The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 2, 1916 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1916
Page 3
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2, 1016 \ KANSAS CITY ONIONS FIGHTING DICKEY FOR SENATE AS FOE OF ORGANIZED LABOR Was Member of Manufacturers Association in 191 3-Republican Nominee Is Making Campaign on Platform That He Is Big Business Man (Credit to Post Dispatch ot St Louis of Get lo 1916) "Walter S Dickey Reoubhcin norm bu-dent, on emplojers \\ill you nee for Lmted Stites Senator is mik in 0 an active campaign ov er Missouri i on a platform that he is a business I man and that since he came to Mis I souri from Canada 22 \eirs ago he has bu It up one of the largest and most successful business enterprises in the state the Dicke-v Clay Minu lacturing Co Dicker s opponent Senitor James A Reed -'d other Democritic speak ers are ch "grag that his immense wealth estin^ited to a Post Dispatch- reporter bj o = of his Kansas, Citj business assocn es at from ^15 O n O 000 to $ 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -na obt lined bv being j an adept at the scl ernes ot big bust ness and bj a long fight ignnst or I gani/ed llbor It is cursed aKo th xt | he h is long been a 11 pmber o£ em plovois orginiz itlons vv h ch h u e hid ior t eir pnnv, pal object opposition to tnu ni 1 iboi tli L he vvis i member oi I the \ m o i i l Asso ution of M mutac tureis \\ho=t, co^tlv ind extensive lobuv at *U isLirgion vvis exposed c o lie tl ue ^o bv t l i G \ e \ v \ o i k A \ o r l d and UIP Post Disp itch (.hit he is a iiiLmbci ot the rmplo-v rs V sociat on oi K uiias Citv vv h cl w iges i relent less % i r l u e on union 1 ibor liid thit lie ttemptecl to torce thiough the K ins is C tv Council l 50 cent nlturil gas fi inchise ordinince and th it v,li n corapctit c n iiom the powerCul 'gis- trust be"in fore ng down the price to be chained for bis he Domed w i t h the s\ trust in a secret igree ment which nit matelv brought tinan ·cill gun for himselt Dickey s Fi m in Associat on Within the pist three TveeKs there nib been circulated iiuong emplojers of libor in Kins fa City a letter signed - - - - - - - -- I ope ate with u» for mutual protection' a and the Dickej sjndi ours trulv H H 4ADERSON Secretary U n i o n Leader Against D ckey John T Smith ot Kinsas Citj or gamier m Missouri for the \nienean 1 cdration of Labor uold a Post Dis patch repoiter that in his opinion ev erj union labor mm in Kansas Citj exeept those who plired party afdli itions above their own inteiesus v ould v o i e agi nst Dickej Dickei ind union libor never hive been trimdlv said Smith Ten or 12 reirs i o 1 org uiued the emploves of the Dickev cliv pipe pliat here D cl ev lelusecl Lo sign in agieement v/ith the union and toi a -veai union Y) e i v o r i e d ioi him unOn i v crbil a 0 t n e i t ·U t e end o thit v n the union j T ° P a d c m i n d cl l] a he s mi tiie a e ieement Ho 000 He ism reijs d iiirt 1 pu led ill tho unioi en GUI oi he pj int He put stn Lr li =- 11 tl ei p] ces ina o v e r l et Li t Ln e lit his flllploved non 11 ion men in Ins p nils j i l e Die! e\ pi ni. is on the unfair 1 list ol the e rpenners union m Kan j sas Ci v ind !*· Hie m etin^ of the Sine ledention ol Libor in Joplm Ln-ee w e d s igo a resol iLion was m iroduced to h ve him declired unfan bv tlie stite tei ei ition 11 e re olution v is leferrecl to R 1 \\ood piesiden of the Stite Ted on tion o Laboi w i t h luthoutj to act on the resolution He his not jet an nounced his decision The slo 0 in ot union libor now is Partisan to a pimciple but not to a p i r t j Y\ e believe in protecting oul riends and defeating our enemies 4. deadlock finally developed Each franchise seeker obtained enough members of the council to prev ent any of the others from getting the fran chise but no one had enough votes to get the franchise One interesting feature of the con test was the fict that the Dickey syn dicate although applying for a frin- chise to furnish Kansas Citj vv ith nit ura' ga-, hid no gas Did ey admit ted in a deposition thit his compiny was commonly called the gislpss gxs compain With the deadlock on the various sjndicites began to look for means to bieik it One 1 ttle company known as the Corbin crowd repre sented thit it h id leases on gis linds and negotiation" were begun between cite which ter minated m it getting out of the