The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 4, 1974 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 4, 1974
Page 2
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VIEWPOINT The Front Runner Overregulation feeds inflation If you «*d ** Kuunpte of how the to4e**l gowmroent promotes tnftaUon, rialt fee Itttmtate Cornroere* Com- ICC aiutudw dteeowag* we* ef tn»t HgtMty it no worn than root* bt* cooperation between the rettrnoda. troek KM* and barfe Qptt*Uom. ICC atiiiudw discourage well a«d wnwfce townment regulation ecu aOu lACfCiulC (lftCeS>.. The price at transportation is especially important bec»use M eiders Into (be eo»i of virtually everything we buy fwre feed (o house* and motor cars Take these unhappy examples gleaned, not (ram Industry eotnplaints. hut from government stud**: ICC attitudes have discouraged (he wider application of eoolaiaerttatton, which both government and Industry belter* can eat tints markedly. Regulalory procedures inhibit the efficiencies which e«ne thrm%h the Jotal usage and joint control ot common trackage by tvo rail eomfwnics. ICC procedure* encourage dtoerimlaatory rales, forcing one cU» of raO »errice to nteidte another A Department ot TraasporUtion »antty briv&eiA that perfafeabks amd freight en UghUJeraitj )ine» are subaktiied by other freight Protracted huniuss and courl reviews on mergers may take *o tone U>e expected benefits are dissipated before the merger is permitted. In 1971. the railroads were required by the ICC to maintain service on il.tto milea of Kgntly traveled track for which rrvtaats were test than operating ooH*. cooperation between the railroads, tines and barge operations, The ICC make H **rtuaay ImpeasibaB (or raU Unw (o make thcs* expeditious shifts in rates often required to m«* (orciog the rattt to charge bother rates on profitable routes, thu* dnnng away business- Agam. ratstng coo* Innovations wWcit improve service or reduce costs atamM inevitably require changes to rates lo realae their potential, says, one gnrtrameni study By stowing and discouraging «uch prke rhaagcs the JCCiobibtU the very procrM of innovation. RAY CROMLEY The regulation of trucking operations has been even more rtdkttkx» Toe axing of routes h so arbitrary thai tracking firms may be required to maa* a 30 mite detour north lo pfck up a load too miles «outtL There are ttmitaikxti on the type of goods carried. Trucks frequently haw been required to return empty even when suitable cargoes were available--but proscribed for one unimportant ream or another. Won* yet. some of the newer ag«oci«a make the ICC (wk generous by cant- portion No* there are number* of "inflation »" programs which are- pottticaBy i highly impractical Thes* too often inonepatti* the attention of , the White Hewt* «ad par 3ut there are afao genuine practical •ays lo spur the economy, reduce to- nation and hold employment at high leveb Thrs* less gtamomw proposal* are tatkrd about pmalcty when rsperu jcet logethrr In »uch meetings il«a» bke regufcUiMM •tnch p«d costs, the obtuse alttttMie* of own m regulatory agencies aad t*»t which dacourage eomprtiitoQ arc high on the tat of