The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 7, 1973 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 7, 1973
Page 4
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VIEWPOINT E. H. Hunt is Watergate key An influential political source rays the US. attorney's «flfc« bent b today "far attend of everybody" in the Watergate case — meaning it has compiled a mountain of evidence sufficient to engage three at Ivor grand Juries Instead of the singk; one presently involved The key figure hi all this is a man already convicted of participation in the June. mx. Watergate break-in. E. Howard Hunt, former CIA agent, tie has been called m on at least eight separate occasions. Hunt is Ut&tag under a grant of immunity, (laving stood at the very center of the Niton administration's espionage- sabotage plan against the Democrats, he is uniquely placed to implicate all the other phndpah in that undertaking ~ including some who so far are skillfully escaping serious public attention. Its taken for granted, o( course, that the sitting gram! jury ultimately will hand (town other indictments. But most of these will likely be for obstruct** of justice and perjury in coonettxm with the elaborate While House cover-up of Watergate linkage to the administration. Soengutfed in IrsUnxwy and documents that it cannot begin to sift alt its materials thoroughly, the U.& attorney's office probably is not the place to look for a ftrfler unfolding of the espionage-sabotage story. furthermore, some of the documented behavior under that plan may be merely unethical rather than illegal. Thus, my source suggests that the Ervtn investigating committee may be the forum for the complete irihng of the story, if K ts em to be loW at aB RAY CRQMLEY For the moment, interested Americana (far from all of them) wait impatiently (or the testimony before the Krvm committee of ex-Nixon aides John Dean and Jcb Stuart Magruder It is understandable enough, sine* they, if talking under pants of Immunity that realty open them up. can start a chain of contacts which may establish once and for all what degree of involvement the President had in the Watergate cover-up and perhaps other aspects. Let's agree, again, that detcrmuung the President's petition b crucial tnfornulkw for the nation. Nevertheless, the whole thing will have an aspect of big current* spinning around a hollow center if the American people do not find out the full potential dimensions nod the kind of seamy raw material which seem to be the essence of this unbdievably ugly endeavor. That must bring the Krrin commuter inescapably to Html. It will surely ffH to him, though probably not for many weeks- When it doe*, his testimony given under immunity will (assuming it matches what he b thought to have toW the grand jury) blow the lid. For, howrver unseemly k» our »itU- fragmentary portrait of Xncn htghrr up« playing cover-up, the heart of tto tembtv sordid late ts WHAT, in the mo»l cocnpfcte seme, there was to cover up, The celebrated burglaries, dramatic an they are, don't teil us more than a (ruction of we need to know. limit ha* to be the Nixon clique-type rule centuries old fat late l*h century England, hbtortan Norman Cantor writm, a major shift of power mtiated away from the king's public romtacrs this "Cabkiet," if you will) lo men in Ifce king's ovuncil, a group personally rejponsibfe to the kiag. bu not to Parliament Beginning with the administntkn of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and ct»MinBing| under Democrat* and Republtcans alike, this same shift has taken place m 33th century America from the public "cabinet" lo the White House staff. The results tn England are described by Cantor Ihss way: •This is a personal kind «f government, . .