Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 31, 1970 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 31, 1970
Page 12
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AHm Evening Telegraph Thursday, Dec. 31, 1970 HE'S STILL ASLEEP!* GOSH, IT'S HEX THE HEATEC'S GONE OFF.'.' THEN lECTRC BLANkETB weioTHE Sift.' BUT ICM WE'LL HAFTA /WOVE ' S IE6 SOMEPLACE.» TALK t0 HIM/ By Bob Weber DAVID CRAKE BLIP AND HIS ^-^s ANT PA.RM, , ANC> HOW ARE A.UL OOR LITTLE ANT TODAV? NOT SAD...THEV ear THE > SILO ( . THEY' QSrW'T /AMOUNT TO.MUCH »» By George Sixta THE WIZARD OF ID By Parker and Hart By A. LEOKUM DO MOSQUITOES EAT? LANCELOT By Coker & Penn of COURSE'i MAPS A FEwY** MINOR AL-regATIQN£'.V s ' TIGER By Bud Blake THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith IEFF COBB By Peter Hoffman SUMMONEDTOA FIRE-GUTTED BUILDING, THE POLICE BOMB SQUAD PERFORMS ITS TASK... THEN AFTER AN EXHAUSTIVE SEARCH'ISMADEOF'THEPREMISES.. ...LONG DISTANCE 1 ? .... RING THIS NUMBER, SHORT RIBS By Frank O'Neal KINS WAS VERV PIEASED WrtH VOU fOPAV- WERE HILARIOUS INVENflVE ANO ENTERTAINING. WOW DIP VOU EVER THINK Of THOSE 1 DIPNT, SffOUE *£M. Win The New Book of Knowledge (20 volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. Include Zip Code. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: ALLEN BURNS, 10, Tacoma, Washington. What an instect eats depends on its mouthparts. Insects that have powerful jaws bite and chew their food. Grasshoppers, beetles, cockroaches, and ants are examples of such insects. The mouthparts of some Insects are developed into a hollow tube like a soda straw. "These insects suck plant juices and live on this food. The mouthparts of the mosquito are perfectly designed for sucking juices. When you look at a mosquito, its "beak" seems to be a single hollow tube. But it is quite a complicated structure. There is a sheath which encloses saw - tipped daggers. There is an injection tube and a sucking tube. You may know that it is only the female mosquito which bites you. The reason for this is that these mouthparts are not fully developed in the male mosquito. So it can only feed on plant juices. ' The female's mouthparts are so developed that she can bite. So while she can also ,take in paint juices, she can feed on blood, which she prefers. When a female mosquito settles oh a victim, she selects a spot and starts to saw through the skin. After she makes a hole in the skin, she injects a bit of saliva. This prevents the blood from coagulating. Then she sucks up some blood and flies away. If you feel an itching, it is caused by what the mosquito has injected into your skin. It may seems strange, but if a mosquito is allowed to finish its meal before being driven off, you may not feel any itch. T h i s is because it sucks back some of the irritating liquid. But of course, the best idea is to prevent a mosquito from biting you altogether. FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Teacher: Tom, do you know when your life begins? Tom: Yes, it begins at 3:15 p.m. when school is over. Waiter: Why do you always brush off the plate before you're served? Diner: Excuse me, I'm a baseball umpire. CROSS WORD PUZZLE Pfc.31 QUINCY By Ted Shearer True Life Adventures FUNNY BUSINESS By Roger Bollen Copyrishl O 1970 Walt Ui<ncy rroiluctloal WoilJ Klilin Reserved LJMT1NS i_OST CAM THAT • : > -PESKV RACCOON BE *? e 1TO * Nlfc Iu Ulbft VA U Oft It's Sweet! Answer to Previous Puizle ACROSS 35 Stud with 1 Sweet product sta rs of a' bee 37 Those who 6 Sweet ' ' substancfi 11 Wild ast 13 Title anew 14 Bristly .15 Rugged mountain spurs J6 Transposes (ab.) 17 Qualified 19 Emmet 20 Price- sharpen razors e G 38 Flushing with tf=:ts - success 40 Wager at roulette 43 Father of Abner (Bib,) 44 Choose ,47 Reiterate A S4 Went on a sea voyage LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE rnce- ,- -— •-*-' controlling 55 Loves to , .„ ™ nvnnec trusts mentioned second 31 One who ventilates xcess 'or ending 36 Raves 10 Sweet pause 37 Engages for 12 Erects service 13 Badgerlike 39Symbolfor trusts *„?,""'"' , H I» amma l tellurium 24 Harsh sounds 56 Brews made 18 Liquid 40 Brought up of a trumpet with malt measure (ab.) 41 Go by air 270ne .DOWN 21An°tenna 1 Multitude 22 Shan'ow*' 2 Heavy blow channel 3 Burmese wood 23 Rock candy sprites on a 42 Petty quarrel d bearin I 44 Shield bearing 45 Equal 46 Scatters, as hay 48 Compass point 49 Roman bronzt Tin ~i —v°*: o ~, 51 Seize suddenly 26 Arrivals (ab.) 52 Bind V WINTHROP By Dick Cavalli WINTER IS FOR. | SUMS, Arvil Bailey, 13, Eva, Alabama, wins a New Book of Knowledge Yearbook for this puzzle. Make one up and send it to "Cross Word Puzzle", Tell Me Why, with your name, age, address (zip code). ACROSS, l. Pronoun. 4. Beverage. 5. Friend. POWN 1. Halt. 2. Pronoun. 3. English Utte. Telegraph want ads work wonders! ^

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