The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 25, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1859
Page 4
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LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS. — . ___^ ----- rit * Co, Button; Folum * Drcs- 3 3 Bastard * ?<K Beeaitor, ft * } VTB Clreiit Court, HHW McrtoVB; X Batter Mr Oor VUttrillt; BSFOBTEP FOB TBB PA1LT gBWS; There w*a «» octtMirdiiiuy season of tfie ', caOted too«mBalton,bo»ifiessi« Di .% a »«>»llthU, t «iier •"-'•- ..... ' Jot of IMbUi spring ertra brought «,75. secoB- ;J .rlse»U thssaJw Ui«oflF4|is**»W>.iild >esr*f to-day - *' 4tl«iX.Bte8hK)4$ai«r^aB W Birl3rjij>ont,w , . of detpatohes for onr ministers abroad to be 'toaJwo.thWMih.anar.atd at oomnmnioated to the courts to whiehther - -— • •re respMtivwl/ accredited setting fprth the neutral position«f our Government -In .view of the pending European hostilities. Hon. W. D. Bishop, recently- Appointed CommiBdoner of Patents arrived here to-day and entered upon the duties of his office. Secretary Case and Senor Mate had a conference this morning on the* subject of Me*!-' The Philadelphia Post Offioe question continues to excite much comment, and it is now • thought (hat-John Bobbins, Jr., will succeed Mi.Weatoott. ; r The President ha« appointed Col. Store- bough of Philadelphia, Surveyor-Qeneral of Utah. ;" r " • ~:'. '• '• There U no doubt that immediate measores • will be taken 'for protecting the -' Government' train from .apprehended attacks thereon ,by the l f*jmished Pike's Peakers : - ;iThe«xpeBBes fer the collection of tbe>eT- enuaofN. T., will at the commencement of the next quarter, be reduced to the extent of $100,000 annually. A thorough reoonnoisanoe ot all the matl rentes is being made, with a view of curtailment at every point where it is practicable without serious detriment to the public. In many cases service has altogether discontinued, n others, the number of trips have been reduced from daily to tri-weekly, and from .tri- weekly to weekly. Acting on this principle, the Post Office Department has withdrawn, the Last twe months, an annual saving of a million and a half dollars, exclusive of about $500,000 saved by the refusal of the Postmaster General to put iu operation the nearly seven hundred routes created in J858,bnt for the support of which there was no appropriation. . •, The work of curtailment if still progreSaini. It is not probable that the service will be continued on many, of the railroad lines. • The six acting midshipmen who were di»missed from the navy for being participators in the tarring and feathering of some of their comrades at the Naval Academy in April Last, have been re-instated to their former positions. Boston Intelligence. BOSTOS, May 22. Onnther's milling establishment, 234 Washington-Street, was destroyed at 1 o'clock last night Loss, about $6,000. The most important anniversary meeting today, was that of the Tract Society. Almost ^£he first business done was the adoption of a resolution severing all connection with tbe N. y. society, declaring a re-establishment on a national basis. A resolution subsequently introduced expressed kindly feelings for the New York Society, produced a long discussion and was finally rejected. The officers for the ensuing year were chosen. The following resolution was adopted : Resolved, That the publication daring the present year of any well-written tract or tracts which may be offered to the Publishing Committee, calculated to arouse and concentrate the religions sentiments of all Christian men against the slave trade, and to aet forth its great wickedness, were met with the warm approbation of tbe society. WXBHIKOTOX, May 24. The instructions to our Minister to Mexico contemplates the acqnesition of tbe United States , of a perpetual control over the Isthmus of Tehanntepeo, and the straightening of the line of tbe Gadsden purchase from the Bio Grande to tbe Gulf of California, terminating at Gdbymas, also a mixed commission for th* settlement of claims. New Commissioner of Patent*. WASHINGTON, Hay 24. Hon. M. It. Bishop,recently appointed Commissioner of Patents, arrived here to-day, and entered upon the duties of his office. * N*w YOKE., May 24. Thompson Bros, state in a card that toe amount of genuine notes with forged signatures on the Brighton Market Bank, Massachusetts, already returned from Wall street several thousand dollars. LA CB.OSSB, May 24. Two men were drowned here this morning, while attempting to cross the marsh In a skiff, during the heavy gale—one of them said to be a resident of Sparta or vicinity, name not known; the other is a Norwegian named Mat. Cnlser, from Butler Co., Pa. He was on his way to Minnesota, with his wife and four children. WASBLSOTOS, May 24. James H. Warden has been appointed Surveyor of Customs at Troy. Former reports read Joseph H Wardon. Movements of Filibuster*. New Orleans, May 24. Tehanntepec advices of the 14th, received by the Coahwcoalacoa, state that the passengers by the steamer Oregon, which makes the connection between Tontosa and Acapulco, report that General Walker and 800 men were on board the VanderbQt steamer Orizona, which had arrived at Acapuloo from c^u Francisco. Their intentions ware'unknown, but is supposed