The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 26, 1859 · Page 1
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1859
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:'>^:'-i->t^-'^^^l*pauwrtby ^.^Itl^^jsl JSJ^<* = ; •^.i;jrtAs*a«rM^g=:;.i; : ;;,i. ^f?;*''i:: tso,-ii>»'iiAsbif wiiiw; - -.•;> .-<vV-^>.~ t:,.Y '•'- •' -'1 ^V*->"'- : : -.-""j"~.-T~ : *™" - " w .-« J »' : * I sw>-.yiUli:»a.;;MJC»r '^^^^^^^^m^^^^^^^m ! ..S;«^:I;ll«W?^ra»iaAiiiBl^ >TJI« »jtuca»|iDOaia. - : ''f-M-''VWf.;i,"..-*.'.i.?" *r*V«I>ir l*j*r, Monday:,' ^Wednesday an* ft-ia*^ . •; !>*flf f*pi-r fur one year, payable in advance.., .*7,00 Trt-^'eeklrTapir'forone year,payabli ^*9>w« fainga; |^>^^^.^Mi^ l >'. ^||»f:?s^f^b^. J i;1«,^ai«t to '^^e^li^^y^^^s^^^ ^ir»fA An l-titA ti!.'i*««ss*.-'.V'*ial—'L,^ii .^j"_?.-;"-••»»" ;; '-" •'• • grto^ to Wni a Vraqt/of land, rar,»nd went''_'&' •-•—-. --do. tlo.: do.. do. do. do. , do. •.-JS'dai,'...... SiOO Iwoet..... BiSO Swerta.^.. 4.00 SwWta.... 6,00 .do.. do. do. do. do. , M,0» . 16,00 BmonUu, 4 month!.. , CraonBia.. 1<!,00 » months... 80,00 1 year..._; 80,«o Rounds & Lang doB, •.,- •„• ADVUtTlSIMi ACENTS, '.,-.-. I AS nandolpli Street, are avOiortiud io re- cttnt Advertitemmts for Otis and all th» Leading faptrt vfihe JforUiwtrt, and are Ott oiar <w<t n- atUhorieect Agents in the JfarUwtUJbr a mart •eiv^iw " fe . side iy ; tbe late race with Lantern on the Colon Murat), Long Islaiid Tbe. w«»ty»^|^;in^r^^dite'Jn ., 54rcfcsispp8 acoouut say* there were >bly seven or eight thonsA.ndpeoplflin.ide. * grand stand was foil; the course in Us vk 7tl^'"^2. 1" 1 1 r^~'J"^ 'L_L*A«_ -_ " "- ' * - — - . .. , , - , T • $****>* «tb*nr— cinily was lined with peoplo-ainc bunil that it was land irai- raat, instead J»f arrant of land, that had been majority fN TOWN AND OUT OF IT. M. X. POMKEOT, EDITOB. ftlclearologica) Hrcont, for May, 58,'M Vept byO. n. GARDINER 4 CO., Drugglrta,» 8prtn» itrwt. .' ' "" >.-•......•- BA..M. nnaMoimn.- S r.». fir.if. «0»a An Oti> SETTLEU —Col. Samuel Ryan, of Menasba, is throe Rcore and ten years old, and nearly 33 years of his life (have been passed in Wisconsin Raftsmen are returning to the pineries, from down tbe river. They report money scarce and lumbei selling from $10 to $13 per 1,000 —The sentence of death passed upon Michael Finn, for the murder of Nathaniel Vial, now in jail in Chicago, has been commuted to imprisonment in the State Prison for life. . *nd ikl|gn^d with iiis repeption.i— Mr. JBuohanain paid all JOs «Knenoes during his BtajfJn^WJasWngton, |and »KM*it«d aim with one1m»ilrea dollars, with Whloh to piy his expenses home. 1 He speaks in lii f h tet»q of his"Q^eat Father.-" 'JSe describes* tie Prea- deal as feing Wg i high m an\l with his Jiead a" lilUeibn one ? id ej and says he IwBjkg and acts like a very benevolent man; He was jajuoh pleased at tlj* »pid wo4e of travel if ratlro*d, and says, "whisK, wliish, whish mu there." •>';-y*?.« D ? k *-.: 1 f.* s [.m*. S 10 . 81 oetebtated oratdr and wariior of KsTtfJoe. Col. Walker, from whom we'jget thi above information, tells a» and the grassy enclosure within the race track was vexed With carriage wheel*' and Jbeaten with - horse*' hoofs It was eoniidcrably After o'clock when: tfo rice horses were brought forth, each harnesaed with another liorseto a skeleton wagon. It was Ditto be • trot in double harness, In the oommon acceptation of tlie t«rm ; Ethan Allen and Lantern weru to do the trotting and tht-lrmaUs were to gallop around the course, with trace* shortened ao tbat the Iait«r should carrr all tb« Weight that was behind them. A great deal of neaejr had been b«t on the race before the day arrived, and a great many,more beta were made -on'.thespot: •••• .. •• • . • ' ~-. ,- '•-- : •> ,-•;'.; . Bets, IH the ratio of $1CO to $25, had 'bean •bflfered Jn favor of Ethan Allen, «nd ialren : •ndontb^gronud, before tbe first heat, tbe ttdds wareglOftto $60 in his favor. All sort* of ramors prevailed. Some said Ethan 'Alien "lacked bottom ; in a well contested race,be«t three in fiv«, as this was likely to prove, be was pretty sure to fall behind.' Others said. ne was not in good condition. Others dlrtrnat- ed the offers of hi* backers, and believed that •f ylNM wVy,;"j-:«| -**-'•* •*&, r- •'-•T-n'K-s. ~< ^"KiAyy.v 1 ^' NEWS. •t'BMx therpjurn -«f ffjrtC JUodall frtwi tbe f**^ .*«J..fl ft «r,. | WlS'fl»jr.Into the manner in whidh the accounts of the State Printei BUSINESS CAHDS. ller, •nj|ge*tlD.. to thai tlie inilrneUons «f the ba! lalnw upon tfce subject i« ' aridlUff,; ioefc ,X «ODDtjl;;fiere»/tori »n4 hold the printer to the •4rlot,t*ais of the cpntrajt, ^ *** -..- ni.r- ed IB pw «%ibe rwoluilod, iind that it is nit binding ipoti thar »aattlngomcer*. He hw oerefoH felt 4t hit dnty to intervene tad to n*i*t npbn following the letter of the ' " '' r been Staje. c««. Ornci, ti . .h, 18W.' »*,a..A. Tinney, ComptrolUr; 8iE;—Blnee my return from tL« Mat •>» attei,U6ni has been particnlarly called to the h ,? ^ "*"••?"*«• Printing hive by the aorlitin, officer, of the .The lapt legislature pejwed reso»ntr««s LEQ-A3L ADVERTISEMENTS. tjCBrju* KJ» ertea, ![ w.L.v « T S- WfplkrovC. Lord and 1 In the Called SlaUs Dls- ivlct Court, District ef fWlscoil'D. i ............ J InEsjWtJ. T»f parsasn»e *ni by Tlitue of a deer*e made by tne J. Diatric* Cenrt o the Cn,ltd Stain for the DUtrK t of ,WI<*oo*Io, OB tk* olcth day of May, I860, In the Ab ,. we entitled cause, i stall skll at fubllc Auction, at the office of the United r tile* Marital In the Clly of JHh»*u«*c, la UT* District, bu Friday, the fifteenth day, of Juli^ ISSt, a4 thr*e o'clock In the afternoon, tbe following4e-*rl»esl property, to wit: "OuttoflV nnoiber twenty oae (81), in the Tillage of Wsnpscci, a the of Wiwpace* and 81 te of Wisconsin; also ».»rrtB»ient sjoantlty of Water Power to betaken INN of til* iVsBfac * Elver, at the dam erected acresi. •Sid Blv.r,In the Tillage of Waupacca. to ptoi el three nuroftlonn or flouring purpose- it all seasoi s of the , Milwaukee, May H, 1849. si. J. tUOMAI 3 <<, Uanhal. . s anthoriiifag an anusnal construction to the ' ty with thoM resalu HACK & CAEEIAOE LICIKSKS.