Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on November 21, 1935 · Page 5
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 5

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 21, 1935
Page 5
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21, 1935 CAI Mrs. Branch Toland and family. The ladies are sisters. ttedgood and Wendell A seven pound son was born f reon visited nere Tuesday morning, November 19, with the home to Mr and Mrs Orval Plants Mr. and Mrs\ Barrans attended court in Bedford last Thurs- THE LENOX TIME TABLE, LENOX, IOWA and It that she , and is s tv ^ Manroe, day. Wrs Earl Hud- Haas went to Dr. and Mrs. Mark Sluss and to see Miss daughter Mary Ann, left Sun- in the day morning for South Bend, muc. They Indiana, where they will visit gaining in with the Doctor's parents until Reeling much after Thanksgiving. Mrs. H. A. Stephenson accompanied them is , I jno sd Hostler "" to Fairfteld, where they were of dinner guests of her mother. Iland, Nebr., left 1 ,, after spending a Bazaar and 25c chicken sup- rTjRJ. OM^^ AV ^ O I — at the home of per at Stringtown, Friday night, Mrs. Richard Meyer and daugh- Nov. 29. Everyone invited. Mr. and Mrs. Jay Henderson of Bedford were guests over Sunday night with Miss Anna Turner and her mother. Be sure and read the Red & White ad. It tells all about the Angel Food Cake Contest, Saturday. Rev. and Mrs. I. G. Randels, Mrs. H. C. Killion, Mrs. Mary Sweeley, Miss Annola Toler and Mrs. B. L. Hudson were in Mt Ayr Thursday, attending a Centennial Fellowship meeting of the Churches of Christ. basket dinner was served at noon. Principal speakers in the afternoon were Rev. E. E. Lister of Creston and Rev. F. C. McCallon, Rev. Randel was chairman of the meeting. Milton Bricker and Miss Margaret Wurster spent Sunday in Greefleld with Milton's sister, Miss Eloise Bricker. Mr. and Mrs. Frances Folcy CHTJRCH OF CHEIST I. G, Randels, pastor 10:15 Church School 11:00 Morning Worship 7:00 Christian Endeavor Certainly Thanksgiving Sunday presents us with a high call to meet in God's House and render thanks for the outpouring of God's blessings for the year and all years. We found cause to thank God last year, how much more this year. Give way spirit of grumbling and the top and hollow out. You make points or scallops around the top of the shell if you prefer. Fill the shell with fruits- rosy apples, bananas, grapes, oranges. And you may sprinkle a few nute among the fruit if you wish. This particular centerpiece was further beautified by the addition of amber cellophane wrapping. The pumpkin shell was placed on a square of cellophane and the edges of the cellophane were gathered together by a strip of the paper which circled the pumpkin and was tied in a large crisp bow. The four corners of the square were allowed Prairie Gem to stand out stiffly from the Lyle. The Prairie Gem Aid Society held their November meeting with Mrs. Alvin Leach. The afternoon was spent making quilt blocks for the hostess. Refreshment of cup cakes and cocoa were served. Wm. Wurster and George were Sunday dinner guests at Herman Wursters. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Ferguson entertained the following guests at dinner Sunday: Mr. and Mrs J. P. Recknor, Mr. and Mrs Frankie Miller and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bush and ;ressive rook party Friday ev- jning. Refreshments of fruit salad and cookies were served. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wurster called Sunday evening at the Walter Wurster home. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Ferguson were Corning visitors Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Orval Plant are the parents of a son, born Tuesday morning, Nov. 19. Mrs. Chas. Scott of Lenox is helping care for the new baby. "Mr. and Mrs. Gus spent Sunday evening John Krohmer home. Larson at the may God give us grace to be | pumpkin. The result was sur- Geneva Fletcher and Elva prisingl? attractive. Miller called on Ella Mae Baker The same idea might be used Sunday afternoon Saturday evening, Nov. 23, at spent Sunday in Stuart with nrt her son, I Arnold Buldg., the M. E. Ladies Mr. and Mrs. Ray Potts, former wife and grand- will serve oysters, beginning at Lenox people. mi .Json,'allof Mar-15 o'clock. Adv. >, visited over the week Mrs. Sarah Stoaks. I Wm. guests there Cheese Barrans and Harry left this morningf L spriner of Ottumwa [Saturday and spent Sunt the 0. G. Cook home. [springer, who had been tag the week here, re- I h ome with him Sunday (Thursday) for Iowa City, ex- Leo pecting to return tonight. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cameron and Lucille, Leila and Lloyd The P-man "Hon. Henry Wallace 'Sect, of Potatoes "U. S. Govt. "Dear Mr. Wallace: grateful. The evening service will be the second in a series on the Bible. The following Sunday evening the young people present "Fine Gold", a Bible play. Next Church Night Supper, Dec. 4. Our slogan, "From 18 to 80". M. E. CHURCH Thomas Kelly, Pastor Sunday School, 10:00 a.m. Morning Worship, 11:00 a.m. Epworth League, 6:30 p.m. Evening Service, 7:30 p.m. At the Morning Worship service the pastor will preach on, God's Breath". >uu _ Heimke Ky'were dinner guests T, y at the Henry Moeller I. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ehm Rmily were afternoon call- „, Bertha Toland and dau- jt,Maurine, went to Marcel,, last Thursday on busi- , Dave Morris drove their auth Mead and daughter of Red Oak, spen toy and Tuesday at the jof her parents, Mr.';-and |Q, A, Bryant. rere Sunday guests at the J. E. iameron home. Robert M. Davie, county ag- icultural agent, was a- Lenox isitor Monday. The Miller Chevrolet company eports the sale of a new Master de luxe coach to O. L. Davis. Mrs. A. L. Barker, who has been visiting at the home of i Anna Sellers of Chicago liiom Sunday until Wed i at'the home of Mr. an ,,,. "Man wiunouo uuuo -oicm/A-i . "Please send me ApplicaUon U^™ t for the ev€ ning ser- Blanks, I want to apply for a \™ J e Two w „ job as a Federal P-man. P is m °?™' H t.n vou a cordial ir for Potatoes, and now that the We extend to you a cordial invitation to attend all our Suna U. S. Crime, you will need a aa y with squash, providing a nicely The Owens boys ente'rtained shaped squash is obtainable, about 35 young people at a pro- The squash might be cut in two | ___________ from top to bottom, with the handle left on the piece which is used as a cenerpiece. The Iowa Homemaker publication of the Home Economics Division at Iowa State College, has suggestions for making combination nut cups and place cards for your Thanksgiving] dinner. For each place you will need three unbroken halves of English walnut shells. Glue an edge of a small triangle of red glazed paper into each shell,' thus fastening them together | tightly. Pierce the red paper with a toothpick bearing a I Jean Harvey passed the eighty word Gregg transcrip- test which shows exceptional ability. Aleda Cox passed the sixty word transcription test, and both are waiting for certificates from Gregg. lot of P-men to help you throw Potato Hoarders in jail. The Priscilla Circle will meet in the church basement on . , . tato Hoarders In jai. afternoon, Nov. 21. "I would make a fine P-man, uy M esdames Mr. Wallace, because I hate po- ta'toes, they have wife Mabel. will be Mesdames ~Dahlberg, Alma McCurdy 1 and Ida Crabtree. On Saturday evening the lad- •mbel eats too many of them uoocial Union wlll .starchy foods, they settle right llca in her hips. they sett* ngn - ve " an oyster suppe r in the I was telling her f V ,,,,i',i ri0 . service starts her daughter, Mrs. W. C. Lewis, for several weeks, returned to tier home'in Humeston, Sunday. Mrs. E. L. Hudson spent last Thursday in Mt. Ayr at the home of her daughter, Mrs. 1 with my figgure today, "Why don't you put a bujldlngi Service sta rts roaay, w^y uun * j — v.-T atSom little more starch in my shirt ^ • t ^ prohibltion collars. Mabel, and not so muca ,, The Aftermat h;' which inside of you? Your figger « K^ ut on m O ur church on getting awful." Tuesday, Nov. 24 under the aus- , Mabel, ™ ayf ' tne local w.c.T.U. A "there isn't anything wrong P 1 ' m be taken . with m flggure that I can see Uree will o _J_ Humph,' says Richard Barton. ,^ at Tj^t"tiie trouble," I says. 