Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 17, 1959 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1959
Page 3
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ftv 1HJ1J, NE'A'ROM t)!>I Foreign News Editor A great number of Filipinos do r.» like the U.iited States. T'i3 United Stftes is not entire.' / hr.ppy with t !i fi republic of The government granted the Unite*' fjjjg, States 23 miUUry bases for P1 <ri: "' : years. This is another issua of the f| nationalist minority group which is demanding that the terms be r'hortenc:! to 25 years. In fact, it may he said Ihnt ,,. , , mounting Philipppine nationalism A hiU-rlcscn .33(163 divide the pleating' fa(;lor In almost eve-v two normally tricr.dly nations. No igsue b ' 2twcen the lwo countries One of these .'a likely In lead to ,,.,,_ anv lasting rift. but. alt are illus- * tra'ive of similar problem* with * v/hir-h tha United States has to deal in coiwir'es \vhich (Jo not have nearly tha s?.ma cinso ties. It will be 61-years ago thh Sunday (Feb. 15) t^nt the battleship Maine blew up in Havana harbor and set off the shock waves which rc3Vill2d in the Spar'a't- Atnerican War and in U.S. acquisition of the Philippines. It wars jusi over a dozen years ago the United States granted Some Kesenl of today's Is-atiei Ten Extra Can Shorten Life 5ls! Yeaf THE PAMM DAILY MfiWS TUESDAY, FEBRtJAiiy If, ;*• .~."j^ Year's and Christmas — 50 to 100) in crash diets. W«I|IW calories more than is needed, day! through such plan** M after day, week after week." ual | y f fetu«¥i8 witR ft* Ml By PAffciClA 3VTCCORMACK t'nHed Press International NEW YORK (UPD -- YOU'I the early 40's. . ( - , If you want to "take it off and "You marry and settle down, jthe expert, WVdtv&j "^rlL ' off" think more of the Literally, you-settle. You don't'on 'Portions of food .moffe. '"five to 10 years" and less about 1 dance as frequently us you dlct.K ' <«>' es on (Hmlrig olH ,r , in the "alarm zone if you re smaller dress sizes and eye-ap- before marriage. You don't walk foods. mor ,, hc .. B much, And you sit more," he Overweight, according to Stare, atid. pounds overweight, according to Dr. Frederick .I. Stare head of ^ som< , thi thftt h all kp , aln ol( , Appetite* the nutrition department at Har- because you went to| "But you retain the old appe- vnrd University's public health •' ' school. "There should be alarm," he 'Eat less, but eat ne»id variety in tfi8t r w- tc-v many row. festive dinners in a tiles and that is where you get 'caught. It goes on. little by little. .. Many women complain that St you don't do something about SWORN IN arise' Don Sullivan, a rising young| from the honeymoon period 1m-j Hollywood star and native ofj " Mediately following independence. [Caldwell. Ida., will play the male| J Some arise from a vocal nation- : leftd, and Lisa Simone, a former'- ftlist minority who resent Philip- Miss France, the feminine load. Johnny D. Crutchcr of Lefors, Texas is shown with 1st of Enl'ist.mont: into the Regular Army at Amarillo, Tcx- Lt. Richard B. Maticere Jr. just after receiving the Oath as. Johnny enlisted for the Airborne. jjlnes dependence upon the Unit £d States, and who resent criticism, implied or otherwise. The Gila Monster is an original I script written especially for Holly-! wood Pictures Corp., by .lay And some comes from Filipinos S ; nlm3 a(K ] r< ay Kellogg, director tyho feel the U.S. takes The Phil-! of ,. )1( , mov ip. Ippines friendship for granted, granting less aid to The Philippines than to other nations of much more questionable attitude. The story deals with the mysterious disappearance of two teen-1 aerers and the efforts of their hot- Bantam Form May Simplify Income Tax Problems VtCKSBURG, Mi*s, fUPl)-~fhr bump on iM head 6f S-year-dldf' said, "because 10 pounds over the y'"pj;' t on " the weight "between jthe"first 10 pounds, eventually you!bee stihg, after all. When' th« normal weight can mean you ii; Ch) : Igtmaa and New Years." heifind you're 25 pounds overweight!bump failed to go down, a donto? die five to JO years sooner than sa[d ,, The ln|lh |R lhat thc | anr] headin j, for fart diets." (opened it and found a ,22 califeW you should. ' Weight goes on between Newi Stare doesn't place much stock (bullet imbedded in the scalp, Maintaining correct weight. ac- ( -^— — —-— • — "" •"••"»*»•,» cording to Stare, is one way ofj lessening your chances of dying: prematurely from a heart attack.! "We can't guarantee that yotij won't eventually die of a heart! att'-ick. but we're reasonably cer-j Uin that normal weight gives you the beat chance of living out your' expected life span." Dr. Stare, a member of the National Health Education Advisory Committee, lakes the view that LOOK AT & LEARN ABOUT it's psychologically helpful In reducing to think more In terms of how much weight cheats you of life. j The issues between the two na- roddlng friends to solve the mys- ttons now have come to the point!tei-y. The producers say there's,"™ where both ambassadors haves Plenty of old "King Kong" excite-j £een called home for explanations' mcnt when the gila monster gets) Perhaps you, too. may file the i wish to claim them," Davis ex I plained. j As before. '.