Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on November 5, 1938 · Page 7
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 7

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 5, 1938
Page 7
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Page 6 MEIATN JOHNSON, Inc., Publishers Saturday Morning, November 5, 1938 SCHOOL NEWS Continued from page one ert island, BOO peoplis shipwrecked, with little food, not sure of being rtt- cued; that's the situation we'ie in. The class, repiesetiting the 500 people, and divided into two sides, is trying to form a good government. One aide of the class is foi bureaucracy ami the other is for democracy. It is a pretty close race, and each side is fighting hard to gain more followeis. May the best government win. P. S. Democracy won! Seventh Grade News The Seventh Grade girls with 47 on roll made 97.29 per cent attendance for October. This is an improvement over September. Let's do better still in November. How about 99 per cent? Our bulletin board shows that we are studying the formation of our Constitution in history clasc. In English we are working on a Sentence Unit. News Flashes Flash!!! To all those whom it may concern! The time is drawing near; in fact there is onb « wtek separating ua, the students of C. H. S., from that terrible fate, that great dilemma--the receiving of report cards. Bank News: The total amount deposited was ?7.04. The rooms with the greatest number of depositors were Mrs. Ramsburg's, Miss Lawless' and Mrs. Rairigh's. The room witn largest deposits were Mrs. Rairigh's and Mrs. Ramsburg'e. Donald Kybler received $0.00 this week from the Frederick Fair Association for having made a higher score than any other contestant in the Vocatidnal Agriculture Dairy Judging Contest on October 6, 1938. Donald, C. H. S. is very proud of you and your instructor, Mr. Ramsburg. Flash!!! This week brings us good news from our Caroline Glee Club under the direction of Miss Spiccr. The Glee Club is planning an operetta to be presented at some later date. I am sure that the presentation will be both worth-while and entertaining. The students of C. H. S. have been very lucky. They are having two holidays in a row. Friday, October 28, was a holiday, for the teachers went up to the State Teachers' Meeting in Baltimore. Tuesday, November 8, Election Day, is also a holiday iince the teachers take census that day. Oh, Boy! Last Friday, the teachers from both of the Denton schools attended the Teachers' Meeting in Baltimore. Austin Murphy represented the Eastern Shore in the All State Orchestra which had its concert on Saturday morning. Hallowe'en Party Monday night was a great night in C. H. S. When the students arrived /or the Hallowe'en party at 7:30, they found that the auditorium was very prettily decorated with orange and black streamers. There was al=o an abundance of corn stalks and pumpkins. The majority of the students, and quite a few of the teachers were in costume. There were two student fortune tellers at the party who entertained u» by telling our fortunes. We were glad to welcome some of the children's parents to the party and we sincerely hope that they en- joyed themselves. One of the outstanding events of the evening was the paiade. All of those in costume paiaded aiound the auditoiium while ger- selected fiom the gioup the bt-at co-.tuiiK.-s. Aftei this we played gumes of bkill in the uuditoiium. We vveie also entertained bj a play pie- senteel by some of the Cth grade pupils. At this time refieshmen^, which consisted of cidei, cookies, and candied apple?, weie served. After thi lefieslimenth, some of the student.-, danced. At 10 o'clock the pmty ended and \\e nil went home with the feeling of having spent a veiy enjoyable livening. Putt's \\ent to: 1. The Clcndanicl family (best gioup and most original) 2. Mr. R u m s b u i g (funniest). 3. Eail Shaffer (fust place as be,-t disguised). . 4. Thomas Allston (second place as best disguised). 5. Billy White (best characteuzn- tion). C. Chailotto Hignutt and Ruth Eaton (prettitvt). Girls' Athletics Thursday brought us another victory in Field Ball. As we didn't have any school on Friday, we played the game of the week on Thursday. Throughout the fust half of the game, it looked as though Ridgely might win, but we took the lead in the last half. The score wa=, 14-4. Tuesday, our field ball team piled in the bus and left for Grecnsboto, to defeat them. But all wasn't as it should have been. We did not beat them, but we did tie with them. The score was 8-8. During the whole game the girls really played hard, but in the last quarter Greensboro made a goal that brought theii score up with ours. Although the girls did all they could, they just couldn't get the ball through the opponent's goal. We are still proud of their work and we intend to win Friday when we play Preston on our own field. If we \vin, we will be tied with Preston for championship, each of us having 12 point*. The playoff will be annuonced later. "STAR IN MY KITCHEN" WILL GLORIFY ART OF HOME MAKING Continued from page 1. women--brides, business types, and experienced housekeepers--respond to the fascination of looking in on another woman when she is at work in the kitchen. Particularly do they like it when they are allowed to .