The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 2, 1923 · Page 13
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 13

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 2, 1923
Page 13
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MONDAY, JULY 2, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS.;'".753K**5S, PAGE THIRTEEN. _J AMT ADS I FOR RENT— APARTMENTS (ConlMI FOR ItK.\'I'- -('lose-l», .luwnstnlrs jtuart- - mcnt: Kim and Hlepylusf porches, pantry, Km,. Imllt-ln beil nn.1 rcrrlgn- • ntor, laiuK\,y ,ocn,; l,o( ana eoM water lurnlahcl. 1'liune 209a alter 0 p.m. 11 29-4t . J ?OH HUNT- Four-room. furnished iipaft- ; ment, «UH ,iilng porch and EjvraBc;- Avater, UKIIU anil scis furnfahetl; I'M 4 month. I'lioiu- 214(11, . - ~ 11 2-4t FOR HUNT—fltoo 1 arartmrnts of five rd 'omB ouch In Washington Terrace; strictly modern, Chos: rfcttirsDn, phone. 2GG0. . 11 29-10t KOR HENT-Purntsheil liotlHekeepIng apartment for respectable people only, 19% East Flint. Phone 187H. ,11 30-2H llKAUTIFUI, kitchenette. apartment, s Bleeping jKircti; private bntli: 11119 North Main. Phone 3040. 11 25-llt FOB 8AL6— MlBCELt-ANEOUft <Cont'iH FOR RENT—Strictly moilorn. furnished, three-roum apartments, }36 and $40. Phone atOO. 11 6-251 T.UKF.K llKht housekeeping rooms, nicely furnished, i22 Kast First. Call af'er 6 p.m. 11 29-10t FOR RKNT—Three-room, modern, unfurnished apartment. McCurUy Inaurance Agency. 11 a-25t FOR RENT—Modern, furnished apartment; adults. 212 Wept Seventh. 11 ao-li^t FOR UENT —Two-room, modern, furnished apartment. 12S East A. 11 21>-4t FOR RKNT--Two or four-room Rpart- ment unfurnished, I'hone '2-170. U 29-10t MODERN, unfurnished, five-room apart- i ment. Call 21ESW or 1112. 11 l-26t l'TOR nKNT—Furnlshed or unfurnished apartment. Phono 3308. 11 S7-2«t UNFURNISHED three-room apartment. Call 217SR. 11 4 -14t NO. 3 Stewart Apartments Phone 2178R. for rnnt 11 4-14t FOR RENT—MISCELLANEOUS 1S UU.SIN12S8 room for rent, 1 )0 West First Hulleble for automobile business, the or battery or any kind of retail Imslneao. Inquire Superior Motors. 12 thfe 7-12t Every day you will find a blf classified •want ad list, and these Items are of absorbing Interest. 18 2ti -tlt Bird's Art-C'raft ruoflnfr, made to apply over old/wood ahlnfflea. Beautiful, durable and fireproof. OUAKA" Sold by OUA KANTEED 3L, J. WMfte Lumsalbxeir' Co. rhone 05. 101 West Sherman. 18 30-25t FOR SALE — Soda fountain; white marble lS-foot bar with marble ends, 12 pumps, liquid earbonb: V 'eerleBs vrmUfl. two years old, In Al condition, new car- bomltor, ebalrfl. tables. (Jompleto outfit at a blK bargain. Ray I'- lSumatead, Junction City, Kan. 18 eod 30 -4t FOR SALE—Bulk lard, 10c round, brlnff your pall; pork miuraKe, 10c pound; hamburger, 'i pounds 25e. Fulton Market. 18 2!)-4t FOj^JSA ^I ^MISCHLl-AJ^eOUS < c °j£^ FOn SAf,K—Tomato plants, red ami yellow plums. 319 NoKh rWoodard, 18 14-SEt FOR BALK—Ulcyclo cheap. Fhone 3491J. typewriter, 18 28 -4t FOR SATjTtJ—'Star Brand' Shoes for men. women 'and children, purr payment down, balance GOc weel;. 'Star llrand' Shoes aro better. Comer Commerce Co., 17-19 North Walnut. 18 29-4t W ANTED TO BUY (cont'd) »\VANTISD—A chain broom oom s;oder and baler. S. A. Threlkold, Nlekerscr,, Kan. II s 30-7:21 HlallEST pices ps-ld for men's cant-off clothing a-nd shoes. Phono 116JJ'. 21 2-2&t nVANTED—Good used househokl lure. Phone 1349. Full SALE- Hakes, hoe. pitchforks, shovtl, scytlie, wheelbarrow. Call 894. 18 29-4t. CAIJL,"4108W for ail kinds ot cakes, plcnls lunches and refrealsmcnts orders. 18 18-7:111 FOR SA1.H— Jersey milk co'.v, price l«5: 14 mile east re**rn»:itory barn. 18 2-4t FOR SALE— Fair dump boardB, JOOt South Main, phono 717. new, $6. 18 29-U FOR SAi.13—Ura .18 bed ami nprlnga; large lamp with shade. I'liune 273J. IS 2H-4t FIVE Eskimo Spitz puppies for sale, ?5 each. 1107 Kast Fourth. IS 2 -4t FOR SAMS—0no**-font Mollrto binder, never used, 1170; three Mollne 2-row Lister cultivators, $00 each; two Mollne balance frame cultivators, $37 each. Above prices r.o.b. Kingman, Kan. Frank II. Huso Implement Co. ]S2B-tt Larffe cabinet Btze phonograpli with records, $45. J. W. JENKINS SONS MUSIC CO.-' lS29-4t FOR SALE— Men 'M good Shoes for $4. $4 .00, 11 .98, $5.50. jf.50, $0.75 to $7.7.6. Man's Oirforde for $5.60. $5.76, $6.60. Men's work Shoes $2.50, $2.98 and S3.5U. Comer Commerce Co., 17-19 Norths-walnut. 18 29 -4C FOS SALE—Nearly now cash rea/later. Sllfer Motor Exchange. IS 30-7 FOR SALE - lb'ttta, carrots and potatoes. Will deliver. Phono 35F5. 18 26-2 furnl- 21 '2 -til WANTK1J—Ouod used household furni- tuic. Phone 1349. 