The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 2, 1923 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 2, 1923
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, 'MONDAY, JULY 2, 1923 FtaM 3 SICK CsiiS for CZ&sams<& /U 0*gs$. 1 in n-• r < Ion A tnm-iti 'inn * ' ."> If i '>.'="!ll'-.JJK [•„• '.• l «-:-itinnH . . . . ik't . '<:;> IIIM'! • fon3 ,. .ft.itM'tliUlM Minimum t ;haige word wit id word rd JUT Ittsuft ; d IHT iswua 20c rti.'-'fI-H uslnft 1 • i'i cul 'jvt't to t ij r morn inchea per day fur n mnnth, .ngi;, una ha ohuir. tkl hv calling Tho FI'KCIAl, HATT for jidv running t f • ** hame cv..iy <1H> Ni .wB '.'in.'^ii»b;d Pn tii i in-, in. A6> under region i *h-.: s-(fii ii'Jon mu;'! b> entered --»r TvKhdrawn before 12 o'clock noon. I'nmi VZ-W uU .J-W p. m.. adu Ro oi;d<-r "Too T/i'.n to Clarity." iPhuue ordi-in Rcci pi. IMI fu; y-'Ur cuiivfiiU'iK-e, to be p t ;ld upon pj eatvntation of mil. FOR RENT—rtEV.OUNCES (Cont'd! THE WORLD AKD SO DO WB l'Mlled ^*KP* nr.rt mito truvl<s. Pooled v'trf of houmhold CuoiU and autimiublloa • hij [n.<l tn California and other point*. We iiH 'il anything anywhere. Oily Trairftir ANO initftAaU t -OMl'ANT Phone No. i* 19 "West First, Huirhlnson, RHUMB. c .*-:j5 :.-..M^> i.Tati*'.---' A NSW KIIS TO III.INI) ADS A fit •1. .1 • i. :> 1. A 1. .1 -•'.'.' 1. 1. K >;;, -2. 1' lit 1. I» - 'i 'i 1. ] .-tiiF 4. 1. 3)07 N li3 I K-or>- u. NC.4 v.- -GS !. K t; l'. r-03 1. K 03 2. it- or. F-cr. 3. S-t>4 1. F -CO •> s a;, i; r,s. ,1 s ':i; 11 65 1 ti • IVI' 1 1! AS 1. [' -io 8. l I;I 2. V 1 01 1. ,\ 67 1. WANT ED— MALE HE POSITION WANTED— M ALE (Cont'd) EuSwairdl Cs.cna UiHif 1'iilntlnK a fipoolitlty, all wort; ,;o.i;-ttllti't-il. Plion,. 211PJ. 6 21-7 :li 1 In ni'ii 'l of H Ri)')(1 eiijiii-nlor. lihortd fiini 7 :110 to 3 a.m. imd 4 p.m l'- m - C 2-2ot WAN TF1> li.jor ,.nri window sordini work. A\«o pon-h b.iita mudo to oriK'r. Pilous PiMt 2127W. Interior decoratlna. 6 «-a't 7 »-27t \VK move you anywherQ; long or short Imuls make no dlfftircnco; all work goavanlotid. Cody IVanafor t.'oinp.tny. phone ?1» or 838. 1113-125 Iiant Sherman. 1 ia -25t FOU IIBXT &v»n rooms nmi liil.'i, b ;Ls .-ment, two-alory, nio<l.i:i. Hy.l.i Park house. 102 W.. s t Kilrhleon!l), roiin- onalile. Phono H09W. 7 2!)-4t iijlu -loom. Thl 111 W .-Hl 7 :tn-4t Fu'H KENT--UnfuriilBlu-il inodtM-n hoiiaD, Barnse, 201 (•'i-ntli. rhoiio lsr .1.1, Inqulrt •riilrteonth. How L©nn| Air® <tamw& to Psy M<enn!f? IV. you Itnr.w that fi'r, j-nkl .ml f»irh mouth fur nml woul-1 nniouht (.i f.j.iMO.ix* hi io yrars' timo? Any nf Jlomw may be bought with u MiidU cash I'ujmont, btilmu'.; vnx\- ttains. T.Ot Kt'vonth AVt'-it, [our room?, water, ViiiMri Wnl gas i.JS.lflO 73fi North ( 'tUJiik 'nl, six rt«jm«, b«s .'rTi 'rif urtd frarafcu - •. -5-.760 Gw North ChuuilrtU, four jvoms, hrt-ukfnst room lU-altor. 