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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 1

Denton, Maryland
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Saturday, November 12, 1938
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2-KWle***,,, 1845 A Family Newsp.per.-DevoUd to Local and General Intelligence, Agriculture and Advertising-Independent on all Subjects. Suhscriptiom-ln Caroline. $1.00 per Annum, in VOL. 93. One show every nite at 8 p. m, except Thursday and Saturday, 2 shows at 7 9 Fri. Sat., Nov. 11 12 U N T O N i \U THEATRE IDENTON. MARYLAND! Two Shows Niijhtlij 7 dt y TKI CHAT ADVCHIU33 Of/ HICXOX WAYNE MORRIS ClAiRt TREVOR Saturday, November 12 Also 3 Stooges Comedy ^ · Monday, Tuesday Wednesday November 14, 15 16 Thursday, November 17 It Pays to go to the Ridgely Theatre DENTON, MARYLAND, SATURDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 12, 1938. Everything In Readiness For Journal's Cooking School Home-Makers to Be Welcomed at Dentonia Theatre Three Days Starting November 15th Extra: Large short subject program, Musical Comedy. Our Gang and Charlie McCarthy comedy. Mon. TUPS., Nov. 14 15 EBJOL . FLYNN BETTE DAVIS Lock thu doois and come to town! The- Dt-nton Jounial's Motion Pictuie Co. fti.-ig School entitled "Star Ir My Kitchen" will bu the leal nmnimiit\ attraction fo. tluee days at the Dentonia Theatre starting Next Tut- day. This fascinating and difYeient cooking -t-liool i.s open entirely free t every woman in town, and Thu Denton Join,,.il as wi-11 as Dc-i.ton nu-ichnnt extend this last invitation l jc,m in t i e liomr-maKniB lesion and pnteitainment for at least one day. The Motion- Picture Cooking School will bu ,, practical rally of home nakers to contribute fresh pen peUivu for thu ".same old job", the monoton jus day-in-and-day-out job, yet the most important bu i:ie-s in the world Just as men have thoir annual conventions, wheio they listen to lectures irom specialists, local women \vill luive their convention to consider homemaking problemi. Just as fresh inspiration for the old job is one of the by-products oi the familiar cooking school, which presents a lecturer in a model kitcnen, so are nuw ideas and keen incentive bom in the film cla?- for home-makers, with its novel approach and modern hutting. No 'false-front" camera-beautiful kitchens satisfied these specialists. They insisted on working in complete, compact, modern kitchens, which actually reflect more scientific ingenuity and careful planning than any living room. f Recognizing the demands of home experts, the producers of "Star In My Kitchen" signed all-star kitchens, with an all-star cast, adding a continual procession of close-ups, so that every seat in the Dentonia Theatre is a good seat for this amazingly-pictured home-making course. Everyday happenings have been dramatized in thf plot of "Star In My Kitchen". Behind the sparkling humor and suspense that arc i-o necessary to screen stories was a deliberate plan--an ambitious determination to curr instruction, inspiration, and worthwhile homo new,; to women in every community. NO. 7 $ SoccerTeam Fimshec Second In County Play-offs Staff Editor in rtiirr TII '· r """· "" was a hllla " snowball, but SSSS-SL.:: viJBJS "·"_·£-. *?? ."·«-" Freshman _ Biuce Andrew t h Grade Louise Clialline Alumni Ropoitei.s .'Pauline Moore I it, r IT i . ' 'Frances Smith L eraiy Editor _ _ _ Lw -^ B II inor h c i l o r _ _ Bil , w , t A.lilelic Kopoiter.,-: f^. I t ' J ' n -r-tm GM ..:,,..,,_. Eh, ine Greavc HERBERT K. CKCONOE REP. T. ALAN GOLDSBOROUGH Wednesday, November 17 It Pays to go to the Dentonia Theatre SHIRLEY ROSS LLOYD NOLAN in XMAS CARDS You are ·welcome to look over ray Xmas cards. Prices are 50 for $1.00, with your name printed on and some higher priced. Order now for prompt service. Engraved Stationery at prices you can afford. Gustav Good Watchmaker Jeweler Stationery -:- Gifts Denton, Md. GIRLS CRAZED BY NIGHT TERRORS! Equitable Life Insurance Company Home Office, Washington, D. C. Raymond R. Fisher Agent Subscribe for the Journal and get all the county news. SEE Paramount's Darmc Story PRISON FARM Thursday, Friday and Saturday November 17, 18 and 19 The Outstanding Picture of the Year The camera took its time and it took its clo-.