Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 21, 1941 · Page 8
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 21, 1941
Page 8
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STERLING BAILY GAZETTE. STIKLINtJ. ILLINOIS fSttpirflsors 1 Proceedings State of Ort. f. A. D. Illinois si. • Co-mtv f®. Harrv TO. Irvin K. I./>!tT. committee, .services' T P. CLAIMS 1. Mowrer.r Grocery, irrorr-rirs. Tuesday, October 21, 1941 H R Wliipplr. rent R.-* k Fa!i.«. Dniry nuik On of Rock Fails. H-n Bros milk Onken. RR*»I< 75. Same. Verr, F 15 rinmk driving 73 On a I Howard. •^ driving (Vl 24. •Sim'-. .Tovph ' ^ rr.vuriR ofTsr^r Con. Ar- ; Co.. bolt', r 2»n «7S1 H B Furib patrol S75>3 Oorjre I SS sin? *7*3 MrC«rm:.-k sir>_rt . etr. Co. - D < 3 Ifi r 9th. A D Supf!v:. r r«:' conv-nrri IT- fi m Mor:v-r-.v 1P1! !>r Th WhiWsirie •rooms of Thursday. Octobr Pth A D 1941 ?.: 30 o'clock A. M pursiiant to rei <•--< d'je none' bv mail nr<d pub:.i T -.":-. having be<«n ifiven. -nith ("hairnin:: Patterson presidir.R and ail n-,<-nU^:- present errept Mr. \r\\7 The minuTrs ol th^ ]!>••' <\n\ - '•- sion wpie rrad and .ipprrnr^ Bills and claims nere rraci aj-.i: referred to thr proper comm'.ttriv Mr Burns read th*- report of i!-.* 1 County Clrrfc "f n;>rrnnt., isj-'i^d durine rerr.^ of the Board iti the County fnn-H Count'. Hi^h^n'. funds and Motor Fuel !nx fiit.ri.- which on motion of Mr Oi\r-r. ^«-re referred to the Countv Officers committee to report on ti\L<, P M A communication from Mr C F Fldler. Chief Veterinarian of thr Department of ARnrultuiT. Spnnoflekl. Illinois: was read which on motion Of Mr. Given was refrrrefl to the Bovine T B committee to report back to this Board. Mrs. Anna Allen. Juvenile Probation Officer submitted her quarterly report which on motion of Mr. Mc- CuIIagh was received and placed on file. Motion by Mr. Brown to recess Until 1:30 o'clock P. M. Motion carried. On the reronveninir of the Board all members were present. The Clerk read five communications from the Division of Hlchways. •pringfleld. re: Sec. 11-1 MFT: Sec 7-J MFT. Sees 2-G. 7. 8. 10 A- 11 P*iierif •R N. Hc-rimond. r f o- tin t ir n 1<- pr.*".i- ."pr*riina. * Broprn Con . Hxrry Lilly. !nrr*r.\ C'irit?. Bnrh«T Con . Ftnri- Ralph S:b!<". Con . Arthur 1 40 fi7.=»4 Fr*nk A Twin C:r rfr*t- : r. 9, FR:*.«. s 3« of mwih *.«1 mfi*> W:£«on Stone «*!iiry ; ji so of month trwl 154 mT'e* ^t ?H a*."-* M J. St'trmer. 3f*> 5 30 of m<wi*h arrf 1 17 5SSH Cra Ri»p«!r Shop, r?- 1 40 I, c Sl'B Co o W. H' > (f ;-«- mnrt Tmp't." 3 Rf".T,r>in. c Furniture Rtnrr, ': r.o!'"Mrii MrMk C' Rn?7rl. rontinc ronf on in il A F Rti'ifr. srif- .'P.. Hmrv Pm:!h COT John CoTinolv. rtt-T.k snd <1i^- orr|rri\ MriJioti b\ Mr MrCnilRRh that Cn --;pp Hdm. Co. R7SO for 449 ]rx k .1 PI lo 40 R21 in Mirr; Kl. 6. Sec. 6-O1 MFT and Ser.v Q-l P and 115-RS-WPSO 14. Bent Bros., master chancery receipts 15. Hart Studio. photo-Klaus 16. Same, same 17. Shawver Ptg, Co. delln- qnent tax list 18 B C Je.M Co., pencils and carbon « ...... . 59 FiiKon Journal, advertis- thm of the boilers at the County | ins Buildings and County Farm were j 20. Albany Review, delinquent read and placed on file. I tax list Communication from the Illinois 21. Bent Bros., Mime jrhlch were received and placed on file. Communication from the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insur- '•nce Company relative to the ia^pec- .^nnir up-lit i >rk s oflire . (':': of Morrison. \- anrl ,-rwrr department PRINTING AND STATIONERY CLAIMS GPO D Barnard, master in < hanrerv rej'wnt.s San)p 2 r > .sheet. 1 ip\i.srr: 4 1M1 Tampii'o Tornado. riHiti- ri'i r nt tax nnd othrr no- tires 4. Hf-n-i Bros., ink nnd do» krl.s 81 29 5. n C JPS.