Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 17, 1959 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1959
Page 4
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fttE PAMPA VAlt,\ *, , FEBRtfAUY 17, 1939 51st Theta Rho Club Installs Officers f net* RH0 Gltta tflti'b met re- ee'ntiy to the lOOP Mall, 210 W. Brown, for installation of new of- fleers. Installed were ftitft Hollars, president; Jo Ann J6hnSon, vice president; Kay Stapleton, secretary; Jessie Radcllf, treasurer; fearbara Jones, Chaplain. Appointed to office were Misses Palti Foster Linda Herd, Barbara Whitney, Linda and Judy Hyatt, Mildred Johnson, ttenrettft dni, Barbara Graham, Barbara Glenn, Bessie. Quails, Linda fte- fcar, Linda Wilhelnt, QlendA Harris and Linda Boyd. Installing; officers were M11- dred Johnson, president; Mrs. Roy krelzmeier, warden and Mrs. Linzie Johnson, chaplain. Miss Mary Sue Cass was Initiated into the club as a new mem- . A Gerhmn ttotfcolala Caka Sale Was discussed and it is planned that board members will take orders for cakes. A chili supper was jftlpo planned for Feb. 21. 1 Others attenllng the installation !were Linda Tatlock, Ann Ernmer- json, Mrs. V. J. Cftstka, advisor; ! Mrs. Bill Ladd, Mrs. J. T. Lamberson, and O. Bennett, new board !members; Mmes. Roy Kretzmeier, JLlnzie Johnson, J. T. Lamberson, 'Mrs. G. Bennett, Mrs. Bill Ladd, ;and Mr. J. B. Davis. FALSE TEETH Here is ft pleasant #«y to overcomi 100*6 plhte dlSCOffifOft. PASTEETH, «n improved powder, sprinkled on uppet and lower pl«t«s hftld* them firmer So that they feel mow eorti* fortAble. No gummy, gooey, pustf tftRte or feeling. It's fllknllnc 'nor.* iteid), Does not tout, CS*cX» 't>1at« odor" (dentwrft brftftft 1 *. Get FAS' TEETH todAjr at »ny drug coxtntef. DEAR ABBY.., HORACE MANN EXECUTIVE BOARD — Heading up PTA activities at Horace Mann School this year are, left to right, Mrs. Janies Hall, recording secretary; Mrs. T. M. Brooks, president; Mrs. M. E. Warden, treasurer; standing, left to right, Mrs. Harry Gordon, membership; Mrs. Ott Snewmaker, parliamentarian; Mrs. John Holt Jr., vice president' Mrs F. W Broyles. Jr.; correspc nding secretory; Mrs. Odell Strickland, City Council representative. (Daily News Photo) Miss Evelyn Milam Guest Speaker For Thursday Horace Mann PTA Meeting Miss Eivelyn Milam, high school j She announced that Mrs. Meers, counselor, introduced by Sam Be- hospitality chairman, will be. in gert, school principal, was t h e charge of the City Council Meet- guest speaker at the Thursday aft- ing. which will be held In Horace emoon meeting of Horace Mann | Mann School on March 3. PTA. In a talk pertaining to her! Room count taken by Mrs. John topic, "Education, Inclusive or Ex-: Branham of parents present show- waiting. ^My "friends think I am |elusive," Miss Milam said, "The| e d that Mrs. A. E. Berry's room crazy. I am so mixed up'and lone- goal of American education is that' won first place and Miss Yvonne • • • • • every child have the same oppor-, QOSS won second place. tunlty for education so that he crj M) . Be g ert introduced Mrs. Bet- she may become the best person ty vvhisenhunt, new first grade (he can." teacher, who has replaced Mrs. By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY: A neighbor jusf. left my house. She thought it was her duty to warn me against second marriages. I've been a widow for four years ancl, not to boast, I have had many chances to remarry. I am undecided because she is now the only one to spenk against second like to hear from time to prove my love for him by. ly I don't know which way to turn. T can't kick a guy when he's down. Help me do the right thing. MIXED UP DEAR MIXED: You are, confus- j The Horace Mann Band, under, w. R. Altmiller. marriages. I'J j n j loyalty, pity and martyrdom ' the direction of Charles Meech.j ^ rs Brooks announced, ' some of your; w fth "love." A 16-year-old