-e-ups, so that every person in Dentonia Theatre will have a "large as life, and twice as natural" view of each operation. There will be no "oichestra ciicle" at thi, entertainment, since the back row guests of The Denton Journal will have an equal chance to peer into the busy mixing bowl, watching the deft steps measuring, cioani- ing, sifting, and thorough mixing, not overlooking the final work of baking, lonsting, French-frying, or freezing. For this ia no half-hearted demonstration. Each delicious dish will be completed and -shown with such realism that there are sure to bo hungry "ohs" and "ahs" from the audience. If any stray husbands get into the thea- tve, they are certain to a.-k, "When do we eat?" Keeping up-to-the-minute on fresli discovci ics to case the home manager's burdens, is pne of the jobs of the household specialists who super- \iied the demonstration in this profitable cooking school. Because they have devoted years of training and study to home problems, these capable ex- peite know how to help other hoftsekeepers to run their homes more smoothly, interestingly and economically. Under the glow of their enthusiasm and creative skill, a well-cooked meal becomes elevated from "just a job" to an artistic achievement, requiring skill and imagination. Not only does this picture show new dishes, styles, and intercbting ways to serve everyday meals and party feasts, but it demonstrates how to make intelligent use of the ingenious mechanical servants that take the guess ·work out of house work. What about recipes? Naturally every guest of the Denton Journal will want to test these tantalizing cures for menu 'monotony. Free recipe sheets will be distributed daily. And other things will be given away--valuable gifts that will find long and useful life in many a home. Guests at the school will want to meet and remember the friendly local firms nnd nationally-known products that are helping the Denton Journal in this community undertaking. Does your house run you? If so, why not accept the Denton Journal's invitation to join the neighborly cooking school party, starting Tuesday at 2:30 p. m. in Dentonia Theatre. Remember the dates and opening hour: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, November 15, 16 and 17. Jurist's Wife Dies In Auto- Truck Crash Mrs. W. Mason Shehan, wife of the. chief judge of the Second Judicial Cir- Next Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) Free Matinee to all children only. P=. BANKING LOOKS AHEAD J Our Literal Credit Policy A prominent government ofFickil lias recently suggested that banks should "liberalize" their lending policies. \\karealwaysrenrly fo loir! money for sound purposes to borrowers \villi good character, a record of meeting chli^iiHoiis promptly and ability to repay. This, briefly, is our c L'lJil policy. We believe that it is liberal and yr! rnci-ls me ncid lest of soundness -- siilct/ for depositor's Funds. The loan applicalioi.s of business men and individuals are welt mc ul Lnis bunk. Tne Denton National Sank # S5= \ mm Maryland Dentoj MtmLtr Federal Reierve System [OJ MARYLAND POULTRY PRODUCTS SHOW SET FOR BALTIMORE IN J A N U A R Y The Maryland State Poultry Products Show will be held this year in Baltimore in a downtown location from January 10 to 13, it is announced by Wade H. Rice, Specialist in Poultry for the University of Maryland Extension Service, who will be in general charge of the show. The is sponsored by the Maryland State Poultry Council and extra prize money has been made available this year through the Maryland State Fair Board. Location of the show will be announced at a later date. Classes for live birds will be added this year to include tho popular breeds of chickens and turkeys. In the live bird show, clashes will be provided for the following breeds of chickens: (a) Barred Plymouth Rocks, (b) White Leghorns, (c) New Hamp- shires, (d) Rhode Island Reds, (e] All other breeds and varieties. Mr. Rice says that in both turkeys and chickens, classes will be provided for single entries, cock, hen, cockerel nnd pullet and two progeny test classes. One progeny tast class will consist of 10 pullets, beget of one sire, the other progeny test class to consist of four pullets, the produce of one dam. In addition, liberal cash premiums will be offered on live birds. For further details regarding the show write Mr. Rice, in care of the University Park, Md. of Maryland, College "A lung tongue is o sign of n s/mrl fuinrf." NOVEMBER 12--U. S. Brewers association organized. 