Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 21, 1941 · Page 7
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 21, 1941
Page 7
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Tuesday, October 21, 1941 STERLING DAILY QAZgTTB, STERLING, ILLINOIS Page Palls »n?? cent Trsdln? Tfrrltory FAm CIRCULATION 8,685 Errry Advertiser—I^argo or Small { —Go».s Into Thfw? Home*, Rock Falls City and Community News Central Section Industrial, Business and Agricultural Interests of Whiteside County DEUVKKKD ETKUT WEKK DAT EVENING— » B«4farA, Matt!*8*t, ROCK FALLS VET FAfl» 2,863 Including carrier, mail, th and *a!« In surrounding vll Isf-s «o-.ith of Rock R;vrr Evrfy Advertisr-r—Lsrn* or —Gors Into H.5B5 Hornrs fttrrling, Reck Full*, Mtneflftrfn*-, CT'9»«?Hrk, Cnlri*, tanarfc. P*vV», !JN*T Grwr*. W»!p«t, H w»pf)«»1*>, f*n»|**l§i«nn*, EH*. F*>«t?m, Matrfeon, Ljraiwn. r>aH, Omtt, Ewrwni. Dt«ranA Crrsve and N«l«on Large Selections of Best New Books for Coloma Library .Allotment of Books Furnished for Rock Falls High Schools Cotoma Township public library In Rock Falls has completed the purchase of several larse selections of books. The books cover a great many for Juvenile readers where the demand Li the heaviest. In the past few months the high school department has been almost doubled and the Rock Fall* Township high school now ha* from the Coloma library an allotment of book*, numbering more than 100, a* a supplement for Its library service at the school .in charge of Mi&» Laura Jepaen. The Illinois high school student*' reading lUt ha* been p .rchaaed, also the grade school reading list and most of the teachers' reading list. A historical supplement to the book house ha* been purchased a* well as the book house itself. This is the highest recommended literature for children in the form of a series of book*. Large additions have been made to mystery, romance and adventure sections of the library. The library is keeping constantly abreast of the late fiction and non-fiction. The board has been very fortunate in making contacts in Boston. Mass.. and Chicago which enables the purchase of book* 1st practically twice the discount a library ordinarily receive*. Members of the board feel that the amount of money ex- "pehded give* the public an extra book for every two purchased under this discount. A bulletin board for the library has be«n established and will be featured in various atore windows to attract the different public. On it are book Jacket* from the latest books available in the various fields. Facilities at the library are swamped as never before as far aa u«e is concerned and the registration i» constantly increasing and new equipment in the way of filing cabinet* are necessary. All of the outstanding, popular books of the season are available at the library and waiting list* are reasonably short so that they may be secured without too much delay. Or. H. 1. Pettitt Of Morrison Talks To the Rolarians Dr. H: L. Pettitt of Morrison, new assistant director of the state department of health, spoke on "The Value of Pain" nt the meeting of the Rock Falls Rotary club Monday evening. He brought out that if it were not for the red light that nature- has provided in the way of pain, there would be no end of destruction to man. He spoke particularly of those ttis- Miin which give no warning, as T. B., cancer, coronary throihbosis, and 1 in most cases, appendix and gall bladder rupture.-,. He orged his listeners to avoid doing things that would hurt others mentally, to be a little more thoughtful of each other and of older folks. Robert—Johnston was-welcomed as a new member, the charge being given by Wilson King. Rev. W. M. p. Jerrett of Jockson, Mich., was a visitor, and Albert Browne. ST., and Albert Browne, jr.