The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 25, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1859
Page 3
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tartaf KttaMOhniHdi'ave attbng the btwt avad T«auoentinUifi(rre»p«(*lT«llne»otlmilnMa.. , L; • -'" l '' '-••"••'' -•'•' •''••'• • '•-'' -" •i-'^lW^ajfi.WC ^^_i'^^ri-^-T^--^--^^J!K.- r --^Wv^i«i>W«'*g.-v^' i "^i ~TBS» JIJRCH1TECT & r .11 ftinflihed a* short Boa«»nd on tbeuort Ubent Jelg'- •.•'-':" •"-'.•••- -•- _ " ••'• : • •' I AH prepared to tomiA the dUiieiii s VOID the well taoim Dairy of M. BARBER, Btq., •t a fair price and In onanUUe* from a pint to ftjmn- •heoov Those wishing to be supplied, can leave their orders with Mean*. Bonn it Crosby, opposite. the/Walker HoBte. f t, S. ABBOTT, _. Yankee Milkman AMERICAN CORNET BAND! CATT. ALEX. SCOTT, LEADER. -'* IB SOW BEADY TO FURNISH AST L number of Instruments, from one to4 ['twenty-two, for Balls, Parties, Ptrades.l Excursions, Ac., Ac., at reasonable' rate*. Apply or address Am. Boon or at Hcapated's Hole Store, ITS, East Water st. The «e*tCT.jf the Rocky Mwitatas, . From facts narrated *yWnnelf.Jn*ijecerfed bf j •'i^.snrr' .—•—.•• -- --•*.-. . Avosmrv^awn £.J£h..a! Bekback'» Lead Pencils, •in-f-jusi:. -;•- ' :;r " '" •' r MURKAY, PKIOK * OO-, Seaman** Mammoth Home Vorolihlng Block, STHEET, r, AID IUII.IM n BTOVB8, TIN, « GALVANIZED IRON BOOFINQ, Batter and Oondoclor Pipe. Also, agent* for Cellini' celebrated Ventllaton and Ohimney Oapt, Hot Air Parnaeei and Begirteri,Ventilator*, Ac. ff Orden thankfully r.ceiyed and prompUy atten- e«l to. mySS iSAAO lilNtiSL-KY, «iA8 A. NTH A HI PIPE FITTEIt, NO. 291 BAST WATER STREET, WBOLa£ALX AID BXTAIL II GAS AND STEAM PIPEj, GAS, STEAI1 AND WATKR COCKB, GLOBE AND CHECK TALVE8, ODAGK OOOK8, Ac., Always on hand, a large auortment of « AS ft X T V U. E S Work done tn a workmanlike manner, at abort notlct >nd lowett prtcei. ArV» STATIONER*. W East rater tlrect, iHlwavtt* . bave jut received a fnll (apply of thu* Otter wrated PeBtllt from the manuTactcry or J. J. Behbach, IB Begeamb.rg, B* varl», they ire UwwfBHy assorted, and each (raideta AKtlnfolihed lyapojilar brand. Particular att«mio» 1» called to UK "Op»oit- tlon Pencil," (round wteek *)IU;) and to. the Mproplt 1 * Pencil," (ronmi r»d gilt:) *l»o to tte*<&iglneet'> P««- cU," (bexag «n eUt.) AU of >nlch vlil be fonnd taped* or to any other pencil In the laartet, AlwatBouhaad • coVAlete aasortaical of black anil colored lead pencil* or all tn* dealrafele grade*. . A d W- count allowed lo the Trade proportlanei to cstcat of order*. ..... api2» AtLIBONE'8 DICTIOlVARV N. 1- OKISWOI^L) & OO., RETAIL DULZIS III LADIES 1 , GENTLEMEN'S AN!) CHILDREN'S BOOT!}, SI1OES AND CAITEK8, MASON STREET, Opposite the Walker House. myil A Critical JHcHouarf tf OiffUtl IMtralure m BrMih and American AitOtO't, Ufina and d,. die ofUuninetetotn Century. Camteio- t»ff Thirty Tlunaatul MiograpkU* and Ultrary Ifalica: v «A furtu ftulttu* if I'. WKINB^KKNNKK, MASmFA9TrJRCS AKD DXALKt IS BOOTS, SHOES AND GAITEHS, NO. 24 SPRING STREET, Opposite American Hans* 1 NDE8PEN8ABLT neeeaiary to all who tread, all tjho Write, all Clergyman, %U Htytlcltjna, all Lawy*>n, Scientific and Literary Hen, Herchanta and Farmer!, Manufacturer* and IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMFABIOB. Dppoc11 nyll Bool tfc Shoe Store, NO. 48 EAST WATER SfUEET, JOHN PH.KL.AN, ' KEKPS always on hand good custom made Boots and Bboes. All kinds of Ladles' and Gentlemen's Boot* and Bboes made to order in the latest style and warranted to (rive satisfaction. apritS A CO., BOOK &. STATIONCBV JOBBEBfta 135 Seat Water ttreet, . [From Theopbliu Panrnt, L. L. D., froaciior of Lw> lo Harrard Oolveralty.T ' JOHN WHOLESALE DRUGGIST, NO. 88 EAST WATER STREET, Hat JOB! received h full supply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Olaaa, Manufactured al Cleveland, New York. Transpor^d entirely by vessel, it comes In perfect order, and ena- talet me to tell &t low rates. I have permanent ar- raneementA lo net) thlti br&uil of Glue hereafter. taySS JQHJi RIQE. AKMSTKONO di UONNKLL.Y !• A I IV T K H S, GItAlNEaS, AND X1GX WRTTEKS, nu, beiwcen nioAn A- Waiter. Partlrnlar Bttrntlon paid to Kalaomlnelng Cell- II :i r pc r Brothers, (Kaai,U*h*d in 1S4S,) nOOEF ; 81GN, SHIP, CARRIAGE AND ORNAUENTAI Palnterk, 4ilazici-k & Faver.Ilangcra, IMITATORS OF WOOD AND MARBLE, NO. -39 ONE IDA STREET, A FEW ItOOBS EASTOF TBS HA&AT7 HODSE. , Jan. k, 1969. Data 8ia :—1 have had the first volume of year Dictionary for some days. *J>d have tat sCed, myself th»t your p an Is excellent, and that you have carried It out with very great Industry mnd with food judgment.