Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on November 5, 1938 · Page 8
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 8

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 5, 1938
Page 8
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Vote a Straight Democratic Ticket on Tuesday, November 8th SECOND SECTION DENTON, MARYLAND, SATURDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 5, 1938. Pages 7 to 10 November 8th, 1938 Vote SISK For SENATE r HONEST IMPARTIAL INTELLIGENT REPRESENTATION T For Caroline County A. FLETCHER SISK Published by Authority of H. R. Deane, Treasurer. A Personal Message To the People of Maryland from HERBERT R. O'CONOR * MILLARD E. TYDIRSS Dear Felloiv-Citizens: I am titJ.iny this means of asking you, the citizetiit of Maryland, to vote for me for Governor of Marl/land. For more than a half-century the Democratic Pai-lj iii i",i«rjy/«:i£/ has Lccn the party of progress. The failure of the Republican Parly has never been demonstrated more vividly than timing the last four years under Governor Nice. The record of the Democratic Party and my public record arc known to the people of Maryland. Even my opponent* must admit that I have fulfilled to the letter every pledge I have made. Tlterc is, therefore, solid foundation for every pledge we noiv make. EACH ONE WILL BE KEPT. The public schools will be kept out of politics and titty will be siihjcct to no outside influence whatsoever. My desire will be to see that Maryland has the best public school si/stem in the country. State business^ will be conducted in the interest of the public--not in the interest of any political organization or favored Jew. To help bring this about, not only for the next administration, but permanently, I heartily endorse ·my party's pledge to change the State Constitution so that no Governor may succeed himself in that office. In making appointments to public office 1 shall take into consideration only the fact that appointees must be fully qualified by reason of integrity, character, and ability. I urge you to vote for Millard E. Tydings for re-election to the United States Senate. Maryland is justly proud of the splendid record of Senator Tydinffs in Congress. As a courageous Senator, he has made his position clear on every issue confronting the people. On the State-wide ticket are Judge William C. Walsh, candidate for Attorney General; J. Millard Tawes, candidate for State Comptroller; and James A. Young, candidate for Clerk of the Court of Appeals. They are fully qualified by experience and training and their record of public service. I urge you to vote for them, and for your Democratic Congressional candidate, as well as for your local Democratic ticket. Yours very sincerely, HERBERT R. O'CONOR, Dear Fellow-Citizens : During the primary and general election campaign, I have, withoiU hesitation, cxptcjscd ·my views on every J'SSKC canfioitiiny the people of this nation. I have given you an r.-- tount of my stewardship and huve to'd Un- people of Maryland the retfont; for all of wj ^actions in Congress. These are trying days and matters of ll,c greatest importance will come before the Congress of the United Slaves, jl/j/ rerotd and ·experience justifies me, I believe, in ashing for your support. It was always my endeavor to vote for leyis- lation which I felt was to the beat ititctcnta of the farmer, the businessman, and the laboicr. This country must be careful not to involved in Europe's troubles. We must strive ·always to maintain peace and I strongly favor ·an adequate navy for national defense. I stand upon my record and ask for reflection to the U. S. Senate on this record. The past four years clearly show that we ·must have a Democratic Administration at Annapolis. Herbert R. O'Conor, the Democratic candidate for Governor, has an outstanding record of public service that qualifies him. in the highest degree to assume the leadership of the affairs of this State. I most earnestly ask ·you, the people of Maryland, to elect him as Governor of our State. We will then be assured of a return to sound business government. Judge William C. Walsh, candidate for Attorney General; J. Millard Tawes, candidate for State Comptroller, and James A. Young, candidate for Clerk of the Court of Appeals, are all qualified by experience, training, and .their past records of public service to be elected to the offices they seek. I ask you also to vote for your Democratic Congressman, whom .1 know will serve you well in Congress. Maryland will progress further under the Dcino- ·cratic Parly and 1 ask you also to vote for your .local Democratic ticket. Yours very sincerely, MILLARD E. TYDINGS. Br authority Clarence W. Miles, Clinlrnmn. VOTE FOR Wayne A. CAWLEY DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR Clerk of the Circuit Court For Caroline County VOTE FOR (Pol. Adv.) For Congress T. ALAN GOLDSBOROUGH of