fight and giving the Dickey interests an option on the lands it was supposed to hold In the rneiut me Hugh J McGowin representative ot the United Gas and Improvement Co which hid a good thing Clt finincier v v b o n s Interested in one of the original franchise anplica tlons to d a Po t Dispatch reporter that at the time the tia.nch.iae w is gian ed It was known h j tho«e on the inside th tt the franchise was not a woikable franchise because of the price the United Gas Co controlled distributing eompanj had to pay the United G is controlled pipe line com ' »ai y the Kansas N itural Gib Co Tl e rnnchise contuned i clause that if IT anv time the grai-lees un der the frinchise were unalle to ob tun a reasonable supplv of gis the rights under ihe francli se "hould re v e r t to the old artifieixl gas franchise At 7o cents Ii has been ch irged that the inter ests of Ihe Uuitcd Gas Co wis to ob tun just such i frinchise so thit eventuillv the coul 1 igun furnish artificial gis it a high price Tor several winters Kins is Cit/ bis not hid sufficient natural gas the K insas lield filling to supply tile needed quint l y It his been con tended m Kaiisis new si ipers thit ^**j --*~*. ,_ u ,v llll^J.1 tl IAI £t "JUU ..I - - i - i - - in its artificial gas franchise ., oould bo rpl leclletl ^ extending bj H H Vndtrson secretary of the l j ursum e that rolicy union libor Employers AbSociation uiging em plojers to cooperate to oppose legis lation advocated by labor unions The letterhead contains the name of F L Dicke a brother of the candi, date as a member of the association s executive committee Investigation bv s. Post Dispatch reporter disclosed that the association consists of business firms and not ot mdn iduals and that the W S Dickej Cla Manufacturing Co not F L Dickev is the member Walter S Diokej is the sole owner of the \V S Dickej comp in\ The letter his aroused union labor offiei ils in Kansas City to increased opposition to Did e The letter fol lows WILL 1OU RE4D IT' Gentlemen--If union labor is a pub lie benefit it should be encomaged and patrouized II union labor is op pressive overbeaung unreasonable and a public detriment it =hould be muz7led Labor conditions are g^ovMng from bad to worse ah over the countrj Un less their demands ire met bj con certed action on the part of organized emplojerb Kansas Citv will soon be in the grasp ot labor agitators Busi nesb enterprises! will be paralyzed as thej are todav in San Frincisco TV here then Cnamber of Commerce has determined to r use $1 000 000 for the purpose ot putting an end to the pres ent strike and bring abotit conditions ·ft herein any antt all men may find em ploy ment without paying tribute to labor unions The street railways of New York are tied up The dairv business of Cleveland and St Louis are today out of business on account of drivers de mauds The dairj drivers have for bidden grocerv and bakeiv wagons to come and will not nernut ice to be delivered to the dairv companies by union teamsters Can we expect organized labor in Kansas Citj to rest quietly and refuse to participate m the labor movement Kins is City where it knows Dickej is opposing him In Manufacturers Lobby Dickey vsas a member ot the Na tionil Assocntion ot Manulactuiers w hich maintained a lobbv m \N aching ton tor many veirs toi the puipose ot influencing legislition in Congress Ihis was one ol the lobbies denounced b President Wilson at tne lirst Congress iftei he became Presi dent Revelation^ ot it-, ranimcations in a congiessional investigation con ducted Iai 0 ely by ben nor ieed and biought about bj the Post Dispatch b expobiue oi Iho lobbj staitled the count j m 1913 it was shown that feo\ ernmeiit emplojeb w e r e bribed uj i a ents ot Uie lobby to leveil conti ueiilial information that some mem beis oi Con 0 rebb actu illv w e i e on its pavloll and that it pursued relent essly members ot Confess who were inendly lo oi^aniied labor and would not do the bidding of ihe lobby It \v LS = b o w u I lat agents ot the Manu lictu ers Association supplied money to eieat uiiiriendlv con 0 iesbmen for re election Diclvey s membership in the associa lion is shown in an oiticial list of its ineirbeis published bj it several years igo Diekej s connection vv th the Kan sis Citv n itiu il gas franchise has been the subject of litigation in the Kansas City Circuit Court the Mis boun Supie"me Court ind has