Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on January 26, 1888 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1888
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LESS THAN ONE CENT A DAY ,„..,„, 12 OmpM* N'""P Bor*w. h-ilil» EM.;., Sli<>T« S^.'i"S PX»tcI)r*. I'r."ir;n. «rf.e. Eirh nnm^r is --iiTipm*, • nd • riilooa in it«lf. l"m« yfnr't • iik-.-rir**™ i»«k««« NElfllT TWO THOUSAND PAQES of lh« Am*ri<-«»» i~ : ' - n™«™-i B.jon." "Ml.. IM*rit«." "Si««re." -A 8>ir-M».i, M.o." -K-nron-i Wife," " DfrajlM I»,„, ..... FN« rx-Mnsr." "Tin WhirtJIoj BOOT,' "Al AnrtiSly "A km* »f !<"•." "Tk« Tl»» >Wt*ia M!«M." "Applo 5'«l »»1 Brier Thorn," " T».« T«rr»- CoU» Bait,-'"Fren Iho R«ni«," "C!»«S »»4 Onniitt^ Chwk," ..te.. irtn. T)i« •ntwrlpt.lMi t^H "t iMi "Kln« ot lh« MonttltiW 1» hot 33 "0 • f"- fWP 1 * T7 ""* «r»«!M of 10 **nls In stamp*. AddrflM _ I.IrPINCOTT'S MAGAZINE. PHILADELPHIA. VOLUME 6. STERLING ILLINOIS. THURSDAY, JANUARY 28!8f-8 NUMBER 292 MOSES QILLOfi Has jttsf. received a car of SPLINT COAL Just the thing to cvrn in YOUR CRATES ThtflblradaftK-c«ther. TSSY ST. OOTNQ KAflT. 7«—Freight... «.»:45 a.m P-m I OOINO WIST. M—Pftssenirer 2:45 p.m. i.|42—Freight 8 M p.m. ARR1VB F-ROSl *AST. l FRC.M WEST, ' ~...,.--, 77— Frel«ul ...... 9:40 a.m. 141— Freight -- l:Wp.m. Passenger No. 38 connect* with trains east and west on Clinton Branch; with 0. R. I & P- R- »•• at Rock Island east and west; with Onlesburg prxswiipr ftt Ulo; with main line for points west G.>unolV Blurts. Omaha and beyond, and at Busli- ne-n for Kannan City and, point* beyond. C. & M. W. T.Mfc TABLE oomo EAST. OOINO WKST Marshalltown PassengerlClIntoii Pass.. 8:17 p.m. ...™..... ___ 1-40 p. m. Pacific Ex.....J:Z5 a, IB." UenverPas8...lO:28 a. m. Denver Pas9...4:04 p. m. Atlantic Ei ..... 2:37 a. m. Marsuamown CllntoaPBSs....8:Z7 a. m.| Passenger...! :16 m. XltBIOHT TRAIH§ THAT OABRT . THK" TRUST "IN PERIL. CONGRESS PREPARING TO GET AT ITS TRUE INWARDNESS. . No.7<....._ ..... .8.17 p. m.|Ho. 7S... 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Writ* •« •ace for ezalnKEve terrltor3r> ADUKESS, TEE AHEEIOAN XAQAZIKB 00,\ 749 Broadway, N*>w York/ Notice to Land • A few choice tracts of land now In the hands of F. B. Hubbard, located In Iowa and Soutbern Minnesota, with TITLES fARRMJTED PERFECT, While many of the lands now owned by specu laton are under a cloud of title. These lands are sold with PEHFKCT AB8TIUCT8. IIRIOE8 FROM SIX TO TEN DOLLARS - FKB AOBB. I have also a ; FARM WEST off EMPIRE For sat* cheap, on which a good property In Btarllsg or Book Falls will be taken as part payment. Now Is the time to got good bargains. HAM AND DESCRIPTION* Can be had at iny office, and cheap tickets to show western lands. Delay* are Dangerotu on These Bar• ' ' gains. Mason's ltraf»lutlon to Son Whnl It Mnanii Adopted Vnry Compr*thf>nslv«ly— Qros- vftnor Wnrks In m T.ltltn , dtikf — I.OOIIA Funding I.*Bjl*lat Inn— Plumli'a IHacoT- •ry—Rome Information About I^nrd. WABHIKQTOS Cirv, Jan. 2(1—A lively debate took'plare in the house Wodnenday over Mason's: rerolminrt for the-investigation of "trusts. 11 Th« fun began whon Huron of New York asked unanimous oonwnt for the' Imnx'o'ls.te consideration of tha resolution, wji t c h bad been reported from the tommittee on manufactures. Randall said he thought thn resolution was not com- pri'henaivn enough, "li, (v He favored extend- »Tlt.U a .IV| [. jCOTf. Ing tbe Inquiry so as to include the Standard Oil company, perhaps, and the whisky trust, perhnpH, and every trust of any kind in the United Slates. If congress had a fedoral way of interfering with those organizations it might be useful to exercise It. Scott inquired what power congress would have to .redress evils which the committee might find toexlst in combinations between a stale corporation and cltlions of another state —what had congress to do with this'question at nil! Were not the states anplyable to protect themselves and their citizens sgalnst all combinations and conspiracies? There ,was no authority delegated to congress to Interfere. Mnson of Illinois, tbe author of the resolution, stated tbat it was not his object to authorize a smelling committee to Invade states and Investigate the business of persons doing business under state law. The object of bis resolution. - was tha ascertainment of the effect which combinations bad on the price of necessaries, and further to ascertain whether or not, by reason of tbe tariff, those combinations were able to raise the price of necessaries. \ NeHon of Minnesota inquired whether the gentleman bad any doubt that tbe tariff law -indirectly co-operated to aid the trusts. Mason replied that he had no doubt that there was a class -of men who tout advantage of tbe tariff laws, and therefore F. B. I .andoOk* opposite Manuorcbor Hall, : • Itterllnst. III*. KIRK'S FLOATING "SOAP THE CHIEF For th«> Buffi, Toilet and Laundry. Snow Wbito nnjl: Attaoluiteiy Pur«. If yoV dealer does not keep White Cloud Soap, tend 10 oenu for janiple cnke to tbe m&fcera, JR8. S. KIRK & CO,, CHICAGO. THIS is the top of the genuine " Pearl Top" Lamp Chimney, all others similar are 'imitations. ; exact label on each one of the Pearl Top Chimeys. The dealer may say and think he has as good, but he has not Insist upon the exact label and top. GEO. A. MACBETH & CO Pittsburgh, Pa. ttiose who believed In a high protective tariff thought that there ought to be some way to prevent tbete laws being perverted. If there was no way to protect the people against these trusts except by a reviilon of tbe tariff be.was ready to vote on that question now. Brumm of Pennsylvania suggested that tbe greatest monopolies of the country were those which were not affected by tbe,tariff. They were the Standard Oil company, the Western Union Telegraph, and the Anthracite coal combination. Rayner of Maryland criticised the resolution as not being broad enough. It would not Include the Western Union Telegraph company, which had swallowed up every other telegraph company for the purpose of controlling the bualueca. It would not affect the Standard Oil company. That was not a combination of Individuals. It was a combination of different corporations, each one of which was created by the sovereignty of a particular state. The resolution would not apply to that, The Heading coal strike was a great quentlon whlcb was 'agitating the public mind. The Reading company was incorporated by Pennsylvania, but it shipped ita commerce all over the country. That company, which had entered Into a conspiracy to str ke down labor in tbe Lebigh and Schuylklll regions, in order to 'Increase the price of coal, would not be affected by tbe investigation.. In order to extend the scope of the Inquiry he moved to strike out the clause which confines the Inquiry to trust* not incorporated, under tha lawn of any state. The motion wa* agreed to. . : Grosvenor of Ohio moved to recommit the resolution with instructions to.the qommlttea; to report it back with a provision that If tb* investigating •oommltte* report:! legislation looking to the regulation of the business pf corporations controlled by stats laws, it also shall .report a proper eulogy and epitaph commemorative ot the life, public service* and death of 1 the ancient doctrlna of states righto, with the time and ciruuuuioaoe* • ol the abandonment ot said doctrine by the Democratic party;' Ruled out as'u'otger- mane. • . . On motion of Ran dall several amendments tending to. broaden tha scope ot .th* inquiry were agreed to.. The resolution, with accompanying preamble, -was then adopted a* follows: .'..". • . . , ,.•:.' •Whereas, It !» alleged tbat certain Individuals and corporations in tbe United State*'engaged in manufacturing, producing, raining, or dealing in some of the neceasori**' of life* and other productions, have combined for the purpose of controlling or curtailing .the production or supply of the same, and thereby Increasing their • price to tha people of tha country, which combinations are known as associations, trusts, pools, and like names; and, ': • Whereas, Such combination* not only Injuriously affect commerce between the states, but impair the revenuos of the TJnltod 8tat«* as derived from tbe duties on Import*; thorofore, , . • -Jtosolved, That tbe committee ou manufacture* be, and the same bi hereby, directed to Inquire Into the .names and number and extent of such alleged combinations, under whatever name known, their, methods of combination or doing; business, thoiv effect upon the prices of any neo- egsarles of llf e and of all productions to the people ot tha country, upon It* Internal or foreign comxneroe, and ita revenues from Import duties, together with any and all other matters relating to the same which may call for or suggest legislation by congress, and report tuo same to tbe house with such recommendation** &a the said committee muy agree upon. Aud fur thoae purpose* the committee on manufacture is authorized to sit during tbe sosalom nf thn boute, to employ asUsnograpbtir, to admlaui «r oath*, examine witnetts.ia, aud compel tba attvudance of per- aon* and tlut production of pa peri WHO DID THE TAMPERING t in ssUmatttl that tb* {rovernment loses & large num. Plumb called the attention .of Senator K Imtmds to the matter, and, after looking into It carefully, he said that it s«omed to him that the bonds Issued under the act were Invalid, or el«e ware redeemable by the government at will THE INGREDIENTS OF LARD. Yll<! Compounds Declared To B« Hold fa* the Pore Stuff. WARHINQTOS Cuir, Jan. 20.