Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 21, 1941 · Page 9
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 9

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 21, 1941
Page 9
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Tuesday, October 21, 1941 STERLING DAILY GAIBTTE, 8TERLTNG, ILLINOIS Page Nine Sport News Covering Local and National Events JL/ %m^ Texas U, Grid Team Upheld by Reserves As Others Flounder By Haro'.d V. Rariiff DALLAS — 'AP' - - The Vmvrr- xity of Texas i* a '•< v .i '.'"«m of the nation's lootbpi: !*-,«.-" it doesn't have to play the ;>rrre:::aee<: Texas Chn.Mian i:r,r«<-rsity. Bav- lor and Rice ran Ri\r you all the details. Tliryrr '.im;u:u example? of what happens to » '.ram *hen H has to bullrl around one man T. C. U.'s hopes centered on Glllespie. Baylors forujw. 1 rp\ol\«yl around big Jack Wilson Rice followed the pounding feet of the mighty Bob Brumley. So what happened? The percentage finally ran out. Glliesple received a broken the T. C. U. offense folded and Texas A. & M. defeated the Frogs 14-0, going away. Wilson sufferec 1 a head injury against Vlllanova and had to leave the game in the first quarter. The Bears lost. 14-6. Brumley ' was 'unable to play for Rice Saturday' against Louisiana State because of a shoulder hurt. L. S. U staged a major upset to blast the Owls, 27-0. 1 All this happened on one weekend, bringing death to T. C. U.'s hopes of again basking In the Southwest conference sun and inflicting upon the conference more Inter'• sectional defeats than suffered in • all three previous weeks combined. Texas^dldn't have to worry aboul percentages. Pete Layden. great fullback, was on the shelf with an injured elbow, but Texas still had Jack Craln. So Pete wasn't mtesed as the Longhorna crushed Arkansas, 40-14. Amateur Boxing Will Be Sponsored by Co. B -Amateur boxing In Sterling daring the approaching .season .will be sponsored by Company B. Pvt. Unto Guerrleri, a former International light-heavyweight champion, will be manager and matchmaker of the bouts. He plans on holding the first card of, bouts either the first or second week m November, the tentative dates being Nov. 6 or 13. Company B is an active'organiza- tion supplanting Company M. which organization la now at Camp For,rest. Profit derived from the bouts 'will go into the company fund. It is a worthwhile cause and the boys expect the same fine patronage given other sponsoring organizations In both as a boxer and a Ktchmaker, and he promises 'the thf same high type of cards as in the past. Amateur boxing in Sterling has •proven one. of the most successful ^ventures in the sport line in years. ^Thousands of fans have, enjoyed * these amateur boxing cards as spon- joondl by the Sterling Gyro and •'.American Legion in past years. ^Mady of the topnotch Golden Gloves paten haw performed In the local "ring. I SPORT NOTES : ThTsuu rises Wednesday at 6:17 a. m. and sets at 5:12 p. m., Fans are already beginning to talk about the approaching football classic that brings Sterling and Dixon together next Friday night at the S. H, S.,stadium. Dixon has been showing considerable improvement since the opening gaines of the season and Sterling r.^s been doing likewise. It should prove one of those Sterling-Dixon thrillers. O. Wenk rolled 257-654 for first position in the Major City bowling league at the Sterling Recreation lanes Monday night. Mangan was runnerup with 246-621. Adams rolled SM-tlt and O, CoaU bad 213-235- ttT Weaver's team had l,015-2J4t. _ O. Kolp, 2t, of Ohio, was injured in a Jalopy race at lit, Sunday. The accident i.eurve durinc the first ... mce when the Won t gfolpVoar lockosT vttfc the -_ itVand hts^aar rehed ever Deattawu Attributed to a skull fracture and otlief tftfurtfta. He had been driving racta* ears'for two years Funeral serfjeei win be conducted Wednesday at » p. m. in ih,e Ohio T,-rrr 22 ninners in the meet. Keith