Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 17, 1959 · Page 1
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 1

Pampa, Texas
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Tuesday, February 17, 1959
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STEERING COMMITTEE The Steering Committee of the Top 0' Texas Livestock Judging Contest is shown at a recent meeting. The contest will be held March 3 fis part of the Tot 1 Livestock Show, Pictured from left to right are Frank M. Carter, Bob Skaggs, High School vocational agriculture teacher, J. T. Smith, manager of Pan-Tech Farms and assistant superintendent, and Quenlin Williams, superintendent of the Judging Con lest. (Daily News Photo) Top O' Texas 'Stock Show Set March 2-4 Buyer cards were distributed to directors of the Pampa Chamber of Commerce Monday as the dale nears for the Top O' Texas Livestock Show Match 2, 3, 4. Members of the Agriculture end Livestock Committee met with the directors to arrange for 1he sale of junior livestock. The Junior Livestock Show will take place March 2 in Recreation Park. Judging is scheduled for that morning. Prizes will be awarded al an exhibitors barbecue that, night. Forty-five, teams are expected for the FFA Livestock Judging Contest Match 3. These Future Farmers of America will be honored at a 5 p.m. banquet in the High School cafeteria. A Hereford Breeders Ranqtiet will be held later in the First Methodist Church. The sale of junior livestock will be held the morning of March 4 with Hereford* sold in the afternoon. Crawford Atkinson and E. O. Wedgeworlh reported on plans for a Fourth of July Fireworks celebration. Wedgeworth noted that the 19 star /lag will be inaugurated July 4 and that a large scale program would be in order. Chamber President Warren Hasse announced that this month's membership luncheon will be hpld Feb. 23. A pane! of businessmen will present the program, based on their e.xppii'- enres at the K8 Chamber's Air- carle in Colorado Springs, Coin. Nine Pampa men left for Colorado Springs Monday afternoon, led by Cameron Marsh, chairman of the local Chamber's Legislative and National Affairs f'ommitlee. The Aircade is described as a "Call to Action on legislation affecting businessmen lo bp considered by the new Congress and ! ft piogram for working effect' • ively in the political party Of ', your choice.' 1 ! A Queer Clinic, sponsored by i the Altnish Club and the Chami her of Commerce, opens Wednes| day in Pampa High School. ! Molvin T. Munii of Dallas will j speak in a. 9 a.m. assembly aft* i er which students will meet j with experts in all fields. I Architects are working niglll j and day to complete plans fftr j the Community Hotel. The cotft- ; mital for a $400,000 loan has been received from the Srrt8.ll j Businessmen's Association ftftd i Western National Li'ft. YOUR FREEDOM NEWSPAPER The human race it in the condition when it has the greatest degree of liberty. —Dante Serving The Top o' Texas 51 Years WEATHER TOP O' TEXAS — Tartly cloudy through Wednesday. Colder tonight and Wednes- day. High 46, low 28. VOL. 56—NO. 267 Circulation Certified by ABC Audit PAMPA, TEXAS, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 19.59 (12 i 3 AGES TODAY) Dulles May Hold Post By DAYTON MOOKK United J'ro*s International WASHINGTON (UPIl ~- Assistant Senate Democratic Leader Mike .I'.ansfielrl today urged Secretary of State John Foster Dill- IPS to remain in his cabinet post to gi\v "Guidance'' on the German situation. Mansfield, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said it would be "a mistake" for the 70-year-old secretary to resign now despite the intestinal