The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 4, 1966 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1966
Page 2
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Friday, March 4, 1966 Noon Coll Stock Quotes AUte - Ch*lmer» .......... 36K Axian's Dept Store ........ 2114 Am Tel * Tel ............ S ................. 88*4 Armco ....... . ..... . Ashland OH ...... ......... 53% Bendix ..... - ............. 72% Beth Steel ................ 36 Carrier Corp ............. 69ii Cdanese ........ * ......... 56* Chrysler ................ . 53«4 Deha ir ..... . .......... Diamond Alk ...... ........ 3T& Douglas Aircraft ......... 99% Dow Cbem .., ....... ..... 70% Dresser Ind .............. 35% Du Pont ....... - ........ 220*. El Paso Nat Gas ......... 2<H4 Ethyl Corp ............... 35il Ford ...... ".-.. ......... 51% Foremost Dairies ......... 23% GeaElec ................. H»>» Gen Motors .............. 98% GenTel&Elec ........... 41% Gen Tire ................. 329s Georgia-Pacific ......... 6W4 Gillette ..... , ............. 34% Gordon's Jewelry ........ 34% Greyhound ....... ........ 20% Gulf On ... .......... ..... 5H4 Gulf States Util .......... 23% Hallibarton .............. 50% Hoffman Electr .......... 23% Ho L&P .......-.-..-.--.. oO?s Interlake Steel ........... 39% IBM ................. .....505 Jones & Laugh ............ 53% Kerr-McGee .............. 62 Ling - Temco - Vought ---- 61% Magnavox ....... • ........ 103% DRIVE IN THEATRE DECKER * N-O-W * 3 FEATURES 3 Swinoln*. Nashville VS " Riotous Laffsvillel *"\ !/ — And They've ' BotTheBoye FYomThe BoWery On The Run! HUNTZ HALL LEO GORCEY ARNOLD STANGb and COUNTRY MUSIC of 30 GREAT STARS L so, Inc.) Marathon Oil 53*4 Monsanto 80% Nat Dairy ................ 78% NatDist .................. 32% New York Central Penn RR ..... ............ 68 Pepsi Cola ................ TT Phillips Pet .............. 53% RCA ..................... 32% Raytbeon ................ 4894 Scblumberger ............ 78% Sears .................... 56% Shell ......... . ____ . ...... 59 Sinclair .................. 57»4 Socony ........... . ....... 85^i Sperry-Rand - ........... 19% Stan Cal ......... ;........ 73 Stanlnd .................. 44% Stan N J ................. 75% Stan Onto ................ 63?4 Stauffer Chem ........... 50% Sun Oil ................... 71>4 Sunray ................... 30% Syntex ................... 103Vi Technicolor Term Gas ................. 23% Texaco ................... 75% Texas Eastern ........... 20% Texas Gulf Sul ........... 123% Tidewater ................ 4554 Union Carbide UnJonOilofCal United Air Lines Upjohn Drug U S Steel Western Equities Westinghouse Xerox 52% 76 49% ......... 55^4 226 Horn is Offered Superintendency Of BH Schools J. O. Horn, principal of Barbers Hill Elementary School for six years, has been offered a two-year contract as suprin- tendent of the Barbers HiU schools. Harvey Cotten, president of the Barbers Hill School Board, said Horn had applied for-the job of superintendent and the con- Tact was offered during a special meeting Thursday night. Cotten reported that Horn has net formally accepted the job but is expected to accept it. The board president explained That the school trustees were not prepared Thursday night to discuss salary and other details of the contract. He said another meeting of the board probably will be held next week. Larry J. Boyd recently told the school board that he would not request renewal of his contract as superintendent. Horn has been employed in the school system eight years. SO COUNTRY MUSIC STABS Quick! before, itiuclts Admitted to Gulf Coast: Jeffrey Caruthers, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Caruthers, 100 Williams, Room 206. Suzette Hill, Houston, Room 213. Mrs. Bernice Under, Crosby. Room 2TH. Elmer Spencer, Highlands, Room 104. Mrs. Etta Gorrell, Houston, Room 105. Mrs. Alice Gerland, 320 Stewart, Room 111. Mrs. Italian