The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 3, 1966 · Page 17
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 17

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1966
Page 17
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Thursday, March 3, 1966 *•» 17 usiness Need Perking Up? Use Classified To Tell & Sell 31. Articles For Sale j 31-B Btulding Material i 40. Beal Estate Wanted GRAVES FURNITURE WAREHOUSE EASY T6RMS ON ALL REWODELINo! |/~\UJK! M ^HPARPR Nice Portoilt TV S 45.00 LUMBER AND HARDWARE JWrllN IVI. ^nCAVrvCJV ,, ... AND ASSOCIATES New 5-Piece Danish {TO MEET YOUR NEEDS rn dinette S65.0ClFree Estimates and Advice S-Piece Round ppdesta! WLOpSe I BAYOU LUMBER CO. New Acmirc! Retnserator Ne*' Acmirc! Retnserator 1169.95;— — Rons* S115 OC i HOME REMODELING ivr* Apartment Stove - S 84.5C 15 tt Chest Freezer S 75.00 ' . S 25.00 Free Estimates. New ideas: relieve contractors, CUR8Y LUMBER. 522-3551. Apa.-tment Stove New 2-Piece Donlsn Modern 1.^.9 MAHOGANY PANELING — 4 X 8 Ft Ropm S"'-e --•-•-•--;•-'"ir °*'*•'< pref.nisned, eo. S3.89; ur.t^isnea. ea. S3.S5. ?4ir e Sul°e ".„..".... S75aoi? RIT70N CRAVENS LUMBER CO., 2409 u'sea 3-P>ece Bedroom" Suife"III . S »!sD!-" <8rMt s '- Sg-S!i5. New 5-Pi«e Bearoom Su^e S SS.OO j ., _ so ooi. Glass Lined _ | Aluminum bcreens old screens rewired, j Real Estate, Sales. Rentals, toons Carter H. Miller REAL ESTATE 205 Hwy. Blvd. 5S3-73C2 CHATEAU REALTY Mrs. Molone, Reciter, tlt>\ Narcille or 5ii-5iS4 alter i p.m. •.VcTer Heeler | fJ-« Mnde to order. O New Commode .................. S 19.95 , GULj= COAST BLU 2U '.V. v.oin QUO PELLY 5=2-<7!3| 4^ Boy¥K>y Dr . LIST WITH STEWART REALTY Lusrre _.. . aeoutifol despite coo-! y — yoisreps cf o busy family. Ge! 3:ue; Kent electric sbampooer SI. Bcv- • crdwcre. 3425 Market St., ™~ PLYWOOD Acme Realty 33.25 K.2S LIKE N6W PORTABLE TVS — Going' «S _ V. In. !~5- ASS5, COffee !W 0"d other iJefns. A»-'4xS — V» In. O iv at Slue Sennet Apartments. 1500 A.'ex-j 4x1 — Vi In. e'Xi*** Drive, 9 to 7. ; 4x8 — *'» In. ~ ;«XB —%.!«.. SSJ9 MOTORS — One «-hp. 3-phose, 5IO-volt. ! IMPERFECT ™- s , „- ~oror; on? 5->!B. J-ohose. J2U- : 4x8— '.i IB. .. 11.95 v-*t SJ'D rt^B rrrolor; one l-ft3. 3-Df*2Se. : 4x8 — ** In. Mahogany -. 'VO'T eduction motor. Ph^re Bill Hart- 4*3 — ^ i n . Birci ~' ~ -' ' ' "Si In. ASM V-CROOVE PANELING T. W. WILKS, REALTOR 603 Part Interior Exterior i prospects Waiting To Buy Your Home .,. S2.9SJ We Need Your Listing SS.1S I i 42. Acreage For Sale . . . Bil! Hart- O^ ct 552-2332 or wrile Bex 90, Bcrvtown 14x3 — S11.8J; ARCHER RO. — Nsar N. Moin, edge of ,. S12-9S; BaytiyATj, 2 or more acres, paved road, S13-39Mocm soi!. Low lOJtes. 5)00 cown, easy • ' " ' 533-2027. 1 1 1 i t j 1 BAYTOWN SUN CLASSIFIED BATES » Phone 582-8323 Minimum Ad 3 Lines .51.00 Words Lanes ! Days 1 1 2 1 Rate ! .33/3! ,32 To 15 3 i 1-00 15-20 4 1 1-33 9Q-95 5 1 1-67 25-30 6 1 2.00 30-35 7 i 2.33 35-40 8 ! 2.67 40-45 9 ! 3.00 45-50 10 i 3.33 50-55 11 1 3.67 55-60 12 i 4.00 1.92 236 3.20 3.S4 i 4.48 5.12 5.76 6.40 7.04 7.68 CONTRACT RATE J.3 per line, 4 line minimum CARD OF THANKS .20 per line, minimum $2.00, LODGE NOTICES L25 per insertion 31 4| 51 6 30 I .25 i 22 \ .21 2.70 i 3.00 | 330 ! 3.78 3.60 ! 4.00 I 4.40 | 5.04 4,50 i 5.00 1 5.50 i 6.30 5.40 | 6.00 I 6.60 i 7.56 6.30 ! 7.00 i 7.70 ! 8.82 7.20 I 8.00 I 8.80 ! 10.08 8.10 i 9.00 i 9.90 | 11.34 9.00 i 10.00 i 11.00 i 12.60 9.90 | 11.00 | 12.10 ! 13.86 10.80 I 12.00 ! 13.20 i 15.12 per day, 6-months .20 per line over 10 line* 47. Houses For Sole GOOD CREDIT aai S3M moves y*u tat* ttrf* Iev*ly J-bedreonv 3-bctt) home with ceatroS air one beet, all brick, 1-csr garage. 1SJ LAKEWOOD. -Buy y«ir cost)* from a Klag" SU-5M1 V M&-73M 47-A. Houses To Be Moved BUY THIS ONE To &e removed, Drive by SIS N. Second St. JCQH LUTHER LEA. 553-7957. 54. Automobiles CHRYSLER NEWPORT, JX2 — sedan, dr. sa*tf sMerins. radio, heater. white sidewajl tir«, v-« engine, automatic transmission. SHIELD'S MOTOR CO.. 2912 Market, S»-S196. FORD GALAXIE 5W. 1»« — Air C*tf c^CL-^&dL ssaer ste*ftns> oyterjclic transmission. Good condition. 532-83*7., after S p--n.. 566-7S7Z. FORD STAT1ONWAGON, l*t» — S3t cyUncer, starxJard transmission, 4 new •rtute slaewa!! tires. rooso, heoler. 132$ coin or trace-- !J9 High St.. 5S2-OSV. FORD. 1543 — Four - door scdut. oir coociJiened, powe^ wakes. roc?o, heater. automatic. One owner. SI JSffS. 