The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 30, 1956 · Page 25
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 25

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 30, 1956
Page 25
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I sometimes think that a woman's life is one blamed potty problem after another. There is always some decision to make whether, mental, moral or financial. Since we can't put our problems aside for a brainy day, we have to learn to cope with them as we go along. » * * Nowadays almost everything can be the subject of a quiz. So Grace has designed this test to enable you to find out what you'd do in various domestic situations .Read the questions carefully, check one of the three answers and when you get through you'll have your cope-ability ratio. Or something. * * * 1. Your neighbor has a back yard full of choice petunias. One day your pre-schooler comes home with a big bunch of petunias which he graciously presents to you. Which would you do in this situation? (a) Gently, but firmly, take him by the hand over, to the neighbor's and make him apologize for stealing the flowers, (b) Thank the child and pretend you thought the petunias grew in your own back yard, (c) Send the kid back over to the neighbor's to swipe some more flowers so that you can fill your other vase. * * * 2. Your husband has never been much on giving you those little unexpected gifts. One night he comes home from work much, much later thf.n usual, clutching a big box of candy which he gives to you. What do you do? (a) Smell his breath, (b) Make him eat the first piece of candy just in case they are poisoned <c) Give him a big hug and a kiss and then dash around madly to cook him his favorite supper. * * * 3. You have company for dir ncr and while the guests wait in the dining room you are all alone in the kitchen. When you go tr take the roast out of the oven, the pan .slips and the meat [nils on the floor. What is your solution to this problem? (a) Pick the men! up, dust it off and add a little more parsley garnish to the side that is all beaten up. (b) Tell the guests frankly what happened, serve the roast anyway but explain that the floor was clean-since you scrubbed it only last Tuesday, (c) Open up a car of Spam. * * * 4. You are at a party but you aren't having much fun. On the other hand, your husband is having a gay old time for himself and he's spending'the entire evening off in the-corher with a luscious little blonde number. What do yoti do? (a) Clobber him right then and there, (b) Wait until you get in the car on the way home to clobber him. (c) Clobber him in the morning when he's feeling much, much the worse for wear. * * * 5. You are helping your fifth grader with his homework.. You can tell at first glance that his Arithmetic problems are away beyond your depth. What do you do? (a) Help him and let the kid flunk his Arithmetic, (b) Firmly state that although you could do the problems just finej it wouldn't be honest for you to do so. (c) Tell the youngster to wait until his Dad gels home. He's always had an eye for good figures. * * * 6. One of your acquaintances is a good soul, but she is also somewhat of a bore. When she comes to call she talks and talks and stays and stays. This time you happen to see her coming up the walk before she rings the door bell. What would you do? fa) Hide in the basement, (b) Hide in the bathroom, (c) Hide under the bed. * » * 7. You are overdrawn at the bank in your housekeeping account. Your husband frowns upon such things and calls them unbusinesslike. What do you do? (a) Tear up the over-draft notice and pretend you didn't receive it. (b) Make a clean breast of it to your husband and explain that you'll simply have to have more money for groceries, but hide that new hat until the storm blows over, (c) Charge the groceries until next pay day, * * * 8. You and the youngsters are taking a nice train trip. You have to pay full fare, children under 12 can get by with half fare & little ones under five don't have to pay at all. As keeper of the pocketbook on this trip, what do you do? (a) Send the seven year old to the wash room and make,,him stay there until the conductor hat; taken up the tickets, (b) Have the 13 year old scrunch down in the seat and fill his mouth so full of peanut butter sandwich that he can't talk when you tell the conductor the child will be 12 his next birthday, (c) Make all the kids stay home with their father while you go on a nice train trip. » * * 9. A solicitor for magazine subscriptions comes to your door and you answer it. He looks right at you and asks if your mother is at home. What do you do? (a) Blush prettily, explain that you are the lady of the house and buy five year subscriptions to all his magazines, (b) Tell him, no, your mother isn't at home and she won't be back until next week, (c) Ask the salesman how long it's been since he'had his eyes examined. * * * 10. You have made some purchases in a store which you paid for with a five dollar bill. The clerk gives you change for a ten dollar bill. Your sharp-eyed youngster is with you and he can count change very we'll. What do you do? (a) Call his attention to* something in the other direction from the cash register. (b) Clap your hand over his mouth, (c) Tell .him