The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 2, 1916 · Page 2
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 2

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1916
Page 2
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For Infants and Children. THE.-OHIjLLiOO ; i'ilS Wtfiti.K.l.y OOWSTI.TUTJGtt THURS1DAY, NOV. 2, 1916. KV; %·%*··'· 3 1'lCl! . ANygclablePrcparallonrarAs- i i i i ling I'li: Sifiniaclts amlflwtdsoT Promotes Digestfonflwriy: ,css aiwi Hesl.Contains iisJlter jpium.Morphine norMiuaai NOT NARCOTIC. ' Apcifect on , Sour StoBaduDlantea Vorras.Convulsi(ms.FevErisli- apjiLoss or Sum*. tllK CENTAUn COMPAIOfi ,! NEW YOWK. Exact Copy of Wrapper. Farm Loans -at-5 per cent Interest Prior Payment Privileges Gill ( Ryan North Side Square MANK ». NOBMAN Normnn 6c Jarvls FUNKRAI. HOMK SAM M. J All VIS FMBALMEKS and FUNERAL DIRECTORS Day Phone 417 Ni«M Phooci 153 · 569 DISCOVERS mm.. WIFE TOO ILL · TEACHERS FINISH Mothers Know That Genuine Castoria Always Bears M.\X ATTKMI'TS TO K.NTKll ,IA S HOMK O.V 1(M,K ST. TO WORK IN BED MOST OF TIME Thirty Years Public Sale Having (Itfililoil to milt fttriulns; I w 11 mill tit 1'uUllv Aiic'Uoii\at, my fiivni .1 I-U miles) mirth of Chlillc'ithi: mid '1 n i l l o nouth and 1-2 n i l l o I oaKt o! O l l v n Branch Church, on. Monday, Nov. 6 12--IIICAI) IIORSKH ,tM .tlUMOH--13 i! dray Maren, IP yuarH old, wdll inalchfld, In foal by.Jack; i Kray Kil- l«ys, 3 ynui'B o l d ; 1 Kruy Kuldlng 2 yoiir.1 o l d ; 1 jjniy goldlrg 1 y n n r o l d ; 1 Kfiiy Kllloy, j yfiar o l d ; .1 Illuck IK,rno, !i yciiris old; .1 b row A borne '· yonre o l d ; I bay Fllltij', 2 yi*»rH olil rond brod; sucking JIaru, colt; .1 «ucltlng HnrBu A l u l o Colt. |^ ' '' , H--1IKAK OK OATTIJO--H ] rud cow, a y e a r s ' o l d ; 1 rod cow, Tynnrn o l d ; 1 black cow, 7 yoara o l d ; 1 roan cow, 7 yi-iirii )!!. ThtiHo OIUVH arc all (food inllltero mid will 1)i) fn.'Bli bctwisDn now n n . l thu llntt of March; 2 h e l f o r cnlvpB; 1 sloar calf, 1 b u l l calf. 10--IIF,.\I) liHlOO J J C K H K V IIOt;,S--'ll)' ] brood Sow; lu cbofeis, v/t. n h o u t J o U IhB,; i boarn; 0 plK«, ISU'ljKMRXTrt, I I A I I N K K M , M.AV CilMI.V A X I i KHIOI): 1 w«.i;on; 1 low w n K o n w i t h Hat rack; 1 (spring wngon 1 ; 1 J o h n DOITO Sulkny H i d i n g P l o w ; Dine I - j i i r w w ; d i n o o t h l n g harrow, j f i - f t ; norn p l n n l or; H u l k e y ral-; rtrng riiko; r l d l n i f c i l l l l v i i l n r ; w n l h l n K ·· l f o w ; Mator; llvn Httovnl plow; n l i i K l o »hnvol p l o w ; d i a m o n d p l o w ; J sncldlo: 2 K«|U Wcirk Itui'Ho; '1 hnli nled; I OJiomo J o h n Uoero onKlno, (tood IIH n n W ! 