cancer that has stricken him. "We certainly need to have his knowledge and guidance on the German situation anrl the conferences that are coming tip." the Montana Democrat tnlc! newsmen. Mansfield suggested there, could be. a three-way leadership of the Stale Department until it determined how Dulles responded REAL LIFE GUNSMOKE! \VII,.MKK. Tox. H'PI) — Hefty ,T«m Billy Hobb-%. U'ilmcr o I t y marshal, Iried to draw like television'* Mat Dillon. He's buck on the job today waiting like Chester. Hol>l>« was demonstrating the quick draw Sunday for three teenager*. But his .ri-ralilier pistol didn't clear hU holster, and he shot himself in the right leg. to radiation treatment at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Start Radiation Treatment He said Undersecretaries at j Stale Christian A. Herter and C. | Doug-las Dillon could relieve Dill- iles of some matters and give him time to "think through' 1 the whole j German problem. I The radiation treatment will be |started later this week after Dulles recovers sufficiently from his I hernia operation last Friday. In- 'tostinal tissue and liquid removed ithen showed a recurrence of the ; cancer he suffered in 1956. i Dulles continued to keep in j touch with State Department mat- 'tors from his hospital bed. He. : was briefed on current develop- jmenta in international affairs j Monday by his .special assistant, Joseph N. Greene .Jr. ' In Good Spirit* He also remained in good spirits and the State Department reported his condition was satisfactory. Dulles sat up in a. chair In his room for about half an hour : Monday. j President Kisenhower was ex|peeled to give Republican con- 's;re.s;Honal leaders the latest report on the secretary at the week, ly White House legislativa meet- ! ing today. Meantime. State Department officials made it clear there would j be no letdown In U.S. efforts for :a peaceful solution of the Berlin '•and overall German problems. We«k Day* fte Sunday tftc PINCH-HITTING In his first appearance in place of the ailing -John Foster Dulles, Actinp Secretary of State Christian A. Herter arrives to testify at a closed session of a House Appropriations subcommittee on the State Department budget. At left is Deputy Undersecretary of State Robert Murphy. Herter tises crutches on occasion because of an arthritic condition. Sw/ss Town Threatened; Newfoundland Hit *** ****** ***. AVALANCHES STRIKE tS#.-iis:.-;t&fS<%-? '"'. ?-:-»<S!S,-" Dusk-fo-Dawn Curfew Is April _ i Held As Hope Fades Fast I '' Hy AUIO TKll'IMM I'nltert f're>i>s InnrmiHonal HKKBRIOGKN. Swil/.er land (L'PIi Authorities today lost hope that th» avalam he poUed over this mnnntain village would hurt Man Wants Help In Recovering Film AMARll-LO (UPIl -- The president nf a small. Imlepeiideri! motion picture company lia.s;Hil thtj State Depuriiiurnt to step in and help hitn get back 1.700 leflt of film a()out narcotics smugK 1 ' 11 ^ confiscated by fudural police Jn Juare/. Mexico. Fred Kfiidy. piesiilent of (J"ld Air Shows. Inc., said the Mcxi- r;nis t(xjk tlie film, valued at si'n.iiOO, anri also STo.uou worth of trucks and cauieraa. lie said they pave the equipment back after kg crew was escorted acrosa the border Sunday. The company is making a low- budget film called "Switchblade." ' It is about efforts of U S. riar- ; cotirs ngent* and Mexican police to bie^K up * woo ox! Tue tuWipiJiy w*4 wofkuig in ^ bull ling v.i.eii s OOu Mexican* yalhrreij rtiuund and |X)iiL« stiued lh# film «ti'"i e^iiijaoent Ki-ady *a;d h« thought the film h»d been »en' to Mexico Cm to b« dtvel- uiily a .small portion of Herhriggen i it if cams tumbling down. Father Emit Sclimid, the Roman Catholic pariah