The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on January 4, 1945 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1945
Page 5
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M ' tr. I: I !1 t ; V : i* : » I': f . K>LA. KANSAS »HB TOIZSltSeaSTERimJiegpAY EVIM^ 4. 1945. PAGE POT ANN QUNCEIVIENTS Comins Sales Dates TUESDAY, JAN. 9—MiUhoiland and Wolford sale, 5 'miles southeast Humboldt, at 11 a. m. See large ads In Register December 27, January 4 and 5. THURSDAY, JAN. 11—Vint Brillhart sale, 3£i^ile east, V- mile south of LaHarpe on Logan farm at 11 a. bi. 2 —Personals I NEED ai part for Marlen pump gun. Wish to correspond with owners of similar guns so lost part can be identified and ordered or reproduced. Charlie Stout, Route 1, Colonyi. . 3 —Strayed, Lost. Fonnd QUICKIES By Ken Res^kls I LOST—Brown leather billfold, initials E. I>|. C. between square and :il5 Soutlji Oak; contains valuable • p.ipers and money. Reward. Elroy Chriesterison. Phone 43. LOST—Brown leather billfold containing money and valuable papers, between Ramsay'.-; and Reynolds, Saturday ni?ht Reward. Jack Campbell, Piciua, or leave at _ Register | office.___ AUTOMOTIVE 5 —Automobiles For Sale 70 ;Genuine Ford liATTERIES Five sizes. Pit practically every cai- :'.nd pocketbook. Good stock of SEAT COVERS ELLIOTT MOTOR CO. PHONE' 893 m^ S. JEFF. M>CAI. m)DITOB Gradad EniB: ' No 1. : No.- 2 • CbeclEs • Ungraded NO. 1 Buttotet No. a Bwtterfat Swcrt CrcBia — Beas, 4-5 lbs. 37c -...32c 30c 35c 470 __ ^440 600 -300 ^;NO . 1 Light Vbaa, vnOa 4 lbs, 18c iHeayy bred m^iagB, 2 bs.-iq> —340 «prlJDgs, ^ am- BoA 19 , Me All ivifffcB anij sti&t U>. : AH (Oasses No. 2'Poxiltry, 8c lb. lesi Green Hides — •. lOo Kaqsas Citjr Produce i Kansas City, Jan. 4. (AP)—Produce: Eggs specials 47.5-48.5; eggs extras 41.3-43.8; eggs standards 38.8; eggs current receipts 38.8; all other prices unchanged. .Kansas City Grain ; Kansas City, Jan. 4. fAP)—Wheat lower to % higher; No. 2 dark hard 1.62-1.63';.; No. 2 red nom i.68i4-1.70Ti. • Com unchanged to 1 higher; No. 2 white nom 1.27Vb-1.28'!i; No. 2 yellow 1.13; No. 2 mixed nom 1.13- i.i3r,. : Oats unchanged: No. 2 white nom 74-78. : Mllo maize 1.89-1.95. . Kafir nom 1.85-1.96. ' Rye nom 1.14-1.16. • Barley 1.12. 'Flying Windmiiis' for the Army "Whats" this I hear abou*; you subletting your cell with a Register Want Ad!" FINANCIAL 18—^Money to Loan—Insurance INSURANCE, Surety Bonds, Real Estate, Farm Loans, Notary Public. The R. L. Thompson Agency. MERCHANDISE 28— Household Goods INSURANCE. Real Estate, Bonds. Farm and City Loans. Charles M. Pimk. I WE BUY, SELL and exchange furniture, stoves, sewing machines. Curtis Furniture. Kansas City Estimated Receipts J Kansas City, Jan. 4. (AP)—Ad- yance estimated livestock receipts for tomorrow: Cattle 500: calves ?00: hogs 2,000; sheep 2,000. Quantity production of "flying windmills" for the S. Army is ttow U!rider way at Nash-Kelvinator's Detroit, Mich., plant. The imusuil photo above shows a trio of the R-6 helicopters during donon^tration for military observers and industry officials at the plant airport WE iHAVS MECHANICS AVAILABLE IN OUR IMPLEMENT DEP'T to \\"jrk on your tractors arid farm machinery. BUD WrilTE IMPLEMENT DEPT. Sales— 1— John Deere Service LIVESTOCK 8—Auto; Accessories, Tires, Parts AntirPreeze, Sl.OO Gallon. WILSONSERVICE 301 Nortli Washington - GOOD USED PARTS PIONEER AUTO SALVAGE 817 South St.