11-ln. Ohio u n n l l i i K i ! p n l t u r , Kijml ni n o w ; power fi)«d g r i n d e r ; buz!! HHV; cnrii K H l l c F j Krinrt«t(uic.; Dfljiivul iii'onm tiwjiuralor, No. 12; !!0-i;ul. Iron k n t l l c ; 'M ft. l i u l i l o r ; K pliiii'lK \ifi-.n; 1 I n c u b a t o r ; HOIIIO fenco poHtu; Homo n a l l v n l i i i n b n r , f l n n i n n l o v o wood; romo iiolaton^ A b o n i 2fifl (HI, c o r n ; ROIIIO » a l » ; a b o u t 3 loud of ithmif on.U; ·! t o n o of Clovnr I f u y ; 0 I n n n of O l o v n r ami I l i u n l h y hay; -1 topn of baled hay; . r , IOIIH of oat Straw, b i l l e d ; a b o u t .10 t u n s of unxllneoi (!III('KIO,VM,--U dfiy. H I i i K l n Com!) Brown knghoru hoim and p i i l l n i t t ; S nockori'l.i; 2 doit. K h o d u i K l n n i l HotlH, I AM AliSO OKI'l5IU,\'n MV I«'AUM Oli 1 HO Acriw KfHt H A I / M Oj( flKS'C l.iini'li HiM'i'i'il on (.'rniipiil ),v Ijil'llr-, nf Ollvi' Ili'Miirli OlilHTli TKIl.US MAIH'l K N O W N O.V I » A V OI- 1 H A I i K . H I , A M TO fO.MMICNOlii AT 10 A. SI. A \\', (MKS, Aili'lIiiimiT. M, K. C O N W A Y , C l n r k J.H.GALLATIN.Owner x'usiji|)N' "W'Aldeii \S'aB t'allrd nntl Ar. ivcH In 'j'inio to Take a Part* inf! .Slt'.H, nt, (iurglin 4 . l''riday morning Hlmrtly uflor ono o'cloclc I\iiM. .i£iigoutj Jacobs henrd n iiolso In tho basement of her h.omf :m JiiiHt J'tiik litrnc.l.. Alter listening for ii lliriK shu k n e w then; wan aoino oiu In HIP baseniont. Mr. Jacobs wit.- away from homo anil 'us, there wore only wunif-ii In the house. Mrs. Jacobe n'ont to tho telephone and called her father, Constablo Wulden, who luvme- (lluloly aniiwercd the cull ant) ran t o t tho Jacobs homo, iv short distance. As Mr. WalUisu entered His hou'Se the Intruder lujard h i m and made a hnr. rlod exit of tho baHum'ent (intl rbach- ud a largo tree In the hack yard bo- fore tho officer reached tho ronr .ol tho house. The Intruder took ref.uisc li'oblnd Uio troo for a short tlmo and as ho emerged from his nldliig place and inado a run for the alloy tiio officer took 11 shot at him. It was darlc and th'j wouhl-bo burglar lhada lilf j escape. ' "' ' Thoro evidently wore .two men working to that part of town at the Kiumo tlmo, ns':i nhort Umo H/t«r Mr. Waldsn shot nt the liil.rurter I'n . t h e Jacobs hoino nnothor man - was Hecm r u n n i n g from ".Toltorson." wlrnct tnlo T'olk and c u t thru a vacant lot and m n d n his esniupo over to Calhoun St. Kor the past two weeks t h e neigh- bora in the northeast part of .tho city luivo been botnerort by prowliM'S wlia huvo attfiniptod lo gain entrance (o boniRR. A cominltleo Is balng nrgno- \7.c\ nnumif Iho r l t l z e n g . b r that HOC. l i o n of. the c.lty ami a close watch will b« kept for these intnt.tlorB ami It Ifi needlofis to u n y - w h a t . w i l l be done with Ilium. 1C tho obimiilltoo Is minceiSBfnl In capturing tlioni.. ·' ·' ' 1 There uro a nunibor.of young men In. the city n'ho wear, g.siod ,- 'Olotho? and -Benin (o liavo plonty.Ho.