21 2o-« HIGHEST prices ;iald for men's clothing. Phono 777. 21 l-25t WANTED -Second-hand Fori. Fourth. AUTOMOBILES EXTRA SPECIAL Palntlne. prlecn for June: Dodge touring j S30.00 Ford tourings $17.50 All other eai* In proportion. Best of woikmaltthlp and materials. ©„ K. AaotoPafflBBflSiBiC©. S29 South Main Street. Phone 1181. 22 1-7:1 FOR SALE -Beets for canning. Falrvlew Gardens. Phono 3S09R. IS 21-10t FOR BALE—Largo Bray bugjry. Plume 14S5J. reed baby IS 30-4t MAOAZ1NE subscriptions. Mrs. Ina Kilns, 81,7 East Fourth. 11 2-Bit CHERRIES for sale. J. F. Irwin, R.F.D. 6. Phono 29F13. 18 29-2 FOR SALIC— One HarrlsburK Fleming WestinRlloUBe ona/ino generator. 8lze 10x10 Inch generator '5 tCW DC 230 volto. Euirlne needs some repair, generator good condition. If Interested, call 740 for further Information. 18 29-Jt FOR SALE— Tractor ptttvf and farming outfit,, cheap. Will also rent farm. Improved, to party buylnp tools. Write Chas. E. Monroe, 612 South Grand Ave., Lyons, Kan. IS 25-6t FOR KENT - Office room at 24 East First, Nelson building. M. Welch. 12 8-2&t VERY desirable office rooms. Curdy Insurance Agency. FOR RENT- Garage. Bee Mc- 12 \-Ul 23 East Tenth. 12 ;io-ot ROOM A NO BOARD 14 $13|1'FU week and commission, on dandy household iu-llflc. Answer with sddresa or phone number. Address P-«S, care News. 14 2-5 ROOM and board, $5 per week. 627 East C. 14 20-7:1 HOARD and room. 300 West Second. 14 11- FOR SALE OJ4 TRADE 1» FOR SAI.C or trade—Farm seven miles from 1 hiN 'hlnsnn; crop goes with farm; lots of fruit, will take piece of city property and yi\e long lime on balance. Call 123 North Town street, Grandvlcw. 15 2-i'i FOR SALE or trade— Quarter of land In Major county. Oklahoma. Prefer llutch- Jnson prn,.,i-ty or small tract. Ed. Ro,vi\ 200 East Third. 15 2-4t FUR HALE or trade—Four rooms furniture. Will trade for Ford touring car. Call 332R .I. 15 2S-3 Clofllntf out at cost; guaranteed lively 1923 Goodyear garden hose. I. B. mlth A Company, 700 South Main, phono 450. lS26-0t FOR SALE—One 1(1-30 Twin City tractor In good condition, tine new Bethlehem truck; one second-hand Bethlehem truck, n,)ariy new. At bargain prices, ('has. H. I 'aenzcr v Sterling. Kansas. 1Ss23-3t FOR SALE— Ladles' black kid l-.ilrap Comfort Slippers for $2.60, J2.9S and 53.50. Comer Commerce Co., 17-19 North Walnut. IS 29-41 SECOND-HAN D tlEFItlGER \TOR8 of all kinds at bargains, Also used furniture, repairing and upholstering a specialty. Hi'yard Purnllure Co., 510 North Main, phono 169. 18 2-25t Aunt© Sstuvag© Fmit Bulck 6, IHulck 4. Dodge, Dart, SaiSVi, Chevrolet 4f>, Overland, Auburn, Oakland and Pullman cars. BARNES AUTO SUPPLY CO. 12-24 West Sherman St. Faono 1633. 18 7-25t FOR SALE— Bulldogs. Burrton. Kan. Ralph Hazen, 18 2j -6t FOR good home made pies call 3011.7. Mrs. Satmon. 18 7-2H EXPERT piano tuning. Jenkins Music Company. 18 2-25t STEVENS' please. Studio — Photographs thai 18 2-S5t NOTICE—MISCELLANEftUl 1* -Silla Aft All klnila of tf"<.ytfr { >LtmH amusements and golf. Tako fourth street piivliiK west (o BUfford, then Bcvtn mllea aouth, miles west. VulouiizlnK. Retrpafllrtg. l,et us Utie care of your tire troubles. MJl»-STATI0 TUXK COM PA "United Htfttrs nnd Para bell Tires. Phono 397. 304 South Main, Hutchinson, Ka-n. 1 l'J 2-2»t <iM burners raissc! and adjusted, eavo D0% on your ffas bill. .Now in the time to set your furnace repaired. All work guaranteed. Phono 404 W, Morris & Moryun, stove and furnace experts. l!H7-25t OTAMAOTEE© Panyard piston riiijftj are guaranteed to • top oil pumL3lnij, hold corner easion, belter than rt -KTinding; loss than half the coit. Let u» shuw you. Harry Hater AuLo Service, 115 EaJ>t Second, phone 741. 22 18-261 Maaw®Iffi D Ciiiailli25i'Eins . AGENCY Let me order you genuine Maxwell And Chalmers parti. Call at 22 East A for demonstration. RHjlilY MOTOR CO. Phono 2CU6. 22 28-2$t FOR SALE—CtTY PROPfeRTY (Cont'd) VOW SALK by owner—122 ICost F. *\x r .xim^, H.500, 11 uO rush, ? If. pr>r month phia Interem at 7 per cent. Pl.on^ R, W. Vest, Pretty Prairie. Kan. 21 28-It FOR HAU'l or trade -tliitchinnon re?I- drnco, oleven rooms, on Wt?st Twelfth, strictly modern, up-to-date, will irn.\U Wt Bniiiller rosldt'iice. Adtlres;! J lin^a, 818 Kaat Eighth atreet, Lamed, Kan. 2i H-2;»t DO TtJU WISH TO SELL? List your property with us. CAREY KKAL ESTATE INV. CO. 413 N. Main. Phono 972. 24 2U2U FtJl* SAIiK—Large rtvts-room, atrlc.tly modern bungalow almost new .double b«lH, fVKW; w iH tra,do for small suburban property. Phone 1300. 24 :J0-4t FOR aAlilS-—Modern plx-ro'.ni htiui^ > Karaue and other improvements, quire at Glfl Kast Sixth. 