Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 16, 1959 · Page 8
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 8

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 16, 1959
Page 8
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8 1m PAMPA DAILY FEBRUARY ie, 1959 KfcVtlW Hall Tire-Co., Area Distributors For Formula 9 Fabulous Formula 9 Distributor for- the fmge Area of rreasert vacuum. It reduces the'of \Vft8te fne'aha inereaAed &AS the fexaa « Oklahoma. Panhandle, j formation of hard c&rb&ft in the. , mileage and thousands of miles Us the demand for MP-9 ha« grown icrartiu-ase oil. keeps spark plugs! the life of any engine. hClcan and r6c!llccs oil dil " tloni ' i fl ttJr&tftldfi'lO ' ^ llc one ail(1 on '- v H*i»tB%« j cs y oiu . car more power, instant Hall Tire Company. 700 \V, Fos-! slarts > quiet performance and tf-r, is well stocked with Formula ' smootn operation, tl reduces engine wear and cil comsumption. I Motor Formula 9 is hailed as a 9. the 100 per coin petroleum product designed to provide hi-point lubrication at all operating Icm- frsifHures. MF-S mixes readily With all petroleum oils and maintains oil at original viscosity fit all running temperatures between regular oil changes. The tt not only cleans up engines of j strong' oil film on the cylinder all ages but keeps thefti clean --'and all the internal parts of as only a true petroleum additive does. It contains no lead soaps, chemical.", coal tar derivatives or volatile substances of any type. The result of exhaustive re- practical, logical advance in the j search in gasoline, diesel and dual field of engine lubrication. The! m °tor lubrication, MF-9 reduces most performance truth of the The magic motor. Leymond Hall, owner and operator, will gladly give you a practical demonstration of Formula 9 in action. Now why be scientific --•. when all you have, to do is ask your observation of its j corrosion and mechanical wear to serv j ce 3 t n tion operator or car will establish 11) e. j practically zero, claims made for it. j One can of Formula formula actually increases engine power by creating 9 cleans sticky valves and gives proper hydraulic valve lifter operation. This company is the new MF-fl increased compression and In- > extra valve efficiency and cutting cannot describe. dealer tb add Motor Formula 9 to your oil today. You will see, hear and feel these advantages, yourself, in a positive way that words READY TO SERVE YOU Tliese are the men to lake your problems to, whether it's a wreck or a bent fender. Pictured from left to right are Joe Autry and "Red" Golden, body men; Coyle Ford, owner and operator; Robert McCain, Shop foreman; Bobby McCain, helper; and "Razz" Johnson, painter. See you at Ford's Body Shop. (News Photo) On The Record <JKNKRAL CARLOAD OF FORMULA 9 Hall Tire Company, 700 W. Foster, has been appointed area distributor for For m u 1 a 9, revolutionary product, that works like magic in your motors. Here, Leymond Hall, owner and operator, left, helps unload a full carload. His assistants are Vance Choate, center, and James Nipp. (Daily News Photo) Loaded Brief Case Serves As Defense Secretary's Office By FRAXK Ef-EA/ER United Press International WASHINGTON iupii-n seems like the main thing congressmen want to know from Defense Secretary Neil H. McElroy is when are we going to catch up with Russia. The other qqucslion he, keeps hearing from House and Senate Committee is, "Mr. Secretary, can you come back at the same time tomorrow?" So here he was, before the House Armed Services Committee, explaining that on an overall military basis