Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on November 5, 1938 · Page 10
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 10

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 5, 1938
Page 10
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COUNTY CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT IENT to SECTION 21 of Article IV of the Constitution of the ryland title "Judiciary Department," sub-title "Part III Cir" providing for an additional Judge for the Second Judicial 'aryland, comprising Caroline, Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne's and ties, the said Section as amended to read as follows: 3ach of the said circuits, excepting the eighth, the second, the e sixth, there shall be a chief judge and two associate judges, judges of the Circuit Court, to be selected or appointed as here- and for the second circuit, the third circuit and the sixth cir- hall be a chief judge and three associate judges to be styled 2 Circuit Court, to be elected or appointed as herein provided, of said associate judges, for any of the said circuits, except d sixth circuits shall, at the time of their election or appoint- ng the term for which they may have been elected or appoint- the same county. If two or more persons shall be candidates ! judge in the same county in any of the circuits, except the xth circuits, that one only in said county shall be declared fias the highest number of votes in the circuit. In case any two or associate judge in any of the circuits, except the third and 3, residing in the same county shall have an equal number of c 1 than any other candidates for associate judge in the circuit, e duty of the Governor to order a new election for one associ- ut the person residing in any other county of the circuit and highest number of votes shall be declared elected. The said hold not less than two terms of the Circuit Court in each of composing their respective circuits, at such times as are now after be prescribed to which jurors shall be summoned; and nties where only two such terms are held, two other and in- irms, to which jurors shall not be summoned; they may alter Ties for holding any or all terms, until otherwise prescribed, opt rules to the end that all business not requiring the inter- lejury shall be, as far as practicable, disposed of at said inter- is. One judge in each of the above circuits, including the sec- d and sixth circuits, shall constitute a quorum for the trans- ' business and the said judges or any of them may hold special lir courts, whenever in their discretion the business of the ties renders such terms necessary. The additional associate : third circuit elected in accordance with the terms of the Con- mendment heretofore submitted and adopted shall be subject .constitutional provisions, hold this office for the same term sive the same compensation and have the same powers as are ied for the other associate judges in the third circuit, onal associate judge for the second circuit herein provided for isident of Cecil County, shall be appointed by the Governor jiration of six (6) months after the adoption of this amend- all serve until the first general election for members of the mbly that shall be held in said circuit subsequent to the adop- amendment, at which election his successor shall be elected led voters of Caroline, Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne's and Talbot istituting the second circuit. The judge so appointed shall be e same constitutional provisions, receive the same compensa- 3 the same powers as are herein provided for other associate e"second circuit, and the judge so elected shall be subject to n stitutional provision, hold his office for the same term of re; the same compensation, and have the same powers as are 3.ed for the other associate judges in the second circuit. «onal judge i'or the sixth"circuit herein provided for and elect- lalified voters of Frederick and Montgomery Counties at the n in accordance-with the terms of the Constitutional Amend- fore submitted and adopted shall be subject to the same con- rovisions, receive the same compensation and have the same re herein provided for the other associate judges in the sixth his successor shall be appointed andjor elected in accordance nstitutional provisions relating to judges. The Chief Judge :ed from either Frederick or Montgomery Counties, but when udge is elected from Frederick County one of the associate be a resident of said County and the two remaining associate be residents of Montgomery County and when the Chief Judge ·om Montgomery