they were bound to Southern Mexico. New York, May 24. Hargons Bro.'s have suspended payment on the acceptances given fay them for the Te- hauntepeo Co.. It is stated that shippers in German vessels find U difficult to insure cargoes without the seizure clause bang inserted in their policies. BOSTOS, Maj 24th. The Demola Encampment of Knights Tem- plars reached home from their Richmond tour this p. m. They were met in Roabary by tbe Boston encampment of Knights, and the two encampments in procession marched through •everal of our principal streets to Nassau hall. The Demola Knights are eloquent in their appreciation of tne hospitalities extended them by-their Southern brethern. BOSTOS, May 24. The S. S. Canada was decked with flags and a salute fired from her deck to-day in honor of the birth of Queen Victoria. Owing to the counterfeits circulated in New York and the West, Brighton Market Bank proposes to withdraw from circulation all it* $100 bills. PKOTIPEVCB, May 24. The Knights Templar arrived here this morning, on their -return from Bichmond, They were received by their brethren here, tmd met by the encampment from Boston. ' After a pleasant interchange of hospitalities the Knights left for home. '' Fugitive Slave Convention. : The Mass Convention for aiding fugitive •laves was well attended, The convention declared the fugitive slave law unconstitutional censured the Dred Scott decision, denounced the Supreme Court as degenerate and subservient to politics, and that the judicial powers should be remodelled. . ;• lie arreit of the Obetlin rescuers nowpris- onera, was disgraoef nl and unparalleled, and they should have their liberty. Speeches were made by Chase, Wade, Giddings, and others. •aBSFMBaB*a**Bas******j w<Mbi2is i T CaT" A great many learned treatises have been «rrit- ten, explaining the origin of, and clasaltylng the worms •^aerated in tbe human system. Scarcely any topic C m»dlcal*clenee iuselleetcd more acate observation and profonded rewards'; and yet physicians-are very main divided in opinion on the auhject. It mast be however, that, after all, a mode of expelling theie worms, arid jmrtrylng the body from their presence, }s of mar* rain* than the wisest disquisitions as to" tile origin. Jh* expelling agtat nu at length been tounrU- reccysa' aWflOs. OP ¥81 DAILY Milwaukee, Hay 24, Banks to-day, sllll 1 smotmftsis; to all lb* otter, a traosaotiops occaued, which we give, below skewing wfjt«rd»y'« price, fully sustained wltfi . alight upward tosdimcy, -th« ottrket was wkhout anl- mtjtlon, and on the reeelpt of the Now Toilk report. iujren **q baa*«en.opsr»UBr •«» iWetully', lowered their prices, and transicUoni closed, with a downward tendency; rery little was done to coarse grains- about - _ on yesterday. Potatoes, Batter ani Vggt arc to good supply; and generilly dull and drooping. ' 4 1 < Flour-jduUtairi UtU«>done.- Ssies 100 bfclj coaatry rlng 7,0oa7,25; 186do prlngcxtras>t «,7B. ., Whei4-!n i moderate- Kqnest, but closing Itojrer.- Sales 325 boa choice extra at 1,48; 625 -do ezt^a at 1,40 2,000 do No. 1 f. o. b., 1^1; 890 do sto. 1 tn siojre 1,28; •800 do inferior at l^lfi; 4«0 do trtpe extra 1,45; no do 4o IflO; 600 do extra l^SO; 825 d* Seii delivered, 1,18; 8,000 do No. 1 in store last month- 1,22. Potatoes-*hade lower. Salts '808 bus common red at 48. . • r Hlghwlncs — lc lower, stales 6f bMi at ii». We make.tlie following qnolatloas : V ' Wheat— Ho. 2 Spring Wheat 1,10; Bo. 1 Bering Wheat 1,82; Mo.; 1 Extra Spring Wheat 1,28; Club Milling Wheat l^Sai^SO, strictly extra; Wnter Milung R,,) 1,«0®1,' 0; Winter Milling White Wheat extra,. Rye-l,0»®l,05. Barley— DO sales. Oatfc-60. Corn— M&gg; corn (»ar) 7a. is. Hotter— 10<ail forfirkJn; roll »4®1Q. Potatties— 469CO. Pork— b.«ary mess 20,00. Bides— (Ts«n 0; stated 7; dry l»£14j; All Vl ©10. Timothy Seed — unchanged. . Uallroad tUasmn «r LiCiossi A May 24—43 bus wheat; 77* do oats; 277 •>> f/otato«9. 238 bblt floar^BB sacks do; (V Ibs Iron ore; 648 do*i!4eE> 1»,SI« do sasidries; 2 head cattle. **&?»*** ft Werawegm,* joBtf* Peabody, Cambria; D* J Comma. Pardeville; Dlessner, .Rochester. Minn; —•••» *.•"*•""*• •>•»»» «»=T,W«K •) ill in i it' . .niH'iii im 11 *muuia Op mbn«VBro, H e Fan); P Smith, Hew tlsbojitJPhllllp fchoentcker, 8 E«senberg, BacLie; 3 BHo»eMiig»,iCtdl*on; WotxJworth *PorUn, Monroe; N H * Co, Tflama* lies' Houx; ft Wlntermate, Jno Henchman, Whitewater. ««o. w. u r .aua.*.muis. A. Jeukinp, OOUNSKL.L.OR AT LAW, NO. t« NA88AC 8V.,. NEW YORK. CITY ADVERTISEMENTS. Cm OoMpTiotLkE's Ornck, ( • QKiLED propotals will b» received at »hlt offlce, ua O tfl MoBday, M«y.80th,;ln»t,afc8 ft'eloclt r. M., for making such alterations .and repairs In tin Police itatlon and Munrclpal Court Booms u required In the plans and specULaatlans, whlah may be sees and exam. hed at the office ofMlgatt t tchnildtner, where such lnf«rr»*tloo as detlred may be obtained. mayiO-dlOt J. L-H. 6 AEDIHIR, Comptroller. NOTIOK. Crrr OoHnxoLut'sOrnoi, I Uonlracl Department, Milwaukee, May 24, ISM), f T IHE following Is a schedule of lots, puti of lots and parcels of land ID the Sixth Ward, of the Ulty of Mllvtjukee, thst will be benefited to the amount set op. posjle each by constracUng a sewer through block 28, In said ward. KRN8T HEBZIB, CHKLK8 BDBAOK, Street Oommlsslouers. Bl«xsk. Lot. Benefits. 