— See Cbirfof Police Beok'i- notice ebjewberc, in regard to 'the licensing of hapks, carts, drays, carriages, public vehicle most be etc. Hereafter each numtiered. .r. Richmond garc big leclnre on The Italian War last Thursday evening ; and the Sequel, or the OBEAT EUROPEAN WAS, follows this evening (Thursday) at 8 o'clock, in Albany Hall. A gentleman having a horse run away and breaking hip wife's neck, was told bj a neighboring squire that he wished to porchase it for his wife to ride upon. "No," says tbe other, "I intend to marry again myself." FIEI IK MADISON.—Monday night an attempt was made to fir* a row of buildings, but the Fire Companies were promptly on the spot and extinguished the fire before tnnch damage was done. It was the work of incendiary. Look out for /res / DELICACIES AT THE NEWHAIL—Yesterday, all the giRsts of the Newhall filled themselves with ice cream and strawberries, together with other drlioaciea too numerous to mention. No one can say of Messrs. Cean & Bice, —"they are good men but can't keep a hotel." as the traveling public know better. ROWIHO.—On Monday of last week s Philadelphia boat clnb started for New York, on an excursion. On the first day they rowed to Trenton, 48 miles : on Tuesday to Perth Amboy, 57 miles ; on Wednesday to "New York, 30 miles—arriving at 12 m. PALS* RIPOKT.—The report that 0. Jennings Wise had •been killed by B. B._Bott» in a duel wag felse—Mr. Wise, on the evening of the same day that the affair is reported to hav,e taken place, having participated in a Masonic reception at Richmond. anecdote of laim, that happened having IjeattI <?f liis*loqi*euoe,reqnes»»«Vhim to make a speecb;Waopeka sai<3,hr.l.»d nosubjeflt upon which tb speak. Tlie Coi. insisted, and pointing to some white BKU who were digging in a*Jiill a short distance from them, said, think that there is sobj««t enongn for a —the white man taking possession of "your bunting fi ronnds,"&c , whereupon Wanpeka commmoed an oration of the wrongs of the red man, and depicted them in tlm most glow- iog colors. The Col say. he had no« ajro- cee.Jed far in his speech before the Whale tribe appeared actually electrified few his eloquence; they brandished their club* and knives, dano^ ed, yelifd, and we're ready for a fight in an instant, whereupon the Col. says he suggested to the Chief that he was satisfied with Iris speech, as the Indians were getting so excited 1** did not know bot they might immediately asengu their wrongs, whwivupon the Chief changed his tone, and told them that they h»d DO right it was not to be a botw Hie race. Tbe'result awes thai all theae *; ,„ g.eatly mistaken.— The recapitulation is as follows : Union Course, t. L, Wednesday, U*y IS —Hatch for wlO.OOe : ,011, he , u . be|t 3 j, 6j ln douW . harness, to wagons. - . ^ 8. MctaQfiUiaj.b. s. Itbsn AUeoandmsl*. »4 1 Ol H Jones. s>.|t. Lantern-lid mate, ,08901 Time: Is*.*; KttX ; **>• *-86;"a-SoV .'•",., • The result of the raw did not disappoint the majority of those who witnessed it. The first beat is said to lw tbe greatest time ever made in t>ie world. The gait and demeanor of the winning horse were the subject of a great deal of praise, Still it was conceded that Lantern latorecl uader some disadvantages, and, for tie most sjart, acquitted himself exceedingly well. His driver had never driven him, and the heavy, slippery track was more disadvantageous to him than to Etban Allen, because he is a horse of longer stride, and takes fewer steps ie tbe coarse of a mile than tbe latter —Boston fotl, Mill. to complain, that they bad sold th« land and had no more rights there, wlwoi they cubeided and again became cool. Th e »e i« B e doibt but that he is a remarkable maa MJSTAKIC ABOUT PEICE — ¥«sterd»y'i Wi,- coHiin calls attention to a s»le of win,,* wheat headed, "best wheat gale this year." The »o{ referred to was bought by tbe '-Empire Mills" at $182 1 8 cents. If tbe Wi<c<*ui* wilt turn hack to iu files from Ma, 11 u> 16, Jnclasive, he wiH there find aal<* recorded at mack higher figures. May 12, Mr. Nnwltall sold to Mr. Armstrong 1,100 bushel* fair white whiter in hags, at $1,82 cents. Messrs. Elliott 4 Ho- hart, aod other "receiver.," said mm after, at $1,85 and $1 83, and many sales were mad. between the llth and »6th, at fignrei varying from 81,90 to 81,95, and of which no menUo* was mads consejjiifintly the sale referred to io tbe above paper, is not the besi aale <«f th* season. A Naw CM ro« PAPBE SHIRT COEIARS.— •e heard a young man yesterday oauplaiaiDs; th«r. "Went asid bought a dozen paper collars—thought they were very nice, sir—and so cheap, sir They • were cheap, exceedingly cheap, but I pot it to you, sir, as a friend, sir as a friend; it it ien't 'cutting H too fat,'—decidedly to» fat, sir, to have a great loafer co»e along, when you are all dressed for clinrob, sir, and tear off tbe whole side of your collar, so Hght his detestable cigar with, sir, as he did mine, sir,"—exhibiting a compound fracture o. the garotte extending half way around hi* neck.— Buffalo Courier. *t • * • • % T "** »ut»w*j rvowiu* lions pasted both Hoaw» of tbe !e«l»lator... supported as,they were by the aWwlandbest men of thje two Houses, without distinction of party;-«•* v*ry likely to i«ad the auditing of- flows intojan error in the diseharrre of their dnties, , iut .hajegfolatute meT^t had no power to dlter the terms of a contract by slot pte resolution. ' • • Votj will permit m» to imggejt that is psws- ing opon jhe accounts audited by the georeUrv of State, | think it yonr duty, ind«rl^I«7 ?