«; A; Co. pads, pencils nnd rubber band'-. 23.11 K. Ramsey. Bull and Yost, lawyers reports 7. H. C. MlllrrCo.. Inbel holders fi Zion Office Supply Co.. carbon and pen points 9. Frank Shephard Co.. sub- r f>f>rl.^ rv appro-,- ir:t\ Clrrk b* a>;- o! .'.nniP Mo!-.f>!: Mr. Burn.- from thr CotiriP. Off:offered thr thr" fo'.- ' Rt.-rlms' Iron • Co . wspin/r r Standard Cr; oil and "i foregoing : r i ami that ihf C f the proper Claim art* in pn\rr;rn; ' B7fi2 Sam Cornel. 6~fi3 Wilbert S< h-:. B7B4 Vrnl M K:: help rrpor:.^ •» h.rh on motion of , fi765 Wm F H»'!r) C'snror. Brirjr Wort;'. ro Hr^nrrt H'iirrrtRa. J^hnr r::r.e: ri;r; .T-iMa' H-;;7pn(ta. s:-.-m- r\'.'.\e dirt and Co. «». . !ah»>r . labn- !. offic Mr McCiillaeh *• 're appro- OR DIN ART Boarr. of Supr \i-or*. 140 October 9 A D 1941. 0 Mr Cn.iii-man and Gentlemen of —'••' thp Board of Supervisors. Your Committee to whom was re- e.i 00 !prrrrt tnp ml , u< , r 0{ ordinary Orders issued during the vacation of 67<;7 Clinton B r beam 1 - bar- SKiidarri O;: 1 11 b r s ( f. r. i ri g r err Co. and Co. jrun 816 this Board from Sept £7fi8 Anton Rrhultr labor 6769 Elmer SnvdT labor S770 Vincent McKenna labor 6771 txMirtle McKenr.a labor R772 Charles Sr.vder. labor 6771 Willard Hanshoni labor William Wike iabor Ray Rpfoert. Sabor 10. to 6 27 October 9. 1941. submit the follow- Report in the matters before B778 Harold Rebert. labor 6777 Raymond Breeder, labor 6778 Cha.s Criest. labor them: ....... .'cription Illlnoh Citations IS 00 r N v Co 10. Bancroft Inst. Am Whitney Co. Jurors contract , A , 6779 Donald PoUock. labor 7835 ' 67 *° Archie Yard, labor 11. lawyers Co-op. Pub. Co, Dlfiest Service 12 P F Pe-ulbone Co, letter Morrison Telephone Co -Aujt > M 55 i 6781 John pifTCf 50 Q\iLst MJe. Co . Co Hwr. office 9 00 [ B7R2 Kenneth Paith. labor . , ' " ^~*»«* w^.__ ___ »» ___ » .. »_t __ 1 73 I? 17 7 27 387 240 c;;rrn Co-, ne. labor A'.fwr! Co-, TP !atv>T FY-x: C Srvr>r ;»h<^r B S Sharer, man and 1 k 2300 R868 MrMa-<'er-Carr Supplr 500 Co repair purl* fiW!9 Pre.vo»t>. belt hook^ 7923 fifl70 Eddie IjOffi.v truck r»n- tai : fifl71 Tri'red Tire Co :ir*>s loja R872 A:rker. Carpenter. p«;rr>!- 900 man 73 75 6*73 John B'tsing same 31.50 6874 I>on S;kkema same 32 18 fifl7S Mrs H D Savers, rent 27K8 6876 Glenn M Savers, chief 1080 r»iro!man 960 6877 Harrv binder G»'. pipe. 1700 arxJ labor of imtfliia- 16 40 tion 640 BS7S Rlep Brand.'. Cond. pipe 640 6879 Potter BrtiR . material* €20 6880 Barnie'.« Super Service. 8.60 ML C C. pArts, kerosene. 10.40 etc Csr! H Arrwit Rrrf Her;- : f^rm wrwmw wrttrh wnu» r«r»lT«1 r Pnyrter, Sonnemsrs, Thome ftnd Wil- rietui Arr.rt*. ROW ino'*n<1 p'scert on file. ktn««n i?5> nay nfwi* »>nd TSSf* C!*rm A Brewer ^- Corn j Mr. Snyrter rvptrrtwj oraHy In the ; Uon «TM deciar<^1 carried C. Brewer Wh'.rney. • matter of the petttJors of t** Nort.h-j Mr. Hver pre<./nted the ROW .vs7fWi* >rn Il'inot* Water Corporstfon and j petition *nri moved that the praver |5t»t«1 that * rowsplet* report In | of th» petit4on be granted SP< ondH |*rttln« wmild be submitted at ft bv Mr I<nvu- Xfo'ion .rarrierl. 2n 00 : ! * f *" 1r ria "" 'State o? Ilhnc^ ', ^* r Norrish of the WhHe.iide Co'intv of Whitr-.Ki'- ."=. i Count v S*na!«r!tim Bo<ird addr«».'*se»1 ' To«n of <3rnr-.rc 75ijno' th '' Brmrd ! n the matter of the sale! TO THE BOARD OF 5T.TpFP.Vf- rvn«t>eT. of R-fhocH* of V. 7,1 T IS N R ft E of 4'h 13 =-0 T M . ROW 3*>K> MiriP MOOT? AncVrT-OTi ? 2?. snri John A. Ward. ROW T>*n F. Sippel. ROW William Coone', . ROW 3 01 ?<!R?i H:lma PefrsoTi ROW !^00,79SS Jacob I, HPin ROW ^OR7 Jrpn. T Hftrnb'fck A- H':7 en b*>r- G SchaufT ROW ?P$9 Harold A.