23,35 25,85 26,85 £5,Si 25,65 , mwyS4-dSt «. t'H. OA 8DI (IU, Comptroller. [By Teiegrafh.) Now fork Market. tew Toax, *. lA at 5,60O«,7e for »up«srtine state ; for extra; 8.80<$«,7S fsjr wpertoe western for common «o gooj extra western; 7,asjra7B») for roond hoop Ohio. Market closing fceaVy ^^^ Rye flour— 4,BO®5,BO. Wheat — dull and nomlsjelly 2tfi4c lover • salac 27 000 ywySOWO tar Mn dab; Ml for Taf w^Tern f ed° 1,80 for weslvn; 10,001 bus w. ch 1*4. rrtarntS l*»tu uverpool. • Kye— firm; sales 800 bus at 1, to. ' Barlty— quiet a&d unchanged. Corn- declined lOSc; sale* 26,f W bus at 92 for com- mo f » n) ««»o<"«'«rn ; Wia95 for Jersey an* santhern yellow; 9&Q.94 fat round yello*; 88 for unsound rsXxed western; sound d« 92; B wale of 18,000 bus milled was- tern was made deUrcnble In Jnly and August at 98 8tock.-2d board dull. BUFFALO MAtKEl. BurraLO, M%j- 25 moderate Bod steady; sale* 1 or state from western spring .heat • T/Z&aVB for estra Mich., Ind. and Ohio; 8 00^8,60 for double extra* and Isworite famBy branda ' ^^ Wheat— dull and ng sal«. Com— Inactlre and lower; sales 12,000 bus at SO ior unsound; 88 for souad. • Barley— quiet and steady. Canal n-elshts)— 5Jf fer osju; s for cern, lo rur rbeak 26 tor a»ur to J«sw York. OiWEOO MfcRKtT. . (towioo, May •&. Heur — qutet. * llcm t — lower with moderate demtjod taiea 18 000 bui at 1^5 for M*l. clu», lafelqdlngoSO bus dlan on p. t. Ko com of ImportsjDos) In maraet. O*" — quiet a»d lower, nominally at 5S. Freights — *,uli and unclsange*!. Cirr CosnTi-oiLSS'6 Orncs, i Contract tkepartincnt, May 24, US*. ( T HE following described luia la Uie 5 h Ward or the City of Milwaukee, by resttru Ion of the Common Council, adopted the »th dt, of May, 185», were declared public nuisances by leaaun or stagnant water and filth thereon, riz : Lot 4. block 1», lot 5, block 19 4ot 6, block !.*; lot 10, block ^; lota 1, 2. 12, 18.14,16, 16, U and 10, fclock M; lots 6, 7,.» a-4 4; block 85; N X 2,8X8.1*. U, J«, *3. 14, block U; lot* «,?.«, block 84; lots 1.2,8,4, 5,«, 7, H and *; bla** S7; lota 10. 13.90* U, block 83; N % 1, N H 2,1st S, 8 and 9, block 10S; W % of 8, W % «r £ X (asd «, block if-; lots 4 «nd A, block 2V; lot 8, block t5; lot 12, Mack 24; lot 9, bloc* U; lot 1, bl->ck i. Milwaukee frofia. L«t> -, fclock 7; lots 1 2 au ' », black 6: U>k b auKl C, block », lots a, 5ac« 14, block .1. ' f j£ Walken ivint. iota 4, S acil«. Mock ask i, t It), brook »», block *9; C 20 ol WV»of S X oTll and E SO ot W 12» or Jl sad U; let 11, block 11; tot 10. black 14; lot 7, block 12; Jot 8, block 11. uirners aadagelaU orabovr described property are bstrewy notified to abate aaHl tiBlssuice wkhia twvBtjr. one da;t from Ihe publlcMioti ,>f this uMltr, or>ierwlie th* Street Cammisalaricrs »t the5ta Ward, vlil ea'-se Ute swne lo be dnur *ai cha tv-d to tUe r*epr«tlv« lot* accordinf to lav. ma*24-d«l (. L'H. O A KCINKt, Com|itroUv. Otvr Co ^PTSOLLSR'S Orric*, i CwntfWt »ff.trtme»t, Mil., U*y H, 1S59. 1 r|W£ following described '<-t» to the Kiflh Ward M- of ths> City ef Milwaukee, b/ resolution of the Common Council, adorned May 9th, ISM*, sreri declared a public Bulsance by reuon Of ttigasjni water and filth tUeteoa, "nl saM uiitaance o-dered to be abated wltn- tn wtaklD — days from tn» | ufctlcstldn of thji notice, rll: Lot*, blo-k r, N' J% 5, b:ock 7, £ 1 », block 7 H >i 12, *l««ck 7; 8 )•; 12, block 7; lot 18, kdoek 7; S. S 8, block i. tot 1, bjock 1% lot 8, block 4, io» », block 4; lot 10, Uoe%4, lit U, block 4. M U. block 4, M V I, block 18; » X 1, MoMt 1»; len C block *; lot 7, b'»c* 6 lot 8, block 10. Owners aad aceots or above Jeicrtbed properly are hereby notified t« abate saht nsjliances srttki n i». = tlms nanad auove, or the 8u Cpounlsiloneri of said 6th Ward will cave tb* 'mun? to or font w>4 charsred to tue respectlse lass, accordlrjf t» Isjw. *. L'B. «AaulS«E, Comptroller. SLlT SsV"!. » A. M,— Wted B. W.; brisk; «hin clrrOJ ck»n4 atefl ; thickening to slr&ttis In the W. Barometer 29, 20. Thermometer 70. 14 "• — Win* 8. E. sta/ongi siky toTerwl irlfl, ro»y|«rd torn clondft. Barometer 2S, OS. TVermomrtsrr 05. 4 p. «^-Wlnd J.; blowing a fair i raj^n! clouds driv Ing across the skj- fronl B. W Barometer 29, 07 , Thermometer 76. 1 t. ".— Wlsxl 8. W. ; folngrjolln , clonBs wrouwl In* wejtern horizon ; heavy to N. W. Barometer 29, 10; Thermometer T3. CITS C" MpTw&tUSj's Orstca, i Oonuact P»pariaient,541lwsute*, May 24, 1M9. f ^EALKO frofiosals will be rt-e'ved al this ofllce im- 55 til I»ri4ay, May rfth, 1 «89. . t 10 A. sv, fur dolug the following unfinished wosk , n Sd street In taie Ctti Ward or th* City of Milwaukee, the aame h»rinj been or tiered by the Board of Counclor*, taae 21, 1S&D, and concurred lo kf fne Koard «r A Idenawn, Jane 2». l»i«, TII Tke sldrwslki to be carbed and piankr,! aad stone frutlxr* con*tructed bet'eek Sorth stre»i, and Ae north Uxte of section 1« *. L'H. Contract T HE roUaoiaa 1 I* land* In tbe^ih CITT Cos>rraotx«»' n Orrioa, i , MllwaukM, Msy -», lain. | • sckedul* of lots and i*-ce, ,. • ar4 ofll.