-, of Sterling.were visiting Rotarians. Herman Oltman led the singing, accompanied by Fred Casner. The speaker of the evening was introduced by O. E. Newburn, monthly program chairman. Distribute Social Hygiene Folders in County This W«ek An oresnired committ** In White- | Mdf county hendfd bv Mrs. O. J Pohly for the development of social hvRiene, under the sponsorship <ii the s'ate department of health. Is distributing 'his we«'k to all schools and libraries in thr county health To'idrr? These fnldrrs contain pamphlets available on all phases of social hygiene- problems in the state, education ol youth In life, need lor control ol social diseases and resources available for personal home education and public education. They are bring sponsored by such orizanlmtlon.i as the P. T. A. Rev. James R. Uhlinger has charge of the distribution of the literature In the county. The committee is hoping with the contact of Dr. H. L. Pettitt, assistant state director of public health, to produce an unusually fine program during the coming year. No Gas Tax Revenue To Repair Streets Home on In New Territory A 'p«<-!»! o^»r.i rluh in >h» Rork jt of fh» Men « Falit Merhndif. Urge Number of Guests at Wedding Of Deer Grove Pair caught jFormA Member of By Richard Ebenezer in r C I * Today Weiqhs 22 Vi Lbs. H, 1 faCUlty IH Philadelphia, Pa, ?,':or.s& examination. ^I' isn't -.'.rn f<r%r! iintil Jur/iiry I have an !"-.v iomoTTo-,v morning with a. :i .iftrtme in Jannarv in one of tha Delay in Annexation Before Census is Reason Mayor Says Rock Foils Briefs Mr. and lira. If. A. Phillips and granddaughter. Miss Prances Green burg. R. N., of Gary, Lnd., returned M> their'home Tuesday morning lifter a weekend visit la the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Willhite and family Hi Rock Falls. Mr. and Mrs. ftuaatll Maynard and Dtckl* Clifton of Hock Fall* »pent the weekend to Cicero at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Maynard. Mrs. Mary Ryan of Eric, who has been visiting the pact few days at the Mrs. Ralph Ryan borne In Rock Vails, returned home this afternoon lira, L. W. Oeborn of Krie was a guest at the Ryan hoaae today, and Mrs. Ryan took them home. Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Powell of Rock Falls and .Mr. and Mr*. Karl An- •dreas and Opal Ruth and Max of Sterling were entertained at a chicken dinner Sunday at the George Brown home near Brookville. In the evening, Mr. and Mrs. Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Andreas and Max, and Mr. and Mrs. Chester Oroff and sons were supper guests at the Walter Wolf home. William Downey of Rock Falls en- Joyed tours over the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Williams of Rockford. They visited In Freeport, Harvard and Lake Geneva, Wis., De Malb, Rochelle, and other placet of interest. He left here on Friday and returned Sunday. Mrs. Ethel Sheldon and Mrs. Joy fluvens of Rock FaU« attended a meeting of associate matrons and patrons of the Eastern Star, held Sunday at the Masonic tesnple in Belvidere. NOTICE Burning leaves on the blacktop streets of Rock Fall* 1 is prohibited tar city ordinance. Anyone caught violating this ordinance will be ttnad. „ Bert Hart, . Cinci Girl Scouts Have Enjoyable Outing At the Pines Park Ore large cabin and two small ones at the White Pines State park were occupied by 40 members of the Rock Falls Merrill school.Girl Scout Troop No. 7, Friday and Saturday. The girls, under the Jeadership of MLs*es Isabel -Johnston and Elizabeth Hamilton, assisted by Mis* Laura Conrad, left Rock Falls at 4:30 p. m. Friday and were driven U> the park by E. I. Lehr, O. L. Harrington and E. O. KnUs. Upon arriving the group immediately set about to build fires and prepare supper, following which there was campfire and stunts, then retirement to the cabins for the night. Each cabin was chaperoned. After breakfast Saturday morning the scouti went on a. tour of the. woodland. Mrs. Alice Hill, naturalist at the park, explained various points of Interest along the tour. At noon the feature was a mulligan .stew and each girl contributed to the occasion. The table was decorated with a centerpiece of mushrooms, puff balls, pretty rocks, bark and fungite. In