— Tbt fullnesi and accuracy of Its Information concerting modern author, and their works, are Indeed remarta. ble. To any one who desire tbe knowledge yoar b^ok purports to give—and what educated man does »ott — It mutt be of great Interest t id value. Respectfully, Ac , TiitoPHiLDS FARRER. S. Austin Allibone, Rao,. (Prom 8. Irenseus Prime, D. O., Editor ii. V. Observer.] REV VJOM, Feb. a, ISM. GnrLCxn :—The first volume of your great Dictionary of Authors, I have penned with attonlabmenl a'4 delight. It Is Just what! have long desired to hare, s»4 hare sought for tn vain. Thousand, of clergyman, stadepta, and all literary amd Intelligent men,EUB*I wish to have just thli work; and they will Have It, wh«m they learp tbat II Is In the world. It dtasrves the mosM cordial reception, and 1 trust that the tnthor and~ the publishers will have lue largest reward for their eater- prise and labor. TODO truly, Child! A Pel, noi>. JONKH & WHITKHKAL) General Land and Insurance Agent* NOTARIES PI'BLIC, AC., OFriOK, corner of Reed and Oregon «treeU, Heyroie'i Block, Fiflb Ward. \Till attend to the baying and aellinp of Real Estate, Insuring Goode and Buildings ID reflponafble Oompa- olea. Attend to trie Collection of Acconnu, Uaklag out of Deeds, Mortgage:, CoutracU, LeUea, Ac. All OotiectiouB m&de on account* placed In our hand wiU be promptlj paid over. A. O. JO31& .......... jy2£ ...... aOBCET WMlTUItAn. lDL>wriD, Jan. 2),llSs. Mr DIA> Sis : —With better knowledge of your book from repeated trails upon It, I am uham d to kevi written you so commonplace an acknowledgment of Ht first rrc Ipt. Of all the storehouse of interesting arj4 readable matter the "Dictionary of Auttii-r," tec • s t < me the most captivating. The good lasu,;, kn*. skill of arrangement therein manifested could D ol b. tu -passed, aad It will make ,or you a reputation tery enviable. 1 shall try tn make amends IB print for 4n v apparently inappreclatlve first acknowledgment of tbe acquisition. Hlth many sincere thanks for die prii* I bare In ito x»ok, I remain, my dear sir, . Austin Alllbone, ESQ. Tours, fa U.Iully. N ^ AI\W COFFEES, W HOL.t,SAl.,K & KKTAIIj — AT- KoberC tiiiriiej'u CRElT WESTERN TEA STORE 174 EAST WATER STREET, Retail prices from 10 to 25 per B> lower than any other store In the city. Coffee Roasted and Ground OD th« premise* by the most Improved methods. Java 19o. Rio 15c. St. Domingo 12X- Remember the number 114 Kail Water *u, Seaman A Wing's Old Store. jyil ma»l» NEW Jl'VF.NiLfl PUBLISH KD BY CAKTKRH. . l/ICK AND itDOLPHD*. Ts. Annt Judyl Tales. Parables from Mature. Motes In the Sun Beam. Fanny, the Flower Girl. Dncle Jack the Fault Killer. For sale by TttRRV A ClJSt. VEH, mayl6 ICT BaA Water st. SCHNCECKEL A: BUUNOTTO, COMMISSION MKKCHANTS, Real Ettate and Money Broken, NOTARIES P0BLIO, MILWADREE, WISCONSIN. —No.4 Market Square, opposite the Old Polt- mar2? NEW BO O K 8 TERRY &. CLEAVUKft, J67 £4A-r WATKK 8TREST. B AETB'S Travels In Central Alrtca, 1 vol., abridged. Livingston's Traveb In Southern Africa, 1 vol ' Speergeons Sermons, 5th sevlei. Higher Chrlttian Life. najl» Omc Office. SH1PPKKH OF IAN supply thenselve* wl<h Bills of ladlnt at \J TERRY » OLE Atea'S, maySO ICT East Water street. L). OOKSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. HAS removed to '.Office, No. 6, State Bank Building, corner of East Water and Michigan street, Milw»»kt«, mar£0-d3m CAPITA I-IST* ILL find at my office^ Register, open to their In- epectlon of Bonds and Mortgages and other ar- carltlra offered for sale. Person! wishing to obtain Loans or having Bondt, Mortgages or other securities for tale, may find it to their Interest to file with me their application* or statement*. a 80HLKT, j If, Opposite Walker Bouse. B O O K 8 . O CR stock Is the Urgejt ID the West. V* sell every Book at the Publisher's price. We can furnish to order «oy book which •data, eltfcer tn the Rngtlab or other language*. We receive new books a* Itned froa Ow Pfest. JanSS BTRIOKALSD • OO. School Books. W E bare every tschanl Book In demand, and le them t» wholcsnle or retail. janiO BTRIOKLiNC A t)0. i B. BUTLSJE D.T.row. l/ivery & Boarding Stable, l of Mason tt*tet t (on the River.) BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! CT7"E are prepared In our Bindjry to Bind Magazines, TI Periodicals or anything cite In the torm of a Book, In neat and durable styles, at low rates, JanSb STUOKLAND A CO. T CE Bubscrlben bare remaved their stock from tbe stable formerly occupied by them, corner of Main and