1882. DRIVE CAUTIOUSLY The monthly report of the Safety Department of the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles discloses that the first ten months of this year show 135 less deaths than the corresponding peiiod of 1937, as the tabulation below will indicate, a decrease of 29 per cent. There was also eleven less deaths for the month of October, as compared with the same month of 1037: 1937 1938 January 67 3C February 37 26 March 45 30 April 29 30 May SC 25 Juno 61 26 July 54 34 August 39 33 September 55 49 October 54 43 Total ' 467 332 cuit, died Tuesday as a lesult of .-. truck-automobile crash, which also slightly injured her son, W. Mason Jr., 24, well known international star- boat racer. Young Shehan, ranking racing skipper in his cla-s on the Chesapeake Bay, told police tho Shehan automobile collided with a parked unlighted tiuck between Stevensville and the Annapolis-Matapcake Ferry landing, at Kent Islnnd. State police reported the driver of the truck was Kenneth Buckel, of Giasonville. Buckel had pulled his truck to one side of the highway, police said, after the headlights went out, and was working on it when the Shehan machine struck it from behind. Neither Buckel nor his wife and his mother, who were standing near by, were injured. The truck was damaged slightly. Mrs. Shehan and her son had said good-by to Philip, her younger son, who had taken the ferry for Annapolis to return to Baltimore, where he is employed by the Gas and EIcc trie Company. Dr. William P. Hammond, of Eas ton, Mrs. Shchan's home, pionouneet her dead. An investigation of the accident was begun immediately by State police, Sheriff T. Herbert Everett, of Queen Anne's county, nnd Magistrate J. West Thompson, of Centrcville. Mrs. Shehan was the former Nellie Grace, a daughter of William S. Denton Wins FromGreens- boro 3 to 2 Eastern Shore Soccer League Standing of Clubs W. L. T. P 0 Vienna A. C. rreonsboro Ridgely 21ie"twlo\vn ?edcralbburg 3enton iaston Vienna C.C.C. St. Michael- 0 1 1 1 0 2 2 Z 2 2 Mnrntiv . " ··" «""»« iri« jjrounu ic grew Cla s liepoitcrs: 1 J u r P n v , m t o a large object. We learned that .Senior 5 Grace Gellctly }| hK 1'rocuss, that is of non-living (Sylvia SCLSU things increasing in tizc is called SomorT Wa ne Wl acclclion - whilc the increasing of boj,homo,c Mllc I,, ld , ivi . ne things , s Ml]ed assimi]a ^ Don't you think we have the most intuiosting classes? Oh, Pardon! Some of the Sophomore- disagree! Freshman News Your Freshman Reporter is on the -sick list this week, s,o for details of this week's high lights, sec the next ib-suc of your '/Denton Journal". Literary Last week I promised to tell you about some new books; but because I lambled on about the Reference Cooks, I didn't have time, so I shall now tell you about a few of them. In the last two \vceko about 30 new novels have been accessioned ready for you to use. To be able to tell you About more books, I'm just going to ist them and tell you what they are about. - TJ , -"i»»un; V J l i r i l v C rJSr,' Kobort Moor Typist Irma Ilenzc "I'/JACE i LEAVE WITH YOU" November 11! Immediately ou $m tnought!, go back twenty jwir.s, when '1 4 3 2 2 2 1 0 There were 21 pedestrians killed during the month, throe of which were children. Of this number 1 was playing in the road, and 2 stepped in front or behind a vehicle. Three adult pedestrians were walking in road left side, 8 walking in road right nidc, 1 crossing at intersection no signal, 3 stepped from behind a vehicle, 2 dossing not at intersection, nnd 1 person killed, when he was thrown from n scaffold, after a rope became entanglod with the tailgate of a truck when in motion According to our summary 21 or 19 per cent were pedestrians, 14 or 33 per cent were passengers, 1 or 2 per cent was riding n bicycle, and 7 or 16 per cent were the operators themselves. A majority of accidents occurred on clear days, straight-dry roads. No day of the week was free !rom fatal accidents, with Saturday n the lead. Passenger cars with no lefocte, were operating too fast for conditions by the operators, who in Grace, cashier of the Easton National Bank. She was born and educated in Easton. She was married about 'twenty-seven years ago. She was known throughout the State as a charming hostess, having entertained many Maryland men of prominence in public office and their families at her home. She and Judge Shehan followed closely their icon's career in star yacht class regattas and opened their home to visiting skippers. Prominent In Charity She also was recognized as one of the "first ladies" of Easton, county seat of Talbot county, and was prominent there in civic and charity enterprises. In addition to