Weir, 502 N. Circle, Room 130. Mrs. Mary Sadler, 312 Beaumont, Room 111. James Cross, 5309 Louise Room 133. Mrs. Dorothy Castle, 2418 Jones, Room 132. Mrs. Selma HUMn, 5SLO Bayou, Room 127. Admitted to San Jacinto Methodist: John Gilbert Hickman, 301 Long, Room 215. Mrs. Ruth Cole, 114 E. Hunnicutt, Room 347. Mrs. Potty Rofaison, 613 Lit- Qewood, Room 222. Mrs. Lois Couch, 2105 Clayton, Room 220. James E. Burgess, 1406 Burbank, Room 324. Virginia Reeves, 313 Bolster, Room 339. Mrs, Doris Harris, 101 E Jack, Room 328. Mrs. Myra Adlong, Baytown Room 318. Miss Theresa Todd, Clear Lake City, Room 31S. Wayne Draper, Houston, Room 304. New Arrivals: Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Garcia Jr., 1108% Beech, a daughter born March 3 at San Jacinto. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wallace, 127 Katherine, a son born March 3 at Gulf Coast. 3RD FEATURE Bremda Lee in "HOOTENANNY HOOT" Try Sun Classified Ads HOW Only4 Funny Days ~2oihc. :.~L JAMES C«HE LCOB8- tn** i) M ma * w EM - bo* * tan on COLOR br OE Ultt-CIKEMASCOPt NINE MEN OF TELEMARK, NORWAY... THEIR MISSION: Stop the Nazis fro developing the atom bomb! NOW SHOWING THRU SATURDAY ' PANAVIS1OW COLUMBIA COLOR : 'COLUMBIA PICTURES . ABENTON FILM PRODUCTION*' KIRK OOUGUI5 « ANTHONY MANN'S RICHARP H/1RRX5 &., UlLA JACQBSSON MICHAEL REDGRAVE Tornado — ;Continaed From Page 1) 12 person were killed in the shopping center. One wall of a supermarket and a service station wall were ail that remained standing in the center. Prisoners from the Jackson and Hinds County jails worked alongside teen-agers, searching for bodies and survivors in the rubble. Bulldozers and construction equipment, owned by the county, were rushed to the area and used to shove aside the tangled debris. W. W. Ragan, State Civfl Defense director, said damage to the shopping center "is in excess of a million dollars." A power substation in southwest Jackson was demolished. Much of the city was temporarily thrown into darkness and the lights were out for seven hours in the central business section. Traffic lights were out because of the power failure and rush hour traffic became snarled. Some people became hysterical. Boy Scouts were pressed into service to help direct traffic, freeing policemen for rescue work. Looting was reported in some damaged areas and also in some sections without lights, but police said "it was kept to a minimum and stopped about as quick as it began." Acting Gov. Carroll Gartin IJEO CABER, SSS S. BaySfcore Drive, La Porte, right, receives a plaque for his outstanding service to grand juries in Harris County during a session of Criminal District Court No. 6. Caber's plaque was presented by Judge Fred Hooey, left. Gaber served as foreman of the November, 1965, grand jury; foreman of the February, I960, grind jury, and a member of the Kebruary> 1965 grand jury. 53 Register For Vote In Baytown, Highlands A total of 53 people registered jWeingarten's in Baytown. Mrs. in Baytown and Highlands Thurs-Lula F .Bailey, registrar there. day in the first day of free voter I said she has no fixed hours, but registration. | is usually at the store from 9 "The most business I did on'a.m. to 5:30 p.m.. or may re- SUN SPOTS Thursday was to hear gripes about poll tax refunds," one registration official said. Free voter registration will continue through March 17. Bay- (Coutinued From Page 1) Radio Program THE REV. RAMON Vasquez. pastor of First Mexican Baptist Church, can be heard at 12:45 p.m. each Saturday on radio station KLVN in Pasadena in a church - sponsored program. Hawks Team BAYTOWN HAWKS, a Softball team, will have its first practice at 2 p.m. Sunday at the practice field in the 1100 block of Magnolia. AH Hawks are asked to attend. Thefts Reported THREE CARTONS of cigarets, recordings and an undetermined amount of tools were stolen sometime between Tuesday and Thursday from the tome of Mrs. Frances Andrews, 