the afternoon the girls were directed on another tour by Mrs. Hill and were shown many other beautiful and interesting spots. The scout* broke camp at 4 p. m. Saturday and started their Journey home. En route they visited a cheese factory and toured the plant. They, arrived home at 5:10 oclock, voting unanlmamly »-nwt enjoyable outing. P, E, 0^ Members Tour Greenhouse and Hear Talk Monday Night Mis* Theo Bristol was hostess to Chapter CO of the P. E. O. Sisterhood Monday evening. For the program. In charge of Mrs. Uddie Howe, chairman* 4he-members mad* a trip to the Bwartley greenhouse when Kenneth Swartley spoke to them and they were taken on a tour of the conservatory. Returning to the home of Miss Bristol the chapter members heard reports of the sectional meeting and reciprocity luncheon at Polo last Saturday, given by Mrs. Helen Len- jnox-ltr^fiu* JIe»b«m-and - Mte& Alice Swanson. Miss Dicus of Streator, vice president of the state chapter of the P. £. O. Sisterhood, was the speaker. The state standing rules were read by Mrs. Florence Holderman and the n**teu served' a refreshment course. Former Rock Foils Lady Dies Monday Mrs. Nancy Pelton of Dixon, formerly of Rock Falls, passed away Monday in the Nelson rest home, »« North »tate street, Belevidere. The body was brought to Dixon where funeral rites are to be held at a p. m. Wednesday in the llel- vln funeral home. Mrs. Pelttn we* • Masher of the Seventh Day Adventist etuirch and the W, O. T. U. In MerUoc. 8he Is survived, by five chUiien. Her husband and one daughte^ preceded her in death. ' Emergency Operation Mrs. J. I. Greene of Rock Falls has received word that her son, Marshall Lee, submitted to an emergency appendicitis operation at Fond du Lac, Wls., Monday evening at 9:30 o'clock. Marshall .has been in Fond du Lac for the pest three months, being employed on defense work there. Fire ot Cafe The Rock Falls fire, department was called to the Nile Owl cafe about I:W o'clock this moraine;, when fire broke out in the floor under the rest room- It was quickly extinguished with no apparent damage. Before natives would build Mote of Thailand's (formerly £iam> airports, hunting expedition* had to be organlacd to kill off tiaers from ad- jolntng jungle land. • H.AWWBM ftaatltie |p aj OaurtA, DfM'ite thr fact thnt HfKk Ffl!'.<.. IIH.S no; rfrfived onr cent yet from Garden Cil> residents in tuxes, and that Ix^.ntise of the late snnexatlon the citv ha-; !a--' »2.fX)0 per year in KR. 1 ; tax revenue for the next' decade, Mavor Snrn Fciglev stated at the mer-tinu of thr city council Moridnv eveturift thai the council would do all passible on the atreet-s in the now area. • i Tlie statement was In answer to; « iwtltion. signed by 69 residents! aloiiR Cantlin road and connect- 1 Ing streets, asking for repairs to Cantlin road Tlie petition alleged, that jzllt-edKed promise.«i had been made to them prior to induction of the new area, and that they felt it Just nnd right that a "small portion of the revenue extracted from our community should be returned In the form of road repairs find street lights." Mayor Peieley reminded the aldermen of the new ward that all promise* w-« mark- on condition that thr new area would come in in time for the population to be counted in the 1940 census. Because of the delays brought about by those fighting the annexation, the city has lost the gas tax revenue. Mr. Feleley stated. In addition, he stated, the city fhurch Thurtd»v evening wrh dinner • < 6 1?> nr'.vk. is dfsiirnii'Pd "n cive rrcnirniM->r. 