effective attacks no evt IJafCTblCPXilw there a tUUe lotlaw through. ' «N»^» tllft BRAMWPOHT Comment and Opinion Was Chile mission « open, above board? tt* *»fc>«fi, *** »»aaa4f W» *< *«» *e «-****» ***** **<4 «•* tie m <»*** Mfwuwwt** Afwr i*« aw*** «* H»**« TN* *B*#H* faxfMM ot tkM «B««i«B*»» h» "*•»»«"" AaM •mt to trmta OMtem Bute* Mrf wmsy •»» M (tarttwBK dfr*ti«t*»i «a* t»* la *» Tft W (BM TV»»M irf «**nnf N«(»* ,M« ***** m, d»» rtA *** »* w* «* l »•** ia» < « rn A«««r*»* tie ««fAw«m( l*« *» «Si» * *» * *»«a* *i5* %> *t A BUSINESS MIRROR Idmtw SW Executive prisoner in the White House president Ford is in danger o( becoming a prisoner «f Us While House sue. I Alfimalb oM (rieads gel tfaroogb to * hta, the sttH touts the President* I cooUcU. taking careUo restrict tnow wfn wiO oppose pUm they favor. They program hi* movements in a w»y to iaflurnce his action and ettciMoo or keep him so busy he does not bat* tune lo intensify ojoeMkn their judgment The brinu back word from Ine boremcracy that thin** they do not want done cannot be done or they produce evidence of a public conaemw lor programs they favor, TWs scenario is no* new of course. To an important extent. Pr«s«deBl» Ken- oedy, Johnson. Kfawi and Eisenhower too. were prisoner* President Franklin Rooscvdl. origjaalor of the Whit* House suff nysttjn, escaped imprisonment primarily because he was adept at playing one man against another. president Truman vas partly *«r ceMfui because be delegated so natch authority to cabinet officers. £*en the most wfltfrf slaH - and Mrv Truman had that - muid not seriousry affect »~»t decisions. Mr. FonT* sittiaiiae appear* to be worse than thai of hts predecessors, wtth the posMble ««tJ«wn of Mr Johnson When Kmaevdi set up the modem White tkws**un system yemrs back, the move w» nailed by experts a* saving thr prewdeocy The probten then, M now. was that Ibe federal bureaucracy had become »o large, unwieldy and entrenched that it mottd under its own power »Kb ullle regard to the prrMdrot - any president - or bis wishes tbe Irtul* Htm* stall ifcw WM wealed lo provide tbe president with men and women «part enough to penetral* Hal . bureaucracy, find out where the lem* were and get the action the preside* wanted. they were ab» to give tb* ittkpendeal viewpoint* oo (mm the drpftrtmenU ami Things didn't wort out thai way: Mr, Remedy was fare*d to eodfUB* iroiaad to own staff. H« »p«ji * IRMI (teal of time putting to <"»n "^ into key posts un and down UK line to Uw He then dealt wrth THE BRA20SPORT FACTS r*M* MMMK fflMlM* an.. MiM^n feKHr M IMM IX»II1«« »I«1<P' HlOlllll* ** ~< »»««•» •«•••• WJiij..*.** fc MJM««MI r»» t.f »«•»••«. fc*t» »••»•» •-*•• »• >Mr>» *•* wl *•*>». K*> I Berry's World " *** ant M a* ?%** e, cunowrj «not«ifc «*» attempted by Mr Noon's chwf a»s»aaAt» II R Hakkwan Krliehmatt wilh quil» rrsalu Mr Johnson rrtierf en a host of pertonml oootacU ae had bwUt «» in btt years a* an inOiwtiU*! senator It wa* clear to Pm*V«a K«ao*4iy. Truman and Johmun Uwt (he W>tibr llouw staff had become » maw- bureaocracy on il* <«n with a momentum <&#»ruH lo control *sd heavy with vested interesti. The problem H heavy eww when a president ol one t»nj is »u«e*d«i by a prestdrnt ttoa» Ibe opp«nUon Tboogh there can b* a b"«»e cfeawog, «oer w pU« the nrw $/wip «t»elf b«Denes * semi-independent living body not rompietr . ,*tt l» a prtMdrot's wift. M wilae*.