The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 2, 1923 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 2, 1923
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. Tho home of Mr. ami Mrs. .loo Miss Ida Cobnrly, Miss Alma Coberly. UaUoy, duo Avcmio A «<-st, was tho MIHH Martha Hire, Mr. Itoyal Imiin. sntMirg for .'i vury Kin .irt wedding, Mr. (luy Coberly, Mr. Arthur Smith, Saturday cronlng, Whan their datrth-. Mr. James :<'oeno, Mr. Charles Huesz, tor, Tholma, liccu-me the brlilo of Air. Mr. Youn-R and tho hosts. Oliver Ki >l::h Kasoott. Tho attractive | 4- <•* * color mnllf <>! firccn and whKn ms > Mm. F\ C. Mo.Klnney presided as carrliM out throiu;ho.i; the rooms, -hosti-as Saturday ovenlng at a vry Itaby brnallt awl jwrithum, baitkoil enjoyable dancing party at her homo, Ult' mantol nvcr tho l'ircidaco. ill! Avwnuu A oatft campllmcntlng hor irrniMilliiii tin; cnri'tiiuny, Mlas Biila ' daughter, IJUOIUO on eighteenth Ilrmvn, ivhool friend of tho bride, 1 birthday. TUui evoning was spent dane- Batig "A Wcddinp; Hymn" by H. B. S. I11 « ami punch was served throughout Olmstuad »'•'•< mi |iaiiinrl by Mrs. J. C. ; tho evening, and «/t a late hour, ro- Ncminun of Wichita, \\1io also played ' ftrshiinvii'ts were served. The guests lx >liiMihi 'lu's Weddlni? March as tho '. Included Mr. ami Mrs. Cecil McKlnney, bridal party descended tho stalra. i Mlaa Dorothy tinuue.rt, Miss Iisthor JUJLY I, Korshtie.r, M"ISB Claire Alien, MLss Marie Rowland, Miss Dorothy IBOU. Miisfi Apneas llronleweo, .Miss Kuhi Moss, Miss Marie MKB , Miss Gannell!a Sweet, Miss 1/oralne Phillips, Miss Winona Miller, Mr. Flake Mountain, Mr. Nichols Connor, Mr. J'bllltp |i :i.rly, (.irrylr.K the ring In a i Wiley, Mr. Dolos Smith, Mr. Clifford Mte lily. She was droseod In | lllark, Mr. « corse. MiOandlesa, Jr., Mr The Biiwin and bin brat mini, Mr. Al IKTI Tei -d took their jdai-os bcrora a hank of piilmsi and ferns with a Iron candelabra on olther elilo, holdliu; tall white cathedral Ul>- vr* Hod Willi law- bow 3 of white Utile. Little Mary .lane McWhnrlor led the | brl,L liuK (L dainty Inu'k of white net over pink Fatld ami trimmed with row buds .'i.'id I .1: HM. Miss Mildrod Hailey, youn>;er winter oi' thn l.rlile, :u:tf.t as bride'a 7liaid, and !r -r '.reek was a bountiful cdne'e *)\ jdu.'i in heavy jtaiin, made in <i ffu;..::,t :.ty! ( i wjlh tlj.'ht. bailee and full sltJri :'.''a !ii>;ioil aieuml the, boito.-n. Abo'n le r lead, '.vii.l l*ni;id it pink e'hir- ion liand Jnlor inivm silver <.'loih Hie- rarri '-d a Kreneh lKj<]uet or ijiink si.M'i-i j;. . L.S ai.d Suub'irrtt ro^-.s, h.i;i.;..,l uiili ,,|!iU «ritrb 1; r.-.U.h "rti. I.OVrl.v indeed 11..- Iwlll-, w'.'.ll tie 1 arm M :' her iat.licr." She ' 11:1 r mi I, >o '.i !iU lady of <!he lyji- ami was a twsauti;ill was ttowned in heavy ide mil long and :n...t. ' •-"L l'amds 'rim; tdiher s4il« ill,, waist line was d,. i vlt of the. sell | * t the sido with a 1 Mr. and Mr.-e Mollis MeNaul enter,-\) 1,Tlx- loaf; j tallied at. dinner last evening nt their ei'iii her, in . luinie. 222 Fourth avenue eaui, coni- witli 'a «-it,'|i »t i I'ilmeiitin.u- Mr. and Mrs. Adair 'Stew.... , ,. K \siie'ear- ' ait of Roiieelain-, 111. Addilinna! v,'.r'|,',«iu,.V ..f I'rltie 'K lo^-a ' i;»esu were Mr. and Mrs. A. W. ,ii u vaPev and tl<«l with , 1 >'"rl-n. r. and Mrs. binenlu Slew,> whiie'imd silver ribl«.a. 1 «r«. Martha Scott, Mr?. J,v..,,h , ' .• ,1,, . n ,,!.y it MI MeCuiro, Mi; j s lhi:-e tiuth, Mlah Anna "' " ' lluran oi Kiuisran City, Mo.. Miss I'hyl- lis ViirU, a-nd alaster Joe..MeC-uire Jr. Villi .1 1 aiur: wiiit •i! v.