The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 2, 1923 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 2, 1923
Page 9
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i r 2 19 7 3 MONDAY, JULX^u -^ln fHE HUTCHINSON NEW PAGE NINE. IHARF 1 SHOT BY WIFE] STORES WILL CLOSE EARUER FOR 2 MONTHS \nry Wells Stopped Bullet with 9e«d» «. e g _ Wife Feared He < Have/ Would Attack Her. Henry Wells, patter at the Clean Towel llarber shop la limping around today, following nn altercation with lilB wife, !Mrs. Resale Wells which took place yesterday nt Pratt. Wells went down to Pratt tor the week ond and his wife yho had been at Medicine Lodge was (hero visiting also. Wells and his wite. are said to have been quarrelling all morning, •loiter In the day Mm. Wells -was down at a restaurant when she saw her husband draw up In a car and get out. As he started to step 19 the wound she sliot at him with a gun alio was carrying, hitting him in the log. Wells hart the wound dressed and returned to Hutchinson last night. He could not bo found today. Thifl morning Mrs. Wells had her preliminary trial and Ivan bound ovor until July 17tli. Mrs. Wells said she shot when she saw her husband com- Iiip. toward her jind she wan afraid he WIIB going to attack with a knife m on a former occasion. tho somt-finals, and Miss. meets Wflas Kllrnbetb Ryan, formerly of California. Summer Hours into Effect Today —Means One Hour Less Shopping Time. DIDNT STOP TO SHUT OFF PLANT Pretty Prttirie Ice Maker Left Via Back Door While Sheriff Waited in Front. •Martin Burke, Protty Pralrt-o tee plant manager usad a smoothe ruse by which to escape from Sheriff Jesse Lanrford and Deputy Sheriff J. B. Burgess Saturday night after he bad been placed under arrest on a charge of having stolen cars In his possession. He told the officers ho wanted to go in and shut off the maculnery rtf tho lee plant and ai» It 'happened by tho department stores. The"6arly closing has been an annual custom for sevecal years and after the first few days the shoppers easily accustom themselves to the change. AN EPIDEMUJFCAR THEFTS IN DISTRICT <S> <•> * BOYS' LEAGUE GAMES <f> .;. /i : -J, <J, . ? .{, .<> <f. following are the results of today's games in Bl^ Moore's' hoys' school league: Score by innings: Jackson Stars 001 21-— 4 Craft Shop .luritoirs 012 11— 5 VjaVlerhis: Roach, tile; spencer, Hunmston. •"«>. Hippie Holts 0001 00— 1 Klnklo Agencies 2,11! 23.. 13 Batteries: Ellis, Chnppell; Salmon, Mo.rticomery . Qiilck.Uops 230 34—-12 Vigors 101 10— 3 Batteries; Cowcl, Lyman; Meeco, Myers, Hollowny. I'onlo:i 001 01 - 2 Browsers 552 23 - 17 Batterlwi: Wilson , Cdbbs; Rood, Johnson. Fire Piles CB5 55—25 Wild ftl! 131 11— 7 Batteries. Jones, Martin; Hovmaa, Martin. Earlier oloslng hours for the depairt- ment fitores, and a number of the clothing and shoe stores wont Into effect today, the first business day in July. The stores will open aa usual at 8:30 and close at 5 p. m. On Wednesday of this week, the. stores will bo eloscd all day for the]acquaintances came up at that time Fourth of July. On. Saturdays the I engaging both officers- In conversation U:30 cloning will be observed as usual, so fcbat no oaie accompanied the prl- • - - eoner Inside. Ho kept 011 going. Sheriff Lang-ford posted two officers to watch at .tho ice plant but they quit at midnight and some-time be- j tween then anil daylight yesterday Burke cjwno back, left his car, obtained some dollies and skipped out again. The manner of hi* going was not (earned. That Hurke has been acting as a •fence Tor stolen cars in this section is suspected by the rtioriff. Ho is known to have handled several "hot" cars according lb Mr.'1-atigford. One of the cars which he originally sold and which was lately picked up by Sheriff Langiford because of an altered engine number, svas today identified by 10. 