* IT Kastngtr'* manipuUlion oi Mr Htxon ta loreign alUirs The problero » mor* tertous when a vice preMdenl succeed* a prestdrnt of bis own party in midterm and inherits In* old staff Mr Johnson was convinced the Kennedy White House group he look over repeatedly wixftaged bit efforts, a* indeed it did There are rrporu Ford tt cuftrrtng the *ame problem wtth members of Ibe old Hixna enhwrage eager to hold on to poorer They have a backlog of ex- perteoff at the Wntle House lo outmaneuver Mr Ford's oewcomen. Jew of whom are noted for Inflation triggers home freezer boom #*** *<*» ****** »* »* * A«s*-f , *1 4«««?tt? ***««*. ». M1U.JA.M tHUVM K» VuocUlrd It*** » f *»*» sfc* hoticnt V? *<»* »»fi«*. erurkttic* •Jle tt«*4«ir t"inr»». - <ifaur tome*** *«» ' 4rtll «*•'» «"f«f U BM u> comMHuen' <h»tm u» tm^ttf ««•-«» ,^ Kir ^ n^^ ^ ^ l1B j, toed coutt by buying (ft q(s»ft*H> But !ftM ham*' tvorajmiMti titaatem Itutt tw-)tn» font 16 butt e» .{set *>»!«)•» it* ka,t« «~i p^otjinr w»v lo A mat rn rrr, * s««« bus » fj«-<«r <MM| o< a side of t*«f Ntwcfti >« mntt vvrtt bmqtM .«rp>*r^l«t7 «! A 3. «jtt»nc» tan U* ttwwiii' in m»)rw/ r at a t #tiwFd rit&t rf u>* 4* rn tout (wr iftw iwr, -win Itwrar *« * 4«i*««* ll*at I6» US * 1*4 «**» ta tfcnw&tn, >» «(4iit.<'mi,u* '•"• wAnt JMT JIT rarwao* » yn Jh* rtinafd Mft «« in «(M)« .B the »»m, ' ' * *N»« flut SAM in <m< in a fr*w(«*- JIM BISHOP. REPORTER After their names appeared in /ighfs ' M tabu rrr ITS »!*** f!*t3«u t'-t.Kt • »«* ** &t*i '-!>» -iw* u< » *•«»»« ITT l* li.H ('>««*•"» I* *» OMWUtt W UUe Y«t It to a *Jg» of a U« ft****** t» I* tft* «a»J MM! la *i hiM« KM my unbofl«d hrjd, 4 nun a*;n*d Kktafd Umpartki keeps *»»«'«* «»* lite, and I fc«n> bt«ytef ihnn KfM.% WIWIWJ.K. «*n* «< «OKM of the «*d Urtropcfct (louse S*ng oppMiir fame in "UPeria del U«.*tM»«»' U«*» »» M<rK>«», too*. dauglMUrr of an tewm»a Hrt«r tuofc a vok* k«ioti At 7J, the gtvrs hrr «<m* (o tht Baittmor* oj«t» r« , t>««* MtrroiMdcd by toy pnodtc* IIKI»V t.AMAHK B«n ll«4w«g Kteskr in Vwnn* A«M». ffaw » l*li Knchantinff, Imputaive bcawiy *II hrr liir Mw bia; p«rinr* »** AJgwrt, isu« thd a nude »cnw in • rkstaay" r«t»r •tarried r'riti Man4«l, muaitioai nulitoMire and. "* MKtrssion. Inv others Lt»e» «jfri«tly M> New V«k figures »h* IMS gone through S» miltion »tAP»lK M4XIK K(M*r:N8llMlVI Boxing (luunpian tM ti« f*#bu. won » Played eom«dy hwfa » mcnieal Owned Itollywoad nigfcttJwl* At 71, t»««4 alooc in a born* lor Mttuor ciiurm in 1^* Angeles tiKflAUK U'UHIKS, Star ol sitent nima Handsome he-man *no protected teroiow from fat* wors* loan death, Own kissed hi* iwrsc At 74, tt nctt. a htaltb nut. irra )o maaskw m tom\ wood, Calil INvoned Irom Uaffu*ri$ CbwrchUl, his leading Ifidy in "Kifen o} Uw Purple Sage." ANN HVtHKHKUKU In motion plrtw»*p(ay*d Andy l«*rdy » girt friend Stood in • note during few* tow** with Mktoy Booaty, «o she wouldn i look HAD Wm Married Bill Potter. Al M, Um M coloniaJ house M» HUts. makas paper flowtr* TOBY WIMfi, Agakaa twauly In noviM, «•« alw»yi known M "ttw lady « Uia *st." liM its brt»bu wly. ipuii, *** * c *«ji. • M of "ba* ***** «*«J *»»» htt»* !