The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 3, 1914 · Page 3
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 3, 1914
Page 3
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Friday «T«dnir, July *, 1914. T H E DEC£TFR R E V I E W Fttge Thw* Protestant Churches Obtain I Evangelist Miller. * Aisumpllrtn. July 8. -- For mor« than · month the four Proteiitant churchen ftf A n s u m p t l n n havp horn laying the f i r f l l i n l n n r y plnns for R Kn-at union r«- M v . i l In Affliimptlon t l i U f n l l and ror- T' npon1«*nre has bren hnd w i t h nevernl »\ n n f f f l i H t * Mfindav nf thin w.-i-k K \ n n K « t l w t E C. M i l l r r of Fmth Bend, Inrt , At the Invlta- t M n of th* flxprutivc m m m t t t p p . rnme in Actnimption to ni"f f thf. r o m m l t t f . look nvrr thft pro'itut n i l ftrtvi^** HP to ·mm* pHrtl' r n r s w h l ' were hrin(? de- Thr f a u l t of t h e ine^t tin «'i*'-nll\ » r n m m l t l c t , t h e f n - i r d u n l i n h u p called EvnnfC*- J l « t M i l l . r tn r n n i l n . t tli*» tm-etlniCR ·%i i h wIP h . c l n nn S i m l a * . Ort 4 \ n n p p r o p i I ilt- nnd a'nple tn npmarlr- V Hi *·. Millt nft*»r p i n n a w hlrh the r\ .1 TiU*»ltpt w l U f u r n l p h Thr t ihrrnti'-le v ' l l ''"· d**rtl iifd to t h e i m r o r t n n t *i-k f f f t o u l \ v l n n l n c A n d usfd d n r l n s 1r I ' i m p i i K n Tt i* t*' purpoF-p of tho c ' m-nUN-p n n d r h n r * hi H t'» pnll«»t t h o v hn 1 1 ' i r n n i m l l n K n ' M c h ^ n r h o o d In it . work n n d m n k c tho r e v i v a l too Hi .«( 'in rt-nr-hlnc Ih'it evrr has hprn V " n « ' * i ' f 1 I n Ani i m p t l o n . V r MiP'-r n o d h i n p » r l \ nf workerR t- ..]hv\ in«- ln»t ^prlnic wh1**h resulted oT»irn TTKJIP T K K. 1- ^ i t t',/- ·· u \l 'us r*« i i-iio *TIIrRonn r'Turnr*d honn* f\\ . l n * t t d « v a f t e r h n \ l n « r "P* nt n w p e k \ l - tin»c w i t h f - f f o']«lT! M(«e If*ne S i* k f . at S * r t n l n K t r n ^^r(« To^.i Onr.- ami · h l l ' l r ^ n of Hpr- tl k wpr*« PHlIf'd hcrr Tnt-dnv to at- If-nd 'h' bMslrlp nf her f . i t h r r ("'hflrl^s T J c a n l l p ' . whn llr-g clnn(f^rnu«!\ 111 w i t h P"»-n T cHdaV to Mr a r d Mrs Cnrl f-itTi "X, n rinuarhf *T tlTt ^e nnd h l H \ enod « i h o u p r v l ^ ' t p d this *octi'»n V i'- 'HV n i c h f nnrt AVo Int'^lciv morn- l n « R r n n t l v r e f r f t-hinic rhe garden", 2 : \ \ n « nnr! K r ^ w l n c rrnp" T 1 ** M'Hgpd M a u d .in' J ^ T ^ ^ t l o Morton (rinitcd t c t a t h * * ^ lr Pnna ^imilm Mr« Pulsv SneM. of K in-a 1 *. IP vlslt- 5- K li f t i wS-sfor. Mrs F'-ank Oakos was t h w t resenting ' ·r. of T i M n r i ' l l P !·» v l n f t 'in- of Dr. and Mr? O T*. CHILD BURNED BY CARBOLIC ACID Dottle 4.*r|!rntn)Iv Knorkrd From \Vlud«w and nrottrn. T.ovfniftnn. J u l y 3--M.JIX, t h r l i t t l e ji'Mr nnd a half old ?"nn of Mr and Mrs 3 r n n k H Ko-iter, wan hatllv burned n bout tfi*» face Monrtftv n l K h t w h r n a (hottic nf c n r h n l l r arid wnn knocked J r o m a wlmlnw sill ond broken The ·n'^Mnnt 01 n r r n d at the home of Sir. itnd Mrs A L. Munch where t h D little one wft* tn ap^nd the nltrht Mr M u n c h wa» itdJuntinK a window shade an-1 not Icnnwlnic t h r nrlil bottV -was wltl'- ln rf*arh. R c c i d r n t a l H k n o c k e d It from th« window The bottle wan broken find th* little rhlld Ptnndlnsc closr- b\ w*i bftdly burned in th» face by the flying- acid. The unusual part of the