The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 3, 1923 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1923
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, TUESDAY, JUJLV 3, H.SMITH-) We Close All Day Tomorrow, J» ly 4. CannedG OUR shelves are loa:!- cd with Cannci Goecls of finest qu .-lity. Keep an assortment of tSese ready-to-serve vc; : ^ •• bles, meats, soups, »nd fruits in the- hcr.-.e, at all times. They me the "life savers" when company comes. We carry the f-rmus JEMPSEY-GIBBONS MATERIALIZE After Night of Hectic Confabs Big Bout is on Again. agree to a postponement -to July 20 to enable the finances to bo completely rcorgnnilod but this '"d no meet "with the approval of tho promoters and Kearns wont Into a room with they would bo able to live up to their obligations. "From tho outset they have never boon frank wltri me. 1 have lKien as much In. tho .dark as any stranger as tho newspaper correspondents for ajto the actual conditions. < I have been up against the same misrepresentation of facto as have tho prosa and public. He Hnd to Take Loss. v "I am in box as a 'business. My contract is a legltimato ono. Had 1 Br.- nil "The Finest Produced" Phone 1500 "THC FLn; •Dl-.LA- STORE' 7 S. Mam discussion <*f tin; situation. Kearns asked .she newspaper men last what they thouaht of tho situation and they unnnfmousJy -were ot tho opinion that tho ffiiiht should ho hold. They counselled with the nionoger to go, tailed In any of lis details, I ivoaM back and make the proposal to "gam-Jhuvo boon hold accountable. It -will rAMrPCCinWC WED 17 lWAnr!' 1,,u " w ,lh ,he K:ao wcoUrtu for, his I be recalled that a. yoar aigo at Micht- LbilLEiJiJlUlvO VVCAIJ MAUI}; r| n«l "100.000 guarantee provided the i gnu City. 1 sustained a Josa or prac- yrelimlnary expenses ot tho show ! tteally $200,000, •when •after ropontnd wore absolutely assured. I assurances by Oov. McCray that the Tho champion - * malinger studied. [ lVwpcey-llronnnn fight could bo held, Tor a few- moments and alien hurriedly ,he called it off at tho last minute, 1 left the room, lie proceeded liumedl- i said nothing about this and. took my atuly to tun room where the proniot-1 toss. I was not only deprived of the Champion's Manager Went so Far as to Prepare Statement and Then Bncke:" Down. '1!.V TJ!» A'<-'.'.. IVRS3-) Glhbans - M.lfinrjer Pleased. Shelby, Mont., j.ily Kddlo Kane, uutunKer u'. Tommy <.';t>- hons, e::nre*.ed i^re." : .fioat!o:i lo.iay Mb....} ht- ii-arjeii ih;i! the fkdit would IK . held. Me 'laid; "Tommy CiM.oos will be the happlo.'-.' man in the Vnlted f-'tnevi when 1 him that lie Is goir:i; to meet the eli.inipion a;te r all. I had. to led him yesterday •that there wa^ -one."' doubt about ft. "I .:hi-!k Keare.-i did n sporting 06R0C£KY «***r • t .hlii 'K in iL^'v Willi it," K:ui fJrvat Ky.lh "ark Hmr,, v.djrht cirun;' •a;!..-.' nil at n .;u I-; on lt H fc- i;o thiv.ush ors were conferring ftiul made th* ""KnmbMnf,-: [in .[K >nitlon." Tho proposal -way nut ti:au"(litvt< i ty urc'iitod, how- ovor, and 'l-aiu-, Mi>lu.inby umi Formnr J\iiiK« Hoy K. Ayrim, nt;koi| for n fow mfniitof! by -Uw-mpflvpa 1o talk It ovt«r, Thf.v db'ciiHvod tlvj proyosiMon amons th'TiiPolveH and came hack In 2 J ) ni!u- inos with tho Hiuiounooinont, thai thuy would ni:cH't. Vha first ftminjmcenu'nt, or tho Ifi^t, iu ii( v w-spr)men vaniX* fn>m Iwtpi', vrfoo openefl iho door of tho <;unrHrt'>nco rnom UIHI aUoiuod: "lioyrt, Uio fight is on!" (Hy Tlio AHsoi -Jatcd I'rcss) Great F «.1! H , Mont, J\ily'-3.