Wr]l<; was thf flr^t runnrr for Sterling to crw; thf flnUh line. He WM twelfth man in the event. Hi* tenm- mntf<; followd him In the order nsmrd: Art Wildman. John Hunj- Iv-rErr. Bud Burkett. Krn Galloway nnd Biil TR\ lor S. H. S. crow-country team Is drilling «t SlnnU«;ippi Heights park this we?k. The team competes In 4hr Proria Woodruff meft next Saturday and the course takes In » couple hills so the boys are gpUlng in some hill climbing this week. There has been a change In the S. H. S. basketball schedule. Princeton high *'U1 be here Feb. 2, Instead of Jan. 30 The complete schedule of gamps will be announced soon. Roundup of Sports . By Hugh Fullerton, Jr. NEW YORK — (Special) — Tha Bobby Rlgg* rumor U back again . . . One story is that he turne down a *35.QQO offer to turn pro lh« other day. Another I* that he a! reday has signed up for a tour to be handled by Jack Harris and back ed by a Chicago sporting goods com pany. . . . C. W. Rupp. the pr football official- who managed t shoot himself with a blank cartrldg gun while working In the Giants Steelers game Sunday, woke up I the hospital yesterday to find blueeoat there to pinch him for car rylng a pistol without a permit. . When the San Diego Trlbune-Su ran a itory on how Georgia's Fran Sinkwich is playing with a brokt jaw that restrict him to a llquk diet, the headline was: "Fine Brot of a Lad." Qacte, Unaeote Mike Brumbelow. T. C. U. asslstan coach: "Any man who pays 12.30 to see a game has the right to quarterback all he pleases. In fac it should be printed on every ticke sold." Ossie Solem. Syracuse coach "We might have beaten Cornell we'd had better quarterbacklng—on the field and on the bench." It Never Kalne Frank Frlsch, who amused th fans but not the umpires by hoist ing an umbrella to Indicate that he thought a game should have bee called, has received a doeen new one from fans who liked the act.- . Jim Conacher—no relation to Lionel, Charley and Roy—may carry on famous name in big league hockej He's training with the Detroit Ret Wings and Jack Adams calls him the best looking' prospect hi years. T«day> Gaest Star rtety—that a curve ball Is simp] a rather .dramatic optical illusion shouldn't something be -done abou those characters who annually are beaned by curve pitches? Many o them are worried sick. They thin their heads were broken." Ssueees Stery When Catcher Clyde. Kluttt wa. playing for Decatur in the Three- league, he was hitting about .250 and wasn't very sure on his peg to the bases. ... . But Brand Rickey' was desperate for a receive for his Sacramento club and ahippec Kfi|tti west. , . . The..kid started to'go with the Sacs, got into the .300 class and the .Braves grabbec him off .in the draft Bu say^j^-baU playec haux't chance under the "chain gang" sys tern. Congo* won three straight games - f reps tne Second Averlue Lutheran •Ho. one team In the Y-ehurch bowline league. St. Paul won two put of three from St. John's. Stanley retted ltl-4tt, and Kshleman rolled Al Cooper, Rock Island heavyweight boxer, who was introduced from the coliseum ring here last fltar...% entering the second round _M Detroit's "whitt hope" tourna- sjMnt Friday night along with the Sf.xinnan of last Friday's bouts. fie teoHked out Tony Lamerito of fiptfatt last Friday ni^ht Lee Sa- vaiaV fonaar Oes Maine* heavy, stop- pad Kalgiai Kosky. Johnny McDonnell. Francis Wai tor. Larry Copateili and Emmitt tats, former Community high football stan. auiatad'st. Ambrose In 31 to t defeat of Rockhurst at City, Mo,, Sunday. h«jh of Peoria won the nr meet at Ftkin Satur« «Wi Si point*. Fekinwas sec- JH* t* awl aterUng, making IDEC of thjr »ea*on m lit. Jfltx Legteure of 'ilTL^^ fi "' ^ u Utti eewi*. Tbtft Irving Crone Enters Billiard Tourney Today PHILADJELPHIA — (AP) — Irv biff Crane, the youthful cue wlsard from Livonia. N. Y., makes, his firs start in the 1941 world's pocket bll liard tournament today, hopeful o beating