'Yol can't see the places Davis and where you ought to could just UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH NOTES Rev. Lewis spent Sunday in if small pennant with the name of the guest upon it, fill your nutshells with tiny mints, red cinnamon candies and salted nuts, and you will be pleased ] with your results. How To Block A Knit Dress An easy way to block a knit derss after washing it is to turn the dress inside out, slipping a piece of cardboard cut according to the shape of a perfectly fitting garment inside it. If you are blocking a sweater, cut separate cardboard pieces for the body and for the sleeves. Place the dress on towels on a flat surface until it is nearly dry. Then cover with a damp cloth and press until the pressing cloth is nearly dry. The cardboard forms should no* be removed until the garment is entirely dry. Standard Oil Products NOW SOLD IN LENOX BY ROY NELSON SERVICE STATION AND HARRY HAYNES TANK MANAGER CALL 140R OR 131 FOR PROMPT SERVICE $1.00 WORTH OF Old Reliable Acme [plus Sow's Milk and Pasture (no corn) feeds I each pig all the ACME he will eat until—3— I months of age, weans all pigs with the sow lat-8-^eeftf retains the BABY PIG,FAT, prevents the RUNTS and SET-BACKS. Pigs [W ACME weigh 65 to 90 Ibs. at -3- moiiths. [flie Best and Cheapest Ration You Ever Fed For Sale By Pay When You Sell Your Hogs •""'But my wife is stubborn, Mr Wallace, she thinks her flg- ger is good enough for me, even if it is awful. So I am glad that the U. S. Govt. is going to thin her down with this Anti-Potato Law. , , •There is one little thing that worries me, though. Potatoes is harder to kill off than pigs, .because they grow underneath the ground and there isn't no way that your experts can count th "But if you will make me a P-man I will tell you what to , Mr. Wallace. Just warn a U me U S. Farmers that you wil throw them in jail if they don t grow their potatoes on trees, yours ruly, \y. Norman Exchange er , iu«. ~ is hoped that each nember of the church will feel heir CKristian responsibility more as the days pass. The annual Thanksgiving ser- ice will be observed next Sab- oath morning. All the service will be in charge of the Mission- ary societies of the churcn Miss Aulora Mclntyre will speak at the morning service. RED & WHITE HOME Angel Food Cake Contest Saturday at 3:30 r one is invited to enter. Get your Red & White cake flour today. to Prize $g 2nd Prize, $g 3rd Prize, $^ • to be auctioned off after the contest to Classified Ads PRODUCE RESULTS For the Homemaker Ideas, Suggestions, News for Women Readers Put Them In A PumpUin Shell If you want a Thanksgiving table centerpiece which will be a credit to the roast turkey and which Vour guests will exclaim about, you might try the very but very effective plan L Miss Louise L'Engel's sztssssfitfxz pumpkin is the first requirement. Cut off „„„„„„„ nmmmimumm iiiiniiiiiiimiiiiiiiii niiiiniiiiiHinmuiiiiimiiniiiiiiiiiiiiil Tried and True- Before a man can qualify to be a private in an army, he must be able to pass some rigid tests. Many men are not accepted. They cannot qualify. I -vv, i, w u^; auviiuncu VIM. t*»»"—- ' ,« Tlnv J»e highest bidder, proceeds going to the coy Scout organization. If you don't care to bake If angel food, any cake will do. It will be sold lh "t not entered in the contest. So get busy and 'e the Boy Scouts a boost. p&_* WHITE CAKE FLOUR, 28C 9c 27c 9c [CREAM TARTAR, PANULATEP SUGAR, 5 Ibs, pANlLLA EXTRACT, 3-4 ounce bottle O.L. DAVIS GROCERY DEPARTMENT PANCAKE FLOUR, 29C $•( .85 9c 25c 33c I 19c 3 for 6 Ib. pkg. FLOUR, Blue,Ribbon WHEAT CEREAL, pkg. " OAT MEAL, G.W.C., 5 Ib. pkg. PRUNES, No. 10 or gal. size GOLD DUST, large size, with 1 Fairy soap GRAPEFRUIT, seedless " Yankee Doodle Shuekmg Mitts and Gloves are best. Before those who are taken on trial can be promoted, they nvust have proven their merits. In examining recruits for aviation and other specialzied forms of service, most thorough and exacting tests are required. Some of those who have tried have proven true. These principles apply to advertising. Tests are made. Some have tried mimeographed circulars and found them fallen by the wayside. Others have tried folders. These go to the wastebasket. Others have proven that the newspaperman invited guest in the home-is given most reader consideration. STILL OTHERS have tried and found true a specialized combination of direct mail and newspaper advertising. we we you work out a campaign of action to help you * «*. ,.^»»~ -«w*wti" .ab,arw»i' - «^.^to_...«.-— * particular objectives? It Pays to Advertise in The Lenox Time Table i MB i ,

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