1'AHTIKS wiflhlnt plotUorlng: or geneiai rnftson Work, phone 1S7S. & 2«-"6t iiarry F. E 21-201 ' H nil I'' Hvii 1» "line, nhon.' 2 himiin ph^ni. 3043. ! I.. VWN ami (fanlyu | yiirrnian. :-7 :ll •vork. CaU J234J, 702 5 17-261 HNUt.'KS. m.'w In IV <-••'!;'^ ar..l }>- lea .Jy f ..;i - f'.l >. ItlU Will I' 1' in I'M. 1'' liivl'-iiial iiisil , iH'il . 1 u. l'-mlli J: i ;j»li:a!«"n. I'li-'iio -n v.:IU- tl; liiii-,!!- HIJ v.'dh ii'-', Jl ut'. innti-n \\'ANTI;I>- Any :ow. kind of carponlc rltm. ! r.\I,h 3417W aii'l lmv,: your houso r.jafvd j or rtipah-ed. Sntisftiction K uai'tintcit. Knit ItKNT--Five-room, fuviiishi-d cot- tujr.', $'J0, 322 JuHtl<t\ fart-yvilh-, Apnly Mfitliodlst hoapltal. r-.-om 17. 7 FtUt KENT- - five-room, mo*turn, fur- nlshed cott&s*. Hi North AVainut. Oall ut 1'JU Kast Fourth. ^ ."U-M Fn)t KKNT- -Four-room, sciiil-m.i'icrri, furiiSshvd huuao, fheap. »0l NVryt Slu-r- nun, l'hon? lliii'AV. 7 W-'U Ft til lt!-:NT—Oood, fivt'-room, moiUrn hou .-J* 1 "t 1H West Seventh. rnqufro 10S Wtfit Seventh. 7 29-41 1G0 rtcrcn only f> mllon UuU-liinson nil good Mark laml flno location, nq Imnrovcmontn, priced for quick r-nle ?12,Dt)0. No terms. Tlio ovrnor of this farm Is Roins to lenva 1mro and wants to soil before snips, To see this farm la to buy It. K you want tt good sound K.yiug Investment. FOK KENT- Good flvo-room, nturco bungalow, ulrlctJy modern, to adults, rhono 2217. 7 l-25t -2JI K \ H N IIV -r-.:./>!N"o MONK* ICI.l.lNti THi; V."H AKTB ' r .Adi KVi -.\r -:d nit- .-r.\i.l^ A1T1 .V TO Wl. OKA' " ' " I-.XT/iA M"ANTKD--Kurmturo to rt.-.alr. refinlath anil Ulihol&tet. Call 720. 6 27-3Ut WANTED—All ^ 17S7VV. klnda or ttaah naulina. * 13-2St Full 11ICNT—Five unil six-room h..-.i-.-.s, now oak floors, ?2U I'll.•no 2M7. inodorii \o *'.«!. 7 ?-2 «t Ft'!-. Ki:XT or sale—Four-room, nuntorn lon-iT:ilow; Biilondlil terms. 211 Flint 11. i'h 'IP,' li;i0. 7 !J-1U l .i ... 1 SAWS Mini at ihoits 625 \V<.« First. i ; i 'T k • i' ;: K:2. : t ; I I-T'H HUNT- Fi\i--rooiii. m.. l-.vv ttu-nltilu-d. for tlii-co n n luui|i:i th.^. li'Oo POSITION WANT ED—FEMALE I l-i iR ni'lNT-Si.v -ioiiili, moilfin oottus I \v;ih sariiijL-. 30'i Kaat Klovoot!). I'hono Establlihed 1S8S REAL.TOKS No. i Elast Sherman Own your Home—It la the natural thins to do- 'ie nullity clad you invested. Fisure uu ivo«; years from today you will 0Ml<\vu)t VO.M Usvv« «noi\t in past 5 years that you Should have in a home- you will lie s'lirprlaoU. No. 109 Twelfth wont, a fine location, C-rootns and bath, largo garaKo for 'i cam, ?2750.00, tornui. G l.llock.i from Fifth and Main, hath, nice location, G rooms, $2000, terms. 