u ol' mci easin the ^e iclmini=trai.o ' talked to packed houses. The voter; ci: the county lia\e been deeply in , tereted in the issues of the . g e i j i paign and have given the speaker^ the state tj.x Llieir whole iieaiiad attention wa_.. iti reuucuil u clle lssues were dibcu s »ed. The ilsLi cue cent on the ? L U O . Do you w a n t ' ool ' lls never had a better set ot can. to change thi b splendid economical dlda -tes w n ° are asking the buifrag,, Tfecoru ot me dciuociatm p a r t j 1:1'°' U1 ~ P t t u P' e t o r l h « oifice thut thej Missouri to tne treuzi.u iman... ' cie ' -!re f o nil T U e j are a c.ean in ot t n j n.c.Kie-_. t x y d i i a n e upub. _ u j telligent set ot men and among oui tianuni^u uioa .jt tue Lit.} ui OL l^ui l ^ e;:I - cit-zen.^ ana it can ba b-ud o t them t h a t ti.ey arc diate vicinity of his h o m e where h l a n d is perfectly lannliar with erery it hel dm high esteem confidence i surveyor's land ma^k and monument among his neighbors and I r i e n d i . He ' in the county. Jo's well k n o w n auil has neld a n u m b e r ot responsible po j ity and capacity for hard w o r k is welj siuons in his h o m e township and hi [ k n o w n , t o everyone and his friend-. is thoroughly qualified and equipped have an abiding faith that he \vil ior the office ot shentt. Jim Brown continue to fill the office of surveyor will have no favorites, he will treat | Remember Jo Broa-ddu* at the noils all alike and will be diligent in en- I , jforcisg the laws and p e r t o r n i i m j duties o£ his office. Vote f o r Brown. th. J in, ana L... L. J . O \ , . L , i l l l t . U . . - , i t l l u luan u t .ucii. ^ r Jt .LLt.._llll UU ,.b ihi, H.LUOU _-l 11O1 U .10 ^t. i ecortt O l tile dem ,,01111 Ltiid ho ib lie stale tno uen ine^s lUpenenue ..MllL, A M riL..n- u ho U a \ o been in tho ii:u of progruta m t h o i i i e - . p e c t i v ^ ti^ni h ur..ti - 1.1.d v no c-ot,i:e to s u j t .'j- i 1 o.-ue cour.o- :ei_p . 1 1 1 - = c'1 -· [ ^ ^ j ^ A i'i ; i j-i it and ir.g:..' .: , n u u ^ ^ ui t u , m u o i : - v ' Kl^S rx i'ji repre^euta- i-s.3 . i ^ u ol j.ii.-.^ou,-! L | V O : · L v.til: i HO-., n lat piLi- ot Chil ic cai.d.uato lui- U o v - 1'iothe t o w n s h i p -\\hose l i t e w.onc ii-- i-v uus ecouoniicd.11 f - ( » --p^'-l in a sac.aaSuu Ciireei o nu^;.Lt.c P.II .y in -vii=._ j l'rm.uig and iti -auxfHary interests s pinlgcu to gn-o-.lo' 1 "* 0 ''as been oiie; of Jthe efl-icient t ot ilia \wcie bus- , members of the board of C h i l l . c a t u i [juiiBuut) and j i i J g n e . u m ' t o w n s h i p lor m a n j ears w h e r e he Lie btate an cvun UoUer ail-' has especially distinguished himse'.i JAMES 0 LITTRELL ot Wheel ing. Mo., is the democratic candidate lor Public Administrator. It can be said with every degree of truth tha 1 no man m the county is,bctter qu ili fled foi Uu, particular office. It tako a man of cterical ability and cxceli n j u d g m e n t to p e r f o i m the f u n c t i o n s of this, office There may or iiiay not be re-election. His largo practice makes it a little difficult for him to loo.; alter the duties of the position, bm his success and apparent willingness to serve as he might be needed during the past four .years,is, certainly deserving ol commendation and re election. C M I d r e n Cry FOR FLETCHER'S A S3 T O F? J A II i^ a U v \ \ 3 a iiU'.vsuic 1 to t ora.-nen f a i t h f u l o/hcial who, been trn I ' o I'.b t i u ' - i and sjh-en thp o.ncD l'i i best t h a t is in h i m . This is e _ . _ ,, i l y i i u e ot Gr.ireu A, p r o , - j busmen to j u M i f y d n elicit to obt.u j e n t c o u n t y treasurer, Mr. Mc3H.!c [ llus aflice, Cor t h e quasi ion ot ^-eirin- jhas rendered f a i t h f u l s e i v i c e to t h - 1 business all depends on the- 'num')", p o o p l o d u r i n g his i n c u m b e n c y in thai I of eatites ^ h i d i need admin^terin" w h e r e be h a , given the dut.e m the'course of the years which do connected the oflico the mos -,.