The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 2, 1923 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 2, 1923
Page 11
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MONDAY, JULY 2, 1923 THE nurcniivsun ntwj HARVEST LABOR , 1 SURPLUS TODAY ?e«d» of All Counties Seem to ' Have Besn Mef—Northwest to Start in Week. HOUSEHOLD HINTS ^ By MRS. MORTON There was qulto a surplus of harvest Wborors at, tho local dfrtce of the Kan ins Frco Employment Bureau tills morning. A number of men aire being directed to Great Bond, La Crosse' iml ]jo.rned. The mrmiber of men seeded in. Rush county, has been gfoat- ly reduced since. Uie heavy toll storm Fj-lday nlgiht Thirty men were sent to McPherson county this morning : by truck. Tho mon were required to pay their own R'ay. The harvest will begin In Cheyenne, Rawlins and Sherman counties tho tlrgt of next week and many men will be needed there. ROLAND W. BOYDEN IS \ TO RETURN TO AMERICA He Has Been American Observ- [ er With Reparations Commission in Europe, Washington, July 2.—Roland W. Boyden, American observer with tlie reparations commission virtually slnoe Its establishment under (he Versailles peace treaty, lias tendered lite resignation and will he succeeded by his assistant, Col. James A. Logan, Jr. Mr. Hoyden's resignation, which was announced in Paris yesterday, was explained In a. state department announcement issued later as being due. to bin desire to resume the practice of Jaw. He, expects to return to the United States In August. Long Considered. I (By Tin' Aiwooiaiufl Press) Paris, July 2.--Tho retirement"ot Roland W. Doyden as American observer with the reparation:! commission, which takes place on August I. has long been meditated. Mr, Boydeu told Secretary Hughes last August of his desire to return to his private affairs In Roston and the- secretary persuaded him to remain on duty. MENU HINT. Breakfaat. , Hweer. Cherries Corn Flakes with Milk or Cream Cinnamon Tottst Coffee > Luncheon. Asparagus Orrietfft Poppy Seed Rolls Lettuce ami Rittltshcs Lemon Sherbet Iced Tea Dinner. Broiled Chicken Com" Fritters Orenmrtl Potatoc /t. String He«ns and Prmcnto Salad Strawberry Plo Cot/co TODAY'S REC1PE8. Asparagus OmeleWMako omelet as usual and fold In pieces of cooked asparagus. Oreon pe/fiper& cut small may also bo added with good, results Lemon Sherbet—One quart milk, one nnd one-half cups sugar, ono teaspoon lemon flavoring. At last minute when mixture la In freezer, add Juice of one lemon. iFreeze. String Bean Snd Pimento Salad— Arrange leftover string beans on lettuce, put strips of pimento aoross beans and serve with any good preferred dressing. Salads are always hotter if thoroughly chilled before serving. Strnwborry Pie—Bake pie crust, fill with fresh strawberries, sweetened, cover with whipped cream and serve. SOMETHING COOL FOR HOT DAYS. Japanese Punch—Pour Into a bowl one largo cup ot strained ten. and add a pint of pitted o\heart cherries, two sliced oranges, the Juice of two lemons, and a large cup of sugar. Ixd stand on tho ice several houm to chill and ripen ami just before serving add a quart ot cracked ice, one pint chilled ginger nle and one quart of cold water. Servo In tall glasses with straws. Marshmallow Ice Cream—Cook without stirring one eup sugar and a quarter of n cup of water until It spins a thread f230 to 235 degrees). Add half n pound of fresh marshmallows cut In halves, and when nearly mixed beat witli a dover eggbeater to n smooth mixture. Pour on gradually the, t-Uffly beaten whites of threo eggs and heat, until eofd. Flavor with one tablespoon vanilla extract and fold In one and one-third cups of heavy -cream, whipped. Freeze, using three i*arts lee to ono-r-art rock salt. This Is particularly delicious served with any of tho fresh fruit sauces. . SUGGESTIONS. Waiting on Table—It Is a general rule that foods ho served and removed from the right. This rule need not be followed if the gnosis are placed in such a way that they will be uncomfortable If everything is handled from the right. Laundry Soap—When making hard soap from the rule on the can of lye. add one-half cup ammonia and one half pound box of borax. Stir this thoroughly into tho grease and lye. It makes an excellent laundry soap, without the aid of washing fluids or powders, and Is also fine for washing Olaniicls. This soup Improves with age, but should be but as soon an set. It Is surprising how quickly one