Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 21, 1941 · Page 10
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 10

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 21, 1941
Page 10
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STERLING DAILt GAZETTE, STERLING. ILLINOIS Tuesday, October 21, 1941 News 01 Whiteside, Carroll, Ogle, Lee, Bureau and Henry Counties •ILLEMEVILLE Mr* Offie* Ffe*»* 81 Entertain Minnie Caperton Club Sunday At the Masonic Temple Mr. and Mrs. GerRlci Latiehhn. worthy matron and worthy patron of Bprnice chaptpr O. F,. S entertained thp members- of the Minnie Caperton club of Rork Hi\er Valley in the Masonic temple in Milledgeville on Sunday. A picnic dinner was enjoyed at noon attrr which the business meeting herd and la(pr a social time enjoyed. Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Rex Rahn and son Roderick and,Miss Jessie Carman of Lanark; Mrs. Mildred D. Harrison. Ruby Koodle and D. L. Grlgsby of Rockford: Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Kelly and son Richard and Mr. and Mrs. George Whitemore of Winnebago; Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Metr.ler of Polo; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Swanson and daughter Joan of Morrison; Leslie Gust*fson of Monroe Center; Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Smith and son Howard of Rock Fulls: Mr. and Mrs. Larry Santleman of Dixon; Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Shlppee of McConnell; Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Benz of Freeport. Mr, and Mrs. Judson Richards of Lena. Elect Officers for Methodist Sunday School for Year The following officers have been selected to serve in the. Methodist Jhinday school for the coming year: Superintendent, A. J. Litwlller. assistant, Gerald Laughlln; secretary', Mrs. E. a. Wagner, assistant. Mrs. W. A. Lltwiller; treasurer. William Maxfleld; chorister, 8. O. Crom; pianist. Mrs. G. H. Woiber. assistant, Mrs. Melville McKean; libarian. Alice Wetscll; missionary superin- tendant, Miss Eva McKean. mls- ."on Coble, of Sterling to Warn-too.) ErkM home Friday night. After la. Pi.mday and visited with Or- 'mipper pinochle was played and hieh villp Primmer. *rr>rp». U-PTP rprelvpd by Mr*. Ralph A. T. «-t of snd sp»nt Fri- night and Saturday in thi* horrif of Mr. and Mrs. Manro" Mr and Mrs. George Cook and Erk'l and Leslie Wptr^u. low «rorri by Mrs. John Barthplmp ftnd Francis Erkp). Mr. F.ckPl recpiv»>r.l many nice gifts Mr. snd of Joliet, and tho«p present Mrs. William MrSorlPv Mrs. Christine Eckel. Mr. and Mrs. Joe EckPl. Mr. and Mrs Ralph Eckfl. doueht»r Beverly of Rork Fails, Mr. and Mr?. Fugene Walters and ds-ightrr ,)frrv Ann of Mormon Sunday evening Mipprr Rue.<f.<JMi, and Mrs. Irvm Wrrkrv-er the home of Mr. nnd Mr.v Harry | SOn Ei« U i. Mr and Mr« Jw Banr! of Sterling. Mr. and Mr* Francis Eckel of Chudwick. Mr find Mrs Kenneth Burkhoider of MiilPdRfvillr. Mr. and Mrs Le.Mie Wotrell. Mr. Weekend gupst,-; in t.hp home of Mr anri Mrs Manioe Fok«.Ptt were Mrs. E. n. Hftnthorne and daughter Margaret of Chicago. Mr. and Mrs ! Bnc j Mrs. John Bartlifimr 'john Faypttp Fossett find son Lanny and Ronald ShPiidan of Rcxkford. Sunday KIIP.M.S wrre Miss E\p|yn Imp! of Champaign, Maurice Mead of Camp Forrest, Tenn . and Mr. and Mrs. Elwin Rock of Sterling. •Mr. and Mis Jay Bent were Sunday R UPS is in thp home of Mr. and Mrs. Gifford Bent at Oregon. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Coble of Sterling were Sunday guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Co- blp. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Buffington and .son Rodney and daughter Beverly of Shannon were Sunday dln- ner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Barnhart. Mrs. Grant Porter of Rockford Is visiting in the home of Rev. and Mrs. W. 8.' Peldwlsch. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Treat of Sterling were Sunday evening uupper guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schell. Mrs. Belle Miller spent the weekend in Dlxon In the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Branlgan. Mr. and Mrs. Deri Unholi spent Sunday in Kewanee In the home of Mrs. Unholz' mother, Mrs, C A Skold. Dinner (ruestft Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. August Gerties were Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Volkers of Pearl City, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Melberg and family and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Oerdes'and family. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Blnkley and son. Mr. and Mrs. Edward tibendorf and daughter Ruth and Mr. and Kness and Lawrence Wetreil. Shows Improvement Friend* of Mrs. J M Wlnkey will bp pleased to know that she is making satisfactory reco\ery Irom a serious major operation last week, at St.'Margaret s hospital at Spring Valley. Relatives and friends who visited Mrs. Wlnkey Sunday were: Mr. Wlnkey. Mr, and Mrs. Ele.ry Onibb. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Munz of near Coleta. Mrs. Carl Brown arid daughter Wllma of Milledgeville. Mr. and Mrs Ralph Ports and daughter Shirley of Polo. LANARK NEWS Fewest 1OT-G It4j Sunday .« flrrnoon fh^dc-- 1 Frank Warner, Mr. *nd Mr*. Arthur | Brniire Deef-i; "Sons: of the M*ri- „..._ _, „. ,_. . _ * relative of Nlchol. Mrs. ^Rarh of Chirago, Mr. and Mrs. Fay-I nrrt" iette Fo^ett snd *on Lnnny of Roric- I 'Dancing --. .-._.. j fin ui,.,-., pjano d T Mr« P*ul_K_ampmr!fr snd Infant ford, Mr. *nd Mr*. Vernon Knrss ' "Cmmtrv Oarrirn." Doil." F>«!V>r Fruif Brought to Harvest Service for Nachusa Orphanage of rrr*i>ort. Rrr »t the Boyci B*rbf r horn? for n ff 1 * week*, the formrr bfine R nlwe of Mrs. Bftrbff. Lnnark Cattle Co. has bwn number of rattlr and dauRhtfr Joan of Dunind, Mi", . ranor Flam- *r,d F.l- ,f. " i 7m'! of Champaign. Morris : Spin Mnid^n Spin.' ' Th* KTT? r>: of Camp Forrest. Tenn.. Mi.<;* a Perfect Dav." F.isinf <VN-:T. Anna Jean Fowtt of Mllle«iRevllIe. Bprnlr* •Dffts. Elaine and Kcancv Mr. and Mrs. Howard Knps« and Main's. end with Mr. nnd Mrs. W. E. Msn- ninc th r v to their home in the- city thev took Mr and Mr? W. F. Mnmiln* "or a f Evan and Mr. and Mrs. Frank :' annual harvp.<;t hornP »a.<; hp!d at thp Trinity Lutheran rh-irch Sunday mornmR. Mis* H- irrn Flnncy of Dixon was gupst so- ioiM. She wa.-; Rrcompanipd by MLV; Marilyn Krahler. The church »R5 deroratPd with copia Rally Day Service Tlie Rally day and homecominR sprvirrs hfid at the Grove Street United Brethren church Sunday were well attended. At the morn- Ing sen-Ice the attendance was 113. the goal having been 80. There were visitors present from Mt. Carroll, Milledgeville, Sterling and LaMollle. Burden flowers and a large cornu- lilled with fresh fruit and Several hundred quarts of ratinrd fruit and vegetables can- nr<l by thp ladiw of the church were on display. These donations win be taken to the Nachusa orphanage some time this week. Mrs. Nevin Janey Kay Moore and daughter were Sunday dinner aionary secretary Miss Ruby Sunderland; temperance superintendent. Mrs. C.'B. Thorpe; home department auperlntendent, Mrs. Lena Lee; Cradle roll superintendent. Mrs. A. at McCiain. Intermediate department: Superintendent, M. E. Wer- fal; assistant superintendent, Ralph •chelJing; secretary, Lucille Wag-, ner. assistant, Phyllis Boyd: organist, Margaret MceKan; librarian. Lelle Bushman. Jumor department: 8u- „ pertntandent, Mrs. M. K. Werfal; assistant superintendents, Mrs, Harold sXlmsnel and Mrs. V. M. Miles; sec• IVUry, Margaret Fletcher, assistant, Marilyn Kimmel; organist, Margaret Watwll, assistant, Doris Irene Pil- 'sjrlm; librarian. Joan Langehaug, ftsaistant, Charlene Volkers. J. M. A. Club Meets At Groehling Home The members of the J. M. A. club "Were entertained in the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Oraehiing south Of Milledgevllle on Friday evening. A picnic supper was enjoyed and later pinochle was enjoyed with Mrs. •art Imel and Clalr Oatrell having high score, Mrs. William H*y«n and sfcrl Imel high bid, Mrs. Glenn Hiller and Ward Deets low score and Richard Oraehiing and Elery the last four ace*. Mr. and Oraehiing were presented with • •firt from the group in honor of wedding anniversary. The were Mnrad Mrs. Earl Imet •nd Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Smith of Ootota, Mr. and Mrs. Ward Deets, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rahn, Mr. and Mrs. William Ha yen. Mr. and Mrs. Glean Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Clalr Oatrell, Mr. and Mrs. Elrry Shank •nd Mr. and Mrs. Richard Graeh- Hn| and Jimmy Hollo well. Picnic Dinner ot The Roy Mockey Home guests In the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Johnston at Sterling. Joyce and Kenneth Coble of Sterling spent Sunday in the home of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs, Wayne- Plummer. Kenneth Kradle of Rock Falls spent the weekend in the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Shilling. Dinner guests Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Franklin were Mr. and Mm. James LJnton and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Llnton of Sterling. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Llnton and family of Coleta. Mrs. Chester Hayes and daughter Mary Ann and Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Llnton and daughter Carol Lee. Afternoon guests were Mr. and Mrs. Harold Llnton and son Dickie of Mt. Carroll. Mr. and Mrs. Orvllle Allen and daughters Helen and Anna Mary and son Orvllle spent Saturday night and Sunday at Lostant in the borne of Mr. and Mrs. Oeprge Oa- Communion Oct. 26 It was erroneously mentioned In The Gasette last week that com- muniori services would be held at the West Genesee church Sunday afternoon. Oct. 19. The date should haw been Oct. 26. Rev. J. W. Bucklln will have charge of the service. New Arrival Born, a son to Mr. and Mrs. John Spear Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Bushman. tick. A picnic dinner was enjoyed in Ike home of Mr. and Mrs.' Raymond :: Jiaekey eajt oi Milledgeville on Sun. sky honoring the birthdays of Ray- 1 and Roy Maekey. The guests Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jensen of Fa, Mr. and Mrs. Kldon Jensen •Ml family ot Lanark. Mrs. Jo* War- fri and daughter Dorothy of Chad- -flriok and Roy Maekey of Shannon. Afternoon callers w*re Mr. and Mrs. Oujr Mackty and SOD Ronald and Mrs. Arthur at Oalr and daughter —«t Chadwick. Mbonks Honored Honoring Jesse Cubans* of Camp ftonrest. Term., who is home on a . |l days furlough, his parents Mr 1 fad Mrs. M. H. Bufeauks entertained toe following at dinner Sunday in •mm honor. Miis Martfttnt Frtrttr •ft*.** LibertrviUr. Mr, and Mrs. Utyd Kubanks and family of aier- r^emj« Mr. aud Mrs. OfcrfwM Btutr «ad family of Chadwka: and Mr. Md Mrs. Henry Eueanks and family of Miliedgms*. Entertain Sunday Mr. and Mn it L Mesueaa en- el relatives awl intnds at tout* .11 f Mnaee* illli on Mnor oj tbnr sen George return la Camp Kmtoroe, T 0 ***** after a sett day of ats par- Mr, and Mrs. H. K. Glenn and sons. .Louis, Lyle and Lawrence, were Sunday guest* in the home of Mr. and Mm. Henry Meet at Hanover. They called at the David Hitt home in Elizabeth in the afternoon. Marian Miles apent Friday and Saturday in the home of Mr and Mrs. Frank Prowant at Chadwick. •Lutheran chicken dinner Thursday, Oct. 23, 5:30 to 7:30, 50 cents Buy your ticket* in advance—adv" William Ewers and son Tommy and daughter Joyce spent Sunday in the home ot Mrs. Kate Ewers at Morrison. Mr and Mrs. Walter McKean and daughter Barbara of Decatur end-Mr, and Mtt, r MelvHle McKean and family were Sunday guests in the home of McKean sisters j Mr. and Mrs. Russell Haberer and daughter Sandra of Sterling were Sunday dinner guest* in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leo-Albers, honoring Mrs. Haberer's birthday Mr and Mrs. Ears Woiber of Sterling, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Warehime and daughter Shirley were dinner guests Sunday in the home of Mrs, Ella Warehime. Mrs. Charles Davidson and sons Coleto Briers Miss Elizabeth Kraft of near Coleta reports that she picked a nice sited bouquet of violets last week at her home. Mr. and Mrs. William McSorley of Joliet were weekend guests In the home of Mr. and Mrs.-John Eckel. Mr. and Mrs. John Nicholas, sr., of Rockford, Mr. and Mrs. John Nicholas, Jr., and family of Haldane and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Reecher and son Charles of Sterling were supper guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Reecher. Pvt. Elwyn Buhrow, who had been at Camp Wolters, Tex., for the past few months, has been transferred and his present address is 3rd' Bn. Hg. Det. tth Inf., Ft Sam Houston, Texas. Miss Arvilla Irion of Franklin Grove and Roddie Roop of DeKalb wtre visitors Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Irion, RUa and Milton Nicholas, -Jr., of Polo were weekend visitors of their uncle and. aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Gro. Lawrence. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Glpe of Wilmington were weekend visitors in the home of Mr. Gipe's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Glpe. Mr. and Mrs. Mason Colcord and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Pittman and daughter, Jean of Sterling were visitors Sunday afternoon in the Colcord-Wallace .home. Guests at Supper Mrs. Francis Garner and daiiRh- ter Alice: Jean, Mr.v E«rl Roth «n baby and Mr, and Mrs. Ralph Gnr npr and children. Allan Gayle an James, were guest* at a surprts nipper honoring Mrs. Esther Ditz ler in the Morreil Ditrler home nea Pearl City Sunday evening. Corn Husking Contest The annual com husking contes in Carroll county will be held on the Supervisor Otho Bloyer farm fiv miles southeast of Lanark on Mon day. Oct. 27th. Contestants will be represented from most of the town ships in the county. Speaks at Shannon Rev. Merle Hawbecker was guest speaker at a Rally tiny program held at the Shannon Methodist church Sunday afternoon. Rev. Doyle, Iocs pastor, is in charge of the Shannon church. Rites Saturday Funeral services were held for the late Mrs. Myra Rentier of Lanark at the Franks funeral home Satur d*y afternoon. Rev. Cedarhome of Waterloo. la., officiated. Burial was in the Lanark cemetery. Rally Day Sunday Rally day was observed at the Church of God with an all day program Sunday. A basket dinner was served in the basement of the Christian church at noon, To Erect Lunchroom A new lunchroom will be erected Just west of the Mobiloll station in south Lanark, ground having been eicavated to begin work in the near future. which is bping purchased by mostly local cattle fpedpr* Mr?. Anna DpGrafT of Chicago is the guest o"f fripnds for a few days. CHADWICI NEWS Mary Ptwa* 1M Enlists in Army Jake Smith, youngest son of Clar- encgLfljagrsJias enlisted in ihe_Med. corpsoTtKrTj. 8. army and is located at Camp Grant for the present. Lanark Briefs Mr. and Mrs. Jack Buche, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mattison and daugh- Son on Furlough 1$ Honored at Dinner Honorinu *helr son Arlowe. who Is home on furlough from Camp Forrest, Tenn., Mr. and Mrs. .Herman Daphler entertained relatives Sunday at their home south of Chadwick. Included In the group were 1 Mrs. Ida Miller and Mrs. Amelia Miller and son Robert of Mllledge- ville; Miss Viola Strauch of Sterling: Mr. and Mrs. George Daehler and son Albprt. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Daehler, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Daehler, Mrs. Blanche Ratliffe, and W. G. Strauch. Cars Crash 'in Fog Cars driven by George Weber and John Merit, both of Chadwick, were damaged Saturday evening when Weber crashed into the rear of the Mert* car. Mr. Mertu had stopped at the high school corner to clean the windshield on his car and because of the dense fog, Mr. Weber was unable to avoid the crash, Conducts Rites The Rev. L. M. Phillips of Chadwick went to Martintown, Wls Monday, where he conducted funeral sen-ices for George Zettle. Mrs. Phillips accompanied him to Freeport, where she spent the time with relatives. handling a thp past we?k and pxtrft hflp hft*|j mr ] j hppn secured to tskr rare of the i>, r j, M »e Krftdle and Keith Krft- dle of Rock Falls spent the wrrkpnd in the home of thpir grandmother Mrs. Marv Kradlp. Miss Ruth Keii is spending iw- pral dsys In the John Rhode home In Coleta. Mr. and Mir John Kradle of Rockford and Mr. and Mrs Eber Shepherd and daughters- of Mt. Carroll were Sunday guests in the John Trlpp home. Guests Sunday In the home of Mrs. Carrie Beckpr were Mr. and Mrs. Walter Henske and family of Morrison. Miss Lenora Queckboerner returned from Sterling Sunday evening where she had been a guest of Mr. and Mrs. George Pfundstein since Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hemmers attended the 13th district Legion convention in Freeport Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bast and daughter and Albert Hart of Rockford and Mr. and Mrs. George Bast spent the weekend in Cordova in the J. N. Johnson and Donald Martin homes. Mr. and Mrs. William Heinz* of Thomson and Mrs. Conrad Heinze of Mt. Carroll spent Sunday afternoon in the hom« of Mrs. Elizabeth Helnie. Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Spencer and daughter Cheryl of Tampico spent Sunday with relatives here. Miss Erma Dambman returned to Downers Grove Sunday after having spent the weekend with her parents Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Dambman. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Eckel had as guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Harold Eckel and family of Sterling. Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Gnagey and sons were entertained Sunday in the D. E. Thompson home in Mt. Morris. Meetings of Clubs And Class Group Held Mrs Roy Row-find entrrt«:nrd the members of trip K. B. C ch;b at her home Monday evening A meptie of the Twentieth Century club was held at the horn? of Mrs. F. W. Hammer on Monday evening. "Cnlifornia" was the ,vi!»- jpct. of thp program presented by Miss May Johason. Members of Class No. 9 of the Methodist Sunday school hrid their monthly business and social session at the home of Mrs. Lester Rothermel Monday evening. Mr. nnd Mr- ,Tnrn"; !.,i;h" of Mof- ri'-on. Dr and Mrs. s ,s Harriman and L^onn, Mr nnd Mr.- \V. E. Mi>\, Mr. ttr.d Mr-;. F. J. Lath" and I Nancv entnvrd a picnic dinner at I.oTir;; park, nixtm. on Sunday. When tli<-y rrturn^'l th r v atr Stm- riav nisht .•-•ipjK-r nt tho F, J. Lathe homp near I.\ ndon. MANLIUS NEWS Reporter, Helena Dabler— Phnne R-461 Properties Sold The Lucy Rife, property on East Dixon street, which was .sold at public auction Saturday was purchased by Charles Dicklavm of Mt. Morris The C. D. Rowland proyerty on East Buffalo street was sold by Guy Donaldson, real estate man. to Irvin Paul of near Polo -on Saturday. Polo Briefs Among the Sick E. 8. Carbaugh suffered a paralytic troke Friday, and Is seriously ill at his home in Chadwick. Miss Jean Schreiner of Chadwick, tudent nurse at the West Suburban hospital. Oak Park.' in recovering rom an infection in her hand. Chadwick Briefs Alfred Glaw. Emery Marshall and farold Schneyder of Chicago spent he weekend in the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Imel.- Mr. and Mrs. Ben Rosenberry had i their guests Sunday. Mr. and Mrs Roy Barber and, family of Rockford. Afternoon guests were Mrs. Hubert loffman and sons and Miss Lois Hoffman. Mmmd~Mrs. Howard Spangler of Morrison were guests of Mr. and Mrs. William Eggert Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. George Pfundstein and family of Sterling were supper guests Sunday evening in the Albert Queckboerner home. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Martin and sons Wayne .and Julian and Jerry Kenneth Haag and Orval Haag of Sterling were weekend guests In the George and Carl Haag homes. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Isenberger and son Richard were guests Sunday in the Robert Livengood home In Lanark. Mrs. Lizzie Hoffman has gone to Mt. Carroll where she will remain until Friday In the home of her daughter Mrs. Ted Hartman and family. Miss Marjorie Zugschwerdt. and Miss Lois Queckboerner returned from Maquoketa, Iowa, Sunday where they had spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs, Nolan Zugschwerdt. Mrs. Guy Maekey and sons Paul and Ronald spent Saturday in Bloomington with Miss Beth Maekey and attended the football game. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Olson had as their guests Sunday Mr. ana Mrs. Pete Mstsen, Mrs. G. A. Carlsten and Ted Olson of Clinton, Iowa, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carlson and family of Morrison and Kent Olson of Rockford; __.——_ Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Stein and daughters attended a family dinner Sunday in the home of Rev. and Mrs. 8. G. Eberly in Polo. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Crt*w and family of Glen Ellyn visited Polo relatives orer the weekend. Miss Gertrude Loeppert of Chicago Is visiting at the home of her brother, Rev. Theodore Loeppert. Dr. and Mrs. C. L. Drennen have returned from a week's stay In Minneapolis, Minn., where the doctor attended a medical meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Loris Shmder of Sterling visited the latter's mother, Mrs. Delia Bellows, Sunday. Mr, and Mrs J. D. Seeks, *on Donald and daughter Julana spent the weekend with relatives in Mt. Vernon, la. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hoots and daughter. Mrs. C F. Mueller of Decatur, who had been visiting Mrs. Hoofs parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Poole. returned home Sunday. Robert Llewellyn, sttident at the Coyne electrical school in Chicago, spent the- weekend with his mother, Mrs. Ella Llewellyn, and other relatives. Mrs. Margaret Boyer visited relatives in Steger Sunday. Mrs. Olin Powell and daughter Babette and Mrs. Melvin Hurdle are visiting in the home of the latter's aunt. Mrs. Charles Richards, and family in Kent City, Mich. Judge and Mrs. Leon Zlck. son Robert and daughter Barbara of Oregon visited Polo relatives Sunday. Manlius Honor Roil For First Six Weeks ThP honor roll for Manilas Township high .school for the first six weeks is ns follows: Margery Lee Allen 95, Mniilyn Carlson 94, Kenneth fltirr 93.25. Tommy Gorman 93. Gladys DeBolt 92.75. Shirley Smith 9275, Blftiu-JH! Whipple 92.20. ( Frances Karrlkrr 92. Julia Ann Gorman 91.75, Calvin Schunrman 91.75. Msrjorle Barber 9150. Marjone Hochstattor 91.25, Marian Nelson 91.25, Elaine Nelson 91, Robert Dale 9050, Glenn DeBolt 90.50, Hazel Schuneman 90.25. Tony and Larry of St, Charles were dinner guests Saturday In the borne of Richard Oncken. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Holbrook and crJeanTDungar attended fourth annual homecoming at St. Vincent home in Freeport. Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Pilgrim were Mr. and Mra. Lyle Lundquist and family of Sterling. Elmer Pilgrim of Camp Forrest. Tenn., and Mr. and Mrs. Loren Crawford. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Fierheller and d «u«hters Iris..anj. Donna of Freeport were weekend fuecte in the home *f Mr. and Mrs" Abe Reiff. Rev. W. a. FeWwisch left Monday afternoon for Rochester, Minn., where he will submit to surgery at the Mayo clinic. Mr ; and Mrs. A. M. Shlpman were guest* Sunday in " Mr, and Mrs, Wllbitf Mr. and Mrs. Clark Stanley and family of near Coleta and Mr. and Mrs, Wlllsrd Hogge and son; of Oeneseo were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Cleve Hogge at Hooppole. Jerry Ray young son of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Needy is ill ad under the care of a physician. Mrs. Chester LJnton will enter St. Margaret's hospital at Spring Valley Tuesday for medical treatment and a major operation. ter Anne Marie, were guests of Her-!Hall went to Leland Sunday where man Stimile at Apple River Sunday!, j U»ey spent the day with the former's Mr. and Mrs. Etra F»ber. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Faber and family of La Moule were visitors Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs.. C. H. Kline and attended the United Brethren church homecoming. HT.GUttU Reed at Byroo. »i. au 2 d * y evenln t dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. 1. Warehime were Mr. and Mrs. aeorge Hardensen and daughters Jo .and Mr. and fMeday in honor oj tb*» •lit will return i* r^» . . . Martin Hardensen ot Clinton. and Mrs. Howard Itehtemach were Sunday guests in the home of Robert Walters at guecu in the Soil Conservation Office n Electtd and Committees Named Robert Carson was elected chair* man and Wallace Williams, secretary, of the Carroll county soil conservation district at an organisation meeting of Uw directors Saturday night. Other directors are C. V Butterbaugl), Charles Kessler and Henry Miller. Committees follows: were appointed as Prairieville. Sunday dinner borne of Mr. and Mm. O. W. fitone were Mr. and Mrs. John atone and family of Polo, Mr. .ad oo, r. .ad Mwoy Pascal and son Charles of flterlinc * 1 * M«. j. W . «o»e 3 Rock Falls. Iriefs «nd Mrs. pr*d end Mrs. T. M. ^ «Ad Mrs. L. & n>. «*d Mrs, a M MUETIKWS •toa, Oraee Honor John Eckel ot Supper In honor of the birthday a><"hers- Soils and crops, Henry Miller, Oliver Heisler, Julius Rath, Harl Johnston, Victor K. Dauphin. Pasture improvement and woodland management, Charles Keatler, Charles K. Kingery, William J. Devis, Russell Tallman and Ralph Blake.< Economic and social problems, C V., Butterbaugh, Hen Williamson. Charles Stuart, Arthur Haas, William Lunday. ' Education and operation. Robert O. Carson, freeman Law. Ward Frits, W. Q. Warnock and Sari Keim.. Erosion contra! and practice, Wallace Williams. Gltn Carson Bd Keim, Harold Merchant and Roes HosUtUr. ~" f,Na*,2 Mount Carroll HeratotaBi will sponsor a trail ride Mrs. Anna DeGraffe of Chicago Is visiting in the Carl Klome home. Dr. and Mrs. Foster Gossard of Chicago were weekend guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Got*»«!