Huron streets, to the old establishment foot of Mason street, thus consolidating the two establishments, making the largcit and best appointed Livery ettablishment IE the Went. W» «hall be glad to tee our old friends and customers, and feel confident that we can furnish thf-tn iritri as pood anrt styllsli a turnout as attly ilmllar (--' ., . • >n the city. Tliankfnl for past patronitt > •- • •••' u> meet a conUnnanee of the game. |Sf Ps'l.colsj attention given to fnrnUhloc carriaf- e* aD-l "^ ^cs for funerals. BTJTLBR A PO8T. Stereoscopic View*. \\l K hare reclved a fine lot of Steretcopic Views VT embracing views of Interotlng localities In RUSSIA, SWffZEBLAIVD, HP AIM, KOYPT, NUBJA, 1BSLAJTD, \ Alto a large variety of new American Views. New and very detlruble stvlet of Btereoscoplc inttni- mects. STRUCKLiSD A CO., Booksellers and Btsjttonert, prl _ 134 Kasl Water street. SIXTH VOLUME WISCONSIN For sale at fenl* REPORTS STRICKLANBAOO, 184 East Water ItraajL GOOD OHANOK. HOI7SC AWDLOTFOH SALE « •rB\HE undersigned will sell, bis House and Lot, now i occupied as a Taven by him, situated on Main su, Racine, Wisconsin, nesr the Steamboat Landng and the R A M. R. R. Depot. The house It located on tbe best business place, and tbe House sis weli as the situation of the Lot, would answer for any branch »f business, especially for Wholesale Stor«, which branch Is already now projected at thai very locality. Tbote who like to make a good bargain,are reqoestft to apply atthe undersigned. JOHN B*RTH. Racine. January 85.1859. lan2T-d6m Lumber Vessel* Tor Sale. Siheoner Fashion, 224 tons. Schooner D. Newha.ll, 180 tuns. > Bcow Schooner Rngby, 168 tuns. Tlie above vessels will be told at very low prices for satisfactory security. Good title. TAILOR i JEWEPT, Buffalo, New Tork. Enquire of B. B. Joints, Mil *nkee, Wisconsin. feb2S A HEW MAP, ahowlBf tbe Route to Uie Gold R*O. gtont tn Kansas, just received by STRICKLAND 4> OO- febl» tZ4 Rait Water Hrnt NOTICE THE INSPECTOR OF FISU, A PPOINTED by the Common Council of the Olty «f Milwaukee, In pursuance of An Act of the Legislature, approved March IT, 1859, hereby gives notlae that ic It now furnished with tbe proper weight* and brands for ihe due performance of the dntle* of bit office. By tbe said "Act" it It made tbe doty of all persons dealing In Pish to give notice to tbe Inspector to hare the same duly Inspected and branded before packjag. U'. Smith will be found at the Dew Warehouse of ktestn. John Furlong A Bon, South Water st.. Walker's Point, where all notices are requested to fc» left. Milwaukee, May 7,18». " JOHM SMITH, lotpeetor. GENTLEMEN'S FUHNISH'G. X.G. MAX.... /it. o-Jtmrss. Bjran & Jenkim, COUNSKLLQKS AT L.AW, MITRIIELL'S BANK BUILDINO, : Corner Rut WdUr and Michigan *b., MUwavlut. " '' NEXT DOOB TO A. B. VAW COTDft. -w S to V | v 5; :,-S ! Ed H -a & H' oe Q 0 Jaines A Swain, , 0»THI LATB FIK1TOP. ! MAG I E & S W A I N K .WIU, remain at tht old stund where be will b« pttti- ed to welcome thefpatront of the ettabHihrnent. i tprt8-dtf -f-'- ; ••:'." •-. j-' OH ARLES QUBNTIN & CO. ill H /-IBARLES QtntHTIH A 00, comer .of Isjt Water V/ and Waton ttreet*,Mllwtakee, Wisconsin, havt fo»" laleReAlKttate, IntheClt/ of Milwankee,ln large o» tmali parcel*. Bonding tot*'In ererr Warden li Ci», of all*l»e*»rid P rle«i, for botlne** «rre§ldeno and on »atT t«nni, AIM, t»ajl Farms of from C toW aere»,ne«r tb« Olty, Tor gardening porpot«i. Alibi teraral thonttadi of aera* of the bett firming laodt In WlsOTntin In qnan title* to tmltaav demand. « febSS 3BASU.B8 aDEHTIM A OO. WESTERN UNION"" r , ,-;*JO>— VsfiMCMisiii tState Telegraph «n<lt«tl them tontred la tin tU t*«CbU<h*4an< prompt lUOOR PO RATE1T I H-18 H. * . Otsh Otpltal Aad gorpln*..... . ....... .ll,8«I,»>a «• ~ IlAinTFOHD INStlRANCE.COJiPAWy, ' " '' ' ' ' '" at>d Botpjtt*. >....'. IN8UBAJICE .»«»,*« 4J* IIOWAHD INSVRAlirCE COMPABI¥, ' •'"'~- "•• ''' '" '''' '' ' IWORPORATED IK UM. Oaaital and i^l«*>....»...; «SlIK^CE COMPANY, !"L ""'' : WHartforiJ,Connaclkmt, : , " J '' Baet topllat an4Bws4M,..,........, v> )41f 1 «M M LAMAM riKE INSURANCE CO^ I Of Mew Tort, I5r in CaiVltal aedBorplav.... ...... ...»8i»^.)» U RCSOLVrE IHSVBANCE COMPAN V, Of Re* York CUv, C«.hO.»lttJandtXirpUtt........ ......«MMS»M CITY FIRE INSURANCE COM P AMY, • r7V -' ' " Of Hartford, CbaaecUcnt, Olrt Oapltal and B«rpraa,. .. . .TI . . .... . ..$3»M91 « I soBclt «ws4ae«» »ov tUittom BUM.! Oompaalea, e»- tlrefy «pon their on BerlU ud refpOB*mUty, aaj refer to thetrprpsjiptaad liberal tenlrwi>»«ot all Ismti herrtofcre,a*ar«Ara»U«for Htsfavtim. tX*cl«tl|. tae.lwUbatA.Mkf> :.