her husband, sons and parents, Mrs. Shehan leaves two brothers, Kenneth Grace, of Lexington, Ky., and Philip Grace, of Lyons, Games Tliis Sunday Denton at Vienna A. C. Chfstertown at Ridgely Greensboro at Euton Vienna CCC at Fedcralsburg St. Michaels at Cambridge Results Last Sunday Denton 3, Greciu-boio 2 Ridgely 11, Vienna CCC 0 Chestertown 4, St. Michaels 2 Fcderalsburg 2, Easton 1 Vienna A. C. 4, Cambridge 0. In our Eastern Shore Soccer League Contest here last Sunday Denton conquered Greensboro by a score of 3 to 2, for their first victory of the season. Between five and six hundred faiw took advantage of the beautiful day and witnessed ninety minutes of good soccer. Greensboro had the kick-off and their forwards made quick work to emerge in Denton's goal area only to see the 104th boys go down to their the new.s of the armistice was gratefully received. And now we u^ living m the fear of another, much more horrible World War. We have already seen preview,* of the next war, when we have seen pictures of China, Spain, Ethiopia, and the European nations preparing for war. These previews depict nations de- stzoyed l,y poisonous ga.scy, airplanes li-opping bombs which destroy whole- cities, long range guns, and other terrible equipment. What are we, the icoplc of the United States, going to do about it? Right now, it seems that IVayor t the only thing which will help. In our payers, let us remember he woids of Jesus to his disciples (John 14:27). "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto jou; not as the world givfth give I unto you. Let not your heait be troubled, neither let it be afraid." ·May we always remember rJiat our heritage from is PEACE, a, heritage to bo proud of and to cherish. Ilos' Athletics ea- on, Last Friday, at Denton, the C. II. S. Soccer team completed thoir s son with a 5-0 victory over Prcst_.., The game was a trifle slow and the players appeared sluggish. Tribbitt finally broke the ice with a goal. The final score was made by Willis, a sub for inside riglit, in thu fourth. As soon as he scoied, every available sub was put into tho game to gain the experience. Although victims of 1. "The Little Shepcrd of Kingdom Come" was written by John Fox Jr vho wrote "Trail of the Lonesome D ine." It is the story of "Chad" who 'ocs not know who be is or where IP came from. All his life, he has ried to escape from farmers who vanted him. The story of how he caches manhood and finds love, danger, and his parents is a popular tory of the Kentucky mountains. 2. "Captain Blood"--Rafael Sab- tini. Captain Peter Blood, con- emned for high treason, escaped on Spanish ship and began a colorful fe as a buccaneer. This is a book all boys would like. 3. "The Deepening Stream"--Dorothy Canfield. This Ls the story of Matey Gilbert. Her early life, followed by her marriage and experience during the World War makes a story of a person of unusual charm. 4. "Beloved Vagabond"--William Locke. This is the fascinating story of Paragot, the "Beloved Vagabond", who on the fiist page adopts a London street urchin and while wandering all over Europe, instructs him in all the arts and literature. 5. "Jane Hope"--Elizabeth Gray. This is the story of Jane Hope who lived before the Civil War. It takes several tough breaks this .season, C. l jlcr thr "Uffh several exciting affairs. opponent',- goal area with Harvey Fleetwood scoring the first point from a free kick awarded when Charlie Davis, Grecnsboio's goalie fouled. This was not enough for tho local Jboys so, Doug Bennington tallied as did Fred Norris all in the first quaitcr. Denton's line made several other attempts, most of them close, jut just too much out of the way to )c scorers. With a 3 to 0 advantage the local hoy,3 entered the second period igainst the wind, only to have Grcens- oro pounding away at the uprights. Sipple finally took a long shot, several yards out, and made it good for Ireensboro's first point. Another was also scored in this quarter when a crininiagc before the goal took place, and Bill Norris trying to head the all out, misjudged it and glancing off he side of his head gave Greens- oro their other goal. The second half was a battle of oots and defense work with Rams- bt/iif **-j«j tinvi M. uiiijj xjitn-Uj ua -ujuursj |. , TI n j T Karw., and a sister-in-law, Mrs. Wil-|, u [?' Pollard nnd Nor "s sending the liam S. Grace, Jr., of Easton. BIDS RECEIVED FOR ADD- T10N TO CAROLINE HIGH On Monday at 11 a. m., bids weic opened for the construction of an addition to the Caroline High building. The low bid, $43,500, was submitted by The Cogswell Construction Company of Baltimore, Maryland. Tho woik will probably begin within the next two weeks. This construction will provide six additional clasn-ooms, two lavatory rooms, and two locker rooms. One of the new classrooms will be equipped aa a laboratory for the Agriculture department, one room as a laboiatory for the Home Economics department, and tho other four as standard clas.