13. Marple of Tulso. Okla., as one Dtoleu from him. It is a Ford touring car and has changed hauda six times since Burke flret sold It. ll-urke was only recently arrested and released on bond on a charge of having in his possession a car with an aldered number. The stolen property warrant was issued Saturday. One of the ears picked up Saturday ,by Sheriff l^ingfoid -proved to be the property of an Abilene grain man, who had been keeping it parked at the Y. M. O. A. tie objected strenuously to the action of the sheriff in pulling the car In and paid under protestB the costs attached. THEIR SEARCH FOR ADVENTURE ENDED Two Defiant Little Girls, Wearying Boys Clothes and With Leeks Shorn, Returned. (Pratt, July 2—Three cars were reported stolen over the week end to tho sheriff hero. William Sharp's Bulck stolen 'on Saturday nl-bt and last night the Ford Sedan of-C. S. lluiburt and the Ford touring car of Clyde ScaiUlIn were taken. It was reported hero that thirteen cars wero/ stolen over the week end between Hueklin and Pratt. One car containing a grip, and- a gun wan found overturned near Preston. Blood all over the car Indicated that some one had been hurt. N'o means of identifying tho car was available and the number has been wired Into Topeka hoping the find tho owner. Dlghton, July 2.—H. ij, Conner of the Dlghton Auto Co., reports the theft of his IKO.-irfbdel Nash touring car sometime between Friday and yesterday. The car was laat used Friday and was ml'.ilng from his houi-^ garage yesterday. THEWHEA F GROWERSIN FIVE STATES TO MEET Openly defiant, two little girls sat In the office of Juvenile Judge Seward Baker today while their fates wero being decided. They were Opal and Vera Harvey, ageft-U and 11 respectively, who ran away from home Saturday morning, only to be apprehended by .Marshal Bismark Heck of Nlck- orsoti that evening after having tramped all day through fields to avoid detention. Each Httlo miss is the possessor of a closely cropped head, none :-,f tMfiee flapper bobs—a real shingled head but each was wearing her natural attire, a dress today. This despite the fact they made a lion flro of their hated girl rainment at the • outset of their pilgrimage Saturday. Made Pyre of Girl "clothes. Ltttlo by little flic Juvenile authorities and parents of the girls worked out of them the story of their third run-away dash. They had taken a sum of money from ;!-.•• he-use, two suits belonging to brothers and unilor a culvert they rut off tcll-lnlo long hair and denned the boys clothing. "Latei- In a catalpa grovo they burned their clothing and started In earnest their search for the great adventure. It Is believed neither girl had any IF BEAUTY IS TO BE FACTOR IN POLITICS, G. O. P. PLANS TO MAKE MOST OF rj I GOSSIP OF THE STREET ^MrronaBwi mtMn«ia«nw«iniifl^ Raid Rooming House—Police of- flown Duckworth ami RoL )lu8 <>n,„,££U<l- tho rnomlnff house at 123't: SoiitTi MHIII ttUout. 4:80 Saturday afternoon. 