48. Mobile Homes FORD. 1964 — Golcxie joe «-door. out«- mctic power, air. end other extros. Low mileage, excellent condition and th* pfic? Is risnt. SB7-6393 before S p.m., USS-213V otief 5 o-m. j GRIFPIN ENTERPRISE 1954 Dodoe. ro*o. heater, new tires, SI9S. 1556 Ford Statiomwjgcn, radio. h*o«er. NiCE IWi ROLt.O**OME — « X t PI.,'new fires. S3SS. ' Located in Hurrolt, Texas. II.TOO. Cos! j 2300 N. Moin, Across From O'Briens Gro- 54. Automobiles Buck Turner Chevrolet 10 E. Twer '62 Chevrolet F«ur-d*or trop*Id _, _ . wait* fir.iift wlta dam* red iat«ri*r. Tfcte cor te for the moa wn» wonts t» "90"! Automatic. r»dj», b*cl«--, whit* wcil tires. $1195 DON DJTTMAN Ernie Diffman Motors 103 E. Tern*. eery. S 45. Lots For Sale v e w FURNITURE FOR OLD is whet o- ! <x3 — V» In. Fir Unfinished S 157 { no^'s Uphol^Tery Jo3 gives you; 'cbric; «c3 — V« In. MoRogcnr Prefinished S 3-49 {ACRtAGE WITH HOUSE — or o;cst:c Auto end DOC: yof>oister:r.g c 14x8 — '.^ In. Birch Prtfinissed .. S 5.73; norr.e, family room. waU - to - —... .— i muni-Mms.* ^.- -^- Sp»cJo:ty. DAY'S UPHOLSTERY. 504 N i 4x3 Bok»d Enamel Woll Board --.I < 39 i sets, cer.lrol h«ot. attic fen. 3 air units.! ONE-HALF ACRE wooded homeiite, tow »^«.r> 533X30. Latex Paint. 12 Colors, Gal S 2-25 i corporr. Cycione fenced ixack yard. 1 tolcown payment. ' ——— —t Outside White and Colors, Gal. ... I Z.9S j 4 a cr« available. Call Mrs. tfcUean, ctjin! x l&s ft. low In c restricted area. 2-bedroom. wall car-i HIGHLANDS REALTY CO. NELL'S FRAME SHOP i Attic Stairway, Heavy Outy J14.SO CUSTOM FRAMING - ART GALLERY j ixll Cedar. Per 100 S1UO by 12 • Plastic Counter Top, per Sq. Ft- nice for a S1S.OOO A. '.v. HA/.VA. Reoitor, 115 S Main 47. Houses For Sale 47. Houses For Sale OAK, 514 W. — KighlomS. Very nice ij D\ ||| n Ol\! YOUR ! OT sedroom home, caitral heat and oir BUILIJ V^IN IV^/UR. L.W I conditionma. FHA oaproved. Coll Joy j Built on your lot or ours, from yoor pton Hendriclc. 425-4010 or «16-Z349. 49. Automotive Service RADIATORS REPAIRED AND RE- CORED — Good selection of used rosjo- tors. CREEL'S AUTO PARTS, 504 S. Main Hishlands, 426-2311. 51. Cars Wanted _, . —, -,. -, -25 j APPROXIMATELY i ACRES — ISO ft.!426-2411 or £»6-34is. 5B2-SCS3 : 15 or 30 Lb. Felt, Per Roll $ l-SSiroa- iror.lcge on East Canal St. In Hloh- i — ! f^L. -,_„-,!,,:-,., riTri-min-l- ' ie-fls. Ail utilities ava!:ab!e. SHORTY j HIGHLANDS — I^ANO — wamut story and Clark, «->«h: v^-harm 61 v i ew uiscourii < •"•* • co^we- ! Y 20 '' oia - exceileni condition, j PRINTING DONE QUICKLY, when pro-: r->s«-a cod oor-e riahtl Cat! .V.A -; THETRNE'S. 533-1718. a I your neecs. j Lumber Market Yard STHARF, REALTOR. Sio-Ttiio. " j, .APPROXIMATELY 3 acres in city limits. GL J-71J3! H.clf miie ofi Hiway lii on Manry St.. j i ! Prince addilian. 2 residential lots. Pn. 5S3-S375. or ours, homes built by master craftsmen ] ond Oeslgced with you In mind. Cost kept 1 SPARKY SEZ ... to a minimum by pre-planned eonsfroe- "OH SWEET LUXURY OF LIFE" j tion analysis. Stop by and Me how easy " Luxury is exactly what you cet in ffiis it is to own Hw very pest ot the J owesfJ£^s K FOR YOUR CAR excuisitelY beautiful big Holiday stone budget price available. Baytown Realty. 1THAD F6LTON FORD name on 2V- acres of lo«Sscapea rolling]2317 N. Main, SS2-tl3». J A .] USED CAR LOT NO 2 CURBY LUMBER - ! 5? 300. Call ! =33-35)3. Jim Bailey. 5KJ-3111 __ PARTIN'S USED FURNITURE Nt-w Maple _Fo!=in3 Choirs S_i.9S| ISHEETROCK: i 4X3- l v sneetrocn 'GULF AT COMMERCE ! SPARKY SE2 . . . BREAK A LEG S32-S251; 1 I>KC,*s>./»^cv* i ,»,•.».. r-~t~r & n u n II : "'^~ ^w" >«,HM "• w^,^*^- i -r-r ~ o-<J vou can hop to the Guif Coast Hos-j SJOLAND6R ROAD — Cedar• B a y o u. p , lcet j , ow enougn to Interest any oua!l- :: ._• «,^— *„:..;-*—,«™^ io^fv oversized corner lot. By owner,,.-^ K,«,^ p,rc: from tnis strategic i Park. Oversized corner lot. By swn 2 1 -', ACRES ON GARTH ROAD U24-27io. Real-! Nerf Upholstery ..... » 7 JO i sheet. Sheley LumberCo, 47. Houses For Sale land, lust Norm of Highlands at 1501 NORTH MAIN _. . „ _ NOW why not Throw Away Your Paper PRICE REDUCED 51,000 and come sec this home today! 1803 RAINTREE. It has 3-bedrooms, 2 baths, den separate itvins room, 2- car oarage, completely carpeted, and central err and heat. "Buy your castle from a King" 346-5061 or S&6-73S4 •J24Q1 Hwy 146 Ph. 582*406 used as 4rti wood burning fireplace you ever saw. buyer. ! SPARKY BOND, Realtor 1907 S. Main, Oiat 5B2-S2JS Nights and Sundays S3WS7S or 566-77S! PONDEROSA SOLD OUT!! SHOULD SELL OUR PRICE! 220? Market St. SS3-174S SPECIAL .4 BEAUTIFUL ACRES LAND — Archer i 3d. Price S7.300. Col Eddie. i make ("^ j vvatch for new homes under construction. ADJOINING NEW HIGH SCHOOL — 1H JOE AYLGR, Builder end Developer, Beilview Drive, a real opportunity to 1566-7714. STARETT LUMBER CO. CASH FOR YOUR CAR SEE "HONEST JIM" Jim Carter Motor Co. S32-743S 424 W. Texas S S S WE NEED CARS TOP DOLLARS PAID FOR CLEAN USED CARS "HUMBLE EMPLOYEES" On!y HumWe Employees con finance new ond used ccrs at it>e HUMBLE EMPLOYEES CREDIT UNION. 