°£l*3 -"**&*, to ">« terms of the oontraci made between Mr. Boss and the 8Ute,withoB« any reg«4 to the rwotntfons ol thrLegUJa- subject. If Mr. BOM feels aggYiet- 'ur»e,,heor his aesigu har» an ample tvmedy in.our courts. I Very truly yoora, I it A. W. BAJSDALL «»• Mtt. Atherton, having beard tbesaia- liter maU use of the qnotatioa, nothlcg e «- tconaU), ndr set down aught in nullo ," tol<| her poor |bed-ridden Timon on h*r tetnra home fromfchnrch, that the minister preached **4] XUKlttVf* SAt-R. t or WISCONSIN, > aJircuit Court, kUlvaokee Co. f Jann Emolt, against tphralm Thomas ReeJ, KtuWn A. Laab, flu-am Farmer, The Olobe Dank, Ida Jana Lewis, «. eoutor and Eribralm Mariner, aoil John J. Orton «- ecntora of t-i* Ian »lll and Ustament of Allison tewta. deceased, ««rtha L«u, Sarah L t wi,, Mar" -{wT P |?'M^*V h *- U -, JL T tol E ""» e "> I-w»'«a Lewis, ' i?T . f r, Uw "' ld * Jlne ^ wls • ad atk " unknown heirs of Allison Lewis,deceased, and Ichabod Smith. N virtu of and pursuant to a Judgment rendered lu ' oio.w.s«T«sa Stetvns & COUNSKM.OK «. 16 NASSAU ST., AT I.AW, NEW YORK. CHANDLER & HICKGOX, Attorneys &CrinsoUorg at I,aw POWERS. Farming and Piue Lands. kJEI.KCT«D year. , K5 Unds >n ih»t .mat,. ,, lh , n U ., Fox and At Low ft POK HA.,K BT TUB Wisooasin Improvenw-at Co Ir?,;"?, *::.""*' T '""-"l Cr.dlt, .„., , COrjNSEl.LURS , \lhaii) AT I.A'.V edb ilil* l i 1 o2f a l t \ in ' th ' mboTe entitled action, dated Mareh IMh. 1859, J shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Post-office, In the City or Milwaukee 00 Ssatunlaw, ,tj o 2ud dsAv of Julv 185>, at the hour of 1 r. »., O f lhat day, the fo* lowing < escribed premises, to wit: "The south kalf of lot numbered nine i»), in Mock nursbered tttlrty-seren (37), In Third Ward, of the City of Milwaukee, County of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin " Dated SberKTs Offlce, illlwaukce, Mareh 19, ISSfl J?. 1 * * «•»""«, ( A. J. LAHBWOBT11Y, *&!£?• * «h-KIII..O..W... OituJtirr OODBT, i " " aea County, f William P. Lynde. ATTMRNEY3 IMTKIItfl A in.<i4M>«i«Msl>, ATTORNETri .% U<)UNSELLORrf AT LAW, Arcaiit EuliilKfi, 113 font Kilter tt., ililvnnttt. Q. W. PacauAji, formerly I New Volk. " *' *' J "**' '* L "" D """ D ' P. Bumnooon IB U. 0. Court CoramitiAHinei- »n.l i.'om- nlssiODtr for several states n ! I'rlK h'AKMIN<, I Comprlsfntr the 'llrTMr,.nt /iri^ tl , : Pfurie and UjirJ w ,,,,i Lui.u. i ty jf Kooil inaTHt-u. riai: •)f Ihe P1ne l[- k -l, j.arti. t'Al Attorney* |3t*~ Office, No M & -IOSUUA dT4U«. 'iK J5 S l.\ KK, Counsellors at Law. w A i ; The «,«„,!,„ .,, to thp Wii^r P,,w.. r s Mill Pr.vHe,« ar , Canal *l,,ch .,n,u.i l.alie.«, ... that ^r, O ir< rer.tly 1.1 an fr.jni T|, er-n*"* f...,.,, %9 may b*t d<.-.iire<l. Ea9~ K,.r .urtli-r KM1TH, Atfent .,f Tr (ienwral Ai^NC, it [hi- Applfli.n, W »., ,r ,i u of -ular lnily t-; Wl rcf. r- .f |. ll LAN I )M, an.I ;lri^ rtr..;m >\V H I ^IHtitlUtA l JIl a ililliKHT J «> ^ I. 2, Milcbell'i NVw Uai.k lluilaioif. f rj Eajt Wjiler itrn-La, >lilwank<.'«. :i.)UVV 1 i 1 ».L»irr t_ rial I'AHk A attorneys and j. w. v.» «Y<B.I \ \\ 11V Counsellors^ at Law. AMUSEMENTS. JS TJ from the word., "nething er«!nate, Mr let down in bot ashes !" many quot? - HIGH WIND.—Night before last, the wind cut np all sorts of pranks. Doors and windows were blown in, signs scattered, boxes and barrels hurled into the street, chimneys blown' down, and at the Watertown depot, a freight car was carried by the wind, twelve feet from the track. Yesterday was very pleasant. NEW YORK BANKING Horras — On and after Jane 1st, the banks in Milwaukee will open at 10 o'clock in tbe forenoon, and remain open for business 'Sll S o'clock in the afternoon.— We think it a guod move, and one that will be listed by all our business men. It suits ns, at all events. .—The Madison Patriot pitches into the editor of the Argus all sorts of ways, and says there is-riff honor about him. B§g pardon Mr Patriot, but we know better. We are knowing to his doing the fair thing once, at least. We saw him playing billiards with a man, when he had a chance to pocket the while ball, but did not 3o it I A» ESTBRPKIBIFO RASCAL.—A OODW'cI 68- caped from Blaokwell'a Island last week, was picked np by a. sloop, stole some clothing from the crew, jumped overboard and swam u> the Connecticut shore, committed a burglary in Wilton, was arrested and locked np Norfolk, escaped again, and the officers are now bnnt- for him in Bridgeport. LITTM HOAXY.—We notice in aerenl exchanges an acconnt of a desperate »gM in 8 mail car, near Elmira, K. F. The mail agerH fought half an hour with a bnrly robbtr, armed to the lealh, and then had the consolation 'Of seeing him jump down a bank a hundred feet, when the train wa> tannig thirty miles an hour, and escape t»hurt from * knowledge of the country in that riciaity, we are led to doubt the truth of ttie yam AIMOST PERSONAL.—The M*dison Patriot of the 25th inst, is almost persons! toward "ye Kadaddle" of tie Aryus. W« f«ar that Pump is sfightly prejudiced against Calkin*, and does not beliere that he is quite th» one among ten thousand and altogether lovely Such little pleasantries are very kindly meant and as kindly taken. A acxsiBi.* OMids.