11. h, I-ylo was urveaiud chaTfi^A wHh running nn fnirnaral hnuse. IMiulinn Mi :Phor :M:n \s~&& nn'cMtotl chnrg^d with being an iam-ato und L. H. Doaa was* picked ti(i for UiUocftttf at vbv. pl &ot>. — x— ' Retail Clothiers Coming—The Retail Cioihle^' association of ihv. snv- rnth district, a branch of tl\o, aUito. aa- eociatioji will havn ft mooting in HutchinKou nornotimc in AutfUtit, a-c- fordinj? to Burt Snyder. A mcctinc wna held lust Friday a-t Pratt, Sum Stflirach of Pr.ttt IA ilfatrlct i -hairman. Tho si ^slonH aro lar^oly nodal, though a -bu^inefis mooting ta also he hi, Wsa win vuuld go. One ^'iltl llicy wern goitiK to Dodge City ami tho other said l )«nver. *• Thf two g-irk) wore paroled for tiho time to their parents. LARNED MAN KILLED IN CROSSING CRASH COOPERATIVE SELLING AGENCY HURT PRICES Oklahoma C-Uy, Okla., July 2 Wheat growers and rann,'nrirajilxa- UoiiH from five leading hard wheat states have accepted Invitations to attevid a hard wheat conference at Wichita, Kan., July 16, John A. Whiteburst, president of tho Oklahoma state board of agriculture, announced today. The fctale represented, he said, will be Kansas, Texas, Nebraska, Colorado and Oklahoma, The scope of the meeting will be limited to discussion of e<xvnomlc. production of wheat and.consideration of reduction of wheat producing i*ower by means of summer fallowing, reduced aeroar,es. diversification, of crops, better cultural methods and orderly marketing, Mr. Whltehurst amplified. ROBBERS OVERLOOKED MORE THAN THEY TOOK She recognized self—No one was more oxclied over the Hutchinson section of (he Pathe film at tho Midland laat week than Nancy Marie Snyder, young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Burt Snyder. In the film of the salt mine opening this young lady, In dad's arms, waves at the camerman. - x— Illustrate lessons—The buys of the Vacation school of the First Christian church made a big electrical map of Palestine during the school hours. When discussing the Bible lesson and desiring to point to place on the map, if tho apev.kov tmiches the right spot tho map llRhla up. It was U3ed In yesterday « lesi-on period for the first time and will be part of the school tqiitpuient. To B iv <: concert here—Tho Men's glee club of Northwestern colleKe, Nupervllle, 111., will give a. concert at tho First Kvangelical church Tenth ave. and Jefferson street next Friday /liisht at 8 oclock. The glee club la stopping here on Its twentieth annual tour to the western coast. Celebrating fourth—Premature, celebration of the fourth caused the. arrest of two more boys yesterday. Jack Whcelor and Ted Holmes, both of Wichita were docketed at police station and will bo tried this ovening. —x— Can't get men now—Lack of laborers Is preventing a start being made on the paving of the South Hutchinson approach to the Arkansas river bridge. The HtameyJIuckey Construe lion eonomny !« getting mate-rial on the ground, however — x- Vlslted Wichita: About two dozen members of the Hutyhlnson Typo- The Jess Stenge home at 235 Seventeenth avenue west, was robbed about midnight Saturday night while all the members of the family wer-j away. The articles whh-h wero .stolon Included a amull fur, one 25 calibre revolver, a 38 calibre pistol, a small rifle, and alt the silverware. Evidently the robbers were In a hurry for they overlooked an expensive fur coat which happened to bo tnrnod wrong side out and also the Saturday's receipts of the. Stenge clothlriK store which were hidden ID the house. lANSUUGHtER CASE AGAINST OFFICIALS Declared That Barmers Will Lose Money on All the Hogs to Market. Chicago, July 2.