out famed Ralph Oreeolea of Chicago and Willie Moaconi. de fending champion from Phlladel phia. Crane finished runnerup to Green leaf In ItM, the first world tourna ment In which ho oompeted. fiince then *he haa baan ratgdi as among the lop tea pocket stew. He pitted again** Arthur Cranfteld, o Syracuse, In one. of five matches set for this eitat^oo, aa* tonight QMBMlaU '•»»* XlASMBAs^^BCd tb« , ^T^^^y^^^^- ^^^^ ^^^^"•^^^•^^^•^W ^f^ round-robta totuuey Ioa4 Might by beat** Don T«ger Of OgHtSSO and George ILrlly of Fhiia4tlplS«. Oreen leaf, it Umee MgMtr.chamBean and making his Ores tourney start since •26. defeated Ttiaw, 115 telM in II inning*, while Mosconi hai an easy time with *elhvl25 to 17 in eight Innings. Johnny Risko Decisions Abe Simon in Round 5 CLEVELAND — <AF> - For the first time since the days of Johnny Risko. Cleveland had a heavyweight contender today—; Franklin, 201, who finished off pound Abe Simon In five rounds, bettering Joe Louis' time by eicfat rounds. The camp of the Golden Gloves graduate launched a campaign isa inedlatley after last night's bout, scheduled for ten rounds, to have Franklin put In the front rank of contenders for Louis' title. The Cleveland Negro smashed the huge Simon to the floor early in the first round and from then on it was Just a question of tune. 0i- mon was badly battered but still on his feet whea Eel^rc^ J£~ Stdlz? called a halt at 1:11 of the fifth stanza. Jack Hurley, Lem's manager, de- claiod he was flying to New York mediately to see the New York Java 1s one of the meet thickly populated placu in the world. Forty wilUon people occupy its lew than """" otutro atloi of area. Three Aerialisls Put Marquette Grid Star In Ascendancy Again By Arthur Bystrom MILWAUKEE — <APi — Three sharpshooters, who alternate at left halfback for Marquette. ar* pitcntnR strikes seven out of 10 times and the Golden Avalanche Is winning football games again The trio boasts the remarkable passing average of .695 on 32 completion* In 46 attempts, good for a total of 374 yards. Six touchdowns have been thrown In three games Marquette won two or three—a many as it won all last rear. Heading the camp Is Jimmy (Lit tie Limey i Richardson, 166 pound of dynamite, who was the fifth lead Ing ground gainer in the nation last year. Richardson's chief alternate Bobby McCahill, a reserve last year who has come up surprisingly fu to give Little Limey a fight'for'a starting position this ye*r. Completing the trio Is Sophomore Robert Heckel, who U being groom ed by Coach Tom Stldham to sue oeed his two senior passing aces nex year. Aided by a sturdy defense and a deceptive running game. big. genla Coach Stldham, who cam* from Oklahoma this year, has the Mar quette squad definitely on the up beat. It won Its opening game from a highly favored Wisconsin eleven dropped a close decision to Mich! gan State and then smashed back to convincing victory over Kansas nnl verslty. Now the team is pointing for a win over Duquesne—and Duquesne hasnt been beaten in nine atraigh games and has lost only one in 19 They will meet here Saturday. BirtRhflm 1!.S F.'hlTnsn 140 Handitnp 189 Total* R2fi in 14! 1P7 1R9 H2- Over 85,000 to See Minnesota, Michigan Clash at Ann Arbor uowling MAJOR Cmr STANDINGS EcUpse Middle ton's Adams' Klocke'a Pontiac Bishop's Weaver's Bogotfs W L Pet. 13 I. .619 13 t .619 11 10 11 10 10 11 » .12 9 12 t 13 .524 .476 .429 .429 481 Eclipse Lawn Mowers- Adam* Itt Itt 234— CIO Tat* ItO It4 222— Mt Brown ItQ igg Itt— 512 De Mey 1CT 204 ItO— 551 Fredericks Its Itt 147— 511 Totals 170 t21 Weaver's Sheet Metal— Haug Weaver Yeager Redding O. Wenk Handicap Itt 204 ItO 137 147 170 It4 IN 257 204 71 71 tfio—2750 17t— S7t 15t— 455 166— 4t3 1S2—5*5 in— 654 71— 213 Totals Adams— • Rhode 214 Waterbury 199 Martgan 24t Maake ItO JvR.AdaM& 1M 1015 964 94»—2»49 175 144— 533 154 150— 497 IN Itt— 574 225 21t— 621 220 ItO— 55t Totals 969 934 Bishop Printing Co.