-Phone 969 BUSINESS SERVICE 9—Services Offered CESS POOLS, septic tanks, govern- 22 —Poultry and Supplies ARE YOUR HENS LAZY? Sluggish systems mean low egg production. Give your hens My- Ko-Cmms 10 days in feed, and see how last they pick up.. Goodsoii Hatchery, Gas. Kans. FRIES FOR SALE—Phone 837W. B. L. Hinkle. NEW SHIPMENT of Macomb brooder stoves; gas, electric, and oii. Buy early. Limited supply of each. Taylor Hatcheries. 23— Wanted—Livestock 29— Machinery and Toeb PRIVATE SALE of horsedrawn farm machinery, cultivator, disk, harrow, corn planter, mowing machine, plows, wagon, harness, team 01 mares. Ira Boman, 4H miles west, 1 south Elsmore. 32— Wanted—To Buy FURS AND HIDES will be at Horde'^ Fruit Market every Saturday. Kenneth Sharp. ROOMS FOR RENT 33— Rooms WANT TO BUY cottontaU rabbits. John Reiter, 3 west, 'j mile south Colony. MERCHANDISE 24— Articles For Sale ment toilets, small sanitan' jobs, i 1," John Li Reed, lola, Bo.x 50. ' *^'^one b90. FOR SALE—One modem forced air gas furnace, 100,000 BTU output. PASSENGER TIRE VULCANIZING Passenger Tire Recapping. TRACTOR Tiro Service Complete. Duiiilop Tire Store "Chig" Mann GOOD USED CLOTHES of all kinds. Suits, coats, dresses, formals, shoes, etc. 702 North Walnut. Floyd 105 East St. Phone 156 I SEAL YOUR RADIATORS and cracked blocks for 25 cents. Plenty of good 1 Sinclair alcohol. Service station .ind grocery for sale. Ed Hess, 823 South Washington. HAULING j- Local and long distance; also hauling stock to Kansas City. Earnest Tipple. Phone 1200. H. & S. CAL. 38 revolver and shells. $7.50: Mosberg .22 repeater rifle and shells, $20.00. 406 South Sycamore. OVERCOAT and suit, size 38. Inquire after 9 p. m. at Kelley hotel. FRONT SLEEPING ROOM for rent: furnace heat. Mrs. C. E. Belknap, j402_East Madison. Real Estate for Sale 40— Farms and Land For Sale 164 ACRES, extra good, level, productive land; all but 2 acres can be farmed with tractor; school house, -M mile east of Leanna is on north line of farm. This faim has always been paying good rate of interest rented. Price $5500.00. Ed Hess, 823 South Washington, lola. Kansas City Livestock Close Kansas City, Jan. 4. (AP)—Cattle, unchanged. Hogs, unchanged. •: Sheep: PaU-ly active, killing classes fully steady; good and choice 99 lb. Kansas fed lambs 15.00; others 14.65-14.75; good and choice natives 14.15; good and choice truck in lots iai-gely 14.25-14.45;, numerous ship- i^ents medium ahd good kind around 14.00; good and choice yearlings 12.25; top ewes 7.25. 40—Farms and Land For Ssle 80 ACRES—Well unproved, to settle estate; 5'i miles southwest of lola; rock road, electricity, gas. Georgia Bryant, 309 South Elm. 40A— Suburban For Sale GUARANTEED BATTERIES Recharging and Repairing. GEORGE R. HISER 224 N. Jefferson Phone 63 VICTORY BABY BUGGY, good condition. 802 South Washington. Phone 157W. 27— Feed, Fuel, Fertilisers COAL FOB SALE—Charley Horde. Phone 154. EMPLOYMENT 14— Help Wanted—Male NIGHT W A TCHMAN—In shop and garage. Man with some age preferred. Write giving references, or arrange for personal interview. J E. Hubbel, Bonner Springs. Kansas. Phone 177. BUS DRIVERS->Jobs now and postwar. Family men up to 50 years prefeiTCd.j E.xperience not necessary. Write giving references, or arrange for personal interview. J. E-. HUbbel, Bonner Springs, Phone 177. IS'^ IMCO Economy lay mash, $3.00 cwt. lola Milling Co. 6-ROOM HOUSE in Gas City, inc. 9 lots, 1'- lots in berries; gas, lights and water. For details address Box 89, care Register. Kansas City Livestock :; kansas City, Jan. 4. (AP)— 