-.i in-llU. <anie mi In a '.er. hraneth- l.rid.'. :•!••• WltHl' 1 J'lt |Milli |l!'.', !':M Of ^'liile HI the skiri m.iirki d unit' rial rie-.-tl i. e ibriile'ii '. a liU-li i : (vjhc! xl. .1 a fcnd lily (1 larj;i- !• M il'e ,• jees-iiit'd 10 tb,' r.wi niotliera. Mrs. l\ iK. l'\o.«i'tl, of Daylon, Ohio and mother o; (iic i^niom, w-'ee a r.ilK oi Kiiii; 'I'm design in (•hades of bin'.vii and .1 eor^aKe of loaf's :i:id s-veei piets, backed witli a purple «>.!rioii fcither. Mrs. Itailoy wore a beautiful gown 01 rrupe hoarlly llieadi d. Iler enrsajio was of sweet I)* as ,'iud rosos b.iel.c'd with bluo o:.lnek feathers. ilic 'V. \v. II, c -.l« of Denver, Colo., tformcrly of t.iii^ city, offieiaiivl speaii in.'-* a very impi'-r.sive ring .Stfrviee. dhirfliK ilie ce.rciuony. Mrs Newman 3)layed soMly at tli" i>iano. Schumann's ""l'i auuv rt", and xei the quests jnado (their - on'rianilations, she played JileiidelKiliDu's Weddln,; Man*. An informal reception w*aH halt! fol- ]o'.v':!:c ihc 1 cromnny. during which liuv, ii-fi'i .-hmiMit> \\i r" served tn the dtnini: .eel 'I'hn 1 efresbriiont table AVHH ilciorni .'d witli a large white l»riil "'-i cai-c as the c-niorpb'co, t)^l- ped with a i'lench b^nisd of Sunbursts pmi'S ami :.'vo--'. pias. Mrs. Datl Phillips and Miss Mosceiene ( amp- lio'.l presided at the table. Mr. -and Mrs lasse't ie.fl. that eve- liinit -for an i.'\!c n.die wedding trip, planning to visit in Kansas City. Mo., Rusoeii I'aytio, Mr. Una Shinuy, Mr Oe;ii> Cltoknor, Mr. Cliarloa IjirkJn, Mr. Thi.:rnia.n Ulrdier, Mr. Warren Davia, Mr. Curtis McKiiinuy and the honor *-ue3l. ,s, .5. Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Van Keuron enteiKinod witjli a family dinner party yesterday at their home, 511 Avenue H east, when tlie.y entertained in honor at Mr. ami Mi 's. Heward Van Keuren, who wen- married Saturday evening by llev. S. W. Kelle.r of the St Paul Mortiodist elmreh. al the pa .onage. The additional guests ivMu Mr. and Mrs. M. Floyd, parents of the bride, who wits formerly Miss iCunice Fhtvd. Mr. and Mrs. C. Howard, Mr. and Mrs F, 10. Anderson and children, KlUabei.h and Kennel.h, Miss Helen Floyd, Miss W'lhna Van Keun'n ami Mr. I0.Iwa.rd ^"an Keuron. O &m., where «A« <vO[ )oftt (Mrs. flor* ence Ilaakall oi Manhattan and thoy will epend several wooks on tho coaut. 4- * * Miss Margaret Nicholson of Newton who attended tho l'l l'hl convention at Estos 1'urk, Colo., last, week will olap here on route to hor homo, to \ Islt hor aunt and uncle, Mr. And Mrs. Hum Urayblll. <;> -5> <v Kov. ami Mrs. H. VV. Colo of Denver, Colo, who were bore Saturday evening to attend tho wedding of Miss The Una tlalley and Mr. O. K. Fassett, returnod lo their homo, that ovenlug. If. ,f> Mr. H. CI. C.hlpohiiso has returned from Ottawa where ho and Mrs. Clilp- ehaso have been visiting relatives and friends for two weeks. Mrs. Chlp- ehase Is now visiting at Caldweill, j Mrs, E. O. Aspey, Dr. C. A. Mauu. ami 'Miss Mabelle l^uolle Maul), motored to WIrhlto. yesterday and spent tho day vlsillng Tvlr. and Mrs. W. C. Richardson of College Hill. 1. ^, Mrs. M. r. Farr and son Brman of Tulsa, Okla. who have been here visiting Mr. and Mrs. S. 1). Rldgeway, 1803 North Main street, returned to their liome yesterday. Mrs. Charles Lake of Dallas, Texas, who has been visiting at the. home of Mr. and Mrs. \V. 1). Day, on Thirteenth avenue east will return to hor home tomorrow. Miss Anna Horan and Mr. M. lloran of Kansas City, Mo., came yesterday to spend a short time visiting their sister and daughter. Mrs. iMarlhn Scott. Miss Marjorie Montgomery who has been visiting her cousin. Miss Dorothy Downer lu Syracuse enroute home from Kates Park. Colo, returned today. a. e .£> Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clans of Wichita spent the w.'k end hero visiting Mrs. Olaus' mother, .Mrs. F.. X. Sweet, of 601 East Sherman street. A Mrs. Jvdward Crocker, Miss Mary Welch and Mr. II. I). Btirrh were guests of Miss .loheiiiiiue Martin of Abhyville yesterday. ?• •> Mrs. Krie OUjon of Uudslx)!-- la here vtsVtiug her daughter, Mrs. 'ieorge Burris of 311 Thirteenth avenue west. tmre returned from Bololt where they have been spending tho past two weeks visiting her parents, Mr. ond Mrs. George C.oudy. ••• ••- •!>. - , Miss Ruth Skinner, ot 306 Sixth west, will leave today for a weck> visit at Ooage. * <s> '?) '•' V $ <S>— ' JULY 88th LAW DAY, <»' TOMORROW EVENTS. <!> I 1 Tho members of tho 4 -H club will havo n pleasanter mooting at tho homo of Miss Alieno Homphlll near Inman, Tho regular meeting ot tho Swastika club will bo held at tho homo of Mrs. Edwin Ring, 718 Avenue, A eas*. -{> <S> <S> '• I ' 1 «> CHURCH NEWS. • Miss Winona Miller entertained the members ot her class ot tho Daily Vacation Ulble school with a children's party at her homo on Avenue A east Saturday afternou. During the afternoon games and contests were played. At five o'clock Mlas MIHor served refreshments^ 'Sho waft assisted in sorving by Miss Eulu Moss and .Miss Marie Rowland. Her guests included .lack Richmond, Coorge Shears, ntlly Miller. Arthur Foe, Donald Plolderuian, Walter Dohuntc, Howard Detter. Duano Bailey and Elliot Foltz. "No More W «r" Slogan of International Peace Day. Communities tho country over oro invlU-d to participate In tho coming "Law", Not War Day," July 28th and 29th. The National Council for the Prevention of War, from Its headquarters In Washington, has sent out an appeal to all national and civic bodies, urging their cooperation. "It we do not work for peaeo now wo shall bo guilty when war comes," says Frederick J. Llhby, executive secretary. "This ninth anniversary ot the outbreak of tho war will this yoar for the third time ho tho occasion throughout the world for international peace demonstrations." Those Interested in speaking on international peace or holding discus- ftion groups are asked to write to Mrs. Raymond B. Morgan, 632 17th Street, N. W., Washington. Tho National Hoard ot tho^oung Women's Christian Association is one of tho many national bodies who participate in tho Council. At the Y. W. C. A. convention lust year, two resolutions on peace and International friendship were passed. The Women's Home Missionary Society of the St.. Paul Methodist church will meet next Tuesday evening at "••45 with. Mrs. Frank Lloyd at her home at. 3IS Osborne. M.r». Gray will give a report of the Wichita convention. \\Now is Your Opportunity to \\Buya Charming Silk Waist \\ to Wear with your Sleeveless Sweaters— SayB Norman Mack. « Buffalo, N. Y.—Norman K. Mack, ot Buffalo, Democratic national com- mltteeanan from New York state,'declares Henry Ford will bring about tho election of a Republican president If ho runs ns nn independent. Hair Bobbing has come to stay. Havo it done our way. Billlo Cain Clean Towel Barber Shop. 7-25t Danco Wed. Night'at Stevens. 2 fit. A School Merger. Philadelphia: The Moore School of Electrical Engineering and tho School of Kleotrioal Engineering of tho University of Pennsylvania are. to merge and be known as the Moore School of Edcotrlca.1 Engineering, with tho Income from a fund of 51,500,000. iSt Louis, Mo. and Chicago, 111. ro'it" lo I>:i.