—At P«cife, • little plat-* near Portage, is a firm doing a general mercantile business *md#r tbe firm name of S. H. Wood & Co. Tlaey sell more goods Uian a*ijr €ve stotirs in Uw cotinty, for tnV lesson that they fcare adopted a Booner styk of advertising. - Some of Ifcjeir "edicts" are wo»tfc tijtdinf, as i* tbe following, whiofc we clip from the Badger Stale : The prioes of aTl good* ar« DoiiorcB, saeetit tea ; in that one article we exercise ottr ruli- gieo* preference To Episcopalians, who »re strtntg ohuectrmen, we sell 2 pounds for 01 of dollar tt-a, to CaUiolics—whose poor hear tbe Gospel preached, Wf sell one pound for half a dollar. To Cougtegatlonalist* and Prvst»rU-- rians who set good examples, for 00 eeot* — T« 'Issptistg who admit the virtues of cotd water, and insist upon strict dlaciplio*, 4 »Tiil- lings. To Methodisln, u io allow tinker*,col lets and blacksmith* to prcMh, wfaevj tbe **•! i* in them, w.- ' 'i »n» two Spanish qnn^ A —M John Chin- . ' <S«rs Iheia a>« .. r 29 cents, and we ••!.. »u«t few there la i.. .. • United States. To sinners, who are Dot tn»- -boloBS, but pay more or less to tbe guppprt of all churches, we aell it for 4 bits. To Unitarians, J«*s, Gi*ek», HiniJoos, Mormons, Spis- itnalist* and Quakers, and those wha have joined the Tax Pays-rs Patty, 1 aonad is flv. dimes Those not included in the *>bore Tilt must be content wilfc 3 slirlling tea, b«t caB have the Wisconstn Tax Payer mailed thviai for oae year free, if they prosBise to rsite for right- men fa* often •r A* as dear a* STATI CO»VB»»IO»— TBB COREDP- S TTIH WITH TBC C«»T»*l COMMIT- Tt »-~ We 4 re Informed on what w« have reason to fear |s reliaUe'authority, that tfe Central Commiltee or a portion of them, h»ve agreed to ajpall fcr the Slate Coarentlon, and that it will fa*fceld about the middle of ial, —afaaiton jArgiM. Jotn Camalop (John C. Ooodr ck, Jofcn f. Birch»r<l, Dosaw 0. B«d.O. P. Poote, D.Tld M. Mijnw, John Canmlng.,Trajt ert of M IwmaJte. Lod «, No. i »r I »e iadepeBdeat Order of Odd FeJIon.) (jrcror 5?Z1i *?*£"* B W »™«. '"w Kern le, The «loteB»nk, Willl»m gmltH, Henry 8«nftleben, Abr»- h»m Btelnhait, Uwij J. Cl»ude, Qeorra W. Peck- H*& UW ."S!- M ?f k V llerm » D 8 -, M. f. . t ^. ^l ilnjha. 8»mael t. Uater, B»dger SUteB«n* SobertB IM1. June. Longworth, Chlr leiKnio, John W. Butler, Henry 0»rter, Jerrn l*n«cro«i, gunael W. Darniril and U»vid 31. liiiner Asilgoee. ' Will practice Is the various Couru (if the rteronU. Judicial Circuit of \VLiconsln, and will faiihfully »u<-ntl to ell bosinesa intrusted ti» as, rcmittan.-ci; pr.impijy aiauc. LaoJ Wamnta lorai^il ,n 4~i«.i-i?<l ^n i, • . r Hi.'*- si a -lutanc... HOT>VSSM A SriisFraa. HanKr". .^:,-V"ni I.ITTUJ. A Kuan. M'l*-iuk-. .MM 'JET Y HI. J I T. STAMM'S MAI linn. J 1 IU««l.»," 1 " C«i'«, Ottawa, III. W-,lr, A <•" Bmliliog, I ^ NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. S E;iIOS 1 < Nu , enon ih«U tafe*. remove y, ,io ne . r tbe i Sout , her » •"« Jlorth^r, AN ORAMXAKCE n the l)rst and Seventh Warda, i A.,.l e „, the City of ih« Commoai Consul! ofth^: ordalu a* follojps): 1.' Block nnmbe*el Bhe State of •Tlaconaln, to each and all the defendants ay ore named, except the defendants. John CummlBKa and John 0. ttoodrtch : Y OU are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint In this action, which was Died in the omc. of the desk of t*e Circuit Court, of the County ol Milwaukee. o« the 81st day of April, 1W8, and Io .en-e a Copy of lour answer to the said complaint, on-the «ub- •Liibeis at their office, Noa. 6 ana 8 Albany MHwaukat, wltWn ninety days after ib, of this summoui oo y u a, eiclujire at ihe d*» of such serrlce; and If you fall to answer ihe jaid complaint within the time aforesaid, ihe plaintiff io Hits •jction will apply lo ihe Ouim for the relief JemauJed In Che complaint. Dated April 21, 1»W •INCUES, LYXDK i MILI.KR, _ Plaintiff 1 ! Attororys. [Mo. S39.J ol Ibe postponement Tor a briel period of tbe public »ali;» a. lhi> tituti osfice at Superior City, Wix-ouslu, ot- dered br *>roclaraation No. K-'-i. N OTICE Is hereby (tlren that the public (ales oraer- . eJ hy proclamation No. 628, dated Dec* mber'14 [ 1*09, to be held at lie land offlee HI gopenor City Wisconsin, oo the id »ed 16th l»j« of Ma, neii are l^re by declare I lo be poatpunrd unm ihe 81-, an.i 2uth days of June next. { Ul»«n under my hand, al the General Lajid OBc,- it the City of Washington, Ihia J8d day of April I3JV i •y order of the President TUOS. A. BENDRICKS,. JNO. A. SAV'A(fl-., ,H Attoraev and Coanseilor at NOS 'J a 10, riliiKNIX IK Il.DIN , MILWACKKK, . AI-I, United or N V . an.I 'tli'l I 'tr:- He . In.l i Law 'N.-UN ., ,. 1:1 TlcH"l ' F c«=t- I. \ t IK M. I his ! C ^ < • I iS'l A V V'< i.N \TTOKNKY AND COCN PKOIH-:\ in Distribution ot' 70 MILWAUKEE *r A1.BANY \ N I i 4 i-.KT CADETS HAL.L, I ' H, ( kl.! . ' R J. V Attorney &r iiffi. - .i V. PI, \TT<», & Counsellor at Law. i i' x >1\ !•;i: .«: ^i A M . I N Hf-.lK r. .<( >.au, City c4 Milwaukee, ils> •• hsiwdriul and to . -- * --—ft ™* — »" urw u» me V.JI .nd >uch partJof tbe following s«me4 TI. no^h hair,.f Ogden street* the "' * 4 ""* •«•' »«" . t, of h, . Market r^, as aoin W "« kKD « B $"«4 "« hundred and tony-.. ".n*«S * uk f "it ' '2?" l '° "* Wrl1 W " d °< »< «l*T*f -ukee, la hetcby made »ud declared to be a pu'lu j fat tbe a/Je of loads of hay. p | 0'-l of Ih, F,r.l '• wmore ih. bay teal. " m tte owner of N ° PEOPOSED VISIT or, CHIOAOO The Fire Brigade ef Chicago, numbering abo»t sixty" men, accoiapanied with a nnmber of ladies and gentleman, and a bamf of woslo, have written to the Chief Engineer, Titos. H. Eviston, that they desire to pay a visit to this oily about the 20tb of June. Tbe whole number of visitors will be about eighty, and if satisfactory arrangements can »je nade by our department for receiving them, they will positively be here about that date. BISOVLAB. CABS OF wira-wHrpprao.