Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 10, 1930 · Page 2
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1930
Page 2
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; J l Jl Special Values! ' Top Coats OF FINE IMPORTED FABRICS $ 22 50 Afor« Wond Tailoring Engli»h and Scotch tweed*, worsted cheviota, Knbar- dina clothi and gen- wine earner* h a i r went into theae Top Coal* OHer8din47 inch (regulnr) or 50 i n c h .( co 'l*f(' ftt *) length, AH craven- eted . , . a pioceet which mukes them ·hower proof, Splen- didty tailored, r*r* value* at $22,50. New c o I o t » and weaves. Special Values! 2 Pants Suits THAT LAST YEAR COST $40 $ 28 50 Every » u i t new thi* «eaKn. Marked b y e x t r a l i t t l e louche* of tailoring that stamp* the better grade »uit. Made for extra iiyl« · · · extra wear and extrn value. All pur* worsted*. $28,50 with 2 pain of ST1CH FAMILY HOLDS REUNIONJN MACON MACON--Mcmbeis of the Stleh Iftmlly had a reunion Wednesday Wednesday In tho home of Mr, and Mr». J. O. Stlch In Mftcon. Thnse present were Mr. and Mrs, G. L. Slehr, Mr and Mrs Sidney Smith, and Mr. and Mrs, J, O, Sttch, all -of Macon; Mr, and Mrs. Hoe Stlch and family of Mvweaqua; Mr. and Mrs. G, 1, Stlch of Houston, Tex.; ano Mrs. Harry Snyder of Los Angeles, Cal. A potluck dinner was served at noon. MATTOON A. OF C. LAYING PLANS FOR HALLOWEEN FETE MATTOON-- The Association Commerce, aided by the secretar Hugh B. Thompson, la making plan wlffi u0ur FRIEMDS/ MICHIGAN W «" bleached-- tender Urge Stalk. For BANANAS Large Yellow Fruh Sweet Potatoes Lb , 23C 5 Lh , 23c Plymouth Coffee A well balanced blend of Santo* Coffee of good grade. Po U nd, BORDEN'S M I L K CALIFORNIA SARDINES LUX SOAP SUGAR CREEK BUTTER Evaporated TaU Tin« In Tomato Sauce Pound oval tin Lux » uted by practically all faraout *creen ttan. lOfl CaltM 25c 29c 20c Churned from Wholeionw P«it*uriz«d Cream LIBRARY PINEAPPLE Sliced No, 2k Tin IVORY FLAKES Pure Ivory Soap in flake form. IQc Package Potwid 2 3 45c 2Sc PILLBURY'S PANCAKE FLOUR FREE--A )4oz.Paekiga-FREE 2 W 23c * Pk S ». A^V This sample package contains a coupon worth 5c when applied on a future purchate of Pill«bury f » Pancake Flour. BLUE RIBBON M A L T Full 3 Lb. Tin QUAKER O » *YI C Q\ack or ReeuUr X^ A 9 ^ Fre * h Shipment Lurgs Package FREE--Recipe Book with a ptirchuc of 1 package, Supply Limited. HEINZ LIBBY'S Apple Butter HOME BRAND Jelly Powder NUTOLA Oleomargarine An appetizing relish for 12 01. Bottle Purest ingredient*. No preservative, no slucose, or other sugar »ubttitute*. Large Tin Eight Flavor; For cooking or table use. Pound carton 3 2 49c ?2c 25c 17c 17c 3Sc ITt* while Kne of clothe*, it the w k CLOROX LINE Bleachea, remove *tain». Destroy* odor*, kills gertni. Hie modern way to lighten homework-. 