5 rooms at 110 Fifth east, very close lu 13200.00, good terms. 6 rooms modern except heat on Fifth east with garage, flue condition, P.VOii.OO. Misses' Patent Leather, Low Rubber Heel, 1-strap Slippers for $3.75; same in Black Kid for $3.50. Ladies' Black Kid Oxfords with military heels for $4, $4.50, $5.50 and $6.50. Ladies' Soft and Easy Kid I-strap Slippers with low rubber heels for $2.50, $2 .98 to $3.50. Little Girls' 1-strap Slippers for ... $2.48, $2.98, $3.48 Satin Slippers, Patent Slippers, Black Kid Slippers. Mens' Shoes $3.50, $4, $4.50, $4.98, $5.50, $6.50 to $7.50 Mens' Brown and Black Oxfords $5.50, $5.75, $6.50. Part Payment Down, Balance 50c a Week. Comer Commerce Co. 17-19 North Walnut Street. Wo can soil tracts in "t-lleiiwood" Ask about them. on terms, ou Fifth Ave. west hard •11 Kl'.NT- rii-vi-n-riMim u.-.n-.s. Hi Kast Fifth; ;ia rinrl I'll-lot' !U-:.\"r s'i !i -ro'inl and i..-vt'n-io yhiitt-y u-.ii.lti I.:M. •"Fl'.NIHHKI' housi l '.r.-i't U.iot F :• for l -r hiklr.-ti. I".l.-I!l ;-,7< \V SALESMEN •,'r"i! rutins : avenue. 1 :;orth M< wni 'i", 1)12 !•:; SSMAh Third. T '10-41 1 I 'i Mi JtENT - Inqulro -1! T.ifh alt;- HST-CLABH AroMmaklnti. h .irn «tllch- [»«. Mr*?. J. E. SorrtJia, 530 Ea*l Third \,mv ni>-tl. fi3 -2 .it KENT—F"iir-rfiom houst', uiti 'jii, ?15 j 't-T month, l^iiuii" * 1 in- C'OD- 7 £ ( J -6t •:NT" • Thri'p-room ln> Wcttt Fiftli. l'liMii.- .' Ft iu KENT—Xlno -ro'irr, mo'lern huufi' M 217 Kant Sherman. at 2Ki Ens' SluTinan. • lti-'^ 9 East Shermaa REALTY CO B Realtors Phone i2 L®w Mriite Fa™ L®ninig Permit tis to ciucM.* you h>wo. : ;t rate on your KAliM J.OAX. Wo. have nnlJinUiX. aitwimts lo loan on .wojijiy and ch-.-c a 3o;in with least possibly <U4ay. nterost. Xo C 't;;iiiiHS .':-ion or Co:i,r.i! Annua! merit Prlvi] .Nolo MeB( 1 €!feBiag®ii..Fir®ip)(Eir(ly ff©ir TTraidle Now, rhodorn, G-room, 2-story nil morion) north ond homo, oak floors and liuiBh and bullt-lu cnhitiots, will cottsldor small house. Price $0300.00. t-rooni hiniRO urica $2,000, want G-room house." Groom house on 0 east for, prlco $1000.00. 5-room all modern house for tract. Groom on west Fifth, ?5,lK>0. Ml modern, want i or ti room cottago. Hronni on North Main, all modern, want smaller house. oil L'ast Fifth $2,(«0, want modern homo. 104 First Natl. H!dg. Phonn 2!7». G-iwm modern hottso, on paved street, 9 blocks from center of the city, for only $1,500.00. Oak floors, gnrage, hot air heat, built recently, house tsumo as note. Mtprht take a small tract as nart iiayinent. l.KT US SHOW YOU. a '\**** Forty-nluo