%payers with incomes of $5,000 or morn must, fi- gum their own tax. Taxpayers may not use Form 10-IOA if they claim "head of household" or "surviving spouse" status; dividends received credit or retirement income credit, "sick simple Income fax Konnj Pay" exclusion; deducts for Davis Ad-!'- r ' 1V(! '' transportation, or "outside salesmen" expense; or estimated tax payment credit. , Revenue's bantam model (size One of the highlights of the '• . avctacc hank chccki tax C^ninfC ^Srtfft I Philippine complaints that the movie will bo Sulli-1" ^^ L ..^d bv Individuals ^GniOfS ^1016 United States is dragging its fcet |Van - s singing three of his own! , tot , l , r, 1( , omes 'of ] e .<, than ' on economic development loans. | cnmpos | t , onB . The young singer |.,,, nnn rn n.i^inc of wng^ report-i Of 250 million dollars promised. j anf , CO mposor fought in the '<<> ed ' nn ' Ko ,. m \ V ^2 and not morel CANADIAN (Sph The interest, Icla.os of Canadian High School will! present its annual pla v Keb- From— HAZLEWOOD'S Farm Dairy and consultations. In general the issues are: into the act dnly aboi 1 ' 43 million dollars has'j^n war and was awarded f 0111 '!*"], , 5 C $2no in BYSTUDBBAKER PEAK PERFORMANCE ON PIN MONEY Once you scamper The Lark around town and see your gas gauge stand still, you'll know you've got your hands on the wheel of a real money- saver. "%$&' And one with style, loo-rich in interior appointments, har- moniouslyfinishcd, upholstered in wonderful taste— so dapper, it'sapproved by Harper's Bn/aar! ^$^" And so easy to drive and park— because it's three feet shorter outside— with room for six inside. •"^•' This is a whole new idea in cars— and one you're going to los-e from the first touch of, your to« on the pedal. And beautifully engineered. Come on — am. wages not subject to with- Biaterialized. ; Demand Jurisdiction !Presidential" Unit Citation for • Philippine demands for greater:„..„„!„,, ^e Han River into Seoul. / . , • • * • * -S *•••**•• * **»« • • . M1 IS DM Hf I H fin \\'l Ltl lllf^\ i i n: c\ Jin \r\.,ii. vi t • ni i.. Kii »>.•-«•, -.. f > •-- •. criminal court jurisdiction over, Ho ,, ywood Pictlire3 Corp. prev-l join V 10 -!OA rct.irn for T>«.' if theiri Volley." will induct Danny Mai- 1 ruary 2-t, in Iho auditorium. Husband and wife may file a 1 The cast of the comedy, "Green in i iously has released "The Killer, cnrn hincd income doesn't exceed colm, Kacrela Stcphonson, Butch TJ.S. armed forces personnel \ h !L ls1 ! ar ' d ' s ' . . . .. 'Shrews" starring Ingriil OoiKte.i ti t ,,,,,,, )inljtt; | Prii-h:ird. Hill Nix, .S;in<lr;i. tt-' ;l '<--rs. / Phihppine plans to raise its spe-, r|y M . w sW ,, ( . 1K j^v.-i.s u.,, IK; For,,, m.OA JAnn.l.HI,- [/.iilh.-r. ciois H-, l!y , ffoods °" ^ mericjn , ^ fficlul3 O f th^ corporation are 'aiitomu'licully claim' the standard f MKTland Clapper, Burl.fir:) M^K Demands bv some Philippine 'Gordon McUmdon, Dallas radio j u , p ,. r oent decunt.irm allowed (or Bfii HviiiK-tt, D.'U'icl S\vnvs, uills '• —.--.- —. i.--.. ^••-»j Si Haylgtioh personal expanses as contri- Ken Curti Robbins, t'asteurizei' Pure-Whole Jim VVilborn, .leanie Minor Parrish, Glendai Sharon Hi- j Congressmen fir abrogation of thei e «cutivc. and ° ... . ___ !l* A 1trtM*l>IF n«^rl I Form 1010, if thcyiinp' negotiated the ncUiy-independent Philippines world prcmicro in Dallas. Nothing Removed —Hi — MHHiHI's, Furr's, Hom & Gee, Idea! 1 & 3, 31iller's Food Store Boston's Grocery Food Center Blake's Country Store $1925 Fun drive tlie LARK today at GIBSON MOTOR CO. , toc»i tax»s,whita wails and any other ext/as pluinly labeled on overy ear. Kast Broun— —Pampa, Texa* BUDDY'S Mid Week Special FLUFFO or 3 Lb. Can Shop Buddy's New Stamp Redemption at 1802 N. E. 8th for Complete selection. Ask for Buddy's New Stamp Catalog. Double Stamps Wed. With 2.50 or More Purchase Pl'RK CANK Quantity Rights Reserved Armous USDA Inspected FRYERS Lb. CATSUP Wapso 12 oz Bottle Giant Size OLEO i-i*Mi>;<li»-•••?«•»;<*•. Eatmore Hereford Elmer's Economy TEAKS ' p!k " Bird's Eye 1(1 ox. pkj;. CORN DOZ. Golden lirovvn 10 o/.. Breaded Shrimp Bird's Kye I'-J oz. FISH & CHIPS QUALITY BEEF Round Steak !b. 85 C Club Sleak Ib Cello I»kg.l2 oz TOMATOES \Vinesap APPUS SunkLst ORANGES Assorted Colors, Tyler Chuck Roast Ib. 49 C Arm Roast Loin Sleak Klles Shelled 13 oz PECANS. Each C'oiu-ho SOS Can WHITE COFFEE Ib. SU>\va > \ l*each or Apricot 18 o/ PRESERVES jar Lady Betty 15 ox Cucumber Wafers t'onio TISSUE roll 1S C

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