(under which) taxes are collected and tunneled through the household chamber instead of the more cumberajme pubbc radiation of the exchequer. The counal wwks qutetly and secretly and by the middle of the lith century we can see that it is irresponsible .tTbere had been) vociferous demands that the king's minuter* should be appointed with consent of Parliament, impeached if necessary, that at lea>st they stould make reports Kaced with these demands, the king relies more and more in his private adminntrauon: be extend* the artivity of the royal council . rts imtiibers take an oath of secrecy. . . "Edward IV was a master of household administration, and in las reign we mroumer a new of ficer called the lung's aei-rviary. At first H ts hard to know what his (unction is hi the late IStb cvntury be t». primarily, the king's hatchet man an i&scure. rather unsavory character who sdiemes and pulls strings " at The shitdiwy men »ho ran the cuuntU tended to cover oMaoui art) to pwtpuoe mjjtw dttem|)<s soiutiom vhicfl *oukt hjtr cunirom^tKct* to cfcalttngf ib«f (luwtr They operated through intriicu* »nd >ny«ery - and wujctii la thruu^i the cfflcKticy vf ihnr The moral, of cour»e, b I hut without respoRsSbiltiy mfvititMy k-Ati> mm WORLD at WAJIKATf, «% (wMt't Wl >*»• SIX SCAWDAi M THE WtAK»r<M*T FACT* Comment and Opinion , ft IM *••«*! ANDERSON MEftffY-GOAOUNO Kiss-and-tell caper Republican's tactic JACK A XV t« t»c<k* u«*d »|»IMl the < *"*** 6* It** tt*r? **>* Ike BUSINESS MIKROK Foreign investors enter stock market , -U'.rf I** air****. *«** * ten 6* • '•«•«** «* «* *<***• " ** ****** '****** *"****» *>*** s*fc» *< * tt *<•**• i«tt «*«* ***«*>«* W «a tt«i»*nM -« Was**'** •»**** *ew**a« M H * ««** **** **•* 4* ill*** **«•*»»<•« *•*«** **; ttwe KM* ffi*. >UI "I ««««* *«•»« *«*!? «MMCf>«lt *8 •wfitwB, WMM^xl* «*»*"«n*««* At* NKW YOHK «A!'i Wlafc- tfw market jcnw w«n«i la \x/rv Am«rKa*a» much a.i (Swr <ucnct»-r rirnwi, <sw«»!T> Bnestoe^ arc «s RJ ' ' ««** !•*<» IKS* b? AO «*«!l((!w irf f* fact tvet nun t tfeit Sj to cwtw They 3tv bu»u>({. that M, at 4 tin« wJarts TliM! > Urge wTtttwtit o< Uv Am*rttjo yuiiiu: ts Anu-riK-An ignrarttsg thr nwrtrt. And wbro aa? jrir pneira' »tll rtic Thr purvhjun An in that d>r\fijyirr'5 W othrf »l«i iin# Uxrtr d«tnw( oi INr . J r. or pcrtvipn of Anurrican poiilivi! rtucfiy ta),?iti *«d arv Swwfttn.. Cin*d», j-iirrf f rucr rviiji:«*:n <H> itwac .V wft^-fi Uiwwr f ' <»«« !>i*e». -as fttt- « f'»« »tw» *,wi **» *t«!«et f r , im , sji^. 1^ $„, aviM Hu&nt | t* w it -Jl»r t"h«».«r. fcntctt titan tf.«*« «»j»a »«e • l-.-.e j»l fan M:1«'IS«1! i ji.-s'nunS. te w in i*ii> t |"te»ui» tfntsi. ift>F fSitiJiri '?< tte ItT !*«• The White lloux- stalf of ID) Mi t3celr».» m«n retptxiaibte to no one exorpt [he Prrudci* wi» KulilUionahtrd b> Mr Re»>MvHl It *» jtppUuM by soroe abk- rttitorum of the Unte a» ttw oriy means d uiting th* frewdCTicy W*hc«« tha devoted animate we»«ance. ncrnUrf wroir. no man couW nunage the Bjv*rmnr« ta lhe*r ftiodern cwTiplicatrd la fhf firs* at (rwn pviitbj.«~i f I tis«r twt Miry ** 86* M» in !»«. &»«,» to Jonathan tlartreb. a form«r ilomevelt arfe. wrote "Harrjucrv»CK-» mtcvwuUy fail io carry out the President** ordrr* •because Owe) don't agree w«h thero. becaust tbt^ are from an oppoHte funj . txcauHr the) dnitkir change or berauor Jhey bd»e*e ehry ha« enough Jo do " Moreover. »4td the students of »nfrr»nct<. the various departments and agencies have conflicting inlcrem Unmeant must aid the PrrMdrol in v»t jrq» these iSKwtnces and prrirntinj! an trver- ^1 no. This private f'rcjidrnl jdviwr relaionsbip that exms between ibe occupMl of the Whrtc Iktuv and h» »l oil cannot be ovwly rirpoMd to the whim of a Setwteor liot&«.- which may have p4rt«.«m folitical motives Yet Ihe pow«r I bra* faceless men can *»*td and Uwr ouKrhief they can rain*.' i» tui great to go unchecked. of purttwKH «! !.*•« liic tjfrur , «hm the rrurkrt w it rnm< f alfwr r.^, ai it « aow Wnthr the tiotmntx barmfcro "till «tc<-^« h bitmrd on »*rh*» facton •- u*:fe *» c^piUl (disa Uirrj Uy* dnvcknd rjLr«, Will Sirwt ckw3r(4ci-tjly»r. dtHruU ta tuiTM* 4 («"* (tw UHrrntl u Jllcilujlol ta ^jliw Whether ibrvr vafe*rs jr* r«ra! or inujpneii U in outcome tlui ont»xi> can (c*«x4i«. but when ;nu IntA jl ««w o( the fiKU on wtucb ftartt|tn tin'm-ma jf r (nj«4r you haric to 4jjrw thj! lNr> x»tn sownti Vtit«6«« ft* Kaiit. (V,»ri»*dl Xtrvt Wfcik (.•>«.-«• etjpiatcH !fia! (Ctcr>|t ship AMwrtiCiM> <»ropu«i«» «l«5*)4l tntcrvti.t 4(Vti ;nti;f ni( rrvctfmjrrf prwij.:t.i. Ihrj jet itnt thr pnrirtTvd thrancifs B^ <jMn tftntlr*. Eft W)if (Scl; t iff. K*> l«**f f.1«w '* ffiw !