- Xlek Landea Stevens Rein McFalls Handicap Totals Klockea— Lendman Hammett Overhoiser Melvin Preston, 200 179 152 162 172 201 159 Itl Itt 170 17 17 666—27*1 179—556 127—451 220— 593 155— 505 166—526 17— 51 ttt 920 ttt— 26S4 It8 147 156 111 14t Itt 174 Itt 141 147 164— 504 16*— 526 192— 509 164— 556 Tptak tU Stl Pontiac Sales— J. Coats 155 154 167 Itt 17t 120 1U 1*6 Itt 111 • *• •• Smith iOtto L. Coat* Q. Coat* .Handicap ttft—25tt 145— 454 Itt— Sit ITS—4tt 135—429 607 7t Totals t41 tai Bogotfs Welders— BoMgewftld m us let- 4tt lit IIS lit— U7 SSZ 192 Itt Its 144 Itf—104 m 14 14- Total* tit ttt "get Mtddteton 1 * Cat* Ooia— Bberhardt Itt ISt Itt— 556 SpotU lit Stl 192— 572 Haak Itt Itt 197- 670 Nixon Sit—m- lT?-r 152 Woriey 15t lit 196-522 Totals •it Mt t*4-rr/j St. Paul- Stanley fiiakel Y-CtlimCSl LKAGUB la 111 191- 446 |2t 141 tS-M4 14t 14t 15t— 451 Goodnight 114 121 1U—Itt fedeus 121 lit Itt— 4M Handicap 141 141 141—423 Totals St. John's— Winter Washburn Mark* . Weetpnol Taylor tai lit itt in— 42t 144 Itf 14t_ 457 111 tt 122— 121 12t IIS 157- 411 1M" It5 lit—431 Itl Itt totals tit Stl M7-2U4 tcond Avenue No. One— O. Pinner 104 104 J»4~ 312 L. Fanner 111 1X2 lie— 174 achueler 117 201, IIS— 446 Wink Itl lit 122— lit Fould* 112 122 122—ttt Handicap 161 Itl 161— 4t3 Totals til fit Itt •ogaard aV«vn 111- Itt 111-Ml By Watson Spoelstra ANN ARBOR. MICH — <AP> That common earthenware jug *.r.t football forces of Minnesota and) Michigan have exchanged so Rrudg- j IriRly for nearly four decades has j taken on a new luster a.s the week* foremost gridiron prize and perhaps the nations top 1P41 award. Saturday before 85,753 spectators, which ticket officials said would be the largest crowd ever to be assembled In Michigan's vast concrete , stadium, the "little brown jug" will; go to the supreme power In the clash , of two undefeated Western confer- j ence contenders. Minnesotn's crush- j Ing Golden Gophers and Michigan's surprisingly versatile Wolverine*. The traditional trophy of exceedingly humble origin never has been more highly prized. Since it was established at Minneapolis In 1903. the Jug has changed hands *Jx times. Minnesota maintaining possession currently through seven successive victories starting in 1934. Although! he Is still too much of a football coach to say so flatly. Fielding H. Yc*t. Michigan's retired athletic director, suspectn this Is the year- Michigan may reclaim the jug. It was Yost who first salvaged the jug. Oscar Munson, Swedish custodian of Minnesota's equipment, found the discarded water container In the Michigan dressing room after Yost's "Polnt-A-Mlnute" team had been held to a 6-to-6 tie by the Oophers. Munson labelled It the "yug left by Yost," Michigan regained the jug the next time the teams met. and it Immediately became a popular symbol of supremacy in an extremely bitterly contested football series. Hutson Retains Lead In Pro Scoring Race CHICAGO — (AP) — Don Hutson's last-minute field goal Sunday not only gave Green Bay victory over Cleveland, but enabled the great Packer end 'to hang onto first place in the National league's individual scoring race, Hutson scored five points to run his total to 37. He failed to get a touchdown, but needs only one more to tie the all-time mark held by Vern Llewellyn for most touchdowns Llewellyn, also a Packer star, scared 50 touchdowns and Hutson now has 49. The leaders: G.TdJ*at,Fg.Tp Hutson, Green Bay 6 4 10 1 37 Hinkle. Green Bsy « 4 McAfee. Chi. Bears 4 S Cuff. New York 5 2 Kavanaugh, C. Bears 4 4 J. Hall. Chi. Cards 5 4 Marefoa, New York 5 2 2 3 35 0 0 M 9 2 27 1 0 0 0 24 5 2 23 Harder, Graham Tied In Big 10 Scoring Race CHICAGO — (AP) — Pat Harder of Wisconsin and Otto Graham of Northwestern two of the Big Ten's bumper crop of fine sophomore backs, are setting the pace in the individual scoring race. Each, has scored It points in two gaines, Harder getting 17 of his total against Iowa