212 E. Lobit. Baytown police said. Mrs. Andrews reported the thefts Thursday. Patrolman Zach Booth made the preliminary investigation. Has Surgery MRS. C. T. BONNER Sr. had surgery Thursday morning at Baytowm Hospital. She can have visitors. Mrs. Bonner lives main later if there is a large]at 116 John A St. Rummage Sale numbor of shoppers. Mrs. O. M. Norris registers at Highlands State Bank from about 9:15 a.m. until 2 p.m., then town area residents may regis-j moves to Big Chief supermarket ter at one of five places set up in the area. They include the Har-is County tax office on West Defee Street in Baytown. The tax office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and from S a.m. to S p.m. on Mondays. Fifteen people registered here Thursday. Mrs. O. W. Fayle, who registers voters at the Lewis and Coker supermarket in Lakevvood, at Four Comers for late afternoon registration. She registered nine. More than 4,000 persons registered for free voter certificates in Harris County Thursday. Carl S. Smith, county tax collector, said. He said his office mailed application forms to about 500 persons who requested them by telephone. Smith has estimated that more than 100,000 persons will be reg- registered nine. Her hours arejistered by the close of the 138:30 a.m Twentv to 4:30 p.m. people registered at Voting Sites For Election Voting places and election judges for Saturday's vote on issuing 51.3 million of bonds by Lee College are: Precinct 12 — Alamo Elemert- tary School J. Winston Hayes Jr. Precinct 13 — Burnet Elementary School, Irving St. John. Precincts 96 and 63 — High- day period. Anyone who failed to get a poll tax receipt or an exemption certificate during the regular time which ended Jan. 31 has until March 17 to obtain a free voter certificate. J. Robert Barnes Favors Bail For City Councilman Councilman Robert Barnes, who has announced that he will not seek re-election, expressed lands Elementary School, M. W.| approval Friday of Pat Ball, Hargrove. | Baytown insurance man, as a Precinct 99 — Thad Felton's prospective candidate. Ford Agency, Jack G. Hester. ! Ball obtained an application Precinct MO — Ashbel Smith U Elementary School, W. O. Tid- mon. Precinct 101—Firemen's Rec- forrn for early week ordered the state's National Guard on standby alert and some guardsmen were used to patrol stricken areas. Gartin, Iney. the state's lieutenant governor,! Precinct 102 — Baytown but had not returned the form Friday. However, he reported!y plans to become a candidate , j -J f 4tUiO Vlrf W«_ V.V^«i»^ Si V-U^lUUMbLLC reation Hall, Mrs. Pansy Dab-! Barne's make this statement (in regard to Ball's prospective as chief executive because Gov. Paul B. Johnson was out of Mississippi. The first twister from the squall line which moved from Louisiana into Mississippi and on to Alabama was reported at sel. ior High School, A. Contreras. i - Today i heard that Pat Ball Precinct 103 — Austin Ele- ttiu announce his candidacy for mentary School, Mrs. \V. A. | Goodrich Jr. I Precinct 149 —San Jacinto Elementary School, Ted L. Kloe- position of councilman for District No. 1 as soon as he returns from a business trip. "Pat has shown a lot of interest in community civic •VT~ IT. T T -, , : ~ LCi CM aii (JUUilllUIiil-V <4UU U1V1U Newellton La. It damaged few Precinct 165 - Travis Ele- a£fairs and has been very he]p . houses but left no injuries. ' *- "-"—' T " "— J Other funnels stabbed out of boiling biack clouds near Greenwood, Miss., leaving a few smashed homes and uprooted trees, but no injuries. Then the shopping center at Jackson was flattened and the tornadoes skipped across Jackson, dropping down into neighboring Rankin County. In Rankin's industrial area, the Knox glass works. Continental Can Co. plant and Jackson Tile Co. plant were wrecked. A 13-year-old boy was killed in Rankin County when the whirling winds plucked him from a bicycle and slammed him against a