2S23 Het Sireel. 9ay!ow< pfnx>e, S3J-172B, Plant Extension Phone Sail 1963 CORVAIR MONZA A acrgema twaaeii« with rnoicturfl in- ttriar. 4-Speed, bucket teats, ra-ilo end heater. $1095 Page Dittman Motors Msyt Page Fred Dittmcn Jr. MUSTANG, IMS — SIfS eauity, assume oovma^ts. Moot Selvieu, 49S-W90 otter 6:30*. MUSTANG. 19i5 — HartltoO. white, blue Interior. 239 cu. in.. 4-soe«d, good conci- tion. 532-5411 after 5:30. MUSTANG. 1945 — White with white interior, 239 Cu. In., factory oir, power stMfrino. end brakes, 22.OOC miles, drafted. 5e2-41J3 a!1er S p.m. MERCEDES BENZ — 220 series. 19S5 modsH. S350. Seil or trade. 5S3-7OJ1. MUST SACRIFICE — '58 Pontioc. New point, rtevrf interior, stick floor shift, toch, very ctood f;res. 582-98S3. OLOSMOBiLE, 19S7 — Good mechanical condition, good tires, 5195. 523-5702 or 5S5-S512. j PLYMOUTH, 1J52 — rtadio, heater. | door, new paint, good tires, cleon- Will i trade. See at "2Qo Long Drive. 1-C. Musical Instruments To'Dcu-ins. uo from s rS i BstM Room Hewers S 3.?S; L'SK! New ard Frame S 5.95 ! CLARINET. Buffet — ..'.'.'..... S 1.9SJ Phaic~"i26-2S7l' c_* s S1950; -— —~ • ks ....'.'.'.".'.'.'. s:<i95jJU3T $10 MONTH RENTAL — On a new. i Neighborhood is quiet, no through streets " ' " BUILDERS Of Better Homes For Less Yonr Choice Of Large Woo<Jed Lo» "5S5-3917 TRADES CONSIDERED ' Main Call 5X2-5il8 i Orval Dunham Qualify Motors Lon Williams TOO E. Texas PONT1AC CATALINA, 1562 — 4 COST, I lichf blue, air and power, SI,IBO. S6S-SS41. SPARKY SEZ . . . HOTTEST SPOT IN BAYTOWN 1 40 Acres 1.757 FT. on Garth Road south " . . of Baker Road. Dar»"t miss it. • SPARKY BOND, Realtor ren:cJ 907 S. Main Nianls end 532-S2ffl 583-4378. 564-7751 VecrGcS FURNITURE co. So'town. 552-4^62 iprice. CHET-S PIANO CO.. 200 E. TexCi, j UB ERTY COUNTY — 182 Ac ! 553-733?. : K;^k o* Trinity River. 5225 ; ORGAN FOR SALE OR TRADE — | Everer: Orgalra- Re^d E!cc?r'-c .; ana so j jnd box. siw as is. c: .-,_. , ui q*r • _ 0 _ —j-^..-.— ir,**^,* j -QOr.:3OB GREENE, _ Agent. J - -- - -- - ^y' SPARKY SEZ . . . TV SPECIALS, 17 In. RCA. SIS; others; Trace for something of esusi value. 5S3- j Tfl KE A TRAMP IN THE WOODS 525 .jp Q u v old sets; take trade ins; shoo: 2231 after 5. j The trcrrvo win have a good time and rccai-'S 5E3-1433. WORLD TV, 6O4 N. Main, i 32. Articles For Rent TRAILER AND POLES — 2-wh»e! hors? Trailer, clothes line poles. ; ••^•^^^^^•••••••••^^••^riMi f=2-57S'. ! _ TYPEWRITER - TV — U-idsrwood stanS-; Dr . y , yourself. Equipped with hydraulic t TV" console, S25. ¥ . yu stand, rover. S50. 2.-!n. , , .. „,..„ (r , ew trucks). Local and one-wo> i ' -" , . . o» sood cond'tion. 5K- . Market, BAYTOWN RENTALS (Ne*t to Kilsore's Ready-Mix) NEED IT?? — RENT IT!! Chemical Sprayers UNITED RENT-ALLS Pruett cnc" Pes^ce. 532-3019 TELEVISION — 13-tn. PhHco portable! •p. j rns-rfts oic!. S75. Stili in warranty. |" 5S3-?:7B. j •V BELTS AND PULLEYS for refrigei--j otc r s ctr conditioners, Dumos. coT.pres-: ^crs. washers, attic c-.d wind<r« fcins. j 3 OX Se'ts in stock. MASSEV ELECTRIC.! £2j '3. Pruett. 553-732J. US¥D GARDEN TRACTOR — With 31-i ,-rr— ^c^?r and e.'ecrrtc storter. See cf i „ _ , , S«-^^ ENGINE SERVICE, Crosby-Ku-ff-i power Tools, Power Post Hole Diggers _^_' P./.M' Crostv i Floor Sanders one! polishers Sewer Cleaning Equipment ' Mowers. Tillers, Sdgcrs, Hedge Trimmers ! Tow Bars and Cor Tops ! Fens. Ladders. Chain Saws ' Rug Shamooo Machines Travel Trailers ycu'i! see the prettiest ID-ACRE TRACT you ever sew. it adjoins both Creckwood ond Ridpewosd Additions. OFF DEAD END N. PRUETT This la-d is unrestricted and could have c variety of uses. Owner has priced it &?!cw most Icrper tracts located farther e SPARKY BOND, Realtor V07 S AAcifl Deal 5S2-S2iS Nictifs and Sunday 533-S78, 566-7751 BEVERLY REALTY home You will like it. Walking distance} to school. 100 X SiS ft. lot. Two bearing: oecan trees. Price S7.5CO with good loani avdiioble. EDDIE COX, Realtor, 566-7221 sr S6A-5060. 1 BEYOND YOUR DREAMS i BUT WITHIN YOUR GRASP I °»tW And S06 Mcolewood, in beautiful Gray- j wood incorporated into these lovely. homes are the wonderful features found | in exclusive custom built Savell homes. Every modem device to make your life more cniovable plus the spaciousness you are kjokins for. Livins room, separate dining room. 3 lovely bedrooms. 1 baths. Real Gone Carrier! Owner has .moved to Montana, needs to sell this home immediately. Three bedrooms, 2 baths. 