—Tho world's 'h'si vyKt-»ij'ht chani'vionrdiii* inonoy CJIIIOA for in my contract, but I Umt tho da to. As amtttors dovi'lopcd an entire year voirt, by •wHlumt vxy boiiiK nWo to got another ongiiffomcnt for the <?Ji.impIon.^ Tn 'that c^iao, us in tho present I rofnacd oUier offerrt In order to kcop iliio <lato at Michigan. City. "It 1 B obviouffly ruinous for JIIG to kcop on this way. I Imvo to niako nvoney for IVutn.raey, or else resign ;ia his manager. ' "Same will ivsk why I do not aroept tho $210,000 advanced nio to so thrcmjrti with VAG fight, • "In Iho tfir«t place I am Advised 1hat things nro In an;niely chaotic condition til Shclhy. Thcro is hut $•4.1)00 in tho Ixiv ofXi-co. The inromotfirg REST ROOMS FOR TEACHERS URGED Older Buildings Have None, City School Nurse Point* Out. MAKES ANNUAL REPORT Calls Attention to Improved Health in Schools—Provides Nutrition for Many. 1 In ! .Meet., duly 1'om CiMjon usliip flKbt inig'lil l:.:^t. n ait.iln todav H I'll ;-; • The heavy- -ud.denly !i,iit, was and will bowl at battle between Jack Hetnpsej' ami ; cannot pay <he referee, tho preliminary Tummy tlibbous, whleh has been off, jt~Uters, and incidental exiienses. la and on X'd r 'he I'ust several liours, was \ addition nn^r wiio receiverl tickets in definitely restored and will be !'ou;;ht j return for subscription to the original duly 4, as originally sel»eduleil. ue- ] 110,000 aro now eollini; them at out cording to <ut announcement this ; rat. CAR AND ALCCHCL BURNED Hi TEXAS •nxdM'i- 1\-...... i (^t iina!' .-I'. To\a--, > bv Its < A l:i:i:' <aki-!i i»i An- yi 'A - - A n auto-1 Till Vrv-in K\ 1 •• -d alt'.ohol.j t.t> It.- worth in I Turin, I •r } hit cr and , Kfi'il'iu', [tiMli^r >';; al.UlatJ.M", l\t i (-•.•!,!'••;•>"<,•»• which lirii!<«- n;i at ^:45 . in. tciiay. as-Ti'i-d i n :;;i!nh , i- lor Uut i.'S.i! ;, }nsta;li-;i lit du* 1 . IMnp- .'•y i'• i :ii.-; :t;UM»,a',m ^.'.u;uan!f<\ Tho WMTuoi '-rs Kii^nnli'-vii [.h. ; j.rtdiminary •> pc;-. 1 --".; i)'.' (Ji^ .^hfr.v -wlricti. include iTii*.*!11 cif tii* 1 hiixcrs' ( .>i ti:o pt'{.»- iiiiin:i:y iKi'iis, ij''*,* 1 '! 1 ) i*> Jimmy '••..uj-'h.TSy. [lit. r.*f«-•:•. '\ and oUu-r lr.- •idcniul "\ SH --1'!; C ;: wliicii probaldy will Major 1. .me R ceonsiders. M:ij.»r J. i:. J .w. • \V'IH > litro'.v up h*s I as int.for tlw.' j" ir.f; Jo raise Uviv.\ i'itit'1 I' i cftut Inn..* it On- in-.nn'iivr., la muddled Jhut;:«'•-•«. juris.Ih.'tlon i>' the chiimph'n Th.e fiirai. v i,' ,, .ViKton, Mont., r.dri and roslKnt'd Miioit-i's ;vftcr faii- j ..-uu 'i -'*-y rt -fioM .uoo de- ii.. as triiHtfn and asiiist , in nnianplii)^ the Kciriis will have t 1 Mt j'.;i:i.' icceiiitB until «IhO.oon i ;J fitvured. ^ a., tu'tily called off at LOOKING BACKWARD Tak.^n Vran: the ViU-e The News. HUUtlt brand now FORTY YEARS AGO IN 188 A had r-tonn did *ioiii*' damair** (yf Aviii^Moii. Jtnrnd a Tj,.!hot. had deli\ ei-y wamn, 'file your.i: frii-nds ot' Ihir; MrCurdy tood^'fvvi hin\ a mupr^i' pavty, Tli"r-< li(*i*a f-Uio raised for Fuitrih t.if .July {irt-work:*. A platft'i'in dLincH wu:i held at Mill- Ov'ti jtrovc. I'. 