accident wac that the child's eyei, though swollen shut from* the burnt of Its face, were not affected. CARRYING ARM IN SUNG. Fred HJne« IB carrying hU right arm In a nMng", the result of a bad burn FYrd was assisting: Earl Prtchard g*t the latter'ci automobile started and the rar, belnp one of the early models. Is driven by uteam and not easily mantp- tilnted Fred opened a valve on the pasollne tank, on which there wan about forty pounds pressure, and al- loned the gasoline to pass over the heated holler of the car with the result t h a t h Is arm was soon enveloped !n flfimen Hellman, the magician, Is appearing 1 to Inrpe audiences at the alrdome each eve-rim? t h i s week \t t h f Methodist church next Sunda \ morning: the pastor. Rev. T. A. Adnmp. w i l l deliver a patriotic sermon. At n i p h t a union meeting 1 will be held at the Christian church. Rev. Adams w i l l prefirh the sermon. Rov Dlxon h a s v g o n e to Ostrander, Ohio for a week's visit with friends rrns TO PLAT SHEUBYVTLLE. The I,ovlnprton Cubs will go to Shelb\ \ i l l e the Fourth for a game with the t e a m nt that plftca. On Sunday they Ko to M n t t o o n for a pfl-me Mattoon hi « n l r o a i l v defeated the Cubs once t h l i pen von, but a better team will l l k e l v hf tnken there next Sunday. JturresH. Kevea and Johnson will be the f'nh battery. Te««e R* hen, who fell last week from the roof of W. D Cox's new residence nnd Tt'Cf\\f^ a badly bruised back. Is n p n l n able to be out. Mr nnd Mrs Joseph Songer and prrnml'xin. Albert Konger, of Decatur, ha\'e i f turner! to their homes after an e x t e n d e d visit here with relatives and rrlcnd? Tr C B. Conver, the veterinarian, ha« pone to KRlnmazoo, Mich., for an p \ t fnded vHit with his father and m o t h e r Isrc Millernee, of California, has been hsre the past week the guest of hli Meter. Mrs J. T Williams HlRck Gentry and Homer Dick, of Hammond, were visitors here Thurs- dnv Mr Oentry in suffering: from a r a p l d l v f T l l i n s r eveslght and his visit h e r « wa= to consult a local jihvpfclan. Georpe W Moses hns returned home from an e x t e n d e d visit In Bates City, Mo. Mis«es Juanlta Taylor and Esta W ^ i i t h e i l v have gone lo Chicago, where thev will stutjy to become train- eri nurse** Mis* Fsther Hewitt has returned home f i o m a ten days' visit in Ken- nov \Vn\ ne and Lore n Foster, sons of Mr Tnd Mrs F. H. Footer, are confined tn t h f t r home, west of town, suffering w i t h typhoid fever. .1 n Putnam and daughter, Mrs O. W Mcrkle, of Paris, were visitors here the f i r s t of the week. OREANA. Mt»« ParAh Buriress returned Tuesday from a \ l s t « v - r^'ntUeft In Chnrnpalsn Ji^i* r u'u \rnT«tron£ of Mt Zlon. ta vls- I t l n p \ \ t - h Miw I d a Strope H ir 1 H i w \ f r nf Derntur, vtaJted FrldftT ari'l ^1'i.nli} "with friends hers s o \ f "! j r o m here ntt«ndert the "Gold M**rtn rnrt"ftt at Fortvth Friday ntffht Mr* L. Hubhard 1* spending tTiiB week In A f K ^lt Mr Mr* f W Coopflr and Mr and *Mr« r Miller nf Decatur pnssed Monday fl\cninc n i t h Mr and Mrs M C Cooper. *'hi-1** and Arthur Phulsr. of Decatur, Tls- ltd w i t h r^Iames here He-nan Noh'c of Decatur, spent Sunday w 1th r ^ l n t h P* here Mr nnd Mr» M C Rrvrabo, of tteoatur, pfit-std S mdny w i t h Mr and Mr* J. H Bur- F^s* A Starr nnfl f a m l l v mov*d, hwt wsek Into th* J FhRntld residence Sen Ices at Baptist chourch for July 5th' Mo-nins ^ r\ Ice oh*er% ance of Lord's Supper. »t olr«*? of 9ervtce Evening service, prurlotlp or Fourth of July service. J rocney. of For*yth, was In Oreana W«d- HuKh 'Wellepp. of Maro* w«« s. tmslncw Unltor T-erc Tttwday The- r w B M of the Chrlrtlau church m.t Thuimlav aftcrtioon with Mis* Ida Pt ropp YOUNG MATRON BURIED AT PANA P«M Gaeita Attend Weddiec of Parker GIUeip4e at Ceatralln. Pana, July 3.