is not'played "The Officers March, sel-; parenls w ho are interested in •Al 1 their like to hear from some of your; w ith "love." A 16-year-old is notjpiayea • t-ne uiuteia -via,i,.i, *<•'-j pare nts who are interested m tneir rsaderj \vho have had personal e\- [, nature enough in her judgment to'ections from Melody Lane, O reo |<rj r j s becoming Brownies Or Girl psrienrr- w''h n ,sc'-cviil m;'"ri:i«>:-. ' pisd^c herself to a 5-year wait, j Lee, I Love You Tru'y, Pomp ^ Sc . aials m(ly ge t in touch with Especially a good second mn.r- c; o \vith others. If he's as won-, and Circumstance. The concluding j M] . s _ \yjiiiam Self, 62f> N. Nelson." riage, if such a thing exists. My iderful as you say, he'll understand. first husband was hard to boat. YOUNG WIDOW DEAR WIDOW: I'm sure there' are many successful second mar-; presented wi DEAR ABBY: Our daughter re- selection presented was "Building | Tne Band." The mci. j « business meeting was con-1 InFQNQ bv Mrs. T. M. Brooks, wl WM r are . ...., ,,., rta-c« and I hope I hear fromj^mond ring. Is it her responsih,!- J lO^V.. , (IHV.1 A- V^ ':,.. .„ U^.,« if tno,,»<axT rt»- tl \\ r\\ 11 1 \ became engaged and was j ducted very expenmve president withr. Begert giving J Q lots of living examples. "It is not (or itv (n have it insured should for man to woman cither.i her fin.ace attend to that matter? | They cannot be married for another year. MRS. F. B. DEAR ABBY: I married Howie nes. He had "Agnes" tatooed on her responsibility to insure it. his arm but I tried to pay it no the openiing prayer. Reports were given by M r s. Sharp Group of the Kirst Chris- Warden, treasurer. Mrs. Donald Moon reported on a recent planning meeting for the Past Presi- on""he" rVbounce'. "HC"had "just ! DEAR MRS. B.: After the girl jdents Party, which will be held in broken up with a girl named Ag- accepts a ring, she owns it. It is March. Mrs. H. L. Mecrs reported ' • - -• -••-••"-- '- > •' on plans to honor Horace Mann teachers during Public School Week in March. James Hall, secretary, Mrs. M. B ; ! Uim church met recently in the mind. Whenever.there is some real CONFIDENTIAL TO "STUCK moody music on the radio he will .FOR AN ANSWER": One way to home of Mrs. Walton Bailey for a program on P.iraquayan Christian Churches and Missions presented by Mrs. Cecil Deist. Mrs. Bailey opened the meeting %vith prayer. Mrs. L. C. Wassell gave the devotional. Mrs. Warden, also reported that 1 During the business session, rrmrnv rmmir» nn tnp ranio ne Will r \Ji\ t\w /m o rr J^JLW . v^nc w«.y i*-* ••«•* >^. • • "• «*-••» -.- •• • ~ r • ^av "I wondc." vhn V-"°.me of'check tho anpaHin? divorce rate the money derived from Fun Night .Mrs. Leon Howcll reported that a Kes- I m expec ng a bTbv in'is to make MARRIAGE as expen-1 proceeds was used to purchase a ; box of clotlung has been sent by iSr^S^t U's a^lrr-lve as DIVORCE. ,0 gal.on _ water cooler for t he the srroup to J^e H«« Oreen A ca- May he wants to name it Agnes. I! don't want my daughter has "A'jnes" on his arr wrong to refuse- to name our baby' envelope. Agnes and is there any way to get that tatoo off? PEGGY named j For a personal reply, write to school; also, dictionaries for the demy in Kentucky and a box of I bandages to Leprosy headquar- rooms. DEAR PEGGY: It's lime your husband got "Agnes" off his min;! and off his arm. iTatoos are removable.) Tell him frankly that you are jealous, and don't want to hear any more about Agnes. that he I ABBY in care of this paper. En-1 Mrs. Brooks expressed apprecia- j ter« in St. Louis, Mo. The group i Am rclo-ie a .