Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on November 21, 1935 · Page 7
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 7

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 21, 1935
Page 7
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LENOX TIME TABLE, LENOX, IOWA Know the "Pain" rft Entrust Your . or Your Family a J.Beingto Unknown preparations to ask whether the - your family af headaches «i tell vou that before the P «f Baver Aspirin most frfld & thought if you Kdek,«f«rehef. or the relief of headaches Kins of rheumatism, neu- Ifml neuralgia. And the expen- of users has proved for the average person to use wn interest re " to can get Genuine Bayer &at you want. ayer Aspirin PARKER'S , HAIR BALSAM I Removes Dandruff-Stops Hair Falling M Impart* Color and BBeauty to Gray and Faded Hair * 60? and «.00 at D Mi Chcro. WIJ8.' Pn iTOH SHAMPOO - Ideal for tise in fetowlthPotker'BHairBalsam.Makeatho KHuidftaffy. EO cents by mail or at drug- KxChemical Works, Patchofme,N.Y. Wo Listen fhen money talks It tcf a money-logue." Is in tin Unofficial Obierver's Report on the Cruise of a Biscuit Tin. EDINBURGH. T WO years ago while visiting South Africa I met at the visitors' bureau in Capetown Lieut.-Commander C. P. Newton of the Royal Navy (retired). In one interview it was disclosed to me that he possessed the rare gift so seldom encountered nowadays — a nose for news plus a sense of humor. Upon departing I expressed the hope that wo would meet again. On the morning of my third day In Edinburgh who should saunter up to me in the hotel lobby but my Capetown friend, "Of course, you know what Is expected of you," I said. "Have i you anything In stock?" I Makes Promise Good. "Certainly," he replied, palming my elbow. "Come, and I'll show you the route over which 15 years ago —let me think. Yes, 1020, the runaway biscuit tin threw a scare into Edinburgh that will not fade from the memory of man for many a long year. You'll enjoy the tale." I liad sense enough to accompany him without asking the whys or wherefores, having had experience of his genius in such matters. We brought up in the open space where Queeusbury, Sedgwick place, Rutland street and Lothian road converge at Princess street. The Navy at Play. "It was right about here that the launching occurred," said Newton, taking a position between the trolley tracks. "In those days underground cables supplied the motive power, at an average speed of 12 or 15 miles the hour. That was before the overhead electric system came into vogue. But to get on with my story: Following the armistice it was not unusual for British submarines to come into the Firth of Forth for supplies and repairs. On one of these undersea craft there was an officer—let us call him Lieutenant X—who had a penchant for practical joking, usu- THIS WEEK Something About Billions Earthquakes Marvelous New Cars New8 From Ethiopia S13as H. Strawn, once head of the American Bar association and president of the United States Chamber of Commerce, says the country is spending $7,000 a minute, and thinks It Is too much. Your small boy will tell you how much $7,000 a minute makes in one year. Once "all the world wondered," or at least we did, when there was uorm I SUNDAY International 11 SCHOOL •• LESSON-:- By REV. P. B. FITZWATEH. B. D.. Member of Faculty, Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. © Western Newspaper Union. Useful Laundry Bag an Inexpensive Gift By GRANDMOTHER CLARK Arthur Brlsljnne talk of spending billion on the ranama canal. Now, Lesson for November 24 THE MESSAGE OF HAGGAI AND ZECHARIAH LESSON TEXT—Hageal 1:2-8; 2:8, 9; Zechariah 4:6-10. GOLDEN TEXT—I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go Into the house of the Lord. Psalm 122:1. PRIMARY TOPIC—A New House of Worship. JUNIOR TOPIC—Bunding a House of Worship. INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR TOPIC—Why We Build Churches. YOUNG PEOPLE AND ADULT TOPIC—Building Adequate Churches After the returned captives had settled down in the towns surround ing Jerusalem, the people were called together for the purpose o Hi was le Checlf on Unkind Acts A keen imagination is the surest MAY BE SORE SPOT Bachelors, least of all, are CO* cerned in discussing bachelorhood. Dimon on tne ranama canal. Now, - , t nnd Zerul)1)a any professor cou a spend that, aft- L y Jt]ie 0Pr _ In vlew of the er three minutes' thinking, and news L bth dearl „ of tne that the nation's deficit has In- , th dearl „ of tne that the nation's deficit has In- the o]d dty and temple creased fifteen hundred millions In erect1on of tne ncw tcmple the past few weeks startles nobody. | woulfl tftke R ]ong t , me> nn nUnr WM iBrcctcd w The world has passed through L ffere( , nt once to ^a. earthquake week. Earthquakes