—Tbe agricultural committee of the senate gave a hearing; Wednesday to the representatives of the pork-parking bonne* Of tbe country regard^ Ing tb« bill to outlaw adulterated lard. Mr. W*bster,~of - Armrjur ft Co.; and a represent* - ative of Falrt«nka & Co., of Chicago, ap- p«ared and made statement* with reference to th*lr manufactured lard. They admitted tpat the bulk of the lard which they put upon tbe market contained but 00 to 75 per cent ot lard, . and that the remainder is composed of tallow, s tearlne, cotton- SMd ...oil, - etc., but claimed that it 1* equally pure and healthful and in no way deleterious The consumers, they argued, Were not making any complaint. This measure was prepared by business rivals, who were unable to compete successfully. The supporters of tbe bill said they were not 'opposing healthful compounds, and W. W. Klmball,of Boston.added there were many manufacturers who were making deleterious substances and selling them as pure lard. Ho was questioned closely on this subject, and said he could not name anybody at this time, but would promise to send the committee the name* of lib such firms. The committee told blm twenty would do, and be said If he did not send them he would acknowledge that he wa* all wrong. Senate and ROUM In Brlet WASHINGTON CITT, Jaa £0.—The senate pasted a resolution Wednesday appropriating |l,OuO to Lucas for big expanses In contesting tbe seat of Senator Faulknor. Chandler's resolution asking information of tbe naval office as to contracts, etc., for building a new navy was extended to take In each year from and including 1830, and adopted. The deficiency bill was then resumed,amended In some unimportant particulars, and passed. An executive session was then held, after which tbe senate adjourned. The house, after some uninteresting busi- ness'had been transacted, took up tbe resolution of Mason of Illinois for an inveetiga- tlou of trusts, pools, etc., and after making it apply to every combination or corporation which may affect prices of necessaries or ~eomme?6a, adoptedlt—A-resohrtion was; re-ported calling on the treasury for Information as to whether the greenback circulation is up to tt(e legal limit of »«46,641,000. • The bill to authorize a bridge aorosi the Mississippi at Burlington, Iowa, was passed. Springer Introduced a-memorial for the organization of tbe "public land strip" into tha territory of Clmsrron. At 8:15 the house adjourned. '. HAS BLESSINGS ENOUGH. SENATOR EVARTS ON MARYLAND'S TERRAPIN, DUCKS AND POLITICS. Be Makes a Few Fao«tlous Remark* to B«pablloaDS at a Banqnat — Other ' Speeohe*—'Warmoth Leads IxinUlana Rcpnbllcnas—Tbe Fljh'i In MofTitt's Dl»- trlct In Michigan—Political Driers. : BALTIUOBK, Md., Jan. 28.— The Toung Men's Republican club |;avo a tunquet TVednesday evening. Mr. W. W. Johnson presided. -The visiting guest*, of whom there were many, wore welcomed in a few words by Mr. George T. Bagjrs. The toast to which alljjhe speeches were addressed wa* "The National fiepnbllcan Party." : Senator Ev-arta, of itew York, was tho first speaker. lie paid tbe usuil compliment ty Maryland's oyxtern, can- vns back ducks and terrsplu, adding facetiously that Maryland was so favored id this particnlm that providenct- tbought she had blessings enough without granting her the success of the Republican party. The weakening of the Republican party which lost the presidency BIHATOB rVAllTa published In the morning papers containing ths ahnonncstncnt by James McMane* that be "ill go to the Republican national COCF veotlon and there ffork and vote for his nomination. Mr. Child* added that be esteemed tbe mention of his name an honor, but h* had enough to do In a business that Is congenial to him, which be did not think th* presidency would be. A Comblnntlon AjrcllUt HubbdlL, iBHPmiso, Mich., Jan. 26.—Tb* convention to noinlnato a candidate for cougreas to succeed MolTat, deceased; was called to order at 8:4A p. ra. Wednesday. In the pre- llrrrtnary conteit for organltitlon the anti- Bubbell elements combined and secured tha election of Col .Tan Duzar, of Escanaba, as chairman. Thirty ballot* were taken without any choice, and tbe convention then adjourned for the day. The Init ballot stood as follow*! Hubbell, 86; Brown, 18; Oihnrn, 16; Adams, )»; Bey* inour, .5; Ho well, 0; Van Duier, & Th* highest vote received by Bobbell wa* 28; by Oabnrn, 33; by Adam*, 18, and by Brown, £3. Can Not "Ban Off at the Month." CHICAGO, Jan. 20.—"Don't you see," laid Hon. W. H. Barnnm, of Connecticut, at th* Grand Pacific' Wednesday, referring to his wel'-known antipathy to Interview*, "that from m> position as chairman of thena-' tlonal committee, I am or am supposed to be very close to the administration. I am constantly traveling omr tbe country, and ' I cant be running off at the month all the time like Jewoll—you recollect Jewell! I would Httly sav something, or be represented as saying something that would hurt the administration.'' Fourteen "Dry" Michigan Conntio*. DETROIT, Jan^ BQ.—Fourteen oountles have now derided by tbe popular voto to adopt ONE HUNDRED DEAD. THE VICTORIA MINE EXPLOSION'S TRIBUTE TO GRIM DEATH. ADVERTISERS ^7^:^^ . - »dv«ttU1ng »pac« y.S«-n Mi Cn c*go, v»itl tine It On T* Trade. A w«U impro?