~:oal..luul lilenly of ohangn In their pocltot-M who orn known to hayo nevor done a day's work. Her Health Restored by Lyclia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. WOUDADK SESSIOX jrST CIXSFI AX INTER. ES'JCTNQ ONE. Indianapolis, Indiana. -- "My"health was so poor and my constitution so run' down that I could not work. I' was thin, pale and weak, w e i g h e d but 109 pounds and was in b o d m o s t of tbo time. I began taking Lyclia E. Pink: . ham's V e g e t a b l e Compound and fiyo m o n t h s later. I weighed 133 pounds.' I do all the House work nni;l wasWnjpc for eleven, arid.-r can truthfully any ky2ia E. 'Pinkhnm'a Vee- J ctnUo'Compound hna boon a/godsend* to' me 'for I would have teen in my grave ; tctiay-bu.t: for it I would tell all women Bufferinfros I was to try your valuable 'remedy:"--Mrs. WM. ^REEN; 382. S. Addison Street; Iridmnapblis,Iniliana.: Thiro ishartlly a neighborhood in thia country, wherein: some woman, has'not. found-health by using .this good; old-, fashioned root unnorb remedy. . · ,-,. If there is anything about -Whiah you would like,epoeial advice;,write:to this Lyclia E. ^inlsham Medicine Co-r Lj iui, Mass. ' · ': ,. - ; .', ·: '·"'·'·' OONTKS'IJOIJH OV.YCJONH j. iii|VA,v; -from UK ··'on, Chicago,- Cell. 30, -- Rupu'rtft 1m WeRterii stuUm where lie ii,ro to,.lho "fC«ct tlurt lour oi' W i l l i a m Hryuii lins beam one IOUK 'ova'Llan, Traveling ' by tipvclfll train, ' h o has to (Into toui'ud Now Mwdco, Arlaoii'i. Novsidu, 1)1.11)1, Wyoming, ..'Moatunti North Uakotn, 'ay/a., KmiKiui, Colorado, Missouri anil Illinois, Ho sirulfit at many points In ' onch . ( tlitwo s(nt«fi H u d always to Itirg". orowilK. Illti fi|i!oi:his Mm mild to -(.)(* th'tt lc,Ht polltlcnl nffurt.l of; IS lit .lift'. : I» Wlclilt.ii, Kiinwuf, uooarrllng to Uiu ICnglc, Victor Murdoch's Tfrugres- «lvo nnvn|)ii[Hr, niwk n i l i l . ' woii.iuii HllOYlJll l.llOlr Wfly 10 Wharf! llrf WIWIO firaut him. 111*1 HUtipot't of Urn PruffliLtmi. - I n ' tin' fliinlllliHl. Ho has dm'larad that '"the dlfferonco belwocn Hughe* and Wll. noli In Unit views tilings from llio domoiiriitio standpoint, of bitlir from iho boUfJin,. and IliiKlioK vlflws- f r n m Uir« aiiHlOiJi'allo « U u i d n o I n t - ol mnsnoiidotl from the !,p. l.iughoa bo Hi-vim In iJ-Klirlnllng for llm wall. to. do urn) for Uie poor to lu iu'Ui;tit; sin. i l l tin* uro»j»«rlty .lenkft through." tn liln HpoMhoH Mr, U r y n u ondiii'SBs ovary act of (ho Wilson ailnilnlstrft- UOH, nolnflily Iho H u r a l - CrddlMtiw, j (ho Child Lnbor law, Iho lOlghWiour Inw, t h u Currency law, tho AnU-trtiHl I n w iiinl i h o Iiinomn Itvx im;vl»lims. Tii'fwrlni? to t'ffisldfiut WjHitiii'ij KOcettdfifu) nffriru to k««p thin eoun* t r y mil ut thf. European wnr, he siild: "Jive hiinilrod yimrs from now children will bo horn In ICuronn w i t h ll yulto of t h i n war's burdort upon lluilr iiBcltn; wu ilo not wunt tliat eondltlnn lu our country In Iho years to co inn, Awiln, "If tho President navor'illfl n n y t h l n g C!HO he wait right Hi refus- ln(i to offer i prwrnfuiii on iiBBfttBilna- lloit In Ainnripa, and whnn he to online ihtnisiunlii of yonni; ©" TAKE YOUR ; Optical Questicn 1 - ' · ; jyQ - · - . - . ' ' M A C D O N A L D FOR , OVER T W E N T Y Y E A R S A KNOWN QUANTITY, in .the auccesBful' correction of DEHECTIVI^ VISION and Ete Strain/Mod ern methods; Reliable Service · Reasonable Price; ,.