in I Montana, greatest sufferer on this continent. Severe shocks are reported In Siam, Earthquakes In Buffalo, N. Ottawa, Toronto, Guayaquil, Ecu& dor; a busy seismographlc week. If you want to make up an inexpensive useful gift, here is a laundry bag that will answer very nicely. This bag, when made up, measures 15 by 2GTlncb.es. The embroidery design is stamped on muslin material ready to be embroidered and sewed up. Ion will llnd a wire clothes hanger about the house somewhere to sew Into the bag. Tills stamped piece No. 1003 will be mailed to you for 15 erected where sacrhlces might be — cents. Hanger nnd crochet cotton are I. The Laying of the Foundation I not Included, of the New Temple (Ezra 3:8-13). Address—Home Craft Co., Dept. This was an auspicious occasion U—Nineteenth and St. Louis Ave., St. id was Impressively celebrated. Louis, Mo. Inclose a stamped, ad- 1. The priests In their official np- U rtBse d envelope for reply when writ parel (v. 10). These garments sym- | ng f or any information. Ibolizcd their consecration to the' when nnyone intends to be unkind. Most persons, however culpable, would indignantly deny the imputation. It Is usually because they fall to realize the suffering they Inflict; they are deficient in that power which depicts the pain of another to their own sensibilities. There are many hearts now hard and callous that might be rendered tender and pitiful could their imaginative faculty be so developed as to make them conscious of the distress they carelessly produce. Porters Who Shoulder Burden of Half a Ton To become n porter in the Central Markets of Paris one must pass drastic weight-carrying tests. One such 18 to walk the whole length of the market carrying at least 400 pounds on the back. Would-be porters must show also that they are capable of carrying, for n shorter distance, half an ox, weighing about 500 pounds. The knack of balancing various Kinds of burdens has to be painstakingly acquired. Several of the star porters can carry GOO pounds—more than a quarter of a ton. Standing still, some of them can hold across their shoulders a burden of half n t on .—Pearson's Weekly. Conscience Despotic conscience rules our hopes nnd fears.—Ovid. LITTLE MISS MUFFET SITS ON A TUrTK . . . AND SAYS "I WANT NO WHEY I" I'VE GOT MY TUMS IF SOUR STOMACH COMES .. . I'll EAT MY Flit, TODAY I" "YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN" SO... CARRY... TUMS arc surprising thftfc cd by carrying a roll of Turns right in their pocket. Millions have learned this quick. »f« iy to eliminate heartburn, soui-stomach, ra% 5 indigestion In this pleasant way. TUMS nresent a real scientific advancement. They contain no harsh alkalies. Instead a temartoMs antacid that never doca more than "?<"»"*• stomach acid. No danger of pver-a kaliriruS «» stomach or blood. The custom of carrying K ro?lof TUMS in your pocket will <*ve many » day for you. They're .so economical—only lOe a roll—ask any druggist. TUM! ally on n large scale. With the idea of' giving Edinburgh a paralytic stroke he took an IS by 22 inch biscuit tin, fixed a solid board on the bottom, cut a hole through the wood and the tin, knotted a six- foot wire trace through the aperture, soldered the lid tight as a drum, covered the contrivance with wrapping paper so as to give It the appearance of innocence and took himself and his contrivance to the Princess street cable line, approximately at this point where we now stand The hour was about 4 p. in the city in a fairly placid state of" mind, t'he thoroughfare not particularly overcrowded. Ideal for the enterprising Lieutenant X who, iLiuiiAi^u 1.11 \,*» - - . And the moon is partly to blame. Lord's service. Palace Housei Thousand* Its power of gravitation exercises 2. The priests with trumpets (v. g ome 3,000 of the 32,000 people of a strong pull on the earth, as it JQ). Trumpets were used in calling g p u ti one O f the seaports of 1'ugo- shows in lifting the ocean tides, the people together. Blavia, live within the walls of the Dr. Harlan T. Stetson, of Harvard, 3. The Levites with cymbals (v. Diocletian palace, which covers near- says the moon causes "sub-surface UQ). This was according to the ar- ]y nlne ncreg an( j is one of the larg- adjustments of the earth." |rangementa made by David (I est rr i va te residences ever built. Chron. 15: 1G-21). Travelers who visit Split spend most 4. They sang together by course of tllclr tlrae outdoors, so they can (v. 11). This means that they sang en j oy the brilliant sunshine, to' one another responsively. The 1 one company sang, "The Lord is l ?0 od." The other responded,^ "For couraging Is the determined energy UIs mercy endureth forever." that business men and engineers of 5. Mingled weeping and singing the automobile industry have shown ( vv . 