24 27 BUSINESS STILL ON THE UP-GRADE Unfavorable Weather Fails to to Check Improvement— Will Be of Value. ?r.1.,2Jl,7f!I. rhowfnjr an In corx-.-y- KOlt SALK, very rhenp—lltitldlnf; cltn on Is ^Lst Thirteentli; a real Uirguin. See Kinkle Agency. 24 2-2t FOR HALK-Four-room hoimc and tract in Sylvia, Kan., JL.000, terms. Lincoln S. Davit'. 24 2S^t FOR SALE—Four Campbell atreet, Pa via. rocini.-i at 125 Fa- ,: t $1,300. Lincoln S, 24 2S-U SKLL your house. Yon will rind buyer by phoning 227S afttr 8:30 any foro« noon. 24 il-30t FOR SAI/E—Four rooms and 50xlt«5-foot lot for *"00. J^neoln ^. ]>avis. 24 29-3t FOR HALF>—Thirty lots for J100 caah; a good buy. Lincoln 8 .Davla 24 2-3t FOR SALE - Five-room bungalow and vacant lot. Phone SWT. 24 28-25t for your summer vaeation? Find Just thu car you lookluc tor throush the Want ads In The Nws. If you can't find It thorc, a little ad will find It for you. Call number 3, News classified department. 22 TWO-ton Intcrfiiitlitnal truck for sato or trade; (*ood tonditlon, pood rublK -r, baa cab, windshield, hand dump body, haul grain or anything, ready to K*'. Will niako Rood price for u.utcH aule, S1U Kaat Sbclh. phonn 3336.T. ' 22 .10-7:1! Ford, ilufck, Chevrolfit and oth ^r light cars, >12 t-ach. Sllfer Motor Exchange. 22 20-7 FOR HALE- -Vord cusbbnm and pocid aecond-bajid Ford lop. Hutt-hinaon Auto Top Factuiy, phone 24^fi, K2r. Suuth Main. 22 30-R WANT TO HELL YOUU CAR? Then Hat it with UB. We sell them; no storage- Sllf':rH Motor Exchange, oppu- slte Convention Hall. 22 12-25t PA UTS I tear them up and sell O»o parts A. K, Johnaon, 16 iputh Wauh makes, ing-ton. all lit- 22 18-25t FOB SALE—REAL ESTATE h _ Wesfoemin L ^GTidl WK HAVVO ANYTIITNQ -TO OFFKH YOU IN' WEKTERN KANSAS THAT YOU MAY HE LOOKING FOR. ANYTHING from SO ACRES to 1 .000 ACHES. IF YOU ARE ON T.T1K MARKET FOR WESTERN LAKH. ADDRESS K-68, t'A RE KEAVS A NO LET US TELL YOU WHAT WE HAVE. 2\> 2S-9 MONEY to loan on real estate; — ank MeNaKhtnml 25 2-2&1 r .'ho forward troii'l of business in iho tvmh ft'iiora. rcsc-i-vo illv-irlirt, observed tiuring (lie carltor ninths of tlui cuiTCut your. oontitr.P'd ihrou^H 1 -May and Jun*" 1 , al.:.h"MK^ affi'ct^l to ' soirle <ix4ont by w-valh'-r ''omlitiona and jiuirkod by a (h i p;rri> oC ciJiS'-rvii- tirm. o«'n-n!'l]i^ to -I'ht' n.-onitiMy rvvimv of the lU--<-W.« \,;\uk Strict tsl* Kansas City, 'Mi:.»sir,iri. Ootitln '.H'Kl "nUi. oxi'f 1 vr ovnr it Var£.-» area, rotarte-d farm "?«•ra.t'.ons anil <*ausivl Injury to yrowing n'o;.^, with Ip'avy losa^a from tio^vi^. A\m^ v;, t the onwro jin'ii of tin: district rrcoiv- it thorough siialtiii^. t.)n tlio w}'.obi \.]it: ronlaUu'o la of tuf-atctKLblc hetK'fU to tigrk-nHiiro and livf^looiv, iho thiol* Imlu.MrloB of the dtsU'i'.-t, i\\v>o eu- coura^lnK to fcrvnoral b-u^inesa and bnnkli:g. Building PermltB Increase, niiplnosft, mon^nrfMl hy debits hy banks to ac<'onnui of cuBtomora In twenty-nine cltlo:; for t-ho -fuur wo«d<s ending .hine li, V ,*2S, toUl $!,131,7Sti,- 000; a {torr-puso of .foT.'^a.iKtO. or. 4 8 JM.U' cent from tho provlon-ti four wtH 'Us ondini; May if, uud an lncro;\H»s of $127,228*000, or 12,S j^r c-i:t r over Irtir w»'fkii ond'InK -lunv 7, J!>22. llu-UdisiK in twonty-nlno citlcn during May, 192'.'., should a total of 3,tJ»7 ipLTJitl'lA ispucd nn f-sLiiuat^U vost of construoMon of $11,SM,629; nn in- croaao of t:hlrly-nlno periuiin and 5449,531 in oat'/nnUt-d w«t o\<-r May, K l "J2. Pfrinlts fKS 'ued during ihv t\rH XIvo monlhn of Md.i y^ar total 10.-440, ami an osthaa'ted <vost ot construction of WALL PAPER. PAINTING, ETC. U Let ua figure your painting. 3443. UK LIABLE papering ut a reasonable price. EarnihiBton residence pbone 43F6. At oJfleo Saturday and Monday. Phono 2C17. Jas. White, 21& Last Sherman. 20 23-26t FOR SALE or trado--Ono Nash truck with atdr'k and grraln body; icood mechanical condition. 1317 Earn Eighth. 22 27-101 FOR SALT: bonan vioy.. Ka«t Third. or trade—13-room, modern In. U^al with uwrn-r. 'Z^i 16 3-4t FOR SALE OR RENT Fi>H MALE . olcven -roi 'ni refeid-vni-'es, ' north 1- Five to .For your coffee. Best grades, fine flavor, frewh ground. Mixed tea for Ice tea from all hiifh-grade teas. Parties wishing up to call on them each week, call or phone ISO, 302 North Main ntruet. Free rtelivery. _ • IS 4-2tt FOR HALE to ladies with small feet— O uod Oxfords $1.50 and 1 1.3» pair. Corner Commerce Co., 17-11* North Walnut. l»29-4t Mrs. Ina Klles, j.hone 2728, a;7 Eaat Fourth. 18 2-36t Cabbage ami tomato plants. K>.