County one of the associate judges shall be if said Montgomery County and the remaining two associate ents of Frederick County. In case any candidate or candidates } judge at any judicial election held in the sixth judicial circuit sufficient votes to cause such candidate or candidates to be de- d, but the election of such candidate or candidates would cause ate judges than herein permitted to reside in any county of then and in that event only that candidate or those candidates, may be, residing in said county in -the order of the votes re- be declared elected whose election would provide the permitted issociate judges from said county and the candidate or candi- case may be, residing in the other county, and not similarly who shall have the next highest number of votes in said elec- declared elected. If, by reason of such a condition or by reason vote for two or more candidates a sufficient number of associ- luly qualified as to residence as above set out should not be ay election in said sixth judicial circuit, then it shall be the Governor to order a new election for such unfilled office or of- ·TITUTIONAL AMENDMENT CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT REFERENDUM · repeal and reenact with amendments Section 5 of Article 62 tated Code of Maryland (1924 Edition), title "Marriages" to within which marriage licenses may be issued, the purpose uire a forty-eight hour waiting period between the application ge license and the performance of the ceremony. REFERRED LAW FHE REFERRED LAW j 33, of the KICK, MEMBER siitc^ the t wild u-\lh i ARMISTICE ! rs of Just 20 years ago, on November 11, 1918, the order to "cease firing" sped from front to front on France's great battlefield. It marked an end to the greatest armed conflict in history. The world went deliriously happy but it did not forget tlio brave soldiers (almvc) who had learned the horrors of war and could now rest. War's end came after marshal Foch and his stall received the German plenipotentiaries at Rethondes, France. On the exact spot where stood the railroad car in which peace was signed, France placed the abovo memorial stone. t - , . The delirium ot prnii-slicc returned a few weoks later v. lien the dou^lihojs came inarching dome. Thoiisainls paiscil under the triuni phal arch erected in New York city. A few days later they were mustered out anil headed for home. But some were not so fortunate. Twenty years later, veteran hospitals throughout the nation house invalids left by the World war, strong- willed men who are striving to "come back" in the face of physical and mental ravages left by gas and shrapnel. Many have succeeded, overcoming their handicaps and becoming useful citizens. They paid a high price to give the world peace. Some paid an even higher price, with their lives. In Flanders Held the poppies still bloom over the graves of valiant American soldiers. Meanwhile, 20 ycais after armistice, too many of the World's lessons have been forgotten. In remember ing the sacrifices that ga\c us (icaer lies the world's only hope for con timioil Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On No mnttcr how many medicines you have tried for your common cough, chest cold, or bronchial irritation, you may get relief now wltli Creomulsion. Serious trouble may be brewing and you cannot afford to take a chance with any remedy less potent than Creomulsion, which goes right to the scat of the trouble and aids nature to soothe and heal the inflamed mucous membranes and to loosen and expel germ-laden phlegm. Even if other remedies have failed, don't be discouraged, try Creomulsion. Your druggist is authorized to refund your money if you are not thoroughly satisfied with the benefits obtained. Creomulsion Is one word, ask for It plainly, sec that the name on the bottle Is Creomulsion, and you'll get the genuine product and the relief you want. (Adv.) LIQUID-TABLETS SALVE-NOSE DROPS relieves COLDS Fever and Headaches due to Colds it County. i h Try "Rub-My-Tism"-a Wonderful Liniment Confident D " » Clarence W. Miles, In Stale;u'H Ji:,t i-:,ral, D.ihrts Incliaiiio:t.- Point To Al Li«: t t !." of 2.'! Co ir.Kts Voting Democialic, V/ith 00,01)0 M.ijoriiy In re Cuy. With the election only a M\ ila* off, ··» 'ufp.i-tf v k t o i i- predicted by Clnionce W. M i k , c l i ' i n n . n of t h e DcuiuLi.itii; A d v i ^ o i y Cam paign Conunittee. Optimism is running hitfh at L m ; . i n 1 c-.dtni. i Ui.i in Baltunoie as tin final stttKes of the long, t v i t i n t r 'iip i "ii ,i,c i. u h u l . The enthusiasm Wllh whidi l i e ] - , , i . m m m i , 1. i\i n i led I k i l i u t II O'Conor, candidate' fot C O M - a m ; 3id!. J L" l.vFitt;' , .ct'.uitf jc-c lotion HI U. S. Senator; William C. \\ 1 i, ' i ' ' · - I" n · A u o i m - j - U n; .1 Milhud Ta\\cs, candidate f-n «'lc i n », ) .pli il ; Janus A. Ymiir-, i .inning for le election .'