\ 11111, C'hlo, where they will <d -i (id lie- rema.iider of th" summer at tie- home o! lie lir<rnn. They wii] be tit iioiii" aft-'r Sep: 1 Lu Hutiehlnsiin Mrs. Fa-isi'ii is a popular youiuj ludy of tlii., city, hai in:'. lived here all her }if>', and having iv0:1 a wide circle of i'rh uds through iter harm 1 li'g personality. She Is a itraduale of the local Oiii.'.b school in tho class of 1922. She in the jwiss; s-sor of a very beniniftil r-oio-auo \ oh e and bus teen prominent In inifsical eiroios siuvi a very young fc'jrl. Mr. Fass'-tt is the mm of Mr. and Sirs F. K Kasiel.t, of Dayton, Ohio, but lias resided in 11 utciilnson fur several years He atH hd-si the i'ui- Veislty of I 'liicinnalti. ()!i!o lor two years, where he was a member of t.he IPhi Delta Tfi'-a t'ralern :;y. lie. aa Willi l.he Soutiuvost ICn-iie oring luim- OUlny i'cT a liuie, when lie first came here, going later to tho llucitel Kiicl- flieerlng coiufiany. At privH^nt he Is Willi 111'' National Cu-.h Rcaisler rom- l>any, wJLh })<'a'.lijuarters in ibis city. 1 hit oi' luni guo.-:ts tor tiie wedding were Mr. and Mrs. I'. K. Fas: elt of 3'ayton, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Starr oi lYabod.v, Mr. ami Mrn. Lewis Sal- dco of l>yona, •Mr. and Ml- J. C. New- mian of Wlc.hlla, llev, ami Mrn. II. W. Cola of Denver, Coi-o., and Mr. and !Mis. T. McCahe illrown oi Atchison ,j. a. (),' interot \£) their many school friends hi re, is the auuouneonient of the niarriatte of Miss Marion Mont;;->me!-y, daugbtcr of Mr. and Mrs.. \'i-lor Monl ginnery of .lunclion l^i'y tmd Mr. Daniel Anthony Held III. son 01' Senator and Mrs. I>. A. Reid of J e T :i ven wort b, which waa soleuinir.od vi -i -y i|iii'i :ly WeilnefiUiy. Juno 27 Mr. well .Mrs. Redd aie tal.icg n wedding trip iiy I .c.comoblto ilirine '.li the New l'^:: laud status. Mrs. Reid has many friends in liii -rhinson having visited here last i.iiuiiner, and alsri having been a sta­ ll'.ul at the Kansas Fiilye.rnity lor Jhrec years where siie was a rnieuber of Kai>iia Kappa (lainm.i. Mr. Hold is also well linown in Hulchinsotb anil Is a rormor slvidont of the Dni vcruity. He Is a member of Beta fhetn Pi. They will make thoir home in Jjcuvonworth after KepL 1. ,1. o- Mr. Howard Bass and Mr. Charles liiian entertained u numbei- of friends •with a dane.lni; jiaity at tho pavilion at l«ako Iledoll, Saturday ovening. Re- fri'.iliiueniB were served at a lute hour to the following guests, Mr. and Mrs. John Elatun, Mr. and Mrs. Oarold Watson, Mi-, and Mrs. Roy gtawart, Mr. and Mrs. Dolberl Higlvy, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tlcor, Mr. and Mm. Uarl iticliards. Mr. and Mrs. Hal NeUjon, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Smith, Mm. W. W Nichols, Mrs. Helen Dean, Mrs. Ada, Oonluy, Mrs. Syblo Hamilton, Mr«\ Norma Martin, Miss Mary Buoss, Misa Miss F-.iyo Rush, daughler of Mr. and Mrs. W. U Rush of .511 'Fourth avenue east and Mr. William Ss-hr.ader, don of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Schrader of all Avenue A were (pildly married yesterday -afiernoon al 3 o'clock at tho home of itev. R. L. to.»orgo. 322 First avenue east in the .presence of the bride's mother and h"r sister, Miss Hazel Mr. and Mrs. Schrader will he at home to their friends on Avenue 'U east Tho picture soetion of the Wichita Sunday Eagle this week, carries a splendid picture of Miss Alleen TJiompson, daughter of .Mr. and Mrs. Joe Thompson of Partridge. She is a former student of I'liinnount college at Wichita, and lias been «tudylng voire with Key