25C Bottle to conduct a Halloween feetlval 1 the uptown district on Oct. 3L The prtaldent, J. Sam Miller, of th association, has appointed the to lowing commit* 10 on arrangements F. R. Jones, chairman; W. E. Orn dorff, M. R. Mount, C. D. Byera, Dex tcr Covers tone, Wayne Alken and F U. Elrnore. The commlttw will hol its flnt meeting Monday, Oct. 13. ComplMnU against early prank; by Heloween celebrutora have been reported to Chief ot Police Cutrlgh and Mayor Hughart, who have It- cued a warning that any peraoni, M caught, will bo Prize Calvw of Douglas County Sold In Chicago TUSCOLLA--Douglas County Calf club owners bade farewell to their price baby beeves, Tuesday, when the carload of prlxe animals which were shown at the Calf club show ait Saturday were shipped to Chicago where they were sold over the block. G. F. Hoover, Douglas county farm advisor, went to Chicago with the consignment Tbt precaution you obtervt in ma if the one observed in roasting BROS COFFEE You don't throw all the enti Jo the bowl ac once. You combine them a Unit at a ttmi and make A Jwrfect, spongy dough. Hills Bros, tonst their coffee by a continuous process-- a ftu founds at a tim-- never in bulk, add develop *, flaror such as no other coffee has. ftm t»tk. Etiity tpnn4 vtth ikt lay. Lett f« th AtlA MtJHtM, otua PLANS COMPLETE FOR ANNUAL HOMECOMING OF SULLIVAN H. S SULUVAN - Sullivan Townsh High school will hold Its third an nual homecoming Friday with th feature of th* day being a footba game between Villa Grove and th local eleven. The mayor of Sullivan nan lisued a proclamation that a business cease between Ih* hours ol 2 and 4:30 o'clock In order that a; may participate In the homecoming. Toe parade will be staged at 1;30 o'clock and the boot ball game wll start »t/2 o'clock. The game accord- ng to pant performances of the two came should be a great battle. Other feature* of the homecoming will be the turtle race which will bs with live turtles captured by stu dents. It will be held In the gymna. slum. A banquet will be nerved At 5:30 'clock In the gym and In the eve nlng the alt school play, "Sonny line," will be presented. Minn Helen Quager will play the part of Sonny Jnne tind other mem bet H of the cas re Btttcny Hill, Helen Cummin* Francis Wills, Floyd Flu ley, Ed nund Scheer, Bern Ice Fulti, Ruth 'loyl, Alberla Harsh. The ]tay wil ic supplemented by the following ciitures between acts; Kill Heitcock's Harmony Five", Lewis David, Li Brown, E11U Ray, Bob Honey, am Bill Hancock, all former students of Sullivan Township High school; feature toe dunce by Miss Belly FOB' for and a saxophone duet by Gerald ! Ncwbould and William Heacock. Sullivan Stolen Car Found in Bloominftton SULLIVAN--Sheriff Charles Lans den of Bullion wee notified Wednes. day morning thai a Chevrolet sedan bearing licenses Issued to Henry Jenno of Sullivan was found aban doned on th* streets of Bloomlngton On August 3, D. W. Carnlne of Su1)i van had a Chevrolet sednn stolen from him and a note was left saying that the car would be returned with In a few days and that good care would be taken of It. On the same the car of Henry Jennc was jmrked near the M. E, church and the ll cense plates were stolen and evident ly placed on the