- V;oin F, W:r,k- ' l»r Vrra M A- O>f fio fin lx"«is. ROW " ?n BOT-.J:P.; ROW 7 40 29<>1 Kno^h Annrrsot; ROW 3?>?i? John Cocvr.PT. ROW 2« ,V> 2*92 Parruk Coonp;, W-.::.--!r. ! Coor.e-.. John \- Pa'>:>r.* 3 fi7 j p Coonev. ROW l.M)'2W»4 F!>n A Mi-Gu:tP A: i Frr.rna M F^RTI HOW 1*33 2<»5 Fr«vi A S« hrari«-t ROW 44 ?0 2996 FT a m PS J ONe-.l A: jOf th»- Coimfr propertv in , township and expressed th» ri'^'irs" of n*, oo *af<l Psnitarinm Board 10 cooperate OiOO fl:?h the Board of Supervisors In SA;d rn a11r7- ;S(yi' Mr Bonrr from the Bovine T. B j Committee reported orallv on 'h*> SORS OF WHtTFSIDE. COUNTY, ILLINOIS H:ehi,a'. s of th" TOT n of Gen" f" 1 , ;n s»;d Cn'inP- wo'ild re'-prr t f'l'.'.''' represent Th^' 'hrrr r.ppri- 11 to b* i ronimunirntion of Mr C K Fidlf-r. 'road along the -o-.:;h line o[ , c 75 oo . ^hlef Vrtermarmn of the Depart-; !!o;i M. «ppro\;:rntr!'. 1.^0 r I ment of ARrirtilMire Sprinaflp'.ri.' T hat IIP ha> < a:r f':'.>. estimate<i •jq HI I IliinoLv which said repjort was ar- 33RfK1j ^ r Smdrr of the Jndiriorv foti-- muife ofTerM the foilo^inR rpport of Illinois ab> i ^v <~>'. thr Tork to 221 00 rer.:<; on thr o! \a',:;stion or. th.r roii of said toni: road and last pa il! tie more than fo-;r o!v hundreri dollars th.r J 1 i!est a.v;e>sment and the levy for tax for the two said town was in 92*5, T^p 21 N R 7 K ROW 11800 91 25 2997 Wm P A- FTRIU u J 110 001 0 NP:; Trustee ROW 1000 ; 2<*>B Wm P ONeii ROW •7999 Ralph Permo. ROW 11700 3000 Cha-; R Welch. ROW .3001 Fred Wahi F.^t ROW J3002 Frederick F loerRer ROW 3003 School Trustees Dist 4 1 R3 T^p 19 N. R 7 E 5234 ROW 1000 3004 Vim en! K E«an and ! Glenn Craddork ROW 5«00! White.side County l.TI.IO' Board of Supervisors. IS100 September -Se.v.lon. Va.ti \PRT for :hi- f;:|| arnotint ailn-' i September 10 A. D 1941 ' ed b\ la-s to t>r raised for all ron^ \ Mr Chairmnn and Gentlpmen of and bridge pur}xv>e>. rxcppt for la-the Board of Supervisors: !>:'.« out. aitenr.K wuipnniR or varat- | Your Committee to whom was re- r IT.R roads, the itiaior part of which ."i2 00 ferred the road and bridge tax levies'':e\v is needed for thp ordinary re- QfiOO 'of the several Towns of the Counn pair of roads and bridgr-*. ,>i OO and State aforesaid submit the fol-| Sa:d Coniinissunipr of 1 00 4090 Aitken Carpenter, labor 2000 Wilson Stone. B!dg. Co. Aid heads 13 American Law Book Co., instalment due >ame same Public Aid Commission re: allocation *Ute relief funds in various 0ounU«s was read and placed on file Communication from the Illinois •late Council of Defense re: the _«rfmniiatlc*i of a County Council of "Defense. WES read. Mr. Given moved that the Chair appoint a County Council of De- fcnae to conxltt of nine members, in- eluding himself: said appointment to fee made at the convenience of the Chair. Motion carried. Motion by Mr. Given that the applications of Sara "Bates of Fulton •nd Chris Kugel of Sterling, for Wind Benefit, be granted, payment to start as of October lit. mi. Motion carried. Various committees submitted re- 41 85 Albert Jaener M. J Sturmer 25 00 H B Wilkinson Co. Co. HWT. riedlcRtions * 5 ' Bent Bros. Co Hwy. office 27 30 T i McLnne Pt« Co. same 16^0 Burdette Smith Co. 6 st«- tute.s 3360 The Flax Co. carbon Harrv J. Watt, insurance i n CD ' iu;>« N. L f. E w Kniysman. Co. Hwy. office 80*0 Wilson Stone. Bldg. Co. line bridges 25.20 jj j sturmer. same 21 JO. Albert Jaeger, name Aitken Carpenter. S. A. Main same and notices apd pa- Q 15^ P^ 1 ^* ' 30150-rhos Frederick, crow bounty 2340 67(53 Haney Hewitt, labor ,67S4 Wm. Hmes tnick and j oo ' driver 100 e7H> Phelp* Hdw Co. Miff. 3 go hardware 678(i Jlorace Wat«>n. rrntail of 3500! ' WIr J« f k-' 'or 18 days |6787 SterlinR Iron & Met*l 1250 4500 Co- steel 6788 Pete Keegan labor 6789 McCarthy Feed Co. tim- I othy seed 45 77 23. Sterling Daily Gazette. ports a* follows: FINANCE CLAIMS _. Names of Wo. Claimant* For What Amount Allowed 1. 