Caroline County For United States Senate MILLARD E. TYDINGS of Harford County For Governor HERBERT R. O'CONOR of Baltimore City For Comptroller of the Treasury J. MILLARD TAWES of Somerset County For Attorney-General WILLIAM C. WALSH of Allegany County For Clerk of the Court of Appeals JAMES A. YOUNG of Allegany County 'For Associate Judge of the Second Judicial Circuit of Maryland THOMAS J. KEATING For State Senate A. FLETCHER SISK For House of Delegates D. W. BANNING W. EDMOND NEAL For State's Attorney LAYMAN J. REDDEN For County Treasurer FRED E. COVEY For Clerk of the Circuit Court WAYNE A. CAWLEY For County Commissioners WILLIAM M. GAREY HARRY L. SULLIVAN H. ROLAND TOWERS For Register of Wills CARLTON V. WEST For Judges of the Orphans' Court JESSE T. DENNIS E. LLOYD FOOKS LUTHER W. HANDY · For Sheriff WILLIAM E. ANDREW (Pol. Adv.) Vote For E. LLOYD FOOKS PRESTON. MD. For Judge of the Orphans' Court Your Support Will Be .Appreciated ELECTION DAY.. NOVEMBER 8 i. Adv.) y Carlton V. West Democratic Candidate For Register of Wills General Election TUESDAY, NOV. 8TH Your Support Will Be Greatly Appreciated (Pol. Adv.) SUPPORT D. W. BANNING (Dover Road Filling Station) for House of Delegates General Election, November 8th Direct Representation for Caroline County and the State (Pol. Adv.) ELECT W. EDMOND NEAL DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR THE HOUSE OF DELEGATES (Pol. Adv.) General Election, November 8th Typings Friend of Labor, Ess Record In Senate Proves Senior Senator From Maryland Has Voted For Present Guffey Coal, Farm Credit, Home Owners' Loan Acts, Among Many Others Helpful To Workingman. Veterans Along Campaign Route Hail Candidate Addresses Stress Advocacy Of Legislation To Improve Highways, Build Bridges A n d Canals, Erect New Hospital, Etc. Senator Mi Hard E. Tydings has been a staunch friend of the workingman during his 12 years as a member of the U. S. Senate, and will continue to make every effort to be helpful to labor, a study of his record and public statements proves. Senator Tydings introduced and sponsored one of the first public work", bills as far back as 1032. Record in Senate The record shows Senator Tyclings has voted for: The Home Owners' Loan Corporation lo save homes from mortgage foreclosures and tax sales. The Farm Credit Act extending the same sort of aid to farmers. The present Guffey Coal Act. The Wages and Houi-s Bill. The Railroad Labor Act. The Railroad Employees Retirement Act. The Norris-La Guardia Anti-Injunction Act. The Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act. The Sea Service Act. The Relief Act of 1933. The LaFolleUc-Cosligan Work Act for the unemployed. The Relief Act carrying $300,000,000 of loans to the States for relief. The Wagner Unemployment Relief Act. The $500,000,000 additional for Public Works*Act. The Relief Act of 1937. The Public Works Act for 1038. The Railway Employees Unemployment Insurance Act. Large Audiences Senator Tydings was greeted enthusiastically by large audiences as he visited the counties of Western Maryland together with Herbert R. O'Conor, Demociatic candidate for Governor, and their running mates, William C. Walsh, candidate for Attorney General; J. Millard Tawcs, candidate for Comptroller, and James A. Young, candidate for Clerk of the Court of Appeals. The Senior Senator from Maryland, during his campaigning, has been warmly received by veterans, who regard him ns one of their outstanding friends in the Senate. He has consistently defended their interests. Senator Tydings' addresses during recent weeks also have stressed his advocacy of legislation to improve highways, build bridges and canals, protect the great Chesapeake Bay seafood industry, erect now hospitals, build airports and improve the harbors of the state. There is not a section of the state, southern, central, western and Eastern Shore, that has not felt the beneficial interest of his leadership and thought. ERICA VOTES 9 In curry slate but Maine, November 8 is election or "AV to the '» your chance lo say es" or " government. Throughout the country, lines like the above form each election day as America exercises its franchise. Few citizens appreciate this right; too many complain about government and then do nothing about it. The above picture was taken at a New York polling place, where election machinery must be geared to accommodate a gigantic vote. A N N O U N C E M E N T To tabulate New Xork's 2,000,000 votes, a special corps of canvassers require 15 days. But this is only for the official count. By midnight on election day, (hanks to mechanical voting devices, New i'ork can tell who is winning. Similarly, in national elections, trends can be determined a few hours after the polls close. Newspapers and press associations work all night at a frenzied pace, and by morning their readers know the outcome. A hundred years ago, national election results