-o Trulme Setd House, .South Hutchinson, nhons TO TRflOS" ft© lEsslfegiffiig© ff©ir FairiM Tn \K Income prop-Tty in paying an 8% ri'H incuni' fjii >;<0,'J0>, and \H woll located, HIHO Iwiiied tft the b*-Kt businvaa city in ICutiBaa. Owner wiiheM to s t-xebanjie this property for a woll lminoved farm In 'central KaiiuaK. KINO BROTHERS rhone tjr>D. 1 tiv& North Main. 17 2-11 RENO county land to trade for Hutchln- Bon proptrty. Phone 3882. 17 31-2fit FOR SALE—MISCELLANEOUS li E AR<& Alii A better list today than ever before: One Kimball, plaLn dark mahogany.. .>1&0 One Klaman and Nord, golden oak, llkft new 1125 One shop worn >Hf Jobber, mahogany. .1210 One lilgh-Rrade Mehlln and Sons (S.7t> One t:nblr-Nelson, golden oak, HKo new :....*1&0 One New Enyland, extra fjood $R13 One VOHO, walnut JH0 One Bai-limyii, mahogany, fine ahape.jiat) One Bush and Lane, new $273 Wo buy fur less; we sell for leas. II. O. PHILIPS 109 North Walnut . 28 27-4t When yon aro seriouoly HI, whom do you employ? When you need Ic^al adv-'oa you seek the best. When you wish to make a «ale of possibly all you have earned and accumulated of several years' hard work, whom will you employ to Gb!l It? (A Bailsman who knows value and la In the business). I'hone 2081 Hutchinson at Davy's expense. 18 6-251 PIUIBILIIC SALES After-harvest sal^s are now being dated. JCarlkHt aalea ara best. 1 work with any reputable auctioneer and am ns clcJBo to'you aa your phone y.-here youcan talk Id me wuhout dost. IlefereBie, any past customer. Office phono to Sterling my expense. IS. 13. Potter. 18 27-2&t FOR HALE—FITRNITU11E I One solid walnut bedroom suite: largo vanity dresser, cblffonette, bow-end bed and bench; ono ivory bedroom suite, ean» pl«ces ft a walnut; two non-tyfi^d Seaiv nmtir^saea. bedroom ruga, large mirrors, bedroom rockers, four-pleco living room nutty, t«o u'ickdr rockors tapestry up- holsterh.g, ona oak library table, six <Jtlh- inif chalr*r. on* white and nickl« • caul runiio, one kitchen cy.blnot, two elecirio Jain^a, one Ico oream freezer, two eiactric fans, one roll-top desk, other articles, »t fc bargain. All used leaa than one year Parties leaving city. 736 Weat Fourteenth IDSIE - r mhmm WEST BOTirEIB. IflXLEK, MSB • ' SWEET CISEAM Ooldea, W^tt; Oit^inorV, 1.4. Wtiat^Foiirt^ tor cooa »tov«, beating stove, firftplace and furuace. Ya^gy lMantatlon. it 13-2'at J 0 EL ©grnnffl^ NO CONTRACTOR A? WE FIT GLASSES TTIA.T FIT I6H Kast Sherman; over Cates.. 11 2«-25t mo, C. MCE Optometrist. Lyes tested—Glasses fitted. 18U North Main, over Jones Shoe Store. 19 2-25t EARN EXTRA SPENDING MONEY BY tJELLLNCi THE NEWS AFTER 4 P. M. EACH EVENING. 10c STARTS VOU. APPLY TO MR. GRAGCl, NEWS OFFICE. 10 lS-26t OR. HULL, a foot specialist w >Uh Dr. NieholH at 22S East Second. Broken arches treated suect for appointment, Mafully. I'hone 2U1 19 4-2Gt WIRINO CONTRACTOR AND REPAIR WORK. 527 Kast Seventh. Phone 3334. 18 11-7:14 FOR SALE- Cherries at Lelmbaeh orchard, one mile went on Fifth sirt-f-t, ^4 mile north. Bring baskets. The^a Cherries are fine, large Montmorency. (8 29-4t FOR p umps, dr 1 v v n •.v:-.\\s, casing wel U and Irtigaliurt uuintb and ynrd outfits, see JJ. M. Mayeis, Ui3 Last O, phone 3211. 13 2t»-7:t> STOP1 Think! Why throw away your old furniture wbou we can iiiako It good as new? Repairing and upholstering a specialty. Tapestry ordered. La\'«ttn Furniture Co. 679. 401 North Main accet, phono 1& 27-301 FOR SALE, ch.-yp- Extra good Axmln- ster rug 11x12, practically new. Would consider buffet us pa it pay men I. 608 North Momoe, LS 29-41 A CAR for your summer trip at your own price. A summer wRhout an automobile la almost: incomplete. Many bargains In this lino can be secured through News want Ada. FOR RENT—ICJeotno day; Phone 11049. cleaners. II per *S.Z-2»t FOR SALE—Little girls' 1 -strap Slippers for 12.48 and 12.38. Comer Commerce Ca. 17-19 North Walnut. IS 29-4t FOR SALE—-My home m Nickerson. two iota, six-room- houss, water, lights, garage for two cars, Isrge lots, fenced chicken tfght. Frank lUtcha. box\325. "*' ' • 2&VJ-.& Nickerson, Kan. U 1 FOR BALK—LadlftH* black kid Oxfords, with military rubber-Up heels, for ?4-tO, 5&.tti to ^0.50. part payment down, balauoe 6tie week. Comer Commerce Co., 17-10 North Walnut. 18 29-4t HOTEL In Bub lor, Kan., for sale. The only eating place in town; good business reason for selling. Mrs. I J . IT. Junes, Buhler, Kan., or Inquire 1011 South Main, Hutchinson. 18 2S-10t FOR SAl -iE— Boys* long pants J3.50 up, part payment down, balance 60c week. Youths' long pants Suits 11 week. Comer Commerce Co.* 17-19 North Walnut. 18 29-4t FOR SALE.—• Seven-foot McConnick binder. Also gang plow. Ed Annadown, Elmer Station, phone 212 Darluw. 18 27-15 FOR SALE—Furniture, stoves and rugs sold on easy payments. Mitchell Furniture Co., 433 South Main street. 