8. J. McCuHagh. Com. fer vie«a ^ 6.70 1. Edna Barrett, same 5.10 .'J. Walter Lewis, same 19 70 4. Chan. F. HaaaebTian. same 23.40 11. Paul H. Mason, same C 8. A. Pattenon, same f. George Fuller, same t. Clyde E. McKenxie. same ^. T. G. Flnnlctun, same It. Bimon Mathew, same 11. W. L, Hendrlcks. same UL Gcorce Thome, same H. F. E. Wilkinson, same 14. Charlec 8. Johnson, same If. Wm. Hj-er. same li. 8. C. Given, same IT. A. 8. Greene, same II. Paul Sonneman. same It. Roy DiehJL same •. Chas. F. Reed, same •U T»d Dobers, deputy sherifl aen-ice* •. Martin Bielema, same m. Clara 8. Bell, bailiff service* 19.70 17.40 41.06 1250 5.00 27.70 3235 13.70 18.85 49.10 23 JO 32.05 1630 6.60 17.80 24.55 25.00 35.00 20.00 i V. Julius Geiger. same 17.50 M. Bdward Klocke. deputy aherifl services 1450 tl. J. J. Anderson, same 29^8 M. Julius Oeiger. same 125 W. Same, tame 9 00 V. J. J. Anderson, same 200 81. Same, same 9.75 •. Burkholders Standard Service, gas and oil, sheriffs car 18.94 Jl. Twin City Produce Co., rent, commodity depot 80.00 1C. M. J. Wooster. storage, commodity depot 4452 M. Dl.' Bell Telephone Co.. _ . «eTvicf, commodity depot 13.25 M. Ljle C. Pippert, expenses • commodity depot 5.12 If. F. L, Schrader. hauling, commodity depot 14.00 M. A. P. Martenson &. Son. acme 40.00 M. An Martenson. same 3452 It. Hallett's, typewriter de.^k 70.00 4f. R. M. Robertson, office •upplies 33.74 41 Reynolds Funeral home, soldier burial 41, F. L. Dudley, same 75 00 4A Helm & Helm, same 23. Bent Bros., index and advertising 24. Pulton Reminder, advertising 25. Clinton Book Bindery Co., 2 Col. books 2«. Model Publishing Co.. reports and tape 27. Bent Bros., letter heads and supplies 28. B. C., paper 29. B. C. Je&s. pencils 30. P. P. Pettlbone Co.. claim blanks 31..Chicago Law Ptg. Co., brief and argument 32. P. P, Pettibone Co., birth certificates 33. Erie Independent, notices 34. Clinton Book Bindery, record books 35. Halletfs. ink, pencils and bands 36. Geo. D. Barnard, cash book 37. Perfection Legal Blank Co, transcript and criminal bonds Mothers Pension < 65 > * 04'.Blind Pension «63i Rensie Geerts. salarj- * 50 Floyd Kness. salary Ruth Kirk, salary- H. J. Ludens. salary •Bertha Vandyke, salary Lola Wessel. salary* ! A. E. Harding, salary postage «790 Sieu Co. flat belt 6791 Peoria Tractor Ar Equip. Co. cuttlrm edRes [67«2 Sterlin* Iron A: Metal 4001 Co.. steel f 00 j 6793 Harry J. Watt, tasur- 4 00! ance J6794 Hardware Products Co., 1755J nails and wire 1.70167»5 Chan. Snyoer. labor and 35.85 *•?* j Anna. Allen, salary I L. L. Winn. salary- R. E. Crook, feeding prisoners Dependent Children ~~ 20 15 ; I. N. U. Co.. lights iSepO 3.16 147000 195300 9500 100.00 17500 300.00 4000 11500 14150 100.00 45833 17400 350.00 7901 6796 Sam Cornelius. labor 6797 I. N. U. Co- electricity •7M Wm. F. Hauck. cash for equipment •799 Standard Oil Co, lubricant and -oil 6*00 J. P. ScrimUt, mixer. 840 All of which b respectfullr stib- 1000 mtttrd. ; CO Burns. 1200 RE Brown. A S. Greene. 1001 State of Illinois ' '• w. , 1800 Whiteside Cwmty Board of Supervisors, 200 September Session 54 40 October 9. A D 1941. Mr Chairman and Gentlemen of B2 the Board of Supen-isors: 1.53 Your Committee to whom was re- I ferred the matter of Motor Ptiel Tux 73644,Order* Lvtied during vacation of " this Board from Sept 10. 1941 to Oc- 400 tober 9. 