«l farm in Whlt«alde Co. of 140 »cre» to tnwJe for Xeb,-- or lnuda. SUlks quick if you 8ou» (Startling Erasures Dlaoorered In tbe , Foor Per Cent. Funding Act. WABIH.NOTON CITT, Jan. 26.—The resolution introducod by Plumb of Illinois, asking for an Investigation of th* fact* as to tb* passage, engrossment, and enrollment ot the funding act. under which over 1700,000,000 in 4 par cent bonds were Issued, Wa* received by tb* bouse judiciary committee W«idue*daj> morning, and a bearing upon it will probably be bad next week. Tb* resolution causes considerable talk In th* bout*. Curious dU- closare* are expected, which may Involr* th* validl.y of all the 4 par cent, bonds outstanding. When Plumb found that the Journals -of the hoos* and taqata showed tb* bill a* pasmd pr«»U*4 that tb* government migttt r*d**ai lham bond* at pleasure "fat- thirty year*,* tustwid ot "after thirty years," a* tb* poblkhcd faw pui»W, h« «x*niiiM4 the eogrooed bill, aad twod that tiM word "for' cad U«t> «nuNI all bat tb* •»," wbic*» w«S 1* Canadian Canal Discrimination. WABHIMOTOK CITV, Jaa 28.—In answer to the Dtngley resolution calling upon the *ec- retary of the treasury for information regarding alleged discrimination by the Canadian government regarding American ves- cels and cargoes passing through the Weiland canal, tbe secretary reported to the house Wednesday that discrimination In made against cargoes Intended for manufacturers In the United States, and that it is the "common belief of Oswego, N. Y., business men that Canada Is violating her treaty obligations. • r Senate Confirmation*. - - ' WASHIKOTOB CITY, Jan. 20. — The senate In secret session baa confirmed the following nominations: F. D. fllll, of Minnesota, consul at'Asuncion; H. F. Merrltt, of Illinois, consul at Alx la Cbappelle; Victor Vifqualn, ot Nebraska, consul at Asplnwall; C. O. Stocklager, receiver of public moneys at Haley, Idaho; W. J. Allen, district judge, southern Illinois. Also a number of receivers, postmasters, etc., In tar western states and 'territories, and In eastern and southern states. . WHITES SEEM STIRRED UP, TOO. A Charleston Paper So'ccast* Awfol Things of the Exodns Association. CHABLESTOH, a C., Jan. 26.—Colored people here are much stirred up over the report of the formation of an exodu* association in Topeka for tbe colonization of negroe* In South America. Fuel has been added to the flame by an article in Tbe News and Courier Tuesday warning negroes that there 1* danger Of their being sold into slavery it they go to South America, The article aayit "Slave* cell In tbe market in Braxll for about Com It is intimated that hundred* of thousands of colored people will join the exodus, and tbat the Exodus association repre- wnta a capital of $2,000,00(>. If 800,000 colored people join the exodus, and It the** emigrant* ar* sold at an average price, ot 1800 per 1 baad, tbe Exodos association would make 133,000,000 on its original investment." A jood many negroes have read tbe newspa per and this article ha* created a sensation, [t is rumored tbat agents of .the alleged association are already bare and in consultation with some' of the colored preachers." Kn*W Something ol Haddock's Harder. CzpAb RAPIDS, la., Jan. M.— A man was found Wednesday In one of the lumber yards here with his throat oqte-. He was taken to the hospital and' wa* , to«nd to be Weucil Carney, a Hohflnjlan tarpabter ot Scotland,D. T. H» claimed?! that he had been' at Sioux Citjr;! where he was accrued of' complicity jn tbe Haddock murder, and- was threatened with lynching. ' This preyed on his 'mind and led blm to attempt suicide. Before Uis wounds were dressed be .wished to speak of the Haddock tragedy, but when told he wduJ^'Jlve he refused to talk further about It. •';When, to quiet bluij he was assured that the Haddock murderer tmd been caught, be said:' "Mo, tbey haven't got him yet." .The physicians say he is tana, and It is , thought b« kuows much of the Slouxdity crime. ••, Hade Hay While tlio Storm Raged."" HALIFAX, N. a, Jan. 2tt— In the middle of tbe storm Monday night tbe poatoffic* at Annapolis was entered by burglars, the through mail bags from Yarmouth to Halifax, irom Halifax to Yarmouth and to and from St John were opened, and all the reglutfred letters and money packages stolen. A* large amounts of money are sent through th* mail* by the Halifax aiid Yarmouth banks, Bometimo* as much as $lu,UOO to a package, it ki believed that a big haul was Hilda. ' . Bens 1 * • Pretty How D'ye Dn. LopBViLLS, Ky., Jan.' 1* -Oflielal* of Pika county have appli»4 to the ' governor tor troops 10 .lefend tbe peoplo a^alunt the Hatflalil gang. Troop* w<tr» rofmad^but tba peoplo waio glv«n pcrailsslun to *rm th«m- MJVIM. Tha »u»rltt of Pike couaty ba* m- vadad YVtat Virgiuia to uapturv toa outlaw*, but t Wc.1 Virginia atwriff is> out with a pOM* to >lfiy« f 1 "" b»ok to K*)turky, in ]&tt