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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1859
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VOLUME XL MILWAUKEE, MOBNIN MAY 25, * * THE DAILY NEWS. Wedel, and. others r for the iwwr of HOWE AJflD MILWAUKEE EAIUtOAO. ' COMFAHY. Milwaukee, Msy 23, 1859, I .) NEWS j K. fittairttTKni. ... ........... nwira uTBhor. I —• . us • r cm ma, ox HABOS sncn, *«» WAUtsa cooss. I'M)/ V»pcr, jiubUnnetl every morning, elcept Monday. rii-\yeeklyJRaper, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Aeekly Pspeiy every Tuesday morning. . TEEMS OF DAIiT PAPfcB, .l.Uy Puffer fur one year, payable to aflTauce. ,'i:|TJM) • TERMS OF TEI-WEEKLY¥APEE. . In \\ eekly Paper for oney ear, payableln advance. |8$0 "JHtMB OF THIS WEEK1T PAPER. Weekly Paper for one year, payable In advance...S1.06 UATES 0)F ADVERTISING IN DAIL.1T Tea lines, or less, of Konpareil makes square. square, 1 month...» <JW 5 months.. 10,00 8months.. ISjfJO 4 months'. Uy» 6 months.. 1(M», , , 7l-2o'chx>k, p.m MCIHMO i «g.uarc,,lday $1,00 i. do. : 2'days. I do. 8dajr» ... 2",00 8,00 4,00 > do. I ds. . > do. 2 wetl i 1 do. 8w.',k« do. do. do. do. do. do. (montha... SO.OO 1 fear.... 80,00 Ro u n d § & L an g don, T;' ADVFMXISING ACisTTS. 155 Handolpb Street, or< toMorited tare- <-tirf Advertisement* for (hit and all On Leading Paptrt of tht Ifo'rOiwest, and are Ou OMIT and BX- ^LCSIVELT aasthortftd Apmtt in tt>t AV<rH«wwt/or a majority <y*t*« m . mar4 IN TOWN AND OUT OF IT. M. M. POMEEOV, EUITOH. Kfeteoroloiclcal Hccord, for May, 88, •» lept by 0. H. GAKDltJEH & 00., DroggUU, l»k>rlD« street. THKKHOMKTU. 2 f. u. B P v 75 = * Hood -sells household furniture at auction thu morning at 10 o'clock. $ST b. H. McBride, who ia to command the new steamer Detroit, ia lu town ACCODNTBD FOR.—The commercial reports of tbfc JSree Democrat s»y that currency is more plenty We expected ae much, as We have spent two good thick $1 bills already this week. K.BWARB.—Tb* Sheriff of Rock oounty of- tere §500 reward for tbe discovery of tbe person who B«; nre lo the Court Houso of that oonntr It was insured in the Phoenix company of Milwaukee for $1,600. CHAMBBIU.AIS Son—Tbe case of Chamberlain against tbe Mil. & Miss. R. R Co., for damages ou account of the loss of an arm while acting as a brakeman, was decided in tavor of the Railway company r-IKE CATTLE —The Montello Ledger of Saturday, says that a fine drove of cattle pafc- sed through -that village en route for the Milwaukee market They were fattened at Coch- rajit ; 6 Mills. The Honorable William A. Prentiss in the chair. ^ Preaunt— Aid. Oonstnan, Lippen, Niad erman, O'Neill, Phelpa, Phillips, Prentiss aad Smith. * Absent— Aid. West. The reading of the mlnntt-3 of tie hut mast lag were dispensed with. ', Sundry accounts were ; presetted and re ferred lo tbe appropriate cotamiUeeii. . • Aid. Phelpa presented a petition from Jacob Best, and others, asking that 9th treet, from Chestnut to Cedar streets, in the Second Ward, be graveled, side-walks planked, and gutters paved. Referred to the Street Commissioners of See- pnd Ward. Tbe Chair remarked tb«t all petitions re lating to the Jmprbvenients of streets should go to the Street Commissioner*, the members of this Board having nothing to do with them. Aid. Donaman presented a memorial from S. Fitch and C H. Larkin, requesting that the Common Council would not this year order lots 3 and 3, block 69, end lot 4, block 67, Walker's Point, to be either docked or dredged. Laid ou the .table. Aid, O'Neill presented a petition from A . Hosanthsd, and nine other freeholders of Ihe First Ward r asking that the proper course- be taken lo open and extend Farwell strtet lo Franklin street and to tbe north line of Roger's addition, in the said Ward. Referred to the Street Cummi8aiou B re of ifee First Ward. Aid. Phillips firesciited a petition from J RsUall, and others, praying tfeat Centre stree from 3rd to 5th streets, iu tbe Sisth Ward be opened without delay Referred to the Street Couifuiislouerc of the Sixth Ward Aid Lippert presented a cinnua uuteaUon from J. P Weeks, stating tint a nuisance on lot 4, block ti, ninth Ward, waa abated Referred to the Street Commissioner of the Sixth Ward Aid. Smith presented a petition from fi fl. Owens, and pthers, praying that all buildings and obstructions bj removed from Michigan aud Lake streets, in the Third Ward Referred to il»c Street iVjuiuiissiomwe o« Uie Third Ward Tlie Chair presented a communication trom the City Clerk, together witt resolutions and ordinances passed by the Common Council on the 16th and l»th of May, of which the fol GORPCLENI BOVINE.