«en, of Milwaukee, U,«: wU be lieu*ttt«d to the amouul *et oppunile cmak by fl4lrp Uiein with asuBcieut amcurn o« rar'.h lo abate the uuiscT.ct* twefuatn . *- 0. S ItBEff , VCKiiX, Street Be Dta *l fi»r tt It»t er If. Camp, tad I> IT virtue of to exeealloa Issued from said Court In JJ the a*»Te entitled action, to me directed, end de. UveiedaKalDsttbepenoasland resl property of Oit •bo e named defendants, I hare setxed and levied on the 1 ollowlnt real ettate, to wit : .Bsglnnlns; at «.p«int lathell&ebetwetn , lonll*, audio, 12STfe«tnorthoftlioquaner ' lection corner; running ttence wes» lSt%t tet* a the east lino of Fourteenth *Ue»t; thenne .with said cistllne of Fourteenth street, norUi ffM feet tb BeaubliB street, br the e*«en»Ion iit hat street as represented la the plot of Vllei'i addition to the cliy of Jlilwsaiee; thence »lli the tooth line of said street, east VH feet; Uie&ce with the southerly. : line of said street portheastcrly about 210 fret to an angle la said itreet: thence with Ihe south line of s*ld Btreef tail about 80 feet to the point where tke south westerly line of the land conreyed to Abram Fuel by d«ed recorded In stUwaokte Comity n vol n of deeds at page 810, crosses said south lue of Said street; thence with i&ld »outhwe»ter- y line of Abram Vllet's land louth 41 degrees, •ait about «0» feet to a point on eleventh ureet, where said line Is intersected by the weal Ine of Abram Vllet's land, 'accordinf to deed •ecorded In vol «1, of deeds at pageMS; tbeftce umth with said west Use of Abram VUet'a land 8 chains to a comer; thence west with boun- of said Abraia Vllet'i land 8 ebaini; thence kouth with tald boondary 416 X feef to nortli Ine or Sherman itrect; thence with B&ld north Ine, west 6.92 chain* to •eaten llnei llrcoce vlth section line nonS •"» feet u> the |>ls>ce of Deglunlnji, containing about ao.Jtt acre*, and being; situated la the east balf of the nurtlj east jnarter of section IV, and In the Weal h«if uf :he north we*t quarter of Bectlosi 2U, lovn 7, rang* 22. : Also lofe », 1(1, 11. 12, bloc*) «. I Lot* S, 3, 4, ft, • ami I, wloc* ». Lot C, blocs 4. ', Lot C, block 8. i Lot 8, Mock 18. iall In VlletS Addition la> the city or Mil- tvaukee, being In the east half of tne north cast quarter of lection 19 and tke west half or N W \ or section 10, town 7, rissge »J ea»t.— Also the rollowtag real estate bcf itmiuj at a rolnt In Kcttva Roe between iectloa» |»»nJ 1(1 at nortti sWe of £bermsn sireet and 82S red lorth of the quarter aectlost corner; thenue rltli section line north K9 reel; tfcence »»3l fe<t to east' Bide ur Fuurtewtli street; heuce with e*5t BtAs ui said street, south 3$f eel to uorlli Bide or an allc/, Ihtfbce wlUi torth aide or ssJd alley soulli esjitesly 646 lect • o north slide of atiennBjn street; thence with 9*id tforili: ll«* of |8henDati street 801 feet t« JJace of »»«lanl«?, cont»lnl^ IJJaf acft. mure &r less, beluc eltuatjed in .the was* hall at the north east quarter of sec!so^19, town 7, range ifi east. Also Lot 4, block W, Second W ard. I North X lot 6, block Ha. dccond *«rM. 'AUo the following rual catat%belnK lo UnmorUi es»t quarter or nec41ou 12, tuwQ 7, ran^e tfJ, bcglnulng at- * |>oint la the westiueol said Hauler tectioo 1U.ISS chains north or Hie s»ut)i trot earner ofsatd quarter sectlnu at the north deal eorner or Isaula.convejeJ by Uuiiel H. Itiohards to one Jobu 1'. Shueiuac^er, l/truee Oilk saltl well luie ur»aid quarter secliub nurtli iu • cUalns south uf lite uurlhweal punter of •alti quarter section; UieSKe east H.IU irtiatc* to amduMe uf Oreeu Uivj- road. tkeuce along inlildie of saM] ruatd rudth to (K>^ul lU.t* ehalns cortsi ol the >vuiMi lice of eal.l quarter section, Uteoce vest 14. 7u cbama to place of Ue^ianiog, i-oDtaiumg aboul B'^ acrt-s «nd be Dg uti the .went aide of the Ufceu Ui v road. Wfeich sax] property, u atorraai.l, 1 shill ci|>.,.-t for Hhle and sell SI Public Auction at the Cunrl tiouse la tbe Oityiof Milwaukee. onSa«iasT4uv, >tau ii*ts> Buy • I Slarclt, '=>*', al ttic hour ol i r. m., uf tfcal Ua; to satisfy said eJLecuCjuu, together ajltli eiprases of *«. l>at«lt Sh«nll'! Office, Mjlwaukee, f eb. 8, l»{il. fiscusn, Lou A «*i.«a. i A J. i.«*.<*l»u»THy , PI'ffB Att'y*. ( Sl.'.f. Jill. Co , »fi«. PECTORAL, FOR THB RAPID CURB: Of C«ld«, Coughs, and above aaje is he r et>y pastpoft-ii till flamr itke 2fith 4»y or March, 1*'J, at Ue f^t-Utlirr, al the tibur ot 2 r. sj. Sti«nfl's Url.ce, Mil »aku, Btsrch 19, is.'*. A. J. iANuvutrruv, ' tjher.lf Milveukr^ Cn Tbe aU»ve sale la further p'.stfiuae^ l< iV.4- oesday, Ihe Ctti aay of April, at Ihe saoiv >JStcc ana UnieMf d»f. Dated BhesliT't Oftwe, Hi Iw auk re, Msr.-li ^1 11 '> A. J i, WORTH v, ,-l.rr.J \<il '.'1* ,U Uie hbuc «f - r. M rlicrltl ' The f^uS y, th<. -' ot Maj.lvV , of thai <aay lale IS !i«ret>T furth t, -lai uf May! at thr akee, M»j .'1. IS'*. J i,AMH»iwlTH», Wi rr ,j ••; On . » i &SMJ .SJr«TT «*r ;.»! C,,«r' M Mlff'SI ».