'n the men of 'he community in 'h» «ervicc of !h':r country who are home on furlough. Some nf the «n';<V,*rs will fM»rMrf,i«'» in the proprsr:-. Per. Huhfri S'n'ir. having conspr.'ed 'o speak on the wnr games in Lnuisiin*. Ins' rumen? a i music will b* pro-. Ided bv a sextet from the Rock Falls school b»nd A. E. Deem. president of thr club, will preside. E. I. I<ehr. lav leader of the church. will Rive devoUon* All men of the community home on furlough are inviUd to b* guests of the club. «nrl Parents of Albert Williams Married 66 Years Oct. 16 Mr. and Mm Oliver Williams of Cleveland, parents of Albert Williams of Rock rail*, celebrated their ,86th wedding anniversary Sunday. i when 62 guetU were present for a picnic dinner at Camp Manirur. Guests Included their children, (grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. The couple was presented with a purse of money, flowers, and other remembrances of the occasion. i Mm. Williams was born at New Boston. Oct. U, 1*53. celebrating her 88th birthday on Monday of last , week. Mr. Williams was bom Sept. 20, 1855, in Pennsylvania, and mov- has not received, one cent of taxes -«d with his parents, the late Oliver Main' o-if-of-tnwn rr"ia r :\r< friend", attended thr wrfidi::e of Mi^ Orla Strou<« and Ham Grimm, both of Drer Orove. at the home of the bnrle s parents, Mr nr.ri Mrs Howard Strou«s at Deer Cirn-.f flunrisv The ceremoiU' to°k P'ST in beautiful setting, with thr bridal couple under an arch of butersweev with a white wedding bell at thr top Two- toned orange zinnias formed thr base of the arrh Other cie<-orations included fall flowers and foliage from the garden. The*bride wore a gown of white net over satin, with a sweetheart neckline and a finger-tip veil, and carried a corsage of pink ro*es. The bridesmaid. Miss Arlene Strouss. a sister of the bride, wore a blue crepe ( frock, and hsd a corsage of yellow roses. The bride wore a pink gold locket, a gift of the groom. The bride's mother was dressed In blue, snd the groom's mother Mr* William Wicker of St. Paul. Minn, in wine velvet. The bridal couple and their fam-j llies were seated at the bride's, table, which was centered with a! three-tier wedding cake, baked by j Mrs. Winnie Wells. Others of the 60 guests were served with trays. The cake was cut by the bride and j groom, according to an old cus-i torn. | The newlyweds left afterward on i a honeymoon trip to 8t Paul. The bride's golng-away outfit was, a brown en&emble. The bride received A 72 1-2 pound roach-bark buffalo *'*« ra-:R!,t by Rlrhird Ebrnrzrr of Fl-orr Arrr* n: thr Rock river at 1:0011 tofjs; . Mr. F.brnrzrr was fishing ofT ti.r *ra wall nrar thr canal f-rrirr ar.ri thouqht first he had rr>-i(rj-.: .••;:' Jiook in a snng Then \\f waik"r! \i\i the *val' a «hon dls- tnr.rr. wl-.rn tlie fish took m a -,* a •., Mi. K':;r-::r7Pr had s Errat time l.ijitii:." 'i;^ lish. finnaly using a l.T-^o aro'.ij'.d its fins. Hr iva? using n«-l rod n< the time, and had a 4.i po'ir.d test silk line The fish was 37 inches long It attracted a grra 1 amount of attention when lie brought it to The Oarette office about an hour later. The fish ls a record for other fishermen to this community to shot at. Fflruitv friends of the Hnrk Fn! To-.u^hip hieh school hn\ r r^rr; 1 . r a letter from the former Vu'.or E\ans. ."-prfrh and InMru- '.•• plunge j In thr high school during tlie ,s>::i 'of 1940 She was n-.anird A'i» - '• Dr Stephen W. Bmir.ver. ar.ri no^ ilvmft m Phi'.adelp'na P. whrrr lirr hur-hanrt hud n fr'.'.o^.:. at Jefferson hospital, nnd i> woik;: under a well-known Philacirlplv diagnostician Mrs Brouwer Is emplo\ed in commercial research branch of advertising at the Curtl?- Publishing company. She writes: 'Philadelphia "public school teachers must take a Of Phii.irlelphia. she write?: • Ph::.'dr!pfu.i if. definitely a slow !::•'•. ii.i:. rwisrn atlve flld city, b'lt tiia!, \r ;v q'!nir,tnr-.s makes it inter- »-.-:n-,c" Hrr npartmrrt is near t.h« hospital, nnri nf it she rommenU: "Thn neighborhorxj is a typical city hospital r.e irhborhood — a ver>' hetc- roKTipous bunch' rathrr like Orern« ui''h Viilnce. rnly no; so romantic. Ii'.s ni>ri with medical ."