—We saw yesterday a tat Durham heifer, raised by Evan Jonea, of "Racine, tbat weighed l,oVl Ibs. She was bought for beef by Charles MunkwtU, 264 Martin street, §626 per 100 pounds Tbe price paid was §104,37. to INSTITUTE FOB THE DEAF A.XD DUMB —Tbe uuntract fot finishing ihe main building, was let to P. Gormls^, of Delavan, says the A'orttt- ran "during the past Weak Jfor the .sum of about $8,000 Theeame papers says that they may now look for a good Job, and prompt fulfillment of the contract PUBLIC NOTICE —The friends of the Kttotor of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, and alj opposed to religious persecution, are requested to oonvece after the prayerron Wednesday evening, to express- their sentiments on the present crisis. Published by order (not ol the Rector but) ot his friends LEGION HEAFI BAKE SWIHDLE—Last week, one or our city banks exchanged Wisconsin currency for a thousand dollars in £100 bills of the Brighton Market Bank, Mass. The plates were genuine, but the signatures were forged. The rascal has kept out of tbe way sine* At Chicago the some game was played. M. Comstock, has become editor of tbe Monlello Ledger. The Ledger U a sound, democratic paper, well worthy a liberal gup- port from the demoerals of "plucky Mar- ijuette,' and we hope it will receive its foil share of good lack Comstock Is capable -o; getting np a paper second to none of oiir conn- try exchanges, and we look for something spicj thereaway. THE PHALON BOOT.—We would call the attention of our readers to tbe advertisement in to-days papers with tbe above heading- We are tfesurred by those who have tried-the Pha- lorj Boots that they have given entire satisfaction They are decidedly a Milwaukee invention The depot for -their 72 East Water street. manufacture is at THE QUICKEST Tuts TET.—A bill of goods was received here Monday by the enterprising dry goods merchant, J. L. Davis, in four days and a half from the time they were shipped nt New York city. It has, always, heretofore, taken from s^rei, .Urs to a fortnight to get goods here .» y or k, by railroad. These cann l.y t'he Detroit & Milwaukee line, and it - undoubtedly the quickest time yet made. GOTHIC_HAX,L.—This the name of a new in- etitutiou jnst fitted np in f onng's Block, a few doors west of the post omce, by Messr*. Smith & Senftleber, for tbe sale of lager beer, wines, segars etc. The place is very elegantly fitted np and from |ts central location, mast do 6 good business. Mr. Neiman, formerly of the firm of Neiman Brothers is to have the euperintendency of ^.institution. It will be ready for the reception of company to-morrow. HA^B Too TICKETS J—Remember that on Friday evening, the Milwaukee Cadets, Capt. Hihbard, give a grand Promenade-Concert at Albany* Hall. One dollar admits a person to the promenade and danoe,and secures a chance to be the lucky drawer of one of seventy mgg. nifloent prizes, worth from $125 to $10. Nearly all of the tickets are sold, and all will be before the night of drawing. Tbe "Cadets" urea wide-awake, ambitions,well> pany, reflecting credit on onr'city, and will use the proceeds of this concert, after paying for the f 1,600 worth ofprlzea to be distributed, toward still farther improving their per* • sona.1 Appearance. B ay a ticket before it is too late. Somebody will be lucky. .— F»rrar, of the West Bead Democrat, thai wide-awaie democratic «beet, la in town. We rather ecooped him at ft ctM-rlonfl game yesterday, since wfalob time liehas not been «e«a. He IB a handsome looking, steady walking, eas/ laughing, good looking, well dressed, ; ^We, awake, lager Tmting, billiard playing, clever acting, honest meaning, fan hunting, hard .working, money making, alway*. pleating, pains Uking, jiarp seeing, ^alefc hearing, owefqj', talking sort of A* gentleman, and ifbeaeea this notice, wQl jHeoM rej»r%fTu«- •dl «t the police etatioa thli jnorBtog»t nln« o'oloot, or«t thi» offioe n apor later , - - , ; ---- lowing were taken up and concurred wit: A resolution deolnri&g numerous tots in the Second Ward public nuisances A resolution ^declaring lot U, block 40, and the east hall of lots 1 and 2, block 28, Third Ward public nuisances. A report in favor of granting la* prajer of the petition 01 John Plankinton and other*, for the grading of Cherr, street, in the Ninth Ward. A report in taror ef granting It* prayer *1 the petition of August Miller and others, for grading Harmon street from 7th to 9th street. in the 9th Ward. A report in favor (it the petition of