Carnlne automo bile. Also at U« lame about flM In U. S. government checks were stolon from F. W. Wood some of which were not indorsed. It Is believed that the thcfli were committed by the same person. Eastern Packing Co. 134 Merchant Street Pbom 4238 NOTABLE MEAT VALUES Lamb SPRING Beef NATIVE Hams SKINNED LEG LAMB *, 3O* Lb. SHOULDER ..,,.., 24* Lb. LAMB CHOPS ^ 45* Lb. __AKING HENS ,,,.32* Lb. "FRYING CHICKENS .. .32* u. STEWING CHICKENS..23* Lb. SHOULDER ROAST . ,.27* Lb. Bonelew POT ROAST,.27* Lb. BOILING BEEF 15* Lb. MEAT LOAF ,,,-. 2O* Lb. ARMOUR'S or WHOLE EGGS Fresh Dot. Butter Creamer Lb, THREE DREADED DISEASES NOV MASTERED, TEACHERS ADVISED Trades, Labor Group to Visit City Water works Members of the Uecalur Trades and Labor assembly voted Thursday evening to visit the walerworlu next Wednesday evening. The assembly accepted an Invitation extended by Commissioner Bar! V. Smith. Mr, Smith Is conducting group* of Dcuu. tnr cltlxcns through tho waterworks to counter claims mad« by cerwln cliy officials that the plnnt In In need of overhauling Through the courlesy of Crilins rotr* who are filling an engage, menl In lh*i Alhambra theater, the member* of the assembly and thdr families and trtends will have a healer party In the Alhumhrn next Monday evening. A short meeting of tbe Union )*ct- bor show committee of the utnembly ook place after the regular miiU ng Thursday evening. Thi com- ml tic ft will announce a program of he show «oon. The first show Is lo be given In Ihe auditorium of th* High school within a short lime. ARREST FOUR ON"" SPEEDING CHARGE Four speeders were arrested bv notorcycto patrolmen Thursday evening and were flfi'J by Justices of he pence. The four drivers are: ChnrloKe Shellahnrirer, M? West William slreei. Fined WHO by Jus- ire L, H, Balrd. Mrtvln F. William*, ]«ONonh Kd- ward strecl Klni'd W.*C by Justice lines U. Allen. Boy Carr, 49 Falrvlew place. Fined 18,40 by Justice Balrd. Everett Miller, rural roule Fined 840 by Justice Balrd. 'ormer Conductor on Wabash Dies in Iowa Dtcalur friends have bean inform- od of the death of Jerry Olcnn in home In Council Wlufts, la.There! were no details. The statement wim| hat hl» death occurred "a few County Institute Hem Ai drew by Chictft Doctor Thursday Afternoon Addrcww by )e«dcnt fn »nd medicine featured the day'* scMlom Thursday of th* nu«l teachers' In nil tin* in catur High cchool, tht r* no i oll|tt Parents and teacher* ..,, ,, need fetir thu formerly droadcd (ly, diphtheria, scarlet m'nwl»n, Dr, JIJMHJ. K. In addressing a th ( liMtltuie Thtindar "flmwoa. r* . of Ihi. oflornofli). hoit mou D-imW conlflgioux O«rm» of mil have «r on th* way, tlw wan dt*covir«l «nrl It bo only a qucMlon of um« until » unti-toxln »i »«»«m to ewnUt it h Dr. Oor*ll«y wiu imioluo»J to tfc* Mombly by Dr. Uit 0, Prwh M IJuctitur, mnothtjt*, anJ tnu *lc by N ji wlk. the $1,100 REALIZED IN SALE OF LIVESTOCK A l«UJ of $J,lfW Wj jtibllc sale of llvenioqk end form equipment Thuisday afternoon m th* Walter Wllklng