4WPA)—Cattle salable 4,000; total •i,700; salves salable and total 500; ictive, slaughter steers, heifers, cows and bulls, steady to strong, in- Itances 15-25 higher on steers and pows; vealers and csilves fully steady; stopker and feeders steady; ^nedium and good slaughter steers largely 12.50-14.25: around 2 loads good medium weights 14.50-75: .ponunon steers 9.50-11.00; medium and good heifers and mixed yearlings 11.00-13.50; few good grain fed tows 12.00-13.00: most common and jnedium 8.50-12.25; medium and ^ood sausage bulls 10.00-11.75; good beef kind 12.00-50: good and choi-f dealers 12.50-14.00; medium and good heavy calves ,11.00-12.50; few choice 13.50: small lots medium iind good stock steers 10.00-12.35; Joad good and choice steer calves 53 .75. Hogs, salable 3,000; total 5,000: i-ery active at mostly ceiling prices: good and choice 180 lbs. up 14.50: (ew 150-170 lbs. 14.00-40: sows 13.75. • Sheep salable < and total 8,000; •^oderate, active, limited early trade slaughter classes steady: good and Choice fed lambs with fall shorn skins 14.25; best wooled lambs held ikbove 15.00; good and choice .year- tings 12.25; good and choice ewes 7.25. Others r Bill to Fix Lite Cattle Ceilings Washinjjton, Jan. 4. (AP)—Rep. Celler (D., N. Y.), proposed legislation today requiring the Office of Pricje Administration . to fix price ceilings o^ live cattle. "The time has come for a' show- doWn," Celler said in a statement. "Coiisumei-s In the cities are unable to iret mpat although the civilian supply is 'Sufficient. Butchers and meat deaU-rs have closed their shops. They havf.' been compelled to operate under a price ceiling;' which forces them to sell at a loss. "Chiving the cattle owners and cattle gazers the right to uncontrolled conrpetition and then fixing prices in the slaughter houses and the I packers and 'sealing' prices at the butcher shops and then finally providing for subsidies to the packers is like putting money into an open sack. ... "There must be some sort of control at the source." CHit News Time Lag to 12 Hours After Protest ^Is, -Jan. 4. (AP)—A 36-hour ti ^e lag embargo on western front ne^ will be cut to 12 hours begin- nihg today at 5:30 p. m. (12:30 p. m. E^IT), it was announced officially lai ^t night. The announcement came in the mi ^t of a new controversy between coiTcspondents arid supereme head- qu^ters censorship over yesterday's de^y in releasing newstof the U. S. $Urst army's.attack on the northern flank of thQ Belgium salient. •pie SHAEF correspondents com- pl^ned because the British Broadcasting <3orp., sent out news of the offensive when it was still-restricted^ at headquarters. SHAEF offi- cei% subsequently: lifted the lid. B*rontline reporters protested that SEtftEP scooped them by hours on the news although they were on the scene when the attack kicked off in a miserable combination of cold, snow, sleet and rain and fol- i lowed it through the first daylight hours. Plan for Meeting Of Legislature • I Topeka, Jan. 4. (AP)—Lt. Gov. ' Jess C. Denious of Dodge City, presiding officer of the Kansas senate I which convenes next Tuesday, ar- .rived today for pre-session confer' ences with Gov Andrew Schoeppel and legislative leaders. Denious announced senate Republicans would caucus next Monday afternoon to complete organizations plans.