-elf - addressed, stamped lion to mothers who had helped also voted to send a cash dona- 'with the Mother's March On Polio, lion to Leprosy. Mrs. Bailey reported the purchase of four bedspreads by the rj i group for the Hazel Green Academy and members voted to purchase sheets next. A discussion was held on another project; members will make stuffed toys for the church nurs- at at ar Members decided to clean Fcl TUESDAY Icie, First Baptist, with Mrs. Ru- ' °-30 - Twentieth Century Al- pert Orr, -10-1 Hill. j •legro Club with Mrs. S. W.' Gill, 3:30 Sypert Circle, First Bap- 1 , , ... DEAR ABBY: I am a girl with Aspen list, with Mrs. Floyd Ycager, 1225 lowahip Hall in the chinch t hi s a 16-year-cld fcocly but my mind is,"%,,,; ...' Pa ,. cnt Education flub CharlM. , month since the church kitchen older. I went steady with a won- \ vlth Mra . Char , C8 IXK . kh art. 2232 9:30 -.- Kalhryn White CVcie,'^<< just been thoroughly cleaned, derful guy for three months and: « Wells Firs-'t Baptist, with Mrs. A. C. The 8™up also voted to give a five days. He got mixed up with a ; ' ' 7;30 V Sp;lnish 2 . Adult Educa- Troop, 923 Rharn. I ^ donation for stainless steel bad crowd and now he is serving U( ., n r]as , Lovett Memorial Li- 9:30 -- Doris Smith Circle, First for tne chinch kitcnen. five years. I know ha loves me h .. flr ./ ' Baptist with Mrs. G. L. Wi'son,! Mrs - Joh " Gm reminded mem- *' '610 N. Sumner. , beis of lhe CWK mceiing to be and I feel ths sum? about him. I •:30 Ha| , Weat Fogter * premised I'd wait for him. If I go back on my word he will lose faith In all people. I think now is the ^.^ f ,. is wUh M) . a ; 1016 Terry Rd. Alaska Program For Junior GAs Royal Neighbor Lodge, 9:30 • Jaxis Short Circle. First'held in the church on Feb. 18 at ritips Baptist, with Mrs. John Gikaa, 9:10 a.m. 1 lties -• —- • Meeting dosed with tilt; CWF :30 DMF Auxi-.^.j, Casev :322 Marv Ellen 10:00 - Epiar-opal Women's Au.x-' benedictir.n rept-Hled )n unison. iliary Parish Hall. ! Refreshmijnls of i ofiee, tea and 7:30 Reapers Class, Central ^.^ circle -1. First Presby- cherry Angel Food rake were Baptist Church, with Mrs. Nerine terj " ani wUh ' Mr .,. Clyde Fathn-ee, served to a new incmbtr, Mrs. Brown, 601 Magnolia. 031 Christine. (Bob B,tuiHrt and to members, WEDNESDAY ;, 2 :00 • Circle 5, Fust Pre-jby-' Mmea. Walton Bailey, Cecil Deist, LEFORS (Spl) — "Top of the 1 9:30 Curie I, First Preaby- [e ,.j ani w jth Mrs. W. S. Dixon, 809 O. H. Odom, Loon Howell, E. B. World." a program on Alaska, was terian. wilh Mrs. Kirk Duncan, N Gray. j Jackson, Robert Trampe. Ford given by the Junior Girls Auxiliary, 1300 Wil!i.slnn. 7:30 German, Adult Eu joa- Herring, Lloyd Laramnre, John in the'home of Mrs. H. L. Teei y : :;o Circle 2. First Presby- lion Class, Lovett Memorial Li- Gi:i, L. C. Wassell and E. K. Han- recently. Taking parts were terian, with Mrs. LpRoi Ogden. brary. er. Marlene Cates, Sue Stubblefieid, • 2133 Mary Ellen. 8.00 Women of the Moose,' It was announced that the next Angle Atchley and Francsa Clarke. { 9;00 Circle 8, First Presby- Muose Home ' I meeting of the group will be with Hearts were placed on the map tevian, with Mrs. Carl Hill, 2334 i THURSDAY Mrs - K - K - Haner - IOS ^owry on of the world where Missionaries Mary Eilen. ! 9.30 Circle ' Han-ah Meth- Mar(h 16 at 7:3 ° IV " ) ' are serving. Following the program 9:30 cilv)e ,_ Kil . s , M«tho- odisl wsc.s" Fellowship Hall' a game, "Going to Alaska," was , 1jsl with Mts A F . Johnson, i j :lr , Busy ^ c . e Home I'em- Ptey* d - 20fiO Christine -onstration Club with Mrs. Dale Mrs. Buford Smith served re- 9:30 . c.iirle 2, First M^tho- Burt ,|, 50 i Horn frsshments of rolls holding a flag (lis( witn Mrs Emmett Osb..rne. 2 '00 Robert E Lee Ju nor with an extra star on it represent- 2107 N RusseU . Hi h S( . nool PTA scnool audltor . ing Uie statehood of Alaska. Kool- 9 ;30 cin-la 3. First M->tho-,j U m aid was also served. disl> wil |, Mrs . Glenn Radrliff,! 2 :30 - Senior Citizens Cei ter, Lovett Memorial Library. 7:30 -- Circle 1, Harrah Metho- U/.'^L, A/l^ P^K^V/ VY/tr) MfS. t>e/TY i nlel . medi (.-.pi) Tr e Intel med,. were Marlene Cates, Angie Alihley.j Loretta Parks, Leahwanna Nowlln. 