fence. The Highway Patrol said about 20 of the dead were in the immediate Jackson area, the rest in Rankin, Scott and Leake Counties. YMCA Swim Meet Set For Saturday The YMCA High School Church Basketball League's end- of-season tournament will be field Saturday, March 5, at the Robert E. Lee gymnasium. The tourney is single elimination in nature with the championship game to be played Monday, March seventh, at 7:30 p.m. in the REL gym. First Presbyterian and St. Mark's Methodist will get the action started Saturday at 9 a.m. Latter Day Saints will play St. Joseph's Catholic. St. Paul's Methodist will draw a bye in the first round and is scheduled to meet the winner of the First Presbyterian - St. Mark's match at 11:30 a.m. The five teams played a double round robin schedule which started January 31. Regular season play ended March 3. Burglar Takes Tools From Barber Shop Here A burglar who might want tt be a barber made a "clear shave" Thursday night, breaking into a barber shop and stealing clippers, a blade and scissors. l«onard Morgan, who reported the burglary, said the missing articles include clippers valued at $45; a blade wort $5.50 and scissors valued a* 55.50. Patrolmen Raymond Hardy and H. Qepper investigated th burglary at 10:40 p.m. Thurs day. mentary School, J. Roger Read. Precinct 248 — George W. Carver School, Woodrow W. Lewis. Precinct 249 — Bowie Elementary Schoo], Wayne McClurg. " Precinct 250 — Harlem Ele- mentarv School, Jefferson D. Walker. ful to the council on several occasions since I have been a councilman. "I believe t>e would do an excellent job of representing our ?iiy and hope that what I have heard about his announcing is correct. We need more young^ (Continued From Page 1) BAY TABERNACLE Ladies will sponsor a rummage sale Friday and Saturday at 3005 \V. Market in a building next to the public health clinic. Rough Riders ROUGH RIDERS Club will meet at 7:30 p.m. Friday at the Lakewopd Club House. Honor Student JERRY LAWHON Of Baytown was named an honor student in tbe University of Texas College of Pharmacy, Dean Lee Worrell announced. His honor status is based on grades made during the fall semester. LSU Freshman BARBARA K. Mitchell of Baytown, a freshman at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, was cited by dean of the junior division for being among the freshmen students who earned "B" averages during the f a 1J semester. Fire Fighters INTERNATIONAL Association of Fire Fighters will meet at 7:30 p.m. Friday at Fire Station Xo. 2 on Market. On Dean's List MARGIE DEAN Dobbs of Anahuac made the Dean's List for the fall semester at Lamar State College in Beaumont by being among SI students making A's on all work taken. Saturday Dance MR. AND MRS. JOHNNY Green will be hosts for the S p.m. Saturday dance at the Knights of Pythias Hall for the Bayshore Wagon Wheel Square Dancers. Masters of Ceremonies will be Bud Perkins and Alex Bean. There will be 11 callers on the program. Schools — (Continued From Page 1) tralian pole dance performed with bamboo poles. Friday will b e the big day for sixth graders. A display of notebooks, reports, dioramas, and art will be in the auditorium between 8:30 a.m. and 1:20 p.m. j Students in national costumes representing France, Spain. Switzerland and Finland will sing songs from the various countries studied. A tradition now at James Bowie is the art work demonr strations from 8:30 a.m. to noon New Community Chest Officers Are Selected Three bankers were elected as top officers in the Community Chest Thursday night. The nexv president is Lee Bras- i on F nday. Members of the Art field, president of First National ! League will put on the show Bank. Paul Edwards, vice presi- for visitors and students. The dent of Peoples State Bank, is the Community Chest vice president. Treasurer is John C. j Lamar will have an assembly Echols, president of Citizens program at 8:30 a.m. and again Parent-Teacher