—TIIQ concentration of a large number of hogs In the hands of cooperative selling agencies has proved ah absolute failure, Everett C. Hrown, 'President of the National Livestock Exchange declarod today in a statement in which he placed "a large part of the blame for hogs being 11.00 under the cost of production on the cooperative selling agencies." A mass of hogs In one concern's hands and forced on tho market at one time "has been the 'club^- 011 the market that has hammered prices down to the present unproductive baslB," he Bald, Blw Losses. According to figures presented by Mr. Brown, he said (hut on thirty million hoes marketed In a year, the farmers would lose $300,000,000, or $10 on each 2G0 pound bog, as compared with 1922. This TO based on the average of price of hogs In June 1922, of $11, and the average price in June, 1923, or $7 a hundred [Kiunds. All the terminal markets disclose tho same condition of affairs, Mr. Rrown said, which is that cooperative commission company men are "hammering" the market. Santa Fe Train Hits Car Believed to Have Been Stalled on Track. Lamed, July 2,—Tom ?Tarr, Flo years old, a truck driver for Pawnee county was instantly killed last evening when tho open touring car ho was driving was struck by Mo. 8, pa-sscnger train ou (he Santa Fe, just at Main street crossing here. Harr had with him, his wire, two fltep-daughtprs ; Mrs. Merle Johnson ami her little son. Mrs. Harr and Mrs. Johnson wero very badly injured and are in tho hospital and tho out coma of the injurios can not be de termhaed. Tho children wore only slightly Injured. Harr evidently had driwen onto the track -when he saw tho train was almost ^011 trtin. H is thought he tried to back ofT and killed his englno just as the train struck. Tho automobile was thrown 30 feet against i switch post, breaking it off and com pletely demolishing the oar. ALcf \VANTF,)>-_Mnib-ri U 7*0 L'n.tu Sixth. MOPEKN, coo! ulceplng rooms. 3 2-10t FOR BENT—Two well furnished, wl - ,-rn llcht h"'i.ii-keeplns iwm.i. 3t.i Eait Sn-nnil. H -' 5 that clasaSfl'd wn anything yoo have to fK'll, 8<H-ur.: y-m with to buy, get v.-u a iHiristlon ur M^.'UI" iielp fir --JU? Any tlm- you ai-fl a<*ed ef any ot Yhe»" call number >, cl.tflSlflod deparlmpiu. T] a-l-3St GU,.\KA.\TK!''l) rnl.ullt lJ pnwrll of all iTwikc--. W:- <1.> .-ItMiiln^ nn<l 1-.-p.U1 ln«. KuiUet Tyix-u tiler IsM-'ha.uK'-. l-U-.i.^ W.J. Ti 4-3M TYI'KWKITI:K riMmn* f.« it- MUM ot H!'"wrlu-r« Kcnmei Typ,-^ i 1 - v i- Ki.- 'l'l 'J.25t Full V.l with H 2(M ]'U<:-' Smith c!'..''t>tllK rt .-•.•[.liin . }i; In c.i.el' A I 'lioTi,. -IIIN; on" ri; home, S'lt Full ItK.\'T- Two ni- (hri'c l!Bl>! kf-l'inK ic»»ui.«; l.ncf. Si-'.'"iilh. S 3 »t Full SAI.K- t'wint,-,- W.-st Slvth UAN'l'i:t> me- rilru-: rit.ii.-in kiit'.-ri. I'KJISIAS i--i:U in-::- Lullding. l.nST llnl-'.' fun isnv'. Fill! UKNT -ri.lir- , MM it I'l.ulM- ! f- Ft >it KALI: lIMliri I-lmii-' Jlrs. Charles H. Sabin. j Mrs. Charles H. Sabin, wife of the chairman of the board of tho Guaranty Trust Company of New York and daughter of Paul Morton lormer secretary of the navy, has been chosen New York member of trie newly created G. 0. P. women's advisory committee which will work with the national committee in tho comins campaign. BrceStt ess UPm&miy Small l'U.'-ii town. ]ti.I Thriving ; will handle et-iliny. Fnr In fairly largo (rooit IviM'.ll.aiH. Htiijid raj.i till lliioil r»-iv&..>iv t<..r fr-ririMion. inld-i-ts M t] ll-Oi, '-ARi- N BWR. LIONS DISCUSS DOUBLE PARKING ENFORCEMENT Many Cure-Ails Offered But No Action Was Taken—Fireworks to Nursery. othr-v civic flubs*, Kotavy, l\i\v *niiH and Co-Operntivo ruspiu»ded iu.'ilantly to tho HUKKestlun of offering prizes to fans attt'iidfrf^ the fourth of July Hiimra and ilmt the Tnouoy wan uiUtMi in an hour. A flno oiit.lay of p^rizea was ]nircliii:i'*d, HOVCII TO ho f;lv«:a at ertoh yiune, four to num nt\d Hutu fo womi'iv K:\ch tU:kot puroluu*.er n\;iy refnivc a pri;',c. The Lions <rluh has indi >r«e*l tho hall us a riv\v ht?u- eflt and hi urging support during the present limine stay. THE FINANCES IN BAD SHAPE (Continued From P.v-o 1.) anil n:ilnllnir I-' ,\t. tOiain, i.tlnni- MOW nr 101 Wen Sum. TI 2S-SSI iSBaiifc , .lEiii33ffi;2 Mug rsicilffliry auadl ClffiaisDiis^ Wanriko Wr cleiut, aiz« ;unl HCruh niys. \\ n lio all kit.its nitf tcpairlnB. I'tiuno 263. C04 Weal Flint. Ti 2D-2SI BQYB El Dorado, Kan., July 2.