\,. ;'-.' A.B.MacdonaW EAST SIDE SQUARE YOUR FRIENDS CAN ' BUY ANYHINO YOU CAN TIIEM-- ' ' ' " ' '-.'.'· EXCEPT YOUR PHOTOGRAPH Watton Studio NORTH SpESQU. Over Sipplo'a; 1 '* , · " I'OR QUALITY SERVICI SEND US YOUR KODAK WOB.K, The Address of I)r. John 1'. Pi-iill IjMSfc Night ori "Thinking ITorwnrd" Wns' Good. Tlve 1!)1C session of tho Livingston ffiounty Teachers Association, .which closed - Saturday morning, was pro-' ·nouncod one, o£. tho best teacher; meetings'ever held in Chllllcotiie,.aad ,'tuqse wholattandod returned-to their - iJuius.highly pleased'Witt the excellent program which was prepared by: County Superintendent of Scho.oia, J., M. Gallatin, - . ,' --."' ; ..-' ··" -·"" .- ; ·.During- the three days" session ijav-, ,eral interestlng'.tallw wero mado by! ; notea educators ot'.tbe state arid also by tie local school faculty, igrarii'oC l?riday was probably'the best _pfi tlis session^as thtire were more.,adt dresses on Uie, progrnm. In. Uie forenoon D.' W. ^Clayton ot .the'departi inent of education of. the State Unl-, ;verBity made aii ·."Interesting talk 'as, did Vresiderii Ira Richardson or,, the Ma'ryvlilo; State :Normal. Friday, af- toriioon' the High', school section -ol the 1 .program .was: reuderod. ana'!the following mado .talks:' Siipt, A. H. Coburn, E. 0. Harvey,-Miss Josephine Norv.llle, Fred. Lewis, E. A. Sparllrfg n'nd' D. W.; Clayton. '.The/Friday evening prpBrahi .coUBlsted, of a'yl.o- lin solo by Miss Dorpthy Sherman, a- reniliiig by Miss Mora. Hewitt,, music by tho First Baptist quartette and tar addrePs "Thinking 'Forward'--hy Dr. .Win P. Fruit of William Jewell 5 CoK' Tho Saturday morn:ag session; was 'composed practically of business. WHAT THIS KIIXVEYS IX). , Their Uncciuilng Work JCiui)(j 17s Strong and Healthy. : All the blood, .in tho body passes th'roiifc'bithcr U|dheys;X)Uce every, three minutes. The Iddnoys filler tho-blood They work,.night qnd day. When ot Impure matter dally, when. ui- jhealtiiy they remove . .ulntwlngri-^-. | healthy some part of thin.lm:pure mat- (tor Is loft in tho Wood. Thls^bringrf on many diseases aud'Bymptoms--- jwhloh. vary widely, hut may Include tiiilu ;iV the -back, .headache,, tiorvpu^- jioss,, hot, 'dry ,Hlcln, r rheumatic paintf. gout; gravel/ disorder of tho. oyeaight and hearing, dlzalnoaii, Irrogulur heart/ debility, drowiiiness, dropsy, tloppslts iii the urine, oln. J3nt- It you keep tho (liters right tho dangnr J^'ovurcomi), Doan'n Kldiioy PlllB hlire, proven an effective, kfaiiey med : ». _ , . Mr». W. Ch'aiifly, 824 Brldso .St., .Chilllcotho; »ay»: "I iiitvo used Doiia'fi JCIdnwy 1'lllH on HOveriil occiislona for Hovero h'nckache and shooting- palilft Kcrotm tpy WtooyB.;, I , liavo foaml tlieni to 1)a an excellent ntedlclna"for llilul trouble,'."