--The body of Mrs Teresa Torrence, aged nineteen years, who died In the hospital at Springfield, was shipped to Pana Friday afternoon at 1 o'clock, and was taken Immediately to Mound cemetery where burial took place. Mrs. Torrence was before her marriage Miss Teresa McNear, and was born at Lakewood. Her father, Charles McNear, resided for a number of years In Fana and her mother was burled In Mound Cemetery a number of years ago. Besldec. her husband, sister and one brother, Marshall McNear, survive. Complication of diseases was the cause of death. ATTEND CENTRALIA WEDDING. Miss Ruth Johns, Miss Virginia Andrews and William Stamm, went to Centralla Thursday morning to attend the wedding of Miss Emily Werner to Parker Glllesple, which occurred at the home of the bride on Thursday evening at 8 o'clock. Mr. Glllesple Is well known In Pana where he resided for a. number of years as manager of the grand opera house. He and Mrs. Glllesple are well known in society circles here. The wedding was a brilliant social event in Centralla. SETTLING DAMAGE SUIT J. E. Stanev, of Chicago, member of the board of arbitration, U. M. W. of A , met with Frank Davis, president of the district, Stanley Gazler and Emll Rhelnhold, of Decatur, Thursday for the purpose of nettling the damage suit of Mr. Gazler, who sustained Injuries in the Smlth-Lohr Coal company's mine ·ome time ago. A number of wltne^es ·were examined. When questioned as to what other features were brought out before the committee, President Davis said that that was all he had for publication at present. Mrs Ida Aide, of northwest Pana, underwent a surgical operation at the Huber memorial hospital Thursday morning. Dr. Mouts of Springfield performing the operation She withstood the operation nicely and Is progressing as well as can be expected. Mrs. Cawley accompanied by her daughter, Mrs. F B. Michael, and Mrs. A. T. Michael,' -was in Pana Thursday. Mrs. Cawley departed for Shelbyvllle, Ind., where she will visit relatives and friends/ Rev. Father John M Heslin, pastor of the Catholic church at Shelbyvllle, accompanied by hfs sister, Miss Beatrice Heslin, departed for Ireland recently. The Pana priests, Father Moroney and Father Fox, will take charge of the Shelbyville church during his absence. Mrs. L."E. Jordan and son, Qulnn, and mother, Mrs. Mary Umpleby, went to Taylorville Thursday to visit with their sister and daughter, Mrs. Zura Cruthers Mr. and Mrs. Cruthers are preparing to go to their farm In Missouri. KENNEY WINS BIBLE SCHOOL CONTEST Mt. Pnhnkl Christian Chare* Made Splendid Effort. Mt. PalSBkl, July S.