you'll buy him a brand new ray gun. * * # When you have completed this quiz, add up all the answers you have checked under (a), divide it by twice the number of your (c) answers and subtract the ones under (b). Then go lie down for a little nap. You don't want to know your cope-ability ratio anyway, do you? * * * A four year old boy of my acquaintance has finally found the perfect epithet to hurl at hir mother when he's mad at her for interfering in his activities. His mother is an ardent Democrat. Since she frowns upon little boy's swearing the youngster has heretofore been hard-pressed to express his rage. But lately he's found he can insult her and still stay within the no-profanity rule. When he's mad at his mother, he says, 'You old 'Publican, you!" And it does the trick. * * * Last weekend we had a very enjoyable visit with Jean and Dale Ross of Buckingham, Iowa. The Rosses are long-time friends of Dick and Kitty Phillips with whom we made the trip. Jean is an antinque fan and I am too. But there's considerable difference in our methods of operation. While I drool at other people's prize possessions and wish they were mine, Jean gets to work, picks up old furniture for little or nothing, sands and refinishes them herself and puts them to Rood use. She has a pair of wooden shoes used as ivy planters, an old butter bowl for a tray and numerous chests of drawers burnished to a satin finish. Dale and Dick once played in a jam session combo when they lived at Charles City with Dick on the clarinet and Dale on the bass fiddle. Dale remarked that maybe he should get his fiddle out of storage again Whereupon one of the Ross daughters remarked, "It wouldn't do you a bot of good, Daddy. Mama would just plant ivy in it and use it for an antique." * * # This week's recipe alsc- comes from Jean Ross and its about the best way of fixing green beans that I have evor tasted. 2 cans french cut green beans 1 can Cream of Celery soup 1 can Cream of Mushroom soup VL- can French Fried Onions In a large casserole, place one can of the drained beans. Add the cflery soup, undiluted. Next use (he other can of beans and then add the can of mushroom soup, also undiluted. Top with the french fried onions. Place in a moderate oven and heat until brown and bubbly. The original recipe called for seasoning with savory salt but none oi us know what it was or where to buy it. If you know, maybe you can help us out. —GRACE IF IT'S NEWS — WE WANT 17 Tuesday, October 30, 1956 Algofta (la.) Upper Des Moine*-5 ^ y ^Ifo Minneapolis STOP/' Hhe Hotel you'll be glad you did In the very center of the city— near depots, [theaters, wholesale district and all shopping, Air-Conditioned Rooms- Radio— TV available. Dining Room, Coffee Shop,; Cocktai! Lounge. Garage Service. 35O modern roomi, moderately pricedf Leslie F. Long, Mgr. 4th Street at Hennepin Minnesota Having sold my farm, I will sell all my personal properly on the farm located one mile west of Loils Creek, on Saturday, Nov. Sale Starts at 1:00 P.M. 59 HEAD OF SHEEP 59 14 HEAD OF HOGS 14 18 old ewes. 1 Columbine Buck. fi yearling ewes. I P.B. Coradale Buck. 20 Feeder Lambs II Suffolk lamb ewes. 2 Suffolk lamb bucks. 12 Duroc feeder pigs. 2 P.B. Duroc Boars. HAY AND STRAW 15 MUSCOVY DUCKS BUILDINGS About 700 bales alfalfa hay. 100 bales or more straw. 2 Sheep feeding racks. About 100 ft. of pipe. 2 Hog Houses, 10 x 12 ft. 2 Hog Houses, 7 x 8 ft. 2 Hog Feeders. MISCELLANEOUS 12 cow stanlions and stalls. Some creosoted posts. MACHINERY W. C. Allis Chalmers tractor with starter, lights and 2-row power lift cultivator. 2-14 in. Oliver plow. 15 ft. disc. 1—4-seclion drag. Grain elevator in 2 sections. 1—600 Ib. platform scale. Weed sprayer with new pump. Barrel cart. And many more M2..I.H.C. tractor on rubber with cultivator, power lift. 2 Post Drills. 2-row corn planter with 150 Vods wire. Corn bell corn picker. 4-wheel farm trailer. Letz feed grinder and belts. Hammers and other tools. Hog crate. 2 Vices. FB 46 Gehl Blower articles not mentioned. HOUSEHOLD GOODS 1 bottle gas cook stove. 1 oil healer. Chrome table, 4 chairs. Dresser. Library table. Center table. Living room suite. Beds. 2 rocking chairs. Kitchen cabinet. Washing machine. 1—Safe. 2x2x3 V* ft. Lawn Mower. And other articles not mentioned. TERMS: Cash. «A, Dreyer Hugh Colwell, Auctioneer. Security Stale Bank, Algona, Clerk. WINTER SNOW, WITH SLUSH AND ICE ARE JUST AHEAD! THIS Firestone SPECIAL OFFER FIRESTONE Town & Country NEW TREAD With The Purchase Of FIRESTONE "500" TUBELESS (Your Old, Recappable Tires In Exchange Plus Tax) HERE IS AN UNPARALLELED OFFER - BE SURE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT NOW! You can have Firestone "Town & Country" New Tread SNOW TIRES on the rear of your car... You can have Firestone Famous "500" Tubeless NYLON TIRES on the front ... AN D you'll be completely and safely set for what the winter may bring ! All you buy is the Pair of Firestone "500" Tubeless Nylons . . . and the Pair of Firestone "Town & Country" New Tread SNOW TIRES are included FREE — not a penny of extra charge ! This offer is made wirh your old, recappable tires in exchange. Don't delay — don't pass this up — come in now and get your car TIRE-SET for winter driving!

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