—The Caaenovia (N. Y.) Republican says that a Bin- golar caaeof wife-trhipping occurred reoentl' in a neighboring town. j t j s reported that a dimoally arose between the linsband and the wife, when the- brute of a husband seized another brnte, called a 4og, by tbe hind legs, «Bd with this peculiar weapon belabored .ife wi»antfl the dog was killed! Ccf* An,old trapper named James Brower Kcentlf came to fit. Louis with a pack of beavl er ridm which he tad carried on liis back more than seven hundred mHes. He sold ihe •kins, laid in a supply of ammunition wtth part ofthe money received for them, got drank *?n tbe rest, and kept BO for a week, then got aober, and started off for another Jong and lonely trapping tour. MILWAUKIE DAILT KBWS.— There is no* » more racy paper published in the Slat* than the Milwaukee JVatp*. published by Sliarpgtriii & Lathrop, and edited by Shatpstein & Pove- roy . Every one has heard of M.M. PoKeroj You can obtain n* more reliable paper in Milwaukee than the JWwj, either in respect to its general reading, and news of the day, or reports of tbe market. Theaolunm headed 'In town and out of H," is edited by MJI. Pomeroy, whose peculiar talent for this departme»t of a paper is seldom, if ever, excelled klr Sharpstbia eondct* fcis departiBent ability. If yon wtah to get a good Mil»a*ik«e paper, subscribe for the Newt. There ia no*) better in Milwankse.— Brodhea* Report*-. Tbe-Jleporltrjvln pleate consider oB^taa*- !ng, head aneoTered^ aod spine about i» tbe sh»pe of a {, or a Bologna •aussfe. Whe» the editor comes to Milwaukee, we'll together visit the •"Albany," porter and re port* ssve- r«l times. Si3.T The Buflalo Advertiser tells of two «haps inthat city, who ««centty resolved to giveap»n»klng. Theyaeolded to taper off, KmitingtheArst d«y'« consumption to three, the second to two, and the third to 009 cigar. One gentleman, ho wever^ thought that lie tad l^en hasty, bot detenntned to keep iji jwrd, u* fcTMiaew tile wag tbe penalty of over step ping the prescribed littits, anAalso, Jo^et as *> possible daring tbeiaperfng yro*«iwd a dgmivjnaker to BEOOK Taoui^We tender a score of poltte bows, good wishes, and jtearty thanks to 8. P. Greeuman of the Ida House at sJpart*, for M handsome a lot of brook treut as we ever s»w. They < ame to hand lii prime order, cool, clean" and fresh as when iaken, and were jnstdeli- cioufl enough for the inhabitants «f the next world, represented «s weiring wings AS Greenman says, " they are good for rh*u»a- tism," and are a veryplefiant medicine to talccl Before long, we skill visit Sputa and pot np at the " Ma House," whew we can have trout three times * day, and other good thing* in proportion. It is pleasant touavekbd Mend-, and w« only Wait aa opportunity to reader * favor in yetnrn. - TOMAH Coi«r.—We have received Ue flr*t unmberof tiia Chief, pablisbed at Tosaah, in tfonroe Co., by Joseph K. AverHI, E*q., an editot of ability and experience. The number before ns U neatly printed, and in its'edito- rials evinces ability, that promise* eflcieat labor ill the democratic cause. Theaalatutory «ay. : "The leading design o/oor paper is to become an honest aad consistent organ aod representative of Ihe democratic party of the State an4 Nation; a paper, which, while its endeavor shall br to «npport the lima-honored principles of democracy, will strive, according to the best of its afcilifs-, to i,bor only by the wisest and most judicious weans to lhat end The principles ef JoOetwOB and Jackson (at onr guide, we have a noble cause to tattle for; a cause thai ha* been long tried, long proved;—a cans* which has ever enlisted the sympathies and support ofthe great majority ofthe American people; and from whiefa they rarely swerve, save at l«ng and anfreqnesst intervals, and then only to return again, with ten-fold devotion aod entUajiaais., to lk«ir ir*t and last love—Democracy." MILITABT —The "BorlingUw KUe Cowjpa. ny>," i* th* nasrte of a One military organization in this place, composed entirely of Germans. We {earn also that another company Is •oon to be organised here; bat of what description we are not informed. We are glad to «ee onr young mem so spirited, and would suggest that if they are particularly anxion* far military lam*)*, there I* » UM opening for then now in Europe; and oppressed Italy would no doubt be very thABkfal for tbeir aid. — tlnrlingien Ovttte. CaAiUNai JtocorvKD.—TteOttictgo Journal sayp : Eer J B. Turuer, of Jacksonville, AIM accepted tbe cnaUengB of Jama* C. Riehnaond, sf Milwaukee), to diicass religious inbjeets The latter gentleman challenged the world to defead Congregationalism against the doctrine ofthe Episcopal church. Mr. Turner accepts, 'And Invites the "Bicbnwwd ' to Jacksonville. Qa.ia.TCA BOAT Ctn» tlmmamtt I»TO TBB WBSOBA.—The OalaU* Boat Club, of which Mr. Solliran who was drowned, was a member has been merged i»U> the Westona Club, the fonaer passing over to the latter tbclr boat, fcoase, a»d »H their eflects. person or swr,,,, who mar "*' ««on, cart, ileisjta or * ^.i., *" 1 or P»raons shall b, allowed or sjrrmlth* to Kpc«e lor .ale aoy loM or lo.i, of Ua, In the first WPercuth »»rd,, ol tbe City of H,lwK>k M »,tbout hairingauch h M we.gked, as brfelo.rier „,„.' st>s)lj any person or swr,,,, who mar fcetfc. oiher ln *• ^ d srdi, more U.axi tta ralr»i«, at an, one ti B . ^l,, thsa oo ^ ^^ „, ttr ™* * 4 the bloc* desifrlattd In ths) OrdlnBuce as • i,i*llc ha> maraet i * •ec. 4- Before ofiVlng any los>4 or load* of bay f.,r s»!e within ths IJSDIU of the first or •e* ralh War«a, sueh hay .ball te «tul y »el f hed, and a written cenld- . ale of tft«j welfjlt therof, obtained Iron th. attenJant o/toae^lablihed and seated c,t. hay icale, within the city limit*, tad the ow«er of such h-w sjhall «Aibit his Ucket to lh«pur<*a»er, before beiag entitled to re- cetre «»y p»r ttj<refor. /rL*" 1 * a j»"«Want upon an*, CHy ffay PcaJe ,b.ll be ejHitlcd to recslre the sum «l twelve cents for welgtlng each l«*d of hay, or for weighing any oth«r article, fos whidi a certificate is required to be paid br the person to wV>» U>e certsncate is sVlltered Beo. •, *ny beraoal or period who may violate the proclaim* W Ujls OrtSimance, ^aB forfeit aod pay for leach offence Bot lea* thaa flre i»r more Uxo ten dol- ars, tocether «lth all costaof p»osee*tlons. ••c. T. It Is hertby made the dotj of the Oklef of Polle. aod kU aaatstanta, a*d the ajuendtat of the hat scale, hereby ntabll»he« to pruecnte befo»ea|ie«? nlclpal Court, ahy and all rlolotlosu of this Ordinance •hlch may comf <o their knowledf e. §«c. 8. So njuch of any Ordinance or resolution heretofore paweti.M In an> manner cosjeicia with thli Onilnacee li bcre'iy n»aya«-ffli 1 NAI.K. |.