was due to the flippant generation of to-day, who thought all had been done by tbelr fathers, from 1MB up, tbat should be done, and he hoped the young Republicans would go to work and redeem the country as their fathers had dona. Governor Beaver, of Pennsylvania, said that if Republicans were true to themselves and to the minority states in tbe south there would be no difficulty in securing victory next fall » Senator Hawloy, of Connecticut, saw two classes of man—one who, whan -slavery was abolished, accepted the situation; the others were those who secured the abolition of the negro's bondage. He knew to which party the former belonged, and to which tbe latter class, and be knew, too, which man he would put .on ths supremo bench of the United States if he had the power. Senator Chandler, ot New Humpshire, said tbat It tbe Fifteenth amendment, which wns Injected by tbe Republican party, and therefore should to taken JAMES P. FOSTER. care of by them, were enforced in the south next fall, It would be easy to clout James B. Blalno [groat applause} or some "other great'Republican as president. Addresses were also made by James P. Foster, president of the National Republican League club,ot New York; Hon. JuliusC.Burrows,of Michigan; Hon. Joseph G. Cannon, of Illinois; Hon. David D. Henderson, of Iowa; Hon. & a Elklns, of WestVUglnla; Charles Emory Smith, of Tbe'Phlladelphla^Prein; ex- Governor Gear, of Iowa; Hon. Henry J. Bpooner, of Rhode Island; Hon. Green R Raum, of Illinois; Hon. Jacob Yost, of Virginia; Judge Carey, of Wyoming Territory; William Wnlter Phelps, of New Jersey, and ex-Sheriff Leeds, of Philadelphia. ^Prohibition, whll* twenty-Ore or thirty oth- jers are getting ready to vote. Meoosta and Montcalm would Ilka to vote but other dec* Uons will prevent It thi* year. Allegan voted for Prohibition Wednesday, and elections have been called In Ingham, Calhoun, G«nesee, Kalkaska, Gratlot, Charlevolx, Osceola,-Tuscola, Ionia, Lenawee, Livingston, Newaygo, and Clinton counties. Prohibition ID Maftsaohasetta. BosTQN, Jon. SO.—In the house Wednesday the constitutional Prohibition resolution was passed to be engrossed. In conourrenco- witb the senate, by a vote of ISO to 70, with one pair, being six more than th* necessary two-thirds. The constitutional amendment will have to be pissed by a two-thirds vote After-Damp CatchM DRMM of Thou Uw fire Spared—B*«ov*r»d Bodies Fearfully Mangitd—Rcwrarrs Working *i Ores* ttUk—A Railway Wrack In Cab* With Shock Ins; Feature*—Hotable Fatolltle*. VICTOHIA. a G, Jan. «.— All day Wednesday rescuing parties worked hard at tbctcem of the explosion TueadnT in No. 5 that&• - Th* cage could be lowered to the debris, and from there the rescuers descended by mean of a ladder. Tb* work of clearing away the debris from the bottom of the shaft wa* being ptubed forward with all possible speed, as not till this wa* don* oonld any dead bodle* be brought up. All around the month of the shaft the wi**» and child r* of U» **od aalatn wvr*- gathered, sutd thglr grief wai enough to maka th* (tontest Mart slot Tba greatest obstacle to the recovery of the bodies was after-damp. There !• no scarcity of volunteers, a* the official* ot tha VanooW Coal orimpany are rendering every assistance required. Not mneh damage wa* done to the mine, bat how the explosion took place t* • mystery. Mr. Dnniman i* here superintending affairs. 7 Jam** Wetmore,' one of the survivor*, *ay» that the expiation* extinguished all th* light* in the mine. Accompanied by elavan of his comrades, Wetmore groped about In the darkness and stifling after-damp. After wandering about the chamber* for half an hour or more ail lay down to die. At last all nioeambed but Wetmore, whose lusty shouts attracted tbe attention of the nooning party. It l» estimated that ninety miners loittbalr live* In the pit Twenty bodle* were recovered Wednesday. Twenty-flve of tbe whites have families, and when darknea* tell at night their wives and children were ttiir crying: and'praying In the glare of torches. Th* cage was lowered at regular Interval*; but the'burden It brought to the " *urfao»wa* ghastly. : ~~~ Tba dead bodte* are torn so badly that many of them can not be recognised. Michael Lyons was blown 700 feet from tbe shaft. Hi* eye* are gene, and one arm to torn from its socket Robert Camden was leading B gang of comrade* out of the pit after the two explosions when all were struck by a wave of after-damp and killed. Two sturdy young men, supposed to be brother*, Two for a Cent And the best ever mads. Ch«sp enough, surely, and so good that those who have used them won't have any others. What are they ? Ath-lo- pho-ros Pills. What are they for? For disordered Stomach or Liv8r,lndigest- ion, Dyspepsia.Constipation, Nervou* or General Debility, Headache, Ittsi- tude, Diseases of Women. They'!, take aw*y that tired feeling, give new life and strength. Small and pleasant to take, yet wonderfully effective. _ Prepared from the formula of an ~ Eminent physician. Neatfy put up In bottle*, and sold by all druggists. THE ATHLOPHOROS CO. 112 Wall St., New York. idc TOUT f*ta!lfr for Urn Orlir Bewsre of (solutio inal 93 Bint* ions, .JAMES MEANS' S3 SHOE. I Hnde In Button,ConRTOM ft fjlea. 