--^The contest between the Mt. Pulankl and Kenney Christian, church Bible schools closed last Sunday and waa won by Kenney. The points covered were attendance, collections and number of men present. Here We Come With all the Good Things Zephyrs from die land where the good hard wheat grows, bringing Bread, Pies, Cakes and Cookies right into your home. l^t them-Eat Lots of Them They are made of You never saw such good Bread, Pies and Cakes as people can make out of Zephyr Flour. The Zephyrs are calling at every home. If you don't do your own baking, get the Zephyr Flour good things at the baker s. Down the chimney the wild wind roared Whila I sat feasting at the board. The .table was with good things spread But best of all was Zephyr bread. The Zephyrs On last Sunday the local church'a final effort thowod 875 present, offering (81, and men present S3, beatlnj Kenney 503 points IOT the day. Special muilc, free lemonade ana a pictura made by the Wanon studio of Decatur helped make the occasion a red letter day. The pastor and the superintendent, Rev. and Mrs. J. H. Wright, expressed their appreciation of the cooperation given them. Kenney had the one advantage, that they are building a new- church and any surplus from the contest went Into the building fund. Both schools have been benefited and the friendliest feeling exists between them. DBCATCR AUTO PARTY. Mr. and Mrs. Clartnce Van Deventer and children and Mr. and Mrs. Ware of Decatur autoed over here Sunday and visited with Van's half brother, F. B. Snyder and family and bin mother, Mrs. Caroline Snyder, who Just returned the latter part of last w«ek from a years' visit In California. Rev. William Wykoff, wife and baby, of Gary, Ind, will arrive here on Tue^s- day, July 7, for a. visit with old friends. That evening, at St. Agnes' mission, he will hold church and speak on the public school system at Gary, which Ic gaining a world-wide reputation for efficiency. LINCOLN MAN WEDS. Fredric K. Little, of Lincoln, and Miss Anna Frit*, of Baltimore, Md.. were united In marriage by Rev. J. H. Wright at the close of the evening service at the Christian ohurah last Sunday evening. The groom formerly lived In Baltimore but Is now located In Lincoln, and Mls» Fritz came from her eastern hom« to marry Mm. Mr. Little had the license all ready 4nd they went to Springfield for the w»ddl^ but found that a Logan county license was no good there so they took the next train to Mt. Pulaskl and after the «v- «nlng service was over asked to be united Arthur Stafford of Dacatur, transacted business here a few days this week. f The public library will be closed on the'-Fourth of July, but will be open on Friday, the day before. , Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Meiater departed Tuesday for Walloon lake In Michigan, for a two weeks' outing. A nice e»iy rain .fell here Monday night and Tuesday forenoon. Mrs. Elizabeth Snyder entertained the afternoon whist club Monday afternoon. The prize was won by Mrs. Maude Hack. Mrs, Albtrt Llpp and baby of Lincoln, came to Mt .PulaskI Monday to attend a party Tuesday aa the country home of Mrs. Ada Snedmire. CISCO. Chrii Ml nick wa 0 ln"B«oatur Tuesday. Pete B«acley and family ipent Sunday and Monday In Decatur Lilly Coay left today for Jfonaal to T her deter Ed Bradsn WM In Deoatur Monday and Tuesday. Frank Painter and family left for Onarra today to isp«id the Fourth with relative* Arthur Goer* will roenil the Fourth at hli home In Altamont A nnali and much needed rain (ell h-re Wedneiday morning, MlM Gertrude Brighton, after a lingering lllnees, died Tueaday evening, and wa« burled Thuriday afternoon. Preaching at enterprise church. Rev. Mr Hartley and family expect to leave Monday morning for an automobile trip to to his old home In Virginia. The little glrle' ctais of the Presbyterian Sunday school were