- The lieutenant governor said he had several conferences sched- I uled before then to discuss com-' ' mittee appointments which will not be announced until after the legislature convenes. FREE EEMOYAL -OF- CASH for DEAD Horses • Cattle • Hogs Phone Ai lOLA Dead Morses >* Cattle " Hogs HELF SALVAGE WACTE FATS FOR EXPLOSiYES Telephone 638 ^^^^ lOLA RENIffiBOiG WORKS WASH TUBES Alterations Progress BY LESLIE TURNER WE'Lt SOON HAVE THIS AERiAL CAMERA MOUNTED UNDER THE SI*>'S BELLY, CAPTAIN! A LARGE T/S,NX UNDER EACH W/NS Mi A MEDIUM UNDER THE FUSELAGE WI l| ADD 480 GALLONS', 0'GAS, ^ COLONELf* YOU'LL HAVE TO GET OFF THE GROUND WvTH A MIGHTY HEAVY THUNDERBOLT- BUT SHE'S DONE IT BEFORt.' CCPP. 1M5 BY NEAj^tBVKi. KC. T. M. PEC. U. rt.T. OFF. • —^J • Real Estate for Sale 41—Houses For Ssle "-ROOM MODERN HOUSE, 4'i J blocks from square. 615 South Washington. Phone 921J. 28—Hdnsehold Goods AXMINSTER RUG, practically new, 7%x9, Ijookcase, Thayer bugry- 620 North Wasliington Ave. WE. BUY, TRADE, seU. household goods and otlier articles. Henninger's. West Madison. HELP WANTED Auto Mechanic Good Wages ROSS ARBUCKLES GARAGE TRUCK MECHANIC in small shop. Steady wioik with post-war job. Opportunity for raih-oad pension. Write giving references, or ar- I 'ange for personal interview. J. E. Hubbel, Bonner Springs, Kansas. Phone 177. WAITRESS wanted at South Street Cafe. REGISTERED HEREFORD BULLS Hazelett Bloodline Good Individuals Bred for Beef JOHN E. BRINK LEROY, KANSAS FROM STEEL TO RUBBER You can now convert your tractor or any other farnT im plement from steel to rubbery For details see us or the Local AAA office. DINTY'S J^RE SHOP feoOTS AND HER BUDDIES THEM, BY REFUELING EACM WAY IN THE ISOLATED POCKf.: HELD BY THE CHINtSE JUST WEST O' HANGCHOW, I FIGURE WE C;>MAKE IT.' GONNA BE ATlGHTSOU.-tZ', EASY, eUTTKF • MISSION IS WORTH TH- RISK.' Definitely ' BY EDGAR MARTIN TT-^' Governor Anawcr to PrevlonM Puzzle HORIZONTAL 1,7 P ctured TT. S. governor 12 Asylum 14 Rounded 15 Observe 7 Zodiacal constellation ' & Railroad (ab 9 Ever (contr.) IC Greek letter 1. Filler knots 16 Winglike part 13 P °^Sy THE SECOND LARGE SIZE GeU Grind-AU Hammer MiU —for The A 3-plow terested—act • this firk: season has been received and is now on display, one went up near Bush City on New Year's Day. tractor pulls this large size mill easily. If in-act quickly—we .expect some smaller size hammer mills, but no more of the large size ones. SHANNON & SHANNON HARDWARE jPhone 29—Forty-Eighth Year—Phone 29 17 Mystic syllable 18 Knock 19 He is sovornor of — 21 Predisposed 24 Cognomen.s 28 E.xisted 29 Perfect 30 Symbol for erbium .31 Ambary 32 Aromatic plants 35 Skirmish 37 Fundamental 38 Inflow 39 Advents 43 Point 46 Rough lava 47 Ailing 48 King (Fr.) 51 Enraptured 53 Substance 55 Make amends 56 Acknowledges VERTICAL 1 Doctors (ab.) 2 Tiny 3 Native of 4 Greek (ab.) 5 Cured 14 Also 19 Inertness 20 Makes sorrowful • 21 Weighting lead 22 Rhode Island (ab.) 23 Stovo parts 25 Repasts 26 Babylonian deity 27 Frozen rajn 33 Indian army . -• (ab.) 34 Scratch 35 Subjected to milling 3$ Early English 49 Ontario (ab.) ••^b.) 50 Belongs to il 40 iiodent 52 Any 41 Contend 54 Miilimefer 42 In the manner (ab.) of 43 Beverage 44 Interest (ab.) 45(3olf teacher 48 Portuguese coin PREGKLES AND H18 FRIENDS ^EE VOll LATER., ICIDS/ I MoW COMe PBG'S FOLKS ARE MOVINC I GATHrR. TMAT PEG'S FOLKS DIONTGO FOR. THE PEOPLB WHO UUSr MOVED IWTO THIS HOUSE/ Prompt Reply • A I WONDeR. WHAT JHES'RB LIKE, ANiVWAV, TO DRIVE PEOPLE BT IVffiRRILLBLOSSER '^^^ FiNATHIN57> S'QSJ ASKTHE QUESTION. ANC'»-OMEBOCr/ Gives ME THE ANJSWER. / y 3 -'^4 I:

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