were not known for weeks. Despite elaborate mechanism in larger cities, the bulk of America's votes are cast in small (owns. Some voting precincts are so small that (he polls close within a few hours after opening. Others complete tbeii ballot in a few minutes, taking de iisht in being (be first precinct to repeat To (he Voters and Citizens of Caro- olino County: I regret that it has nut been possible for me to see each and ever} one of you, and particularly to those of you whom I have not seen I wish to lake this means of soliciting your support of my candidacy for"re-election as your State's Attorney. At the same time may I take this opportunity of pledging to each of you a continuance of my efforts, if rc-clcclcd, to administer fairly and honestly the duties of this office. Lay man J. Redden (PoT. Adv.) VOTE FOR William E. Andrew Democratic Candidate For Sheriff of Caroline County YOUR SUPPORT WILL BE APPRECIATED General Election. Tuesday, November 8th (Pol. Adv.) For Economical Administration Of County Affairs VOTE FOR H. ROLAND TOWERS DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOll County Commissioner (Pol. Adv.) YOUR VOTE FOR FRED E. COVEY Democratic Candidate For Treasurer's Office Will Be Appreciated (Pol. Adv.) OTonors Views on Labor Acclaimed by County Audiences "Problems Of Unemployment, Fair Wages And Proper Adjustment Of Labor Disputes One Of Most Vital Concerns Of Citizens," Democratic Candidate For Governor Declares. Jobs at Just Compensation. Not Relief, Wanted Emphasizes Necessity of Setting Aside Mountain Land For Forest Conservation; Distribution Of Pneumonia S e r u m To County Units Of State Health Department. Apparently assured of a huge ma-, jority in Baltimore City on November 8, the candidates on the Democratic State-wide Ticket, headed by Herbert R. O'Conor, candidate for GoverriBr, and Senator Mlllard E. Tydings, seeking re-election, made good use of their time in the counties of Western Maryland, where they met everywhere with the most gratifying receptions. At Hagerstown, particularly, where the evening meeting was preceded by an old- fashioned political torchlight parade, the turnout exceeded any ever accorded a Democratic candidate. In three vigorous speeches, at Ha- gcrstown, Cumberland, and Oakland, Mr. O'Conor set forth in detail his views upon the question of Labor, State Health and Utilization of the State's Resources. Accompanying them in a scries of tours that covered many of the by-roads a; well as the main thoroughfares of Carrett, ADe- gany and Washington counties, were William C. Walsh, J. Millard Tawes and James A. Young, crndidates, respectively, for the posts of Attorney General, Comptroller and Clerk of the Court of Apneals. "Fa\..i.; Organized Labor** Mr. O'Go..or told audiences in the mining districts, where in many instances the crowds filled the street!, that he favo.xJ organized labor and collective barp-ining. He criticized Governor NI'CC'J conduct of the office of State Comtv.rsioner cf Labor and Statistics. The Democratic standard- bearer prom'ied he would strengthen the administration of this office, and also would seek amendment of the Workmen's Compensation Law to pro- viJe benefits not now existing. At various meetings along tlft way --in motion picture theatres, frffin porches of houses, occasionally from a truck, Mr. O'Conor drew hearty responses by his repeated declaration that: "I believe in organized labor. The history of labor's progress indicates conclusively that the reasonable and necessary improvements in their situation followed the organization of labor. It is my sincere belief that collective bargaining, as a principle! is advantageous to workers in Industry ES well as to employers. "Realizing as I do, that permanent improvement in conditions of society can only result from betterment of the lot in the life of labor, on the one hand, as well as of business on the other, I shall continue to strive for more satisfactory standards in Maryland, wherever and whenever I find the circumstances require such changes." Views Well Received Addressing a large gathering in a Cumberland theatre, Mr. O'Conor spoke on another labor angle, statute that "the problem of unemployment, fair wages and the proper adjustment of labor disputes is one of most vital concern to our citizens." He insisted that "healthy men and women do not want relief from the Government-they want jobs at just compensation where they may earn their ewn wav in the world, be indeoendent and (Turn to last Page, please) ELECT WM. M. GAREY County Commissioner t the General Election, Nov. 8, 19U OUR INTERESTS in Good Drainage Improved Road* Lowered Taxation ' ARE MINI 'ARMER - VETERAN - BUSINESS MAN Pol. Adv.) HARRY L. SULLIVAN Democratic Candidate for COUNTY COMMISSIONER Yonr Support Will Be Greatly Appreciated on Nor. 8th. (Pol. Adv.) SPAPFRI

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