%!». Baixrau, MAOL, 20th Dec, ; 18M. DB. J. a Ana : I do not hesitate to say Us* but KBedr I hire ewer fbtajd for Congbs, HovMntn, InlneDu, »nd tb* ooncomlUnt ijmytbmsof * Oofd, U jonr OHJsmr yumauL. Ilif constant nw la atf pnctfnsnd mj Gunny for Uu last ten j«tn bss tbMm It to po«<«a mya- tier rtrtaos for th< tnatnunt of tbew ooaplstnts. KEEN KNIOHT, M. D. A.B. IIOXTLET, Eaq^of Unot, N. T., write* : "1 h«r» aswl jam Relent mndf snd la mj GunllT «T>r «inc« Joo Iji-rentad It, *nd bollnri it tho be>t meoUdtis for lu pnipo** «T«r po« oat With *, bad oold I ahoalil «x.n.r p«j twant^flro dollar* for a bottle than do without It, ui •ait soy other ramedy." Croup, Whooping Congh. Influenza. BpmnioraiD, Una, lib. 7, 1868. B*o(Hza Aia»; I will tbaerfoUj certify jour Aetoroi I* the but rone** ws pomen for the rare of whooping CMgh, eronp. and tke ch«t disease* of chllttren. Wo of fO«r fraternity ID the South appreciate /anr •kill, UK] •oamead your medicine to onr people. HIRAM CONKUN, M. D AMOS X.SB, Eco, Moe-miT, 1», write*, 3d Jan^ load : M I bad a tedious Inflnefisa, which confined me In doon six weeks; took many medicine* withont relief; finally Wed jonr Ketordk by tb* mdrlce of our cleriyman. The flnt OBI* re*l*red the eprenee* In my throat and lunga ; !*•* than one half the battle m»a« ae oompletoly woil To«r medldnev are the cheapen at »•£ a* the beet w« esn boy, sod we uteem you, Doctor anj your remedies, sji the poor man'i friend. sUUiM of Phthisic, and Bronchitis. Wan MucHssna, PA^ Feb. 4, l*M fllA: Tonr Cherry ftctorat 1* performinc marreUi>iui mn* In this teetfeisk It hai relleTed MTenl from >lanu tng syiaptomsof eonabrnptlon, and 1* now coring a man who ha* lacored onder an affnotion of the InngH for ttvi. laltfcrty yeaza. HKNUT I, PARKS, Uerchaui 1. A. RAMSBT, M. D., Aura*, Moxaos Co., low, write*, fcpt. A, 1M6 : " Dnrlnjc my practice of many ;-ar« ( s«Te feand nothing eqaal to jovr Cfurry /trtoral far (iTlnff esse and relief to con*amptlT« patients, ur raring rath uare rarabla." w7e mignt add Tr4nm«a of *vM«ae«. bat the mtxt aon- of the rlrtae* of thl* remedy I* fimnd !• Ib upon trtsl. ConsnmpUoD. Probably no on* remedy ha* trer bean knowo wnleA c«red *o maay and iqcfa <t»nceron* caM* u thl*. Sonu a* human kid imn reack ; bnt even to tboee the '^nrry toatorat affont* relief and comfort. Astoa Hocia, N»w Yoa* CITT. U>rch 4, l»6«. Doooa Aral, Lowm. : I f«el H • dntr uid * plexor* to Intjcm you what year Cltfrrf Frctorai hif dun. (br mj wtf*. Bhe bad baen flT« month* Ubonn; andi«r tha <ltin- PATENT MEDICINES. DR. HOOFLANiyS GERMAN BITTERS, DR. IfOOFsLl\O'S CORDIAL, The yr&tt standard m^dirin^ •;/ the pfftt ays, havtf acquired Lheir jrwit popularity jn through year* of trial. I 'nkounded ttitw/t tiun M rendered Ay 'hsm tn -ill <•**.»(•* . j/W ' people Have. prijnisuni-t:tj :h<>m 't'urlfty Liver Complaint, DjHpepsl.i, Jaundic Debility of the »r>ous Sj.ilem, Diseases of tbe kldne)*, >ind 'ill JlJffUr.l t r ,,t,n / '>• , in t ,/Mo r-*V r Ltuer or Ut'i'tiJcni't.i "F ' 'it itnm.ich <tnd ityitl tke GERMAN BITTKRS T'if Balsamic Cordial- partition txtani /' *,I] Derail* lyaiptoai* of Cencumptlon. from wbtefa an oonld pi»cnr> gare her mn<-h r«Uef ?.h« •»« itnulll; fnU- tact, onto Dr. 8tronx, of thin eiry. vhrrv vo naToeemn (br edTlc«, recuauneoded ft trial of your ta*ll?tn«. W« t'!e«a ni* aliidneee, as w do 7»ar iklll ; thr iho b«j nv^jv^rw] from t&At daj Bha 1> not J«l a. *tn>nK as ab>* aarv] t.. be, but U free fnjm b*»r w^nifh, and ^alii bcrs^Jf w* Vuun with (^raUtude and regard, OKLANDO ^UJO-Blf. jf Cbnnctnpdva, do u<>t de*p&lr^dll you ha GHKKKT PKCTOKAL. It l« made by one wf U chemllt* In the world, and ft* mrea all aro the hl£b merlu >f Pills. Cough, Cold, or Hoaraonesa. 3ronch.Ui*, lu- flaen^a, Croup, Pneumpnia, Incipieut ConsumpUon, Confirmed Consumption. jtw 'li>.n*s '.t'tll uLiof it 'it'-* -k-i- - (h* rrtvtt *-r*»r- DlarrhCBa ;>• •- t I'uLU IN rUK IJ'f'.VV. I . i < OF THE II 1 * { \1 J, fi Ayer's Cathartic T r '1-,'t eneee nf Ch«mi«r]r and M«Jlrn,» i» 4 .. .,_,, taxed their otiacs* Id prodac* this SMI, m.jit ^<i in.-t purgatlTa which Is known to mao InnmnfraM* t ,r ..t« are shown that these PILLS ha** rlrtcea wnlcb surpiuu >i, excallenee the ordinary medicine*; and that tb^y win ua precedentodlj upon the seUem af all men. TheT v ar««.^. and pleaxsot to take, but powerful u> r nn Tbilr p»or trating propertle* stimulate lh« rjtaj actlTiUmor tl>« N^IT remor* th« obctrartlooa nf lu ergaaa. pnrlry the bl<«*' and eipel dlaeam. Th«7 purge out the Ital bo mon wkl, r br«ed and £row dlst«mper, atloclAte slojrtnsh or .it~,r 4er*d orfanJ Into tb«h- natural action, aod tintsirt hnaJTh tone with strength t« the whole vyat«ra. Nut ^nly 1, they cure the e»ery-daj complaint* of e-rtry bod/, out *l«o formidable and daoferoos iltstaiars thai hare taffl^l Ihe beat of human skill. While they produce powerfti; effect*, they arc at the «*rn« time. In dlnilnt«h«<l il,»».. fb« aas>«t and be«t phynic that c*n be empl^rik! r<>r -blMr^i, Being safirar-coatM, they are ^ieaannt to ^a» a*d t-.ia. purel* tegetable, are free fjvcj anj risk of aar:n ' 'ur— have been rn^atle whkh Burp*** bnllef were they n>x ,u< ilBkOtlatetl by m«*n of such eialted p.Hiltif.n aod char&cu-r »a lo IbrMd the smplrlt-n of rntruth >l*ny fuilneiit \ V i in I U O 11 V I ft ii A I JfcUEee Couol^ [ Joseph It. Tr«ai, Lot. 11 to is MARINE RECORD. 1859. Block, is IS 14 t4 H U 14 14 Belirat*. 8.SB .«J,43 1M.7» 1311,75 L,l. U 4 8 1 I C I*,"ft 7 18,79 »5»,37 Prop Chlcage, »rigft, Buffalo, 182 pkgi mdz MAT 2Sd. ftox LAsa8tfpEBJOB.-The Steamer Worth Star, Cipi B. Q. Sweet, which arrived al Okvel-and op Tharaday, from Lake Superior, report* the following : to reach Superior City, fcut Ice at the tz&per eod of that " t R * *""" re * < * ln * wltMn Batur^ eveST™ ''^Ve^JwaXo/ia.? «t e > at the «ame port, to sail for this pan on fj| enln f-a. 8cboonen Oonsne)^ Torr-nT.