Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on April 3, 1969 · Page 120
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 120

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1969
Page 120
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III Bina Breitner admire you): Schubert '& "Spring" Symphony (No. 1) and Mozart's No. 39 symphony (E-flat, K. 543). And KHEP-FM's program at 2 p.m. Sunday will be a broadcast of Verdi's "Requiem." The station will have information of performers and conductor. Phoenix Chamber Music Society closes its 1968-69 season with two concerts at 8:30 p.m. tomorrow and Saturday ' in Kerr Studio, 6102 N. Scottsdale> Road. The promising group being presented is the Hamburg String Sextet, a JJ-.year-old organization com- fiosed of two violins, two vio: fas and two celli. Tomorrow .evening's program will offer three sextets: Brahms in G jjriajor, Op. 36; Tchaikowsky's . in D-Minor, Op. 70 ("Souvenir de Florence"); and a Martinu to bring us into the 20th century. Saturday's program offers Schubert's String Quintet in C, Op. 153, and Reger's E major String Sextet (Op. 118). Tickets will be on sale at the door and are available ahead of time through the society's office at 1502 E. Belleview. THE SOCIETY'S next season looks as if it would do our Valley proud: In October, the season opens with the Paran- nin quartet from France and will continue with the Bartok String Quartet in an all- Beethoven program; the Philadelphia and New Art Quartets, the latter from Arizona State University; the Berlin Philharmonic Octet; and, returned by special request, the .Pacific String Trio. Phoenix Chamber Music Society is one of our finest musical organizations, whose concerts are of high caliber and whose surroundings (Kerr Studio) are among the most attractive, both physically and acoustically, in the nation. It deserves your consideration. One final note on the group performing tomorrow and Saturday. Its members are: violinists, Friedrich Whehrer and Lajos Kraxner; violinists, Fritz Poth and Peter Christoph Haensel; and cellists, Horst Jerzewski and Claus Wulff. In brief, other musical events the coming six days will include: MUSICIANS CLUB: Honor guest Monday is composer Joseph Perley Lewis in a free program including his "Mountain Airs" Suite, performed by violinist Henry Listiak and pianist Patricia Ratliff. Also on the program are two Ravel selections presented by pianist Jean Harvey and three Mozart duets sung by soprano Mary Dillon and baritone Tom Burns. Meeting concert begins at 8:15 in Woman's Club Building, 302 W. Earll Drive. Reception follows. STUDENTS: Soprano Shirley Simpson and tenor Dale Hall, seniors at ASU, will sing at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday in Gammage Recital Hall (room 301 in the auditorium at ASU). Free program includes music by Handel, Puccini, Brahms, Hue, Duke, McArthur, Stainer, Verdi, Purcell, Thompson, Hovhaness, Harker and Wolseley. Flutist Sharmon Rathkey will assist. On Radio Metropolitan Opera broadcast at noon Saturday on KTAR is Britten's "Peter Grimes," with Lucine Amara, Lili Chookasian, Jean Madeira, Jon Vickers and Gerairit Evans. English conductor of increasing stature, Colin Davis, will lead the performance. Roger .Jensen's "Koussev- itzky and the Boston Sound" program, previously heard on Wednesdays, has been switched to Sundays (9 p.m., KMEO-FM). Jensen prepared a special tribute to the late President Eisenhower for last Sunday, so the Easter Sunday program will be that previously announced for yesterday (if you're still with me, I APT. HUNTING? DIAL 279-5030 RECORDED MESSAGE No admittance sign on Alamo SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (UPI) The Daughters of the Republic of Texas locked the Alamo Tuesday against an advancing movie company and asked police to make sure no actor even touches its walls. The Daughters are angry because a movie company from Hollywood is going to use the Alamo as scenery for a comedy film entitled "Viva Max." The jplot of "Viva Max" concerns a Mexican general who comes from Mexico with a small band of followers and retakes the Alamo, where such