entertained Saturday aftemoon at the home of their teacher, Mn Perry Parr. The boy* cltw entertained Wednesday evening at the honfe of their teacher, Mrs. Graves At both placet games were played and refreshments of Ice cream and cake were aerved. Ml«s Marie Kltch of Decatur, visited this week with th« family of A T. Prlca She will return home Saturday, accomuanled by Margaret Price and Helen Black, who will visit at her home for a few days Mrs L. Fattenglll IB visiting relative* In Oconee. Perry Parr visited his daughter, Mrt. John Reed yesterday. Charles Dent wa« in Deeatur Monday Rev Mr Gould was In Milton, la, Sunday John Reardon and daughter, Fern, wer« In Decatur Tuesday. Mr and Mri Elmer Kelley will spend the Fourth at their home at Weit Point, III W E McCartney was at Montleello w«d- needay Harnton Clow Is moving Into town. BOODY. M!n (feneva Xientker returned hmne Saturday, aftar a week's vtBlt wltb. friends and relatives Mm A C Elder loft ITmridmT for L,ltch- fleld to ffpenfl th* Fourth -with ier brother, W F. Etreevey tft their bom* TuaMar, after an extended visit with her h«r mother, Mr». X. A. Jen- nines. Willis Johnson and wife vtoted hto parents her* 8undajr, J. J. Johnson and family. J. i, Nolle and family and J. L Sandtrs ana family motored to Springfield Sunday. Lillian and Violet Junklni, of Decatur, are her* visiting frlendi. HIM Mary Williams, of EMcatur. % here vlHtlnc her «i«t«r, Mr. H. P. Bailey. Theodora Wtae and wife returned from Kalamasoo, Mlob,, Friday, where they had been for the benefit of the litter's health. Wheat In this vicinity !· making 1 from ten thltrjr bu*hel* per acre. "W. W. Whittaker and wile, of Ctrbondale, are here visiting relatlvee. Florence and Oeneva Eaton vltitid In Decatur Tuesday with their grandmother, Mrs. Sophia Plstorlou*. His* Am.lis. Plitortoui. of Dmatnr, vlilted lait week with her Utter, Mri. J. A. Baton. O. B. Jennings I* putting hli horse* In shape for the race* at Mt. Zlon July 4. Quit* a number of our young people attended the party given In honor of John C. Thornell lait Friday night at hi* parents' home, south of town. It waa hl8 16th birthday. Mln Gertrude Moffett, of Blue Mound, la Beautiful, Soft Fluffy Hair an Aid to Beauty Who doe* not lore a head of pretty halrT Some women thing It IB a gift of natnre and envy their more fortunate sisters. If your hair Is not fluffy, soft and lustrous; Is falling out, streaked, faded, brittle, or full of dandruff and if the scalp Itches, do not think it most always be that way. for pretty hair is only a matter of care and proper nourishment of the hair roots. Hair la something like a plant--if neglected it soon withers and dies* while with a little attention It keeps fresh and beautiful. Parisian Sage Is · scientific preparation that supplies jut the elements needed to invigorate the hair roots and stimulate the hair to grow long, thick, fluffy, soft and lustrous. It removes dandruff with one application and quickly atop* Itching head and falling hair. The Decatur Drug Co. or any druggist can supply yon with Parisian Sage--It Is inexpensive. Yon cannot be dlenppolnt- ed with this delightful and helpful hair tonic for the first few days' use will give the hair the beauty and charm of youth. viiltlng with her grandfather, Chtrle* Hnvsk. J. A. Eaton Is renovating th* interior eC his Btore. Something Terrible, Whole Body Affected, Almost Impossible to Sleep, Disfigured Face, Cuti- cura Soap and Ointment Healed. Sfl-rerwood, Mich.