A. Campheli there. She has roceiV 'd her certificate in Expression at Fairmount and is entering Lyceum work. Mrs. F. F. Trigg entertained twelve of her friends a* luuehcon today al the Rorabuuirh-Wiley Tea Room. ii wa.s a most informal affair, and a ^.icial afternoon weus spent at the Pru 'C, home, 1107 N'nrtli Washiug:ou s:reet. Fourth In Peru, Lima, Peru—July 4th was proclaimed n full national holiday as a tribute to American independence, by an executive decree. Miss Margaret Burris left this "morning for Los Angeles. Calif, where she will spend a month visiting friends. Mr. and Mirs. Harry Skinner and fa.mlly w -111 leave today for a two week's trip through eastern Kansas. .;, .;. Mrs. Delia Lowe will leave this evening for a two months' stay in Portland, Ore., and other western parts. .$•• Miss Sue Crinty of Newton will tome tomorrow eveniirg to spend the day, July 4, here with friends. , Mr. William Schrader of Newton will come tomorrow- to spend a few dava here visiting friends. •v <•• Mrs. Rea Hoagland and children Without Text Books, Emporia—The Km porta. Teachers' College will this summer conduct a scliopl without the use of text books and pupils will be allowed to study the thinfc-s that interest them most. Fire Crackers! Buy your supplies of Fourth of July firecrackers and fireworks at the Craft Shop. 414 North Main. 2-lt. Ladles ' We cau please you with a hair bob. Billie Cain Clean Towel Barbor Shop. 27-251 Have us put your Ford in repair tor that trip on the 4tH, Just call 59, anytime. Ragland-Kings-Iey Motor Co. 2-lt Population of New York City 110 years hence will be 105.000,000, saya one university statistician. Your Eyes are the greatest asset you have. Don't neglect them now, and regret it later. Have them examined NOW. I devote all my time to the examination of eyes and the fitting of glasses. H. S. ZINN, Optometrist The Zinn Jewelry & Optical Co. Htnry Zlnn Jno. Blrohfield MULTIORAPHINQ Mailing, FoldlnQ, AddreMlnu. PHONE 670 We write advertising campaigns. All kind! of Mailing Lints. EUOENE HANDLES ADV. CO. Eugene Randies— -W. Raymond Allen 3 WEST SHERMAN * ——i —!—:—*{.-• j —j—j—&—* I I * PERSONALS OF SOCIETY. * Miss Mablo Ilults and Mlas Alvena Hulls will come Thursday to spend the summer here with their father, Dr. M. I. Hulls. Miss Mable graduut ed fruiii the Virginia College at Roanoke, Va.. thin spring and Miss Alvena Is a graduate fnitn the Button Con- [ejrvuiory of Mu.sic In this year's class. xi, .$.> .il Mr. and Mrs. A. c. Oxford of Salina spent tli" week end liere visiting at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Day on Thirteenth avnue east and re turned to their luiino this morning. Mrs. Oxford sang a delightful solo last ovening al tile First Methodist church lor the evening set-vice. .Miss Hetty Siti-rs of lola, who accompanied Miss Aliene Winchester and several other Hutchinson young ladles to Estes Park, Colo., lu attend] tho National l'i Phi convention, will j return tomorrow evening. She wlli 1 visit here over July 4 with Miss Win- J Chester. | -•• * i Mr. and Mrs. Winfleld II. Sales of i Denver, Colo, formerly of Wichita are , siwnding ten days In Wichita vlsiling; Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Williams. At 1 the ond of thai time thoy will oome ; to Huttihineou for a few days' visit ; with friends. | Mr. and Mrs. F. 10. Smith of Tulsa,; Okla. and Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Reneau j and children of Oklahoma City, Okla. j who luive been here visiting Mr. ami | Mrs. O. N. Weisi r of 510 Firm, avenue ' return**)! to their homos