collects rive and one-half pounds of grease, the amount required for ono can of lye. Renovating Walnut Frames—Black walnut frames v. ill become dull and rusty looking. They may bo renewed by first brushing thoroughly with u stiff brush to remove dust and then applying pure Unseed ol) -with a proper brush or with a piece of ncTVv blouched muslin. NONE SERIOUSLY hoRT WHEN CAR FLIP FLOPS Five Occupants Escape Badly Shaken up and Bruised in Medora Road Accident. the cr/nrmlseloners worn notified by I telegraph to hold up the letting, be-t cause the 'plans had not been ap-j proved. The plans and 'specifications ; have finally been given the govern-' merit O. K. j "It Is really lucky for all concerned! that the contract .. * not. let." said :{ Frank Vincent, a. mont'ber of tho' board. "The flood would have, wiped ; out any work the .con tract. »r could have done," * A party of five Hutchinson people, Mr. and Mrs. Georze Baker, Kendrith Patchen, f'mlg Eisner and lxjrcn Keller, narrowly, escaped serious in- Jury last evening, about 0:30 oVioek, when the car belonging to and driven by the latter, turned over twice and landed in the ditch, two miles out on the Medora road. - Mr. Keller who lives at 428 Twelfth avonuo west and Is employed at the Hutchinson Office Supply company, was driving east on the Medora read, when a stray horse stepped out of the deep, dark ditch at one side of the road on tho pavement. .Mr. Keller started to go around tho horse, slamming on his 1 brakes. The sudden stop in the momentum of the car. turned it over twice and landed in tho ditch. No one was Injured seriously but all of the accu'l'-ants were bruised and scratched. The car which was a five passenger, Stndebulter Special is a wreck. The top was torn in shreds, the windshield Is broken, and all this fenders are mashed. It was pulled Into town hist evening/' Passers-by on the road brought the party In and 'Mr. Patchen was taken to the St. Elizabeth hospital, where nn examination of his Injuries was niacin. lie was bruised more than the others. Call 59 for our service cur.' Rag- Iand-Klngsley Motor Co. * TWO DIE WHENTAR PLUNGES INTO RIVER KNITTED MATERIAL FASHIONS LATEST WALKING COSTUME PLAYING WITH CHISEL MAY COST BOY AN EYE Tool Slips and Penetrates Eyeball of John Farley—Infection Worst Danger. John Farley, the seven year old son of Mr. and 'Mrs. James Farbjy of 204 fCfghteonlh avenue west suffered a serious accident when ho ran a wood chisel Into his eye, cutting a deep gash in his eye ball. Tin.' boy was playing with other children and in some "way picked up a wood chisel which had been in use during the day by an older member of the family. *in trying to use it, the chlaol slipped in the grasp of tlie baby's bund and entered the eye. The eyeball was cut. through and ipart of tho cornea spilled out. The doctors -hope to have the eye- hall but the sight of tho child will be Impaired, if it can be saved. The great danger now Is complications ol infection arising. lng role. "When It was purchased for film production Univenial hold it for a year berore definitely deciding on the choice of director a.ud players. KoUilyn Williams will be scon as the brai'.ded nwthor ami Lucille lllck- sen, one o.f the screen's most popular Ingenues, as the daughter. The impressive cast Includes David Torrance, Hoy Stewart, Robert Agnew, Phillips Smalloy, Raymond, Halloo, Gtrrard Alexander aiio| others of,popular fame. Jack Conway, directed. **"Trimmed hi Scarlet" takes the tongues of scaiid.-il and their victim and ercseuts a dramatic picture of one of the straru-or.t situations the screen luui known; the situation of a j mother traveling the world over "In j search of adventure and (Miming hack f bono to find a daughter wha,hss not been estranged from her by the poisoned rumors that society has borne to her cars. CORN FLOWS FREELY, POLICE GET 12 DRUNKS Roland W. Boyden. Twolve men were~plcked up by the police officers Saturday night and Sunday for either being drunk or drinking. A, K. Menris of Arkansas City, was arrested on the double charge of being drank and driving his car while intoxicated. Those who wore arrested on that charge were Jas. Drown of Wichita, Raymond Daisy of Wichita, Phfllip Mcpherson of Wichita, Victor deary of Wichita, Hcrcrx Jdhneon of Dnr- bnnk, Okla., Guy Moffett of Norviee, Hubert Moffett of Oscwalomle, 11. Owensby of Muskogee, F. Guadalupe. Jt. J. Smith of 315 First avenue oast, W. A. Wharton of Hoislugton and W. II. Morgan of Oswego. SAND AND BLUE COMBINED MAKE CHIC SPORTS HAT After several morn requests to bo relieved, Mr. Hoyden sent ft letter of resignation to tho state department, two weeks ago. Didn't Want Fuss. 