11. My 11 elevalf/r. morning hy ; M:ijor .1. E. I.-ane, ono of tho promoters,]lowing a t k'liirUiy f-on fore nee with Jack K'janis, Deinp- tiey'd manager. Hectic Conferences. The conference.". t>£ Uio nl^ht were not alwuy s peacealh 'e and oftuii through Uie closed doiu*^ of the room two a:ucry voict'o were heard. Vrr,- quoutly one ot' the promoters wuu.M shout, ui'tparently at Kearu-s: "It "would be a shamo to lot you get out of -Montaun with all Uxut money T , ithoui a fi^h'." Kearns was o ?>Htinate up to the Jaat. In si Hi hi a 'Umt lie had a petTevtiyj Joi;al contract, which called for the payment tj( ^UU.IXKI te-i'oro Jhrnipnoy j titopited into the rht;^. Ho dei_dared j that this money had S :oeri pr*onii.s<.'d I him and that he. hail been asN.uod day ; after day ihat U would be forthcom- ; itigf before -the tune hmif expired. The manager ait-o clinclit.-.l h\H argument by pointing at the clock and rftatlui; that the contract for th "I'oiico protection L-j entirely anadc- quriie. "While tho Cithbo!i9 a'li^le dons not onier inio my wide of the situation there Is no question hnt what Gib- hoan p.ntl Kane have hoen led to he- 1'evo they would derlvo anywhere from ?lt!.i.O0O to $175,000 .for tholr end o:i tlie V.a^is of a gate return that good management -wouhl have -produced. Tlirongh grows nd'*.maimgeu'io:it, there would have heen no ehanco of them getting a dollar out ot tho fight. This | Is a furfhor ituiicuMon o.C tho mlsrepro- mentation that has cliaractorizcd the y/ho!* prcreoding." Dempsey Not Troubled. AH tfiroiigh the stren-uoua night of •coiiferonciif, •bickerings and Indc- ciftiuns, ]".>eni:pF.oy, tho heavy weight champion s'ept. pcncoful-Iy at hifl training camp on tho hanks of the .MisHouri over lulls on tho outskirts of town. Tho title holder Is dn what, he terms perfect condition" and is ready to i was building a grain EARS AGO IN i for June was 1.2*1 TWENTY The raJuI inches Kjeker.'-i - -!! )j;*.d 'l.n-JJ pci>t)) 2i ».ur »7.' Kli [liklctm ma Mr, Jiiu! Mr.-, triii down int-* < Mi:'a i:dn.t It. j 12:'Mi tK'ltn k this aiorning. after an j angry argument between .Jack Reams, j and Ceerge 11- Stanton, Ureal FailB ] banker, In a renin crowded with newspaper correspondents. Stanton appeared to tell KeaniH that tho $100,- Oo'i, whU'h tb 'i champion'a manager Jiad dornanded was not. available and he saw no prospect at raiding it. "i feol that Dempaey ought to f'.ght," Stanton t-aid, "He already has received J210.U'iU. It is cruel to Gib- 'bens thai Hindi a eondition has ari&en and in jn,«ihe to iiV* flp^rt H Is my ojiinioii thai L)eicp-.-ey should go ahead and fight." Keiunv, de<dave-.\ he would accent JfrO,' 1 ! 1 !) in cash a; and get the r-3- juaiidC'g 3r>O.uOu from the first money thai wt;!:!. tlireii,-:!! the gav?. Mantvy t^eturncd to Business Men. Stantoii lVmp-soy-A',ihhons light had expired at \ * u - s » into lho rin S an > r nUnute. Ho midnight. J plo-n« to tako only a K^ort walk today KearnD' Statement. ] nnd spond the afternoon loafing tip io tho limt minute Kearns hell-'v-! Rrmi:i111 his camp. Ho -w-ill leave -for ad that tho fight wan off. His belief, i Siu ^ b >' carl >' tomorrovv morning in a was so firm that he had aireadv pre- | : prH'atc. car, arriving tliere about ' l-l'-n.i I'Miiuty wa:i a tri[» to Kingman. <\ I'llbur;. iiiiiiiu a aiioma. f Tiptmiville, Team, wu.