Bernard Feldkamp and others, asking (hat certain parts of Teutonia, Ninth and Beanbian streets, «n4 sidewalks, in the 9th Ward, be graded and sidewalks planked. A report ia favor of the petition of John P Johnson, for permission to erect a frame building on the south half of lot 11, block 6fl, 7th Ward A resolution declaring immwroim lota u. the 8th Ward, public nuisances, and ordering that they be abated within tea dars from thi publication or tbe resolution of Ihe Control ler A resolution requesting zfcc gaa light Co. to eraot a lamp post on the south-west corner o: Marshall and Knapp streets, in tb? First Ward. A resolution directing the. Street Commissioners of the First Ward, to build a sewer from Knapp street into Franklin street, provided the owners of property through which it would pass, give their consent. A resolution authorizing tbe Chief Engineer of the Fire Department, and the Control ler to sell the old fire engine of No. 2 A preamble and resolution, viz Wltereiu, The b .ard of Sobool Commission erg are, and have been, ta the haMt oT drawing orders on the City Treasurer for bills for furniture, repairs, &c., connected with the Common Schools, and whiuh accounts should properly come before the board for adjust mem aad allowance, and be audited by the Comptroller, and that the Council may at any time be advised as to the amount eipfinded for schools, therefore, Revived, That the City Treasurer be and is hereby instructed not to pay any orders drawn by the board of School Commissioners, other than for the ealaries cf the teachers and superintendent. A resolution directing, the Major, Controller and Clerk to advertise in the most prominent newspapers published in the oities of New York, Boston and Philadelphia for ten d»ys, for proposals to construct water works in the city of Milwaukee. A resolution authorizing the Issue of a city order to John Becker for two ttoUars, as payment in full for ail damage to hia green house, caused by Are engine Ho. one. A resolution directing the Controller not to enter Into contract for the enlargement, or for alterations in the Municipal Court Boom, exceeding twelve hundred dollars. A resolution authorizing the Controller and Chief Engineer to purchase tbe east 25 feet of lot 11, block 48, i»_Walker's Addition in the 8tb Ward, and to advertise for proposals to build a suitable house OB the same for Otr- mania Engine Co. No. 7. A resolution that the City Attorney and Controll r be instructed to examine the securities held by the oifjr, given by the several railroad companies and take snob action to secure the payment of the past due interest coupons on tlie bonds issued to each railroads as bare defaulted in tbe psymivt of tbe interest as sb*ti be for ths, best interest of the oity. A resolution that the controller and chief engineer of the fire department, be authorised to sell the Hook and Ladder wagon of No. 2. A report of the • Judiciary Committee ( o f the B. of 0.) in favor of allowing tbe bill of costs of J* B. DooliUle, In tbe suit of Dean Richmond vs. the City of Milwaukee, in the U.,a Supreme Court, anxrantlnf to |206. A report ta farorof granting the prefer of ihe petition of Joseph Bradford, and others, for opening and extending the alley through block 70, in the 7th wand. ' "A resolution authorising the controller and •chief engineer, to purchase * bell for Hook sad Ladder^Co. N* V the price, including all passed by the Board of Councilors were taken up, »js: ' A n?port from the local ebmmitteu of tbe fith ward, in favor of the petition of the-own- ttjof lots in blocks 68 and 69, 6th ward, requesting the Common Council Jo order the rii wto be dredged and docked from lot l.bloek. 68, scnth. to lot !•, block 70. Mr. Doosman called from the table theme-' mortal of SvFiteh and C. H. Larkin, and moved that the memorial and the report of the Joint Committee of the Fifth ward, (just read) be referred to the aldermen' of the 6th ward. . ', Which was agreed to. ' . A resolution passed fay this Board, instructing the controller and chief engineer to pio- cure a new bell for Engine house No. 8, at a i not exceeding four hundred dollars, was amended by the board of councilors striking oat tbe word "four," in the last line, and inserting tbe word "three." Which amendment was concurred in.and tbe resolution adopted. A resolution requesting ihe 5th ward Gas Company to erect two lamp posts on Oregon street, corner of Qreenbnsb'snd Grove streets. The Chair said th»r".ir-i« no contrast between .he oity authorities and the 5th ward Oa* Co. ?