18 27-aOl FOR 6ALK— Children's play Oxfords for $1.50 and tl.75 pair. Comer Commerce Co., 17-18 North Walnut. .. JS 29-4t cTtfet for ICTy rSofs. , U j.^Mts Lumber Co., phone 66. ^-N-P^ 18'8-2&t FOR SALE—Onb <H-ton yiach«r--.Ma- ohtne Works Ice plant. Ihquirs of A. A, Appel, Bushton, Kan. . 18 11-7:11 FOR SALE--Ladif3' satin Slippers, patent 911pper«, black kid SUppors, brown SUppei'i, for $4.60 'pair, |2 cash, balance B0a Week. Comer CSmraefJe Co., 17-1* North Walnut. IS 23-4t FOR SALE—110 feet ot panels of poultry fence; 17 Barrel Hock chickens, and other feoie. 1907 East Fourth. 18 80-4t 1U£Q1STEHUU> Jersey cattle; eutira hard for aalej beat blood lines. QUn Krld«r. Nawtdti, Kaii. 18 15-7:15 FOR BALE—Mowing machlno, grain wagon, also fe«d wagon with rack- Phons ••' 18 27-U |6 FEET of lawn rubber hose like new;" " - • - • call 1* 2D-4t 2U gallons dark red paint, aheap. Call 3112W. • •- - " FOR SALBJ—Quarter-sawad oak chlffe- roho; also crocheted bedspread. Pftona W, , 18 25-41 »xlU HUG, Awal PH U M-JO . PU OUO 16131 REMINOTO:; Pales and Service- Item- lngtun Typewriter Co.. 24 West Flra:. phono 402. B. A. Kintzel, salesman. 19 4-2Et IfiTERlOHT; conserve It. get the facta abou t your eyes. Dr. Darland, 24 vs» North Main. 19 16-25t FOR SAljIfl—Ford touring car; good mechanical order, good rubber; f lot). Call 1676W or 201 East Seventeenth. 23 21-4t Hudson; 417 East 22 2-7 FOR flALE—Seven-passenger wilt take Ford In on same. Fourth. SECONO-hand'Ford parts for * 2445, 516 South Main. C. berger. .le. Phone C. Eehel- 22 27-6t FOR bargains in used cars, go to Sllfers Motor Exchange, opposite Convention Hall. 22 12-2M FORD- 1&21 touring car for sale cheap; also traiter. Jenkins Music Co. 22 25-fit FOR SALE-Oarago, 1011 South Main; also truck bed. L. If. June.". 22 23-U't oont, inii .;-.N .I n)*t, o\*r xli pondinjj livf- niontim ai* V J"2. Few;r Business Failures. Bnrt'n*j5»s failur -.H in th^ diHttiot ilur- i M:»y nnmbrn-d Cifty-funr, wllh liu-] ft i l.tiM,;!'^.', a d'>rvonM« of ! ! triMi fiiiluivfi a:u! $JH"'.^''MJ ( or V >.2 v ^r i ot'ii!. in iiabiUtiw. frtnn May. l: 1 --. j Coal miiiiiK oporn t JOHM In f?;X I stt\t'.*rt :ivt'r;\ir»'»l 5.H pt-r c-iu nt j tliiio tapai-Uy. ay e(»nt; ;<r*.«t v.-RIi 22 ,'-l per <vr:t t'ull tinio fnpaclti In M:ty V.i 'Z2 V'rnrlo oil prrwltirtlon in (Jklfthonnu Katinat*. Wyomint;. Colorado » ^.irrni'.-u.- od 2i.^i'l'.r.."u l»nrrels, tho grt\"i*''St ]. TO- dtn'Uon on record, tin Incroas^ ot 3•! ;l. f»n".' biirro' H . or eighteen |'«>r ocnt, ovi r it yoar ago. Kluuv ^rothu-.tion at Roiifh-wrstr-ni nil! 1 H durirpjr May totaled L.'i'«5,';49 bar-i over a year njro. tJruin vr-frip!.^ in biiflhclK, at tho fo'.;r iiKirkcts of Uio ilistrb't dtiritr: May, rum\ur.vd with n > vnr aro. 1** low; Wlo-li(., O.^S^.THO, fi tlevro.L-U' oC 4,31'7.;>(»(); rorn. w>?,. :*;l (t, a (lorroaso ot ;l.iG3.d7u; oats. l,3l-'8.4t)0 a do'*r\';»^o of i227 p t;u'). Marc Packing of Meat. •LiviHtiK^U nwfiptu in six nuirkr-t«. for May. rxunpared with a yc-nr a^o, Hr<) aa follows: i'attlo. 4nit,^,V.S, a d<\- rr^.nsft of 2,2', calves, 4i>,f>M, an in- oreafio of L.I'.K^; hoga, H7 :i,f 'K>, an ln- crcaKo df S7.S08: KIIOOP, 5bt5,OOS, an In- tirease of 74,897; hurst") nnd inuIt.-M, 4,6yy, itri lnt-rvattQ i/f 241. Or© shipments, t.rt-sf ato dirftrlot, duriiiK May ua vompare>;l with a yf\vr ago, follow; l^ad, 9,133 tons, avi.-rago prb'fi. ?^0.til a ton, tomparfMl with 7,11-0 tons at an avrrav;*- i»ricp ot $7().: MI a ton; zinc, ol.Oll totirt. nt nn avonuvo pri<'o of $:JS.04 a ton, as com pari^l with 46,124 ton.t at an avoraji" Prior of %2 $X >1 a ton. Mnat parking during May, 1P23, nt Mix oontcru, as cnnipamd ^vith 'May, 1<"»22. follown: Cat tlo, 24r..4fb\ or «n iurrcavrt of 10,7:15; calvt'S, :tr..4-*10, err an incrf'.ano of 7,01*3; hou'f, S17,7fi!l, or an Snrroiiw <of 112.771 : a he op, 247,992, or an increaso of 69,444. 0CALf cleaning wanted, Call 244 VV Pharmacy is*. Work guaranteed. Duvall 2G 8-7:« FOH Hrst-ciaas paper hanging and paper, reasonable prices, call J. A Lister, phone 3232J, 1018 East Eleventh. 23 2-2&t WALL paper. Be per ooume roll or bolt and up; 2&c per bolt for hanging. I'hon* 1253J. . 28 7-26t WALL paper, fie. poi uoublu roll or bolt and up; 25c per bolt for hanging. I'hone 12E3J. - . U 7 -25t Harry F. 20 21-35t I'APER hanging, painting. Cline, phone 2S26W. , PAVER banging and painting.. Let us Show you new samples. Call 2194W » U 10-2f.t FOK SALE or .trade—191!* Apeclal, good shape, 3412. Studebalo-r aa 27- ittt FOR SALE - Chevrolet coupe hi Al dtlk .n. Sec Ihmte Coal Co. 22': FOH HALE-- •>eto trancre. 