-- rooms. This addition will relieve the over crowded condition at the Denton Pri- , u , v . u l l a ,,, ^ u^u^a, ,..,,, ... m g h j B u i , , ; large number were white, normal J ^ 13--Liberty Party, first antislavery party, held its convention. 1839. A, f~\ 14--General Sherman burned JjLK Atlanta. 1664. jV IS--Steamboat Louisiana exploded at New Orleans, 60 killed. 1849. 16-Fort Washington, N. Y., captured by British, 1776. 17--Aurora borcalis ot surpassing grandeur wai observed in U. S., 1835. 18--Susan R Anthony direst ed lor Irving to veto, 1B72. CWM: condition, between the ages of 20 to !9 with five yeans or more experi- :ncc, and a resident of the counties of this State. There were 3 Hit and Run cases during the month of October. Baltimore City is charged with 8 deaths, with 35 deaths in the counties. Kent County experienced its first fatal accident since the firnt of this year, breaking an otherwise nonfatal record. WALTER R. RUDY, Commissioner. Good Food For Sound Thinkers The little cares that fretted mo, Among the clover-scented grass, I cast them all away; Among the new-mown hay. --Anon. ORPHANS' COURT (ball out of the goal-aica time after time with neither side scoring. The summary-- H. S. was in the running all the way and finished a strong second. Sidelight of the season: Marvin Butler and Frank Zeigler displayed the best sportsmanship throughout the season, while Burnley Wyatt and Sherman Tribbitt played brilliantly at times. Although weak in fundamentals, Charles Matly was never overmatched in courage, and Johnny Hughe- was a powerhouse on the defense. All in all, the season may be regarded as a success. Senior News Wouldn't some one like to have a new bookkeeper? Well, perhaps we Seniors aren't capable of accepting a job yet, but as the spying goes "We're gettin' there." Each day w go into the study of bookkeeping deep er and learn how to record transac tions in the various books of origina entry. We started out with recort transactions in the journal and now we're doing Work Sheets. What was that sentence. Miss Willoughby' ut tered. on Monday, that was dreadet by the students? Oh yes, it was tha long to be remembered exclamation "The first tost in bookkeeping for this year will be Wednesday." Junior News Explanation is a great thing, but I wonder how many of us can explain correctly. In Mrs. Hughes English class we are now learning to explain thoroughly and correctly. There Donton Ramsburg W. Nonis Polhu-d Vogt Koenig Gniecko Fleetwood Bennington Kiblor Good F. Norris Pos. G. L.F. R.F. L.II. C.H. R.H. O.L. I.L. C. I.R. O.R. Greensboio Davis Smith Pearson Sipple Langrell Minner L. Thornton Kibler L. Spence Howard Riddlebergcr Sub for Denton--Parker for Vogt, Smith for Fleotwood, Tinley for Gniecko; Greensboro--Henderson for Thornton, Thornton for Henderson. Score by period-: 1 2 3 4 Total Denton 3 0 0 0 3 irecnsboro 0 2 0 0 2 Referee--Councell. The Orphans' Court for Caroline County met in regular session on Monday, with Judges Toweis, Handy and Dennid present. The following business was approved nnd ordered recorded: Account of sales of personalty filed in Henry J. Graven estate. First and final administration account and proof of publication of notice to creditors filed in Agnes Dennis estate. On application, letters of ndinin- Dcnton Goes To Vienna Sunday Denton will go to Vienna this Sun- lay to exchange boots with the ath- c club. This club is tho only unde- jfeated team in the league and with (the boys now playing a good brand of soccer a Jcal game is 1 promised. The boys will leave from the front of the new Armory at 12:30 o'clock. istration on personal estate of Ida M. Thomas, late of Caroline county, deceased, were granted to Roland Thomas. Bond filed und approved; notice to creditors issued; John Cohce and Roland Towers named appraisers. are 0 principles to follow in explanation. First of all you must, know your subject completely, then put yourself in the other fellow's place to t=ec '·[ anything in the explanation is likely to be confusing. Now