« did uot tb'nk the Common Council oould >roperly make tbe request. • On the motion of Alderman i"lonse»sn, the. resolution was laid on the table. An ordinance tatitled "An Ordinance ealab. lisbing a bay market and regulating tbe sale ol iik<; iu the First and Seventh Wards of tbe oity of Milwaukee." The ordinance provided for the removal of the hay seal* from tbe corner of Biddle and Market streets, 7lb Ward, to block 146 in the 1st Ward Tl»e ordinance wae read twioa OB the motion of Aid O'Neill the rules were suspended, the ordinance was than road a third time and passed The report of the harbor and select ooiuult- tee of tbe Board of Cotjuoilora ou tbe estimates of Messrs. Hasbroock aud Conro, amounting, with tab-ret, to $30,364.08 for dredging the Milwaukee river and the 4th section ot tlur straight cut harbor, representing that the cammittee found the charges correct, ajjd also a resolution authorising tb* issue of city Warren U in payment of the said estimates, was read by the clerk. On motion of Alfi. bowman tht> documents were referred to tb« harbor oommitte of the Board o/ Aldermen. A u ord'nee, passed by tbe Board of Oouu- citora, entitlrd "An anrinancv lo pnrem tb« removal of stone, sand ur .artii from tiw beach of lake Miahigan." Aid. Dousnian said that the ordinaium did not meet tbe diflicalty a* it permitted tie owners of tats in front of tb« beach in the Third Ward, U sell or convey away the grocod In front ol tieir lets, tbe oooeev{Qau>e« was, and be, that tbe straight eat harbor and the ends of the streets running down to tbe lake snore would be greatly damaged, and he bought a mort strln?«m or<iiu4jM>» snould be massed. sir Dousman tfc^n movedUiit ljUo orllaaoue be indefinitely postponed Which mm lost Adopted. Aid. O'Neill, from the conminee on taxes, reported adverse to the petition of John Furlong In relation! to certain taxes for 1897. Adopted, I •' ' i ' Aid. DpusinaB offi-red the following : fittotvtd. Byj tbe Board of JAlrtermen, the Board of Connfcillors oonpnrrlng, that at the tune of takioij theScboyl census by Mr J. A. Segnr, that be jb« and. U hereby directed to take an enumeration of tbe entire popoiation- of the city of itUwaakee. , Aid. Phelps said that In * year the general government census would be taken, neverlbe> lees if it would Dot eost too much, be would not object to the resolution, and moved to amend by adding the words, i'Proriued the expanse of such enumeration shall not exceed- one hundred dollars." Which was carried. Ald.|Dousman said that "one hundred dot Urs" would not be sofflcieot to pay tbe er- pense, and moved to lay the resolution on tbe table. . Aid. Pousman onered the fotbwing: i Resolved, By tbe Board of Aldermen, the Board of Councillors concurring, Tfiat tbe Chief of Police be and he is hereby r»qnested to remove all temporary obstructions to navigation In tbe Menomooee river. Aid. Nlederman o&mdUM Rtiolved, the Board of Councilors concurring, That lots 1, 7, 8, block 7, T. street, adjoining said lots 1 and 7, In Clark's addition, Klgbtb Ward, is declared a public nnnanee, and to be abated within 30 dars front date of first publication, in default the proper Street Commissioners shall bare the nuisance-abated and charged to tbe respective lots according to law. Adopted. The Chair presented '*au ordinance changing the location ol the stand for the sale of wood In the First and Seventh Wards of Mil- •aukw." By this or jlaancK tbe stand ou Market square for the gale'trf wood is to bo discontinued, and Bivor atreet, between blocks J47 and 140, Knapp street, from Uu> Milwaukee ri»er to East Water street, and the North 85 feet of lot I, lu block 148, all in tbe First Ward, la to be made a public stand for tbe sale, of wood. The ordinance Was read twice. On tbe motion of Aid C'N«ili, ito were suspanded. The Ordinance Was ttieu read' a third Um« and passed. Tb« Chair presented an ardinwow to amend an ordinaoDe to regulate hackney ooschea, nabs, drays and omnibuses, passed August •», 1856, and amended January lit, 1858, and now Mncnded br siricktng uot of amend one, the words: "And also on the sourt, aide of Mason, between Bast Water aud Main streets '. Which was read twioe On tbe motion of Aid. ttoosmaii, tfce rales were suspended, the ordinance waa !U<su nsad a third time and pitted. Tbe Chair prpsentpd the following Knoittd, The Board of Ctrnnoilors conrur rln^ herrln, that (bo du|>*riat>?odem of Bridges^be, and Utreby is reqaest^>l to report . . To the stockholders of tb« La Of osau & Mil- waakee railroad. ' > - I have carefully examioed tne list of atoek- hole ers and the number of stares