1 Strt Coy swn. Vneicolled la Zhiro(>Uitu,CfcmA>r* ondjlj* jartm«. A JxnUU wrt »n» > as will brln E you lafora* lion bow to iret tuu Bht* rBtat* or Territory. lu both branches bext-year-before-Ita-TOlK- ^«r*_*otmd-4i»4h«l-tlg6l *tnbrac* of d*al mltsion to the people at the polls. CONVERSE RAISES A BREEZE. WARMOTH FOR GOVERNOR. Louisiana Republican* Nominate Th»lr State Ticket and Adopt a Platform. NBW ORUSANS, La., Jan. 26.—The Repub. lican state couvoutlon met Wednesday morn- Ing, but the credentials committee not being ready to report, a recen was taken until 3:80. Upon reassembling tbe committee reported, and after a long debate tbe report was adopted. The committee on resolutions then reported tbe .platform, which among other things Indorses tbe Blair educational bill, calls for the protection of American industries, and denounced the Democratic state convention for its indorsement of Cleveland upon the heels of his tariff message. After appointing a committee of twenty-one to nominate the state ticket tbe body adjourned till 7:30. At that hour tbe committee reported the following state tickat, which was adopted by the convention almost without oppMition: Governor, H. C. Warmoth; lieutenant governor, 'H. C. Minor; attorney general, Judge W. G. Wylyi.treasurer, Andrew Hero, Jr.j auditor, Jarne* Forsyth; secretary of state, J. F. Fatty, colored; tuperinUndent of edu- .cation, a F. Flaridera. Warmoth was the first Republican governor of LouUlana, He Is an astute politician, a man of great ability, and can organ- lea the party better, perhaps, than any candidate that could be named. The convention the n proceeded to select delegate* from tbe state at large to the national oonvan- tion. , Wilton II Probably Klwjtod Now. DBS MOINES, la,, Jan. 26.—Tbe legislature Wednesday again . passed upon tbe election of James F. Wilson to the United States senate, the vote taken in the two houses separately Tuesday being counted,and tbe result declared in julnt convention. Ben a tor Bolter renewed tbe protest offered last week against the validity of tbe election, but It was ruled out of order again by Lieutenant Governor Bull Bills wore introduced: To tax mortgages; compelling insurant* companies to pay tbe face of tbelr policies In cases of loss; requiring cash payments of wages to miners and factory bands; to punish usury. Senator Bcbmldt is preparing a license bill which be will Introduce at the first opportunity. It is tased on a declaration of tbe last Democratic platform, and contains a local option feature, with a minimum amount of (500 license. f. J .'i, -4 -Mr. «M»»»r«i Utt i »o«k« Moving far an Emancipation Holiday. PrrrBBr/BO, Fa., Jan. 86.—A meeting of prominent colored cltisens was held here Tuesday night to take action in regard to a national convention to be held in Washington City : ta urge a natlotial emancipation Holiday. : An address was adopted, which will be sent to all part* of the country, urging •c-lored people to unite in the movement so that tbe convention can be held on next Fourth of July. It is proposed that one delegate be sent for every 1,000 voters in 'eaeh ttat* and territory. Tin addrees conclude* by expreming Uw hop* that all will •«« ttte nabenity cUbis oonvetftlon for the benefit of UM oolond not. oooilug as It doe* on tb* rr* of ooe at Uw meet Important elections is (b* pciltioal bfatory of America. Wo BM !• ChlUU* »<>••">». PmiLACXtwiit, Pa., Jan, 84-*I am n«« » oandkltw and aetebor woo id 1 nx»p* tt« tk« tar pnwideat,* *al4 O«ort« W, d . Vk* tMlvWV W^OJUiOT, w**B Exoltlns; Tnlk at the Colombo* Tally* Sheet Trial—Attorney! Called Down. COLDMTOS, O., Jan. S6.—The tally-sheet forgery cosen proceeded In the criminal court Wednesday, the work of selecting a Jury coming flntt The sixteen itrurk jurymen responded to their namee, but all wanted to be exciund. In some cases the court granted their request. In the case of ooe of them, whom Mr. Converse, for the defense, seemed particularly anxious to secure as a juror, but who was very anxious to be excused, and 'whom the court'was' Inclined to let go, there was an Melting scene. Mr. Converse In his speech against excusing tbe juror, said he feared there wiui a scheme to thus exhaust tbe panel, and then have the court fill the jury-box with such a jury as be liked. Tb* lawyer waxed warm when be referred to this,. and mod the terms. "conspiracy," "ring;,"' "clique," meaning by them tbe Cltiiens' oom- mlttee, which has managed the prosecution, and Intimating that the prosecuting attorney and the court were members of it. This fired the'prosecutor to reply In hot words. He said Mr. Converse