."'Tlioy.V hiWo. nlw.ays broiiKht tiio daslrod benefit ami, 1 gludiy endorse them,'"' : · '· . /'Price COc at all d.oafera. Dfl,n'l .slmiily.aslt for a kidney r'amody--rjret Donn'ft Kidney Pills---iha .flamo ,tliat Mrs. Chaney hud,- Fo»tor.MIlb«ni Co., Props., Bultalo, N . Y . «,". . QUICK REPAIRS AVt UnilB \Vliy w u j t tlirea !»», ,*aj'e" |UIIC, nUun i vtln miiKo It In one IHur/ due t * W l i y p n y two uroflts, w)i»n you aUlt #. », cun Imy from tt« ractorj? . FKiRT nilPI IfiiTP Ht! CAAbl MUrLluAlt i r»«n to furnish Wood itnrt lo gunrnriteo thfi (sptscalallvo profit of men who, not oonltfnt wltli 1'nvwjt' mcnt In thin country, wont to -Mexico to Rpoeulalo." Mr. Bryiui wa» In TennosHeij, Ktn- hseky nrul pontiKylviuitu Inet wooli and nnlnh«(l the v-'uok In Ohio, Thl.'i weok Itn will upend In Michigan. Wlwonaln itnd IHIadd, and the rs^ malndnr of th» wnnpslgn in lit» lioroe BlnlB of Nsbrauka. Ho !« enlhunlastic ovur Iho sttu- Btlon. In Bt_ Uoultt recflntly }s« toW the nnwspuper reportem who gather. 6iJ About him wli!l« brnakfadtlnK tha( Us felt «onfld*nt that evsjry on« Pf tni» Western and iniI- Western stfttes will frlvB it* electorlal rota* (o Frames without your alsw, - tM un exud tre»urlptlon, ONE MILLION KINDS U'"o p v^1fmS ll»n Klndn of lunttn from Uie rouifh Kla»K. Come Mnd wuo. UIII AODEQt Pnek nil th« hrokon partn ·MIL UnUCIU in « mronK box, I rnurn «]aH8«» Atuno day by pan^d jvMt C, 0. 0. LUWUBC iwnelMit churt'tn, G. W. PALM SPECIALIST IN OPTOMEJRY 818 Wtbltor St., Chllllcotnt, MO. Phon.i: O"^", 908. Ruldtnoc, 14MM Qtnoca "Evan'- Tuaml»y . TIIK OHTBOIMTW Dr. T. G. Ofiic* in Ounby Bid*. d Hl«lrw«» oonn of Call* Muw*r«H ] , ' l*J » r »IX'; AltUKSTUO ' ffOU . w/uyi'io 1)1.10 IS l«OWeH.COmi;M)Ji»AV- Waller OBtrandw waa MOB tod by I'tttrolmoii Cramhor .un4 AloCurtliy Sunday ulght on th'o «harge of bootlegging. Monday mornltiff in police coiijrt ho onlorod a plea of guilty he. tore Jiidgo .J* 1 , K 4'tlloy, who assseBBen lilB fine at $00, Ostrnnder was run- n l n g ft »umd near tho Wabiitili depot Sunddy morning Ohio? of Police »or ; nay warfo n vinlt to the pliwo Jinfl su» .cured several botllo» of -whisky an j bsor. I^tUor in tho day, according tn tho ottluors, evltltinuo wttti !· Keeured Bhowlng that OMtrandsr Iiafl gold »i{Y- oral boitlajj ot whiBlsy.and buer dur, tog the day. For soirto tlmo it iia* been Known bpotleggflfg w0re 4. ' t thriving bUdinooB in ilia city, bul the o(Hcer» had been unable tooecurc Kuiflelent evidence against tb«m to warrant an-' arrant, this I» Uie alurt of a cru»aile aKiUnat the booUeggaru, Blllounnesi, *I«H; licadMhe, «our tomach, e*», bloating, i:onntlp«t!on yBpopBl*-- all theso dictrewln* eon, «emMinos» of rotftinlnis » m»«pi of uu- Keiilud mid fermenting rood In tbo stomach are avoided if tb* bowiiti lire kopt open, and r«Bul»r. Foler CaMur. tic Tabl*t» are flrrt aid to goo* health. Do not gripe. Sold orery- wb«r«, ItchlTig pile* provoke profanity bt»t profftnlty won't r«,mo*e th»ro. Poan* OiDtment 1» recommended tor K"*- |n»r, tile«(I!ni5 of protradlnK pile*. 