held by each .pers>}x, as appears on tbe books of tbu oompa- ny, filed in th« offloe of the Secretary of State of tlie State of Witetttsin, OB tbe S6tb day ol Abr(l, 1859, u required by law. T&st the following named peraons bold the nuuber of snarl's npon the books of the com- psny, vis:—Alexander Mitchell, of UUwau- itee, two shares («); L. W. Weeks, not*, Lud low 'A. Battersna],«f Troy, none; Vose & Perk'ina, Francis Vose and Charles L. P«rkina uone. ; • . ' . . . These are tbe persons who are soliciting proxies, and endeavoring to Indues you to make a board of directors who will favor (hair views. . : . I have a eopy of tb« list aa returnod by tha transfer agent, and duly certified by the rW- retary of the company. Mitchell, Weeks & Batters'iaf, wbo together hold two- (8) shares onlte books of lt» company, solicit your proxies to makH e board Vogrf & Perkins, who are also iolioitin*; proxies, do not hold a shaft* as. sppoart on tbe books of tbeeompatiy. Tbey solicit proxies tajfaake a. board, who will raves tatoa "•m- »catfe .Wrstfgemeot witb parties' inlnr«st>d In t be IncDmbrauce npon your roe,(i.'' Tire two partwa will probably Same ticket. Altogether own two PARADB.- At the i radu of the Fire Department on following companies were out In line: Hook and Ladder No. 1 Foreman H. Baatern 4« Supply Ho*, Milwaukee En Engine 1 3 J P, Wflller. M. Nawl.rB. W. H. Holland. P. Van Veoht^n H Buenini? W. Tbompiun E. Hackst W. PelHimau B. Qainn E Crabbeu •MP.K.I? 2o, LANDS AND WATE ? i POWERS. 49O.OOO M 3i5•,<» •^ .liul A l -tat.-, < > I i Fox and .41 Low PM Wisco us'o Improv rtm ,- .r tj, L.h-j ,, r .- ir . .... ThB co«up»ul*a fi>rnw<l m front of th« N«w- iall aod were reviewed by ihe efficient Chlaf Engineer, Thomas H. E»iston, First Aissiatant ' '>' Jobn Larkin, Second do. F Heinamin, Thir.l ' do. Jamea O'Byrne, His Honor the Mayor, th« : "' Board of Aldermcu »nd the Common Council ?, n The eiii;in^3, ^tc.. were toumi to bn in ^xe>-ll^nt ordwr and cou.lition, showing thai tb^y w-re . ingood hands and wail taken >-arei.f K^»-IH* over, the com paniw marc lied through thn prin L-ipal streets, and after Ibf p«rad« the «~v-r>i, engine ci.inpanl^j had a trial ,.C airen^tU an.I skill by playiiw into i tank which tinM js bar Fills, tbt? height beioif 3 fevl »nd 7 ) 4 ,iinh- 3 . the time or playing bein^ J ni'Dutea Th- rol- lowiog In the result: No. 1 Time 3 minutM. Filial 1 f. 1 ii K Comprlsi n Lf Pr«.ritf ami H SprlnK.H *;j ' •• f <.,.>.! u,. I' \ \i \l 1 \ r H i- r i . i \V v i 1-. Mill Pn C»u.->. J. 4. 5. e. 7. a 3 vote tli« I i) ttuttf-i \lc ol-a .1 : 3 4 a 7 3-1 i 7 .1 , i II 1-4 t.'I.H TJ IE » ii. 3 } 3 \ of stock. bss three shares, Strfph»u A Weft ut nbaTe.— These gentlemen are using LLtir exertions for the ticket opposed lo aie and against ytxi To the Farm Mortgage) Ji.wkbold*^ I eelioit your pfoxies to «lect t utw U««d Of directors at the ^leoLion lo COOK off on the 2Mb of May, 1859. I Je*ir» tb elect a board pledged to protein your interest to the almost of their power. If you have given proxie* to other parties you ean »i|o the blank proxies sent yoa by o»e from New Vork, and stale tbe day they a>e signed, (and that will »nnall all former proxies). aod itnd to u>a at the .Vewball Boueu. SEWCOMB GLEVELANL Milwaukee, Jiay 23, ao perceptible e , ft and d, an<i A Thu trial ,,f »R1!| again form-.! in lium. to the N^wi.ail «u.i lafled with th^miielv knowledge lhat our a and Uko an interval m tli« -v^r t-i.)y ^ u «ir uns of others property, »? r u »i in^ I>+K lift?. They »re all ^ou.l f«llaw<. 40 .) WJ < glad to s«iv lUem pf-s^ut HO d.-io JH'1 »rl-r:y i,.,] up >Ui Juiun.** .( u,| pr.m 1 ill 1^1 a , PieoMi Dlsf r.b it..),. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS MILWAUKEE G A j c T .—W« call -tf-«TI«> XV^ Tf •'i...^ • (ci,?rm Ceo* *iuTrs, sc < oach EC-A- 11 u \ i r i K r. OQR... „„ X . I. ^ r n. . n.-. Uiv :....-.. .; I Maw i*o*c L»v to the oard of Memr9. Stwens ^ JvnkiiM, At- torney'l at Law. to be 'ouod in aunt her column. Judge Jenkins was long and favorably know a by tfce puopU of this dutr u an able j lairyer, and 61IM ranous positiuns of honor i and trust, in the l«*c of whicb. Ju>iev t .f th- Couniy Court if lhU«oanty, be won the (food! BAKNES BiiOTHKHS «ptnion and respect of th^ Milwiak-« bar — .„ , t> , 41 ., ., 0 BST .. t „,. We advise pvrsons h»Fing law busine.i» in N^« Y'ork, lu eulmtl It to the ibove name.! flnu ALBANY I » 9 \ • i: : . HAM. O AI L! V.N I', I A resolntkm adopting a.reeommendation of theatreetoommlsilo'neroftkeSd ward, dated May 1(3, 1889,/nrelaUoii to .sundry aniiance lotilin the said ward.. H • » r : The following *n* r«l . third tun Noes—«i. Ayes—Aid Uu..