••...-• :-. .. ... .: .- . W. BKtrRV BOLLAHD.AgeM. tot* .QOUAW, AtB't. Marthwatt cor. Hate aa4 w. f. HAamau, ftinrtyor. WlacoBtltt stt^ MQwaaJra*. aeplS. Doited State* ill. * r. Uu.Co. .. ............... $100400 0* SDRPLDI ........ t ................ S»,«H «0 OBce. under •Itatull't •*ak l coner of KM! WMer atvi MU.9AVffM. t. A. OelteajtMn, Mosps KuedaiHl, ••nuiel Hale, • B. L. PWiBtr, . iVitDman Adler. t. A. HELVEMgniK.Prealdtmit. «. D. DOUBMAH, Vlo«i«r«*into4. W. T. PAUISB, Oeneral Acwt. matta 8. t. OtMiTT, Treasurer. y, L. Pauua, Attarnef . CITY INSURANCE CO., •• Bl It-boll Bnlldl»«, lillcb|ar«at.*|. Mawaciat, QUARTKRSD CAPITAL, • • |200,i«8e Ca»li Paid iii, *I<M»,OOO. 0. U PALSI.)», 1. Tuariaam, I. B. Kiu.oa)o, I. 8. BAJtatt Cats. QsnaBtjEa, DIRECTOR!: 0. D. DAVIS, 8. 8. Cowvaa, J. Human, t. B. Ooaiw, O. CoMveot, W. A. faarras, H. Ruusuon, TO«WB V. Hiu., 8ao'. Dm. , . R. tOWMUtUI, President. A. L. WALBATH.Bwrttarr- H, L. PAUuav Attorney. |arHre«ndi»»rtne Rbkt ttkn t>t carnal nM*. T HE undenigBed K pref«re4 to Uk* Mario* Risks Md Plre Rlskt o» r'rodace re store, la the Rank Western Imturtjoct Co., af Okwego, Hew fork, at as low rates ttty other Tellable Oom^an)**. The reputattan or this wtjl-known, loaf ettabniiw4 «!omp«ny entltla* I tw> avbllc acnldetv*. H0RATIO HH.L,_Agr6t, •ov« at oflce of B. A t. I. Hill RAII.ROAI>S & TRANSPOR'N BUSINESS DIRECTORY -,r.: 1BW AM FAVOEITJS KOUTi '' ' EAS MORTH-WEST. & MILWAUKEE R, R iJ.V>M»i _ dH* ironehly netted (or thK ramie.) ARCsX MOSOAY. April U, 1HA. train* will ran a* taUowt: OQINO WEST: t«r. ..rldt>. . ». •Detroit, depart.. . VantoMllfe, arrlre •Otwejo'irrive.. , t Bt. John*, arrlv«. ! Srand Rajildi, arr. •Uraad H^ren, arr. •awaaktsi.trrtvw. Mall. r.m. ACM*** A- •• HteM A. «A.M. TK» . f-.a» A. •. 140 5:34 ».». 1:43 IM MS 4:40 A.I. *•» . • fc«* fi-to V. •was OOINC1 KAMT; A*M. RiprS afiMdV A. H. 4:0* •ttwMkt^wcptjrt .. •Braod Haven, tef. ~ OraiMl RtpMt,*rr OrtU ft. John, arrive ?:<• Owaaso, atrtv* Mt> A. •. rttjtamviU*. arrive T« fStt I t »•«. •0etralt,srrlv»... **» KM { ' r. is. r. M. •w. Bridge, arrive t-Jo »Ja A. ». M* 1:00 »« 2:1*1 vs ... AM A. ai. 4.-00 ». B. otel In Depot at eraaxi Har«n. •oat wilj leate Ullwaoxe* on Ratardaii at • r. •.— far Mtardky Nlfht'* bpnu jwmttrt weM, ku *«r. aj. train will • * Itare on Suulaya. Tram Ma»« Urmliil 4aMy. «o»4«T» « THK TRLWaUPH LINK U uow open for Pimuc *»- ooKNtxrriova. ' AT awCTHOIT-ettAT WMTKS KAILWAf for all points EaM—MICHIGAN OKNTHAL aod MICHIQAH 8OCTHKHN KAILEOAM, awl ULETB- LAND Lint of Bteaaieri. AT ttflAND HAVei«—Vkth •• HDBON " tteanerfor OHIOAOO, Ac., At. AT MIIsvYADKEE—With tke MICBUMIPPI, LA OUOB8X, OHIOAGO, WATCETOWB aixt BOW- CON RAU.KOAD8, for all Important paint* Veil an<f •orttweit.and on HiMlaafppi m»rr, aa4 witaMramtra lor Part* oo lake Jfichlfao. Patwngttt for Qrea)t Weatcrn Ballway t* o»«h».JUil- way Fatal HrmiMaa, at P. A M. B. Poc4), l«vtnK Dock at 8:(W t «,!.•« r • ajrtd I:SO r. •• WIGHT taUINX M< tke «. W. K. haVe §LI«PI«O CAU attathrd. PAKOCL8 left at aay o( Uii TICKR OtffOW U v forwarded by PisaaxMa TaAtan At Vaat HuMH- art auras. the Oomtianj't TiBt-TafclM can kr dad at any oftbr BUtloot. W. K. m IB. Ocn'l Sop'u VcmtK A »oisa»,ticket Agent, C80 tail WaK-r it Wn.Baikau, might Agent at Onmoany'i Dock.' B. 0. WitaoB, General We>t«rn Agent. P. A M. fc. O«ef«, April, WW ai^JB BY STATE AUTHORITY. WISCONSIN OKNKKA1. INSURANCE AGENCY eMABTEB OAK rfBR INS. CO., Hartford, Conn. CASH *4»BTH riBEItl*. 4O., Ban'or<i, Conn. CASH ASSSTR .................... f£54,MO M •JfAwlBP. IN9.CO., Of ruukid, KM*. OAJrl ASSPfTS ................ VX&fW 41 «4»>W AY • i CASH Asan.- HAIHrttEN Springneld, Mass. CASH AJBETS CIHAHB *0., f Hat. A Barabw Valk) KAILROA1> O N and, trier Honda*, April 4th, aod until further BO- j tice a Paaseoger Traiu wii< leave Milwaukee froa I the JepoUtiet of Second •trrrt,for Pxvaakee, Hartland Pine Lak^Oeooumococ, Watcnown, Lowell, and Cal- usnbua at 4JW p. o>. , arrivmg in UUwaokeeai 'l^i a. m PanengersarriviugaiMilwaaUebi the Milwaukee J Chicago R. IH., La Cross* A Hil &. », aud Mil. * Mist H- fc., or by Won, can proceed to «h« at>o»r ^lacea. Oounectlont are iuao> at Watertow with itage« C*r Lake MlUsvJeJfeTaoa. Waierloa,Bas>etietv>lle, aun Prairie, Cottage ftroHc «u»d Madison. Also at Coiucnfeos for LoiM, If.erlvac, Auego, fall tlv» , lo-J'i iloreeii, Baatdea, l*wvtll», iAtkora, Vork, Arlin«<on, UraVol aod <or all points to itie West anil Borth Wot. Paacenten arriiinij ai th« JuTw^km froci UK abort- places make connections u the tin *•**•• • Miste- slppl R. K-, lor Janenillt, Htdnnn tu>J Prairte 4u Cilen aud W •ilwaokra, a-llti roaJs 1. Uie •ovtL, Weoi and Horlfc. Iflt . 