heroes as Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie fought to the death against a Mexican army in 1836. The film is supposed to be funny, but the Daughters of the Republic call it desecration. All legal attempts to keep the movie company from filming the Alamo have failed. Locking the Alamo was an act of defiance. The movie company does not want to use the interior. The Daughters locked the Alamo in their capacity as the legal custodians. QUEEN HONORS IKE THE HAGUE (UPI) Queen Juliana of Holland yesterday attended a memorial service at Kloosterkerk Church in Amsterdam for Dwight D. Eisenhower. i.i i g~" Ozite Carpet Tiles 49 9x9 or "xl2 if Jl Sq. Stock • W Ftp Just Arrived—All Colors—Foam Rubber Backed Acme Floor Covering 1010 E. Washington 258-6069 KOY RADIO E: KPHO- KOOL- KCAC- K K K FM STATIONS -NBC -Span's* -MBS -CBS -Spanish .... SSO KUPD .. 420 KCKY i i . •• 74f KROS— Western I ..' OM KPIZ Tep 4* i .. »10 KHEP Rel ... MC KBUZ ABC •lew 1 • ' . i ...1010 KRUX— Top 40 .. 1 FM STEREO 9M KXIV 59 KDOT IM KHAT— western 130 KALF UO KASA— RtllflOUl 310 KTUF 140 FM STEREO 1400 "" |jj* I4M 15U 1 1540 . 1500 FCA-FM — »1.5MC KHEP-FM — 101.5 MC KNIX-FM — 10Z.5MC JPD-FM — »T.»MC KMMn' FM ~ 01'? Ur KOOL-FM — 94.5 MC JUZ-FM - 104.7 MC KTAR-FM"~- M7MC *RFM - »«wc S:00 a.m. KOOL-News, Music KOY-News. Music KPHO-Farm Hour KTAR-News, Music 5:10 a.m. KOOL-News Farm 5:55 a.m. KTAR-Countv Agent 4:00 a.m. KOOL--CBS News KOY-News. Music KTAR-News, Music KPHO-Newscope . 4:30 a.m. KOOL-News, Music KTAR-World News 4:40 a.m. KOOL-Nixon's Tour 7:00 a.m. KOOL-CBS News KTAR-News, Music KPHO-Newscope ,KOY-News, Music KOOL.M S usi'c mi KTAR 7 -Point'o7iaw 7:10 a.m. lOL-News, Music |Y-News, Music AR-Mvron Drake ^K! K' News KPHO-Wofl'dThll Morning •:00 a.m. KOY-News, Music KTAR-New? Money Irae KOOL-News, Music KPHO-Newscop« 0:30 a.m. KOY-News, Music KOOL-News Stock Reoort KTAR-News. Thought For Day 0:40 a.m. KOOL-Youri Sincerely KOOL-Top of the Desk 0:55 *.m. KPHO-Stk. Resort »;00 a.m. KPHO-Newsccpe KOY-News, Music KTAR-News Swap KOOL-News P Music »:JO a.m. KOY-N«WS. Music KOOL-DlmensIon/ Music KPHO-Pet P'ar'tv Line KOOL-News*'Muslc KOY-News. Music KPHO-Movie Talk, Johnny Lynn KTAR-News, Swap Show KOOL-DelrAbby, KPHO-JewsfMuslc KTAR-Emphasis, Swap Shop lliO* a.m. KOOL-News Inside Story KOY-News, Music KPHO-News, Johnny Lynn KTAR-News, Music KPHo'-VMk 11:30 a.m. KOOL-Godfrev KOY-Newj, Music KPHO-News, MUSIC KTAR-Emphasis 11:45 a.m KTAR-Women's World 12:00 neen KPHO-Newscope, KOOL-News, Music KOY-NewV Music KTAR-News, Music 12:25 p.m. KPHO-ASU Report 12:M o.m. KOOL-Dlmenslon on Health, Music KOY-News, Music KPHO-Newscope Stk Report KTAR-Emphails OY-News'/AusIc OOL-News, Music JPHO.News, Music CTAR-News Music CALF-Sprlng Training Exhlbitlon: Oak. land Athletics vs. San Diego KOY.&ws.'Music <OOL-Tomorrow I „_„,. Living, Music KPHO-News, Music KTAR-Emphasis 1:00 p.m. KOY-News, Music KPHO-News, Music KOOL-News, Music KTAR-News, Music 2:30 p.m. KOOL-Mother and child, music KPHO-News, Music KTAR-EmptiasIs 1:01 p.m. KOY-News, Music KPHO-News, Music <OOL-News, Music KTAR-News, MUSIC 3:30 P.m. KOY-News, Music KOOL-Parsonal Closeup, KPHO-New S s/Music KTAR-Emphasis 4:00 P.m. KTAR-News, MUSIC KPHO-News, Music <OOL-News, Music KPHO-Newscope, Stk. Report 4:10 P.m. KTAR-Emphasis KPHO-News, World Today KCOL. CronKite KOY-News 1 , 5 Music 4:45 P.m. KTAR-"Now" 5:00 P.m. PHO-Newscooe OY-News, Music OOL-News, Music 5:15 P.m. KTAR-Evening KTAR-News, Sports 5:M p.m. XOOL-Sporfs, Music KPHO-Newscope KTAR-Stk. Mkt., Weather 5:45 p.m. KTAR-News of World 6:00 p.m. KOOL-News Reasoner i-Newscope, KPHO-N, .