-- le. - re on a vUit. TEN YEARS AGO IN 191J- Mlss r.erlli.i Sail*-.-* of Nickorsoii Vv'ai- visit in;-", in 11 ui 'dr. :;:u*n. The> barber twiopy had ngroed to cloae on the f'.eirth. A fnir average of Uio wheat nfiar Ilutchiminn wne from Ki iu -0 bushels to the aero. The Solvay ITOCCKS bail team from Detroit way playing the local Solvay team. Mrs. A. ft. ICtrk cntertntried hor ouelue chtb ;ii tlie t'ountry e!uh, New Santa Fe trail markery were holng erected through lieno count. pared a stai^tnenf. evplalnlng his post- .tiofi. Thin Htatement which he had intended giving out upon the calling oi-f of the bout, follows In part; "Tho t iti 1 uru of the l>;-:n v« ey-CVih- hons fight at Shelby, ia due, puroiy uud simply, to tho in ability of tho promoters to meet a husiues-j. obligation, I did not aeek tho contract whwdi they are unable tc carry oat. lit fact, it •wat. virtually forced upon me. •'At tho very out., jt I oxpreaaod my doubt as to the fwwtMJity of the to . that tana tu r: dov-n o'eJock wv his the 'battleground. firat gjlnipao of Som nU .i 'Projoet. 1 advUod thorn that fight •d that K was too late i promotion was a highly technical busi- a'>iiler any such proposal and ! 'o'ss and there were Jew men in the the $r.,j/UiO in cash w^s not avail-! country nhlo to stage, a world's heavy- us tho $f '.ei »o pledges by the Mori- ( Weight cduunplcmahip tight success- _ lm; ij;o;^ men -who had utfiuptod ! ^'"dy- J>espito my warning, they in- ] and" AinsmiLn; the money h.'d be..;i r.-tani.-d. ! sj^lt-d that, they were abio lo put the j and Gooeh- National LeaQue. At Pittsburgh— RUE St. L-onu 000 100 000— 17 3 Pittsburgh 100 12u 00x-~ 4 9 2 Batteries. St. Louis. Pfoffer, Stuart Pittsburgh MISB Elfzullicth Condoll, city school nurso, in making hor annual report to tho Board of Education which was road at tho meeting yesterday afternoon mndo a, number of rocommeuda- tlons. Among thoso ia tho request, that rest rooms V>o provided for the teachers at North Side, Allen, Avenue A, Contrul and K-ourth avenue. The newer buildings have ros-t rooms and it ia hoped that Maplo will soon he provhlotl. Sho is also ashing that a tfpocinl n»oui l>o prov Mod for tho casus of bfto-Vwurd children. Six children ytho have boon in seiiooi for tlie paat thrco years by b-elng placed In a class by themselves, served milk trwi-oo a day and given Bpjucinl attention theAr teatUior hayo at last learned lo write their own name?. 8uggesta Hygiene Course, A third suggestion is for a *co*inv$e in personal, sex and .school hygiene in tho high school and posnlbly in tho junior high schools, alternating Avith the gymnasium work. ^Vork done "by tljo scliool nurse which will have lasting results was tho placing of a deaf child in tho state school at 1/oavenworth, having a child with a club foot corrected and the fact that Iho children closed school In a rUu-> Physhdal condition. The Nurses Report. In her report'-diss Condc21 says: "The work done at. 'Uio hi-gh school consisted of assisting the physical director with the o.x-amlnatkm of the girls and includid dental Inspection. Thin ia tho first > ear 1 have failed to givt* the dental inspection to the high school hoys. I have had persona! talks with five high school girls and made several caVs for tho high -school. Ono case of truancy was found. I accompanied one mother to Uio prin- dpal's office for a ooufereaoa. 