Association will serve refreshments all day. National Bank. Board members whose terms will expire next year are Brasfield, John Coates, the Rev. Burnette Dowler, Clyde Messiah and Ed Vaught. Terms will expire at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday when Mrs. Jennie Boatright's class will present a musical version of "Johnny Applcseod." The Horace Mann Junior High eighth grade band will present a program at BAYPORT LETTER A library is one of those things the average person doesn't think about — until ^e"needs it. If a library is handy, he uses it. If not, he'll either drive a long distance and gripe, or he'll forget the whole thing. lhanks to some far-sighted people, the Clear Lake area has a library, the Theodore C. Freeman Memorial Library, named for the astronaut who lost his life in an air crash. The library got its start in September, 1964, in the here of Mrs. Betty Ulrich in Clear Lake City. To make the books available to the public, she asked for space in the Clear Lake City Recreation Center, and was given a room. But the fast-growing library soon outgrew that room and Priends- wood Development Company donated its sales office building. The building was moved, to Irs present location between the Hec Center- and Clear Lake Country Club last summer, renovated and there it now sits — often hurnrring with the activities of busy school students. It is open from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. daily except Sunday and from 7 to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday. But this brief history hardly tells the story of the Freeman Memorial Library Hundreds, perhaps thousands of hours of work have gone into making it a usable facility. To get It started required card files, marking books, cataloging and determining the needs. And there were the planning sessions in 1368 for Fritz Lanham, Mrs.i 3:-45 a - m - Wednesday at Lamar. Silas Moore, E. H. Oliver, Pres-ip° ffee vvi! l be served to Hie vis- ton Pendergrass and J. C. Sheffield. Members whose terms expire in 1969 are Bruce Causey, Steve Dedman, Lan Williams, Echols and Edwards. ' The term expired this year for the outgoing president. Dr. Max Mosesrnan. Others whose terms expired are W. C. Jackson, outgoing vice president, and Leonard Hart, Sam Bramlett and Herbert V. Herbert. The meeting Thursday night was held at Citizens National Bank. Attending were Brasfield, Messiah, Vaught, Lanham, Sheffield, Causey, Dedman, Echols, Edwards, Williams, Dr. Mqses- man and Herbert. Speaker — men who are capable and aggressive to take an active interest in our city affairs." DAL.E ROBERTSON 1 " draws a gun to protect Martha Hyer in this scene from "Blood on the Arrow," a story about Apaches scheduled in the Branson Theater kiddie show Saturday morning:. Robertson plays a captured outlaw who gains temporary freedom when the cavalry troop taking him to prison is slaughtered by the Indians. FAMILY NIGHT ¥2 FRIED CHICKEN or BARBECUED LINK SAUSAGES or FRIED SHRIMP or CHICKEN FRIED STEAK 3 Vegetables—Tea or Coffee—Garlic Toast For Children Under 12 SERVED FAMILY STYLE 1*25 Addts ^ WEDNESDAY 5 PX 'til 9 P.M. Frontier Barbecue 1007 North Mean Phone 583-9772 In addition to writing articles for various professional magazines in the field of education, itors throughout the week in the school cafeteria. Harlem E'ementary's "Evening for Parents" is slated for 8 p.m. Thursday. Carver Elementary, grades one s tferough three, will have a progi-Sm for guests from 7 to 9 p.m. Monday. The program will be presented by the 'students and refreshments will be served afterward. The other Carver schools, which include grades four through 12, will have open house at 7:30 p.m. Monday. Parents will follow the schedule of their children to each classroom. Refreshments are planned, also. San Jacinto Elementary will ihave open house from 1 to 3:20 |p.m. Thursday. The Parent- Teacher Association will serve