8. 8. MUMMKU ttacine & Itfuiirigsippi K. R . I , • r '( --• "--^J -„• ; r. ' >-. ' I f.' , ,> ., • . ^ • . •• TO •0A.VIM, 90 UIILtS. MONDAY, lifeO. e. 1868, lu< VIU run at follows, vli: * ' A. «. r „ ieave Racine for Davits-freight A Ace., faHtf ftf'r- for Belolt—Tuscnger, . : . • . 6<HNQEAi!T. Leave Rclolt far Racine—Passenger, I.M A. M. L«av« Davis for Ksxise— Freight A Ate., s-.SO A. ». FuMaitr* by taking the I A. *. train on the Lake ghore Railroad at Milwaukee, connect at Racine with train to Davi.; arriving at Davit at 8:30 r. u. Stage kavc* Davis for Free|H>rl on arrival of train. -8:811 A. M. train frot» Davis connecis at Racine with afternoon trains on the Lake Shore Railroad Korth and South. : Of' fielftH forwarded with dispatch. N d«c* RUUfcKT UARRlg. SuperinlenUent. Pittaburgii, Fort Wayne & Chicago KAIL UOAD. and direct Rooif now open to New York, FuubargM, Philatldpbfft, Baltimoru and CIevelaLj, Ihinkirk, Buffalo, Niagar ero citlta. Oiacinnau, Col am bus, l>a> Wo, HpringQelJ, Urbarii., ZacejtvUU, htt-ut^uv.ll-, N<-w trk And Wbetiitig, tutl wl interior towa^ ui Ohio, Peno one t.'ranU Ifriliiokm |{. it. LIDO ^KTVmt OH 1C 100 4»D Tin KA6T. LOW A3 AST OTU£H KuUT Thoie dCBlriDg to go bj this Ruutt wilf be ti«ttlmT ftoU enquire for Ttcketj via rurt Wayne, the •voliimg ttie annoy »oce of rccheckic^ Uietr ' LtA VS ItJSrOT UA VAN t>H*O r. •.—Wight Rxprt-aa, daily,>!* ricepled. fi:00 *. If.—Morniiig Mall and fcipresa, d»ily, Sunday exceptira. With but one cli&n^v of car, lo Pltubtir^h. OH*OSJ*O BAOOAQK THH»[;«H fo Prttsbwrgb, Philadelphia, Ua.Kiiuore an-.l Ne,w York, coanectlfig directly with trains »o Uie ^rr^t i'en'i ~ 'al Uallroad, to all eastern cilir* Aluc, with i A Columbua itailroaU t^j Clcvel^od, l>unkirk, I'alo, Nlattira Valli na New Yurk Ceciral awl Nrw York A trie Railroads tu New York aii.l Buatou. P«*8ons going ea*t will and tliu route ti> lar the most desirable, both [ruui th« j»ilvaijLa({. m point ,.f aists.nce, vari*ty and beauty of Uie country tiiruu^fi which thr road, pass, as weH as Uie leas frequent chaa^L-a or car^ ajad the BBtSkoyance of r^nrhevklng bajcgagr required by other fcm li fcy tins route are unsnrvaa*«M}. Kat«a u lo %O|T oth£r route, anJ wltfc e^umi di«v»ict>. TickeU for ialc at alii lit? j.riudpaJ ticket ^flJOi-s m t Vet, ao<l ftt CotDf»an/'> OAlce, No. MJ [^»rn strrr ojipojite Tremotil lioua*-, Chicago, soJ «i il,.- <.0u-r the iAfe« Itiorc aCaitri>a<l, )tltwauk«-c, ty A (r I>iar,<t JNO J UuOTuN. QeQcr&l PTnpht AgfDt, t*itt,hur^ti, Pa. U. W bOSB, (»en«-ral \Vost«rn A^t-nt, Chicago. Ubicago, Marcli G, l3.*>U. m^rrt Chicago It. K. KKANiiKMKN 1. I MAO. AKKANOKMKN I. Great United Stattx J/j./ nvj Efyr fBTOt only rvtiable au.l ALL KoOra Tu IKK I i. auik Nonta- W»st, an^i Uic ^uty Liu? points. On ind aftt-r on leave ca«r » ai ^ 10 P. u. P. n«— llxraas.-* P. .!•»«•!'.««- arri c«p[() a i 6.12 p. M , arn] coBQcciiou* vilti K^cn.ii,' %fiU South W««t. »Dd *mi aud Mis*J3«i ppi K » Iroiit' , jaoctioo, fur Ufloit unl ^ uu that Lint * Train leare* at ^ti4> A. « , arr-t-r* r-rar-ied with i,. au.J n ; Paoatrntfer Truo* leave Ctu.-affu ' r Mil Uf Norlti W.-«l At > <"0 A •, ,nl^;.%r fccfv ai f--V3 r a. %n<l C- 1.'- i •• apr:4 JN ) T MOOOT, IU>irr Tr u,» »! F ac i u TT »taij ru F THK * •"•r. , it] I -i 1 Bate i of Freight Rcduc' d Aga.u by 1 ork A Frir It.tilrond TraHsporlalion (>o,S K X P R I ; S S U NTIL further' lf»* |iri<-r« tr-.>fii *i*-w V..ffc T ttllwtukf*, J-.ll fc«- H- fjllnw* [.-r )>•» 3>t, (^' . -r .!."..*. FUR N I T U RE SALES NOTES, ^LERZHEIM & CO, B EING about to dissolve thoT Co- Partnership irrnngpi reierve. The best and largest jtock uf gpinenti Lhnr .th.n.' F U R N I T U EVSHOlrPSaED IN T1113 CITY AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOR THK NEXT SIXTY I>AY-< THE STOCIK IS I1FAVV. \\l» ^H VI III-: M»3.; 218 and 220 East Water Street, n 11 \v * t K i i . \i is. t»«.i- DRY GOODS, if; I <•»;»«». % § n ***: ' MISCELLANEOUS. DR. II. W. ICFI»|1I AI* VF1 l-'ORMKKLYOa/CLeVSI.A.ND 0 , rr^^ctlully tnft.rmrf u- tN«? tltl/en* of UlJWiiuKr*; llml, n t), t . pla.-.-, he uif.trn. SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS times We feel jDatili^.1 in tsytn r)or lo ihe p^n.-rsi run >f V t.n C Br.i.lhfVl. Win. J un •• Murray Pr>-i A C,, , .,(. r J 7 - n i •' KJ ..• Judge Wilmun, D...-I H A A,-. .-, •• Bi.ho,,. M l. »r,,,t... - Kelly, « L. Mr. i. HA- [MS. Jam.-. Km,. C KB..-H4 N. A U, „»;,, r N " v • •••• 1 ,,J m... ,,,,... ,, The Latest Novelties J. K I'.irt.n. « „ Pan, iy Offl.--.. K.r',',1 v-r .-•«»,•.I-, M .