we aren't behind Russia, and doing it. just ;\a politely and patiently as if he hadn't put in most of ( hi.; working days since Congress sr.ot organi/.ed doing just this same thing. This was his sixth committee since mid-January and his 12th day o£ testimony. And when Chairman Carl Vinson iD-Ga.) dismissed him at lunchtirne, it, was the same old story: Come back at 10 a.m. Thursday. MeElroy had seen it coming, of course. Consulting the chart lie keeps spread out before him, on which each member is identified by fare, name, and location at the : big U-shaped committee table, he could see that 11 of the 37 mem-i were still to be heard from. 1 Under Vinson's rules, each gels his moment of glory. ; I Sort of wearily, it seemed, Me- JEIroy nodded his head. Gen. ; Nathan F. Twining chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and our No. 1 military man, didn't have .to nod his. He had his orders. He 'sits each day at McElroy's left hand, sometimes as a witness himself and sometime* as consultant to the boss. Indians Mad At Slaphappy Sioux Brave PUT YOUR MATRESS RENOVATING IN CAREFUL HANDS ACME MATTRESS CO. 817 W. roster Pampa PHONE MO 4-6621 | They have sweated out the • questions so far of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (one day); the Senate Armed Services 'Committee (two daysi; the Senate Combined Preparedness and ; Space Committee lone day); the Appropriations Committee 'four days i: Foreign Af: fairs Committee (one riayi; and ,the House ,Armed Services Committee (four days as of today, wilh the end not clearly in trig-lit i. An aide in McElroy's Pentagon office, who never sees the chief anymore, inquired plaintively the other day whether he could be reached ni his 'branch office" in' the Capitol. Of course he can't. His office is his brief case, : i-rammed wilh documents and (when he has time between appearances to prepare them) sum-' mary statements. | St<ir« Appears Lnmiuded Sometimes the lawmakers don't even want him to read these statements. Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson (D-Tex.i the other day told the former Procter & Gable boss to forget the statements, which he implied was soft soap, and get right down to the facts. Johnson issued this ukase, of course, in a statement of his own, and McEJ-j j-oy, possibly on the strength of. j threatened to sell one-third of, .North Dakota to Russia. i dent. j Mrs. Peterson's arrows of pro- i test were fired at Al La Fontaine, 'a Sioux Indian who speaks for a | group of Chippewas as head of the Indian Trades Council in Minneapolis, La Fontaine said he would ask Russia for bids on nine million acres of land in North Dakota, which he said the Indians owned, if the U. S. government did not WASHINGTON <UPI i--The Na-' hcl P his People. tional Congress of American Indi-i La Fonlaine telephoned the So- !ans was on the warpath Saturday lviel Embassy here, earlier to ask i against the Sioux brave w h o ; for a five-million dollar loan to establish industries on the reservation. He said the Russians i _, ' sounded receptive but he had I The congress branded the offer, changed his plans. JB "cheap and embarrassing" pub-| T he Indian and five other mem- jhcity stunt. Helen L. Peterson, j he ,,s of the Turtle Mountain Trib|executive director of the group, a , Council planned to leave for I said ir, i a statement that Washington Saturdav bv car. La ! We Indian lenders were "affront-, Fontaine said he wanted to plead ;ed by the • irresponsible" inci- ihis ,, ase in lne gcna4e and House ; j Mrs. Peterson, an Oglala Sioux this fact, insisted he had a right 1 from