^1111;, it/ ^..itti ..u c\c i n u o t u y r au- "v · ^-. v^-^-' ciij .i u n L i . i o u t s i i ^ u nniiat:.i a i i u i o L i d . t i o n ot its,;. Xo man ' a '*· s t u d e n t of good roads and ol a moiv c j m i i u u i i t to t u l i i l i this ploni- j h l b application of las good road 1 L ^ \ n A tVr-. ^,ii^,. . I- . r. ,...,i,l./I Q - ' li' n 0 \V 1 ed £C 6 111 the i 111 n T n VRni ml r nf nil. coiirte-ous and f a i t h f u l a t t e n t i o n He has made a m o ^ f c excellent record in ^bc. .vnd the otlici 1 atJ.v.e ca.uIid t .^ee ' K n o w l e d g e in the i m p r o v e m e n t of out w h o w i l l cUs-ioL lii.ii u u u n g Lhu CJIK- ' ' oacls and bridges ot the t o w n s h i p inj, t o u r J L J . I J . I He - b p u b l i c spirited and c\ er ready i to eo-opcrato w i t h everything thai \ \ A L L A C H CtlOSSUV !oi L l t i u .' ^""s to build up the c o m m u n i t y Mr teiiuin o j n , i u j r f i t - U L b t i t o e.i i I I v l s s i c k ls n o t an oflico seeker, he i = to/.roM \^i,cn.our7'.miI L \w 1 o lui a b i r a p l y a m a n ° C s ! lcc: ' U " t t a m m e n i i n ' d p n c v n c r a i d as i! a n ^ t:!l0 l m e °' Carmnig and good l o u r i "^ i ^ " " t o a d s who will make a s p l e n d i d re- J ! prcsentntii-e m tho i n t e r e s t oC thi people or Livingston county and the | stato. Pie is a man of convictions | n n c l has the couiascc to assert them His fail-mess ability will bo used 111 f bclialf of the p p o p V of the state ! Vote for K i b s K k. cut c - j i - ' k tho collection of back taxes, w h i c h i one of the most disagreeable, but al the same time one of the most im p o r t a n t duties of this office Uudor t h a law the treasurer cai file suit for the collection ot bac 1 taxes w i t h o u t first notifying the par ties concerned, b u t . M r McBricle lu£ never fllcd suit w i t h o u t first n o t i f y i n g j and all the persons woo owned the p r o p e r t y From .Tan ], 1013 to A u g u s t 31 191G, close t 0 0 0 0 back tax n o t ' c e were sent o u t , w h i c h r e s u l t e d in the collection of over $ 1 7 , 0 0 0 back I axes not have an administrator or an ex ecutor selected by those inlorosleJ i)i the estate, but (luring the past L. S U L L I V . i N ot L . t a l \ Cl at.uo, who i L .c: ^ ot t of which nearly ^ 3 , 0 0 0 w e n i to tho i l i r a l schools. This ?17,000 repre j s e n t e d back taxes tor the \oai-s 11)10 j l O l l , 1912, 1913 and 1314. He be j licves if re-elected, he will be able (.,turn over the back tn\ books ol thi = county w i t h a very "maU amount of tncolprlptl taxes four years q u i t e a number of such estates have been turned over to Pub lie Administrator Littrell and the bus- i mess required of h i m has been managed with ability and good j u d g m e n t of the present incumbent Thp estate* c o m i n g into his hands have been wound up with absolute s a t i s f a c t i o n accounted tor to ? cent. Mr Littrell should receive an endorsement for the second term np on his excellent record DR \\'Jt M_ C I R D X H R been - \\~ A L K X A . N D E K Cor ae IIL..J ' m e m b e r of C o u n l y c o u i t E a s t e r n clis. dc:art- t r i c t , is oonirlPtina Ins first t r i i . i o t ' t w o le-ii-b in f l i a t ollice. Jiirli^e A!ox a n d o r has mncle Rood lie has been .01 State a real servant of the county. lie IIT- bai-i.ei OL u s t c l - e c o n o m y in the pooplen 1 n ^ ' n e t * · J ° Uin j Co-operating w i t h his co-members, he · , has f o l l o w e d out the e c o n o m i c rule JIcALi-lSTKR of Mon. ot getting a dollar value for the d o l - 1 OOI " U V m lus c a p i c i L y as a s u i v c y o , ior Attoin-y Oeaoral lar' spent of the cousty f u n d s He I « at an 5' thln ? TM might say cou! ( ] not ookKi op-u L.\ !;=« serving the people in the capacity ol county coroner f o r the t o u t years Beyond a q u e s t i o n lie ha 1 f a i t h f u l l y served the c o u n t ; clnr n his past t e r m , many occurrence 1 - o' i m p o r t a n c e having ari-pn d u r i n g I n - ration at w l i i c h ho pro^iil"i] an honc-st and i m p o r u a l m a u n II is u p o n t h i s record or se-rvir j Dr G i r d n c r is one of the mo,t prop.' rh.'it lit-. J E c B i i d e asKs y o u r suppoi-' hiipnt physicians in L i v i n g s t o n conn Do not forget to rote for JIcBrulo j t y _ He is a n a t i v e o,f Livinsrslon aivl .10 B R O A D n r s f o r Countv Surveyor is the p r e s e n t i n c u m b e n t in that oface. He is so well k n o w n 10^ I-.UIUILJ, iui- ,-i.LLuin-j} Lreau'i.ii iar spent or tlie cousty f u n d s He UIOIIIL}- .ticAlucter \ a s lor a n u m . .has been a consistent good roads and )ei- ol years m tuo state senate w h e r e ' b r i d g e builder. Ho is the right man I 10 u i ^ L i n g u i s h o t l iiimclt in that b o d \ ' i i n the riaht place Let us approve .s one oi the ablest members. He is J h i s good record by re-electing him splendid lawyer. , · WILLIAM MCCARTHY of Jackson j JUDGE A M. \VOODSON for Judge j township is the democratic candidate j I Supremo Court, division nurabai * 0 r member of tlie county court for j because ol his reco"nb-ol ability a a pliy tciaii he Ivts b u i l t up a r e n i i r k able practice. People of Livingston county should consider tliomseU et' iortunate in h a v i n g the o p p o r t u n i t y - --^,... ^..^ ^^...,. , 1 ^, of re-electing lOi. G i r d n o r to I h i a ro add a n y t h i n g new for the i n f o r m a t i o n ( s p o n s i b l e p o s i t i o n . Ho was not a can- oC the voter,,. Surveying has beeii|diclate for the n o m i n a t i o n at the pri- life work. He has done more surveying in tho county than any other man carrying the level He k n o w s mary and it was only after an earnest solicitation by the county central committee that he agreed to p e r m i l in the c o u n t . , ' h i s n a m e / t o go upon the ticket for Ask some friend who hss gone to the front to tell you the general opinion of the "car in army circles. The story of jts creditable performance in government serivce is something we would l i k e you to hcr.r f r o m authoritative sources If zvit/ pay you to visit us and examine this car The gjsolinc con-suuipliim in u n u j u a l l y Imv. Tht (ire mileage is u n u s u a l l y high. The price of the Touring Car or Roadster c o m p is S75 [f, o. b. Detroit] ADAMS AUTO SUPPLY (0. Chillicothe, Missouri Judge Woodscn is j u s t com . loting ius first term of ten yoaj-5 the -western district. You couldn't find a more competent man tor the o ha^; made ta record on the bench county court. The count3 r court i- 5coiid to none among the eminon; the organization that takes care of wyers who havo se,rveci on the Su i all of the business of the county. It i-eiue bench. Tho lawyers ot th^ | b u i l d s our bridges and in some in ate recognize his, splendid legal a t - ( s t a n c e s governs the rale of levy and I uuments r.ud j 'dieial temperament valuation of our tax ·ad his keen faculty of distinguish S right from wrong in d i s p o s i n g 01 . . . :able property, fo it is a board of equalization. It mil 1 . let contracts for public work and in I -OUS S ngnt trom wrong in u i s p u s m g ui let contracts tor puoiic wot _ . _ _ . to litigation coining the j u r _ . cur and pay bills on the van- ' -n dicticn of his court j provided by law, So, this body b conies the most important of any in , · conies tne most important of any in , JUDGE FRED L. WILLIAMS lor the'county. It diroctlv affects the in 'idge of the Supreme C o u r t , divip-1 terests of everybody, hence none bur n n u m b e r two. Judge Williams I men who are capable of service and rved as one of the commissioners -\vho have the capacity for ^ -, the supreme court for lour years t iere he made a good record and ' , deserving was nis record that he tis given the nomination tor the oi- 36 of Supreme Judge in the August rimary. He is from. Joplin and 35c FRENCH POPLINS Genuine French. Poplins, extra fine quality, b e a u t i f u l luster. In gVeat demand. LEAHEE HAND BAGS Genuine Leather T-ags. AH pretlily .A_re fiittocl ·\villi purse. 49c Hand lined. chans'c LADIES' QC r PETTICOATS '^ An extra fine quality of hitin. JJigli luster finish. Made vritli a d,eep flounce. SOAHF AND SCARF S3T3 For CHILDREN. Soft liruslied wool scarf and cap to match. Tn all colors. CHCCOLATES Delicious good -eatm 0 , dipped chocolates, flowing cream cent- eis*in various assorted flavors, vanilla, rasp' erry, maple, coco. anut, carmcls 1-2 p o u n d lp_ ALL SORTS OF THINGS THE LEADER ALL .SORTS OF CO. PURE CANDIES Big assortment ot 30 kinds of delicious, pure food cantiio , cream mixture, asorted croam drops, assorted slices mar;h- mallows, fuugcs and coc-o- f anut 12 ounces 10c sho-uld be placed on