\e«a IT ATE Of WISCONSIN, . Olrcnlt Oourt, Milwaukee County. | Jam«3 S. Brown, against bust g. Uenbern, Joslah A rfooaan. Peter Uc-N.lj «,, Andrras Keye. Foreclosure. INrirtueor and puna >nl l . a judtfcueoi teud^rr • I is d Court, in ihe above eni tied « .laud J»i uary li, lafis, I than ei|^,^ f., r ,.j, » n ,j ,,,| a , 1>uhll auction, at the Poll Office in Ihe cily wf lltlwajitfc o • islsirisssv, tlif £A day of Jult, .v.9 , the boar of 2 r. u of lhal day. ihe (ull.,wm< .|,.,-r i.- .nOrl B a;eU premurj, or ao mu<-h ih r r^;if a. ,,.», r,.. u . cr&sary to raise ihe an^ounl o( s»jj jud^oi^tu mu i *•• a-d co ; u, l.-ffethi r with Ih," vaprna^, ,>( , 4 ( e i,, * r " Ail thai pin u f ih. west h« 1 ,,i ihe'»..uli.. O O MIMJCKM ( 'A K\ tll»ni<-)» unit i^lh.-^ in V iunr'* R A I < nun KA I 1 ' II I '1 A I. IS 4 II » '1. w 484R*a IS. . f (.-c .il.- Luornshlp srvea \i J, of range bounded a* foUu»9, lo wll C"liutlrru lutf »t S-Utb-vesl corner ol laid Weal lt*ll ..i I|.L »-. wesl quarter o' lection n.n« <yj; runon.^ u. ea*i on Uie Boato liue thereof leo ^10) ^ .* thence oorlli leu i IO) tb*.L3 , ihru.^ w--si (U); chains to tie weal line o' <t, f .am ,,,i, lecuon, aad tbence »outh len v ioi ch»iu, i.. place of bea^i.nmtf, onoLainitif.- let. (10) «. subject,, io ooe half n, K wnl h r»a.i, on tbe <.}ULh and wc»i l»..uijd»rie» i' • i aald road beluu u nr chair, m »,.|Ui " Hlln.ukcc «.H I V I i IN;» li i •> ru 11 * su VU'I < 171 K,,i H'j/» V. .|^,r .•>f M Iwi i OICII'% A I I .r-.KV Paled Sheriff ' t Taumi-l L. O«Di.t, H'ff'l Attorney. A j LANG rVllMI n V, .herill U I i.'., . rt i>AurKRaV.\ v oarli ami «n<l<ll<-r> tlie lul will and ; NOTICE. %] Of !0« la hereby firen that the OrfUnanoe rec ula- 1.1 Onj hackajcabs, dray., •ontltnMsea, *c.,«c., will be strictly enforced after fee first day of June The owswrs ordrays, hucka, cabs, oonasnaaU, laoi- •er, faroitare add erpreas weforja, ate kcreby notified to procure a license and number -for fact, without farther notice. ' .., w •llwaOe., H«y a. 185». . •ECK.Cfclefof ^ mayt»Hil.n Cm CorraoLLia's Omca, I Contract Department, Hay it, 1*9». f • m »««<*i»ed at tkrt office, nn- ' 8DUl - •* l '< •- *. forplankin, pirtlons of E. Road street from teed to ; m«TeMs».—Samuel Kelly, wko left Appl*- t«« with » horse and cart for Cherry Valley about the middle of Mareh, returned home last -Thursday evening, having "seenthe elephant." •t> dispel* tbe last shade of hope of rich gold Delia thereaway. Not fifty dollar, in gold dust have been dug there. Great prevails fron» tbe want of food. I** th* snAal _ _ CTM Kontoe street,ji tfce rihVWard ofTie'ciiy'ai Milrar kre ; said aofk JiaTrag bem orderes) by the Board of Councilors. Ani- W , ISffi, .Bd_coacune« la by the i Comptroller. 18M. i Cm CosuraoLLca's Orncs, l Contrac* J>«j«rtBj« D t, MIL, «., Ja, 1359. f CJEALED propo«ala will b« received at this offlce, until iT ?i5 . 7 ••rp* u >i H a. »., for wing alley through block SO, In the jear of lots I and «, Fifth Ward of the cilj ol alllwaitk^e, the same having been ordered by the Board of Ooincllors, Rep. Sd, lt*3, and eoncnrred In by Abe Board df Aldero«n Sep. «th, IBM. m«y28-dtt B L'H. QAHOISKg, Comptroller. I N POBMJANci of an order of Ue District Court of Ihe Culled Mates, for tbe District of Wisconsin made on the !6lb day of May, A. D., 19S9, I 4 'Dan el H, Klehards, «ss)gi>ee, In bankruptcy of Jmt.h K. Me- Glare, WH1 sell a^ Public Anctlon, at thsj Court Honsr la UK city of UUtraakee, OB the Ofth day of July next! between tbe boar* of nine and ten. In ibe forenoon of this day, all the right, title and Interest, which the said Josiab 8 BfcClore bad at the Use of Ollow his petition In bmkjrnptcy, la and to tb* following real estate, acd la Cod 11 the mortgage hereinafter described and all the rlgkt, tills and Interest, which I, as •aid Assignee, hive In aad to the same, that Is to sa» • Lot eight, (8) EfVs inWIrlslon of block forty-sereni («,) school sect•(» addition to CWcjgo, IH. ; .|«o tbi Rotth half (X ISorth Wesiq thlrty.nlne, MOHICIPA'I. touKT—Hw Hown. 1859 days iwe.jwo ? 1 *"** "^ the third d«yj* r n- U^ * -Christiana Dittmu, disorderly, *on'«sti e d to the 26th. ' , > fJhMles Cook, Henry Mmphy, and Poafla, larceny— to progresi. • N . . Ihegeare three boys who say they belong In Bacine, their ages ranging from 10 to 12 years, w« should judgej *nd who «ntoid the dwel- JKUwbeth.Jttomans, of OsJc Creek, ag is allegid, and stole therefrom various pieces 'i*fo, &e.^ Ihey weie followed to oyTbwJC Matthews, conslabie of Oak Creei.^md Were arrested M tbe Lake pretty luid looting of «llyer bo^,»dworJd; Compare favprabljr wfth onr tnfttMtV t ban1uaVMm»Uaar •.»<••!l^i " are called. !9>So*neor thoKew York paper, report that Gerritt S. Molt has recovered $1,000 from tne Hudson River Railroad, /or nwmfry over Iftt hoie belonging to an engine that waa play, ing on his house when it was on fin, whereby of its cutting, the house was bunted down. j A CaAUsuroB.