••» * m , *bnt. THE WORRY Q/N/C troroU** ied bM«t r wtng KMatr» * d«> ««it Waftttd to fc» Kctt/ed to ^«*m B«K»>. W* . MHIS DKMKX Bcjwri itnwwi Nwittfui l»*r»ir<w idol " .M iong M I fffottRlcd by body t*f«r« ttw c*owf a.t t fat paid Your dress, actions; must fit stereotype! i,r,ftfuiv, « < ft t*r,. Pktl.M tl a outwra Diverted ll*» ao«M in «t*d *fwru c»r. rw r«a>, jpajing ha», dw»««» w«wiw MxiKtifflf* r«fMto M Ike can HAKV A»I«M. tkw* |j»«»*Mnk* M Quiary, III, i*» Oorg*ow» p*fioo*lUy Ditofttd Or r'raMltn Tborpe, IfM, denMl Mi of dury detailing hn« *«* tt pi«ywrtfbl tJ««rg« S K«rf»»« d««gl»i«r la tKMbM4 S«r» an* "S#*. tfwittd. ttiftsto, Swuu^, I ml o< awlmi " At M. »»»*• * i«¥«ft book* KITH IILWirlV fiug» and icma »ur Warred u» UM ari|>i»il "Cataby " Warrfcfrf to Hubert LfMgjMcfcat. l***»4 •gent, u' '*O lia* two MMM, one a Kavy ***** totencta** «t UM oflic* at to the home otj wfctrt Uoivwnity tt toautf lit *nd hfet tnarmiftg wife rwwKlj had dtMwr with Mr* CraM sad m» Or UthAf Martad lo metfical stimi but twtuiwd to UHF MRUAtry aft** Ms lint j«r And ht to* held a number «f larft p»Oor»tM. so hi ha* a cry whsi* ,Ssr»e(> ikil "But Dr Craw." h* said, "whto I w«« contidmd lor IM» »tw pasilton. aore* o) Uw otHctate v«nt««4 sbowi my ag* "So I loW them I belonged to Uw "wbit* an tht bs«k M* fe»H imsH Uaat from PortugaJ to A4iA«. Aw jjiiprtitf ffffif^f bifid* '•^.^^r^^w v.ffw-W!»" •'•"*''"' , sur, marrW . . . C«W, a* forwaJ aa tar triMg* No <rk«d» ataong UM tt» n My frwndi wen in U» »«»*wp " Stw'U to W ant menlh, Mi^KV »*'» W. P»toU in A g«BUt iaictiari who navar tajoyH U> movtaw. HarrM f ranee* Veroon in il& **" c«kttf*t« futOni dMuirfnwfy aa»l ywr |iM Urtn at fclAfUa'* Viotywd, Kaa*., iuMter in vfMaia N«» Yert. fey ««d a jprt H«tk*d IMI. rvikroi fKUt<V MfOOU HaaewMd tUga «Ur ui« to a/* *»» MMM it '1 Btiw " Wtftnf WUUMB H WaJJtaa; r to SUw/wd, C«». tad <W . NW y*|. «»'• «, teMy WUITKtIIIHT* PTOT toMafr .1 tow wamaa yw thai the piiwaJ kaaoart to frrt up lo Uiatr nierwotyfw whatit* at prtasta, dactots, boiaos or uachan! A general is UHM Mpsciad to w««r toe approprlaM ttmlorm 1 IM »hm thfM wivf* and « tw sent for (fU**l m<rd)cat or 4*atal sw«cty, iht rrv«M«* «( those itta* 'omwcraiic dortor*. p**» tt**a w in (a»w of the M*n«if«Mi torfmMS j; &SM* gt»* for it* ywmf >i*« nowaday* who a4aftf a Wppte bait Itwmwnt *HMfti Ta* gtrta l«w« »m SME« h and appartnUy tiww gf*al «atU|M; ** Item Wbyl J« becauw UMM b»y» hav^ bMm rtd&pvd l« lha lower tt*h» of Uwir tea. «ko prrviouti} Mt in |«r mtttrrjl awl ttMlal aUbaiaih wsarod storU. MMt otter corotoubja lypM r*l bava b**oa«f to**** hstiir vateii y«urdr*aa> ' Raj («opla wiU «« gnii* ta* *O» front Utaw Utosi *wt of te toMtarttil ly{a> of while shjrt and «a usruUv* r'o» «OHM» bun •»» ay* Inm thjiaai4v«» *na« with a iwjfs wfciit added to th» nitle'* unto 4m t §«t u» ttotic «*a* io Ittt pt«MM« af ™, «««««U<M.«I not by an a

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