Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 9, 1930 · Page 14
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 14

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1930
Page 14
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DECATUR H E R A L D Mingle With Legionnaires President Addresses Legionnaires at Boston Suicide Found in Ruins at Bellmore t L. L tlia p r o m i n e n t prrnunuxiM jfutlivmi in Uostori, Muss,, for the 1-wcIfth annual convention of the A m e r i c a n Ijriin, ivhieli was formally opened hy J'rt'tiiiknL Mom-cr who delivered » stirring address (ilftdinii 1 fur Inw olisi-t'viinri'. was f o r m e r President and. Mrs. Calvin t urtlidgr and thuy arc M;I:H here will) I'mtik Slvitrtiii ( r i i f h l ) sburtly a f t e r their (irriviil. tfainert'd J'rom ull uvci 1 the c o u n t r y wild visitor* from inari)' parts uf the world heard President Hoover deliver » plea for a)!it.TViin«c «t the law- Mi opening of the l i t l i annual A m e r i c a n l.efpuu convention nt HosLon, Moss. Here the chief executive is seen aUimiinj; before the microphone on speakers' nlntform during liU address, tiic-l-'rtttideiit anil Mrs. Covlklgu vnn tie seen in first t row. Civil War Nurses Honored Pilot Instruction From Ground to Air in 4 Hours Thrt-f; firemen wcrv injured in futilv buttle ntfnin«l the whiuh cunouniod tliis threw- stovy building at Bellmore, ],. I., UDJ which hml hotmeii » hurdwur* slur«. Kirt'inttr, in auurthing ruins aflur flHirniS had Ji'iimlwhed the structure, found the charred body »f Otto Wiflner, owner of the fit ore, w i t h H turned rupe uliout his ntck unti ndvttiic«d the theory Unit he delibcrAluly upaui HQ oil slow nntl ihen Suzanne Pollard Engaged Rule Threatened I Jlj' )'.n-ili: Ttii-fu t i v i l \vur uuL'aiiS, whose tonibintd UKC-B litnl 2WK /tt«tt by Stnnton post, Wotnnn'K Relief corps Nu. 16, in l,os A recently on tli« utcasion of the poxt's forty-fifth birthiiny, [lure tluring fete uru (I. lo r.) Helen Wood, 106; Marffimjt Hwyv.H, 117, mui Valerie, Jones, US, Hour, Mw, T, Ft lion, cummnnder uf .Stnnion puat, (ind William M»rkham. uiy f,i.-in.' ,k ,M;.II,H.', »( rule of J u l i e I'ri'fitCM Otbuye), p res id i 1 n I-elect of the Brazilian jt u v ernmeitt, who recently pwid visit iti J'wsiijvni Hoover in WimhltiRion, J , c;., »))ponrtd i m m i n o n t it* t'hi' op|Hi- imtit he ik'fwittM i n ' l h u «lif;t1»is, . ^lilt-r of i',\, w\ Mi's, ·I'dill t,iii'l:tii'i !'oll:u'l, of VhxiniHi nnJ Viriciiiiii'ii otllrial ll'^l'·^^, is 10 IM- niarrifl im» tinur this H U t u m n u r winu-r to Mr. Ht'rb«i't !,·" Hiuuwviifhi. jr., «f Ilnnville und \Va»hinKinn. nwirdiiiK t" amnmiii'''!!^^!! tim-li- n t »/io pxviiultvu munsion rwi-ntly. Miss I'oliiint run In 1 wen iiliuve in this new and h i t h ' - r i n uripitlilishi'it sindio jnpi-ir-.ui. vargas, he.,;.,TM Student W ins $10,000,000 Heiress uf rcht'ls on tht- llru- capilal nt Rio de Jutieiru, Hfrc'* t.W novvt ninipnii'tit peffecUtl (it the TJPS AutfdKi airport by A. H, (Ii-tiHi. wliii'li iniikvs n j i i l u t uf n beginner irt un »virtm« in- tt.riicl.inn [ittfiod i( f n u r Innnv. lJri.'1'U IM wi-n w i t h the twn fusi;l«Ki's ht- hN» rt-vr'l«|icd. one poivin'il mill ( h i - uilu-r "i-.tliitii 1 ," bolli of which ti.ic inter'hnnccitl)!e w i n j r n ami mil juirfiu'cs. A f t e r iiistmetinu in trlid*r, n-inifK lind tail .lut'fni't's lire nUached