^ lying at Uanjnette. Schoor-eTrorktown met bwlV Banlt, in tow « the tug L. L. Dr ol ^. schooneTB sons »t anchor below To f «nri.5»d. schooner, name unknown, was me Detoar, met brig Worth, bound 1S« r8S,T5 ItldttdS t, »•-'! 8,TI C 121 1S9.8T S 1S1 T Igl S 111 7 l'.tl S 1X0 8 10 11 13 IN . S «1 Pieces of l*"i . . tween B. 129 and 43 being 87)4 fee* wide, 279 S long. If. iSfeet oft. TG2 fe«tof E ITS fJS-100 feel of trtangte piece of land fa tile H. t. earner of the S. W. J, of Bee. 9, Sth Ward. Piece of lash! ,,<-t»<-en I and 10 »f 20,62 49,16 M,Hi 1«,87 IS S •J 1.8 118 11 :: "» IJs 1)3 I?4 1*4 1S4 47 47 *7 47 47 4C 4« 46 . '«!,<» 1SW.73 S7.M »,7S ».!£ 9,T» ».-S »,78 ».7S !2«,74 18,75 »S. 75 II. 7i 18,7.'. til. (S Wl,4i K,<S a6,C Y6,W ^o,6S 26.G1' B. Jl I N ti «a loth ^s SI , U.r^hte J. Lyne, J<Ai, B Coun. ni f nf %1 nr.-h, A. Uy P.rtl«n. L'if «f i^*l pursuant IM s Ucrrt; r.u^rc j .. the above entitled action, aale.l ;: . 1S&9, I bflaflrxpore for ^itleiMl *^. «J. .• u. »t tl« Post Office ,11 u»- . ,1; t M on ••TitMrtlna/. list- 2«1 4*it saf J ul ) Ii39, kl t(j* hour .f ^ p, « of that J»y, the f>..lo» a. described saortgageu prectlse*. «r so much thereof s mftj be nfc«JMarv tu rnfite (he aiu.xsnl ..f •4 1 .l;ui< Okenl^ Inbrrcat and cosu, l*^etber with 1 1 per tu ^ salr, iJ« vlt : "JThe nort*l one hall of lots butBh*ir Wn il'i. •id twelre (!-'), In "block numWr forty •» s 1 4C . Ill Ihe s>tfhln Vard of ln*«ald aits; of U.l'au- k«e, koto; ua Walker's folnt Addition to «jj clly, I* kWe County of Vllwau*ee, State of IV ,, cwsln." Dated gherllT's office. Ullwa>akee, Aprli 1, 1-iV risKuxs, Lntis « siiu«>, • a. j. LAKOKOKTAV, PlateUS '• Attarnef s. ) **e».ar M.i t. , \v , lo the public th« r*llabilir7 *f my raoi«l!«i, whll* o'b^r, QaTa sent me the aflaur4a<*» of their -XIB TVU.IQ that IUT Preparations contribute lC]DDeD*.|y u> u^« i-^li^f ,( !u , tdirtrd. iu9rj-lu< (elkjw niea. .The A^ont below o*m**l I* cl^u^l t.. ruru>ti 2'»'l4 mv tmerlcmn Ahnana>«. «>nl«JnlOrf ,lir«- Ur nj fr,« their :na- ko ' c*rtlficat«* or their furt*, of thn ro!lu«ln^ rrm{'laaiiU< - CcsUT»fj*«i, BlllpTU Oiniplalntj, rji-oniAtt«rr.. I'r,,T..y fiea^tbam, If^!ulA(-h* ariilnf from a fi,ul^*h. N «u ssnX Iadtc«eU,m. M..r|,id Ice.-,,, n c,< Ibv b. »-l. .n ' I'uu arising UifM^rp'Oi. r'iatulerury IJKK .t Ap^tHc, t, . 1., *r L lui anj Cotar»»»»u* I>npajiaa wn|, a r^mrw »a ->r»- ,.,mt ni^il- in*. ?<-TT,fula ,r KlDiT'i RylL Tl)^» »l fc s v t puff, :i:j thw l,lf«-l an,1 ,tlr: ula'tiig th4 sy.t^ai. -ure .i.inv -onplalnta wb i, t, ll «-,.,•! ti..l b« sni-r* *.-! th.-y -i.l.l ( rarh. «uoh *• l<-«.fi -x. I'artlai Bhu.l: -.- '.-.I.-I^.A .„.: ^erTOil* lirllaHltTr. l>^cii!izem»au ,.f it.* Lj^ir tr.l K .,1 ory^ (Jout, (trj'l . tl.r* H!o,ir»1 rtioipUn.*-* aiijtiD.- *i ,j « low at«Te or.the N.Jy ur t.itr -j -:l.,n ^{ Its fntidj. [,i -ri, pfTl they rrnke ail.] tAa» B(.T>.l mpare* wiih il. m. re prHIt en Aik fi/r and they shnc! I ^ ntw It Prepared by Dr. J. C. AVER, Practical and Analytical Chemist, Lowell. SUsa 1* «6 . be- 118 tl4,Ss , t. L'H, GABCINIR, CAB. L AND SEE —THE- Th* Ontonagon river had but «Irf>t fe*t of w*j the channel was crooked, the UndlnYVaiTd small boats. The low water orerThTbaral : of copssrr. and v *. her wheel haying come In contact with a flo She was ihorlfj after taken in tow b» Edlth,bntMStoha.*donhJe Jeeb one of her .hftto moTing. for her at fflsreJand, and It is Vinntfitgt. prepared by KemlDg Brci. Is thejnacb sought afterspMlnc, and naf already-super ••led all other worm medicines, Its efflcacy being unil T»naJl]rackiiiowtodgeai)y medical pracUUonek \ Bef^ Pnrotosers will be careful to ask 'for DB. WLAJOra OTLKBRJ.TBD ntKHWOGK,'maoufactiur- •4 by »L«in»a,8EOB. of RtUbnrgh, l>a. All othdr Tsnateget in comparison at« worthless. JBr. M'I«ne!s Vnta* T«railft«e,also Us oeWbnted U now b* bad at m respectable W«iTOT.-*>imj todlcatlons of ral» were masufeaU about th e middle 9f the day, but the wlsjd got lu gru alsocharat* thatall the r»in 'stayed np t»o. flhe streets wsre lit*rally filled with dost sst4sand whltled about Mtb extreme ipltefolnesi, and pedestrians were obliged to take a «*onthfol of dust fnd a monlhfnl of »r»t Intervals, or take them both miied all the lime. tar th» proaelier Xonawmda, dm to-day, hu not arrived at 6 p.m B donbtha. the strong mOm^^t hu had the effect of retarding her, [Bj Telegraph.] LATEST STYLES OOa] «T»rt OF WWCOSSIS, I Circuit Coort, Milwaukee Ccuntf. | i.«cleti Unities, Eicculor.f \&f latn >.ll *J.J i^cMurt.! of /Del Buttle*, ,»ec«aj«i, again*! Elisabeth Oreenfield, witow nl A<lol|>h UrrCntitl.l, ,1 cta**rl t fV>u»s Aaar and Wtlllstu CiajutfET. I N vlrtasoland l»rsuaiii to a)«lm>cu«!, •aid Court, 18 the above eutttlcj acuoa, tlaleU l' = ewnber Slsl, IHM. I imn cxpxsc rcr s*jl. unj *eli »i ftablla aucUoa, at ttM Post O&c* ut lb,e cA> of Milv&u kee, on Maiarslsar, tb* «T*t dskf •• J«|), lisSsV at &e hoar ef 2 r. M.or that d4y, Uie loljon inr described aortgagcJ premise*, ur so snoch «a«reOl a« muy «>t.l>ec*Bsar/ to raise the amouajt of sasd ja^j^oenl lotenMt asxt Costa, tot-ether s>i0> the ejpecsca u« (a!