been in Kansas City began making myste rious v isits to Kansas City although up to that lime none of the United Gis interests had introduced i nit ural gis fianchise oidmance In the council When the case finallj got into the courts it vvis revelled tint the Dickey interests to get the Corbin crowd out of the way h i d igieed lo pay $'0000 lor in opt on on its supposed gis landb ind thit McGnvv in had agreed I To pa 70 pei cent of th "20 000 Only ev ei v v i s pi d to the Coihiu crowd tlio iPmamder b m = withheld b e c u s e it w is i m i b l e lo dolivpi Un o l linds Ot Lhe Mo (100 MiGovvin p- rl S14 010 I \ \ i t h Ue Corbn c-ovvd eln united the n i t i - i l gas rancluse compctit on vvns limned to the Diel ev intcrebts and the United Qis mcl Fuel Co and there be-, in negoti itions between these conflict ng nteiests Tho re suit of the ne D otntiois was tint the Dickey interests trinsf cried to the TjnHed Gis uid Fuel Co interests hill of its cipitil stock in exchange for half the cipitil stock of the "United Gas ind Fuel Co thus nierg nt the t w o compinics and soem ngly stop pmg ill frinchise competition from which citizens of Kansas City had ex pected fmilly tj obiam natui U gas it a lew pi ice The igreement be v een these two I compimes vvis tint while both Iran ' chise ordininceb were to remain be lore the council only one was to be pushed actively and thit the two com pames would bliaro alike in a new conipmj to be organized to tike over the franchise At this stl a e McGowin who it that time to public knowledge in supply ing the monej to get the Corbm crowd out of the w a j wrote a letter to the council siing that his company con trolled the pipes in Kinsis City and that if a. nitural gas li inehise was to be let it would be better to let it to a company which had the great distnb uting service o" the Kansas Citj Gas Ci He asked for i little time to sub nut a proposition The time was grinted McGowan and the increised Dickey crovvd then began secret negotiations w h en teimmaied in a decision that McGowan vv is to introduce a tran c'i be ordinance and thit neither the Picl ey nor United Gis and Fuel Co ordinance w is to be pushed for pas sage A.S i considerition the Dickey interests were to be let in on the fmincing of the company which would tike over the McGowan fnnchiso it being agreed that 30 per cent of the stock of the Kansis Citv Gas Co would be ti insfeired to the Dickey in terests at its 01 ginil price Its ongi nal pr ce hid been nothing the com piny having been fininced on a scheme by which a certain number of the pipe hues in tlie Ol lahomi fields but this has not been done Several residents of K insis City l a v e predicted that it would be onlj a short time until the United Ga 0 Co igun would he sup living 75 cent artificial gas * Attention his been ittricted dun ing the pist two w o o l s to the un us i] idverlicins, ci npaign being con d cted by Diel PV in tht Repubhcin an 1 mc-ppondcnt cointrj nevvsplpeis of Alissoin The sane i d v e i t s t n e n t is appearing in ill the pipers It dveitises OIL D ckev v i l n h d salt ala^oel s lo It is in eight nch ad "nd is signed V \ a l l e r S Diekej m stc d oi M ^ Di kej Cl ly Minu f i e u n i g Cu Diel v s eon p i n v XI Draiocntie h u r i u u l c r s in St i Louis there 1 is br^n nil 1 comment on the i p p e u i ce in Hie same issues | ol i i i n v ol tlie pi ois eontiinmg the id in euloti ol Did cv 01 an i ticiv on Senitor Reed 01 hot i I h e Caiutli o'-svill^ Republic in ol Sept 28 had the d ind had one e d i l o i i i l ittack ind tluee editonal eulogies Better Quality Laiger Quantity PASTE To a greater degree than you have ever before experienced will the daily brushing of your teeth become «a pleasure if you use this truly delicious and refreshing antiseptic dentifrice It -will give j ou a new meaning of the word "quality" as applied to tooth paste ooth as regards its cleansing and whitening properties and the delightfully refreshed condition which it imparts to the mouth. 