--. Stk. Report KOY-News, Music KTAR-News, Huntlev, Brinkley 6:25 p.m. KTAR-Governor'» Report 4:30 P.m. KOY-News, Music KPHO-Newscope KOOL-Lowell Thomas, Music KTAR-Heart to Heart 4:40 P.m. KOOL-Sports, Music 7:00 P.m. KOOL-News, Music KOY-News, Music KPHO-Fu'ton Lewli KTAR-News, Music 7:15 P.m. KPHO-George mb 7:10 P.m. KPHO-Capitoi Assignment KOY-News, Music KTAR-World Tomorrow 8:00 P.m. KOY-News, Music KPHO-News, Music KTAR-News, Voices of Easter KOOL-News, Music f:M p.m. KPHO-News. Music KOY-N«ws, Music KTAR-News, Big APPI0 KOOL-News, Music 10:00 P.m. KPHO-BaldwIn KOY-News, Music KTAR-News, Big Apple KOOL-News, Music 10:30 P.m. KOOL-Where The Jobs Are, Music 11:00 P.m. KPHO--Baldwln KOY-News. Music KTAR-News. Big Apple KOOL-News, Music 11 Mldnleht KOOL-lntomnla KPHO-News 12:05 e.m. nnv JOIN THE KING FAMILY'S EASTER PARADE The entire King; Family presents * parade of Eaiter enter- teirtment from California's Desconte Flower Gordons, Sherman Oaks Fashion Squire and Van Nuys Mormon Church. •O'MINUTf COLOR SPECIAL Presented by Hie 9:00 tonight KTVK • Channel 3 Family of Htttily Big peace may grow from little acorns LONDON (AP) - Beatle John Lennon and his bride returned from their honeymoon Tuesday with a new gimmick —acorns for world leaders to plant as symbols of peace. "We are serious about this," said Lennon, picking an acorn from an envelope and holding it up. He and his Japanese wife, Yoko Ono, said they planned to mail the acorns to "all the big heads of the world, all the presidents and what have you, to ask them to plant them for peace." SPECIAL STAMPS VATICAN CITY (AP) The Vatican plans to issue a series of stamps, April 28, marking the 10th anniversary of the European Post and Telecommunication Conference. The couple came home after spending a much- publicized honeymoon week in bed in an Amsterdam hotel. Lennon said their acorn activities represented one of the best ways open to them to demand world peace. "We are protest-ing for peace peacefully. We are an- tiviolence. You could call us, for want of a better word, peace nymphs." Lennon said he hopes to go back on the road with the Beatles for personal appearances, which the quartet has avoided for almost two years. Beatle Ringo Starr said last week the group's touring days were over. RCA Widens The Gap!!! See Your Dealer Today and Find Out How!! AVAILABLE NOW! Limited quantitiei of "XL" color TV Sets are arriving now. XL color TV sett have been placed on allocation due to the tremendous response. See why now!! Phoenix, Tints., April 3, 1969 The Arizona Republic 8l PAINTINO* HARROLD ART GALLERIES Read William F. Buckley Jr. on. The Republic editorial page Stereo is stereo on Magnavox A great sound. A pure souncl. A sound that surpasses all other achievements in the re-creation of music. The magnificent Magnavox Astro-Sonic Stereo brings you the full beauty of music. And these magnificent instruments come in a breathtaking selection of fine furniture styling. Like the stereo shown above. The Castillian-Mecliterranean Astro- Sonic Radio Phonograph model 1P3818, in dark oak, for only $598.50. It features dimensional Stereo FM, drift-free and noise-free monaural FM, powerful AM, and a Micro-matic Record Player that lets your records last a lifetime. It's powered by efficient Solid-State Circuitry ... no tubes, no damaging heat! Plus dozens of the great Magnavox features. In fact, Magnavox is everything you could want in Stereo and TV. The company you do business with is just as important as the product. Mehagian's Magnavox Home Entertainment Centers, 24 years ... Arizona's first and largest Magnavox factory-direct dealer assures you complete •atisfaction. You make your selections from the entire Magnavox line ... on display, in a relaxed, home-like atmosphere. And when you choose the set that best suits your taste and needs, highly skilled, factory trained technicians thoroughly check, deliver and install your Magnavox with skill and care. Every Mehagian's TV Stereo Store has its own competent Service Department, reserved exclusively for their Magnavox customers. Mehagian's makes it easy to buy, too! Lowest terms, 90 clays same as cash. Our convenient financing plan is the finest in the Valley and will save you money! Mehagian's are open Monday and Thursday evenings 'til 9:00. Saturdays 'til 6:00. (Mesa store open Thursday evenings only.) Magnavox Stereo Consoles are priced from $159.50. Magnavox Color TV from only $299.90. When you think of Stereo, think of Magnavox. When you think of Magnavox, come to Mehagian's! TV-STEREO Cltf 1102 N. CENTRAL AVi. 244-5611 3420 E, THOMAS RO. 155.4070 149 W. MAIN ST., MESA 969*7229

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