-.. I'M r \ Hill \M>, < I.I \ Kl, \ ^ l» *'«»,,,>, ,.,.,, A>L> Chicago Line of Screw Steamers ( ' ' .frf^ i>ufc» M t'»i.. ti •. -.-,-n Si,' I'll*. « I «. i »• -I, „,.,,,, ,:.,! ,-|.. -., ix. % riti.ui-iui\ i Ami runn.ii^ ,11 .-..( i,^.U""i al b..!-i... * -n r- * uKK CK.N1KA1. i. n , ti..l :t. t . \l f iti_ 11 A N l> THAI. 1.1.>K of i AN tl. UHAT', .... ;li. . r , ,.,, il l_l«- v-,*n.J « l:, :: * ( Lh. V r.l. 1 N h t P I TT » IT It. it., tuucruu* *t !>^u >rt, \l ,. i. .ti , « ^f. ', , r»r Mint** .,,>,M iritl i>riQt-ii>.il [jt». -•» i. u - Li-,. : - - ».: t^uv.Truj. B-)« 'in. N-* i -r» i 1 H 1 nv**ni, »n l • ^ ^r- i» i . " ^ -r .*t>.r- ro .1^, » ,1 •] t, ] .: r, y .*^ rit«ur*tii:c -i i-r .^-r', tr, ;,^ *T.UTIf P Ah I u, II V «.. A. .• ^ \ , M H -*, ... V; •, , , •«v, \,. V r. I MUKM I!, I H. v , t t . f- . l • I . N >. 1KB. tOltPAIVT, Of Philadelphia. CASH AKSCTX -(2847*1 "* J* \V. train, Ageyl, OmCK, NO. a, MARTIN BLOCK, UP BTA1KS, marts Milwaukee, Wisconsin. MILLINERY GOODS; IN LIQUIDATION in Dry *ioo«J. — V1A- M1C1HIOAN OKNTKAL, — AND— • t We»tern (Canada) Railway. ;. tUND leave tae Oreat Central Depot, foot r>» Lake *V atreet Chicago, a. follow. : 4WO A. SI.-OSRtOIT ACCOMtfODAYDN.iltua- ' days «xcepteill, arrive at l>«roit 4.00 TaMi A. W--CINOIICPIATJ nriiKM. j.»taj* ricepteo-) AJTlvcrat tndiaBat>"lt* 4:* 1 >. •.; Cistcinna,tl 8.-*) r. •. MtOO A. W.— LIOHTNlSu KXPE««a. i8*r,,layi n crtileJJ arrive* at Oeirail T.«U r •., 8«j(«u<»n Urvife ar !l»rj,»u 40 a. • , Albanr 3.1X1 r. »., New Vork » «• r. M.i cVMtoc 11 f. K. ?tOO P. Hl.-MI K" AMOMMOOATION, exrept J M CKAWF'>vin *»j *** V -k J r-,-- R. i.i. 1 ;. Il...aj» v » N V »-4- A fill. IC:iilro:««l. W E......U*!. ..:-..,..,.,„,.-. . ,,,.. ............ l.,r IS,- r.,11.. 1. .T a. -I Jrl>».r, 'rr .-I'r;!. ,1 oQicr inn. n Wi-<wima.i. itrr^c.1 ..,«i... i , • i . or iy-r» no r v t^fi, . , i will ^- r at th« varritoui.-! .( •• .p^-i. i .: r ,4 Pr?iyM ljftnaj>.< t.«it,>4 ..r, is a , , r , , , ( > . I i. , . T p acati..ri at the "&.-* r si r A t it « . i, r • ' I. rf M> a i • i ... I DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Uailuay Meamboal I.UH ! VM V t 1 t V< . ' l H:<M> p. n.— MKW vou lexcrpt Saturday.) Arrtre at IM'roit JaB A.*.; Suspension 3ridg» or Uu4ak> FAKI; h V THAI IMMENSE BTOCK OP i—AT-J Mo. I §7 Et »t Water Street, MUrr RK OL08RD ODT A.T O3VO£X! BY THK tirest Bargains m»j In aprl7-dtf J4WF.PH CAKV, Aaslgtx*. REMOVAL. INCREASE OF L ADIES—your attention Is now called to tbt be*t stock of BONKKT8, RIBBOXBAtfD PLVWBR&. Ever broagbt to Milwaukee, to be faond ai BLAN C H AR^'S, BLOCK, ITIAIN VT. r ii *: HB DOCBLI THREAD SEWING That look tke •TIKST fKEMUJM A DIPLOMA, *>r family nae, (t Uie Wisconsin State Fair, October », are for tale at the •tewing Iflachiue Emporium YOUNO'H BL.OCK. octls laAAG A. HANCf: * «:o. itVATE* IHABVHAL'S «JAI,E Th* Fanners Loan A frnstOotn 1 P«J, I Tt. The Milwaukee t Superior R. U-1 road OompAay, In the O. B. Dla- Oltyof MllwaaUee, Vtrict Ogon (or th* Joh» Stewart. Dtstriet of Wisconsin. •obtnnC. A. AUerdlnf, '. l Iniquity. Christian Uahm And • I Gottfried WootKb. J I N pursuance and by virtu* of a decree mad* try th* District Otnrt of tke Dotted Btatea, for theTUstrlet of Wisconsin, on the klnetaenth day of tltrth, lii>, to the above entitled cans*, I shall tall at Public lactloeT, Ta*tday,%adday of Angnatt 186B, at • o'clock In , • atierDoon, from th* step* of tbe Custom .Boose, In Uie Olty of Jtlwaukee, VI and singular, tb* Mortgaged premiae. mentioned In the bill of complslnt In sajd cause, and described**: "All th« foUowlDg, pratett and In future to b* acquired, real a"d personal property and real «tat* of the said defendant, the Milwaukee and Siperlor Railroad^ Oompaay, t at Is to say, Ml of the Orat division of ihe Railroad of sa!4 Railroad Ooa- pasiy de/endtnt, from the Olty of MUV4BJ1M, U the Olty of Green Raj la said State of Wltooosln, a «U- lance of one hnjjdred imd twentjr miles, Inelodlnjf lh* right of way. and land occupied by aald drat 41rttlon «f •tjidroad, (subject to the right, title- or claim, which ihe said defendant* Stewart, AHertlng, Bahst. and WooUeh, or *ltk*T of the», »ay have had at IDA Urn* o'f making tald decrae, to land- upon .which tald Rall- roadOosapanr nas looatedTttway,sjsd ior.'whlcnoo compensation hM been mad* to ttum,) together with tb«TOperttmctnrt ud trtek thereoni And alllrall* and piker mMeriAh owd thareon, bridgea, viadocu, eul- TerU, fences equipments, neeefswr j depot grotndt and jlniaingt thereon, belonging to the said Railroad Coo- taty.Md -AH roUInf atoclu eBglnet, vten«etsv'iAr», 'pol*, material*, aurt«»l»ery ( btartt, and all atterptr- ^^ property ^appertaining ^ taid firit dlrWoTM % a»d«llTlgWi thereto^uid Interest, to b* a« „ _lo tfta iil4«t4dlf1«oBor.sMtJMd, An;toSt?een5iw3 lneo»« to *• bAdlor Itrled there- LoorBOfAte; ,«o4Aothwifnamoliliet.'rljhtii ofthetald Railroad Company {• or to . . , ..TH01U8, DnlUd BUtta Minhal. Dlrtrict of Wtooontln. •••criasyAvOm t Btnwoi,aaf& aprgl-dtt . ^^ HOV.