* ^ iNois—AJd. Llppert, ^eldetinai*, U'NelU helps .Phillips and P»entiss On tUe motion of Aid. O'Neill the Were ^upended. The ordinance Was i Leu and passed A recommendation of the Strrt* Connnis. sioners of the Second Ward loi tile oonstruo- tion of « sewer in Tamarack strwel, from Slh tc 6th streets, and a lesolailcr. adopted by tbe Board of Councilors, a-pprovtof of the same was read. Aid. Pfcelps said he was taformed lhat » r« monstratia* wourd be socnitttetl le U t> Coafi oil on the ntatter and moved that it U laid at tbetah)«. Which was agreed lu Aid. Phillips presented a !*Ut»on from John Dialer and others in relation tg the eellinf ef meat, groceries, toys, iu:, in th« market on the north side of Division street, between Market and East Water atreeb in the First Ward. On the motion of Aid. Niedenaaan, '• was referred to the committee on Judiciary. Aid. Pfealps, from tbe join, local committee, of the Second Ward, U> whom was referred tbe petition al Ernst Schmidt and otter owners of lots on West Water and Third street* In tbe Second Ward, asking that the grade of certain parts of the said streets bg raited, reported in fa»or of granting tie prayer of ths petitioners and presented the fallowing ordisaaat An ordinance to change and permanently establish the grad» of a part of Tiirdand West Water streets in the Second Ward of tfcg dtf Milwaukee. Which was rueyi twiee Aid. Phelps rnorsd to «uspeisd Aa miss and put the ordinance on Its pessage.- Ald. Dcmsmsn said h. woald like tbe ordinance to lie over under Ibtv* rales, to that if •ny parties wished to remonstrate afsinst tbe passage, they wonld bare Ufise to do-so. Aid. Phelps and Phillips spake strongly in fever of suspending the rules, aud add the owners of property Interested, were suariy unanimous ia baring the grade rais»?d. The Obair said it was a hasardous bmi&eas to change an established grade, for any'parties who did aot agree oould compel tbe city at large to pay than tor any damage to their property arising from snon change of grade. The Chair put the question on suspending the rules, which was k»t by the following vote, it requiting a two-third rot* to suspend the rules : Ayes—Aid. Llppert, Ph jp», Phlillps, Preu- tlssand Smith. Noes—Aid. bousma*}, fliedrroiAnn *ad O'Neill. The ordinance was ttien laid «ver.- Aid. Phillips presented a reMmmenttatlon From the Street Commissioners of the Second Ward, for abating certain nuisances tberin, and also a resolution approving of the sssnt*. Which! was adopted. Aid. phlllips, frem the local evuuultte of the Sixth Ward, to whom was referred tbe petition of !J. W. Boba, asking pernrlislon to teep a swimmiBg school oo lot 81 above the dam in the river in iho Sisth Ward, repelled b) favor of this same. .- * ,' Wklch| was adopted. Aid. uppert. from tbo local oontmtttee of tae -Ninth Wat*.. to whoai was referred there- monstrance of William TUet, - against tbe grading this year ofoerUIn parts *f Tentoni., Ninth and Beanbian streets in the Ninth Ward, reported {tbe same back without actiou! . ' ' Aid. Phelps said It Wasthedoty of the oom- wee- tojrepert sots* way, and mored ^that H be re-oe»Biltt*xi to the same commltUe with nstracticms to report 1 either .for or agalsst. ( Ald^IJippeit, fromtisaJUM "-mmHtrr. irs- to (be Common Conocil what bare be*n made in relation to attend i UK tbe city bridges for the y?ar 1838, and If an/ per- •ops hive bc*n etnployrd by b,in) for thatpur- - . and if so, what prioe per tooif^, at each 4. j i^reraJ bridges, aad also any further in- .jj-mail OB lo relation to expeeses fur repairs, or otherwise, BO thai toe QotrncU e^a lulls oudentand wiuU Ut» attendaoce aad. (•pairs of bridges will coal for tbe yea*. fViikii w*3 adopted Aid. 'uoosman cnov^kj io r-x<u[iSt4<{r tu- *o(e by which Cb» roeolatk>D wa* oovv-urred m Jl- reetitiij ttM Controller, 4o., ta edtrtfiioe 111 Boston, Nee? York, end Pfcilad»|pljia tor uro- •a)« to oonstruot wkt-r worts In the «'ty of 3Clwauke«. | Wbioh was uamed -3 A hi. DoosmsB then moved tn«t tt« lotion be indennltely postpoo*,1 Agreed to. Aid. boasman pr«j«ntcd a from the Clem«at Stead &o«t Oosupant, Ing to be granted Ib* privilege «f leaving uoaji- h*evy eastings upoo the SttalfUt Oat Pirrs free of oharge. M*jiUirT».i SAI.OOX —Fred liaJcr long time oo* of tby? propr»«tori ol the ' en <3«t«," has opi-n*<l a i-ery u^al. pi. cotnrnodiroi w^ll trrsngfd *O'i w-li plecH of tbir»t »juencliing r-«.>rt. , n W ter .<tre*t, oaariy opposite Aruiury iii . a go<xi plao". ui<i Fr»J. k^p^ ail u.. shtrry juUpj mint ont.hUrs. .'in pi.i ^i. ti»e hjnf -!.