priest of Hfihrig' gen, go id it has been discovered that the entire alide is on a glacier which could act a» a "toboggan ' rim" lo send the whols mass down 'on the village. .Acts An Brake "The* glacier under the landslide can act as a brake if the present cold weather' prevails be the landslide or at least the largest part of it. would be froz en." Father Schmid said "On the other hand, any substantial nureasa in the temperature would unleash the landslide, which could come down at a la.sler speed than we expected." He saul the hope that Herbrig- yen would suffer' only limited darn-' ages failed after it was learned, that the glacier might aid the avalanche. "W'« had hoped that th« landslide might split into several parts, falling separately with lesser danger and possibly limited damages." the pnest said. ; Face* OWitwuliou '• "U Uie entire down '-.HJI u.« it t>y would t»e obliterated. call Hei hriggen theif home con tmued a day-to-day existence <>nt eyt always on ih» mountain tow- / Residents of Giay County , were reminded today that the 1 1<».">9 deadline for having their j motor- vehicles inspected is midnight. April 15. t < Captain Alan Johnson. Mo', tor Veliicle Inspection Service. Texas Depaitment of Pub* he Safety, slated today there are 19,OSS motor vehicles registered in Gray County; of these 31 per tent have been inspected. Drivers are urged to have their vehicles inspected early to avoid a las.1 minute Tush. This time erf the year- is noted ' for adverse weather conditions y which may predominate *. during the next two and one- half months. As a result the number of inspection days will , ' be cut down since stations • cannot inspect vehicles under '- the»e adverse conditions. : i "Passenger cars are Inspect,* ed for brakes, lights, rsflec- *? tors, horn and windshield wipers; while commercial vehicles are inspected for the above plu» aUdltiojial 111 m « tsijUHWt by law,'' said JolJl five out of every one accident* \sere caused by a mechanical defect: 1lMMB'o>'e. owners are urged 10 >^m th<?n vehicles inspected aa (§on ai 6 Killed; Homes Are Desfroyed 1 ST JOHNS Nfld. ifPti Tin* North Atlantic port city of SO.noo was left isolated from the, Cana. riian mainland today in the wake ;of a savage blizzard that touched off a series of avalanches, killing at least six pet sons and destroying a group of homes Snow crrws numbed b\ subfreezing tempr-nitui'es bat tied :tO foot drifts and utility workers strove to lestore power knocked out by the storm which lashed the eastern part of Newfoundland Monday. At least 50 persons were made homeless by snow • laden avalanches which ripped through a, group of houses. Five persons were killed when a powerful wind, gust ripped one h<>use from it* foundation, toppling it down a slop*, i Kle\en persona were trapped for houut after an avalanche ot snow and rucks) kmjujied Into then '. Navy Fires Up New Vanguard Satellite Seek Tiny Weather Station CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla., (UPI)—A new Vanguard j [streaked into the skies today* in an effort by the Navy to! put a satellite into space that! will be used as an orbit ing \ miniature weather bureau, j The National Aeronautics! |and Space Administration inl j Washington announced 10! i minutes after the firing at! |9:,v> c.s.t. that all three stag- i es fired successfully. | NASA said that the launch- jing "looked good," but that j two or three hours would be| j needed to determine definitely! whether the new satellite at- 1 tempt has achieved an orhit. The 20-inch. 21'a.pound artificial j moon was the eighth Vanguard ; blasted off i i ! ! Official!) said the delicately in-i j strumented