lne Pine Ridge Reservation ;to read his. He read it, too. ;in South Dakota, said responsible One thing about It, McElroy and Indians considered La Fontaine's Twining never are lonely. Their.'campaign "an insult to the intel- top Pentagon helpers are usuallyillgt-nce and patriotism of the In- at the Capitol loo, sometimes in dian people." such depth yovi wonder who is "They resent any action," she minding the store. said, "which i-oufd conceivably' Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor, chief : ( ' as t reflection on their basic| of staff of the Army,'has beenj faitn in tlle government of the. called before five committees soiIJnite<1 States." far, sometimes along with Army' Secretary Wilber M. Btucker, and| SOOT KWOKT for as many as three days hand-' NEW YORK (UPI > The depart- running. Gen. Thomas D. White, i ment of Air Pollution Control an- the Air Force chief, has hit four; nounf>e d Sunday that the average c-ommiUes including one on dig.'accumulation of sool in Manhattan armament. j'ast year was 107.3 tons per Air Secretary James H. Douglas s ^i are . nli | e P el is a Capitol regular loo. Adm, Ar Segni Has Way Of Getting It Done ""»* anfl * cnuine kinf1n <^. t*>«e FORD'S BODY SHOP, RIGHT ON THE BALL HOSPITAL NOTES SATURDAY Admissions Michael Taylor. 325 N. Christy ^7*°"'^' S|)o( "? IU , - - -*~ MiM Winifred Watson. Snyder i ANTOMO SE(»M Ms a great deal of will, progres-; tlon> stop by at pott ,. B B o d Mrs. Leah Behiman, 721 N. Nominated To Be Italian Premier ; siveneas and independent think-j S hop, 111 N. Frost. There a r, Frost j United Press International j '"£• {some wrecks there but they wor If you want to see a real operj Mrs. Arizona Hale, 709 E. Pen-1 Antonio Segni. called to govern I Now OS Years Old I be there long. Ford's experience ver jrtaiy as premier for the second; Gentleman-farmer Segni. \vtrn body men will soon have the Mrs. Irene Howell, 720 Buckler | time in four years, is a quiet un-i marker! his 68lh birthday Mon-M ookin g ^ke new. . iday, is the father of Italy's agrar- one For paint jobs or any body Jr Mrs. Ethel Hirons, 1008 Varnon I assuming country gentleman. Drtve ! He stays out of the spotlight as! ian reform - one of the S^eal you can't go wrong at F oYd' much a s possible and has consist-j f1chlcvemenls of the P ofltwa: ' "I'iThey aren't much for big talk b- cnlly steered clear of faction ma- ter r «& lme - Tn tllc Process of thati thcy have a reputation for g 803 Mrs. Willo Dean Summers. E. Scott Bobby Tedrow, 2222 'Mary Ellen E. L. Shumate, Skellytown Bennett Brown, 537 Elm Dismissals Mrs. Vivian Collins, 325 N. D wight Mrs. Betty Sloeum, 1132 Sonwo Mrs. Liilie Hartsfield, -124 N. Russell Neal Fulton, 633 Tignor Bill Robinson. 633 N. Zimmer Tom Smith, 617 Magnolia, Mrs. Verna Archer, 616 N. Gray Mis. Emma Bradford, 2237 Dogwood neuvers in his Christian Demo-' reform ' Seg:ni gave llp P art of nls i things done. And you won't f crallc Partv. In a way, like Brit-! own land on the island °< s " r -'broke. ain's Clement Attlce. he has a!^' 3 for d ^''ib"tion to poor, For d'* has 24 hour wrecker se,-I| gift for giving the impression that i po " s s> 'Ice. Call MO 4-7542 during the -rla^ he is not there. I A father of four ancl grandfa- ; The night phone number is MO '( But under the outward bland- ' U)CI ' of a 4 ->' cf ""-° ld b °y. Segni is|44619. AS with everything e I s <*! | a family man. During his term I Ford's wrecker service is right 'as premier in 1955-57 he became :the ball the target of friendly jokes for his j ,„ u ; location ^ ^ „ „ habit of flying back to his nat,ve; Forf ,., ,„ , d Sardmia every week end. i nnf , ^^^ „ you h j In his spare time, Segni still,wreck and need vour car, Ford'i ! looks after the family farm in) will not let you down. | Isilo, Sardinia, and has managed! ' _.. |j Praire to convince his Sardinian peas- f ni'namt>~ .'anla tn p-rnw pflrnatinn«-...nn om a 11 ;' N KI '' IJS ^ " O»I''"COAT Mrs. Nora Clawson, McLean Sitsan Wag-ley, 129 S. Wells Jimmy Nance. 