furm, hui miles H0iihwust of Ducutur, Twenty-two head of eallle bmi0it $29 lo $i)4 ti«ud, un av«rag* «; about f38. A Home sold for »«, A good i«oduclnft milk cow wm ufa for 173, Various Item* of *(«rm machinery sold at fair pilem, The auction was cnnducled by £, C. (Manle) Wllflon, *nl hi* falter, Oriental Rug Display Opens in Kckeiten'i For many years Jerry Glenn wan n rclght conductor on the Thirteenth district of Decatur division «f 'hi* Wabash, He left h#r« meny yeer* » and at the dm* of hli death win" n the service of Chicago Western railroad as a conductor. _w« year* ago he *a» In Jc«Uir o attend the reunion o( Wabft»h vev ran*. At that lime h* was reeov- ig from the effect* tf s. stroke of paralysis. The l«ller telling of Ills drnlh «aW Aoihlng of the cause but hid intl- matra here believe 'that he »»ff*i-"J|lit IMIHIV secern) slrohe of . Iw two weeks The A. Sleynian Cft,, IK, of New Voik, importers of K«nytnt Orlenul RUKK will lmvt a dt«|la ef rwW nl Keltelnfn'* Inc., 217 R MilB SI The dl-.))lnyeil (» vtilued it IW^ ami und will be in ehnr»t». n tujfti, slw Uluhnnn, Mnn*!t, C. W, Nawtt 51 Attend Traffic Study Claw Thursday Ladies of G7A, R. Honor Department Inspector Mr«. Myrtl* iTSche'lfff, dcpitrtraent Hpeclor of Chicago, wa* Ilw gn«*t honor In n mcftlrK Thur«l»y we- Inif, in (he K. of C hull, of Thorn* w . Johnson circle, I^iJkB of th« G. . R, A Klfl wan proaenwd to Mri inchdlff by Hi* circle, Mrn Kva ommi't, prenldcnt of thn circle, ado th« epench of (tre^entallon The circle will conduct a bukny te all day Satuiduy in lh« bum- rat of (lebhan'i* ittore. A. lum'h, attiring ci'otiiiied chkkvn oit toant ill be iieived at rnxtn. Firty-n]i« mii In ii.ifflc nnw eoncernn ei) i)i» truffle- niudy '!·«* ThuriKlny rtvnln* in tlie Miith »fl)oa! utlfjer ihe nuwpWs of Hut Deejitur TriMMtnriiiilin Hiil). )Mwln F. A^ nold, WnlwMi tftl* ol'TU. w«» nv HllUli Will IIH'Kl wnliiB. wlti'tt A. K, will bo InmriK'inr, Mi, llav will tiire un "Kxcfjil lonit 10 1lrtn»," In nnxwnr to Ml. Arnold'* I**- ture on "ClflKSifkoUw," 4 Mattoon Girl Returns From Olney Hospital CLINTON-W, D Wrl«ht, of Cltn. n Pur« Ice Co., talked before (lie Union Ktwnntu Hub at (he wcekb con-day lunclieon In tho Mnnlll otel WcdncKday, "I«* Indimtry" un hta Hubject, CLINTON--Eul» J«un StrunKC ""'' larle Slmnge of the U»l »choo1 4-lt ub for glrU, Unrtlm Htiuscr of armor Clly and Altnu Waters nine f Farmer Clly were jixlired winnor* the contest held for 4-K iilrl* ub work here WednciKlay. Fern oken of Wcldon was awarded clmni- onshlp In (he food cake club. All III compete for priMs In tin 1 »laii ontesl noon, MORAN MARKETS, inc. 146 MERCHANT ST. FRESH CREAMERY BUTTER 37cLb, TENDER SIRLOIN 20c PORK ROAST 8PKC1AL 13c - 12 c BEEF ROAST Lb, PURE LARD, IOlb. limit to customer l2cU, VEAL ROAST 17v 2 c Lb. LAMB ROAST 18c Lb, TENDER SWISS STEAK 20c Lb, REEF RIB ROAST 17c u HIGH _^^^^S^f^S^^^^. .»ft FRESH FISH TMjs P^TRY_^:!_JYCTEM _::"_ EGOS BACON I::.:... 