2-car garage, separate living room,. large den. ail brick with centre! air and heat. See 107 CALDWELL, in LakewoocJ, today: "Buv your castle from a King" 566-5041 or 566-73S4 REAL BARGAIN J=OR YOU Two-bedrooms. carp*tna, new 2-ton air conditioning. Cyclone tenced. See 307 Schilling, shown fay appointment. Call an large lots. YOU CAN BUY ONE Ur THESE HOMES TODAY. QUALITY DOES NOT COST, IT PAYS, CAN SAVELL, BUILDER, SS2-7349. SPECIAL — SPECIAL — SPECIAL 1517 Lindberg distance to Robert E. Lee high 3nr uDoe.r !*°? ! - <£« S_« Jffl52 e .n*SS n SS S£d »r"53dc sale. _..., ^ . . . . (r% , r-«r-k i-3-l^-\k. I £V/\ MAUD ADDITION See These First!! 2203 Tuscan Lane, Open For Inspection Other Homes Now Under Construction E, F. Luquire Contractor 5S2-9431 5S2-7W3 DODGE PICKUP, 1957 — Good conditioo, radio, heater, cood tires, SZ75. 566-8532 :t!er 7 p.m FOR SALE 310 MORRELL Nice 2 bedroom home. Large dining room, living room combination, dinette area. Close tf> grocery store. SELLING price J6.0W.OO and you can 1 ! beat it. 120 LAFAYETTE DRIVE Nice 2 bedroom, separate dining-room. FOR RENT Reducing Equipment IN 1970- Don't soy I could hove made a killing on this land! 32 Acres on N. Maia Street. J«st waiting for you. "Buy your castle from a King" Sii-SM! or S64-73S4 . RPVPRLT Kt«Lii 9 S. ASHBEL home. Nice wooded lot. HARD TO BE- ,-SoLLAWAY ADDN. - City conveniences LIEVE-U.75a.S300 down. S50 month NO .„ Comroereiol propw ty iw"h all the privacy of country liyine on c,«,ng east. CaliEddie *y ornlgg ^ , arg9 ontj 5mo|! ocreagft . . UB to i . OFF on MUFFLERS OFF *n S*lock assortje - on filters, al! cars. S' -» 42-A. Out of Town Prop. TOWN HOUSE THRIFT SHOP i.x Used Coffee Tallies. ! Televisions _ Camp Trailers Ulility iraile! j Trucks S We Rent Most | Everythirrg j BAYTOWN RENTALS I Next to Kilqore Ready Mix ! 2101 Market — Sc2-5olS HOUS = ON DAY over 3 J acre. This large 3-&earooni, - batn home is completely equipped for modern gradous living. SIX MILES FROM BAYTOWN — 2) minutes from Houston. Lovely tarye nome. carpeted, draped, centrally heated and air conditioned. Two Jorge out-bu!!dings make this a perfect setup for a home CO.. 553-1751 564-5772 nlants. ires in Dayton CHERRY, i304 —Very clean I-bedroom home in good location on larne comer lot Good rent or commercial property. RA'YSORN JOHNSON, INC., 2221 Mancet, 533-1734. i COLBY, 1703 — 3-aearoom bddt, sood FHA loan available. LAND HO!! SAN AUGUSTINE. TEXAS. 190 Acres. ccmphouse wim fireolace. spring fed creek, fenced, with excellent hunting. S',50 per acre- Dean Kt^s and Son Realty 566-5361 or 564-7384 j HHA Telephone 583-1B59. 701 N. Highway 1** Formerly Holtoway's Grocery Trucks For Rent Equipped with hydraulic lift gnt« We Sell Custom Hitches BAYTOWN TRAILER RENTAIS. 552-5215 irisxt to Kilgore Reody-Mixl Sinaer Auto Zig-Zag only' 4 months. Makes buttonncles. CROSBY — Ramsey Rd., Vt rntie east Crosby. 4 bedrooms. 2 baths, den, 1-Sed- room guest house. All utilities, natural aas On 7 acres. Bcrns. outbuildings, fenced. SMoOO, S3.000 down, owner finance balance at 6 per cent. 428-31-41 Crosby. 33. Sporting Goods j 43. Business Property BOAT — Kencroft, 14 Ft. Fiberglass, 545. Sec at m N. .v.sin. GUM REPAIRS GRAVES DISCOUNT FURNITURE—119! CREEKWOOD — Home lust completed 3 bedrooms, 2 satns, buiit-i-is. detached I aoraae S16.700. Wooded home sites. j WALKER HOMES. INC.. 533-3380. ' Ma"in. SOX12S «. lot. Building with i SPARKY SE2. . ir.q auariers, good business location for ', "DON'T PUT THE KIDS IN '5t cny!hins. FT:ce reduced for quick f _ AN ORPHANAGE" Cougioi cr i cvaiiabfe " i Buy a Bigger Home caul Make Everybody 1 Happy. L&ok at _. 10? MAPLETON AVE. .For rnedica! clinic or osnercl office use. ;< Bedrooms. 2"/i baths, and Best of Alt— " HUNT^R'^ DEN i Ar^D ! e private perking area. 1329 Airhart j a \vhole Acre of Good La^d. c_ j,- ck Eavtcwn. Te%n5: Safe or lease. Contact o^-n?r, 533-1323. . SPARKY BOND, Reoltor ^x^'^fe^'"' S3rrels'.' 5r precisi'on a "chom'. j MODERN PROFESSIONAL SUI i LDIN&— j sews -n buttons, many fancy ; f/.AGNUM, H a H — TOO. wira Weaver; * : -r«iut cnoolmsn-s. 5 year guoraniee. j scope, Remincloi 721, S3S. 533-!!i7 Se-1 S57 "0 cash or si-W per monfn. Free (ramej rwcen !0 a.m. end 2 p.m. OMLY., 5S3-21S6. —~ ; ?07 S. Moin EDDIE COX, Realtor, 566-7221 or 566-5060. WANTED NEW OWNER To fill this cute little home with love and care. 2-bedrooms, separate dining room, oversized family room, beautifully landscaped yard. Plenty paper shell pecan trees Walking distance to schools, and churches, shoppies. Good loan available, price 57,850. 