bad tried to smirch the reputation of every man who had taken a stand against fraud at the ballot. It 1U- became him to try tosmlrob the characters of the men who made up the citizens' committee. They wore as high above him'ai heaven was above bell This was not the only tally- sheet forgery he knew of; and be intimated that when the truth, of the- matter was got at Mr. Converse himself would be found to be implicated. Mr. Convene In reply tried to keep cool, but soon fell into fierce invectives. Both gentlemen were applauded from tbe lobby, and the court could not maintain order. He finally called the attorneys down. Judge Thurman then spoke. He said that he, like Rip Van Winkle, might have been asleep-tor twenty years, but In his days at the bar attorneys did not indulge in scene* like tbe oae he had just witnessed. Bo far as be was concerned he. proposed to treat every one connected with the- trial with civility and courtesy, and expected civility and courtesy in return. Tb* juror had business engagements, and should be allowed to go. Tbe court excused the juror, and tb* pstnel being exhausted the court adjourned and a new panel was ordered made; • Coy's Ca»* at Indianapolis. IHOIANAPOLIS, Ind., Jan. 20.—The svt- deuce in the tally-sheet forgery casea closed Wednesday, and the argument was begun in tbe afternoon with a speech by District Attorney Hellers. Thure will probably be four or five speeches, and It is ' hoped to get the case to the jury by Friday night at least. The case, as it stands, excites much speculation, aud tbe question whether a conviction has been made l> answered on partisan line*. One notable fact Is that there hux been comparatively little wrangling among the attorneys over evidence.' The conduct of the trial by Judge Woods ha* been very little criticised, wen by the defense. , The Cook W«* Bo*s of the KltcSua. • CLIVEL*»D, O., Jan. 84— Mr*. T. R Squire, wife of the secretary of the Standard Oil company, was brutally assaulted In her own boueo Wednesday by her cook, a woman named Jennie Hlllls. The oook baa a bad temper, and. Inking offense at some directions given her about breakfast, sprang upon Mr*. Squire and seizing her bv tbe hair dragged ner across the room and threw h«r in a corner. Mm. Fqulre attempted to riaa, but tb* Infuriated cook ponnded her head on tbe floor. .The lady finally escaped from tb* house after having part of bar hair torn out by the root*. Tbe cook was arrested and sentenced to tba workhouse. Tb* men who have volunteered to recover tbe dead bodies experience great trouble in prosecuting tbelr work. Tbe mine Is filled with after-damp, and more explosions are feared. Three of tb* searcher* were over- oem* by tha deadly gas during' the afternoon, and were resuscitated with much difficulty. Indian* and Chinese were engaged in tb* perilous work nntll noon, when a light explosion in the pit sent them an screaming to the shaft. Bom* of tba bodies can not be reached, as they lie beneath tons of coal and timbers. LATTB.—The latnt estimates of th* loan'of life by'the mine explosion' indicate that fully 100 person* hav*peri*b*d. A DEADLY RAItWAY MISTAKE. BUTTON Tht* shoe stands blither In tbe «^ttro»Ofm ot W~0ar0rt than any other la the -world. Tbou*mn'l* irao wit will ulljoa tli« reason tr/oa uk UMO, ,—WXI— J. R. BELL £ SON tf 111 sell them to yon It you trill ft« ttian • Kahane*, M well u| FINE OLOTHH7O. A. new and desirable ttoek of which tbey totve oh . band. Dent Uilnk of K0\ng anywhere •!*•, . as no one elae In tbe city keep* The James Means Shoe ! Or M One and ! ELEGAUT OLOTHHTO I Aithey do —•j MORTH It Sends a Train to Destruction with an YJafcnowv Nom'b'e* bt Victim*. Kmr Wrsr, Fla., Jan. Si— Owing- to • niistake by a signal station a fearful collision occurred on Saturday night on the Oeste railroad, that runs from Havana to the Vuelto Aba jo district. A passenger train collided with (Cfrelght train seventeen mile* eastof La Serradura station. The engineer and Bremen ' ot both train* w*r* Instantly killed' and their bodies terribly mangled, Forty passengers were more or less badly hurt, and both locomotive* wen completely wrecked. ' It was over seven hour* after th* accident before tbe news was received, , a* (he conductor ot the passenger train had to walk twelva mile* to telegraph tbe accident. Consequently many of the Injured paswn- Ken died before medical aid reached them. Penetrate* ike Centre* Itlon In WISCONSIN, MICHIGAN, MINNESOTA, DAKOTA, NEBRASKA AND WYOMING, TarrlBe EzplcMloa o JxKTlKTOWN, Pa., Jan. 9ft— At 9 o'clock Wednesday' morning a terrible explosion occurred at tbe dynamite factory at Bethayree station near here. The building wa* entirely destroyed and the workmen blown in all directions,' and- several badly injured. A Toung > man named John Oaston wa* the most seriously hurt, hi* side being cut open and his left arm torn off. He will probably dla, Tb* other injured men may