116 South Wah.ut. L. War.l, 22 2-26t nicely dressed. Phono us your order. Milk fed, Ssifiu Cnfty Fr ®(ilBice Co- is East Third. «hone 779. IS 27-2it RIDS poultry of lite llko muulo. Pom's Golden Wonder given In drinking water or food few days does It. Will not harm fowlo, flesh or egga; helps eavc baby chicks; 1,000 treated easily an one; &0c and SI bottloa; guaranteed; at your dealer or by mall. L A. Fouiinier Co., EC Topeka, Kan. LAWN mowers sharpened; called for and delivered. 14 W<rt A, phone 1707. IB fi:lS-20t J. H. SHOWERS, chiropodist. Ill East A. Fbon# 2025. 19 S -351 WANTED— FurnIture to repair, reflnlsh or 'Upholster. Call 1419. 19 18-30t FOIt real garbage service, phone Sanitary Garbage Company, 3910. IB 25-25t SHORT time loans on vacant lots, rhone 3389 ovontnga. 19 mwf 2-3t HIGHEST prlcea paid tor raea'a clothing. Phone 777. 19 2-25t WANTED—MIStaEV-l-ANCOU* £0 Call at our office and . , , , toe our salea contract. Gives you advantage of advance In price and aavcu you all taxes, Insurance and shrinkage. CONSOLIDATED FLOUIt MULLS 3ft EAST FIRST AVENUjfl HUTCIIINSON*, KANSAS 20 23-4t 8EWINO machine repair work; suar- aaterd; country or city: examination free; repair sli makes. Family matiU' lac tu ring hemstltch-ire a specialty. PhoDo 3. 0. Lynch. . S0 4-«| SQW1NO machine cleaning, overhauling; work guaranteed. L F. Ban man, phoni 2470. 20 2-Ul BUNFLOWEU pnoDuce oiOl tat poultry anywher.j pay ti.H price. Phone 2613, 118 South In. 20 l-2St •WANTED— Thirty of forty mtlk cx )vvn.. I'hone 3G0. pitrs: ten 20 1-1 WANTED TO BUY al RINGLET Barrod Uoclm. Cocltcrei" hsail- lng pens aired by eraiiil cliamulon at Chicago ColUeum. Esga,-|& for la; laim floch, 16.60 per 100. All Hogan tested. C. A. Boyle, Burrton, Kan. 23 s 28-10t FOE SALE—Seven hena, rooster, ten chlckena two tnontlu old, hon with clffht chlcka; »U for 110. Phona li^DJ. SS 30-«t FOB BALE—Pure bred laying; Buff Orutngton hena and pullets; iklao Bufr Legliovna, 630 East 6antpbcll. li'J 23-3 FOB BALI3—Thoroughbred Ba-red Hoc'4 ff. II aettlng. PUone 30M, 413 Ea.t A. S3 V-3St ARK your chlcha dying? bave tnem with •'Dl»rho," Wee.aor'a Drug. 23 7-25t YOUNG chlckena five weeks old, 26c. 805 Eaat Second. Phone 8S4. 23 30-41 FOB SALE—76 B. O. pulleta April hatch. JOo each. 739 East 10. J3 30 -It FOIl SALE—Baby chickens, 16 conn each. Phone 2606. 23 5:11-901 JfQK SAJiB— Eggs for hatching. Phone H05. 23 2-Sf); fOR SALE—CITY PROPERTY a"s Spsciaills 1, • One of the most attractive, oloso-lu Suburban homes close to city near Fourth arenue road, east front, 1& aorey, ah under fence, food baBOinent, garaeo and chicken house, easy terms. i. iSaat Eleventh atreet, flvo-room home for $4,250; v «ry pretty shade. S. Easy payment on new tlixteenth •treet bungraJow. 4. Close-in Fourth avenuo homo at barsraln. e. Cloee-ln Fifth avenue homo at bar •rain. I. Buy an acre or more In Glen wood on. terraa. Fifth avenue west, It's economical way. BHHHM REAIVTY CO. Phane 42. E4 2-U FOR SAL13 HTDID PAZIK CORNER One of the beat vacant corners in tha city at a real bargain, from owner. Call phone 2&U or addresa box 220, city. 24 18-lot ITOn £Al.E owner—New suburban home, ehj-ht - rooms, aleeplnfe* I >UH:JI "Wouid oouul^ler city pruyenv or farm land. Terras can bo arr:ii!»red. 1 >. V.. Mitchell, 729 West Fourteenth. 24 2U-W. MESSENGER SERVICE UASTV r Meast-liner, pbone Ideal M ':£scngt'r. idione 21)5-1. FINANCIAL 23 city hom^s; iung i «rni3 t>n monthly payn^cnt plan. Faun loan.^. THli KINKED AOK.VCT Phone 2Q6I« tiiatii l'2x.cnatitfu liank^ 1)WK. Widi'ur 2'> 2ti-l ; MON'KY to loan; .vrji^ll anioonta l^onn CO., 16'j. North MHIII. FAUM loana, 6% Interest, low cuii.rr.l3- 'mi. N-'wllu-Mannlns l>oan Co.. U ^ Noth Main. ^ 29 2-25t KARM and city luana, lowest rai<_a uud cominlsaior.; tvrite or call for fin! details. J. N, IJalley &. Son. 21* 2-23 1 MONEY to loan on inrra and city property; • —AB I C McN'aehtenJ 20 2-25t CITY loans. NewUn-Manning Loan C<. UM North Malt. as 2-25t COST, SfHAYED Oft STOLEN 30 VALUABLE! pDsaessions easily and Quickly returned to loaera. l*out and found column is most efficient meiliun. for return of lost property. UKI News lost and founa column. LOST between Third and Walnut on Main or Fourth—Package cotitainln« silk hose. Return to Ptollu' store. SO 2S-U halter. Phone 30 2 -y STRAYIirJ- Hrindle cow, with giving milk; bunch off the. tall. 432. FOUND OR TAKEN UP 3\ FO UNO- -Pair tortoise sh Owner call 17 Kaet Fifteenth and pay for ad. 21 ao -4t BUSINESS PROPERTY S3 110 rooms, modem, European .... .?2;;.'XHj 40 rooms, modern, European iCi.tnio $5 rooms, modern, American 8,5u0 22 rooms, modern, new and well located ,., (S.ouu Beo us for hotels, ropniliiK houavii, cafes ' and cafeterias. IS. COLTRAN15 TIOT EU UltOICERAOfcl COMPANY 22^i N&rth Main. * S3 30-Zt BUILiDINOS, lots, commercial and long term lea3ea; —ask McNHEhten; Fir«i Natlontil building. 