satellte, developed by 1 ;Army scientists at Ft. Monmouth, i N.J.. jshoulrl be ahl* to apot Atlantic hurricane:! or Pacific ty- \ phoons They described it as "a; first step toward obtaining con-i Imimus weather mapping of a global scope." Kl.ime.1 mushroomed from the of the gaunt, cartridge-i shaped rocket and it rose gradually fiom its -launching site. , Picking up *pe.pd, it forged into' a. heavy overcast about 47 seconds j after bln.stoff and only its low! rumble could he heard after Ih.Ht.j The Na\ y i*aid thai only three mure Vanguard launching!! after this one wore scheduled in the Vanguard series that began H-S a vital phase of the International (iecipliyjtical Year'. Amateur birdwatchers on nearby rx'iu llf« were few Compared tci the crowd." that turned out for (See \VK.VrHKK, 1'ttge •'.} I G FEDERAL REPUBLIC ^CZECHOSLOVAKIA FOR PATROL CARS THE ISLAND OF BERLIN Russian pressure on the Western allies lo "^ r et out of Berlin" rontinues to make that city one of" the lourh- iest trouble spots in the world v\ide cold war between the East and West. Newsmap above shows details of the most important connecting links --- air, rail, highway and water -~ between the isolated city and free West Germany. The Reds threaten to close all these arteries. Big-4 Talks To Be Held In May! $20 A GALLON! ICE CREAM ll\ A.M'IIONV \rSTI\ I nllcd rn>s« IntfriiHtiniiitl MClSfOW 11'PI i The \\>;t em proposal fur a Big Four for • eign mimsieis cnnteipriie on Or. man\ may have Ui.i the eiound- work for posiponmg the showdown this spring on Berlin, foreign diplomatic suunes saui !r>- .lay. The sources said thf\ ( posais for the conference made in yon »i'ream, r\ery- h«Hly »rreati\ti fur Ice <• r t a in. That'* an old chant children with hunger pains stubbing at their little tuminick lunn often u*ed U« get tlicir ut*v with Kruuunps. Mrs >lur> N. Hrdlicka. 1S»4 (~»f fer. ami la* miither of Ur. lieor(;«? notes delivered Monday. K. llrdlii-ku here, didn't e*u<'tly it was noli-d thai th do any »i-r*uniii)g for her ttivorile ice creuni. but *Ue did drop a hint s,»me time recently tUat »be Imed ruspUerry ktierbel, tu a Irieud In Houston, Mr». .%. ». UauiiJI. Mr». HrdlU-ka ruuldii't \ IK 11 n S t.. deny a tenued. On Premier A pi OSS ' A|i m 12 in p luo or tnjPF II ctin b'' •k pains «.t.s in *tponp thi <'f ntii.s MHV 2 ul! lir.a' um n. I.M. Kusl Deputy l - vol 'ld s« M:i.o\an told H l ' l| h r i (= suin-iivet " hy oKs ni t\\o to talks were be City May Accept New Auto Bids By MAIIVIX OI.SKX Onliy News Staff Writer Oily Commissioner' Bd M y n 11 this morning movcrl that Pnmpa'a 'City CY>mrni. e .=ion r<»-<!dverti$e for j bids on a flper of three polira • cars. The bid last week was let : to Purpley Motor Co. | Myall's motion was prompted by j the sale Monday of Puraley Mn- j tor? to a Ford dealership in Okln* i homn. Myatt said the city should ! have local delivery and local serv: Icing- of the three Plymouth cars on delivery from Purslry. I City Attorney Robert Gordon said that although Pursley ha.« of- Ifered delivery th*>re is still the ; legal question of whether 1h« •: Pursley bid is now the best bi-1. I Krvm Pursley informed t h • jCommission he wants to remain 1 obligated to the hid but he may ihavc 1o clo'iver the cars from ei- Mher Rorger or Amarillo. He re- [.orii'div is willing to cancel his bid. howt-ver. The matter, following diRcun- Mion. remained in the air. It WHS 'decided "a legal question is certainly involved." Turning to other matters I h * com mission heard a request front ' Oavin Brown, now an employee of KPDN. for- "chenpor parking facilities' 1 for persons doing a "puh- hc service " In his uwrr < Brown said. the .si-rvirt- is in promoting public project*. jjMtnenng news and sell- in};: Hdvenisins.'