220 E. Sterling, heart of Bay- lown. P.S. All aluminum siding, no pointing. 566-7221 EDDIE COX, Realtor or WEST LOBIT, 2W — Two-story, four bedroom, 2 baths big living room, den, separate dining. breaKfast area, big kitchen screened back porch, fenced back yard, ' iwo - car 552-3603. , garase. Let's talk terms. WARNING TO HUSBANDS!! —Don't show your wife this home unless you are prepared to buy — 1501 Richardson Lore, Eva Maud Three bedrooms, central air- heat, lust "like new. Total price S15.500. Owner transferred, buy equity. EDDIE COX, Realtor. 566-7221 or 566-5)60. WILL SACRIFICE — Furnished home in Woaster to settle family estate or will rent to reiiatjle family. 566-5634. WRIGHT BLVD. — 3-bedroomS, I baths, air caTdittoninc including double canoge. Half - acre wooded comer lot. Owner, 5»-6219. STEWART REALTY CO. 13 N. Ashbel Telephone 533-7477 For Dependable Moving Service Local or Lons Distance — Call 582-2050 Hasty Transfer and Storage North American Van Unes Agency New Spanish Home 2234 EAVES — EVA MAUD Wrought iron gate opens into private courtyard. 2200 sq. ft- of luxury living area- Large paneled den, nylwi carpeting throughout. 8e sure to visit this home today. Starett Lumber Co. 5S2-5S18 582-7S3 52. Trucks RAMBLER. 1963 — American. 300 series, 2-door sedan. Oriainal shiny beise finish, radio, neater, A-l rufcber, exceptionally c'eon new car trade-in. Top oas mileage on this one. LU.V.US BAYTOWN DODGE, 73X3 Market. 533-7474. CHEVROLET PICKUP. 1951 — Half-ten. Good wort or fishlns truck. First S130 Kpndit.on, cl RED MGA ROADSTER, 19S9 — Real good takes it. 426-2514. Phone SS6-8234 after 5:00 p.m. FORD, 195i — to-Ton P>dc Up, heavy front and rear bumper, 6 ply fires, 583-2314. '66 GMC Truck $1,795 Many of last year's options are standard for "64. BAYTOWN MOTORS 700 W. Texas 532-8161 VOLKSWAGEN, I960 — Solid blade, radio, heater, new tires, very clean. Reasonably priced. Contact James Webb, 532- 33S2 between 1-5 or S82-S940 after S p.m. 59 CHEVROLET IMPALA — 4-Ooor sedan. All power, factory air. A good family Car, SS95, 566-7503. 53. Work Cars LOTS OF WORK CARS WE CARRY OUR OWN NOTES Peliy Motor Company 937 W. Main S32-6202 Orvai Dunham 533-3917 54. Automobiles AUSTIN HEALY, 1962 — Marie II 3,000 roadster, original owner, 51,375- Jesse .Mask. Channeiview. GL 2-2517. 8USCK, 19SS — Super, transportation. 5165. 72S Travis, 533-1U4. four-door, good BUICK, 19S8 — Super, ai: power, air, 4- door, Bood tires, good second car, S295. 556-8634- CHEVROLET, ]»«5—Impala Sport Coupe. S3CH3 for large eauity anci assume payments of SSI month- hone SB2-6S49 after 5 CHEVROLET, 1958 — Biscayns, good tires, new generator and caraurator. Runs good, body and upholstery rough. Good worfc cor. S200. 5S3-4677. total price. 1-becroom house, lust redecorated, livinq, kitcnen, V= ocre tot. 35 ACRES — Frontage on 2 roads. Cedar Bayou - Crosoy Rd. ond Archer Rd. GRIFFITH REALTY. 5S2-3W9 or 583-1933. 43-A. Waterfront Prop, i F ,. E ETWOOD, «« —Beautiful i sights ond'weekends. S33-J373 or 566-7751 13-BSDROOM, I BATH HOME — Large j "'«"" __— _ -—__ j den _ separate dining room, walk-m clos- i in'the heart of Bcytown, 3 bedroom home OUTBOARD MOTOR —II h P. Bucca-, »«n™««»««—•^"•^•"'^^•"^^ j -^ modern design '— well landscaped lot. Six - saMsn cru.;e ra-k v.^^ oauge. | TR)N|TY BAV A _ RE A —_7Vi rniles Bo>- J2 fun baths._ built-in kitchen, paneled cten "cci! SS3"-;'- SINGER ln perfect running condition. for cartap canoe or s-e:! *D ! S66. 'OUTBOARD — 62 Mercury 700, like -ew 1 i-oc<r-rance comolete new overhaul. Guar-j mcrt. Hous.on ! e°««160 iays. S325- 583-5S70. !...-._- ™ V/ILL TUNE UP YOUR SEWING MACHINE FOR ONLY S3.75 ANY MAKS OR MODEL WE OO NOT SELL OUR MERCHANDISE THROUGH DEALERS IN THE HOUSTON OR BAYTOWN AREA. The Singer Co. 3i8 W. Texas 583-2400 : RIFLE — Remington model 700, 6 ,M.V. Iwtn scsoe. 5:00. Rs-nir.cton 7iO. 30.06 i rifle. SOT MALLIN'S PAWM SHOP, 4 N. | Vain, 5S3-.WU. ! SAVE S$$S ^AVJNGS UP TO 5150 on MOBiLE SCOUT CAMPERS A BEFORE SEASON DISCOUNT ON CAMPERS IN STOCK. Next few days. 5ers County. Tri - City Beach j living and dining room, central hea. an*, •'-bedroom, a!! Drick. central heat air. 2 car gsroae. Good tear; aval able oir, carpets, terrczo, den with real i Don't miss th:s one — drive by •<xjay- °,; sJ-vVo.-! lot Shown by appoint-i RAYBORN JOHNSON, INC.. 2201 Market ~ 3-8321. JA 2-J213, on! S53-178J. FRANCIS. 