- l i for SADDLERY HARDWARE k-pt ~*l W»- AliKlA(ifc. '•If, 1 *rv f.i- ' t 4.. I fL«2I-,«.l iT.t^.'. : '. C' VJ. . * -. I" 11 -< : THIMMINv v«rd«r A O.AI. ^aij n. tUtxe »hiu L.- .-an h- ^ •>• wl«n aht- ia»l'v .nsijtj t>ut nut of th^ ^ HI: .c >!l .,« OOO JXi •• •> n - 3D> Uilwaakef Rnlro*-(, u.;l^r the Third Mortfa^c liou I '.. Muli.i»y, }/areU»ul t4> tli- the t,»in- u f ll,,- Mi It. R. AND SCUTLAAU r'OK Which was ta the bastar lee. Tbe Chair preematod soadry amonnu audi tad by the OoBtrolln- Aid. Phelps moved that tnos-< conueat«^ wltb tbu bridge and the flre depectment by rsforrad to the tvspeedre aonuuittee* 01 nacl Board (or examination Coaeumd in. fheremaindet of th« t.ilLi w«rc then allow ell end others reported comet If tte resp*o tire committeea, were aUoWad and refWred to the Controllat. On motion tkd Board adioutfiSd to the regular meeting. (Signed) R. g. LFJiCS, CltX Clerk. UiiWAGXaa * MisSBsoT* BAILBOA* COM r*HT.—Tae old La Ci*sse * Mftwaukee Railroad, has, with hs chtoge of management ohangeditsnaw. as above, aad wiUkereafter be managed by a new Board of Krwfofs. Who they are, will be seen t>ts«wfc«re, «od, as there stated, we believe the Board la uade op of msn wh« will redeem tbe «4>a4 from th« bed odor it has Of late been in As an earnest of their good intentions and responsibility, tiiejr hS)Te made arrangements to Iftwally provide for the farm mortgagors-, and pay the interest on the (arm mortgaggs, sold Jong sine* by the old company. . • Ws look npon this line at tne beat in Ibe State. It runs through a good cowatry, anil taps the Mississippi et a very important point, LaCross^. It will always be. the -great route far both northwestern trarel and freight, and, properly managed, will pay a Air, If not a hmndsome dividend. Witb tbs old name has passed away, we trust, the bad jodoi s» long aMosiated with ft, and now look forward to an altogether different state of things. MDHIOIPAL CocBT.-*-Hs» Bonos.. JBDOSI FOOTS, PitcsiDwa—TmsDAT, May »*, 1859. •-Samuel Ramsay, assanit and battery, eotn- riaibt madetiy Ann Bunsay, his wife. Defendant sentenced to W days inprisonnient CLas.'Monkwlti, viohvtiag ordinance in to* stloQ to ths slaughtering at aaitaals in citf Imlts, oonUnaed to 36th tnst. ' Joseph Wisher, disorderly, dismissed. William Elsenbradt, fnst driving, fined $5 and costs! amounting to^3,0», which was paW. ' ••" - •• --. •' ••.:'( AOOIMOT.— Monday eftera(MB.|» teaeji- Ket nasned John 8pencs» was killed by beinf runoverbyawagoB. ftseeeoabe was hanl- Bg dirt Troai some place near Clybetirn and 7th street, when, on golnt down a steep hill, he was thrown forward of the wheels, both of which passed ofer his 'Beck, 'severing the , s,nd fraotaring Us jaw . The wrriees «TDr/iUndeIL were Immediately eat sd, tat tWBnfortnhatesaaawas beyend human' sor- tery, 4nd died « few jDaoments efler tlw Doctor He -leaves «Ctheir.yrotertor. - -'- '&' t ^iV»«W>«rW«at*e», ».'-,' "''"i.H'VT/.tt'* •" -"*« s ' ] ».rl^'' ' j " f -iii " . I . r - Ku9»«ll 8»«., Ii ,, N i U. A. Batters hall, froy, .S 4 Williun Oould, Albany, .N ) W. B. Oitberl. Syrai-u»e, N. i Hans Crocker, Miiw«ak,«, W u N. J. £mmoQ£ L W. TVwhe. W. E. Smith, fut Uk.- Win. R. Sill, L»t'ro*s« At a subsequent me^tin^ jt tn«? Haas. •!! Bag« waj obns^ti Fr^-iid^iii They ar» all gwntl-ni^o, faralli»r •^rn, of high character aud larg- ex Railroad matter*, and wt >lo uot under their managem«nt, th>- .Yii! . illLI. - ' A . .*;. 1 .1 . TiA.i I • »-r «-. . « , I.. . > tL * s . C' H » R I ^ r 1 Cum, Y J .hi, Jjl). Ir .. i>:j- •.- P. J , , i, Ftal . .5 iloaht il/ xiak-r« Minnesota railroad, the great thoroughf*;- tb» North-West, will prosper abuudao'.Iy NO'l !(. CITY C str,?-', fro Jl t)n.- d» ID DCST— YMterday wa.< * \v.j disagreeable day From morn till oujht. th« wind bowlad around buildin^i. nhuok c>>^- ments, whislied through ell.^, alamm^l doors, aad kept the air full of dam, till j^-. pU were wall High blinded. It was ni. r«p«-t er of persons. The fashionable lilk iiiood uo tetter chanc« than did tbe tit oent ualieo of ng pickars. How il howled and whistled all the day. It tore tbe veils from the faces of handsome ladies — sported provokinely with their hoops — vngallantly elevated crlnolm«to a greater height than fair ancles oarvd to I- ex peseti— whirled a handful) of dust iutn the face, and over the snowy bosom then, with S wild laugh, weal whistling around the corner, to fill eome gentleman's eyes with sand, that he might not b« looking to sue what predicament ladies dresses would get Into ' Why, it wms one grand blow all day, and the dust was more of a plague than Pharaoh'i lice, that hs had saoh trouble with. We nued either a good rain, 01 a rain-forcenxnl to uur tprink- ling tbingtt A fBKSCBTATlo.N.