9-16 E. Malone Pricilla Mae Moss, Skellytown Mrs. Beatrice Hill, Lefors Floyd Pepper, 1064 Prairie Dr. Jim Tom Pepper, 106'! Dr. Allen Snapp, 112 N. Zimmer , LJl . . Billy Snapp, 412 N. Zimmer ! Mrs. Maybel.e Campbell, «3 XplemeT Tn^T no^tv"? Mis. Pat Rutledge, 1137 Crane p m -viance achievement in the no\elty-dis- Road ;trvisiing island. i Miss Geraldine Wilson, 902'* E. i Barbara Bradley, 608A ' Browning ! plalns ! Wayne Williams, 1005 N. Sumer- „ . . i Mrs. Elizabeth Newman, 1301 S.jville * i Bl)t ne commands widespread | BRITle s ' i Mrs. Mary ; i Mrs. Linda Martin, 1S11 Chest-!N. Faulknor l nlrt ! Joe Lester Brewer, 734 W. Ma- ' CHICAGO (UPI) -- Sir Vlvial Fuchs. the antarctic explorer! McClaskev, Some persons who do not know, wole on '.V a "^' 1l ••"''' Thursdal i Segni closely consider him weak.! while navigating ice-packed fljdel in 30 mile per hour windsf 't even own an Is TJIW rinulimlp (ne Fa ' ( l' thin face, with silver hair, Mrs. Elizabeth Ward, 2501 Rose-'lone aristocratic features and pensive SHOUT MEMORIES W00(:1 I David Bronner. 11 tS Varnon Dr. ie - yes ' is thal of n scholar and of SACRAMENTO. Calif. (UPI)-I Mrs. Penelope Nichols, 2237 i Mrs. Mary Ellen Powers. White' a man whn De! 'PV'es in things. 'Members of the California Asxem | Chestnut | Decr ' I His career bears this out. bly paifi dlfrirled trjb ute to Abra LaVell Jones. 1100 S. Christy j DUmlssnN I Sp K ni was ^^ Feb . 2 - ™^ in ham Lincoln Thursday and ther Mrs. Opal Clay. 2313 Rosewood- Mrs. Rhynah Tuley 1H4 Pral .'Sassari. Sardinia, of a land own-; ROt into a shouting debate over (I "' h Drive , ln B famiI V originating from the baseball contract between Los Anf Larry Satterwhite. 533 Lowiy j llal| an Riviera. geles and the Dodgers. Michael Teylor. 325 N. Christy i .. He K''«'l»aU>d in law at Sassari Presid , ng offk . er Carlos Mrs. Mildred Cash, Pampa R. V. Archer. Lefors Mrs. Mabel Nail, 224 Tignor Jack Curnnutt, Borger Rada Akers, 1108 Juniper Dr. Miss Doris Dutton, Borger William Rodgers. McLean W. I. Cooper, Skellytown Mra. Thelma Haggard, 533 N. :S. Sunnier L. N. Francis. KingsmiU L. J. Cloud, Pampa Red Moad. 123 W. Tuke > J. E. Peaff, Pampa Mrs. Geraldine Kdmondson, 125 - ni '' p|il ' < ''l f''«m politics and con-j | University in 1918 and served as; . j»<""S o •.. .. „ stored order by remarking: "\Vi| !r.=w '^s.^.^jrs 1 ^ - ta " 1 VI the fascist regime, Seg- j .spirer of the underground move* Davis Randy Clemens, Kolton Morris Paulain, Phillips M. L. Robinson. 1045 Neel Rd. Lee Roy Franks. Kingsmill Mason Winegeart. Canadian Bertha Dowdy, RU' 2 S. Gray D. M. (ii-ccn. 40.1 E. Kingsmill SU.VDAV Icentrated on teaching and farm- ling. ment was Vatican librarian Al- j-soooy uoicner, I'ampa •••»• • — --- -•• .