. He felt thi» city siioiild re .-ojim.'.e prcsx i-itrds or Kive parking privileges In prisons in his |,«i>it;,.n Biovn included llu- i-iiv commission!.') M as persons <i";n£ n pithlic .seii'ice. Mil v or Lynn Boyrl Hm-weied h» felt Miat j'iiiii!ege« to onp person ha\t» to he pviendcii to an- oth'-i .\r\-an . on, hided Br-iwn hai H fmaiifial p.'ObU-m in par-kins. Bui «T i «n't pa as an ordinance for four or five people." Brown eMimai.erl r;:« p^rUins cojjts eacli mnnth al $12 'o MS »Jld Kiirnurln For Talks s;t 'd lie hop-d trip . rmmi.~«ifn Tin- rihser-vers Mid the W'extfin would lake his proposal under con- er-ed it likelv that 'he Soviet I'n- proposals pr-ovi.lfd H tor mula for sifieirttion. Conimissic'iiPr R K. ion woiiki accept the Western pro- getting "aiks stalled Parsley offered him fiee u*.« of II i> no: a fornuila win-h i-nn- ms " vvn parking lot if it would own be expected to be tully to the So- !l »''P mailers. Soviet vlf-; liking. The notes rejected T'e Oommi.ssion also decided government had been pressing for °"' c mote the Soviet proposal to adopt a. liability msuntnce of Kast-West talks on end the occupation i.o id tor of Berlin and the question many Kxpecl May Meeting; The sources said that while on (Jei- West Bur- buy her favorite flavored desert lu Soviets might seek clarification nications this area, 5|r». IlatuUl byugbl two on some poinis and make some Berlin" half gultou* of rw*b«frry Uierbert counterproposals before agreeing in Hou»um Monday, p»tked tteeoi on a time and place, the general CRANE CRUSHES in dry k-e. *ad bad Itoew flovra to expectation was that the talks are **»**' » %»»»V*li»n* .iiuarillo at a »hippiJJj c«»l of over : Ukely to ciati before May 27. 130. The di»taot treat v*a» deliver (American officials said the ed to Mr». Hrdiicka'» dwof b*r« West pi eferred that the confer- UU> iuoruiji^ by Kdwiu t'K^d, eaee be he-Id in lute April or early a. liability own after learning that cit\ pie- Thret; intended to "uphold by al! niium rate.-* would be m-uriy dou- im and baid the Wi'siern Big bled the corning year. Three intended to "uphold by all Rates in the. past six years have appropriate means their cornmu- amounted t-> nearlv *20.001), Atwith their sectors AUSTIN iUPD heavy «.-onstructton of lorncy Uoicion sa-wl, and clM;m» against tiie city have only tcialedj $3. .WO in the syme period. During a dist'ussion It was decided to plaoe premium money into ft fund ito P**' clainls when ""•'>' al1 * e The boom of The "*ove is exjpwtwl to save &• col-i Ux P»>' er » «v«r*t Lhouisand <tol« crane ot other* v>ti< by (Iviii^ lovi, » t.jui- by Ul Ul* JJIUV Huttcr Oncil* > detsf. Kdwiu r'l»>od, Jki^V Cu. <Mt4 « f « c i if « m out ul Ma> 1 a and killed three men pour- a S) ialJ l tuii .«rui| If i) come* 1 1 Dili »tore, u« have It. I*\*i» Hardware ! i Mr.,. Hr ill ilka vva» uaturalj\ *mr>ru*>d and d<*ligi>Wd «ith her tr*»i. »od wfeo wouldn't b« at o\er i quciit >i\ agreement "free L»tei, aow»vw, va ui Vienna i . in •I „ t. 1 i, a ' u.e \VOliiJ Il2 I'l > mile 'iiiii.M make fcui. ie luia Belli ,« lh PM.I. I \Ve*t ' nfy. L j<" v *' over !J t.> t .e Mill. it. cd Bei !in ITf Hi he ^tan a »ver, Soviet premier s^ A' A .;•* m in '•£ ( ho^i u-.iii Tl.e . .1 . ari en £ tniciil Mondav l t' i VI;. i Ijnr- id ('•«• v.f-1'e !h« ;J.5U U. 11.0 , •>' S,. iai ies pa it new .ituir '.tie 1 til Sir- Hrt". V. . Of 'i at \ji>. den V. :t 1 .l.'l ere a '.K nf l •! 'A Rivergidf School. Ar*q Gal, Champ 'a* High ul place tuu« iu «( Ihf yir!'* barrel tb* Saa iiitonio fiotoo b*ft U» >!*•

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