33 2-26t BUSINESS OPPOFtTUNITV 32 Thla property ronta for m«r mouth net, whli*h la 8% on lnvkutinent, and is Well located in a ifood live town. Owner will consider a well Unproved farm. P1J2AHK WHIT li! CM WHAT YOO HAVE AND W'10 Wild. TRY TO AbrflHT VOU IN UISFOSINCi OF YOUR PROPKKTlf TO AOVANTAOki. KJNO BROTHERS Phone 669. l«Wi North Main. 82 2-lt -Old false teeth. 'We IUIJ iiUrn ft*.|W 1QT full sottt- Uoean't mutti,-r If broken. W«atom Met;'.l Cvmimnv, iiloom- lo*Tton, III. 21 2-7 WANTED to buy—e^cond-hana furniture fthd rugrs; til she* i prices. Johnson sTamtturf C« f ; lU South Ualn. £l 2-«6t ajiC -vootn Iw-irly new bunualow, nice finish'. thi -*ij bedi-oonu*. Kas, lib'ht.s, i:lty water, bathrwjin. nice, baivfim^nt, yarafje. Thla la a bartjuln, |2,10U. Uutclilntwu Inv. Co. 21 S'J -u TWO lots and flv«iJ-roorn cotiago, ^**iUh Mam, good business location, $3,00v, liberal leram. . itUOWN-RKOS., Realtors. Would~yrit.i liKe to have the opportunity of catitbllshtngf a businetu thai piiy.i you ex.ceB^ i-rafll s? Wo have on «-j.por t unity for Oi-e rlftht party to»h it Kof.d, paying busIiH-^s In a Krov-'wit; town, excellent (ippurttiulty for n humlcr- most liav.-: small citij'.tal and b.. a io;u biii'li.'.r.'isa muii. Fur full partlculii:*, addicts J -C5, t-an: Ncwfl. 32 21 -a KMX'THtC i»toro and buslnoi=s. o:dy on<* In town, 52 ,000, Barber shop, four cfialra and four baths, eatra well equipped, good trade, R609. BUI-VP Y IIBALTY CO, 32Vj North Mala. Phoi.f, * 32 :iu-2t Mrs. A,-Potior of Mttl- Hivor Ui • opi;i.iriK a restimrnnt at Stirling. | Mrs. LiK'llu IleVc^K IR stn>mllng a | Tvw weeks wltli lit»r Biati;r, Mra. Anna •Kuowu nt Liberal. j Tltt- annual conRn-gal'u>;iffl picnic ot the UniversuUst church will ;bu hold ou July 11 th at Caroy'K Lakrf The Macksvillo b .'mkH luH>t op^n Uila t*Vf.-nlii£ to at;<:oiiinn.itl;ilc the har. vvsl lvandri ^vho woro paid off. Mi .^H Fllaiu-lio DlioiKiu of N Icheraon ro-ccived her \>uehtdov ot nr'.M uogrdQ from Indiana L'nivurulfy lant vvuek. G. W. Campbell of Claflln bji4*nR>ved to Nickeryon to brcomo Standard Oil agent, vice I. 1J. Klrkufi, n'uiKiicil. Tlie MuporlnU'iHlepcy of the Syra- cusft Kcluiol i-.i Rtill unfillc'l although th(; board has had uevc:ral app\k:itiit3. Kri ;d V'lclicrf*, Kviioral sup^rinUind- eat of the ('oiiHolldatcd Mi Hit, vlsltocl thf company's uiill at N'ewtuti yes tor- day. Hov. Sto'p'hriTK nntcher, the new mtnt:*Lf*r of tht! (.'oiiKi't-'Kational clmrcJi wan K 1 '*--ol.(.?U by a bl{^ iuidiiMict' y..^t'-v- day. ThNFriendly lliblo C U UR of the Zlon t i.ulUcran rhur-.U tiiiu-;ht by .f. 1). Ml/fiT will liavy a picnic tonight at C.Uroy'a ['ark. 1 John Klcnu'-cn of tho Sherman atrtM't 1 barber bhc»;» ia looking tor a loi:ntion ', at 1/Vons and will movo hi« family Lhert; soon. A. 1*. >Iv>frman of S.itnnta, buyer for tho Pot tit < I ruin tv)iup;iuy ban been moved to AbbyviHe during tho aum- iru'.r moiitJiy. f?tcrV4n*5 will hnv« a bbr rclobratlon on Fourth of .luly, ,wfUi two bands, a at rot* t parade, racea of all klndo and a ball gant* 4 . Ittjv. D. O. MacIi<?D«nen la ependinR tho co-mlnj? two weeks In Douvur, Colo, find other points attending tiluiroU ctdilercncfas, Mr. and Mrs. Mac Hoffman have been BpentUiiK I>«rt of thin week with Mrs. Hoffman's parenta, Mr. and 11TH. B. V. Haymond nt Haven. The Mothers (flam* of tho First Presbyterian church will liavo u picnic toaiurrow at the country homo'of. Mr. and Mrs. Howard DukcljiW. Blrner I J . Lone and Miss Gladys Hazen were married at Lyona on Friday by the pmlmro- JIH I KO . They were accompanied by six of iticir friend*, Mr«. Vl.rynne •McDado of Sterling. O'poriitor at tlic Western I'nion offieo ha» been transferred to thu Lyous office, tho chango to tako place next week. The Junior department of the First Christian church 1* to huv« a picnic, weal Iter pormitltii};. thla aftti-noon and go from tht church to Curcy'a park. Dr. h. A. Bradbury, who wa* locate at I-.VO.MW IK foio the war', will lorato a| Seattle, Wash., and practice. At prtvg. ent he Ls -with tin; I.;. iJ. Veteran:* hospital nt Baltimore. Hex Reynolds or the Ood*;e nty , Witter W»rka took ?^l,0uo worth ofj water bonds to Topeka Saturday to! Shawneo investment Co., th*j pur- cbiiiier of tho ib&.io. Airs. Bessio Chuter ot Satanta bay taken out a patent on her invention of a "unUui 8\iit if or men, women or chil- dron, whlcli I EI Hiitd to la* a inoUel tor cloanlineys autl comfort, Jlov. H. A, S'tellenwirk of Lichen- thai colebraiod hiti 2Mb ivijnivorsary of ordination last week. Twenty-four yeai'y of tb -iii 'has l>een spent at Bt.