The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 23, 1975 · Page 37
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 37

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 23, 1975
Page 37
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CanSies & Cfookies. PEANXT BVTTER KISSES Mr*. J. J.SpUler Jr. Braxoria "This was an old recipe used during the war in our USO work" 2 c corn syrup >/s c. milk 1 c- peanut butter Cook slowly to the firm ball stage Remove from fire Set pan in cold water and stir slowly. Turn out on board dusted with powdered sugar Make a well in the powdered sugar before pouring the mixture onto the board. Knead with hands Work in peanut butter. Roll in strips Cut in short pieces about 1" Wrap each piece in wax paper. Store is a sealed container. Makes about 120 pieces. OATMEAL SQUARES Mrs. ftoyce Prtecr Lake Jackson "»i c. margarine 1 c. sugar 2 eggs %< c. all-purpose flour 1 tap. ground cinnamon '.« tsp baking powder 1 tap vanilla %» c. uncooked old-fashioned oats Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Combine flour, cinnamon and baking powder. Add to creamed mixture, blending well. Stir in vanilla and oats Pour into a greased fi" square pan Bake at 350 dcgr<-«» for 25 minuU-s Cut into squares, remove from pan while warm MOLASSES CXKHUKS Mr*. Allvnr Box TEXAS STYLE HKAUNr_S Mm. J. J. SpUlrr Jr Brnoru 3 c sugar 'I whUr iind ; brown 1 c buitcrrmlk 1 tsp soda 2 c pecans 1 large lump butter ! tsp vanilla M« sugar. soda and butsmruik m large deep pan Boil about IS minutes Rrsnovt from fire and add pecans, butter and vanilla Stir unui creamy »nd until pecans are coated Drop on wax paper by spoonful! If candy hardens loo fast. add a few drop* of water and rr-hwit "This was given to me by a dear fnend from McKinnry, while her husband, Roy Roberts. "Congressman from McKinnry. was in Washington Ali of the White House loved her Texas Pralines " NO-BAKE WALNUT BAI JJ> I>oC Brackin Oate 1 6-oz pkg vemi-swcct chocolate chips 1 6-oz pkg butterscotch chips *< c. powdered sugar H c sour cream i tsp. grated orange rind '-4 tsp salt 1*4 c chopped chow mem noodle* s « c chopped walnuts Melt chocolate and huttenw-oteh chips and remove from he*! Add remaining ingredient* except nuts Mix well Chill for 2(1 minutes Shnpe into one-inch balls, roll m nuts Store in a tight container "1886 recipe" i c granulated sugar l c. margarine or >* margarine and H shortening ] Usp. salt 1 Up. soda >, s tsp ginger 1 tsp allspice l'< tsp. cinnamon 1 c. molasses 4 c. cookie flour J * tsp. baking powder Mix sugar, shortening, add spices, »al(, molasses and bfiBlcn egg* Add flour ar.d baking powder slowly mix well Roll out on floured board «nd cui into desired shapes. Bake on cookie sheet at 37f. dcgrws approx. 15 min SHOES For M«n Winthrop MT viu v.r. i.'.kC J.M KSON i»T-t» WALNVTCKKAM ROIJ, Julia Sim mi Ij»kr Jarkmn 4 egg whites '•» tsp Milt 1 tsp vfiniila '-„• c sugar 4 e.fig yolks ;4 c sifted flour '••• c chopped walnui.s 1 c heavy crr-am. whipped and swecteru-d Beat egg whiter with salt and vanilla till soft peaks form Gradually beat in sugar Beu! yoiks until thick and iemon colored Fold in '-•Rg whites, carefully (old in flour and nut*. Ijne bottom and sides of IS'-vXlO'sxl inch jelly roll pian with w«x«-d paper Spread batter evenly in pan Bake in a rr/r. degree oven for 12 minutes or until cake springK hack when lightly touched Cool five minutes, loosen side*, of cake and turn out on towel sprinkled with sifted con feclionw's sugar. Peel off paper: cool to lukewarm Starting at narrow end, roll cake and towel together, cool on rack Unroll carefully, .spread with whipped cream. Heroll eake and chill. Garnish with whipped cream and walnut halves on lop oiJy. Serves K to 10 people. DIVINITY C\NI)Y * Mn.H t>. tUcbarvt Krrrport "This in a cawj) rrcjp*- '..'va: *a» giver, to n-,<- Ln my husband * -vXhrr rrjin> JCAT* 4fio I havr ha- rrciprs. rat;-, to rr.*kr i/ f<i bcttrr or. a dr*. tunahir.'