1941. submit the following Report in the matters before them: 189.11 2925 John Busing. Sec. K-l : main. 1807 2926 Anton Schultr. labor 450 ,2927 Elmer Snyder. labor 3230 , 2928 Vincent McKenna. labor 4.42 2929 Lourde McKenna. labor ;2930 Chas Snyder. labor 37.50 625 100 1395 3005 Oliver P Petty A: First ISO no lowing Report in the matters bei,1 oo fore them: Rate per $100 Town Valuation 1 Albany 25<2 Clyde 33c 3 Coloma 25c 4 Erie 25c 5 Fenton 33r Trust Joint Stock. Land Bank of Chicago. ROW 14500 3006 John M Stager. ROW 9000 3007 Walter Coonev A: ROM* Coonev ROW 3008A Cha.* Sn\der. moviirij weeds 300S Co Hw-.- Fund, rental 3f/W Chas Snyrier. mownng weeds ( 3016 Chas Snyder. same 6 Garden Plain 33c 7 Oene.see 8 Hahnaman 9 Hopkins 116.00. 10 Hu ™ 111 Jordan 42 OR 1697, 12 13 Montmorencv 33c 33c 30c 28c 33c 33c 33c further repre?ent.«. thnt the work, herein deM'-ribcd is necessary and that the same will not be made more Amount ! expensixe than is needed for ths SI 100 00 . purpose reqiitred 3000.001 Wherefore the said Commissioner 9185.00'of Highways" does hereby petition 2200.00 j you for aid and for an appropria- 3100.00. Uon from the County Treasury of a 431000 sum sufficient one half the 400000. expense of .sold work, the said town 3000.00 being prepared to furnish the other 4490 15 half of the amount required. Dated at Oenesee, Illinois, thi* 184004 380000 3011 Same, same 3012 Co HWT. Fund, mowing weeds 3013 Same, mower rental 3014 Same, same 3015 Same, same ,14 ML Pleasant S3c 15 97'IS Newton 33c g'jg 16 Portland 33c 5 i 8 17 Prophetstown 33c ; 18 Sterling 2&c 4 80"j 19 Tamplco 33c 9 j 0 ! 20 Union Grove 25c H40 ;21 Ustick 33c 74'80 i 22 Fulton 25c 30th day of September A. D. 1941. 3016 Western Union, telegrams JO' In accord with the power vested in 340000 J. H. Snavely. 4000.00 CommLv-loner of Highways. 1600000 Stibwribed and sworn to before 3500.00 me this 30th day of September A. D. 3150.00 7180.00 iSEAL> Cynis H Bashman. N. P. 2500000 Mr Hendricks from the Finance 4400.00 400000 280000 600000 100.00 j 2931 Co. Hw>. Fund, truck rental 15.13 2932 Anton SchuIU. labor i 2933 Vincent McKenna. labor heater, eights and log ',2934 Lourde McKenna. labor chains 419.00 ; 2935 Co. Hwy. Fund, tractor 3017 Chas Bruning Co. Inc.. paper 3018 Co Hwy. Fund, mileage survey truck 3019 Same, .same 3020 Edw. M. Roc ho. semifinal estimate 405,3021 P. F. Weir Const. Co.. Est. No. 2 *5.84-3022 Vincent McKenna. labor 3023 Co. HWT. Fund, truck 293 2.93 1.61 8350 31.00 28.48 9.41 Morrison Telephone Co. <8epO 93.75 All of which is respectfully, submitted. C. O. Burns. R. E. Brown. A. S. Greene. COUNTY HIGHWAY OHDER8 State of Illinois 1 White.Md: COUNTY HOME A FARM CLAIMS 1. Schipper Corner Service, welding .651 2. Z. D. Carney, care of in- j mates County) t Board of Sup4rvi«orc. September Session. 9. A. D. 1941. Mr. Chairman and Gentebnen of the Board of 8upenriaors: Your Committee to whom was re- MISCELLANEOU8 CLAIMS 1. Margaret Teach, .laundry 13.501 ferred the matter of County High- - for jail 2. Myrtle Kness, same 3. Schipper Welding Service, key for court house : J. P. & CONSTABLE CLAIMS Name of Crime {way Orders issued during the vacation of this Board from Sept. 10. 1941 Criminal C'm'fd 1. H. J. Folkers, J. of P.. Fred Loganbaugh, assault and battery 2. Same. Justice Naffziger, speeding 3. Same. EdwarffHmsoii; d!s-~ ^orderly conduct 4.'Same. Joseph McCombs, .speeding, failure to stop, resisting officer 5. Same. Gwendolyn Tucker, disturbing peace 6. Same. Harry Lillle, larceny 7. Same, Arthur Ackerage, reckless driving, no license, ficticious license 8. Same. Francis Apple, vagrancy 9. Same. John Connoly, drunk and disorderly 10. Vernon M. Dearinger. J. of P., Raymond Onken, assault and battery 11. Same. Walter Plobner, drunkeness. vagrancy 12. L. W. Hicks. Pol. Mag., V e r n T. Echelbarger, drunk driving 13. Aubrey C. Bturtevant. J. of P_ Arthur Anderson, drunk driving 14. Edward Klocke, Con.. Robert Robillard. speeding 75.00115. Same. Edward Minson. dls- 15.06! to October 9. 