12, 13). Some 'of the older men in fighting the depression, while Im- w ho had seen the magnificent tern- proving that which seemed beyond p i e O f Solomon wept when they saw improvement. how far short the present foundation came of the former temple. Rome gives confirmation of the I others were glad because of the slaughter of six thousand women | favor O f God which had brougnt The new cars of 1930, now on exhibition, are so extraordinarily beautiful that every American should see them, regardless of intention to buy a new car. Most en TUMS ARE ANTACID.. NOtAUXA ^^r^^r*^ T * ^f ^»^»-^—"^—- »Reward of constant care) With Cntlcnrn Soap and Cu«cur« Ointment. Let these gentle emollient* be your beauty aids. At night bathe freely with hot water and Cuticura Sonp. If any signs of pimples, blotches, red, rough skin appear, anoint with Cuticurn Ointment. Daily care will help to keep the skin deaf and attractive* Soap 2Sc. Ointment 25c and 500. Slil VI HI Vl \*l IMA \lH'llo«tm* . • -J...U— l L il* vji. "-/•- u •-- -and children by Ethiopian warriors them back and that an encouraging taking vengeance on the fathers of beginning had been made In me the children who deserted to Italy. ncw house of worship. Uome also reports the killing of five j ,, The Building of the Temple hundred Ethiopians by Italian bomb- Ing planes. attempt to assassinate Hnile Selassie by an unnamed American negro." Halle Selassie of Ethiopia has It always works rtdo what hospitals do, and the "" s insist on. Use a good liquid ", and aid Nature to restore i regularity without strain or lettct, can always be taken in MiaDy reduced doses. Reduced «}( is (he real secret of relief from "If M* IVI I, Ilk a doctor about this. Ask your JBst how very popular Dr. Cald- pi Syrap Pepsin has become. It w the right kind of help, and right Jut of help. Taking a little less JJtaw. gives the bowels a chance In of their own accord, until they •moving regularly and thoroughly iNrayhelpatall. iw. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin con- •wsenna and cascara—both natural "wes that form no habit. The ac- 'Bgentle, but sure. It will relieve [.-"wanness or bilious condition Fwwnatipation without upset. standing immediately over the slot beneath which the cable ran smoothly, contrived to insert suffli- cient of the wire trace to engage with the steel serpent gliding on its endless way. Like a flash the wire trace established an entangling alliance with the motive power of the Edinburgh Cable Car corporation, and the show was on. "Once fastened to the cable, the biscuit tin left its moorings with more noise than a cast Iron stove falling down four flights of back stairs. Almost Instantly after the get-away all the wrapping paper was ripped off, disclosing the g is tin ghost leaping straign e trolley tracks of the placid Edinburgh. Such of the population as happened to be moving at that hour cast one glance of terror at the thundering object, made a left dash into Charlotte street the first exit av.ll.ble after the "flnns the Inst available man into the battle line," relying on old men, young boys and women to run his government, remlndins you of the late czar's announcement that he was pning to send "his last monjik." He did not live to do that. The national effort to "buy our- splves out of tlio hole" encounters lifficultics. The President, to make his four billions cash spread as far Hindered (Ezra 4) The icivdln adversaries were the which delayed the temple for about backache? EN kidneys function badly and rtikl?" ? uffer • na aging backache; ?'" 1 siuinew, burning, scanty or too ' nl L Urinalion «nd grtting up at ) whtn you feel tired, nervom, ... use Doan'i Pill.. es P«i«lly for poorly Mlllion » of boxe> [US I I HI 1 I" ii" "•••' ••"--- - • ns possible, announced top wages of PD3 a month. P.ut union labor says, »No- you must pay us full union wnres,'" and New York may have a state-wide strike to back the demand. President IlooseveH, It s snid refuses to concede that public relief is a branch of union labor, and,' even with Win looming ahead, may insist that two governments In the country are one too many. Greece Is ready to take back her king and many Oreoks are growing ••snHte" mustaches like his. Many Germans grew mustaches, cnr ing lnw(1 rd, to imitate their formerka- Tliere Is not much in Imitat- j_n\; iv,tivi"«-o » — Samaritans, a mongrel people, the offspring of the poor Jews who were left In Palestine nnd the foreign people who were sent into Palestine- after the Jews wore taken captive. The three perils building of the - - . fourteen years reveal the pcrs.ston methods which tin; enemies of God use to hinder the building program of God's people In every age. 1 An unintelligent pessimism (rf: io) Because things were