—Charges of fourth detree manslaughter were filed -herei today against the county health officer, the county physician and two county commissioners, following un inves'tigatiou by the attorney general's office of alleged unsanitary conditions at tho BuSer county poor farm, which resulted In the death of John Hays, aged Inmate. Ouster proceedings also were Instituted against <he health officer and* against three county commissioners. HOBBEERY OR MURDER? ' EFFORT MADE TO CONVICT ANTI-SALOON ANDERSON Which of These Reiponsible For Killing of Kanaas City Man. Kansas City, Mo., July 2.—An investigation was started today Into recent eases handled by W. Wallace Greene, former state senator and pro New York, July 2.—District Attorney Bauton, whose office recently dropped an investigation of charges against William H. Anderson, state superintendent of the Anti-Saloon League, announced today that on the basis of newly obtained evidence he would ask the grand jury next Monday to Indict Anderson for grand larceny, extortion anil forgery. .Mr. l!anl,on said he had discovered new evidence concerning the $24,700 publicity fund, the alleged commission splitting with O. Bertha) 1 Phillips a former l^sagim collector, and tho al leged changing * of entries in the league's books. A number of subpoenaes have been issued for employes of the league. Tho same evidence will be given to -toe present grand jury as was placed before the January jurors, together with the new discoveries. The January jury failed to indict. giaplilcal I'liion went to Wichita, yes-!»iinent local lawyer, who was slain Terdaiy to pay a Boclal oaJ)- on the Wichita kind and attend Its regular •weekly meeting. They learned that the lK.dy of Robert S. Brannoii, the printer which was found along tho inleiurliuii track last week near Sedgwick had been shipped to Stevens Pottery, Oa. LAST TW(TAjifiCAN TENNIS PLAYERS OUT (By Thi.' A-isoi'latcd Preos) ' .Wimbledon, July 2.—The last two American women players remaining -In tho Wimbledon lawn tennis tournament were eliminated today from the running for the world's singles title. Mrs. Molla Mallory, American champion, was put out by 'Mrs. Qer- aldlno Beamish, British star, after a tense battle which -went three sets, ' and Miss Eleanor floss was beaten : by Miss Kathleen iMcKane, tho Eug' llsh champion. ' Mrs. Beamish plays Mlla Suzanne Lenglou, tho defending champion, in here Saturday night. Mr. Greene was shot Just after he had driven his lauto- mobile into tho basement garage at his home. Police were working on the theory that Greene was killed by some one who held a grudge against htm. They said they discounted a robbery theory but admitted that there was some possibility -that a nervous bandit might have fired when Greene resisted a holdup. Several persons, known to have had legal dealings with Mr. Greene, have been questioned. A TYPHOON. One Killed and Much Damage at Manila. iMatvlla, July 2—One person was killed, one sail boat foundered and virtually all telegraph and telephone lines outside 'the city wore blown down by a typhoon -whic.b. raged here for two days, a aurvoy today disclosed. The weather has cleared, but commuiiaca- tlon ia still interrupted. Serious damage was done by tho typhoon in tho northern provinces, it la. belloveU hwe. INJURED BY FALL. Hutchinson Woman Lay Stunned for 6ome Time After Ladder Slipped.. Mrs. L. R. Van ,Ords;trand of G01 Avenue B east Is suffering from bruises and a bad cut on the back of tho bead, as n result of a fall Saturday evening. Mrs. Van Ordstrand was alono at tho time, about 4.