—Daring the rwview uf the fire Department, in frout of ihe New ha 11 House, on Monday, Peter Wnllber, thx Foreman of Hook aad Ladder Co. No. a, present. ed the Chief Engineer, Tboa H. Eriston, with very ttu&oms) flre-csp it was made by Qrstaoh, of New York, to the order of tbe Company, aad was their gift to lUe Clue/ £n- gf»eer. sir. Bvigton waa wholly unprepared for this •demonstration: bqt b«ug one nf the "Rough aad Beady 1 ' boys, thus happily responded : BaotWEB' FlfcEMSH :—for this most naex- pefted ttad flattering evidence of yojr klnd- neas tn4 Appreciation of my humble services, •a afireman, acflept my heartfelt thanks. It Is a pectidar gratWoation to me, and an ample »eoOsnpenB« for all that I baVu done, to find that I aai'tbvs highly held in the estimation of these wl(io, from personal acquaintanee, are b»st able ito jadge. I can only say, brother Jremesi, that with'the overflowings of a full heart, I return you my most-elncese acknowledgments;! It will b»4*n additional incentive U> duty, and I hope so tq All tbe oflce which I hold, th»t nt>ne shall regret the selection. three ie^artysjid heartfelt cheers greeted UM Chief Bnginew, as he finished his brief and appnojriiAe remarks. OBM.—Last night akoot tarn o'clock we'were treated to a regnlar pyrotechnic display of Ifcaxier aad ilghtniog 1 ! a "little ahead of^ythlng we have seAi hi tBe West. Tne *theskjfclis;I.tftoia the roof* of tie roous, a»d''th8 Owtepositore were bcated to^ationt« pesky fc&tl stone, nrfiag in'sfib frop .'a boot-shot to. a tlbeit, Lodk whlct. each I ,t » n u-. o ftrcorjiag in pl«.n and foti vt •7 » .' 4. ^ ii 51 *• l i-J..M *-' - -"-.5 1 « : WJ1 « * *••- : J;,ii *• o »» • -fl 51 *= ' Jj al »» l fill i " - £.'^1 «V B -rf il t» i -a 51 ^ « ^«^Al fil i I 81 6 i25t 91 i i-lsi i I vi.TUB # Htr-rl 1 I 12 J Ki 4 Si S 5« ; ft2 5 53 1 Ia lUbdlvls'.OLj ,; WS1 22 41 23,41 50, 'M lot, iJ 54 51 54 -"J il Ifl.d- W P.o l I M .N 1 I ', I > i u 1 . -..- u i'.\CIIT ••Mil*. • MM-. t^l A[>ni _ S. L'U. OAHDINK^. ' . a 734] MIUUltF't SVLJ-;. dTAl E Os* WISCONSIN, l Cticalt Court, Milwaukee Cou^;j I Michael H,U aoj \ Wtlll&in Tanbrtdgs, \ \t -t r t against | °" '*"' "" Tbo(na> &. Hod.i]i4. j I N Tlrtae or and pursu&m tu * ju l^iutfui r said Coart, la the *bove entitled acCuin, . 19, 1969", I ill.11 «po«e (nr sale and • -II »l P nbh, lion, al the Post-Office, In the City of M,l»»uli>.-, > Haiurttar tt>« OIU day o( July. M.. at the hoar of 2 P. H , of ttist day, pursuant lo Ch i pi c 1A3 of the Revised Statutes, entitle.! "of ih<s L.UQ . Mechanlci and Olhtra." ftil tho right, title %n intt-rt;: the defendant had In tnd to the fo!lo«nnir*\U»cr h^ eretnises on th« 19th day of April, or &f «ny ilm*. then after, vli: **Tbatpart of the north eaat (luar't-r .if jrctiun No 81, la tosrnshipNo. 7, range -J r?A9t, lylng narth kind cast a(.tne Uenomoaee River, .a nr Oity »nd Ooeaty of Milw.u.ta, St»te of \V !3 ooDiln, &:kd clAimed by the defendant t ^'ui*, er »Hb a certain 3oip and candle factor,, in ated thereon. l)»ted 8h-rUr'iOfflc«,Mi(w»utce, Sf«y 24, 1J5». D. CoasOJ, t A J LtNUWOIiTtlV, Sh'I MU. Co. Wis u M" 11 ^. 53 .11 "i i \ *pl't ir a u-iit . IIA LEU IN t> Each K<|| .... P II ALEX'S BOOT* THE OKNUINE ARTICI MAKUFACTORiO) BY JOHN P H A L E N T HI only on« aulaortied (a m»auf»otofe the ab named Biots, at T8 EAST WATER STHEET. The Pbaleu Boot It ooo of th« most unique anil j e- gant oorerlngs for Ihe feet Ihit hu fur hcen Invented. I \V 1 U )1 , K.-sA I.i-, |P A PER W AR EHOUSF! fiaiitor4», iila lUAPK H .\aill.-40N, A !'«>. | Thdjaremideof Ihebot of stock ami mo workmtnihlp, and ara w«rr«nted to cure Corns, Bnn- loo»,'»w«ae<i »»«t. 8»«U»4 Head, Rnttmittsm, Sn u », .' • ' Bsmember that tie Sole Agen'. for last Invented BodU la thi> City, la to be found at 72 East Water it., where, also, mij be found a general assortment or BOOTS & SHOES, "BAITER', *C., for GtnUetntn and Ladles that tbere U In this marltot, all ma>nlsctare4 under the tnperrlslaii of th»sab«crt- b«r, [majSS) JOHN PHilSS. HA hi HI SON. HAN K« Xil • »- FALL*. H AVB opened I liuu-tu, i i-ir.ii' *un- 7ff, l.VPtT, ^Wtr^i .tutt Si _ (.atijar Popart, f'ttt < \i Post, f.ttUr nn.l y.i/o pny; Which »•»> be »olil Tery low. C«>nst*r be nsSit' 1 to th** <tot*fc to meot th« v(»nr'i p.y Prtnurj iiitl others arts .nvm*ii amlno oar jtcck iQd prluea. ., -I:

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