not as promising as they should be, some were not disposed to go forward with a constructive program and even hindered those who possessed a hopeful outlook. Under the circumstances, a glorious beginning had been made which had promise of great things in the future. f> worldly compromise (4./, 01. The adversaries said, "Let us build with you: for we seek your God This is Satan's most common^ and effective method, unrcgenerate In ser. nrst eAit tiv«"«»"~ - . ing tinware was sent on its dmbo - leal mission. Others, likewise scared cockeyed, turning to the right. leaS over the wall into Princess Street gardens. Embarrassing the Law. »An intrepid cop on stat.on at Castle street dashed out to do his stuff In accordance with regulations governing municipal police and was ES to earth, the tin messenger ing mustaches. you wonder why the Greeks cannot find a Greek for king, if they ig. In days of the Greece" it wasn't must have a glory that v necessary to go outside among "bar- - llj j \ ver V V««- They are racom- M«ided ih« country over. Atk you! DOAHS PILLS tripping tackle, that divides with a direct shin iv a clatter barians" to find a ruler. you m!iy want to know that In n-land where good times have ome bach, the Tories Imve The help of the unrcK*..."— - Awarding the Lord's work should not be accepted bv the Lord's people. 8. Open opposition by the wor ,1 ,4.4.04) when refused a part in he work, open nnd violent opposi- on was resorted to. Intimidation ,„„, political scheming were used to divert the bulldlne P'" n of God b people. ,„. Assurance of the Completion of the Second Temple (Zech. 4:0-10). «y means of the polden candle, stick is represented the restoration of the Jewish nation and the fulfillment of its divine purpose It vas to be a light in the world. IhciL were insuperable difficulties in the vaj, o"accomplishing their restora- on, represented by the great moun- but assurance was given that TIEES No Chains Needed REGARDLESS WEATHER! 4.40/4.50/4.75-21. 4.75/5.00-19 4.50/4.75/5.00-20. 5.25/5.50-17 5.25/5.50-18 6.00-16 8.50 8.35 10.55 10.65 11.95 HEAVY DUTY 4.40/4.50/4.75-21. 4.75/5.00-19 4.50/4.75/5.00-20. 5.25/5.50-17 5.25/5.50-18 6.00-16 $ 9.«0 . 10.60 . 10.35 . la.so . 12.75 . 14-15 Other Siiei Priced Proportionately low r.,;;;-«"»«.— «s"; their Wi'th the progress of tne -public interest was bor labor's prime changed . often changes our minds. CACHES Need Warmth WWjlfc Jtaplfa «V to The 8 tow ot warmth aw "y- T»*»*» «*• f , m A»«»ek'« . . . Ge '' f - orm °° e e about facing the oncoming r r Bounced inclination of the pop K to form into a vast bow wave and get out of Edinburgh for a where the 4&-B6 seems to have I senTzerubbabel and J^hiia The , lls „,„„,„.. w'™-l;« ?C 8 r«». _____ IV. The Temple Finished a very great rebuff for la-1 0:13-15) (Ezra Ed 633, Through the ministry of the Haggal and Zechariah o;i ; Hag. 1, 2), the people Wei0 encouraged to resume the ^^^Sfrnnlshedthey ^.rlterofKan-l^—ed,ttoOod( Ezr a » h^ause' v. ,n. Blessedness of Dwelllnfl forever," because -•;rr:«'.«J5 K reckless promises cannot be carried out, injnu or national government. FOR TRUCKS 32x6 Truck Type. 32x6 H.D 6.00-20 6.50-20 7.00-20 7.50-20 7.50-24 8.25-20 8.25-24 0.00-20 36.25 16.95 21.95 Z9.10 35.20 39.00 49.30 54.75 60.75 Other Sixes Priced Proportionately low « in The . ADS congestion preference _ ^»%S25-?£ overhead ou»D \« — — . . longing of the soul to i° ou ."t«r-lrrltant for »»ur S? wWU will tell i 7*pirt;Blll* J & T» "»*— *• - • , did much of W« «" re to meet God In his writing after he was to- P| Tb arrOW and swallow find , and I can do the same." ^{U \ n the sacred precincts ol ,'can use a dictating ma- a , house (v . 3). v,ar on « Milton dictated to R At home m God's house (v. *). chine, whereas MHton 8. At ^ & heart fof G<Mj TdlSt Swrite down his J^the! chief ddWit in his house. Mr. FOR TRACTORS GROUND GRIP TYPE 7.50-18 9.00-36 11.25-24 CHEVRON TYPE 7.50-18 9.00-36 11.25-24 **.8f 5***0 i*« PHcwl ProportlQHottlyUw these new Firestone Ground Grip Tires you can now go from one farm to another with no trouble at all, or you can drive into town no matter how bad the road conditions are. They will give Super-Traction in mud- snow— or soft ground— and you save time and money as you do not need chains. No farmer can afford to be without a setof thesenew Firestone ' Ground Grip Tires this winter for his car or truck. See your nearby Firestone Auto Supply and Service Store or Firestone Tire Dealer today and end your winter driving troubles. Specify these new Fkestone Ground Grip Tires on the new tractor you are buying. J ° • ' Listen to the Voice oj Pirtttone featuring Crooks, Nelson Eddy, Margaret Speaks, Monday evening* over NationwMe N.B.C^WEAP Network rvlo*.

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