-K8 jBENTKD, Eart. 8tat* Unet .rnn_«roin Milwaukee ti on Rath-oil 4.SO r.», Albauiy 4:U« A. •., Ne* Tork | |U:OV A. •., Boston «:01 r. •• ; P. M.— CINCINrfATI AND LOtnstlLLlSi;- Oiucmnall »:W1 a. • , UmlsTMl* 4:0u ! r. M. i On* u-tin. on Sunday at »:W r. u. \ FhtS.llO AV •. and 8:OO r. n. train* connect at Pan» : with tb> Buffalo A Lake Huron Hallway, for Ratta4o and all poiqta e'Jt; at Toronto with Grand Trunk Railway, to Rlngtn a, Ogdesjtborg, Hontnal, Hsieb-c an.1 all point* 14 Canada East, Northern Varment, MA Hampatltre ^nd Maine. Or Baggage ebee>«J Ihrough. Thraagh OckaU foi tale at the prtoclpal Railroad offices In We West, an4 at Ihe general offlce, roro*/ Lak* * Peat:.Kirn streota, avpotlte th* Trenoat Uoait, 43hleaco, and at the Depot, foot of Lak. street. K. H. RICK, Ftap't. H. J. RM.1P1BB. Gen. Pa**. Art. aprl» Detroit & nil. Railway. _ . ^li "" 11 THE Steamer CteVctMUl will take JMaiilHlit ber place la line- of the Detroit A ttilwasj- k»e Hallway, on Monday, the 14th March. faaa-Ofers wishing through tickets can be suppUed on and after Monday Celt, at 230 Eait Water Krttl, or at Uie office on th* d<rct-»( th» Detroit 4 Mllwaoke^ Railway Co.— Owe notice o( th* time of departure will be given. This will mak« U)e sbortest, cheapest and quickest root* lo all point* Rait. mart NEW YORK & ERIE RAILROAD ! SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Milwaukee RAIL ROAJ3. THK SHORTEST AND nO«T F.XPEDITIOIT* BOfTF.I Wioena; Reatt't Landino;, Bed Wing. PM8COTT, 8T, PAUL AND ST. ANTHONY. CbaaceofTlsne, Monday, April 4, 1859. HIT TRAIN LEAVCs) HILWAEILEE M^ ,Arrlvlng at januvllle 3.30 P. M. ; Madison 13:36 P. •.; prairie da Chlen MW P. tf . ' Connecting with tha Prairie da Cttten and BU Paal Packet*, which leave Prairie du Cljien on lbe«rrival ; of tn* 8.OO P. M. Train. to TBAIN LEAVES; nut WAU^EE MB P. M., Arriving a* JanvetviDe 8:» P. M. ; Madison 10:00 P. H. fr Parr u all pela«**a (In Mistisslppl River ts low a* any 4Jthtw Mont* • '^^ WTUIAK JKBTI8, ap!4 j ften'l Superintendent. LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE KAIL. R9At>. ; 1859. UBCAT NO BTII-WEST STPATES nAiL * AND ' ' ' C NZY ALL' \KA1L,,,ROUTti. L.A CROSSE 0».the,t|JPPEB flilMlfSIFW RIVER, Oo tn< IsJter Monday, April 2JW Exprea» Trauu Daily, PBOM DEPOT TOOT OF OHESINDI OTREIT, A* rotiow*:' 4. m. aud t«:4,» P. in. Tralni arrive at Milwaukee a( «:8O . Cl»s< conneeUODt are majde «t UiOroaie. twice sjiily etwh war witk the *in. New twd Irtnc -'' •ew>U Packet Co MUw»Bk««.«o -1*. Otoatw or W ravtf^v^ iJii ' , «MoBdA>t1e honn,iiaw,?omOWea.*>or , overa«yo4*» " J H. CUA A fun i> \.r OrnCI OK Hl.SHoP t ' '> , Mu£u4'.XK- , ft : !• ^•••Fe.op ..r Mi*- A > HICAO- * ii -™ O N fcj)., fcfU-r A|Til Wh, 1ST.V, »lid ufit.l ' no- , tlt;«, P« p*r*oii l» ftuthor'zetl tn niAAc j.)Urrfi»»4"«, I nr ccQtr«ct for mAsVter.isvti fur lb** Ht!vauk<-c an>i Ct>>«-n [ go ita.irn.vl without * vrlUetl «r<fT fi ->tu Uir unilrr*ii e4. (Wti» ».JI tt- j**jd inonihly *vu>i tK^c^n i will n»l btiit. 0. ft. U AI.Lj t-eo'1 4-t H.-T'-.r**'-.-. .wiipyrlai no I 1 \1 I . 0. B. H ALL tico'l »jt M.-r apr!6 J. T. MoODT, Uaatcr .f Tra THE \OKTHI;KA TRANSPORTATION COMPANY WlH, during th« present Sv-ajnn, run t).r-ir well known and popular Lmf of Firvl €la«*Nt-rew M(eaiii<-r«t, Begularty, twlw^n iSHU!U'H A (JSWhXH), AND TUF. | FHKH, I A K KS I a Semi-W?«kly Hoe between OtMenfbar^h tml 1 ortj, conD^ciltn »t O^*TJ»tourgti with the OOOENSBCltiU « VERMONT CENTRAL MOUTK, B«t*een Ojfd*jti3bor^h, Bur.lBgtoo, Coocnrj, Manchester, NufanA, Lawrence, Lowell, Worcttter aod Boston, aVBd AtOaWe^o with iha Hew O«wcgo Lin* of Tltirtf VtritCiftu O»oal Ba«u on the RnUrxvd Canal, between ; )w. JAlt>a»)T * ttevr Vorb, Ooaoectlag also at Dunkirk »KJi J'OJZA' ^A'/> SRIK KAILKOAD, And forming & Trl- Weekly R*Uro»jl Line t>?tw«en DtmlUrk, Milwaukee & Chicago. CaV Property forwarded by this Line will b« lubject to bat OOe TransbtpmeDt. f»- marked **"!. T. CO. K X - PHCftaV" will be forwarded from New Vork by an Cxrpre** f^fi^ht Train ovtr IA< JV«u> A. frit Railroad, Aod promptly forwarded from Dunkirk..] APPL^ TO J. Urns, AgCDt H. T. Co., 1T7 Broadway, Now Tors. J. L. WIRXU, Agvut N. T. Co., S Cifutin Mlp, Nrw Tntk. CslAt. 