50? W. — Two-bedroom house, (enced yard, garage, S5.5GO. Phcne 5B3-3233. WALK.CK KtALt T j HIGHLANDS — 102 inwood, 3 bedrooms SOUTH BURNET DR., SSSO equjty,_S77 monthly. Call for oppolnt- 454 Three spacious bedrooms, 2 baths, big living m«-nl. 426-2E17. MINES, 303 — Two - Bedrooms, large ete, carpeted and fully draped, 2-ccr jorace. HUGHES REALTY, SS3-2739 or 22CO SQUARE FEST LIVING AREA — 1700 Olive Price reduced for immediate sale. CHATEAU REALTY, 533-3352, or •32-9757 nights 564-5604. _ SOLD OUT We have buyers for executive homes. L!ST WITH US LOANS: FHA — Gl — Conventional ACREAGE GARTH ROAD — 22 Acres Hwy. n at Crosby — J Acres McDonald & Herbert •iasets central heat, oversized caning room, kitchen" and j n« ' K.1K. 582-22:0 or 3C7 room. Two wood-burning fire- j , NV EST.MENT PROPERTY — 2-Bedroom i provide real pleasure plus the j „„„,„ wi . h , reK ln La Porte. You could i Julie Ann Villa Restful Country Living IN CHAMBERS COUNTY Homes By T. F. Odom Highway 144 581-S930 Dan Hutcnins Motors Hiway 1« cf Texas : cimfsrt of ce '-trcl air ard heat. Custom j |_ I dra&eries. arc just one of the many in- j; 1 terior features you'll enioy. Beautifully!'"--™.™ i landscaped lot goes to the waters edge 151 x -~ : "-™- . fi xrc£n . on Your investment with B«^ty- HUGHES REALTY. 583-2729 . 'with boot romp, shelter, electric winch, INVESTMENT PROPERTY — Sharpest : pier, bullchead. duplex \n town; living room, dining area. 552-7155 iS66-5Jy7 4417 Bayway Or. 56A-BO3 one bedroom eacfi side. 2-Car garage- Separate uiiNty meters. HUGHES REALTY. SS3-2739 or 5&2-5250. 35. Good Eating i WEEKEND RETREAT! i One-hal! acre ot partially wooded, sandy [ Everybody Likes Chicken. Don't lettlo for! locm land. Sear and with occess to Lake ' "fess man fhe besf." Ger your ch^cke.l al.'Housron with . . , '65 Singer Zig Zag S-drowor i!f5i. Must iccrifiiK. Would like party to cssurne payments of SA.iO month mckes tBttonheles. sews on burtons, floes er pay o*f oolonce o> Mochins ai; fancy ceiians. Coll Mrs. Bell, 582-8935 for mare i-i for motion. _ _ _ CULPEPPER'S Warehouse Showroom ROSSRT'S BROA5TED CHICKEN HOUSE Across rrorn tnc OK! Rivervicv/ H.g.llands Pho-ne nice size t< room) weekend cabin. Ccbin end land total price SI.995. Terms. Call Mrs. McLean 5S4-S7M. 36. Insurance 45. Lots For Sale JAME5, 404 W. — walking distance to town, all orictc. priced $29,500. For other inforrnctin-i call Eddie. APPO'.NTMENi ONLY. EDDIE COX, Realtor. 564-7221 or 564-5060, LOVELY HOM£ — 3 BedYooms, 2 bottis, den, torpe lot. Pruett Addition. Coll for appoiit.Tienf. TOO W. James. 5S3-9321 or 532-3171. HAVING DIFFICULTY IN OBTAINING AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE?? Caii GLENN V.'HITE INS. AGENCY S52-WS2 LEISURE COTTAGE — 500 Ft. on Pile, SJ.6J5. 16103 Hiortway 73, Call GL 2-1072. PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE APPRAISING Residential, Commercial, Condemnation Clifford M. "SparKy" Bond 907 S. Main 532-S2W FOR SALE BY OWNER 1 12 Live Oak Uorqc 3*&edroom r 2 bath home, recently remodeled, almost new wall to wall carpet. Central heat, 4 room olr-, built-in dishwasher. Detached double garage. Small wtstem cedar utility building. Large corner lot, several trees. Ideal location, convenient to schools, churches, shopping area. By appointment only. Phone 582-2897 or 5S2-S431. WHEN THEY ALL BEGIN TO LOOK ALIKE It's Time To See 4-2-3 N. Buraet 3-Bearooms, 2 baths, large den, separate living room, separate dining raom, utffitv room, central air ana" heot, carpeted, drapes, intercom, beautifully landscaped. If you're looking, for the unusual, make an appioint- m«nt to see tlvs lovely home today! "Buy your cast:e from a King" 564-5041 or 5AA-73S4 CHEVROLET, 1?57 — Bel Air, 4-door, heater, 2 new tires, new tail-pipe and mufflers. See ot Citizens Bant CHEVROLET IMPALA, 1?S9 — 2-ooor, hardtop, white. V-S, standard, radio, hect- er, excellent motor, family car, S69S cash. 546-5122. CHEVROLET, 1W1—Small VS, stick shift, dr. radio, heater, oood mecftonicolly. S895. Call 5S3-1002 after 4 a.m. TUDSBAKER LARK. 19S» — ^ur-Door, standard 6. Call 582-418!. Hwy 1«4 ot FcYle a3-*ZJJ •I» Mckei A Difference Where You Buy. Let ux Pr*v* If." '64 Chevrolet Impala One of the finest ccrs we've hod ta a long tfeae. Jet block finish with tar. reader red interior. Fell power equipment including air conditioning. Be sure to see this cor today. It wilt probably be sold tomorrow. Dan Huichins Motor Co. Hiwcy S83-7153 '60 Impala Here's e real example of "fender loving core". This 2-oew aordtop bcs 6 eyUnaer, radio, heater, standard transmission. Gleaming blue finish wito white top. Real nice and exceptionally clean. Neai Dickens Motor Co. ••Where Quality Is Always Consistent" Hiway 144 Under The Big Shed 5S3-11S5 Classified Display '64 Catallna Four-door Pontioc with radio, heater, automatic transmission. Air conditioned, power steering am) brakes. Nice dark blue finish and new tires. $2195 Quality Motors Lon Williams 7DO E. Texas Bayshore Motors, Inc. 2113 Market '62 Cadillac SEDAN DEVILLE with all the 'plus- equipment. A local one-owcer trade-In that is exceptional in every way. Solid] white with black and white interior. Top trade-in allowance. MANY OTHER CARS TO CHOOSE FROM BUY WITH CONFIDENCE CHEVRpLET SPORT COUPE, 19S2 — 317 V-S engine, radio, heater, standard transmission, 11,095. 