Years In HutchlriBOu. No. IS Shermnn East, Ground Floor Office Telephona 310* FH.VNK PILE, Manigor Real Estate. Phono 12: After 6 P. M. ml Hank, Utile TI1KSE PROPp;in'lKS ACTUALLY FOR SALE The man who sings Home, Sweet Home in a rented (flat is kidding himself ami serenading his landlord. We have money lo lend you to buy your own home with. ' Ass<s >dsQ(ln <s)i ]Q ROOTII No. 813 Rorahaugh-Wlloy Bldg. Phone 2167 F.FNT at Tliln Kl 1'iiuI-ruiim li.oiaL-, Phono 12-7W. oil lea wJilrh Ihu \tioi-j ri-all.v ai'.- ; Tliere ina ;> i'i-tl-a whk-h tl-f .-no notoally for 1--C)'.'.'i NoT'.h Monroe, five rooms, '-aat r '"til. 1- -&1! \S'i.-it Khermali. now rioiloifr for Ji-r. l- N-.-rth I'loin, rour room-H. i\o.ivr mot ( 4 -Kml; of 1 11 o;-a wHil rotorn a lili;h rnio ,.[ T '.-i"tii3 - mi 1"' on:i !i |jpd. 'U"n(?rn-iv;li sol] .-mil nion (horo aro to-op- nxioua to j:-.'l Huid. Tli» followinr; liluoi-s .-od low. •.'mtii. {:i.:."0. s. :i i "UK :iin, T N'.n o-riuiia l-.-.o^o l.'l U'.-sl l-'oilrlh. ;-.2F. F.ast 7 S3-lit FASTI il,- i ::I'. IIT- nitB .-i tiiii 'i .'i i,.-. Wl Hlwl. bo«. .s,»t.- iiiB'.n olri' ami lyi^Iio.t] log!.' 1 '. '.II Mlurtluvii.l. 1 ','•.. <-o(n,'"i SS.7B. ba'.ar.r 17 -1 il and ir r I'hoiii.. Ui l'..j)i 1' 1. OJIV. -S- it .'TF.I ' '.1. il'F.l.i ;Ti:t> WaahhiKa. Ption "L'itTAl.S" sptoia;:»t. Phtoc J .-.J4W. ••"11 l:KN"l N'.uth. I'll JDl: Kl'.NT -T'J I'' .It HI0NT--Fi i. on li-iosLi and liarli, Wi -Ht l'luino :iil3.'i. 7 29 -iOi --.S:\'-i-'ioni houai-, 10! Fast i,U' hi.iia^. ; .: 7 -1 Ot Llt»>-IT HOUSeKEEPIINO BOOMS 6 laiBoslSllc'iiuiag Work cuaraui^.id. Mall oidora ann-.v-orod S-romiitlv .I'-roo delivery .Mia. M.ndoll. ICS Eailt Ti-nth, 1633W, H 2i-25t Fi lit It'1'- -Twij mo,!, us for llwht lioos.ik. lil.t) Fust Tlllru oi'tOK, $7> i.ior no. Is. FUU .ViailKll .1. vi iiMnOu; M "111 Ul'.ltllllfl 2n. !\V. TlV' lli;ht lKius.;ko l ..i)lnti rooms aino ono[iinti •110 Shoo man. Phono fin mis f urnl.hlHi'l foi- UaM In iiu.'itrn ho.r -.i. witli llif.un-. 323 Kasl Filth. 'hit: loiiae- rlvatc S 2-4t ln»aroi- Llojd S. Brovru Raalto: Phono 973 118 North Main LIGHT HOUSEKFEP1NQ ROOMS (Con.) •Jit KiCNT -i 0.. i-ooiua .villi k.Li loan.'!'-.;. 1 'hon IO ROOMS (Con.) I rf'n . vp=,-, FOR flEfNT- FUK ui:.\"r. -rURNISHGD ROOMS i •v -Aaonabhr —-L«j.rKtf. ca id, aiit Eat;L A, phono car line. Dr. ^ or U». \ EJjr^S FL'HN f-SHEI'i or nnf nrii tahed ; r .\ni .tfrn uparunf.ii. v.-ilh Call 3o3<9.I a/I-.-c >> p.n:. thvf '••ITJUIll [lor -vh. FOU KENT - L-irtfo, ;-ool aleepiiif," room. r *'Ub 'jnal.-le. Ciosi 1 in; car line, t'liond N1CEET furnlyht-d siccplnff room adjoining Itath; iirlvaiis fanifly; ulwo j;;tiai;e. I'hono 2C36.I. 1* 2-U Vtl ]u>Uri(>k -'01 'ill^ I'OOtllH, no •<| and v>tariu.?hf.