--" My baby was abend rix months old when he first began to break out with little pimpled on hia bead and Cue. Then they would ma vBter and keep getting worse until bis he»d m · regular s o r e eruption and water would run and stream front ft and his face also. Hb whole body wu affect**. They wen littJe whlto ptmpSes which Itched and burned something terrible. His clothing seemed to hrltato htm and It WM almost Impossible for him to sleep at night. Ther also dliflgund him ai they were on his face. "We tried medicine bat without noeeM. The trouble must have lasted three or four weeks when I thought I would UT the Outl- cura Soap and Ointment. I would bathe bun with warm water as warm ai he could stand and Cuticura Boap, then apply the Cutlcura Ointment. The Terr first time that I did this It seemed to relieve him as he slept well and Inside of two week* be waa completely healed. He Is fifteen months old now and never has had any mot* trouble,". (Signed) Mr*. L. White. Jan. 39,191*. Samples Free by Hall A slnnle cake of Outteura Boap CUoJ and box of Outtcura Ointment (Me.) are often (nffldent when an elw has failed. Bold throughout the world. Sample of each mailed free, with 83-p. 8Un Book. Addron port-card "Outlcura, Dept. T. Boston." Our Store Closed All Day To-Morrow--July 4th OPEN TO-NIGHT Wonderful Bargains From 6 to 9 BRASSIERE SALE T ONIGHT, on our second floor ,we will have a big sale of new brassieres, at the lowest price on record. There will be 3 or 4 styles to choose from in neatly tailored brassieres, trimmed with lace or embroidery insertion--hook front or back fastening styles. We will begin selling at 6 o'clock with all sizes from 34 to 44 in the very best 50c values for 33c Hosiery and Underwear WOMEN'S 19c VESTS lOc Women's gauze vests, taped neck and armhole; 19c value, tonight ,, MEN'S 25c UNDERWEAR 18c Men's Porous Knit shirts and drawers, all sizes, 25c value, tonight lOc 18c WOMEN'S 50c HOSE 25o _ Women's silk lisle hose in white and black, Gordon make, high spliced heel and toe, double sole; 50c value, tonight WOMEN'S 25c HOSE 16c Women's hose, silk lisle, in black, white and tan, Gordon make, 25c value, tonight -.-.- - ,75c RICE CLOTH 35c Pine, sheer rioe cloth, full 40 inches wide, new and scarce; special for tonight, a yard , .: 5c WASH CLOTHS FOR 3c Extra heavy wash cloths in plaiu white and colored border; 6 to a customer. A 5c cloth, tonight, each $1.00 CENTERS FOR 59c Extra fine centers, 24x24, round, with lace all round and linen center, and good value for $1.00, special for each Shop In Our Basement To-Night Bath Room Fixtures 59c to $1 Values Only 29c The greatest bargain on record, in fine bath room fixtures. They are brass with the nickel finish. Glass Shelves Glass Towel Bars Soap and Tumbler Holders., Brush Holders , Paper Holders 29C Tonight 15c two 40c BROOMS TONIGHT 15c Just for tonight we will sell 4-sewed brooms--no more than 2 to a customer and none delivered-at the very low price $2.50 MEDICINE CABINET 85c Well made, white enamel medicine cabinets, with glass shelves and a good, clear mirror front--a $2.50 value, tonight GARBAGE PAILS A regular 75c garbage pail, with cover, on sale tonight for $2.50 CASSEROLE $1.50 These are 8-inch casseroles, with Gurnsey d*^ "CA lining, on sale" tonight for «j3 A«OU 39c :WSPAPER|

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