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Your money back if -v ou sav so Pl R.ICE ALLEN ' Proprietors "The San-Tox Drug Store" * n - 552 708 Washington St OH P of Dicke; Did e lebiclcs in a ca--U3- home in that part of Kansis Cit\ u u illy re foired to as Qu ihly II H Se\eril m-.n \\ith i knowledge of Kansas Cit\ real estate \ i nns told i Post Dis patch leporLci t h \ c in th^ir opinion the Did e estate including house and grounds TV!I ch ire orna,to \\ith a, ]odge keeper s house a fi^h pond gai age ind broid expinses of s\\ard and stately trees has a \alue of at least $1000000 i Dickey in appearance is of big financier or Big Business type of man He is short of stature and in clined to corpulence HL is of reddish complexion and his a short cropped raubtiche In dress he alwav^ is im maculate He was born in Toronto Canada June 26 1S62 and was educated in the Provincial Model School ior On tar o at Toronto His lather was horn in Irelxnd and hus mother in C inada the age of 16 he obtained em Drought prominently forward m near ' sllires went a: a bonu s to the pur 1 ever* Kansas City camp ugn tor | chaser-, of the compan s bonds nore tlixn 10 yearb ^ " "'" ~" " " For miny year fa prior to 190o Kan ^as Citv had had aruiicial gas sup plied w t 75 cents per 1 000 feet by the Kansas City (Mo ) Natural Gas Co, owned by the United Gas and Im provement Co ot Philadelphia w h i c h Senator Reed in manj speeches has termed Uie gas trust A.bout that Lime natuial gas in large quantit e" \%as discovered in Kansas Undtr tln*3 airangement the council passed a McGo-% in ordinance at 35 Ctnts per 1000 feet The Major ve toed it and citizens of Kansas Citj employed Senator Reed Frink Hager man and Ii J Ingraham to bring a suit to enjoin the council from pass ing the 01 cl mince over the Mayor s veto This suit ^as successful and as a result ot tie light made on the ployment as a clerk in a wholesale dry goods liouse in Toronto and carne to Missouri when 20 jears old Almost unmedjAtelv he bpgan the minufacture of clav products build ing- up the business until now he owns 17 1 irge plarts 111 the many widely sepiiated sections of the couu try He was married in 1SS9 m Mount ] orest Ontano C i n a d i to Miss Kath erine L McMuHen Five children were born to them One of his sons died a year a r o m Kansas City He entered politics boon after com ing to the United StUes In 1900 he wis a delegate to the Republican national convention and chairman of the Republican county committee in Jackson county In, 1904 he was chair man of the Kansas City Republican committee and in 1908 chairman of the Republican stite committee As a contributor to Republican cam paign funds he frequently haq been placed in the same class with the late Richard C Keren» always a liberal contributor The Republican campaign textbook Issued hy the party s state committee compares Dickev w i t h t h e Ute Milk Hanna the controlling factoi in many IFE'S a game, and we arc all players in it, to paraphrase ShcJ^speare. * And the best two cards in any hand are illustrated above--first, the PAY ENVELOPE, second, the BANK BOOK Without the pay envelope there can be no bank book W^hout the bark book the pay envelope is robbed of its FULL VALUE The BANK 5GGK is ta« LOGICAL, SENSIBLE SUPPLEMENT of the PAY ENVELOPE DO YOU HOLD THESE WINNBNG CARDS? FARilRS £ ftRHTS BANK Chris Boehner, Pres. J. D. Brookshier, Cashier MISSOURI franchise the oidmance vsluch final!/ i Republican national campaigns in and Oklahoma and s is City be that is being promoted in otbei cities' I m * mf°imed th U the cost of its pro Unlesb piompt action is taken ior sell protection Kanb is City -nill be union ridden as manj othei large cities are ^ h x t is being done b\ the busi ness interests to head oti the ad\ ances ot organized labor 9 Does anjone iniag me t h i t organ ^ed laboi has sufficitnt pude in this citj \\elfaie to %\ith j hold its death dealing hand should an ! opportunity arise to promote ita self ash ends 7 .Labor unions demand th it you m u n do business under their dicta i ural % as franch]s e 1 Another s-v ndicate formed a corpo duction was almost nothing dreamed of obtaining gab at G or 7 cents per 1000 teet The nowspapeia day after da predicted thit Kan»aa Citv be CO.UG o-f cheap tuel w o u l d become the nation s greatest manufacturing cen ter \\ alter S Dickey and seven associ a es formed themselves into a sndi cate %\hich organized the People s ^ itural Gas and Tuel Co a corpora tion which applied for a 50 cent nat was pissed provided for gas at 25 cents In the taking of testimony in this case the inside story of the franchise deals became public and the altor neys were able attcr many attempts to get possession ot the many secret which corporation influence and enor mous camp