60c i, nny Ara% »tor«. -Change of Day-- 18th Year Here Reliability, . Dr. Prettyman : Bas come to Chil'lieoth* ever four weeks for over 16 years and hap done good eonscieo (· tions work r»£l CONSULTATION AND EXAMINATIOK N^w teeper Hotel Chillicothc, Mo. Monday, Nov. 13,1916 --».00 a. m. to 3:00 p. DU-. .'··..' '-"':' ''- " I · * Returns Every Four Week* In » graduate of ide Coilea« at I'lij-Blciiint und SurueouB, New Vort CUy, one of the uegl HtAl- oal ScUooia lu Uo United $MC«*. Me Ua» bad yeura ol eiper!a»t» in the grout uospluUa lad tw»u- ty yearn special pracitca He lolnlB with prldo lo his m*»j eurek In Cntlllcouie and rlclulty. - He Treat* Acute Mid C'tiruuic Calwrb, niB K ing In Uie K»r», OcwfMM, IHveiiM. of Uw Kfe, E«r, MOM ThHMtl, l.iutt.-*, Sidnwcli, H«M«, Uver, KMaejff, Bjwel» wd RIlMldOT. , Nervoui Diseuei NeurtUi, ; Nerruun Pronto ·tlim, Neur»l(tli«. E|UI«H»y (KH», ! ItbCiitBMImn given opediil ·!- tn/Uami.-'~'- . - · / T H O S E Snfferlnn nroni N«r*oiiHnMi,DI*- rltiem, ConfiiBlon of tdeu* Aremlon to Society, Defective Memory;Nerrpn» Deblllly.SUwp-' le«BDei«. M'e»kne»B ind Exhiu*- Woftj treated by the l»la»i *a« ««»V.. : Bn|tiioci»:f"' : ''' · Blood and Skin DiBeaaw Acne, Beienin, fsOr'imli 8cr»J- ol» *ndi-ati other'Blood and Bkl» · Dlxea'iieotreaied.. _ Diseases of Woman Tr«»tedjtn the moil MtUbetor/ caanuerj Our home treilmeBt it to UBB »nd flrek goat jiulto. ; The dojilor ctrrlen all bli poit* i Me Inntruirieutfi, ·' nd «on en .to, examlD* the milt nedl'cal and mrileal' CprreRpondenee ·ollelt- ' ·'-'· ' ·' . XddreM,, DB PRETTYMAM tana KIMOAIX, AVB. OHIOAOO. TLT, Rexall Stores Straw Vole Who l» going to ba elcc(«4~ IIUBhe«i-or WllBOn? Tliat 1* the question. The Hexall Slra'W-VotS -will tol] you. How, necamle It 1» Nutioual in ecopo, No utruw vote over taken bc-to-re w»n national ID character. N 0 ono ever bud lh« orgnul/atlon to do it befora. How !i:»n the Roxull Company do "·* Bi;tiiu8o we hnvo over 8000 ilorw located In every »tat« In the Union, fn 11 til* towns and In clt!«»,,o£ 6,009,000. "; See our windows for rnoult*. B»l IctliiK coming dally, Thl» vol« ll takun In all walk* of llf», Tte popular vote In flmt bull*(lB It 180,000 VOI«H and Indloten th»( It In going to b» Borne r«c«. II you want to be po«t«d, iludjr UM bufleilnn on the Tte»»Il window*, Clark's Pharmacy "The Reiill Store* Chillicotbc, : M« Children Cry FOR FLcrcHtrs. C A S T O R I A EWSPAPER INEWSPAPERr

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