to -JO h, p. motor and il t'ylindi'f nulio inolur, It's a Girl at I)e Mar's Opens Store Infantrymen With Death-Dealing Tools of War JHMJ; Willtu-d, foi-nier world's huiivyweight cliuinpion, met nil coitiura tlie other day (and still is for thnt miittiT) not this time us a gladiator in the priae ritifi but I»H n businpBs mini. He !resiilii! over Ihe furinal opefi- infT of the W i l l a r d food tiopnrt- inent store in Hpllywood, con- t n l n i n K seventeen comvswinne find la seen her* brnndishing elcfiver. h« to the person nr PRI-SOIM who would attempt t» oppose this layout of war device* developed frh the yosrs to aid lht infantrymen in his sLrug^lct; on ihe battlefield. Seen tMirt- are elevun instruments of war nt the disposal ot the infantryman, and they include J!7mm, cunnon, riile, pistol, bnyuntit, Rutnnialic rillo, hand grenade, machine gun, trench tnorUir, tiink und snntke· linntl). Urven lluiilitiKtiii (U-ft, iibnvt- the ten million riullHr estutv of her K HurHiiifrtoi), I'litlvvny muKimti, hur .iiirst lo Alhnrl Ihwrr (on ritthl). »»d her hi»n» ttic'iil. 'l-hcy roini-mlii-r Jliiorr as u cmilitinf nn H local iwwaitiiti on whiolt he \vorkc rolli-K'', A DUDii iH'ciui'iit wuf niiule :li»'N;tr l(it) bo me, i Hi I'.i-in,' * vintiii.'i jf I'a widen a, I'nl., heiress w - t f j i i h r . thf Jit to Henry K, invm i* HK'iK wi'-h exoiln- (mug delivery boy working ij ID |i:i,v hif w:iy through jiai'ty htld nt the Hunting- Printing for Blind Ashes Worth $3,000 One-Man Village in Hawaii Iterothy i* wonderinit w h a t it's Ml about, nil ihi,» booming of and iMlrtrpirt* of riuncras. and prubahly j-nu are also, won- Hpririp what it can I'?. W CH, w(1 " (l " J " ou ' ' ' t t l f l "nrothy is llip newly itrivnd d«ujthKr of Clnroni-r Dr Mav, premier lotitr dislnm-p mnncr, of marathon* hy the h u n d r e d * , and he is the reason thnt her f*w. on "'hone lap .the is unen C *is homo in Rose High- hind*. MUM., I t l l t u f w i t h R bi *f -* mil «' and endowed by W. Nelson Cromwell, New York philan- Ihrnnhist, the Bniille Press for wsr anil tivilian blind, hns developed i n l o one tt the (mesh printing establishments in the world. Here blind man is beinjr taught to proofread by means of the Braille text system. It is located in Paris, France. . t awhes get to be worth $;j,t»Ht a barrel it's time to call it tiuita. However, such was the case when attendants at Newark, N, J., hospital threw that much worth of precious radium into ash chute by mistake. Here search is being n»Bde through nshes hy means of an electroscope (rndiam flndor), JJvery grain of the priceless clement was recovered. Believe It or not, there IK utill part* of Ihe world, where thcr« »ri n« vacuum cleaners, wanhmg machines or any of theao inventions whfeh lighten th« burden of this housewife. This lonn orrupunt of thta on*man village in the Hawaiian i.ilandH, insists on l i v i n g like hi* ancestors, so he has built thin rrudc thmehed hut, thirty mil** fwtn Honolulu and is sctn hci» as he itreparett hix nuon tejmal by |rlmi* tivu melhodi. 19.10; by Picirte Atlantic PkolM, IM- '«v* poll* 1 * if "'". '·aval Th* ofilv Bdvpn Hn * nhflw If tin pickled "nd T*'t: · tlV rtfll 1 Kl»««i(tl Sstd III* H n i p p*n*r, of the PP "It (mund"it r thu fntiir*, M v R*v. John w. M Ron i ho i ·M. th* rarVrr Ifc* («rh of In iW'SPAFERS

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