iisrn funds had an actn e p irt Concerning Dickey the Repub 1 can textbool STVS Ihose \sho 1 nev* Senatoi Mark i Ilanna in the Ja-\s of his dominance | believe that Mr Dickev has many of Nuggets ol Wisdom and Advice Gatkered from the Agricultural Press COMPILED BY F D COBURN F. D COBURN oi Kansas A u t h o r oT A l f a l f a Swine rfuabandrj The Book ot A. f a i r a. S w i n e In America and for t w e n t y odd yeart secretary ot the Kaneaa D e p a r t m e n t of, A-Brlcu 1 tur« Something New in Farm Books ·RRITE WOR OUT PROPOSITION T H E ST. J O S E P H NEWS-PRESS l I ATJON D] 1 gam/er ind w i l l likewise demonstrate m the senite his splendid capicity for l e g i = l t i t v e leidership tion regardles of profits or protests If "v ou think, union labor is competent to dictate the policv name the -wages and Jiours which must go\ern jour business then without resistance ou should unite them in and let them take charge It on the contrarv one cannot subscribe to their police and is determined to do business T* itliout outside interference now is. the time to get busy and make preparedness \\ILL \OU a-naken belore the crisis' Should Tabor agitatora ha\e enact ed into Ia^\s all chat thev aa\e mentioned in tueir request^ for l^eglsla tion \\ an ed the bas ne^s man will Boon %% ike up Their legislative com mnict is at T\ork I n e Emplojer- 4.ociation is per fectirg arrangements to present a tie up o industries in Kansa- Citv to ration known as the United Gas and Fuel Co and also applied for a 50 cent franchise There was still another group known as the Corbin crowd asking for a franchise Deadlock for Months With the three syndicates in the field there follow ed months of Jockeying -with the City Council each inter est apparently attempting to obtain the franchise o-\er the others There seemed to be ll\ely competition**and the ordinances were amended at van ous times the proposed price for gaa finallj getting down to 35 cents There were veiled insinuations in the Kan sas Citv newspapers and open talk on the streets thit illegal methocH had been used in obtaining thp sunnort of contracts entered :nlo DJC! f on the | that charicten^tics i^. i political or witness stand ictused to produce the contiacts and refused to answer many questions Senator Reed TV ho was questioning DJOkLj diiected the no tary public betore ^vhom the testi mony was being taken to commit Dickey to jiil The commitment act uall -v\ as pi epared Dickc called his attorney by telephone and was ad vised to answer the questions Several y ears w ent by and the Dickey interests were not taken care of under the secret agreement they had made with the United Gas inter I ests Dickey and his associates em ployed attorneys to bring suit to col j lect money due them These attorneys went to Indianap olis T\here they met McGowan and other representatives of the United Gas Co and after an all day confer ence tue DicKey interests were paid an amount said to have been $139 000 The franchise obtained by the Unit ed Gas Co T* i» carried out and Kan i sas Citv has been supplied with gas under it However the company i bought its gas from the Kansas Nat oppose the enactment of l^ws that j certain members of the Cit\ Co i-^cil I ural Gas Co to w h i c h it has paid 65 Trill injure business and place undue bv each sndicate per cent of all it receded 4. Kansas Tj^VERY farmer, every business rran, every professional man, every laboring man should vote for the Land Bank Constitutional Amendment It is non-partisan--a purely business proposition, looking to the prosperity of the entire state. Prosperous farmers make prosperous communities. Low interest w ill solve the farmers' problem HOGAN W i l l Bi LH OliTLLiCOTFE ALL THIS V, _n . WfiXT ,/Ei.K. AIND EVERY WEEK IN TKH YEAS 10 1AKE YOUK MEASURE FOB, A TAILOS MADE S J. r l Kot ci ordered suit, made m a factory the same a," r e a t y m a ' e AIIC called Tailor made, but a Tailor fyirc 1 " One at i« made in Chillioothe Fit, cloth %' i everything about it guaranteed to give satisfaction It will cost yon no more to have your suit made u Chillicothe than it will to seid to some Chicago house and e;ct a. factory made suit V P WOGAN AND GET HIS PSICES CHAPEL FREE--NIGHT PHONE 44 3O1, DAY 397 F. A, M-mtrfhogen S^n UNDERTAKERS a-J FUNERAL DIRECTORS H L KECKE, Lice"s°d Fmbalmer CHAS GIBBS, Asst SPAPLRl

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