5S3-3331. CHEVROLET, 1957 — 2 door hardtop, V-S, standard, radio, heater, S495. 30S Greenbriar. CORVAIR. 1945 — Fully equipped, air I conditioned, take up payments of S33.64 monthly. MUST sell. Leaving for Peace ,=i ~5, Corp. SK-4J8S. ,SE3-,371 WEEKEND SPECIAL '65 Riviera Only 1,000 actual miles on this beau* fifui Qufornofctte- Every cower aces- cesory you could want includes windows, sects, steering end brakes, chroma wheels. Flush interior is con> pifrmer»te<J by the sleek exterior. $3795 '6i Rambler A Classic stationwagon with J seats that will give ample room for everyone on this years vacation. Big luggage rack is real caavenient and it's extra, extra nice. $845 Busby Buick Where Customers Send Their Friends 518 W. Texas CHEVROLET, 1942 — I-door, radio, heat-j e, V-8. stick. Real nice, good paint, i practically new tires, $795, STRIPLING! OUTBOARD MOTORS, 718 E. Humble, 5S3-2K3 or 553-2085- Ciassiiied Display CHEVROLET NOVA 400, 1942 — Extra clean 3-dcor sport coupe. A-l AUTO SALES, 915 N. Main, 426-3735, Hicnlonds. FORD, i960 — Golaxie, excellent condition, air conditioned. 54,000 miles, SJ9S. 5S3-5570. Classified Display Stationwagon Sale '61 Chevrolet—9 Passenger; '63 Chevrolet—6 Passenger; '60 Mercury—6 Passenger. J-B Motor Co. Shop Under The Shed 2012 Alexander Dr. CHIAP1ES AS IS SPECIALS THIS WEEKEND ONLY 1953 Ford Fairlane 500 -WC-75S; t»Ju& and white, V-S. domatic. radio, heater, stands up good. A real buy at $222 1961 FALCON 1 NHF-942: 4-door, standard ohift. ?? radio, heater. Economical work <": car. S $222 I960 Chevrolet Bel Air | i-DS-491: 4-door, e-8, ceige. Pew- | erglide. Climatic air. Extra gocd ? tires. - ^ $333 1959 CHEVROLET MXU-576: Mist" blue 2-door. =ix cylinder; radio, heater, seat covers. Good paint and tirea.. $446 1961 COMET NLB-55: Six cylinder, automatic transmission, air conditioned, radio, heater, whitewall tires. 3eiss and red 2-tone finish. $699 1961 Oldsmobile '88' NMF-201: 4-Door, Hydramatc. air conditioner, power steering, radio, heater. Green finish. $777 BUCK TURNERS USED CAR HEADQUARTERS 10 E. Texas i 382-8207 I Creative Homes CA 7-W«, Baytown 564-7915 Best Classified Display j MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE! "ESTATE SIZE HEAVILY WOODED Two for the price of one. 3113 INDIANA. IHO.WESSTES — Cedar Sovou Park on | clean as a whistle, 3-bedroom home with i Siolar.der Rood. Paved streets, utiiilies. nice 2-bedroom garage aportmen* wl " I v.cdcl homes. (Office at site). JEFF E. iFLE.V.lNa. REALTOR. 5S2-7222 and 583- S2323. Will Classified Display ALL HAIRCUTS TEXAS BARBER SHOP OPEN MONDAY $1.00 16 S. Ashbel AH Class A Barbers 39. Business Opportunity Us,-d Friciei're wcsncr ........... I79.«i. Used Frijiaaire Washer, '65 Mooel Sl -=t-»5 ! ....,.,.._-...., U sea Sofa Bet!, riw Upholstery . S 45.00 ! ASHWORTH S Classified Display las! 100 years. Nice shade trees. Near all schools. Price S9,5OO. Good loan available. EDDIE COX. Realtor. 566-7221 or 566-5060 Jj^VCpL^Vr ^f CARS Where Qualify Is Always Consistent Classified Display CORNER GROCERY —1 Used Kide-A-Eed," New uoholstery -S J9.?5j YOU CAN DO , T , _ Moke „ million { doficrs in *h*s fine business KrsO"^-;-> as. | 24 I 0 Market (Sim's Repoir Snop. 12CS N. Fifth St., in : | KJFW H^Pn PURNITURP ! o'^fo-rio'us brands' 'o^rnolar'J lownmowers. ' IXCYv-UJCL/ rvjixixi i w iv^. j r. or -.;, !ete 5 ;oiK of pans, new and used. ~i Pienrv of Too's to repa.r. Oversized work-:| | shoo. Nice 3-bedroom -ome irxriuded. \ Owner retirina to his fcrrrv. Drive E)v to-; day, tcxe a took. Talk to Mr. Sirns or; cat! Eddie tor or^er information. This . dcai won't lost 7ono. EOOlE CCX. Real-j Inventory Clearance Sale SKIL POWER TOOLS REG. NOW S5».»5 J" Sander (No. 571) ,.,.W?.r> SS5.95 Vi-n.p. Rouler (No. J?5) «4.95 566-7271 or 546-5060. Qualify Merchandise at Quslity Prices Rancher's Special Gaucho Barbed Wire AFFILIATE Man or Woman i NOW IS THE TIME A new business you con really oet Ut ?S! ci'ed ooout. Ejtcellenl orofiti from the lGi" jstart. First time offered. So experience; Saw (No SS3) «»« I ne«ssory. Pert ffmc cm grow to full, S49» ?V' Heo'vYOuty" Industrial i " me - sl - ;!x> <*** rtauired. Fully secured. | *™ Pflo SS7) tS4 95 ! write giving prwie numser to Oept. ]I,i -'«*• »(»"• s**J •**.