1941. submit the fol- fi 53 lowing Report on the matter* before 'them: 16716 John Busing, patrolman 72.50 M60 11000 10.00 135.00 13.96 6717 Aitken Carpenter, came 6718 Lou Stkkemm. same Ami. 6719 Mrs. H. D. Sayers. rent and storage 6720 Glenn M. Sayers. chief 2-15 patrolman G721 Roy Anderson, mowing 3 : 00 and brush 67?2 Justus Hutrenga. brush 7:W 6.00:6723 Joe DeVries, mowing, man and team 3.40 6724 Earl Vo.v mowing «25 6.00.6725 Pete Kwcnn. labor 10.00 6726 Craiu Fimn'rum. operat- 5.00 ing power mower 33JO 6727 Earl Daily, mower rental «3.50 550,6728 Leo Hurlev. cutting and | burning brush 6729 Andy Dolan. brush, tube' 5.50 ' A: plank bndge '6730 Chas. Bruning Co. Inc.. 5.50 developer . 6731 Baldwin-Tritz Co.. repair 6.00 parts 6732 Prank Redell. labor 6733 Gene'Carpenter, labor 25 M 6801 Whiteside Service Co.. paint 6*02 Riordon Ar Pfund&tein. metal bats 6803 Homer D. Williams & Sons, weld muffler «6O4 Baldwin-Triu Co. bolts and castings 6105 J W. Shugars. cables for arc welder •806 Thome <k Becker, repair parts 6807 Sieg Co_ same 680C Frank Redell, labor. burning brush, etc. 6809 George O. Perkins, oil 6810 George Rollo. r«paln on chain Mil Wm. F. HaiK-k. Co. 8upt. Hwys. 6812 Same, expenses 6813 Eugene Wienema. garage rental 6814 LotU M. Brown, rapher 8815 Clyde O. Burns. Treaa. Erie Twp.. gravel 6816 Phelps Hdw. Co., Misc. hardware 6817 John Mader. labor 6818 Frank Kane, labor 6819 John Kane, labor 6820 Harm L. Harms, labor 6821 Alfred Paschal, labor 6822 Sam Gipe. labor 6823 Frank Kane, labor 6821 '= Kenneth Paith. labor •822'.- Elmer Monnier. labor 6824 Harm L Batmsr labor rental, elevator, tnick 26.85 392.70 293« Vincent McKenna. labor 4.95 ' 2937 Chas Snyder. labor 2.03 22.58 ' 2938 Urban Eakle. labor 9.00 : 2940 Willard Haruhorn. labor 180 1.00 2939 Lourde McKenna. labor 10.03 2941 Howard Eldercamp. I*DOT 3.60 1.06 2942 Meh in Hubbard. labor 2 80 12943 Anton Schulu. labor 16.75 25JO 2»44 Elmer Snyder. labor 2.25 12945 William Wike. labor 12.20 i JO j 2946 Co. Hwy. Fund, truck f Jg' rental 24.70 12947 Same, trucks, gasoline 3.60' and oil 4394 1JW 2848 Glenn Sayers. salary 18JO •2f4» M. J. Sturmer. salarr 2469 1.23 3WO Rev. John P. McGulre. ROW Sec. 7-1 21950 30833 2951 Root. I. A: Nellie May 4SAO Bonnell A Prudential Ins. Co.. ROW Sec. 7-1 MFT 1.75 i 2952 Wilson Stone, salary and 102.501 mileage 12953 Same, same 113.55'2954 Same. 1 day 2955 The Sterling Gazette 13.52 63 JO 54.40 i sideration 6.80 2957 Mabel Fellows. 51.40 fence 35JO 2958 Potter Bros., lath 3.00,»» M. J. Sturmer, 4S days 1.19 5329 1198 4.00 3024 Vincent McKenna. labor 3.15 3025 Urban Eakle. labor 1.35 3026 Earl Sayers. labor 2.50 3027 Co. Hwy. Fund, rental of truck 5.32 3028 Anton SchulU. labor 4.50 3029 Vincent McKenna. labor 298 3030 Willard Hartshorn, labor 330 3031 Wtlbert Schultz. labor 3.20 3032 Co Hwy. Fund. 3.80 3033 Albert Jaeger, salary 48.00 3034 Same, salary 48.00 3035 Wikon Stone, salary 19.16 3036 Same, salary 32.00 3037 Same, salary 32.00 3039 M. J. Stunner, salary 108.00 our honorable board by the State 31 g7 'Laws of this State of Illinois gov- j eming road and bridges and known I960 « Road and Bridge Laws of 1111- 1330;noL«, do hereby without limitations I approve the above rates and amounts and direct the County Clerk of said Whiteside County to extend as taxes against the taxable property of the aforesaid Towns