• - - •-- - — Mr. and Mrs, Harry Sllfer and baby of Sterling were guests of relatives nere Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weiler moved Monday from North Broad street to the home they recently purchased on West Claremont. Mr. and,Mrs. Russell Rahn and family spent Sunday with the Lester Rahn family at Pekln. Mrs. Eva Seller and daughter Ruth returned from a visit with the Clyde Seller family at Decorah, I*- Sgt. Ellis Patterson of Camp Forrest, Tenn.. former teacher in the Lanark school, is visiting friends here. Alvin Sword and Roy Noll purchased an outstanding herd boar at the Kupersmlth sale near Warren last week. I Galen Fry has returned from the (west where he had employment in (the slate of Idaho. Mrs. John Pirie and children and Miss Dorothea Stuns and friend of Chicago were weekend guest* at the Cloyd Sturts home. Rural teachers of .this community attended teachers institute at Ml. Carroll and Rockford on Thursday and Friday. A shower in honor of Mrs. Merle Hawbecker will be held at the Peter Carpenter home on Friday of this week. Mrs.. CarpcuUeT and Mrs. La* Fry are sponsoring the shower. Mr. anilirs. Dale Potter have returned from their honeymoon trip. Government row testers found cattle in thl» community free fro* tuberculosis. Donna Sturts received minor in< juries when she fell from a load «f bated hay. Russell SchaU has accepted a poai<* Uon with the International Harve*. tar Co., with headquarters la •*» vanna. Rev. and Mrs. Frank McCune and the former's brother Howard «c Kitcheli, Ind., were here on Saturday guests of relatives and friends. Rev. Mr. McCune is pastor of tiw mother. Mrs. John Martin. Mr. and Mrs. John Doty of Rock Falls, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Queckboer- ner. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Kaul and son Eldon and Mrs. Bertha Mest were- entertained Sunday -in the George Kaul home near Elizabeth Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Meyer of Lanark spent Sunday in the William Meyer home. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Daehler, daughter Dolores and son Ronald, were guests Sunday in the Fred Rhode home near Milledgeville, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Isenhart entertained Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Shuman and son. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Shuman, Mrs. Margaret Boyer and son and William Shuman of Sterling, Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Baker of Rock Falls and Mr. and Mrs. Orvllle Shuman. Sunday at their home south of Chadwick. Pvt. Arthur Zlssler of Camp Forrest, Tenn., Is spending a 19-day furlough in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kell. Mrs. Arthur Glaw and daughter Martaret of Flainfleld spent tne weekend in the home of Mrs. Claw's parents Mr. and Mrs. Prank Knees. sU were Mr. and Mra. in Young Musicians in Recital Saturday _____ A recital program was given at the East Jordan church Saturday afternoon as follows: "Goosey, Goosey." "Hunting Song." Delorea Herr; "The Elf Man." "Wonderful Words of Life." Jean Parks; "The Long Trail." "The Wigwam," Donald Woessner; . song. "Whistle While You Work." Lois Ann Wade; "Haste Merry Mill Stream," "Three Clocks," Darlene Long; "The Bee and The Clover." Doris Scholl "The Big Bass Singer," Lois Ann ' Wade; "Country Gardens." "March Slave," Virginia Main; "March of the Boy Scouu, "Dublin Town.1 _ Kdwin Wade: "Prelude," "Jesus, Lover of My Soul," *March Wind," Viola Meyers; vocal duet, "Alice Blue Gown," Bemice Deets. Elaine Gilbert; -Kcho Walts." "Peasant Dance," Evelyn Mains*; "Little Patriot March.- "Santa Lucia." "Minuet in O." Avis Landtoer; "Cadet* on Miss Patricia Hudson of the high school faculty spent the weekend at her home in Nauvoo. Mrs. T. H. Bracken, Miss Julia Bracken. Mrs. Gertie Buck, Mrs. Helen Bentley and son Dick visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Krelder In Sterling Friday eve- ~lng. Mra. Ralph""Coffey and""daughfer Louise have returned from a few days' visit in Chicago. Miss Bessie. Keck of Oregon was a Polo visitor Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lindemann and Miss Josephine Lindemann visited at the home of Rev. and Mrs C, K. Carpenter in Balleyville on Sunday. Mrs. J. T. McGrath has returned from a visit at the home of her son-in-law and daughter. Dr. and Mrs. Charles Phalen, in Sparta, Manlius Homecoming The anntiHl homecoming of Man- llu,-i Township hlRh .school will be held Saturdny. Oct. 25. A footbaQ game will be played nt, 2:30 p. m.