•* -_••*•*•*•-- •*"•" __: a __ o*,-\i ! i _.:..„.-, ^I f :**. /~*.i-t i „. .. sew (No. S14) «l.W;Box 8301. Un.versol City, Cal.f. «?.»5 ')'• Deluxe Drill (No. «2> - S3* " Compact Drill (No. SAO) . .JJ1.9S: —«»— 2-POINT $ 5.95 2Va Ga. GALVANIZED 80 ROD REELS 1320 FEET 4-POINT 6.25 $ 6.49 «•?.?$ ^'.'.-compact oriii (NO. MI> ..szLMi 4Q. Real Estate Wanted Home Lumber Co. j SEI _ &t> E. Texas Aye. 5Sl-t2*1 LIS y W)TH us MOUNTAIN VALLEY WATER I , GE I.Ai" > j> R SERVICE JOHN R. MARTIN, 312 E. JOCK, S82-SSUJ . , SPARKY BOND, Realtor , ... p. iTI •• 707 S. Main 552-S24S We Rent televisions j Nishts end sunoovt. 533-073 or 565-7751 i LISTINGS AND ACREAGE WANTED IN.. HUFFMAN - CROSBY AREA — HUGHES i| I REALTY, 5S3-2739or 587-5150. Ask. Corl'J ' Rue?. 31-B Building Material CREOSOTE POSTS To S 1 ,*"x6V4 Ft. I ZV 2 to S"x6V4 Ft.I 4 to 5" x 8 Ft. 39c 49c 5 1.25 ALL BUILDING .MATERIAL NEEDS See us for all your remodeling and build- Ins. Estimates Free. NOTHING DOWN, up to 5 years fo pay. BAYTOWN BUILDERS SUPPLY New Location. 31S W. Nazro, Old Gray Lbr. Co. Yard, 585-7638, ALUMINUM SHEETS — A In. by 36-lrv high grade. .009 In. thickness. Ideal for Insulation, roofing, siding, .25 each. Car be seen at The Baytown Sun, 1301 Memorial Driv«. LISTINGS WANTED! OTIS GRAHAM REALTY SUITE 103 — GRAYSTONE BUILDING !| PHONE 583-5048 CEDAR POSTS 29cl FENCE STAYS 100 PER BUNDLE 42" - S9.50 48" - $10.95 WE WANT YOUR LISTING List wltji us. prospects are waiting. HUGHES REALTY, 583-2739 or 58J-S7SO. WE WANT YOUR LISTING Call "Joke" Ruttcr Realty S N. Ashbel, BovtOwn. Texas 5M-4062 or nlohts Starett Lumber Co. 3318 N. MAIN Ph. 582-5618 AT BAYTOWJTS BEST TUNE-UP SPECIALIST WE CHECK • POINTS • PLUGS • CONDENSER • WIRING • COMPRESSION • HOSES • COILS Special NOW ONLY 6 ON V-8 PLUS PARTS 6 CYLINDERS T PIu» Parts We Maintain All American Make Cars SINCE 603 W. TEXAS 1934 582-8186 "61 POXTIAC CATALtN'A 4-Door sedan, Hj-drarnatic, power steering and brakes, factory air, tinted glass, C^QQC white sidewall tires ^ tf 73 •64 OLDSMOBILE DYNAMIC '88' — Hy- dramatic, power steering and brakes, factory air, tinted grlass. radio, heater, white sidewall tires. Black and white 2 - tone finish Low mileage and nice .... '63 OLDSMOBILE DYNAMIC HOLIDAY SEDAN — Hydramatic, power steering and brakes, factory air conditioned, tinted glass, radio, heater, white sidewall tires. Sahara Mist finish with Cl*,©S matching vinyl interior S* ZW23 $1995 •64 VOLKSWAGEN" — Radio, heater, rollout side vents, whitewall tires, 2S.OOO miles. Like new <?^ TQC alt the way -.pi IT3 '63 POXTIA.C GRAND PKIX — Dienified Midnight blue finish set off by white sidewall tires. Automatic transmission, power steering and brakes, factory air. tinted glass, radio, heater. $TQOK white sidewall tires ^ « TT3 '65 COMET—t-Door, six cylinder, standard shift, radio, heater, whitewall tires '65 FORD CUSTOM 500—t-Door, V-8, automatic, air conditioned, 18,000 actual miles, with many miles left on the new car warranty. Glistening cool white C1OOC finish with ice blue interior.. •? I T73 $1695 •64 FORD GALAXIE 50O—V-8, Cruisomat- ic, power steering, power brakes factory air, radio, heater, Goodyear Double Eagle whitewall tires, wire wheel Cl 6S*S covers. Powder blue exterior.. *psf£*f '63 CHEVROLET KEL AIK—t-door, V-8 engine, rowerglide, factor?- air. radio, heater, whitewall tires. Beautifully contrasted white finish with red interior •62 CHEVROLET IMPALA—4-Door, V-S, Powerglide, power steering and brakes, factory air, radio, heater, whitewall tires. Snow white finish with a delicious looking off-white interior the coior of whipping cream. Very few miles, original throughout. $1295 '63 FOKD GALAXIE 500—V-S. Fordomat- ic. power steering and brakes, factory air, radio, heater, whitewall tires. Ever-popular white outside with all-vinyl fawn interior. One former owner C*5^5 kept it immaculate V s *** '•»* '64 MERCURY MONTCLAIR — 4-Ooor, V-8, automatic, power steering and brakes, factory air, breezeway rear window with power assist. Brilliant red with machine all-vinyl interior. ^1Q$R White sidewall tires V • * * «* '65 BUICK LE SABRE — Showroom new 2-door hardtop, automatic transmission, power steering and power brakes, factory air, tinted glass, whitewall tires, exceptionally low mileage. Aquamarine finish, black all-vinyl interior. Still in warranty Neal Dickens Motor Co. HWY. 146—UNDER THE BIG SHED NEXT TO PIGGLY WIGGLY 533-4165

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