as a&aessed. determined and equalized for the year of A. D. 1941 to be used in the year of A. D. 1943 and all in accord with the Road and Bridge laws of the State of Illinois' governing said extension of faxes for road and bridge pur- 2861 Jl 535309 90 1.52 3039 Same, salary 34.00 Co.. notice to contractors 14.JO 2956 John Boone, ROW con- moving 930 salary 6825 Cornelius H. Wilkins. labor 5 JO I 7.2012960 Brown Lynch Scott Co_ 105 JO | broom 5JO;3961 CrF. Settle Const Co- 397.25 47.60 194 27.00 1.49 6926 Elmer Monnier. labor 6827 Lloyd Hahn. labor 6828 111. Bell Tele. Co., telephone tolls 6929 L E. Long. Chevrolet pick-up truck 6930 Anton Schulu. labor 6831 Elmer Snyder. labor 26 JO 240 asphalt and rentals Albert Jaeger. 1*« days 2993 Frary & Frary. Cons, for tract B, 7.90! 2964 L Grover Wynn * L Graver Wynn. trwstee. 957 J7 7.00 7.50 450JOO 9440 5140 99.43 2.00 8.00 400 7.00 595 6734 Frank Myers, mowing weeds with team and mower 6735 Anton Schulu, labor 6736 Elmer Snyder. labor 16832 Vincent McKenna. labor 5290.6833 Lourde McKenna. labor 78.53 6834 Donald Walangford. labor 52.40 4.57 16835 Wm. Hines. truck 99.00 6836 Wi)lard Hartshorn, labor 14.40 .82 16837 Wrtbert Bchultz. labor 3 JO 3.6016939 Edward Ebenner. labor 18.00 3 60 6839 Mejvin Hubbard. labor 18JO 6940 Earl M. Sayere. labor 4J5 6939'. Urban Eakle. labor 7.43 1530 91.00 <941 Weldon Wagoneckt, labor 4J9 <942 Elmer Snyder. labor 71 SO 6737 Vincent McKenna. labor 53.79 6738 Lourde McKenna. labor 9053 6739 Chas. Snyder, labor M2S 6740 Urban Eakle.. labor 3.38 6741 Willard Hartshorn, labor 10 4A 5350.6943 Vincent McKenna, labor 1712 6742 William Wike. labor Martin M. Bielema, deputy 75.00 61.40 sheriff expense ', M. R. E. Crook, sheriff ex| nense 3 43 f 4t. FloiwacC' Swartley, deputy f sheriff sen-ice 500 £~~ H. Henr>- Cossman. jr.. same 10.00 [,., It. Frost s Standard Senice,. [• gas aid oii. sheriffs car 19.20 f ML F. L. Dudley, ambulance f a*n-ice 1500 | U. 111. Bell Telephone Co.. h atrvices for sheriff's office 16.05 I M. Same, sen-ices at commod- t ity office 9.00 | ML R- E. Crook, sheriff ex- C' I* 1 "* ' !•»• ^ M. R. H. Lester, M D medial . f service 3.00 i H. 8ame. same 10.00. •' M. ftame. s^me, 6 mos. service | Jail Mid Co. Home. 150.00 i I Mr, Allan Myers, lie detector 50 00 j p •§.,: Western Union, telegram .52 j i •-try Alldritt, .sewing proj- p «ct . ° 22.40' s.- M, Lee E Whistler, highway i dcdicaticuu 373.65 jl f|. L. I. Wmn. office expense 4859 J orderly conduct 16. Same. Joseph McCombs, speeding, failure to Atop at light, resisting officer 17. Same, Fred Longabaugh, assault and battery 1C. Same. Justice Naffiiger, .speeding 1»: Same; 'Arthur Ackerage, reckless driving , 20. Same, John Connoly, drunk ancLdjfiQfderly 21. F. W. Bull. Con.. Raymond (6743 Earl ML Sayrm labor 5.55 6744 Russell. Buntaall and Ward Bolt ft Nut Co., bolts 7 JO 4.50 415 1.40 5.55 4.15 415 6745 111 Bell Tel. Co. telephone lolls 6746 Trutred Tire Co., tire* 6747 Albert Jaeger, salary 29 3-4 days 6741 Wilson Stone, salary, If days 6749 M. J. Sturmer. salary. 357 675 3009 11209 MOO •844 Lourde McKenna, labor 11JT •846 Harvey Hewitt, labor 22.40 •844 Kenneth Paith. labor MM •847 Hat old Reber. labor 544B •Ml Willard HarUhorn. labor 1 684f Wilbert Sehulz. labor 3 •KM Ray Rrb»r. labor MSI tJrban Baklr. labor 6852 Melvln Hubbard. labor «•&> Donald Wallun«ford. labor 4J» ••54 Albert Jaeger, salary Const, for tract A. 158 00 2965 John Hanson. Cons, for tracts A A C 222 SO 2966 Ella M. Thompson and Farmers Nafl. Bank of Prophetstown, Cone, for Tract B. 90.00 2967 Pearl Stevenson. Cons. for Tracts A * B. 901.75 29M Richard Minnaert, Lila b Minnaert, and Louis Zschtecche. ROW 