'Completed dental inspection (for all the schools, Sherman and Litverty included, i 'The Home Visits Included, calls to JuveiuJgato causes i'or iarlducsfis, frft- ( QUO at absentees, or Irregular ottcfad- a-nco, to l'Blnstato children after an illnoss, to notify parents of .physical defects of children, to ndvhse about diet for achool children, and in aovoral inB'4incet» h-avo considted with, tlio par- onte about the -school work of. tho dxyn when «tJiey were repeating or <ali- btg behind in their work. Two children were placed back in school- who had hoen out because of a. mlsu-udcr- standlng of tiielr *tt?achcr. Thoy were both Abio to make their-grade. It was lutorcAtlng to •convince tho parents why their children should roturn to Bchool. Supervises Nutrition. "Nutrition work needs to be im- roved, I have served milk to Furnace Smoked— —And Gave Trouble Last Season— This is the time to have it overhauled and put in condition before the fall rush—-We repair and re-build all makes-Estimates Furnished Free. HOSKINS & YOUNG Phone 3752 HARDWARE—TIN SHOP (Home of FRONT RANK, i'uniace) U First West BIG CROP LOSS \ Stavona aivd TrPe^-o-U tn Live extreum- west cenlrAl part of tlie slnte. DUE TO WEATHER T0 - PR0V,DE SCREENS FOR GRANDVIEW ROOM Drought and Flood Combine to Greatly Reduce Yields— Reno Leads in Wheat Scroons are, to ho placod on th© Community room i.t Uio Grandview mitiool ibullding wliledi Is used as n *mb-&t:Ulon an«\ roadlnp: room tor tha l"u!>llc UilmtTY, aceoininiidatius Uio peoplw lu tiro etist vnA ot tltg - town. Mrs. P. D. Wolcott. lirought a request '.»> Uio H >aard ot rdiicatlon yesterday from t'lio Ilhriiry Imard. As ei.cli Wiollo !»>ard will ge.; lmnnrit trom tl>6 screening it WHB decided to do Uio work and nsk l.lie« library board U> imy half the cxpenws. POINT OUT INSURANCE NEEDS FOR SCHOOLS Caprices of tho KanpaH v.-cather, tliat hrouKht a drouth through 11m ivin- tor monthH "wiliHn the crop needed moisturo, *uid esfe.sHive rains ajid floods just ihefore the harvent when more sunshine and less nioisUiro were desired, have cost) the wheat growers of Kantian an apjjrr-gato of more than $75,000,000 in eight months. This rig- ure nmy bo reckoned by comparison of the farmers' prospects 'when they nlautod nearly W.OOO.OOO acres lo •wheat last fjill, an<l the estUnale undo by Secretary J. V. Mohler In this Tiiouth'y crop report forecasiin* a yield of M.OOO.-OOO bushels. Of the original acreage -plained ly two-thirde are being harvested. Had tho full 12,000,001) acres Rone through o .favorable viiiter and sprhie season, tho aver.ii'.e yield vwtuld liav<> been--figuring a low normal condition .--15 bushels to the acre. That wvuid 'have meant a total production of 1S0,- mX>,M .>0 bushel!). Thus the difference of what tho producer hoped for and the harvest lie now is gathering amounts to StS.O-OO.OOO bushels. This "lost crop" at 90 cents a bushel would flguro up 577,400,000. 