guard in such an important position. These qualiflca I tions are possessed by Mr McCarthy He has been a successful f a r m e r and stock raiser, a good roads booster and worlter and a public spirited "\vyer of splendid attainments, and farmer in the forks of the rivei . every way qualified to perform the j countrj- who is always in the fore- ·ities of a judge of the highest c o u r t ' ground to boost his: county in all of . the state its progressive undertakrngs. Mr. Mf · EWIMJ C. BLAND, for Judge Kan- jis City Court of Appeals. Is a son : the late Richard Bland, who was Carthy .has been a trustee and mem ber of the township board of his townshilp for many years. The town. the late Richard .tuana, wno was ship board is to the township what long a member of the Missouri J the county court is to the county. *.·,,.. ;~ n,TM^T-o c «, fi-rim Srmth His experience in this capacity will be a valuable asset to a man filling the office of county jndge^ Do not forget "Bill" McCarthy when you go to the polls. elegation in coTigress from jHssouri Mr. Bland -was formerly 1 municipal judge in Kansas City ·nd a. practicing lawyer at the Kan. ·as City bar for many years. He re- jelved a large majority in. tho pri- nary which endorsement is an mdi- iljion of his high standing as a citi- ·I-A and lawyer in his native state ll be a issouri. IjjfV. W. RUCKER for congress from a. lond Congressional district, com. = fed of the counties of Mem roe ; " Indolph, Sullivan, Carroll. L.inn. 'ariton, Livingston and Grnndy . greatest single agricultural dis- ci in the United States. Judge ckcr- is fortunate in. this respect, .- to represent this splendid agri- jtural section of Missouri is an hc-n , to be coveted by -any statesman. lie judge has manfully supported ,e policies of President Wilson and has stearily hewed to the line of -mocratic policies. He has worked Vadily for those things that "help i masses as against the classes. He ill receive the usual beauty in- 1-ilsemen.t of the people-at the polls j|- 7th. 7?he outlook for the success of the ijiocra-tic county ticket was never I ghter. The speakers and ctmdi- ' es in their rounds of the schooJ lse campaign haye ' uniformally s £ W SPAPERn f t L H1V t PRANK W. ASHBY for Prosecuting Attorney, is one of the leading at torneys of Chillieothe and possibly 'New Curtain Draperies and Scrims lOc CURTAIN SCRIMS, YD. In plain white or ecru, hemstitched or band border, exceptional value at this price; good selection of patterns. VOILES AND MARQUISETfES 25c In the new patterns, wide, h'em stitched and drawn work edges come plain and fancy. New patterns. 25c credit to the judiciary the best known democrat is the con ty. Attorney Ashby's wifle -practice in circuit, appellate and supreme courts makes him especially fitted, for the office of county prosecutor As City Attorney for Chillicothe, Mr Ashby hanflled some of the most important litigation that ever confront ed the city, and he handled it in a skilful and successful manner., Hi was a vigorous prosecutor of viola, tors of the law and was at ail time?, generous to those deservirig'of leniency. He is an able student of law experienced in regular and special court procedure and fully qualified in every particular to hold the office of Prosecuting Attorney, one o£ the most important positions in the county. He will make a safe and reliable legal adviser to the county court. See that Frank. Ashby is on your ticket. JAMES J. BROWN for sheriff i = , also a well known farmer of Grand River township. Jim Brown is a native of Livingston county, having grown up to manhood in the imme- Homespun Blankets Special large size in greys and tans, with fancy and pink blue border, a good 1.39 value Our price per pair _ _ SJ51.25 Homespun No. 6058 Cotton Blankets, good size and heavy blankets in grey and tan, pink or blue border. Pair ..__ _.... $1.43 \ Woolnap Blankets We sell onlj" genuine Nashua Woolnap Blankets, the be?t Woolnap Blankets in America, fine, soft, wooly nap, in fancy plaids and block designs. Pair _ $2.48 COMBINAIION DRAPERY A iieM' feature 30-incu mar quisette, one-half plain Avitli floral border, one-half with pretty floral design. 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