-tudentA, rnthrr than ar:i-,t.s Tli^ ot-hor two- thirds nre foreigners rather than tl-. Rock Falls W. C. T. U. The Rock Fall* W C T. U. will rr.ret af 2 3D p. m. Wednesday in tlie !io:nc of Mrs. P H. Pohly, 509 East Srconrt street. Rock Fall*. ThLi LS the first meeting ol the new year. from that community, and will receive nothing until next uummer. However, the council was named as a committee of the whole to Investigate what may be done to improve the street and report at the next meeting of the council. Mayor Ftigley also stated that light* for Cantlin road had been ordered. Message Sent by Gene Purdue from The Philippines and laabelle Williams, to Coaltown 'When three weeks old. He recalls [moving to Cleveland at the age of ; 10. and states that the old Rock•ford railroad was being constructed I through the village at that time. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Williams were married Oct. 1C. 1H1S. by Judge Oienn in the Rock Island county courthouse. They made their home first southeast of Green river, near Mineral creek, where he was employed as a coal miner. Later, the couple moved to Cleveland, where they spent the greater part of their married life, having resided In their present home, which Mr. Williams built, more than 45 years. They have 10 \lvlng children. Charles of Davenport, Albert of Rock Falls. Mrs. Lena Payne of Woodhull. Mr*. Jennie Nary and Mrs. Tillle Swanson of Oeneaeo. Roseoe Williams. Mrs. Nettie Papenhausen. and Mra. Nina Wise of Moline. Mrs. Yen Orr pf Bast Moline, and Mrs. Anna Blanchard of Baker. Mont. They also have 34 grandchildren and n great-grandchildren. A short wave message from Gene Purdue, who is In the Philippine Islands, was received today by his mother. Mrs. 'A. R. Purdue of the Buell road, Rock Falls. It was the first word receiwd from him since Sept. 6. which was before he sailed from the United States. The message was picked up by a "ham." George Keith, jr., of Route two. Utica, 111., and sent to Mrs.' Purdue by card. It' stated: "Hello Folks: How Is everybddy. I am fine. Have been to Manila two times. Love, Gene." Gene Purdue left here on Aug. 10. and was scheduled to sail about four weeks later from Angel Island. However, no word had been received from him since, and it was not; the Rock Falls Township high school known if he had arrived at the Phil- has been given the -Id Latin room j to fix up as a resting room for girls Home Economics Girls Will Furnish Jtest Room ot High School The home economics HI class of Suitable pktures will be hung on the walls, ntw throw rugs are to be Ippine Islands yet or not. The message was sent from Nichols 'of the school. Members of the class Field, in the Philippines, on Oct.;are doing their part willingly, and 14, according to the date on the | hoping to make the project a suc- card. However, it was not received cess until Oct. 17. probably having been relayed several times before Mr, _ _. Keith of Utica picked up the station. '< crocheted by Marian Wallact. a new Mr. and Mrs. Purdu^planJtQ^send-couchr~eove? made, and curtains tt-messageTback to^hlm the same way. nun g. n ha, not yet been decided about the lamp, table and chairs. Some old Curtains are to be dyed and made into a couch cover. The I girls wish to make the room pleas- jant and bright for use by girls who Warn Against Burning Leaves on Blacktop A warning against burning leaves on the blacktop streets of Rock i Falls has been issued by Bert Hart, street superintendent. A city ordinance prohibits such a practice„ and provides for a fine for anyone caught doing it. Mr. Hart states that the ordinance is going to be enforced, and violators fined. Warnings have been repeatedly issued year after year, but some residents have flagrantly violated the rule time and again. This year, however, plans are to arrest and fine these persistent violators. Hallowe'en Party at Home of Misses Burke * . ' Misses Jean .and* Phyllis Burke gave a Hallowe'en pirty Friday evening in their country hone south of Rock Falls. Games were played and prices awarded, followed by lunch in the dining room where Halloween decorations nrevalkd. Guests included Dejores Kunde, Betty Mendridu, Mildred Greene, Maxine Conklin, Marjorie Jurkens. Evengeline Jurkens, Ebie Iben, LU- lie Riley