-, ( t I n t'. ' c t . L ol A i[ ..I , li.i 1' n i _ i 5 mOT353OTS!2Si 'ncnt tr those v I o n: . 1 " t'n i J c p i i d. t i t M.\ M i e s p i r d i c t s a iii.'io.ilv f i. IK.n 'iO,0'0 vol. , fw the 1) 1,10- cr.itic ticket in Ba'timoie ( r.y, .in i L p · ' - .it 1- ·' I 1"' of Hie '-'! cou,ilio3 tr return Domociatic pln..ilii . Comiri'ie 1 II.I..L i.n in !: !li: r CM} In a st.itoiuont, ju?t ic'c.i'-od by . Ii. V'' ., i c il: "Ifepoils fioin all of Ilia LC i. KH ·. '. i i. d i ; M i . O'Conoi. Senalin Tjdmga, and the ·-talc'.u'u D ,u . t c .u i ' .ill i.omt to an o\oi«- whclim.iK vctoiy f«r th U i c i - ' t ' 1 1'. i l v . U R I C i- ct-iMplelo hanno ly in Bnlliir.oic ( i t y :u d n 1 ' 1 ti .ns iiic l)i und Mi. O I ormr, Senator Tjdjii!,'., and the \.'n^ 1-Hi . ii · tU. t. "A (.'i-iat many Kciiiibl t?.i . i '.. '.ii" a n 'i ,' u- infii:-rt!. 1 in tliu Rcpubl L.UI P.uty as well - I I · i . . . .d 111', i.;uu iiuln-.itcd t h t i r picfcr^nm for Mr. O'Con n : ii i'f , .1 \ .d , ( . d i e o l t ah 1 i'y thinking I t publicans. A l l i n ] i' t o a M - i i ··; ne?Mi» u L i u victoij Iiiditrilinri 1 ! point, to i ]. .' ' ' i in ( t 1 i (',0 ' l;l) . u ' , for the Dei.iociatic tie-Ut in T 1 1 ni .L- » .' . '. i l i i .'.t Ic:i t 1" ol the 23 cour. j ' i c t m n i n t ; l)u ! ^ t c i j l n ' Mr. O'Cor ,1 - .id: "The reception ve iecM'\rd i:..s Lcc'i ino,t luaitciiing in Suuth- ern M a i j ' j n d when; vc pro :· uiLl of nn t s a t i . f a c t o i y majoiities. In WL-IOI i ?iaijlaml, v l u i c ( ; o \ c " ) r :»ic" ^ L ' - i ^ d the bulk of 1m county majjrity in 10 i I, indi ati nis . i«, .!i t t h i , Iti publican nnjonty will be c 't down treniendou ]y, it no c i i i ly. O.i the 1'istein Siioic and ir the CenLial cot.i.ties thi 1 - c n' i L- I UP oc ' t i c t, kot i-'enis as- surei' of =".icccss Kcncir.lly. Lnoii.-li nf Kci).!')luM'i \iJ" 'i "-..r.ilioii "/ 11 tfiib. toTclhti v.ith *!u pio en i c,ii"-ih ol our ticket in !3'il- tim-jie City, wliLie we eo.JjdcntiV i ) ~i .1 M v i. .,' i 1 irijoii*y, ii cli- eu j j thi.t M a i y l a n d w i l l i c t i i . i tlie L'I ,nrc atic I'.al.v to p o \ u i . On every su.'c v,e have hca d fi , i *lc ...M ' · is .1:11! IJcnitcuts alike that they h~\o had cnoL'';h oi G ' - . ^ i i ' i r Ni c's Adininrstiat'on at An- najjolis nml theio i . a el- ar i.iilij^'ion thi't the statewide Domociatic ticket will be otnvlicl../. .,lv E..IC f'il on X«\ember bth." Senator Tydmjjs, who has c o ^ p i c d Hi" st"te w i t h Mr. O'Conor nnd ttf '··^v staUv ide camlidales, -aid: "I am icady to pi edict one of HIP i n n = t sncepinpr Dcmociatic \ i c - toiles in many yc:u.. Tl'f ci \ h tlnl have tinned out e'.cij .\htrc icflcst inteie t in the- Dii. 1 "- n t i c |- o' 1.1111 rnd we have hc.ud le- peatcd dec-lr.iation of dit- "n "action w i t h tl'c Republican AdminL- tration of the pa=t four years. "We c\pcet a cii.ip 7 eto Doir'.d'atic vicloiy, i'lcluding 1 Mr. O'Connr, Judge Walsh, 3Is - . Tuv.cs, Mr. Yniuifr, m; e!i and the six Democir.Lic -, toR^'hcr \ ith the local Democratic ticket k^ Clear the Deck of Used Cars. FORDS: 1W8 Foi d Tudor 1IW7 Ford Tudor 1906 Ford Tudor l{Wo Ford Tudor 1():J4 Ford Tudor liKj:* Foul Di-Iux Phaeton 19S2 Ford Coupe OTHERS: 19IJ2 Chevrolet Coach 1932 Chevrolet Cuupe 19'33 Chevrolet 4-Door Sedan m i J3 Ponlhu.- d-r«or Sedan 19:35 Pontiae Coach $495.00 445.00 295.00 245.00 225.00 165.00 145.00 $145.00 145.00 245.00 345.00 395.00 A hirge assortment of good used trucks and cheap used cars. otor Co, LANE BRADCHLE Preston, Md. Phone«: D-\y 10; Nipht 61 YOUR HOME MERCHANTS ASK YOU TO "BUY AT HOME" E! YOU TO SEE H U M O R O U S F A S C I N A T I N G NEW AND DIFFERENT TALKING MOTION PICTURE At The DENTONIA THEATRE Dcnton, Md. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday November 15, 16 and 17 Doors Open 2 O'Clock P. M. Show Starts 2:30 O'clock P. M. A cordial Invitation Is extended to every woman In this community to see "Star Jn My Kitchen," the Hollywood production, featuring a number of well-known actors and actresses, that combines cookery instruction with entertainment and amusement. It is the most interesting and fascinating presentation of cooking methods ever devised for the home-maker. You will be able to sec all and hear all.

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