'There was little fuss made when I came; I want to leave as quietly as possible," the American observer Is mild to have told his friends. Tho position of official observer for tho United States has become less interesting In tho last 12 months, e.spoclally since the occupation ot tho Kuhr. All members otthe commission agree that tho Importance of their work has beoa greatly diminished by tho fact that tho governments have taken the Important aspects of the reparations question out of tho hands of tho commission, reducing that body to a bureau for the accumulatlu of economic information and for book- koopir purposes. VviERANlNSURANCE MAN SELLS AGENCY i, P, Miller and Family Will Spend Two Months in West But Wil' Stay Here. M. P. Miller for the past 11 years Bit the head ot tho Bankor Life Insurance company In the Hutchinson district has resigned and O. L. Span gen- fcerger, who ha» been.Tritb. the company at Wichita, has been, placed in icharge. Mr. Miller will IOHTO soon frith his family for a two months' western trip .visiting In Washington, Oregon and (California. On his Teturn he will re- jmulii In Hutchinson nltbougfa ho has 'not doclth 1 Just what line ot business ho will r:itor. Mr. Sp.'.tigonborger is not a new resident of Hi'tchlnson having been born In Reno county and lj 0 )g tho son ot Mr. ami Mr3. Uoorso Spangen- bergor of i cuthv. est of Hutchinson, lie has been in the insurance biiBl- ness Jot the pa-it 11 years, lia^lng b'>eij for 10 I Piicrla, 111. ,;, <;> -i- .f, •$> <s> <•> 'i <j> • * * « •?> «• . * ifc. ALDEN. «• ' ^> ?> <i- •?><?-• -e> <&<?>•$''$' •$> & <?• <?• 4' Harvest Is In full sway now. Men, however are still ecarce. Some of the farmors haven't enough men to start cutting and many are working with a Bhort crew. Miss Iruh. vvho has been visiting with tho Stoinmetz's and Jeter'B, left for her home in Iowa, Thursday evening. Mrs. Grosd'ldler and Eileen had dinner with Mrs. German, Wednesday. The Doo r>ads had a picnic on the school lawn Tuesday evening. The Mitchell family wont to their farm-near Chaso, Mon-dtiy to caro for tho harvest there. IMIos Hurt McCord vtsttod a fow days this week with relatives In Sterling. Mr. Wllllartl Bennett Is tho leaderr for K. L. Sunday night. Ills sister will tell about her Winfleld trip. The Missionary Society of M. B. church will not meet next "week but will hold their meeting later in the month. Mrs. Ella Smith, Mrs. Maude Smith's daughter and three boys from Kentucky, cumo Wednesday to vl8lt hero a month. JA-aiik.IUig fell off a header barge, Wednesday. Tho wagon ran over his head. Ho IB 'quite sick but- is not serious. Ouy Koos hauled now -wheat to Alrien Thursday. It tested CO. He is running a combine this year. Violet -Mulr Is helping Mrs. Hoelccl from near Chase during harvest. Tho nelnier's havo relatives visiting them from Wisconsin. Syracuse, Kan., July 2.—The bodies of A. R. Loomls and Mrs. Ada -Sturgis were taken from the Arkansas River one mllo west of Syracuse vestorday by men attracted there when they saw a motor car upside down In about •I feet of water. . Both bodies were pinned beneath tho car. Tho river bad washed out the road. 88 North Main Pretty Gray Pumps at Important Savings Just in time for your Vacation. Excfusi'ye Slyles Suitable for street or dress Best makes Reduced from $11.25 and $12.25 to $9.95. ZB North Main IBERT i THEATRE IGIIIIII1IIIIIBHIIIII FINALLY SIGN CONTRACT ' FOR THE HAVEN BRIDGE Ed Tomlinson Gets Federal Aid Project—Delay Probably Saved Him Money. The long delays! contract for the construction of the bridge ove- tlie Arkansas river north of Haven was signed today by the countv commissioners, going to Bd Tomlinson of Garfield, who .submitted low bid at the lettlng'more than a month ago. On tho day tho bids were opened One wonders which are the busiest those days -the designers \vJ:o plan the many features ol tile, latest and very latest frocks and su.ts, m knitted materials or the kn'ttcrs who turn them out in such inf 1 riif• - variety. We have'with us the jacket sweater, the iiHpover, sleeveless, collailess, knitted jacnuefto, etc., etc. Now we have the knitted suit with a sleevelc.