recover. Every pane of glass within a halt mil* of tbe factory' wa* broken. • '' Two Killed, Five Badly Hart. OnuMOiiAEX, Mich., Jan. !H— A train on the Smith & Foyer Lumber railroad Jumped tba track Tuesday near here. Five men ware severely Injured and John Reardon and James Monisey ware killed. It* TBA IK 8KBVICK 1*i carefully arranged to meet requirement* of local travel, u wen as to furnish the most attractive Boute* or through travel between Important TRADE CENTRES-, xFB KOUIP3IKWT of Day and Parlor Oars, ulnlng and Palace Sleeping Can 1* without rival. ' . ITS KOAD-BKD U perfection ol stone-ballasted steel.. The North-Western la the taTorlt* route for the Commercial Travel, the Tourist and the seekers after new home* In the Golden Northwest. • Detailed information cheerfully furnished by G-. E.: f. M. WHiTMAS, H. O -xrl Vlce-Frea. A Gen, Mangr. JTrafflo MaM*sr. I P. f 1180J, Ml tumpi Aft* The Booloh Lttud Vtmgtn, LOHDOH, Jan. So.—Donald McRae, the leading spirit of the Highland Land league, i* In London In tbe' interest of tbe Booted crofter*. In au Interview Wednesday h* expressed btmsalf a* exceedingly hopeful that the laud would be restored to th* people, but In the meantime, he said, roliet for th*ir Immediate wants was absolutely n*,c***ar?,aad hi* purpose In coming to. London .was to w*k thia. , futllvnn Drops ln»e Pa*»rj-. DUBLIN, Jan. £n—It k aaU tbat Lord Mayor Bulllvitii ha* writt«a during hi* ooo- JUi*m»nt iu prlsoa a volume entitl*d "A Pott's lay* In Tullamor*,* whlrta b» ha« to Balfoor. nl of a Kabb*i S. Y., J«a. 86k -Th* Explosion ol Jan. 20.— An explosion of mslan- ite occurred In-a factory at Zurndorft, Hungary, Wednesday, killing three person* and wounding twelve. Favorable to Cora Lea. U), Mo.. Jan. Sa.—Th* courtroom was again crowded' Wednesday with eager spectators at the trial of Cora E. Lee. Thirteen witnecsec for th* defendant war* examined, but their testimony was substantially th* same as at the former trial. & I. Hazeltine and Thomas V. Harden swore that.ttuy caw Graham and hit wife get oft at Dorchester, two miles north ot th* Molloy farm, on th* night of the murder, which, it true, utterly refute* the state 1 * theory that th* defendant and Graham end hi* wife ail went to the '.'arm from this city in a spring wagon that night, Etta Lea; an adopted daughter of Mr*. Molloy, swore that Cora *i*pt all tbe night of. the murder with her and Etta Molloy, another adopted daughter, and tb* latter corroborates tUl* statement. • Smaofcs of the "Bowdr Weot." BoTJTU NoHWAtJt, CD., Jan. SSx—At Hew Canaan "Wednesday Louis Drucker, acon- •tablv attempted to terra a warrant upon Jaoob Keeler for violation, of tb* *aoi*> law/ ECeeler' barricaded th* door and threatened vlol*nei* If "Drucker entered. •'. The cotuUbl* procured amUtanOi, and was approaching the pl*oo again when Kaeler fired tram a window/killing Drucker, Instantly. Kwlor Own »bbt himself before th* posse could break lit and capture him. Ucnarou* Bonri Wattorsco. Xocnvibue, Ky., Jaa, i&—It being announced Wednesday morning that tb« priat- *n whd strock t« Tha CburMr-Jotu-nal pro. po*sd starring an oppctitjoa' paper, W. H, BaJkUnlfih, proprietor * ot Th* Cuurler-Jotu>- nal, au^iorla** Tiie Evening TIsiM to teudor tb* strikers foil Attodated r>xas dbpatekw for six mouUui fr»* of charge. CONSTIPATION T& called the "Father of Diseases," because I there Is no medium through which disease to often attacks the system as by the absorption of poisonous gases In the retention of decayed and effete matter In the stomach and bowel*. It Is caused by a Torpid Liver, cot enough bile being excreted from the blood toiiroduceNature 1 * own cathartic, and Is generally accompanied with such result* as — ltd •• of Appetite* Siok Headache, Bad Breath, eto. the treatment ot Constipation does not con- Blstmerely In unloading the bowels. The medicine must not only act a* A purgative, but be a tontn a* well, and not produce after It* me greater eostlvenes*. To secure a regular habit of body without changing the diet or disorganizing the nystern " My attention, after Buffering with Constipation for two or three yean, waa called to Simmons Liver Hegiuator, and, having tried almost everything elsn, concluded to try iL I Drat took a wmeglniuiul wid afterwards reduced the dose to a tetupoonf ul. as per directions, alter each meal. 1 found that It had done me spmushjEOOd that I oonttaiK d it until I took two bottle*, ffinee then I have not experienced any difficulty, . I Tabeouly the Which ha* ou the Wrapper Uie rad 25 mark and signature of ' ,. ;- ; J. ML JBKtJUH * CO. LADIES! O» Vottr Own Dyeing, at Haae, vita PEERLESS DYES They aresc!d««BT kajre—w colors, ^* • - A rait*** U raMM*** Twolt H. T., Jaa. «t<~Q**fj| ft C*. ot Truoi»n»hte«, tt. f ., BVW»IA ,,,t, Usr uwat Wr^Hti»1aty TTj* Sfsa few brauciM a$ Morvte«w»r '«*»*.! MarfMM, CSty, Ma; &ua**fi, Vt,|

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