191-; Was Record Year. The idea that d\ansae can produce 180,000,000 bushels o; wheat In a. single season is no idle dream. One year K did it—In .10.14. That wus the state's record ye^ur for T \ heat production. Hut tho acreage was almost three million stores smaller than was planted lust fall. The Ml* acreage was 9,116,183 and It yielded an average «f 19.S5. tiaiiffh-Wiley tiuildlng. HiB i«;oi)le, bushels to tho acre. This also stands WSKI all live near Arlington are well as tho record acre yield of tho last known In Huitcihliiron and althougli lie thirty-four years. Way back in ISS'J | ) ia a 'been in college for the ixi-st tour That .the Insurance men of the city feel the prii-tiblUty in the. Ixxud of educjition rarrying nuire insurance. oi\ tho Beliool building'-; especially"t-iio so cal!e<i (fire prtjot buildings on w-hlch none at all is now hein£ carried waa bronfrht to the Bltentiou of tho hoard hy Will S. Thompson. Tho malitor was referred to the buildings and Eiound.s CHimmitt.e, a survey wiil bo niado and reported on at the nvoetlutt next mouth. NEW DENTIST WILL LOCATE HERE SOON I>r. I/eo G. Unschoid, of Arlington, wlm is Just «wut of Wreiern Donuil college at. Kaiwas City, .Mo., will o-peai an oMIce 3 ICTO -the arfUer part ot tho wefli in tho suite with l)r. H. M. Stewart, Dr. O. A. Biaadei and Dr. Hurry HlaaKlel, on the fifth floor of Uie R™-a- th" up. I'm cmeenu'd it's off," epli, ,1. I'iui-heil with ancer, lieel and Raid: »d enough for me; it's {..rre-.-por.d i point blank If his r- i a! e:;u::ituta'it Hint the lifilit w.t; off. "At.- tar as the;. i K<-'aru^, ill- turned on hi "'l'i'.at's y:o oft." The eliaiiildnn's manacer irnnie-11- atoly left the, Koinir to his own quarters. Major Lane, who was asleep at another hotel, was a-wak- eneil and informed that there would be no fissbt. He harried to K earn a' n>t>rn to tief-d.u tho series of conferences: that iriini'-ed in the restoration of tho buttle. The champion's manager offered to show over, ihat the money was at- I At Philadelphia— R II E ready In hand to meet 6h B terms of j New York 000 120 001— 4 9 1 ' "" Philadelphia ..101 004 04x—10 17 1 my contract ai.-l that I need cone invBolt only witli producing the champion. Jack ]>oi)ps.--y. In tho ring In #ood condition at tlie proper time. 1 did not. immediately accept their offer. They fallowed ine via airplane from Salt Lake to -Chicago and .back again to Shelby and finaiiy to Chicago. Had Bottor Offers. "In the meantime I had had an offer for the Uempsey-QIblxins fight from Tex Itickard and another from Tom O'Hourke, 'both hotter than, the Bhelby proposition. "I emphatically stated lo I-oy J. Mohimby and -Milio Collins that I had these offers ami asked to cancel tho Shelby .proposition a .3 I did not think DEMPSEY AND GIBBONS COMPARED ' HEIGHT 6 PT FOCbAUM 1-+IM BICEPS 14 IM. V/i IN WEIGHT 6 rr %iu POBEAQM 15 IN BICEPS \WL'H , MEOf is |U CHEST NOOMAL <K?ld. HEST EXPAHD6D 42.1«, Batteries: New York, Scott, Myfin, don.nard, Blumc and Snyder; Philadelphia. Mitchell and Wilson. At Chicago— II H E Cincinnati 000 000 141— B 13 6 ChlcKKo 104 020 1«0— 8 11 1 Batteries: Cincinnati, Keck. Couch, Harris Rlxey and Wlngo, Sanberg; Chicago, Alexander, Cheeves, Dunio- vich aind O'Farrell. American League, At Boston— It H E Philadelphia ...100 100 110— 4 8 1 BOB ton 802 O00 20»— 7 10 4 Batteries: Philadelphia, Hasty, Heimach and Perkins; Boston, Ehmke and Devormcr. At New York— R H U Washtogton ...000 010 000— 1 E 8 New York 432 040 OOx —18 18 1 Batteries: Washington, Zachery, Friday, Hollingsworth and Ituel, Hargrave; New Y'ork, Shaw key and Hot- 1 inann. Chicago 000 0*0 002— 2 10 1 St. ixmls ..012 112 OOx— 7 8 0 Batteries: Chicago, Leveret to, Lyons and Schalk, Graham; St. IjOtils, Shocker und Sovereld. American Association. At Minneapolis— (R.H.G3. Kansas City ..003 013 160—13 16 1 Minneapolis ...110 &M oil— 7 14 1 Batteries — Thormahlsn, Dawson, Wilkinson and MacK'aily; Tipple, Morrisette, (Maugum and Mayer. ' Al Louisville— R. ir ."E. Tr .