refreshments in the cafeteria. Another event will be a fifth grade play "The Emperor's New Coat." at S a.m. Tuesday. DeZavala will have open house and also a Parent-Teacher Ashe is author of a several books j SO ciatJon meeting Thursday night on teacher education and several featuring a program bv the stu- public school textbooks. The three Future Teacher chapters at Robert E. Lee will be honored guests. Mrs. Mary- Brown is sponsor of the Robert E. Lee Chapter, Mrs. Margaret Strauss sponsors the R. B. Spark Chapter, and Barney Webber is the sponsor of the George S. Girl Scouts of the school will Armstrong Chapter. Miss Jean Veneable win be th organist for the presentation of colors by representativs of the Le Brigadiers. Webber will lad the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. Johnny Riley will lead the pledge and Charles Freeman will giev the prayr. The L e Brigadirs wiH presnt a short musical program. New officers of the BEA will be elected in a business session from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. dents. The spring r.*ght meeting of Anson Jones PTA is slated for 7 p.m. Thursday. Alamo Elementary will have a music program at 10 a.m. Wednesday by the Cedar Bayou Junior High Band ensemble. The present a special program at the 2:30 p.m. Thursday PTA meeting. Stephen F. Austin will have a special "Know Your Schools" program on Wednesday featuring George Bennett, school district tax assessor-collector, who vrill discuss th e district's school tax program. At Ashbel Smith Elementary, the PTA members will serve refreshments to visitors all day every day at the school. Houston, 79OO S, Main, MA 3-O491 CRABMEAT SPECIALTY ENTRREES CrBbmeat Imperial Crabmvat Suz*tt* CloseC Wednesday Par TK» Mot Unuiual Fairmont Park AN ESTABLISHED COMMUNITY 2 MILES WEST OF LA PORTE ON SPENCER HWY. GOOD DESIGN plus GOOD CONSTRUCTION plus GOOD PROPERTY STANDARDS equal "GOOD VALUES" V.A. -- F.H.A. - Conventional SI 5,000.00 to $35,900.90 zo answei ;ne auesuion: wnere G After moving to the present:- location, a lot of time was spent getting situated in the new quarters. And, of course, each month, the library's board of trustees meets to conduct the library's business. » The Freeman Memorial Library is, In. every respect, a corrirunity project. There have been many donations, large and small. Not all of the donations havs been money. Many people have aona~ec books. The Space City Rotary Club planted the library's yard. That, as any suburban husband can tell you, Is hard work. Mrs. Faith Freeman Ettrs is:e ana aa ncm— ter, Faithie, donated furniture. Dwight McDonald donated a landscape plan. The W. D. Kaaen Company poured sidewalks and the Clear Lake Jayeees furnished a desk. These are just a few of the many expressions of confidence in the library. Like any new institution, the library has had its fair share of ups and downs. The library isn't big enough, yet, but fortunately it hasn't stopped growing. To meet the surging demands on its resources, it will need additional support. Mrs. Ulrieh 3 the librarian, points out that the library needs more reference materials, children's books and un- to- date adult non- fiction, Clear Lake area residents will have an opportunity to help this month when a book drive is launched. •e VJhatever its present shortcomings the Freeman Memorial Library is a smashing success for two reasons. Q the area has a library. Two, it's o: more shining example of the get-up—aid- go exhibited by Clear Lake area people getting together to do a job. Effective this month, Baypcrt Letter will appear every other week' instead of each week. This change is being made to facilitate a more concise commentary on the area's activities. So — instead of next week, same tine, same paper, the next Bayport Letter will appear two weeks from today. March 4, 1966 BAYPORT P. 0. Box 791 La Porte, Texas 77571

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