and Madalyn Riley. i may become Ul in school. Honor Curt Smith at Farewell Courtesy Curt Smith of Rock Falls, who leaves Oct. M for Induction tote the U. 8. army, was honored at a party Monday evening at the hone «f Mr. and Mrs. W. 8. Headland. Sixth avenue and Seventh street. Twenty-five relatives and friends were present. Pinochle waa enjoyed, wtth the honored guest receiving high priae and L. B. B»rtieketr reeeliiag eenso- latkm. Refreshwtente wete evrved by Mrs. Hoagland. an auat af tfce guest of Weekly pmrrMi ej elrptene ytenti increased HHIil, rMng freaTt?. MUM ea July 1 to INI. many beautiful and useful gifts. The ceremony took place at 3 o'clock Sunday, with Rev. R. W. Ford, pastor of the First Chilstlan church of Dtxon. performing the single ring service. Those attending from out of town were: Mr. and Mrs.•William Wicker of St. Paul. Minn.: Mr. and Mrs. John Saathoff and daughters. Fern and Rose, of Lena; Wallle Moore of Freeport; Mr?. Winnie Wells and daughter Phyllis. Walter BillanosU, Mr. and Mrs. Beck. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Gleason. Sarah •Egan. and Rev. and Mrs. Ford of Dixon: Mr. and Mrs. Howard Brandenburg and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Peach. Art Cook, and Mr. and Mrs. Russell Weller of Walnut: and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Dlr and family and Dorothy Schultz of Rock Falls. Sgt. G. J. Willhite Being Honored While Here on Furlough Sgt. O. J. Willhite of Camp Forrest. Tullahoma. Twnn.. is spending a 11 day furlough at the borne of bis brother and sister-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. D. C, Willhite and family, in Rock Falls. Two gatherings have been given in his honor. Sunday evening Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Willhite: entertained with a buffet supper. In addition to Sgt. Willhite the guests were Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Phillips and granddaughter. Miss Francei Greenberg. R. N.. of Gary, Ind.. E. E. Willhite of Dixon. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Cox and family. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ste- phensoo and son, Mrs. Grace Jackson and Mr. and Mrs. Ande Stephenson and daughter Loretta of Rock Falls. A supper was held Monday evening in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arait- Stejjhenson to honor figt. Willhite, the guests being Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Phillips and granddaughter, Miss Frances Greenberg. R. N.. of Gary. Ind.. E. E. Willhit* of Dixon, Miss Ruby Barnes of Sterling. Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Willhite and children, Miss Loretta Stephenson and Mrs. Leroy Bender and daughter Judy Kay of Rock Falls. John Longford Is 86 Years Old Today Japm tangford of Rock Falls Is celebrating his Mth birthday today at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Blanche Signer in Rock Falls. He is in excellent health and walks to the business part of town every day. Mr. Langford formerly resided in Walnut but has made his home in Rock Falls in reeent years. Confer Degree Tfce test degree was conferred on two candidates at the special meeting of Mack Fails lodge. A. F. and A. M, Monday evening in the Ifa- sonie hall. The work was put on local eeTkers. ITS COAL TIME! Time to fiN up HMM CM! lint! All grade* on bend. Milhr Si. HMM tM Te aura IKHIC SPECIAL * FREE Grease^ Job •iw *M a tow araaai Ji* (a« A-l j*) WITH EVERT CHANGE OF OIL * Of tr GMd the R«t W tkij MMth Fa* aaelget Winter Brilu*t Predncts Unit's Stnict Stitioi Mat Ave. aatf 4* ft. »AIJL» HUBBY! LAST "4" DAYS HUBBY! POWER TOOLS o ACCKMOBJE8 &-KLT Mi MM tUKM E-ptmvn 11. p. F-*TMI Y i I. P. HTM •UMtlMATMSMT LEADERSHIP SALE SPECIALS rerisU breakage a«d bard wear. Jam epe» I* X HAIR PILT 9c Heavy hair weatherstrip: 11 16 feet, in. x ao 17c t foot yellow folding rule, clearly marked. SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO MAIN tt

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