( on the locnl K'ifUfon between Tis- kfltvft and MHnliu.1 high schools. A banquet will be .served by the home economics department nt 7 p. m» followed by a dance which will end at midnight. All nlumni and friendj of the school are cordially invitedf to participate In the various activities of the day. Get Proof of Pictures Monday the seniors received the. proofs of their pictures which were' taken last week. They will place individual orders and the photographer will .supply the school with a large, framed C!RAS composite, which is hung in the upper corridor of the building. Monlius Briefs Mr. and Mrs. Howard Howard and Miss Lorcnc Hornback were Sunday dinner Kuests of Mr. and. Mrs. Reese Trusler. Mrs.. Garland - Oiler and «on of Louisville. Ky., came Saturday for a visit with Mrs. Oiler's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Edlefson. Mr. and Mrs. Verle Johnson of Kewanee were Sunday dinner guesta of Mr. and MM. J. H. R. Johnson. ( Mrs. Paul McMahon. Mrs. Gene Cogglas, Mrs, Francis Dabler and Mae. W. H. Dnbler and daughters attended a tea Sunday afternoof) at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. J B. CratfeeV- TM Parade," Elaine "Nearer Lf Few; "in a Ood to Tnee." iince it rotates at akaoojii the SK* °' ***"" ta duck bunters have bagging their share of wild ducks during the season which is - ' full swing. The Gioilelty store -building Vtarrest VaUnfer retUk* on Mw. Bite Mteer f*m eut «f *=! „ . *** M* Jk. W. -*"•• lam fcM*»-.*« u»> JMw iuw. •» i fa f « aowU.wta of Lanark *•• PiUic Sale of In) Estite Eitite of Edwii N. Hmir Sixtew Acre Tract h VMIiwi Saturday, October 25th, at Two P. M., at the ^remises. The home of the late Edwin N. Hoover on the Woodlawn Road, containing 16 acres. TERMS OF SALE: $500.00 at time of sale and the balance on April 15, 1942, on delivery of warranty deed and a merchantable abstract. Subject to taxes for 1942. Possession given March 1, 1942. Abstract may be seen at the office of Ward < Wara7Btei-ling, III, Mr. and Mrs. John Burgess and children, Elizabeth and Patricia, of Rock Island and Mr. and Mrs. Will Black of Hlllsdale were guests for Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs C. H. Woodard and family. Mr. and Mrs, George Allen and Floy of Rock Falls were guests of Mrs. Zelia Allen and Mrs. Leila Greene for Sunday dinner. Mr. and MM. Adam Manning and *nti« _* ^M. A _ _ . . ."•• * * ^* family of spent the ment was made of the opproachinf I marriage of their daughter Agner to Guy Edlin. Mr. and Mrs. John Edlefson and Delbert entertained the following Sunday in honor of Star! Warfiejd. who Is home on a 16-day furlough from Camp Forrest. Tenn.: Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wc.ssel of Walnut. Mrs. Gar la rid Oiler and &on of Louisville, Ky.. MM.-J*! L." Oiler and Melvln of Tampico. Miss Amy Reynolds of Prlriceton, Mr. .and Mrs. Monroe Warfield. Start, Willard. Jeanette. Marjorie and Robert Edlefson. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Frey and son of Kewanee and Robert Dabler of WygnetnffeTeSundar dinner^ HUBEU— of Mr. and Mrs Mike Kares. Mr. and Mrs. A. j. Pierson were dinner guests Snday of Mr. and Mrs. 0- D. Thompson. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Willey and son of Kewanee wre Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Willey." John Foes of Mineral was » Thursday night dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ward Boyce. Clarence Fink and Ward Boyce attended a farewell party Friday evening in Mineral for John Foes and Clarence Croegaert. Mr. and Mrs, Carl Carlson, Marilyn and Jimmy were weekend guests of Mr, and Mr*, Hugo Lundahi of ledar - • • - H, L. Harrington, Auctioneer. ElmerT, Agent for the ESTWATE OF STOCK FOB AUCTION 8TEBUNG SALES PAVILION. Sterling, IIL TMUMOAY, MTNEH 23 BEGINNING AT 10:30 A.m. ZMSHekOame Consisting of 2 carrot -North Dakota heifers, 450-650 IDS. Balance various kinds and qualities of steers weighing 600-900 Ibs. Some calves. "•^•^^P •^•MNH VsWHil^V Dairy cows and heifers, stock bulls, butcher stock, and veal calves. SWM Nigs Bring in your feeding shoats. The consignor does not have, to pay any vaccination charge under the revised state law. flMP ^P^^ VV9 Good local farm horses. Sriftf in your stock »• fee seJtJ. We Kovt buytrt . fof tm etilleW. •- — We wiM i»c*te • trtjch f** y*>*i. Ceil «4ir office StERtING SALES ING 8TERUNG, ILV^MAIN 406

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