8. ffArs>AII ( corner flih and Oliesnul *u, Phila. Hbvsl A CRAwroao, CHwego N. V. B. D. CALDWILL, Agent, Dunkirk, N. V. CB^ITUIUJI, OaAWroao A Oo., Olevelaod, O., Jons Hoesisa, Agent N. T. Co., 9i Sute st., Boston. tVUcsBMAa, Agent V. 0. Line, 108 gun il., BOJU.Q. J. F.CHCBCB, Agent, Route's Point,?!. T. <iro. PAXUX, Agmt, Ogdensburgh, N. T. U J. HI6BT, Milwaukee, W,s , office I^Crntse * 11. B. K. Otjpot. Office ne*v SI. A M. E. ft. Depot. N. B.— Shippers are requested to see one of the above Agent* before making contracts, M they art; prepared to offer very low ratea, and their connections with the OgdenKb-Brjh .vnd Otvego routes, and eftpeclajly wliU ttlw Ne» York A Erie RaUrftad give them uoaurpaaaed cheap and ipeedjr iransporUUoo. Notice lo Contractor*. C.KAUDj>roposala will b« received until DOOD of tbe O Mli init., for the grad'ng, bridging and track-lay' ing required to complete the' Kacine and III yrejent termJoo* at Davis Station, to i , nonlratton •!)! be required to commence the work aattil lit of J«nt\ and coa.'leae the same on or before the 1st of ••pteajber nexu • i lofannailoa covcernlng the amouol and charaottr of Ui* work-to b* done, may be obtained by application to BOUKBT HABB18,Saperinten4eot, at Ricias. > , f lopotalt Will W addretsed to the undersigned, At- torneit far th* Mortojeet of said road, at Kice, Wit. •-," , a. A. taosisoii, , • T.B.BLACKBTONB, ' Bacin*, lUy 18, 1969. mav21-d4» Attorneyt. ,' NOT1OK. rftHRBt Imndre* «od tweaty-lwo thontand dollara of JI. the flrtt mortfage tatuU of tbe VUwaukn A Superior Railroad Oo., wltl be told at amctloa ot, Saturday, OleSSthbf May Instant, at 1SK ».»., at the Ohambjr •fOonrttrot. JIO. L.DOKAB DOKAN & L.KVY, Attonwy art Cottnfellon t L»w. *»*. " B IW, ft tuire, for «tl«. LJVTOH *»t4 ^jgSRK^ ""^"S.y^.iTOHji Urau.l UAV- ; , .il Urat i.l lix ).. ftavg cvt- ry tttafnin<:i {J(!r* Ptrl.^t fr .in , Cl:»t.aatluQ3, «tl, be - >crs on board ritt*t\ni<T.i io«J Vi- K. 3JLia, AI .1 ii«- r e»-r 'Ml) -, or W iiKAHAM. u e< & to, sruFi-:i. W OULD rc»i>tfCtfuU7 aoaount-v lo Lh.-r .,..! .Mtrf eta, that liiey still Cuntmu'- ID K .-f p U,H % And beat selvcte*! 8t.,ck at (J.MHIM n th«,r i n- L found In the St*t«, and will v-t.u.iui-i au-T :»u«m-^ licretofore. With the intention .ji / VIHT *ai.isirt'-t.. To AS many new oustnmrrn LS Tiny V--i •-. i urd tn Ud & call, we would *ty >n«? it .ur ;lr'ii r-si.i-fl u Vork, aad we Save facilities Uiaj purcti*^ »ii-i : niactur^ of .(oods thai f*^ n.-\ &v «>\ - ,Vii ^ • * ,-kll limes ready U> tan*; n.j V*JIL»K-- -,i ta*t^ro .l*r and have be*a enabled U) reduce :).<: ,-r . -e >f kinds of (roods, which WH *h»j| .-..iiuime : lowest prices In Western V rk.jLs. We are encutamly receivm^ i ' f ti.. .* :.• >ar * and wHl keep It tn <-»mpieUi \s i« he »bt*f *i t.. to flll onlen for any kind if Saddlert 1 , • arr ( i,;e mem' or Trunk Maken' .''Wt'k, AU.I will t ....... * ner to yv* ladsfnotioiT tn respe<-i t . -juAj.iy \,,l f .r We al»o keep un a5Bi>rtui«Qt or* Bent .^tuif. P<>««»H, ^t ?elltifii, .-*[MI.II^, Huht, At- . .%i' . in.l ^ \v- , --MII: .t.ii ' h Ui.l , or ^1*1 majti 1 '.*) .>rder, tn y « >n-l Ci> -*. '^ na^je, Wm(foo nr Team hiriir-tH Cfcll aad see for murs.-l V-*. nn K E M O V A J, -u.tnv 41 •/•»• F . H A I, I \ Has rvmoTetl to *>ls old it A ml, N »-l I 8 G K A ST W A T t: It t x .1 H I-: V T ^(itypavite y. jV. Son^'tffi D*~*j ?;,..>./* .sf,.- -, Ami having mad* 1 swch additioni t<i 'IM_ 'A.-'im,--. 'IT (•xef'itmtf KINK It* < > li I K A I is: Ai tn rnab t? him tu sny tu the publir ffilti .•ouri.1. n< • that he 10 now prepared to furnish ihrtn w,Ui -v r ry !>• afrable ityle of Picture known to lh* comu.unry, in. 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In India, Barnmh ami In the Crimea. |9~ Surgical caiet promptly attended. BT* Office corner Huron aad Van Uuren ft. JutO-dSm T ERRA JAPONIC*, 80 tan* for sale by 0. HAHKINO.TON, At & mat*, per 100 Ib*. i-H\ ^ i ^. n •.<•!• x K i K i , v OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT DRV UIJ.MJS AND \ ANKaF. *,•.[ . \ * 11 ; v r i ,,^,i i ' .- V \l . II. SOITHU j./nu r .1 ..(i K A i . j ; M •'• % -^k i- Mai-., ( ^j>-. an,; JNTo. i,,,, j •», A iJ 12 < ATI, A vn< FA i.i, «. I 1 , 3 .. }'-« •••> •"- . \.»y •••••" . s.\ M i : i . \ -, \ i rsr o . i o o t. ^ •> I \1 ;j 1 r i- >,)•, nib: : i . t \\ . »i. 4. !->-ui)r> A < D < '< i.MM I-.M. ..N \M ,;. i | x %<•. i.»» w r N i u \ i v ,,- -, , it j. I,l j «. 1.1 IJItwJ U. '.'ll.ltr-tl. '. N li.-I I'rirritt: Uw-ll n±*, K iuj i. -' r.r.^, ;{,.-!, I. ll k . |( i v t » \ . v, l^ » » \ :l A i . ' l ''<" t .»ienl '. •!].. 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