^h'H <dmrcl\ at UebenUmt. Olydtj AU'plifn has been ele*rus.l to head On: lAoriK eiub at Great iieml for tho comintf year w it-b Karneyt Kpp- bttln as Buerutury. The vlub in working on a stwhuminy jrool pix-i-oaltlon for the city. s and in pulling out Ihe eorl( fpr .!"d tno content?} In his tup bit ruin,-; hi:* knee Fortunately lie got none of it. in mouth. The children of tho Vacation School gnvo tho tiibilo t" tho American und Christian flngw at the opening of tho morning church HOI -vices of Iho Firot Christian church. This wait lullowed by a patriotic sennou by ltev. Harvuy Baker iiTnith. The elevator bclong'lng (o tho Woodell drain esompvany located tho Santa Fc ri.ulit of way at Nlckorvon w;!f^ sold to the I'^inner'a Cooiierativo FloviiKn" company tblu week- Mr. Woodell retained the main strict property on the Missouri ViiciEn: rail* road. I'cot. -Kalph Poule, who fiivmeviy wan with tho Htcrling colU-c'e. at tha head of the music department, hits recently math; two voeal record - for a record company, mm : ;inK '•.Moniiuij" by Speaks and "Two Urit;ht K\e^ -1 uy Cbiisam. Dr. Frank Allan, tho returned missionary from China who i-poJu. 1^ foro the Hudin -'KH M Mi'* cla .M-; at tie- First Mf!liodi:-t. eliurch yeytordav gavo a talk le-tVro the ICpwui'ili Lca-Mo'-i In the i'V(-iilni, r and told thorn of tli" banditry now frightening tho t IM \''IN-rfl o\es' In China nnd of the Kreat. wt »rk bedng accompJiyhed by the hospiuil in wideh lie i» otio of tho mcdiec.i initf- siunariea. THE DAILY RECORD DlrtliB. JTr. and Mrw. J.-bn fl. Xlla-k O'Srne* Konrifrty), 916 North I'htm atreot, moiun- Mr. H nfl M r». \V. T. Job n»n M u;i uU a fntrony), 1J«S Avenuo 13 *ust, Uau^bter (Juno 3!lv«lyn), Juno ZI. ' Bulirilnfl Permit*, firmeo 12. Ciirtt ia bulMlnfi a rf*ld/nc» »t 4US ElKbth avenuo wt-Ht to c^.-t |S,F»()0, and a Kur»K« to JlfJO. O. O- HpU<c ha« a lu-rinit U> bolld a It.(K)t> ii-aldenco at T2\ Flrnt av^rran Wttit. DeedO. W. F. Orovrr to (bro. D. Sin It b, n\\\i IS-20-7, lota S and lb Win. 1-retiy l-'i-.or\e. .foK.'f'h llnnki to Cee. I>. StnUh, iwttU:. llurvny I'. Holnu-H, <-t al, to KM aa be tlx C. .^ab"n, lutH -14. 4*1 «iul w \*> (t. lot 41, tfhr-rnutn al r **i. t eaiit, J1 utijiiiuion, 1.* Wllnm to VVJIIlarii Wlntc-f, Wi4% Proctor, lota MW M.utili- H. Ohambers to (i. H trju-t in Wylvla. Julm 1 T '.i 'tor to MannahV Prot t U and 10, b!k. 'it*. NU-l'-t-n-^n. I>. V. t.*0( t | ( , |., ]r y J. K|a!l!lip. lot It blk. 1, Coo-Tlioni; "ii lilt ;i.(Jd., Hutchln- lliisli Conn. 3' i tu j!*, blk. r t< I-u<-y J. Stulciip, lots .I.iiKtlon add., Ilutrhhi- N.V;on T. 11:\.rrett t'» Ixwl It £ : tprlu!%lo. lni.i Jtii to 3b Inc., l-lk. 2, J. l'.aiilMt.i<!« iLibi , iiio'-inn^dii. II i i x ! i ( p<*r to ("be at or Cu no. i t h. ! 1.1 :i t'j and 20, blk. 1, .VAIII Arfh uJil.. Huldi- lietun. ti. V/. Alford tp Tbfcdora Wiitham, lotn Vi, 19, 20. at and 22, blk. «,iru».d- Vb-w add . IJiirrhln-'um. , . , Jil-:, Hughes to Jane Piii-c Stev- ' fii.''.-n. Ud. IX und n'A i<A *' liiitcbn..sou Inv. Co. 2nd add., Hutviiin- «on. VV. O. Brown to W:ink tTm\>ai*t ;*;r. lo*.a. 26, 37, 2R, ^9. SO ate] :ti, blk, I'J, 'Jir^ml- * VH w add , i tut' bini'en. ,!i !)•* P'-UO SUVt to Jf.'iftlo I'. Hunt -H. b.t-» \ i" 3D, blk, 8, College Hill lo'.d ,>'; liiv-fUi,* Llc«n »99. IT-iwr.'M V:tn K-;ur^n, Hu.vhi.iBon, 18; 1 Trir: i. Fl.'.d, Hutchinson, is. I.. ..n:,Td il Martin, Hui cV.hiwi .n. "i.v*r 21", Plt-ta «.'. .MlUcr, Hutetdnhi.i., '"uvcr AJ.L, BAnQAlN'H AWK X?V*tX OF l.NTi-.uwrr TOU don 't UPO'I to come, Phoiu- you*- ad to No, H UUd UHlc for ('i^fe.^ifu-il d>'^.tVt- *vn<l- lyivji >'our uwdH eupplWd, l,v" i\-:rv ]•:. <;Ttrnth, ' Jim AiTjdia PiiUa, Hutobtmx.n, ^o V.'. K. *.i u I (m, T iwi ton, i 2; Wai'ton, Newton. 19. • Pi^nk A. Smith, hb a!, f.- Dtt-ilfl McCuy, Hutchinson, il. Militarism In China. Canton, OWMV—I>r. Sun Ya; euvd «• maiiUt>»tf> decl-nritiK ::Pi dirc -ctly tv^i^xioiblo for tbc condition of China. iiiruMiii, Z'S; rla .ii A Roosavett Monument. NtVW Ynrk - K H!"T ..;r :v,r ,t (lorn K^c^it;vo!L \v\ll h,- >•>•< :••> Tho Ko :i !or *?pat*iiicut of th« Klrot - tiut'o, Cuba. I.. ••>. Cbrlslian Suu.hiy Sclnui! lost In thu; j n Cuijti'b fl,'-lit f W! . a .•, t„. t v .\ ' vvcrui <untt'Bt "Witii tht: IiK'TinedUUe I department In li credit cHji.i.t»Bt and j will glvo a picnic to tin) wlnnurs on j Friiliiy evenhm at I.ako IWcll. Th" lit- > ,i or ,r.v.\ Mr- '. ,<! i tKjtlio u;' Cai bu!ic iu tii<i t.-u!^..'.'- ' i,-u^i V.' Some Big F|;:

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