-'s coat witli a close fitting, turnover collar. ] Yellow and deli blue are tin:- colors employed in ihh natty walking suit. The de!f blue mohair Is knitted Willi a plaid of yellow fiber silk. It is sleeveless, but a close fitting turnover collar lies at the. throat with nhhon. The , whole co;it, iiieludlug the colhir. Is bound with ribbon, the color mulching eiiher ibe bine o rtbe yellow according ' to the taste of the wearer. ONITE AND TOMORROW Roy Stewart and Kathlyn Williams —in— "TRIMMED IN SCARLET" A Special Feature Attraction. ALSO— "FELIX MINDS THE KID" Comedy With "Felix the Cat." Regular Admission. No Serials i RIVER -PARK— • • • THIS EVENING \ • and Balance of This « I a H a u « :&1 Week. The Gab !VU< • • n S3 n • a It is a very cliner design are! js worn with one of tb,. smart taiiore'l blouses t; i ni 'n >d wiiii diawn woi'li aiul edging while a small hat wltU vihfely brim and embroidci ed dowers appropriately finishes a very practical walking suit. Have us put. your Ford In repair for (bat trip on the .1th. just call :,!>, anytime. Raglanil Kiui-'e-iey Motor Co. 2- It B A High Class Girl ® a si w Revue. S H This Attraction Comes Highly 53 H Recommended and No Doubt El \ta Will Please Patrons of River- M | H side Park. H 'S SHOW S u n i 8:30 n H !« Call GfiOW for til •• Firecrackers! Oct your firecrackers, torpedoes, skyrockets, cap pistols, punk and etc., at The Craft S-vhup. 411 North Main. I 2-11. Rcscrvati.ins H HataaiaBHMSisTiaEsisiiTiraagai Cheese consuniptlun In tills eountry wiil double within the next few yiuiia, s;iys Professor Mendel, of Vale. For tho woman who does beautiful hand embroidery the field is wide this season. Never before lias that style of trimming boon more popular. Everything from hat to stockings is embellished with it, and ono may buy comparatively Inexpensive things and mako them very beautiful by the expenditure of a very little money and as much work as ono wishes. The hat shown Is a sand felt and It la euibrotdorod with innumerable dots and wroathB of tiny flowers in a French blue. The color combination Is most attractive and It makes an unusual bat for sports wear. Furs Btill continue In popularity In spits of tho beat and are moat effective worn with |thin dresses as well ns with suits. Nothing Is more becoming and flattering than tho soft fur worn against the face. There has been talk that the demand for furs Is killing out the fur bearing animals. Fur fabrics are being used a greut deal nowadays, and it may bo that this Industry can bo developed to savo the graceful creatures that liave •fur coats and still keep tho etrect tor wear. years, ht business In LIBERTY T5ie story of a child's faith in her mother, whom scandal brands BB "Trimmed In Scarlet," comes to tho screen of the Liberty theatre today ae a Universal all-star photoplay of that .title. , "Trtowned In Scarlet," written as a lPlay by William Huritourt, tmado a ptrlktMJ suocoes on the New York atage Trtth ttexlue Elliott la the lead- REFORMATORY ESCAPE FIGHTS EXTRADITION TClmor Chance who took French leave front a farmer to whom ho had been paroled ubout 30 days ago. Is in custody at Boulder, Colo., according to word received today by A. S. Allphln, superintendent of the reformatory, Mr. Allphln is arranging •for extradition papers, as Chance served notice on the Colorado authorities he would not come back without a fight. Ohanco escaped once before and was brought back. E. L'. MEYER, President PET NATION, Vice President E. W. MEYER, A. Cash. ^-L —N. B. SAWYER, Director , GEO. E. Gano, Director 94 tli SEMI-ANNUAL' STATEMENT THE FIRST NATIONAL Fire Worksl Our stock of firecrackers, fireworks, torpe -doeB etc. aro going fast. Got your supply Early at Tho Graft Shop. 414 North Main. 2-1L -Dance Wed. Nieht at Stevens. 2-3L HUTCHINSON, KANSAS JUNE 30, 1923 RESOURCES Loans and Discounts ,. .United States Bonds. .,.,«.,«.» —-..„.x. : ....... Banking House ...... ., - % Stock in Federal Reserve Bank. ............ Municipal Bonds and Warrants., „ ....... Cash and Sight Exchang-e^....... ,..„,.«.,....,..... . ,Total....,.,.,.. LIABILITIES Capital Stock ,.- —:„...«.... Undivided Profits • Dividend No. 96 ...i. National Bank Currency...... DepOSitS . V. Total , s $1,152,744.78 573,750.00 94,000.CX) 10,500.00 ...... 130,113.92 729,361.68 .... .$2,690,470.38 ... .$ 250,000.00 100,000.00 49,860.16 15,000.00 -....= 196,000.00 2,079-,610.22 $2,690,470.38 FRED C. FRENCH, Cashier,

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