>(i. 22} \V>.> >v!y paper- ;t >'irst. 8 2$-5t ER«1 li. eping rooms; 313 8 2-2ut Wuuli hvil 13 7r,. hn .u IM 17 \J \v.\W- no l.hl.ll., WA .V U". ;-:'i-:[> ^ WA.-.'TPl.i- ! V A NT1" I) "I I. ill 20ij I- l'lrmc 2 • mi') tl 2ti-7 :"l W. C 7-27if POCfTIOto WANTED— MALt FOrt KENT i ;i :NT ;.:i" -HEglDKNtrS F.i-t A. nil.... i ISIainr; Gctictul Sli -tt M Finn. •\\'« • thi [--I'-IM liouMt-s ioraf"! on East E, furuiahvd. f-.r UftUt tu.uis^Uf«-phiR. In- uir-f West Klrut. H 2«-4t Ki:NT- -TWO tili'ely -\u-i -pins rijoms. P.r:Vj' - l-*tinilidii'd. modi't-ji it -l.-jepliu; rooms. 501 East V. fin ulsh.-d light No I'lilidren. S 20-1' l J hont; S 2-2t I'f'U I'.I^NT--Klirlrt hmisokevjjing rooms. HM Wont Fourth. 8 15-U't nicely furnished. 221 S 2-U TWO or fniir-ronn (urnlah.ert apartm&nt. eh.-up. 30fl West Secoftd. S 2-26t MOIM'RN l)L-(lrootn lavatoiy In loum. 1 li.6. with Hleopinj,' pot eh. ; 1 East Sixth. I 'hono y fmw rj-iot Depositod here 8 0/ your cash is salo aad availablo MUULIRN lifdioom with aleeping po-v-h, lava.Lory hi room. 14 Kaai sixth. 1'liono H5C. » eod 23-1 Ot ji'Oil KENT—N'ieo lartfo aoutii sNcping tooiua, 1)21 North Main. Phone 'Mm. EOU KENT-NICH largo slc-ping room suitable for two. Phone 103SW. 9 30-41 "OIL KEXT- Modem aouthoast room, 214 Wi Ht Eighth. Phono 3042J. 9 2S-4t TWt) or Ihroo large furnfehed, down- otalra rooms, Phone 2624*W. 8 30-4t iLflOaisi <m s>f2\?. ^ggi2. Dejiosit your bonus with The Salt City Ituilriir.g, Loan and aavin^s Aas'n Lloyd Brown, Sec'y, 413 North Main. Phone 972. SOH'MWESTIEIRH KAEBAB LAKE) Kow i.s iho time tf,' l,iiy WflPtern land-—Never a pain In the* history of tho Kt-ito 11. ill irif»> o:; i h land he available nt th« prle»- and on the ternw that you i-an l-uy it today. Wr* oporato In Eon1, Oray, fln.^kftil, timnt, iStanton end Morton Cunitr-y, KiiiiKiis. •"i'rtet .H raijj;« from $12.:i0 to 52f>.00 per acre In the Wi'sti'in ("ounl U \V<- v .»m you t..» svo Ihia ronntry—VJVR NEXT Tltip will h.> JVA.Y r l«y .-.into tr»)fn *>ur Podfi-r: Ci!v offlt-e. < 'nil at our office at Hud-iifn^on or at JVt'f.;tj i.'lty or wiiiu us for full informal ion, TIbtg l&^&s C5i>y IJ )®2IB G Si©fcfe ILsrf ISmlk (['iid.'i- il.« supervision of the U. H. Oovernment) Call at our idiico or nee our h>cal o^'Mit in your County. L. L. TA^ r LOR & COMPANY liodgri flity, Kansas. District Hciivc-'iont-.vtive llutolitn.,on TCa! II.-W. r .aijr, .1° r „?- C '- n .!.^^i? NISHED ROOMS (Cont.l or rent lor yoont,- man ROOM l»2i. FUKNI.S1113D rooms, 215. 1 Miollo t 2'.l-4t IP) Hast B. PlioiiG 3 22-7:22 FOlt RKNT- 11. I'-urnL^lird rooms. 20ii Fast 1) 2'J-7:3 ct.ll V.