^(o«-. ii .'j.njT ion iw ii 90 o Louisville 000 001) 010— 18 2 Batteries — Bono, and Krueger; Koob, Ksl^ell, Hollfty and Meyor. At Colujnljus—-1st j^ame: R. H. B. Toledo 000 O00 102—6 6 « Colunrbmi . ...010 030 O&i^-l 8 1 Batteries—Walone and Anderson; Banders, Palmoro and Hartley, Second game: " R. H. B. Toledo 001 101 030— 7 0 Oulumbus ,001 100 000—3 8 8 Baltcrleo— Oiard and Sniltai; Ambrose and Elliott. At St. Paul— R.H.& Mliwaukea ,.'..,, 000 <W 200—6 8 2 St. Paul ,000 040 '20s— 6 li 1 Batteries—Bieriee.- . Lindsay, Keo£ Pott and SUinault; Markle aBd Allen. Weotorn League, At Wldhftu— &.IL13. St. Joaeph 000 313 201—$ 1* * Wichita 020 101 000—1 B 1 fBaltorto.s—(LhiilDefrg and LfcCandler; McNamara, (iregory and Caeay. At Oklahonui City— R. H. B. ,Tuliia* -.000 10 1 000 ?—6 11 2 Okla., Ott.y ...000 O10 001 0— S 4 8 Batteries---Ohtrk and CroBby; I*ayne, Allen and LuU. At rtenVar— ' / H. H. W. Des Motnes.SiOO 180 »00 002 —11 21 J. •Denver . .401 001. 201 000— 9 16 1 Ba :tterlos—Jones, Miller, Williams Bud TOwxit; Gross, "Votgt »nd Dia- imoud. Sioux City-Omaha, rain. . Hamilton | kindergarten, two first grades, and one F -econd grade at Central from Octobcr to April. Also to twenty children, special cases at Grandview from February to May 1«. 1923. Graham crackers were served to all the kltulergar- tena. In several InManeea children brouRht snilk, fruit, or * sandwich to echoul to eat at rece »3. "Health i»sters and charts ha-ve -been used la the school room. One t«aoher lias a very interesting vegetable calendar, the idea camio from ono of my pamphlets. "A survoy of all crippled children or orthopedic cases was made in tho schools for one civic club. I was aBk- ed to do It by one of our physicians. "About $376 worth of equipment, such as Boales, volley ball sets, Jump standards, Qieallh books, and a few .jiosters have been a^ded to the «cJiools through tho sale of Christmas Seals, livery school but Avenue A and Norvb- eide have scales. They could have, but chose volley ball sets Instead. Must have them iwxi year. Not a Fatal Auto Accident. 'To my knowledge Oris Is tho first year since I have iboeiMiero that "we liavo had tie fatal automobile accidents to our school children. One year .ive boys were killed, four On their-way to school. year one hoy was kiib-1 by a street car anyone girl by an automobile. One of our hoys met au ;ie- cidental death by explosion of xwder found at l'ho State Fair grounds. "'Hutchinson Iws been very fortunate in tho small number of Infectious oases wo have had tho past year. Is not one reason lor 'tills splendid condi- aioil duo to the Work of the free uetiLui clmlc? Never have the school children Jiad cleaner mouths, as far as dental care is concerned. Then ,too r . iho number of tonsil operations have helped. Wo c*n contribute another reason in that tho children are watched idora closely