--• Mrs. Charlene Caprhart. Pampa' As eal ''.v ns >9«, when the Axis clde d « G««peri. who was to be- Mrs. Ina Smihs, 237 Ann St. .P°wers appeared «t the peak 0 f; rnnlP Haly's premier for eight Mrs. Mary Terrell, 738 N. Sum- lneir fortune, Segni started work- > -onrs ner , : ' n g to rebuild an anti-F'ascist Mrs. La rue WhitfieUr. Amarillo ;<-'«tholic Party under the name of leigh A. Burke and Navy Secretary Thomas H. Gates Jr. also have been daily witnesses, raising the prospect that maybe Gales got tired of the pace. Anyway, he fnally has turned in his suit. SOl/VKD-CARPKT G'LKANING PJiOfU'KAI Science finally has the answer to carpet cleaning. Blue Lustre, a new development, is mixed with water and brushed into carpet or upholstery. It's amazing the way forgotten colors spring out. The nap is left open and lofty. H's easy to apply. One- half gallon of Blue Lustre clean* three 9x12 rugs. Available at Pampa Hardware Co., 120 North Cuyler. Ph. MO 4-2*31 Buy A Remington PORTABLE TYPEWRITER Small down pmL $500 QNkY $1.50 Wk. CROUCH OFFICE EQUIPMENT TU W, Fo»ter plaJ MO i-em GUARANTEED TIRES iuolU« tteut ouJ> needed for curing. . Your InipwcMon Invited Central Tire Works *-3781 Bobby Tidrow, 2222 Mary Ellen I" M. H. Nolen. Borger Wayne Layne, fi33 Reed Mrs. Cornelia Oarrison. Pampa Mrs. Malta Burns, J20 N. Nelson, Mrs. Avis Wilson, 601 N. Somer- Baby Rebecca Proctor, Pampa ville Mrs. Betty Smiles,, 109 S. Sum-, Pumpa H. L. Kay. 2141 N. Stunner ! Sl'NDAV Mrs. Rae Jeane Biatcher, Le- To Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Burns. fors 1120 N. Nelson, on the birth of a Carolyn Sue Poe, 211 E> Tuke daughter at 10:32 a. m. weighing James A. Brown, 1107 W. Wilks 8 |bs. U'.j oz. Willena Washington, 428 Okla- I To Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Smiles, noma 1109 S. Sumner, on the birth of a Mrs. Bertie Hutchens, Amarillo daughter at 11:26 a.m. weighing oz. Democracy.' 1 The in- Rend The .\«MV« Classified Ad«. SEAT COVER HEADQUARTERS Largest Stocfe In Panhandle Factory-to- You Pnc«» Guar«ntttd Fit Hall Tire Co. 190 9t. Fo»t*r f»h. MO t- Specializing In: Body Repair Auto Painting Glass Installation Free FORD'S SB H°O D P V la Our New I-ocalion 111 X. FROST- V\\. MO 4 461H A NEAT TREAT On All Occasion* PAK-A-BURGER NO. I »1Q S. Hobai-t Ph. MO t-991» NO. t Ph. MO 4-236S 1608 N. Hobart Phono in Your Order And It Will Be Wtitiaj for You I W«1I Tflke Those Cor Off Yeyr Mind ,,, Drive In! for yeui templet? peace of min^ l«t Mi moke iie- ceisory lepoiu EIGHT! A check-up in time will keep your driving on tore fide. Culberson ?12 N, Bollard Inc. Phone MO 4-4666 Plains Aluminum Dust Stoppers We Build ail type* of custom built and Special door* and window* for Commercial and Residential use. Our Business is Dust Proofing Let Us Show You How To Live in Comfort For Free Estimate, Call or Write PLAINS ALUMINUM INDUSTRIES General Office & Factory Phone collect 2621 or 8761 Box 38 Panhandle, Texas The Storm Window That Does What Other* Attempt To Do! THE BEST OF CARE FOR ALL YOUR W|AR WE PICK-UP & DELIVER GUNN BROS. STAMPS. Service Cleaners 312 S. Cuyler MO 9-9751 r«p4irm«n *r« t«chnici*nt with y»*r» of |p(ci«l- l«»d training *nd our »hop 1$ wtll tquipptd wltb thf Ut«*t fl«ctrun>c •Quipm«nt. You can rtly alw*yf on u« !<>r prompt dtpandablf **ry- Only G( RCA Victor Peoler 104 W- Diaj MO I-3J11 CONVENIENT DRIVE-IN Vour Favorite BEVERAGE |'>uiu Vour Car • <'" C&C LIQUOR 407 W, Foster Double S&H Green Stqmpt On All Preicriptigm Our Only Quality Standard In filling your doctor'* prescription!, nr use only the lre»he»t, finest pbarmaceutl rali,, ciimpounded with professional prr cision, checked and double-cbecked for ar ourac>. FREE DELIVERY Oml MO 5*578 BEST OF All Vour S*H Green Stamp Start 6 & 6 PHARMACY PAUARP AT BROWNING j WE CAN CIV NO WRECK TOO SMALL OR TOO LARGE FREE ESTIMATES PURSLEY'S BODY SHOP Body Work — Painting —Class Installation For Night Wrecker Service Coll in FoJIn 4-7857 —or— Frook. Skidnao/e 4-7314 701 W BKOHV HI W*V WO

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