Saturday. Graham scored two touchdowns against Wisconsin and got another in the Michigan game. The leaders: Harder. Wis. Q/aham. N. U. B. Smith. Minn. Daley, Minn Petty, Purdue, G Td Pat Fg Tp 2 2 3 1 It 23 0 0 It 1 2 0 0 12 1 20 0 12 1200 12 De Correvont, N. U. 2 2 0 0 12 Taunted from Stands, Soccer Referees Quit TAUNTON. MASS. — (AP)-The "kill the referee" chant heard so frequently at sports contests bounced back today at those fellows with the megaphone vetoes in the stands. ue, referees of the Taunton Soccer league handed in their resignations and reoaosmended that the Jobs go to the 'grandstand or sideline referees" who have been criti- cising their work. League Secretary Manuel Amaral said applications would be welcome at the regular rate—tl for officiating in this city and $150 for In nearby AtUaboro or The Orat day brought no response. Goodyear Service 111 «. Taud St. Stan ** t daily IN t f>, M. Tulane Eleven Strong In Passing Defense As Well as Offense Bv Mortimer Keeger NfiW ORLEANS — <AP' — Not onlv is Tulanes Green Wa\e e\lM- buing a passing attack for the fir«.t tim* since Red On* son became roach in 1936, but the Oreemo* have| put up such an aerial defen.v that; .'our major league opponents hsv. shown * net. loss of 4fi yards in attempts to throw the ball Tulane has completed 27 out of 63 passes for a tola! of 385 yard* snrt three touchdown.' 'Hie total completions in only four games is greater than in any entire previous .«e a son alnce Dawson's arrival, except last year when 38 out of 115 tries connected for 521 yards Meanwhile opponents have tossed the oval 52 times, connecting only 15 times for 190 yards and one touchdown. The Tulane secondary has Intercepted nine heaves, returning them for M yards and one touchdown, and the big line has thrown would-be passers for looses aggregating 148 yards —excluding play* on which » back was dumped before a pass attempt was even Indicated. A viciously-charging: line, which doesn't allow « parser any time to fool around, a« well »s close covering In the secondary. Is responsible for the defensive record, But just how Dawson has built his overhead attack Is a mystery. He has no outstanding passer. All the backs take turns, although Lou Thomas has tossed more than anyone else. The aerial attack also helps the game, previously the enemy secondary could ignore the remote possibility of an air raid and marshal near the line. Now when It must play depeer, and Tulane'a 215-pound line opens holes for the 190-pound backs, the results show on the scoreboard. Big Ten Grid Notes By Tom Slier CffiCAGO — (AP) — Want the winner of the Minnesota-Michigan game Saturday at Ann Arbor? Well. Ra'tFiTR hurRh ftthlftir dir^-ftor. .«9'.< r!;f F'ltt f-sm v.hifh In*--- in rh? (r"pi!)»r«; Suturriav "V.P.? Ifrfi fvrr r'-ru. ?-itong»-r t!:»M It if PiH ifflni v-}:'.'':; ;fv' 'r> M!f!;ieBii" Fie p.i'ir.'xl 'l\f- (leathers ' nf than tl-.fv wrrr in 1?:<4." HRK-TII alrirsi? «itM tho^.^siKls of o!h- '•rs rli::ik.«- Miini'".'-«ta w the lyst in thp m'.dwf-.'t if not in tiif entlie country. Pr; If*I to Mititi'.'.ota by 39 to 0 and to Michigan by 40 to 0. Football fnii> Hi Mfldi.;oii will Rft ft r;;nnrf to .«•*•>• t«o of thf BIR Tni'K finest 5.djitMHno!f5 in amon Saturday. Pat Flardrr of Wi.- roti.--in and Billy Hi!>i:brRtul of Indians. Both •,vrr briliiai.r IH.M Saturdnv. IJaidfr .••cotfd two 'out hdow ris. plsre-klcked two rom?r«ioivs atKl R firld Rcml tor 17 points acair^t Iowa Fir ^ n niT 1 Mjt-(r.sMH- to many gipat BadRfr fullbacks of rf-c«tit \rfirs. ?uch a. 1 - Howir Wf-Ls^ find GrorKC Pa.«-kvaii. Hillrn- btnnd .-.cored one touchdown and tlirre pa.^^s for the othor two ns Indiana upsrt Nebrnska. Both tparn. 