- )li ">USKKB8PINa v o. m-iB. week. 123 TCa-sl Flflll. MODKltN, Shorman. Bloapintf ro Phone 2u&8. n;)atn .irH, 5i 3 20-It iid East 0 8-25t JI.KF .riNd East U. roomj). IX Par -week; 313 9 2-25t SOUTH room for ront. I'hono I35SW. 9 30-41 NICE, ooot sltioylng room, 2Zi West Fit si. ii 25-ljt FOR^RENT—UNFURNISHED ROOMS 10 FOJt Rl.'N'T--Flva rooms upstairs, 114 South Main. Apiily O. W. Oawatn, American .Steam Laundry. 10 2-il This 20 acres llos close to HutchiiiRon. Has GOO young apple treoa bearing this year. All the crop goes to tho purchaser. This years crop should pay for hall the purchase price. Price $4,000. KDNIKEL AGENCY 210 State Exchange lildg. Earl W. Uresslor, Realtor. Phono 2055 FOB RENT—APABTMENTS •11 | AlPAMTME^T Thret --iNom, I'urtilfjh.u! apartment, nxod- orn throUKhout; private East FirHt. L'hona 21SS. &2S li 2C-2al Seventh and Main. Nicely furnlbh -Ml aparintents ana al«eplng rooms. Fhoiift 11-23^251. WANTIII Hhiir- Iiluhud, c 2379W uH •••('ino or two girls, employ d. modern apartment, nicely fur- I«H In, very rt'anona'ble. Call 0 ,/rlnck. 11 :j0-4t. ("OR RENT—APARTMENTS (Cont 'd) Hid tre^ir, laigr lawn, flowers, Tho de- slrahlij Pactum Apartments. Onu vat-ant auwimtAirB uoixm exposure. I'hone i-'KIO. 11 31-23t FOB HKN'r -(.'!<vo-ln, upatalva apartmont: ihiv»> rooms, simipint; porehj bath, brnaUfKHt'nook, thr*?o olos»»is, trunk and laundry; hot and cohl voiU.r furnlHlicd, rhono filler 6 p.m. 11 29-it HEAI'TIFEK, new privato uu trance, S04 Phono 24;i2J. kltchenotto r, gr EKSt apart - j Oft KKNT Five.-room, inudoi JI upai t- ment, ftirniah«d; elaha inclois;>d Hlo <*p- mcnt; built-in fcutiir^a; ground floor,) i«ff porch, }\ir>, wotpi; Wght ami fas fur"* " l ,\i MU jf rt ni£a $2.»0 per mon-th Sherman. 51 12-^51 j nhihed. extra, ('ail at .22 East Fourth. 11 ",0 -U 615 North Walnut. JU.! RIOFHIGKKATJN.J, oh-!: it;igini>er wariis t<> ' it.- • coin btoiuKu p'-imt. can give th» ocst of r- O -08, caro Nnw.s. WANTEh'-J'otili Son uu thrcahing outfit. 12 > 6tflte v.«K«a• A. A. C<K. W., -Miuml, OUla. CONB'i'UUOTlON' utiiKs-l!,:.-; works eytiLfrnw, filtraMo:: tary euwur fayt.' tuim, ui*.:' iluah to.«Ua, maiOoiio uon-i. Work. O. 8, Hhoi l, phon..- )' Sixth street. d.n-aior- .•1. UK:I, f)atil- ,.S.ti J>!.t'l!!J. ' -jnd tui>:k The Doo Dads—A Live Wire. By Arch Dale and palmlns, IHTMI w-"l> fit pal 14. J. 10. C.oodbiai.L'. WANTl;P~-To tthurpi-n ami ,-.>;.: njowcri;, sun a, furnitoiu. fc^vv cbtn«ti, Joolta ftii'J Jo y>, ) J.•>•. ov tc!fi«0JB, knives, all Umd« tooia, >'iK ral EK^V^'':! mtx-htne cltiAniri;,«; work BUaiunLutii. F. ihiiinian, phon<, WJIK /T han!ln*f. movbij; an.i it' iu.r.i.1 jn..n.'v. b ia-ilt

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