—As there IMS been consMer- able dispute, M towhlch of the engines took the "broom" on Inspection .lay, and M the <*pew and members of f ilimora Engine Nd. S know that tUej did not get a «-ftir ghakV we do hereby challenge any ComjMtnj, dtbir in t Ills city or Btate, to play with us bntt to bntt, i Jibe tank, on stream, eitter horrlioatal or iferpendicnTarrfOTJw sum of nsoneyUey nay I arae, and at My'tlme'tbey may *ee «t, And t > show them that we are sot Joking, w . d«w I (»««f5) *0**icm am MBKBBM i/T - T A . ,' ', ->->» '(XI * f Wtft hlllf <^> «* Kast-Jirtt Of.) *quirfcr(3.-)or*ecuoii «nlrty-alrrt«,)io^rn >, (3»,)llorih range fourlees, (14.) KSJI- »nd o«s indlUdedforfrthaaO of E. half (^fofK.E. quarter^ ^o| sec. tw"fM»,t««,)town Uilrt».nlne,(8»,J range irteeB, {J4.) janil one tudlTided haii, (XO 8outb West narter(X) of section twenty, (»0,) tawn Uurty-Blne, iSt,) range feurtfen, (14,) and one-third 1%) of East biU (X) ort-oolh,East qasrtw(J,f) of section eighteen, (19,) town HiIrl^IrKrWr north range faartcea, (14,) aU in < sotlCsunty, Illinois, and aon of Us> third prinoipsj meriaiia; and a mortgage OB lha above sinarter, (3sO tM South West quarter (Jf) of section twenty, (20,) town thirty-nine, (39,) rang* fonrteen, (14,) given to J.* MeOlur. by W lliam sUymoedTda- Ud August 1st, I83T, to secure. $1,780, and recorded; also lota oae anal two, (1 * 2) la bfSck two, <«,) Wol- colt's »«m8n, toChlcago, In said County of Cook: and the fallowing omitted to be scheduled In lot ilnsjtcen, (19)ln block thlr y, (80,) school section addition to Chfcato, IB said blockelthtetn.'* ClgCUIT COURT, l Chanty of alliwaukec. ( John 4. Kage, clrculor of Brl^kiah H R.eJ, , , ajraluat Uoel U. Lamp, Charles W. rcrkm». Alpha (J M.,,, Crusl F. derixbrrii,, »redcrlo« W Ue UWru, h.a II. Ramleo, Will,..o H Ljon, \Varreu M LJ,,J,, Robert Bliaw, Jl rru »«, J.,lin Hoot- , Jau,r. i' B-owo, John ftrklm, llulf,,rj Uelruer, l.inuiru< c Hill, O. P A Uiuricd., KJwarj WnicU. Joseph n'n leu, Salomon jMaiun, Jobo BurgeM, K..b«r t u Dal , JotiuH. OoddarJ, Juseph 8. liaitlofi Joseph H Hastings, Jr , Thoruai A Kees. William L P^crte, James Pattee, Joho M. Mcfarlaue, «lll,,ra Knihi™ Def ndauta- ' The rt».e or Wiscuosm, u ihe atjove uauied J c lei.,l»nt» a^ OC arc hereby lumoourd »ni| rt.,uircvl to toswcr M. ih« complajnt in thui action, wliicii Is fliej in »h<- office of the Ulerk of the Circuit Coarc f,,r Uie Couoty of Mllwaaiee, at the City of, in ...,t C.,ut ty, and to serTe a copy of your answer tu the complaint oo the sabscnberi, at their office, N and 4 Albany Bulidlog, Io the laid City of Jlil»aa»?e wtlbla twenty days after the service, exclusive of ttic Jay o( such setrlce, aud If you fa4l l ) answer the com plaint wlUitD the aforesaid, tie plalntlll irUI apply to toe Court for the relief uemaoded In the complaint liQeat the Uon. AKIUUH McAKTULtt, SBiL V Judge of Circuit Ooorl for >aid (,'ou*t, u Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, U,u 15U, dav i, April, 1SS1». UUOKER A SPANGENBKRQ, PlaiutllT'i Atturueyi, 6 ^ ____ Milwaukee. Wisconsin. sfurcclosuro ao<i tSa.v. BliOTIlLHS Ni >. ti I: \ N ^ l SADDLERY HARDWARE ) — — I SBiL V -»— ) BTATE Or WISCONSIN, I Oircult Court, Milwaukee Co. f Andrew Mitchell, i agalnat John Coop r and Marlon Cooler. A ** Tlrtae of and pursuant to a the above entitled actloo, shall expose for sale a judgment rendered dated April Jo, laffi and sell at Public Auction, at the 1-ust-Omce, io the Clly of Wllwaulee., ^••f"** llko - <MI » 4ay ol Au(fu 18M, at the hour of S T. «., of that day, the IOIIOWIO.K described mortgaged premUei, or so much thereof as .nay be necessary to raise the of iald judgment, interest and costs, together with expenses or sale, tha follow, ng, to wit : "All that ptec* or pareel of land iltnale in the County ol Milwaukee aud Stale of Wisconsin, known and described as tne wes4 half of the north west quarter of section itSj, town six (*j, range twenty-one [21J, containing nlaety- two acres, accorulug to the United States survey, excepting oae half acre leased by John $nu Uarlon Coop r or one of them to:«hool District No.*l« |«J, m ibe Town of urecr,neld tfilwauk • County , Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, May U ISM A t,aiBi», I A. J. LANOWUHTUY * *t.'ys. ( Sti'tf. M.I. Co, »l» ' 404] HHKHirr'il SALK. y, , coo secon ation to County of Cook: Also lotone(l)ln 8,) snd lots flre, (5.) *lz, (6.) sevrn, ' . , (T) and elgbt^ (8J In b'ock forty-tbree, (48,) la the school section addition to JoUet, trill county, m. , Dated at MUwa iset, Mar 18th, 18». - __. A . ' i'. DAHlttHtiRIOHABDa, snsya».dlaw8w ' '•..•;' Assignee. CALl —TUB- LATENT 8ER \^ STYLES T0fr>8'! BTAXB Of WISCONSIN, I Olrcnlt Court, Milwaukee Co. | OtarlsUan Winsenrled, Jonaones Schmnta, Frederick gchmnts and Christian gchmati. against J«e?h K-Treat, Jasaa* W. Stearns, Benjamin F. Stiles, Tbe President of th* Farmers A Millers'Bank tiu- ^"i,? 1 *^? 1 ;' w - w "«'<'<*. Horace H Freeman and taiaabath, bis wife, OaJ.u u. r-atterson and Patterson, his wife. Jadgment roredosare a judgment rendered In said Court, la Uw abore eutltled action, dated March A law, I shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auc- Uon, at tbe Post-Offlc* on th* corner of Wisconsin and Milwaukee streets, In th* City of Milwaukee, on sal. «TSa.irVtla« ITttsday of Ropteisaber, 1S59, atlke; hoar of 3 r. •., of lhat day the following deicrlb- ed mortgaged premises or so much|lhereof as bay be necessary to raise this amount of said judgment, Interest and costs, together wish ex»>wnses of sale, to wit: "The soatb west quarter of section number flf- • U»n IIS,, In township number seven [7], north of range number twsniy-one t81]«osH oxcepl- ' log nineteen a«d «9-100 acre heretofore sold by ' Christian Wlnsenried and wife to Thomas M. BitTd r, said premise* being situate In Mliwaa- V«e County and Btate of Wisconsin." Dated Baerlff's Offlce, Milwaukee, March 10, 1859. B. SrAXOMsaao, 1 A. J. LANO WO»TU Y, R'fts Atl'y- f . 