. dav -j c while com tyrup Kan-> ; efi^ whitem 1 tap vanilla •< tUp JMlli 1 c nut* Mil sugar, syrup and wa'rr ;n %aucrp*rs and plecr ovrr low fwa! ar»d rtsr 1:1! divwiivrrf Irvj-Traw )va! an^ brine !o *K»: ('ovrr jir»;? W-: <-I>T» ifcrrr minutrs Ibrn rr;no-iT ro-. rr t*;t do not stsr lx-! boil untsj ;t »paw a -.rr> ionfi Ihrrad or ur.U! it rrt»p» in roi i watrr Mix sjiit. van^tla «rvd rg£ wh:'r* and fjTit with r-'»tar> tx-Ji!tT till in «!;!{ peaks I'our im »yrup. f^raUrtg bri^kiy Add 1 rup nu'x wtvcr, stiff rr»ush to in pan f'ut !T5to scpiarrs and tr! lMTV Dlinn H l'«rkrr ; , Up c* o{ tartrr ."! c sugar ".. c watrr •^ c liRht corn »yrup » rjaj whilrs '» t.^p &a!t 1 c nuts 1 tsp vnni'.U Combine sugar, crram of ' water, and com nymp in **ucrpa Cfx* ovrr low tvrat. sUrnng only un •tugar diswilvrs Th«i crxik quickly Softball «,t»ge Whip PKK whttr* a w»lt until stiff I'rjur syrup in a Ih «i!rrans over rii« whites, Lwati c<nvitantl> until thick, and crrarsi Add vanilin and nuts t>n»p i spoonful* onto wax paper ( U<MOl.ATK l/M,STYfK. NO 2 Mr* J. J. Sptllrr Jr lirazoria ! !vix poudcred sugar ! c graham crack«r» rruishrd ! cup {'hopjx-d pecans ^4 c crunchy peanut butter 1 r flaked coconut 1 c fmlter or miirgarme. melt«l Mix and make into Imifj fir.R'-rs or '"g 1 * For crwtmfi Melt 'v hlrK'fe of paraffin 1 ixix setni-swert chocolate chips Take |og« with a toothpiek and dip into chocol.'ite and place on wnx piajx-r Chill or place in a seaU-d canister VINT AMY'S COOKIES Sherrir Krrll LakeJackton 1 c flour '••„• tsp soda U tsp baking |Kiwder : .- tsp salt ':• t.sp cinnamon '•.- c. shortening ! ,. c sugar 1 c brown sugnr 1 «'RK ! t.sp vanilla 1 c (jra|x*-nut flakes 1 c quick-cooking oats Sift flour with soda, baking powder, salt and cinnamon Cream shortening and sugar* until light and fluffy Add flour and remaining ingredients Arrange on buttered cookie sheet; flatten with u knife diptn-d in water Bake at :iM) degrees for H to 10 minutes Makes approximately IX) 1 up wxia i c fk-ur ; , U;> ts) «•. ,-r«'i;r tjjr^t a*. KV; .l M Mn J J *?klirrJr lira! * ryt£% am! a-k! 2 c b?u»Ti suiar : c flnur '« wit ; 4 Up ctrjvumor. Mn and add to sugar and Cut up «-,-r ptuwwl fur-. itriT Add i Tt»p *a'.rr AtisS nor c nu!.» Pour ;r. gr»-a.w<t' ar»ti fiourr*! jia about l «" '.hick Cook in «liv* <.nrr. s Cut into Or ran (*• d and bakrtS r«i Vl'I.El,4.M.S Mrt Hit hard !>a«nr 1 jkr Jackioti ; c .'•utiar Kr-.r.kJrrs or Sugar Cn*p '- i c fin*-!;, cut candied chrmcn '» c fttvrS) cut (lair* '« r finrly cut dried apricot* twx»-ihir>l.i c light com syr.ip 3 TJ«p Jioney ' ; t.ip \megnr : , tsp sal! !•; Tt»sp !?u'!rr or inarjjannr 1 < *sp tJratr-,1 orangr rind •j !sp Kralrti lemor. rind '.- pkg •< Mjiiarr^ • Baker's Srini Swerl IV»t Choctilatc CosnbiDCC'-reai. cherries. da!rs am! apricots in greawd Ixiwl Set aside Cjirnbuie ivnip. honey, vinegar and r .ji!! in a small saucepan 1'lacr over low and bnnjj to a boil, stirring well T7wn cook, ^i.'rr.'fij; iK-ca,«iojul}\. until a small amount of mixture forms a hard hill! in cold watrr i or lo a temp of 2-Vi d''(J rt '**s ' Heiiu^e from hrat Add Imtter. orange rind, and !«-moii rti5(! and stir until blende*} Pour hoi syrup over cereal mixture and mix ijuiokl) Butter hands and shape mixture into two logs, about 1 inches thick Cool is minutes Heat chocolate over hot water i double Nnleri until partially melted, iheii remove (rum hot water and stir rapidly until entirely melted Pour chocolate over logs, leaving ends uncoated When chocolate is firm, hut no! har<). make rouK" hark design by marking lengthwise, with tines of fork To serve cut in!" half inch slices Makes two logs or aNitit ;io slices KASV I'llAl.INKS Mr» Hoyce I'rlnce I.uke Juckton 1 'one|H>und ! pkg brown sugar 16 o<r can eva(>orate(l milk 1 Tlwp hulter pinch of salt 1 Ttisp vanilla 1 c chopped pecans Combine brown Misjar. milk, butter and val! ii! saucepan Place over moderate hesit. stirring genlly until sugar dissolves Cook to soft ball stage i2;m degrees! and remove Irom heal Add vanilla and heal until creamy, stir in iM-cans Drop from spoon onto waxed paper Yields two and one-half dozen

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