*«•»»• *•••» * CM lh>4 Sv> rKram<tc»;* (wife Will lh>c It wtU It (hj{ 4 qultihrr o< »;i »»•• «x rile than in ycrtfcit JIB HAl BOVIE'S PEOPIE Memory gives hope and heals our pain IV th*> «• ta* PAUL HARVEY NEWS SKW YOitK ' AP> Memory tj * II is thr balm that rrvoooki ut lo today's pjiiu and the premtwd emptinraA and fandinrui of tomwrcxw By reminding at of good lime* we bad in the p*ut and the bad lime* ** survived, memory ran aUo by linfu: examplrt give u* hope that our future nuy suit hokt great lmwT> loo Your own store of I memorwa a large enough to liil nutty an idle hour U you can kwt t=j(t and r«nernber when afoul of toe things you bought ctwt >oo only about what the tax on (farm u now Many boy* went hungry Saturdays because U (hey didn't sneak out of the house before breakfast their mothers would tell them they'd bivv lo spend inuat of the day beating dust out of rugs hung up on a wire in the backyard. Y«u didn't have to weary about getting air-conditioners or television »«u repaired, but somehow something always Kcniul tu gu wrung with the v<Ml luriucc or the hot water heater Doctors didn't charge much and they were usually the lost to get paid The first tnirjg a family paid every week w«* iu grocery btll A young feilow who could strum a pretty fair mandolin usually didn't have much troubk gelling dab*, Many it htricl mother wouldn't ki b*r daugbt«r go out with a boy wto drove a car that lud « luinbk MMI. Wbite isle bad problem* wv duo't face now, no HUM* luid lo spend hal/ the day in im «ffic« WMhruotn bw*u»« of a stuck Offer. A jokwute delujqural »iu « kid wlw wt to It* froni row of ine twkwiy at the mevks, and tarew b**i* at ine audknce Mvw tt»K»W) a* Ow U|M» »**« turned off, A tet nf fatiu (bought ;mi »rrr t «w«) yuur money tf >«w MT.< y<ewr ddugMer 4»*> lantOrgc Thr mate lr*«jr> •»4.» that » girt (fota'l nmd ta go to caltegc to k»m how lo ratw chiklren. and too much rducalMO wrvrd c«tly to uniabnt* ihr frnuk miml mere lh*n rutwr h*d done it alrrady I'Tfjple gj*e ITM morwy la formal i bant), tut were nKKr wiliutg to pUca in ami hrlp »a infavHfcul who «*» in trouble Thuse »«r» the day* ii'tnrniU-r" 1 Listening Sen. Tom Eag/eton: Democrat 1 who won* Sen. Tom Ircm » net been \tm to tft TV f*<t i fcei wrong Hj Int I am grateful thai thr l/xd rn»p«xb In luve ID every r»errt*c trf (aith b> 4ft> »l» dnwkul -JKSUS SAIO. 'WHO WAS IT THAT T«HKHKl» MK 1 W»IK« AIX UKNIKI* IT. I'KTKII SAIJ). < MASTKI(. THK MUtTITUUKS St/lllUH'NU YOU AM> PH>SS UPON YOU' HUT JKS'US SAH). -bOMKONr: ToUCHKU WK, I'WR I f'KIK'KIVK THAT PuWKK WiNE KDltTII r'HOM MK " tj&e I 4444 ill S.V.i IUv« you pufabc personal «f titcntmn aad lh» Undlag to The man .V«. Gcergt McGovern dumped becauM bit emotional bH« f«T TW «u« who **« «**twity t« f «n* by frwrn )• !*• «pp**r*«ce* tiw« — Mix* ' *» th» (U) d* that TM* K*«h<aci MAKV r; THE FACTS «. 4 ItMlM Of* ItlUlt. h«* dcnxmslfaled rvtry symptom of M^rrb mental health petw under Mff*», serene lorgHcnrM and a gentle, oatttral tctwt of huow* An Insecure pernon in hi* pwiikm be esptcbcd to diicrl crtUcitm l m UM contrary. Kagteton »how» w* v«*d to <»« » • *M) fal^pw" • «t»* s br ««kiawra' An Akron Uru»ertity, *ikcd alxM btgh fuod pnciw. he saMI, "{ft bcc« • dreadful crop *e»*wj for our fanner*, price* will rAoikraic when the weather geu better. " Asked abuut WatcrgaUr, be rcplkd. "All political parttw *p> on otw uuother. Uw i gut caught at u " A»k«d about President mumpUon U bamWig In called it "dlsawirtoU And aakcd about hit iiwa penwoal polHkal pntfjKCt*. b* kughingly rtptkn (bat whenever aoy party oifidal t bum amr <M k«, eagJtton. wUl The «m»t«r tww to knew thai UM <M»I» ten Amcf kam now ta Mwoul bM^tab *M UM bcnefact«r<i «4 Itt* Utumpti It take* purpMcful r«mco)iitrta« t» rcalue that )uM IS y««r» «go m did «* evw tpeak «m radio MK* ««rd» « trtardwJ « '(*«*»! Ma-»ery ' or «« "caanr " C«wt* of law a*wcif>4«l "iwsaaity" with "«»mteals" and »oy nwnul sktom* WSM a family Uumc «*ftaf 14 da,» »„ July «f l»n th* *i% window, were n,,^ ^^^ » And la UK imaU» nua, ikt UnpoftsiH puWic atutwk Uward buw*i4iw»'* most «wa»«B m*la4y tm beeo *« •Hn«4 that *• at* teut «l Uw AMA , ««o«ral Psycfclatry"

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