in'schools and are pot allowed to remain when ill or seemingly so." tho yield was 22.15 bushels. But the total crop then was only 35,319,000 bushels on 1,694,2S5 acres. In years gone by it has not been uncommon for a single Kansas county in I tho 'Mg 'Wheat belt to produce more than 3,000,000 bushels. But thin year! there is only ono county In this class j —Reno, leading tho list with a prospective yield of 3.025,000. Next in order are Pratt, 2,92i,iKK>, Sumner, 2,1109,000, and Stafford 2,92ii,000. In acre production, Hlley leads with 17 bushels to the acre; Doniphan, 16; Republic, "VVu-shdngton, Nemaha, Pottawatomie and Brown, each 15. This indicates that the larger acre yields are in Iho northern counties rather than in the*counties having the greater acreagos, Sumner county, which lends all In acreage— 323,2S0 .promises a yield ot only nine bushels and shows a condition of only 06 per cent of normal. Secretary Mohlcr's survey of the crop shows four counties that promise an average of only four bushels to tho acre— -Crant, Morton, years, he also :has a. wide circle ot friends In Hutchinson. TELLS OF ST. LOUIS SCHOOLS. local Architect Declares New Ventllat. Ing System Proves Satisfactory. A. II. Mann, architect appeared before tho board of eVlueatlou at the meeting yesterday and told of his visit at St. I.-oub, Mo, recently during which time he vlsltsd tho city school plants and make notes on the newer .buildings. He told tho board of liio voutiia-tion system being used there with seemingly fine results. We Will Be Open the 4th If your supply of firecrackers, torpedoes, and fire works runs out—you can get more at die Craft Shop, to- rtTorrow. 414 North Main, 3 -lt Horses used to shy at automobiles. Now people who don't shy at them, are taken to hospitals.—Atchison Globe. •A H/e of eewe it a dl//tc«!t pumuff.—-Ootfper., Mufic Is Essential - OLD SCHOOL BOARD RETIRED THIS MONTH Tie present school board, will retire at thy end of this month and the new board will have its organization maet- tag tho first Monday In August. The old tioard held IU final regular mooting yesterday hurt adjournod subject to call anytime, In order that all old imsiaese may ba cleared up before the ? iew body takes charge ot school af- aira. O. fi. Jennings and, Oharloa F. Fulton aro the'new members who wiil take office In August. Dr. J, J, Brownleo was re-olectod. We Will -Be Open the 4th U your supply of firecrackers, tor- podOBS, and fire works runs out—you isan get more at tho Craft Shop, 4o- mbrroTV. 414 North Main. S-lt Its dainty proportions and beautiful lines, resembling in small apartment or hotel suite an exquisite jewel in an appropriate but fascinating setting,,? make the oabv &rand BRAMBACH the Bride's own piano-a ^ift of entrancing beauty and loveliness, an inspiration to fine musicianship, a never-failing friend when the spirit seeks rest and refreshing recreation! Give Her a Brambach, and earn her lifelong gratitude! Its cost is very low—$635! ' i -viy In the Bpace of an upright. >, «* the oost of an \ipiighti For AnytMnf in Wttslo V<»(( JenkiM', •Arrangea W SONS MUSIC CO. R. F. Hulland, Mgr.. 122 N. Main St., Hutchlnnon, Kansas Durlnfj July and August This More Will Close at 6 P. M.| Except . , Saturdays.

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