24e UM ^k^Picpict(Staiikltt I81c HeaHkyOhlekm Full tlri'wtiil While Von HrtK We *#ll ih«m by tho t*»ind iind full rlcws them ,-,m ».,.-^ F R I K K OA^* Pat «nd plump. n. . £OV YOVHG HRNK, *** Any MlKf, IH, n. ftt V 32c BUTTKR-- 1AC PrevAi Ohvmeo, Hx *»*+» ^VvJ* Cream O». Frednete Wo l»llv»r Pro*mOo. K* ftud fit* ·· Mutua Rei Chan Should rom Memb One C SAFEGUARD: Officer* "f ciim «f article* to thi» that th« cond «xi»teH up t" t thVy do not cxi* ,nt l«w *y whf|th ,,.,, bimjRlit unrtf Thw artlclca * the iw-inl f u l l u n 1 lon In Irai hy ihr- ntfu Hi»t" depart i «" at I tn Insolv MATTOON -Wl(t» Mnr«tiierlU »»· Voic, dniiBhd'i of Mr, end Mi* OorRe ))eV'»ri. TWI1 North Rlx1#»nlh slrci't, m-rivetl liome Tunilit)* «'·» nlint from (he Wclibi-r KHnltnj'iMm In Ottifv. where win* hml l^on i* f»' llcnl for sevoi weiOm iidtinj; trr«t lllCDl f'JI «» Ulfl'l'letl IMill li'HlllllW fioin ulnun (M1ID1* ·nude iiiiir ymmif men, Om»r, (Jeowe, Cliffrtr.1 Mullln *M Jem« Cox. tinvliiK irlvcn Ihefr blowl to htlp dikv* hir life. MlNS lVote In B»* snld to be on Ihe rond to i l oinpl«» recovery. «lthou«h sh« is »UH **· fined to the led. In Ihre* w»th« »h« will return (o (h» Iwopliwl for fmlh- er tronlnmnl, Robbery Attempt at Mattoon Store Faili MATTOON--Thlev«n ninil* sn unj HMfi-enHfiil ftllempt 10 ioh th» Ruec'll feller* niore. 3101 Pine nwnu*. « n w' time W^iln«iii)»j' mofnlnR, The Kln*» In Ihe door wn* biokcti nenr tho InrU. The iloor wn» rtoubly 'ked NKH! Ihe rtttem|A WM Wl"- IMuwnwy of lhi rolibury etlempt w»s not miirte until ihe openmf than li Jilv the t ed snd nwlviHl a potunriK thai have nom wuiunlit w l ·nil hfti'p h»l of K Uw Mill Hut il^jjMr ihl- 1o KO lino !' adniiftlon «f icnii, quoted In Tl of fl Ki«l ro*ny n «hl». srtrt Oitt 1«« lupin n of mutual* if anytlilnji to brittft nhoiii lr nmv a o^rltftratff hli nmmul i* '*n To nnnvnt the pnilniK fiiri^ ten me r nuiiltei IM n r|.,tj- lh"'m vfftf iv witti nrvi i a v li I n t e ^ i l H . «n4 i*-' ttl bv the jiiiwv were roHii" 1 !' 1 '^ '· nmlonnl rlviil'-t- AKwu-liilliitt K What tsnxe nn« jepnintlon for nr otil 1or (coo.t ha i i|l rhninotPt o[ e i - Ii l-i much i of thi* ' in ( hi rnmm [111 i:.|nn-i Die hiiniie^ (1i- v me iticii of lutii 1hi-y will not l)« ; i l n e \ r i v n » nofht 10 i of t whlrh hn t tt r CDi'lnll'in rtnti n Mifli n rtati'i»nnt \1f't i-.l!l K't it I,, 11 f i.H''n unit mrnt will pllll'l (ihOWllltf t "will dhow evciy ;l ftn! dlflnii -onipn lln bt tier ftt i »nd iho inial A fiOHnlhli, c l l t t«piH IP t h a t Wnnth nnt) n IhiOHjjh Ihe j-cn pflriment KO-IV uie tniiiuiLlH si a h«y Inap^n M i t nuiubv cxp^ni n t p tho »nl unit Triirk A litcito itmlnn driven by Ml* N«1lc Miilonp. 2401) Mm-nliiill ov^nu*. imd d tnick of Ih" KHitnjtum Tmn" 1 Co., fl)ltld«l l«i» TiiMrtity «f (|1) ' tioon tn Twenty-fit Ml rtlvcct * n1 Ctim !«(«)» nvcnuo. Th* Mnloni 1 «''"' t"fii to »ltv will «t»lM« Vlu Ion II 1 An SI h of 'ime ihln' hr it ' Of lli'Ht h "y it)* nnwH^n tiit-h clnlniji th i« evlilon m «»l. It l« » m*i. H ic to one do of NEWSPAPEUBHCHIVE®

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