/ to Witt " Lot number sixteen (1C), m Wo«» one Usn- dre4 »D« twenty-*e»en ^H>7), m t!w Cecofi,1 Ward ot the cltj of afB« auaro, Cuuais ul M i Wtakee, Utate ol VTltcannln Dal*)4 SherlB's »ffice. Hllwaukee, April 1st inn Onoiuii >!iurw> A O<u>n, i 4. 3. L*,\u\»o*tTm ~ ~ ( Iherlfftail. Co.,W)s. 9*1 Crs. rn Bnx. Frts SOLD BY JOHN Ricr., M •», 'i«.J H Rrrn * CD.. Ch'..-.\. ... , r - 1.1 lr<e rr.ltr,| .".aUf. B, IM r ti DR. M'LAM 'S CM.! BRA I 1 Ji VERMIFUGE LIVER PILLS. i. \\ i i: i. A i M t: .\ jF»JFLXV^*X' \ • L* Mi-diral \ , PlalntifTs attorneys, SI* 1, —AT- BUTTON'S! sprlS DISSOLUTION. rnH£ eo-paraner«hlp hcretofor* exlstlag under the X flrm and style of A. H. Lord * Co., Js th j day dissolved by mntMllioasent. Th* bu.lne» waUbe Milled by K. Li Cowmen. A. .l»». I Dllwankee Gouty. I . Wmiam P. against JohnOninnJis, Silly Ann Cummlngs, Orenr nel Abfahaa B. Warner. Peter KemWe, tb* Globa Bank i - , Lewis 8. Mack, , l«aoder Hosjbj, Artsrar Buhts, .Ltstw, Badger SUtsBink, Bobert BTBeU, James toagworlb, OharKs Knap, JTohn W. BntlCT. Assignee. The State »f WisodiaiB, to alt tte defeaiaBte above namad, except John OoBUaiogs aad lall* Ann Oasa- ' . •The toHowlng Tessek puoed through the PortiOol- bourn* took ftom ! 4 o'clock P. M. on til* 28d till 4 o'clock P. ti. OB (he g5th : BonnaWest-On the 28d-Bark T. ». Park; schopsjer towUWeUi, Arablsn. On (he Mfh-flchooneit *Ur- taette, Oftterallne. ™- Bomi(II«st-<i»the 28S.i-Brig.rhr,,. 2*tb— Proptller Bar State ; bark Superior ; brig Ocean- •chooneri Wild, govar; propeligr Ogdensbarg; Y OU are he»ebv_som«*)ned and required to answer tbenmplalnt in this lotloo, whlca w» »led in tte office or-ibeTOerli of the Ctrcait Court, Obint, of Milwaukee, on tte twecty-nrit day. of April, 1889. and to sefre atcopjr ojjroaw answer to th. taid co»' plaint on'the nbwlben, at ihslr office, No*. • and SjAlbanjr BalMin f , ' HUnt***, wMbt. ntaeTy dim after the serrlue of tile summons on yon. exclusive of tie d»y of such service; and if yon fait to answer the laid complaint within tke time af . resald, the plalnilaT is this action will apply K> tfieCourt for the relief dKaand. ed In the complaint. Dated April 21, 186a , •" i;VT '"*'•• ~ IUJCHKH LsTNttt A . *prt»-law«if Katatim A Attorney*, UNITED «TArr,« n VK*II%L<« John 4- Paje, executor of ] tfee taet will and lestomaot | of Heis*lat H. Reed, J*. | ceastd. David I' Halt MMIBMJ Altoc Mvll, fclwln IPalnKT, Ins* Joshua Bainawajr, Byron W. Clark, OharleiB. Clark, Robert B. Bell, Thetarnwr** * MlUtr's B'k Henry t. Paltler, Henoann achwartlng, and AogTistns Qreollch, sis- slgneea of the People's Bank Of Haertel, Greenleaf t Cotnpiaj, tdwarr) 6. Tyl*s, Jabez H. Vastes, Horace H. Uunn and Jasper S-Oooslrlch. ftf pajrsuance and by virt«c at a liectee' awde by the J. District Court ot lie Unliid 8tMa* tb, th* Mttrict of Wisconsin, on tbe twelfth day of Uarcfe, a D 1SS9 lu theaVwre eatltted cause, I skall H U atTahMc Auction at the United States Manual's Offlce, 1» the Oily of Milwaukee, on Monday, the ninth day of Mav 1SMI it 11 o'cW(* A. », "• »« foUosrlng real estate betnff iuA lyMg W the Oonaty of Milwaukee and State of WIscoB- sin, snr) known and described as the south eut quarur of SAB iorth welt quarter of Section nosnber ten (lu) In township nauibar seven (T), north of range »um\>tr t«nty r two (28) tast; taasibesonth east quarter beln* ten J10) acr*s of th* abov* described tract of |»nd whlcg U exe«pt*d and reserved." Maraial'i Office, Mlrtraakee, March 23, ISM [ M.J.TH01UB, U S. Itanhal A. U.aiai, OompK'stolleltot. mart4-lsi»o tVfThe above sal* Is hereby adjeurned to iV the eleventh 4ay of JOlj, Ift5, at the same bo, place ai abore. ii tru- .itrtn- f, :ir J more •• ' * ^ r;;— p Tli tht- publn. . beg leave tu non or riic '1 i especially tlic Ph\country, tu two of r lar remedies nov, We refer tu Dr. fhas. V'Lnnr'i ! rlrhrnlfd Vcrmihigc and Liver P \Ve do nor reeurnrr. universal C'ure-.ill>, hu what their name purpt. THK VKH.M11 For expelling Worms rrom the human system. It ha, Jso beet administered with the most satisfactory results to various Aniniah subject to Worms. THE MVKR PILLS. J i • n iiii iiL:- »IJL> I'iKK I' :'i\: tfie simpl-, rrs, vix. T'.F. from also most 11 .1: " fOI AINTS . Har*asJ>s Office, Milwaukee. Max >» majlt^-lawtt M. J. IHOMAH, •OT1 U. B. Marshal STAVE Of SALE. , Alonzo L. Kane J rMy. yard, B Morgan, HUM *V Annonr, Snno Myer, HJ !suto A Oo, Soonan * McNab, J Eandell, WM •" ' t:n;\^; i >NOTi«aE.; U tiDH and by virtue of a chattel OK data Dee«jab«r2T, MM, txecated I. Kolton, to *s««re th* paymeai of two haadred and tweoty-*»ven dollar*, aod Interest'at ib* rat* of twelve p*r ceat,i>er aanunj, dtetnlui; mystir Insecure, I ahall offer f<* sale and sa»U»eil at Jmbllc saleoo «? e prmi: ''"Wart.***- Jehn ».