thisj morning. I Mrs. John Shelby of Stroud. Dkla.. who has been the :tuest of hor brother, | Dr. JL W. Robertson and Mrs. Robert- I son of Sevonteenlh avenue wet'l. le.t 1 today ifor Sallna and Eureka where) she will visit oofore returning to her homo. * * * Mlsa Urace Urlggs will loavo this wook ifor Los Angeles, Calif., for an oxtonslvo vacation. Sho will visit in different points ot Interest In Che western and coast states, and may go over to Honolulu, Hawaii, tor a timo. * * * Mrs. Veils Coffey who has been here making hor home with hor brother, Mr. 8. B. Rldgeway and Mrs. Rld*ew*y of 1803 North Main street, tor the past month, will leave tomorrow for Kansas City, IMo. * *• MM** Mlnetta Johnson ot Slxhb. avo- Ways you save by washing our way Women who keep an accurate account of what it costs to wash'at home, and what it costs to wash in this more modern way of ours, say this is what it saves: Clothes E'dyth Kcosi], Miss Louaa Syrunjj, 1 sue east left today tar Long Beach, We conserve the life of clothes because we wash them without rubbing, in the purest of white soap and rainsoft water. Time ' \ ~^" A day and a half a week—fifteen, minutes, your washing is done, and you have an entire day to yourself. i Energy And because you are spared the hard work of washing, you save in energy and health—no tired arms and aching back after washday is oyer. Money Taking into consideration wages, meals, carfare, soap and supplies, this way of washing is really more economical from the standpoint of money also. Try this method next washday. You'll find it much more satisfactory all around. Phone and we'll have a representative call ]v^delTaundry DRY CLEANERS 37-29 VAei Second Walter BoehmMg« PHONE 44 1 j Beginning Tomorrow | I at 9 A. M. we will sell I 1; . . 31 40 beautiful models in Georgette Silk Waists. No" two alike. Colors, white, black, light and dark shades, formerly $6.95 to $15.00, for 90 Styles in Crepe de Chine and other silk Overblouses, all new this season. No two alike. Formerly $6.95 to $25.00. A wonderful assortment at , EXACTLY £ HALF! Price ffl One Lot Silk Waists in values up to $2.98 One Lot Silk Waists in values up to $3.98 for One Lot of Silk Waists in values up to $5.00 for Come Early and Bring YourFriends O. F. Sawyer Co, Corner N. Main and Second Streets Those Charming Little Details A woman la Judged by her accessories— a house by those little incidental bits of charm that never Just happen. For those little individual things—an odd vase— a Quaint rose Jar—candlestick (like nobody else's) visit our t'ltt and art do. pai'tment. Phone 3800 ^9 11 North Main SL FAIR FOOD PRICES ior HARVEST 12 lbs. Pure Cane Sugar for $1.00 On OHara of 15 .00 or Ov.r For Groceries or Msate Other Than Flour. 48-lb. Sack Guaranteed Flour for $1.40 6 lb*. Bulk Rolled Oats for. 25c Good Brooms, 4 sewed, each 50c No. 10 Pitted Cherries for..... .69c No. 10 Solid Pack Peaches 49c Steel Cut Coffee, lb 22k Large New Potatoes, peck—. 40c 50c Grade Ice Tea for, lb .,«.— 35c 10c Grade Red Jar Rubbers, doz..- 05c 6 bars White Laundry Soap 25c 25c Grade Fancy Cookies, lb.„ .. . 15c Ginger Snaps, per lb... . .". 10c No. 1\ Pure Honey for .25c Phone 2293 or 2748 and art Your Goods Delivered Free of Charge. Dillon Mercantile Co. Groceries and Meat*) C O. MAMMEL, General Mans** ~"'-"'-^V'H^ Ns. 1—*!• North Main. Ne. S— Ml toMMi Mala No. I—Corner • end Mala. Ne. 4—18 acuta Mala >.*.«.«.• • a • » * • l.e ar.a • am •»»-•:>'ir:« J a • • THE HUTCHINSON NEWS j Delivered by Carrier, 19c W««k - -i

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