8h-»» Mil. Co., WIs. •- amtnv-iast ma/10-la t twlaw • ' CIRCUIT OOrjBT. I UHwankee County, WIs. f MagdAleBafi«gl.l "aialnst JaeobHaff, State of Wl«o««ln, to Jacob Haff: i Y 00 are hereby anmmoned and required to answer the complaint in thi* action, ithleb has this day been flltd In the ooaot of the Clerk of tbe Olrcalt Com t. of the Coanty of Milwaukee,* Oil; of Milwaukee, and to serre » copy nf your answer to tbe isald com- pUlnt.ooUieiulbicribers at their office, in said city, within twenty days tfter the ferrlce of this; summons on you, <kcluslf« of th« da; of such service; and If you fall to answer the,sald eompla'nt within the time aloroald, ihe platatUTIn this action will apply to the Court for the rsUtrdetaanded In U» complaint : - F ~f'. - .-, BODBs>KAim. PlalnUlTsAHorneV»,2u. o.l Oiotlui, a.;, Of th-t.ejt Eastern timber 3OO i > K. H. ii K N A r' 1 K v-, Just rrc.-ivea from ,»n9 of faot' ncs, the qu*J>ty ,iml * »r-r woul'i invUe speci ^rlf Our §tO:k through. »D*1 off^reil «t If.* 1 !uvf«t pr M.P the largest )£«.•* tern minu *ui>iu.t. wll t* a^ BKOTHKK.-', Newha.l li..ud? Pr ncipdl I o\vii- in X fL £3 Xj J^. ^J ID . ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND FOR $30 The powerful iron Meainship^i CITir- OP BALTIMORE. CITY O» W «-H|I\GTON. KANSAKuu. Will 111! from New fork f,,r l',,rk I r^ i , n d th-n.-^ lo Li»erp.,. I. ersres r ALT&RXA re .s.^ TI itn* r f» The OITY Ot MA.VUUKHTBR anj VIHO will .ail from BtLfaST and CO«R to N-w Yi.rk ^nee « H.mili Rate of Pnuaice from New YnrK To Cork, Lllirrp.),.! unit Ule principal l.>*tl» ,n IKELaND, ENGLAND do .^COn.tNn Oabln, ...$I5.. Thir.l i'l«« |:ju Pasieni^ers forwarded In tl.ivr^. Anlw.-rp. Urs- men and Hamburj for t«5 m Cabin, |:is Tn.r-l Cl i.« TO PARIS (in-24 hours fr. m Ll'er p..,,l,, u..r,,r, f..-, Third Claas, |38. Persons wishing lo send for their friemls .-»u . tit», n Certificates of passage from COltK or HM.r'l'ir L.I NEW fOaK for tM, (rim UVKRP»O[. »«" Vor passage apply cc> R. J. Cart's A Cu . l;; HrnD.I- way', C. Y.,John (i. Dule, 18 Broadwav, N V .rl,, TIMOTHY • ARNKY, M.lwaukee. B?— Passengers by this Line ivnui th,- rtalt and delay ot calling at Ualifaj anj ii. jotm.s. tnayU id >y Hill > I-..-, w K 1-. S 1 P,<- Sit ..l«4i i>\l.\ n: p,KT,K.s, 1. Hi'- |'nri \\ V N I > J- II.I. .'. H \ t K s il[»pll.-i| -vi'ti 'ir.t 134] 8TATEO? WISCONSIN. I Circuit Court, Milwaukee County. I Mlcha«l Hill and 1 William Tunbridge, ', „ . , , against [ Mechanics Lien. Thomas U. Boddis. j I N Tlrtue of and pursuant to a judgment r- ndered In said Court, In Ihe above en«>ll?d action, datrd aprO HA9, 1 shall expose for sale and 9-H at Pnblic Auction, at'thc Posl-Office, In the Clly i>f Milwtjiltrc. nn Sulurdar lli<* »tb day of July, !»'>», at the hour of 2 p. M , of that day, pursuant io cti tpier 163 of the Revised Statutes, entitled "Of ihe Luu ol Uechanlcs and Others." a'l ttie rigbc, title au i interest the defendant had In »tfd In Ihe follnwnif ile»cnb-d premises on the I9lh day uf IprlLor at any lime iheru afUr, T.S: ••That part of the north east quarter of section No. 91, la township No. 7. ranire -"J east, lying north and east of tbe Uenomooee R.ter. in ihe City and County of Milwaulwe, State uf Wisconsin, aad claimed by the defendant together with a certain soap and candle factory, jn- nted thereon. Dated Sh.ilH 's Offlct, Uilwanbee, Uay J4,1459. ). CoafOS, I A j LvNtJWORTdy, Tffl Att'y f may 25-1 a wow r 1) KiM'K • ol ,,1 H;u..u UOOU YAKIft v W1J UOOTv T HK GENUINE AK'I'IC.'i.K MANBPACTUXBD BY JOHN PHALBN, T HE only one authorised to manufacture ttie abv,>- nanoed Boots, at 78 EAST WATEU STKF.rrr. The Plialen Boot Is on« or the most unique and e e- ;\nt coverings fat the feet tint has ever been invented, fhej are made of the best of stock and most dnlshe' rorimanahlp, and are warranted lo cure Corns, Bun. ons,Swelled feet, Swede 1 i ead, Bhuniatlam, Gout, tc. ' Eamember that tbe SoltAgen' for these taut invented Boots In thli City, Is to b« found at TJ Kast Water it., here, also, may be-found a general assortment of BUOTS A SHOES,OA1TEU«, &(.., for Qentleman and Ladles that there Is In this market* all manufactured under to; sopervlsloo of thesulucrl- [may23J JOHN PHALSN. l> atlj 1 .A M tll-.H I i >N I I .».•< ju.l Ufeiifd, for ill 1U If, it lllo N K. Corner of • '"" ' *» I--.1 W.ilur mill • lyl),»iirn Stn-ol^. ^Offli-e *ilh \lensri. Mauln-u 4 Un.-i.-il.; ill-. ,-<t., t -5 .11 W ,,,.| i, U r<> ., Dry tnd H.»r.l. Tut ii ^pht ir uncut J ills jtm-k ,,i i| ay , a O f t | lt . ni.yr y|i:w,irY n HALKD IN (i i.iDOUOKR. Kacn will he delivered to >ny uaru .1 ih-iMy ,n :t ^HOKTKST NoriCBand iho LilWK-iT 1 v K t ;.MS N. B.—Wood PinlUrs, »ml ih..-<- *li.i Jlup lur, >|U utities . f tl«v will atwiyt ilnil il to ^hc-ir L.IV UIKU to buy uf us. We will «i-ll *u ih.n Jt-ui'ir-t mny 111^^ * handsome prutll l»y 4^111111; on [he *lr,'.-t m»yl!) (I 11. I.AMBKKTON w PAPER WAREHOUSE! II a ii lor,., : C'o., (I.VPB inaaisoN, ii.iXKDiti) A no.) Cnnnect.^1 ivitli HAKUISON, HANl'Oi:L> X CO... MANTJFACTaBKR3, 0V YAMOQJ FA I. LA ------ J ............ OHIO. AVK opt-D.'it »f.1 Albany llioct, Miclllstnn street, op posltu Newhall House, •> lartfi: itorU of Hoot, Jftaa, Ciitfr, ('uUir^il iiiitt Snvelopi Paptn. Aim, l.tdijer 1'njjar). Flat Capt, tytio Pott, Ltttfr "nd .Vote Paptrt, \VTllch will bu sold very low. Constant addition* wit he ma.l lo lh:- sue!: to raeei Ihe; wants of me trade. ' ta»— Priniera and others are Invited to amine oar stock and prices* U A all and ex- aprlo

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