1 ? are on the comeback trail. Indiana havip.R lost three games and WLs- con&in two before tuniing the tide last week. Dick Good. Illinois quarterback, is a South Bend, Ind . boy and will Ket a chance to play before the home folks Saturday In th? Notre Dame-Illinois game . . . Liz Astroth. another llllnot 1 ; back who has become an adept forward passer, never threw one before this seafon . . . Bob Ray is the biggest eater on the WteconMn grid squad. . Two more of the Big Ten's galaxy of good fullbacks will bear the brunt of their team's attack when Iowa and Purdue c!a?h at Lafayette Saturday . . . Eddie Anderson. Hawkeye coach, says he will stack up his Bill Orrrn against any running back in the circuit . . . Mai Elward of Purdue doubtless feels the same about John Petty, who scored both touchdown* against Ohio State and led the team in ground gaining. Michigan Team Rises To 3rd Place Rating In AP Gridiron Poll Bv Harold NEW YORK- 'APi — You mjRht Misprct That when two football team.s ft rim thr sump ronfrrenre collide, ru-n T\ii)i thf- IraRiic Icstl- rrship arid pos.«iblr titlr «t *t»kp. fh' 1 ^arnp would be onp of M-ctlonal oniy. 1 lie*, lew than 100 bflow th<> Gophers. T>',;kr. which fluttered rlrwn ft notrli to mnkf rnoin for Mic.hiRsn's abrupt climb, harvested 758 points. Navy <SH>. Ford ham '600', No- trr Damp <3M>. Sania Clflra (2S2i, 'Irxas A and M i243> and Tulane 1220' complete the first ten. Members of the second trn are: Ohio State. 208; Penn 139; North- westrrn 96; Clermori 70; Vanderbllt fi'J; Oregon 5.1; Temple SI; Off-son State 48; Villsnova and Stanford. 24 each. But no! the fond at Ann Arbor Saturday. The nation'.-, «jx>rt.s writers in their second poll of thp yomiR Rtidiron w*a- M>M liH\r d'cr^rd that tlie battle for the "llttlr brown jug" shall be one for the countrys mythical title us well. The Golden Gophers of Minnesota retained their first-place rating of a week ago with 1,169 points while MichlRan jumped all the way from sixth t<» third on the strength of Its 14 to 7 triOrnph over Northwestern. Texas slipped between the pair of Big Ten behemoths with 1.096 tal- Rockford Pilot Killed While Flying in RAF LONDON — (AP) — A pilot of the American Eagle Squadron of the RAF. Roger Atkinson. 20, of Rockford. 111., has been killed in action, the air ministry said Monday. During life, lobsters are not red. Boiling produces a chemical reaction which changes their greenish black color to a brilliant crimson. Fights Last Night i By The. Associated Press! CLEVELAND—Lem Franklin. 201, ChlCRRo. won by technical knockout over Abe Simon, 245. New York, (5>; Jimmie Reeves. 166. Cleveland, out- pointed Jacob Lnmotta, 164, Nfw York. (10); Sam Secrett, 144. Pittsburgh, outpointed Maxle Berger, 143, New York. (10). NEWARK — Bob Pastor. 183. Saratoga Springs. N. Y.. outpointed Irish Johnny Flynn, 192, Rochester, t!0». CHICAGO—Jimmy Divlns. Cleveland light heavyweight, outpointed Nate Bolden. Chicago. dO>. pleasured What you get. When you Asmoke Tmf cigarette. ^PLEASURE IN QUALITY] Th9 Cigartttt of Quality for hu money PLEASURE IN SAVING LEARN TO FLY AIRPLANE FREE THE FOLLOWING DEALERS IN SINCLAIR PROPUCTS LISTED IELOW ARE GIVING FREE COUPONS REDEEMABLE AT THE STERLING AIR FORT, STERLING, ILL. . TktM coupons •ntitlt Hio holder to froo Airplona Flight, I nit rue- .- tion ont) Sight Sotinf RMot undtr tkt tupcryision of Gtn« Jocoby, oiroort monof «r. Romombor only ntw Airplonot ort used ond Hit coupons orr good ot ony time*. Mill«dg*vilU t III. CMkUi'sSitcliirStatlM 1202 E. 4Hi Strwt, Storting Soviet Staftti 701 Dixon Avonut, Rock Foils 6. W. SttidMi I SM Statioi Tompko, III. 1 302 E. 3rd Strott, Sterling IfMl't SiTWiM $«•«•• Rock Foils, III. DavifMi I Uhwab 100 12th Avonuo, Rock Fold Yorktown, III. Propnetstown, III. LLLaHSanrktSUtifi Morrison, III. Path larap Stnrkt Geilt III. 306 Pork Avenue, Starling E l. I oMtey Itintiiir tfsjiai Wll ^BMsW^^ ^g^t^BtF^sFlPlBT'^W ^gvWg^t>V^VW Nortfi Locust Street, Sreriiitf, III. NOTICE I A " 9****** takinf • fliflit lesseerwiM be entitled »« en"^ • B ^*" • rollment in our f round school. C. E. BRANT

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