1 dis t, -;, lh Marcia McDonald, Sue Stubble- Hamilton " Mrs. Boren Hostess 9:30 . _ Circle 5, First Motho- ; Luther Berry recently for a busi- . E. Carlson, 1616 djst ! 7 -10 ''* ~ c« meeting and program. riaaa Central Valentines were made for the field, Kathy Haigler. and sponsors . Rulh Prof , k chx , e ^ en „ ' ~M» S Hards 309 ShUt '' ns ° ( the communit ^ also Mmes L-auna Hill and H L Teel ; 9 ' 30 " Ru h CutJe, Cen- Baptist, with Mrs. td Harris, 309 commun ity mission project for Mmes. uauna nm ana H. L,. zeel, lra , Baptist wjth Mrs . Johnnie Sunset Drive. the month Simmons, 728 Sloan. j 7:30 - Pampa Rebekah Lodge, The m(jeU WM ( . a) , ed lo or(ler 9:30 -- Sara Beth Short Circle, 'WO* -Hall. 210 W. Brown. by m ** Bhireas Cable followed To <snnith fnrni in (Central Baptist, with Mrs. L. C. S'.OO^ •• • S t. Margaret Guild, b th Wa tchword ana OA S^ng. JQ Dmitn VjrOUp | Bevel W 7-A B. Browning. jPamhHall. Doris Sralth Circle of Highland, Baptist ClJHJ'ch met Tue.sitay in' 4 K. C. lioit'a. Hii Ju- Mra, Henry Mafias conducted fcu»iae»s flie«;t:«g. Mrs. .VJ,o»- JSelote presented (lie BiWi- Pre-yers weie offered by B*iOte and J. L. KUiLT- 9:30 S:^i farol Oh en Circle, Cen-, wilh Mrs. Don Ri'.sen- 1037 Vainou. FRIDAY 7:30 -- Pampa Credit Women'a , City Club The prayer calendar was read and prayer led by Mr*. Bwrry. "NortliW!»4'd Ho!" tile prograui, was led by Amy Earhart \vitli wjlh M( . s ( . niu :, e Star. Order of the Eastern j Mix.-jw» Cable, Mint's. L. M. Beiry land David Robinson taking patts. y;:!0 •'''>' Has.seil Circle. Cen. apu.nt. with Mrs. Sam Bian- don. L'L'15 N. Nelson. . next nieetwig will be hel<l la 9:3(j Kub >' Wat»f" Circle. the IWWW/I of Mrs. Gordon Miller, 'Central Baptist, with Mrs. Is. R. gjg JRobeita on -Feb. 17. jLowe. -SOS Lowiy. wera pre.ient. ' 9 -'M — Mary Hutu Bridge.! Cu- Miller-Hood Pharmacy STORE-WIDE MONTH END Modern Bedroom Suite Gleaming white finish, hand tooled leather door panels on dresser and bookcase bed. Dust proof drawers, center door guides, plate v glass mirror. $395.00 Reg. 2-Pc. Bedroom Suite Bookcase bed, double dresser, tilting mirror. Drawers arc dust-proof with center guides. Choice of modern finishes. 2-Piece Bedroom Suite Double Dresser, bookcase bed, t tilting mirror, modern blond finish Regular $169.50 108 Solid Maple Bedroom Suite Double dresser, bookcase bed, framed mirror, dust proof drawers with center guides. Regular $199.95 Solid Oak Bedroom Suite Gleaming natural oak finish, double dresser, dust proof drawers with center 'guides, plate glass mirror, Bookcase bed. Reenilar $299.50 2-Pc. Living Room Suite Modern in design, choice of decorator colos, in a heavy nylon cover, foam rubber cu- cushions. Reg. $299.95 Modern Living Room Suite 2 piece modern living room suite, heavy nylon cover in choice of S colors, coil spring base with foam rubber cushions. KfC. S319.50 2-Pc. Living Room Suite Solid foam rubber seat and back, Brown Nylon Cover. Regular $380.50. Modern Sofa Solid foam rubber seat and back, tf brown nylon cover, converts into bed. Regular $189.50. Flexsteel Living Room Suite ^^ n* — — Frame and springs carry a lifetime V guarantee, top grade nylon covcv, foam rubber cushions. SWIVEL BASE TV ROCKER Take advantage of our CARLOAD SALE of rockers. Styled for extra comfort, high back, foam rubber cushions, nylon cover. Regular $8-1.50. ONE GROUP OF OCCASIONAL TABLES STEP OR END TABLE COFFEE TABLES ALL LAMPS REDUCED CARPITINC at WILTON CARPET By Alexander Smith Regular $13,95 Sq. Yd. ALL WOOL CARPET Hy Bjgelow Regular $13,95 Sq. Vd. Installed ALL WOOL CARPET By Alexander Smith Regular $13.95 Sq. Vd. Installed 100% DUPONT NYLON CARPET 5 Vr. Written (iuaruntre Regular $12.95 8q, Vd. (UhtiiUcd ^*«-»»*« *t I $988 A14, CARflST PmC|% INCH OB |N OVKR 40 OZ. Low Prices Just Don't Happen imiTURE fllflRT 105 SOUTH CUYLER PH. MO 5-3121

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