15000 2W9 Richard Minneart. ROW 50.00 2970 Aaron J. HilL ROW 7140 2971 Ida E. Oiinger. ROW 35.00 2972 Mae Johnson, ROW X540 2973 Oeo. F. FUk. ROW 39440 9974 Elisabeth Clement*. ROW 3140, 3975 Arthur R. * Man- Bpath and John A. Ward. ROW W 00 3979 Elisabeth Roman. ROW 93 00 2977 Em*r J. Anderson. ROW 135.00 2919 Hukla J. * Emil Paula, Clarence * Minnie A. OUnfer. Anna. Elmer J. and Hilda Anderson, ROW 173.00 2O 3-4 days and supplies purchased 1SOJ8 Short Steaks, nice and tender ......... ,25c Sirloin Steak, best ever 28e Beef Pot Roast ....... 18c Ib. Rib Boiling Mrat l,k to, Meaty Spare Ribs 18c Ib. Lean Pork Steak 23c Ib. LAMB STEW 12'/ 2 c Ib. L'9l*rUnf Booterj, clothing tor children Mr?. Gto. Giea&on, care of child J- K. longantckcr. same 1.73, Lrgei, Naylor. Liver Sausage and Pudding Meat, fresh made Horn & Morathl J10 Tint Fr»t \ AT Tattrt 19t S-lh. 8a«i ffHtoiaM. IS la*. HeHmi* r*m* wtu ^^ ttjj^^w * «• <^BJBrW» • 2St U •Ml Guttc 35« b VM/« T*>! VcaJ Rib 25. 29. 198 I*. lit 29t Alt* Fntk Ottttn, Strimf, Ckitluiu 3040 Dn-ight Dykema, 5 days 22JO 3041 Same. 7 days 3150 3042 Potter Bros., stakes and laths 3049 John Busing. Sec. K-l Main. 3044 Roben I. & Nellie Bonnell. ROW 2988 Mary & John Mann ion. Elizabeth Cunningham. Henry J. A: Margaret O-Neil. Nellie & Frank Cunningham. Sarah Daniel Donahue. ROW All of whkh is respectfully submitted. posen. All of milled. rhich is respectfully sub- Fred A. Snyder, Paul F. Sonneman. P. E. Wilkinson. committee submitted the report of the budget balances which on hw motion WM received and placed oo nie. Mr. Lewis moved to take from the table the motion relative to engaging a Superintendent at the County Farm for the ensuing year. Motion carried. After some discussion Mr. Diehl, with the consent of the second, Mr. Snyder. withdrew his motion. Mr. McKenule. with the consent of his second. Mr. Hansel man, withdrew his motion. Mr. Snyder moved that the County Clerk be authorized to advertise for applicants for I he position of Superintendent of the Whiteside County Farm and Home for the ensuing year including with their application the matron, to report at the next meeting of this Board on November 6, 1941 for action. Seconded by Mr. Given. Motion carried. Motion by Mr. McCuIlagji that the p'em'cer. be allowed mileage and Motion carried'. Brown to Mr. Given moved that said report prr diem for attendance at this ses- be approved and adopted. Seconded is 10-1 c 1 the Board by Mr. Lewis. On the roll call the! MVon t" Mr. „ _ follow Ing members voted aye. Bar-j thi^ 8?ntcm>r session until Novem- rett, Bower. Brown. Burns. Diehl. i her R. A. D 1941 at 9 o'clock A. M. Plnnlcum. Fuller. Given. Greene, j Motion carried. Hasselman. Hendricks. Hyer. John- aon L Lelu. Lewis, Maaon. Mathew. McKenHe. Phelpa. Reed. Joseph Mann, County Clerk, Bv Wm. Ottens. Deputy. •ABIT.—READ C. O. Burns. R. E. Brown, A. E. Greene. Mr. Diehl submitted the report of the monthly audit of the County THIS jmr, year Illinois Bell Tefc- M«al Nations and plint* en*aged in phaw Company u «|MMiuc aaora «Merjencj production. The telephone a.1 A^Ul fWUk «VITM% * "*• ----- K - - —-- ?-"«•.*. »- — *--V—» u «.v»Ul link, an essenliai tool in the veal effort of national defense. The 30.WO Illinois Bell men and wouea are busier than ever keeping up *»ith thU unusual job, and they •re doing their best to Kive you prctaipt, elective and friendly service. tluit $90,000,000 for new lion, new lute* cod new , Thia i« about two-thirda nont thaa laat year. A cwMiderakle part of Air 1 great aum U to give aervice •t army r«mpt. air cud ILLINOIS BELL TELtrHONE COMPANY

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