-30 o'clock, and was standing on a step bidder putting some bod clothee upon a shelf. The ladder slipped and she fell, hitting her head, and cutting It, on tho door Jam. She was unconscious for quite a while, but came to and -was lying on the bed when Mr. Van Ord^ strand arrived home about 6:60 o'clock. Her injuries were not serious. Jack McCarroll, of the State 10x- change bank is home, with an infected foot. J. E. Shuia, Santa Fe claim adjuster •of tihis city, went to Lafned this moaning on business. Clark Davis. Santa Fe division freight agent, went to Great Bend today on business. P. J. Huckel, of tho Ruckol Km- glniiorlug Co., went bo Great Bend today on business. Mr. and Mre. F. F. Hamor, of 123 Fifth avenue west, left yesterday for California to epend a^vaeatlon. J. G. Astle, teller at. the State E.\- ch-ange bank has returned from a two weeks vacation spent in California. L. K. Delhomme, superintendenit of the Salina Water, Light and Fewer Co., was hero yesterday to visit friends. Mr. and Mrs. Don Innls of 15 Fifteenth avenue east are tho i>ari"nts of a. son, bom yesterday at the Methodist hospital. George Winters and W. 1. Clark, Hutchinson men employed in the state bonus administration at Topeka, spent Sunday here. John It. Ih-own enlisted in the Coast .-Vi'tilQery Corps of tho II. S. army at tho local reoniHing station at I he Armory Saturday. The members of Battery C of the, 130th Field Artillery will receive their pay for the Memorial Day services at tho regular drill period tomorrow night. H. L. Kiddoo of Burrton, who graduated in jihe engineering course at the Kaunas University this spring, I has been employed by tho United' Water, GHS and Electric Co. The Stanton Construction Co. at Leavenworth, was- given the contract for the con&trtwHlon of eight blocks of pavement at Hooker Okla., recently, aj the lotting conducted by tho Huckel Engineering Co. Rev. Stephen Butcher, the new pastor of tho Congregational church left this morning for Leavenworth and will return tho middle of the week with his family to make tholr permanent residence here. Fire destroyed pajt of the roof of the ho«ae of Mrs. Sadie Tattle of Wl Avenue A weet atoo-ut 5:12 Saturday evening. The quick response of the tiro deportment prevented any extensive damage to the residence. TJhe mnttet- of tho present crusade against double parking In the congested district, was brought ftp for general discussion, at tho weekly l , luncheon today of the Lions * club. President A. if, Tuttle or the club J opened .the discussion, declaring ou-{ forcement of the lttter of tho Law to -working a hardship of firms having to make deliveries. Numerous suggestions were offered, a free discussion folluwiug. VV. 13. Ornenwald, M. P. Miller, Stevo John,'ion. Hi.'Hi-oo Hanibrlc and Clarke Hereford being among those who talked. "It's Just a modern version of the old hitching ruck row, 1 ' said Mr. Johnson "and It Probably will get 0]TN( . t ,„„ ln „ : , a m;u , i'.bout US far as that did. room in K m>il locution, wllli nnvi-nli-nt W. 11. Schroder reported lie saiam it vosaibie. AiUrn.n ii-tls, cure had completed purchase of fireworks j News. if ]_'.