[»msnote, George W. Veckbam and Ullkeft | 0 e toreejosare, ; -_ - . . -. j . I N rlrioe of and »arsuant to a Judgment teitdertd ID ' laid I Court, In th* above entitled action, dated March IB, 1859, 1 akaU eapos* for sale and aelt at P»p. »» 10 o'clock said s o'clock in lae f*remoon, for the parpose «f parhu sum and intereat, th* following propefty conTejed * "o ««> Wdt bnild- tklrty-Bfe tost scribed trrortgafed prejnlMS etso mush therepf as atj be necesp>ry to raise tbe amount of said j adauent, interest aad out*, totetber *lth ths eljienie* of tale, towit:. j — •"Lot au»b*r talrtwani] aniJIha e**tlhlrt» [SO] ftet of lot number, twelve 12), la block asm too mcBtT^eien [TT), In the fourth Waj-a ' of l*e City of Mllwauk**, m the Ooantjr olMU- i waofte* and 8UU at Wisconsin." »aUd Iffierlir '§ Offlce, Mliirmukee, April j, 1889. Oo>kX,Baow«10aM:B,{ ! Ji, J. LaKC* Pl'ps Att'ys. f .i aprl-S?i-llnSw ' VHIOEJsUiegreatettr Wluletheonehaseiplorril *»b« almost JnaceejalbJe mountain regions xrf A»artoa, and adiadUrgely to onrtjwgra^Mcal ' cdfe, the other nas given bit attention to tke ,ttoiiof hamaa snSoiQi^KDr] IQ hisioTenUon of the , BOM German Bat, OIBQG1I OXXm. 1 ' i " ' i Milwaukee County, f ' ' ' 0*«Ie.W.vVaiard,tia(ntH, . '; .,-, . , '. agaiait : ' |. M^^^rSjKlSey^^ lI7Tr ~f. BB.«I*«. »^d«sW ..»«ea«r" The 8t»h Angns4«*.!.Wo<>d > I>e«*n4ai»u.i i WUcoosiB, t« tba MOT* name* defeaianli ' hereby 8uisa»on«l and ««'alred t» jn t ! sweij the complaint in thl* attlanijwhleh is B)e4 inth*oflin.oftn*01fjrk <rf thaClscBit •Joairt, an taT«lu»bl* *>7V«P*ta, UvTr-Oosaplalnt and-*«r»> *f*atj *»a nennaneoUy- cnrefb. • are .--^^•Mlwankeftval flwj|(Bi»»f „ _ said Com «y,and to-ierv* •.» <J«py of IOOT answwifto th«s»Idcbmpr»in»on th* sKbccrlksn. at tb*lr - fl*:e, Wos. 3 ao^ 4 AlbtB T Jandltif, In Ui* «ald City Of Ml*. •^e«,Wthln twenty days*Jtertsws^v«<!«*»rto»; »»' olnUT*«fitB«*lay t/iBcoserrk)^ aad Itjm fall;to fJlM -.wiijisijhjvHfai afonaaM, the I.H •* , IbeHoB.:; Caiwell, Ii *er*HUl,H*W Ifaretfa; JoalA Forthecureof LIVER Co\ir'i. ill BlLlOLb DtRAM.tMENTS, SiCK HEAD-ACHL, Ac. In (..ises of FEVF.R AND A GIT., preparatory to or after raking Quinine, they almost invariably make a speedy anJ permanent cure. As specifics for the above mentioned diseases, they are Unrivaled. and never known to fail when ad- tninistered in accordance with th< directions. Their unprecedented popularity lias induced the proprietors, FLEMING BROTHERS, PITTSBURGH, PA. to dispose of their Drug business in which they have been success- folly engaged for the last Twenty Years, and they will now give theii undivided time and attention tc rheir manufacture. And being determined that Dr. M'Lane's Celebrated Vermifuge and Livef Pillj Jhall^ continue t« occupy the high position they now hold among th< igreat remadies of the day, they '•vHi continue to" spare neither time Aor expense in procuring the Best ind Purest maeerial, and com- pcmriai then, in the most'thorough manner. Address all orders to UlD.ltlon ol rr-me t,;r, as well id t(i, majs ,! tiuui. 'li.- ,^ev:rrt f i vrty »i»rrou ,l ,,,( 4, Te t-'ul'NTKY 1NVALI1..-. in *i.y i an of the w ,r:,l uu* t tre.'itecl ^f fon»"arUinii ^ .• rr^i t i.-t,. w.U, a rrtulttaac* lur M.-.iioinp.., A.: A.Mress Ur AHOd <f SON. iMirurr kl urlilo. N V Via] SIIFHI r K'> - 1 1 I STATL Of WISCONSIN, Circuit Cwurt, Milwmlcee County t' KN fl.N •"S^L??^ 9 . • tsm P». or oae?vlalof TemMuje fin •Ul oroara xrom On^'fa muif O. Christian Heury Meyer, Mnd a. Br".»n, Dari" (i. P»««r, £ilwar<1 H,v P. Merrill, Nelson W^b.ter. Churls Dotmer Fll«.l>ao«, B. tto.Mi» and A Administrators of Che estate -jf Jodn '' ctaj'-l, Ormsnd T. Craae, Churls f B., trat»r of the tiJ'ate of ChurVs (J. Schre eJ, James W. Afei e*f Jind Hei tuao O. C. virtue of and pursuaol to I N » »«, Wul. 1 A. Ko. il W Grwvo LeRi'y l ,K-. A.IIIIH.I r>t-r, 1,-i-r i Hamper render.,, t al<l Court In theabovo sntltle<l»ctlon,,d;ited Fciin ry 8, 1»53, 1 shall cipoM for tajeand lell at Puhllc l, ] tion, at the Post-Oulce, in the City .if Milwaukee,, Sulurduy, llae l*tt> day ul Jnl>, ijj HI the boor uf 1 r. • , "I th»t Jay, tha :ollui»ini( .l scrthed mortynffed prrmtsrs ur Bn much iherenf a* m be neces«ary to raise tho amount -if laid udirmrtit, Wreat and coats, together with the -xpen^vj >r , a i,. wit: "Lot number sixteen 1 16) aud the ctutl tmlf I i.,( number ftReen ( 1ft), In bloeK forty-live \4o|, lu the Second Ward of Um Oily of Jldvtaukee, being en Tamarack «trert. between fifth m.l Sixth aurwts, all in iho Uounty ol UUtv-ukeu and SUtu of Wlaconnlo." Dated Sheriff's Office Mllwaukco, Aprd a, 13CU. A. J. LAN.. AotlTUV _ *pri-8m-lloaw Shenll Ullvaulien Co., WN UAUlv' I «.1 j( K t. r r le»t. , me,|n H for 6001 SllEKlFF'S S.ll.f: STATS OP wiacojraiu, i Circuit Court* Milwaukee County. { Jame* 8^ BrrtWD, Joshua Uathawa/ and Thomas 1. len, r against A. Patterson Dmitri and Alfred Edwards. I V ylrtne of and pursuant to ci Judgment, m laid Cttart, Jn the above entitled notion. ,i.te,| March 17, 1SS9, I shsll expose for sale anJ sell at PubUo \actlon, »t the Pose Offlce, In the city of .MilvauKee, on !<atar«fay, tbe 2d U»y of July, isitf, *t Ib«fiourof3p. «. of th»t day, tae following described mortgaged premises, or so much thereof as may be ap- cesasry to ralsetha amount of said judgment, Interest and costs, together with the expenses of sale, to wtt ••Block number -twenty-eight (93), of Clark's addition, to the Eighth Ward, of the city of 5U1. waukae and county of Milwaukee, aa4 atate of Wisconsin. Dated Sheriff's Offlce, Milwaukee, April lst,lgo». DAVID B. Ooora, r : (A. J. LANQ WORTHY, PlTs A»'y. f fllerlff MU. Co., Wl». The tiiat**tj ID, that h nil part a of Uio e»rw received c JVo y«3« Ja retjuireU untry ior »n ^c ^ thm «r hen li>e patluui, LB r tk# £ar arui £j n plloatloQ u ftbovo. be y&.ttrti^t^l&#a*e*^&U*&'*£8&f3&&&& Kta*.

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