do you get the idea? If you don't we will list a few more of the £) points. Above all, you inust explain completely. Since you have gone this far safely don't jump around here nnd there but arrange the facts and ideas sensibly. And of all things don't beat around the bush. There's nothing like coming straight to the point. If you explain correctly, you'll come straight to the point, too. Since we've told you several points to observe, we don't wish to bore you any farther, so we'll nsk Bill Horsey to explain why he is always asking Mr. Stull for. "A" in history. "Why I am always asking Mr. Stull for "A" in History," by William Hayward Horsey, Esq. Well, I would like to have "A" in history as well as any one else would. Ain't that explained completely enough ?" G. "Snake Gold", by Hervcy White, is for those who like the glamour of a story laid in Mexico. This is a dramatic story of a boy and some Indians. Come in the library and look over the covers on the bulletin board. Alumni News Ernest Downes was at home for the week-end- Several alumnae visited C. H. S. on Friday. Included among them were Sara Hollister, Gretha Fountain, Evelyn Adams, Ethel Meeks. Glad to see jou, girls, be sure to come again. Friday morning Elizabeth Moore undenvent an operation at Maryland General Hospital. Baltimore. At present she is doing as well as can be expected. Bob Irwin is rapidly recovering from his attack of appendicitis. Sometime in the near future we hope to see him again. Arthur Nuttle spent the week-end at home. We arc very eorry to hear that Ellen Chaffinch received some injuries in an accident while riding in a +°TJ in Baltimore. Several stitches had to be taken. We wish her a speedy recovery. News Flashes · We are very proud of onr Field Ball girls. By defeating Preston last Friday they are tied for the champ- · ionthip. Tho deciding game will be Clayed at Denton on Thursday with Korncr Kicks Those new uniforms must have given the local team that extra pep last Sunday. Mr. Raymond Beauchamp is now coaching the Ridgely team. We haven't decided yet whether it was hi, coaching or the C.C.C.'s poor showing that made the high score. There were several car loads of sick people at four corners in Greensboro at 5:flO p. m. last Sunday. The crowd that witnessed the game here last Sunday surely received full value for their money. Sophomore News English finds us started on paragraphs. So far each of us has written one and has given one orally. I want to add that we are very pleased with most of our talks. These we believe will help us to overcome awkwardness while speaking in public. I believe that if autumn hadn't created such beautiful scenery outside Mrs. Hughes' window we could face our audience better and keep our eyes from straying. In Biology we have started on our third unit, "How Living Things Grow." Did you know that non-living things grow? Many of us were very surprised when Mrs. Deardorff made this statement, using for an example, a snowman. She explained how at .NFW SPA PERI Preston. We arc all rooting for you girls, so go to it and bring the vic« ory bock to C. H. S. Bank News: Total deposits $6.68. Home Rooms with largest number of lepositors--Miss Lawless and Mrs. tamsburg. Home rooms with Largest deposits-Miss Trice nnd Mrs. Rair- ·h. Mr. Ranusburg's class received a ilver cup for cattle judging at the "'rcderick Fair. The two participants n the judging fom C. H. S. were Don- Id Kubler and Melvin Krabill. We re very proud of these two boys because they placed first. This shows the results of hard work both by the boys and by their instructor, Mr. Ramsburg. Don't forgot your pennies for the Rod Cross. Help your room get its Red Cross Seal soon. Some of the young folks from the Epworth League of the Metbodist Churches, of Denton, took advantage of the holiday on Tuesday, and the good weather, and went on a bike. When they returned, they went out to Rue's for a weenie roost. They all seemed to have a good time. Tha younger children of the Methodist Episcopal Church will have their party on Saturday, November 12. "As We Hear If* As the humor columnist took a vacation last week, many have, been asking for the answer to the week bcfore's puzzler, "Who has Emma Turkington's picture?" All we can say is ask Henry Detwiler. We heard that he could tell yon its exact location. Who was Grace Gelletly with the other Thursday night? Well, we"f» heard two names. Was ft 'AT* or "Skinny", Grace? 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