^ for the day nursery's use on the fourth and judging from the account of the different articles he received _ . ]( |n for his nioni-y, he Is a good purchaser. mi ,;,.;. , '^Vi>tiVi'i'u'.'' IUKP' Plum, phono W. 13. Greenwjild reported that the ' m-.-jw. ' IK u-w. punch and has been Insistent nn his foe of $300,000 before cnterlmg tho ring because he knows It Is his laat flS-ht; be Is planning to retire In tho prune raising business In California. Inquiry at "fight headquarters" ultimately develops tho fact that all the stories are tactless. TOO UTB TO CLA»»lfV. EARS T3XTUA Sl'I.NDINO ato.NTCi BY SKLllXU TUB KKVVS AFTKIt 1 P.M. RACK K'VKNIXO. m STARTS Yvtl). APPLY TO Mil. UKACiti, NKIVH OFFTCK. Ill l'J-281 W<es(k« idaite Etans© & ©fiance Q'SamruiajJ Co. OLD A.NT) N-BW WLs'lxiWK CI>UAMKU'. UUOS IH'.H Sl'KCIALTV No mull'-y IT wot It l.'i liL-t uutiitf.utory. I'HOSK 351. 615 SOUTH MA PUS. HUTClUNli'-':.'. KH T: A-llt OUI'l.NOTON him ami fur Malv. I'all IDtisW- i-lt-i.lit .-hutls Tl .'.li-izt j FOIl SA1.K- Finn tvery lc-il bale aliimsl tit'W. I'lton.i 11 HP.V. bust,-:. 18 2-H llt'TTKUMILK nn- s.Ui'. r„r »l>*k ficil. !'• I'cr cuil.'S h'l^ of ton Ka;;..i»^ fir mote. Th.' M'-ridi-n Mouth Main. Tl lilt Ft IK SAI.K -NVinly n.;tv will trarl.i fnt- olil Fonl. 5 Ph. .ii.! 1073. filiniliil-e. or or ^h;*t h.'.-.'o Tl 30-lt l^tlH'r- l.cav. btUI, .irf.aiit.'tit*'^ IU 1'lks Hi.iifi for Tyrjsaswrntetr ffSnlbtooiffia Carbctn liav^v, s.-t-tin<l ttVu-flH. '-t'- ilwltlfn Unlit I'o-its. 1 ShL -iinaii leant. Tlitnv fjf»-^5t In Hotel Lobby. C. H. PAYNE, Prop. Tho Little Shop, With the Big Business.—"There's a ltoason." tl 23—m w t—25t DEATHS AND FUtVESALS Your Opportunity is Here Throughout thelength and breadth of this vast country, in every organized community, there is some public utility corporation operating. The service given by these, corporations is an economic necessity. Electricity alcne, in the last half century, has risen from the position of a more toy to that of a vital necessity. Without it, commercial paralysis, would ensue quickly. Any industry serving necessities to populous communities affords the highest type of field for an investor's study. Today it is recognized that the utility industries of the country are on a sounder basi* thf.n any other class of industry. Among the private corporation stock, no better security can be found than issue of successful public utility companies. We are adding share holders every day because we are offering the soundest security possible and one that is priced to yield you 7\4% tax free interest with your dividends payable monthly. BOUGHT THE.MINE. Dies In Texas. Word has been received here by Mrs. Edward Crocker of the death of Marjorle Evelyn, three and a half year old daughter of Professor and .Mrs. W. A. Ransom of Arlington, Texas. She had been sick for tome time. Prol'eSF .itir and Mrs, Ransom are well known hero. Mr. Ransom was formerly superintendent of the sckoola at [ Kingman. Mine Workers Take One Wrtere 22 Men Were Massacred, Springfield, 111.. July 2.—Purchase of the strip mine at Herrin, about which rioting a year ago took a toll of 22 lives reported here today to Have been effected by the Illinois Minew'orkers, as a means of satisfying the heavy damage suits e.oiitempUtfed by W. J. Lester, owner of the mine. The report fa unverified, but, according to tho information the price was *76,00<». United Water, N Gas & Electric Co. Customers Ownership Department Phone 780 - • - - United Water, Gas & Electric Company. Kindly send me information as to how 1 can become a share holder in your business. Name Address City J

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