-it quietly and watch her ptepare some dish in which she specializes. They know that if they watch closely, while she measures and mixes and completes the entire cooking operation, thk close-up personal study will be more helpful than houis of ready recipes or blind experimenting. The motion picture camera was leisurely, completely unhurried and 'painstakingly accurate in recording 'Star in My Kitchen". There is no tiickery in the cooking, baking, and GIVE A WATER COLOR Print or Portrait for Christmas Papular flower prints, landscapes, copies of favorite photographs by JOSEPHINE BARRY, Artist, N. 2nd Street, Denton, Md. VOTE FOR LUTHER T. BENNETT FIRST DISTRICT REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR County Commissioner Your support will be appreciated at the General Election, Tuesday, November 8, 1938. (Pol. Adv.) "If Junior complains because he has homework to do the chances are that poor lighting is tiring his eyes, hence his body. "Good lighting with I. E. S. Lamps has helped place many a 'Good' rating on report cards." Reddy Kilowatt (A copyrighted feature of Eastern Shore Public Service) Denton, Md., November 3, 1938. Dear Customer: It is necessary that we interrupt your electric service on Sunday, November 6th, 1938, from 2:00 o'clock p. m. to 3:30 o'clock p. m. This interruption is necessitated in order to make some alterations in oar transmission line equipment. We plan to work as many men as possible to complete this work in as short a time as specified above or less. Thank you. Yours very truly, EASTERN SHORE PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY, P. A. CROLL, District Manager. population of appetizing ice-box wondeib. Competent couks who have diifted into bad habitb will be iibli- to check their own inHukcs bj s t u d y - ing Ihe sytfinatic i online i o \ u i i U d in those dobc-ups. "They make Looking and limis* work beem so easy", the aiuliriue \\ill bay aftc'r watching the uxpei u-nt'-d honiiMiiukois in "Stjir in Mi KiU-li- en" ia-tiuct the v.igei, youiifi Di-di · Abot. And cooking will become ea'y for cveiy woman who attundh the Motion Picluic Cooking School, wheie the lessons will be b i m p l j yet lemaikubly effective'. It sounds like a ical le-unioii foi women of the community, even to The Dcnlon Jouinal, which is Retlini, si hteadj slieutn of coniiiatulation- on booking this piofitabk Looking sthnol. In addition to the dailj urijic sheets, a geneious sloie of gifts au- destined to bo cairied back to many a home fiom the Dentonia Thentie. CHESTEUTOWN DEFEATS DENTON BY SCORE OF i TO .'. A COJ1MUMCATIOX Continued fiom page one even though he broke a bone in his hand in the third quartei. The lineup: Greensboro Ridgelv Robeits G. Bilbiough Smith L.F. v Gah'nte Pearson R.F. Sliced Langrell L.H. Kooneman Luff R.H. Lynch Sipplc C. W i l l s L. Spencc O.R. Rainpnu yi i Howard I R . Kiblrr F. Spcnce C.F. Bennington Kibler I.L. H u n t Walls O.L. Brown Score by periods: Greensboro 0 0 0 1--1 Ridgely 0 0 0 0--0 Substitutes -- Ridgely: Wat on, Cross, Rampmeyer, Watson. Gioeniboro: Henderson, Riddlebeiger, Dickl- injr. Linesmen--Rickarih, Luff. Ref- eree--Counccll* Korner Kicks Oh Boy, is that RamsbuiK tough? Well those lines that rush him will learn plenty befoie manj Sunday- roll around. Hoss Smith and Cab Galloway will be lost to the Denton Club for a few days. Both are out with injuiies. After witnessing nothing hut amateur soccer for a couple years an.l then seeing a school game it surely looks tame. Babe Koenig and Joe Parker ai r new members of the Denton squad I .isl u n mil l o i i i i s on llu- F i Ii i n Slim i- iM'ii 1 badl\ m j l u u d liv tin 1 i')' n I'lii' ii'Mson given --i't m ·, to In- "lii)i t in liind-, " M i l ' 1 . 4 ( 1 I t i l 'U' H I ' ! I p l l ' l l i V t hinds bul 0111 olau's IK 1 0 tnlT. (I \\ith liiu'h s il.u led p i l ' l u a l m.iii ign , ' l l . l l I l l L H ' M . l ^ 11" I HUH i"! 'I ( I l l l l i nt bii iit.'^s in:m:ifcr. fun (in-iih t h i i u i j i h pmn in.iii.'Ki nicnt, no i nopi i a l u m , i l i c ' l --lull . n i l oM :if pi i,- sion-, plus 1 l i ' i i f j u l a i i m SMC o! | in ii-s-otii k , i U . p t h f l u n i U \ \ i i i :ib- O l b l d . T l i l ' l l t l l ' U J \M H! · i l I , K i l l moiie\." Tlu-v lia\c pill the I it. 1 , o I lit'ai, in lilt 1 led t n tin link' of , million (I'lll.n 01 mo c I'oi in t u n i c b - t w r i n l l i i ( \ .IIM' fifU l . n bi i n · pi HI on t l u L mud hole b i ' t w i e n D n l o n ;i ii! the I I V L I . Il is iui\\ f i i i i s l u d mid i^; a p p a u n l l y n wmthK'ss \ \ : i i t e o f 1 iboi and e\pv-iisi' and !·- cmcied nvei ivi'h \ \ a t n at e \ i v i x l i a high tido. On the (itlu'i liMid, (iiu loads \ \ i i e badl\ tiLglecled f o i \\iint of II nils am' lahoi . of our tic'ii i i i e i n have 1 fallen shoit in then accounts w i t h ' ne county at the end of then U i n i - . The niiini '·loncis ni'-lead of mil' ttirg f i om tin 1 bondsmen sccmc-d to i vei look tin- s'noita"e anc' collect f i o m Ihe l.i\- pajc'i. If the ta.\pa\er doc--, n t pay lu- is pioiiiptlj udveiti e:! and -old up. On 1 la t apses' UK nt cost t h e county o\ei $7,0()(). All the countj dei ivc» horn tln^ e\tiL'iisc', so I u n d c t I stand, i- S180 per annum. We I'.ne politicians on the t i c k t t ! now* t r a L picjnusu us be 1 tei education for children, and fiom their t.ilk t h e y .idwuati: i n i j i n g tho l u a c h u i s liiKlu'f --alaui's to a n n m p l i s l i tins. 1'Y'y }«···! ./; u y )i;i 1 n !cU- *\ U in I ' ) ' t i s i c ' i r i p r (.Inldioii tliiin u c 1 li i\ i 1 .it lli p l i a n t tune- and at a ( u . t "I .ilioul -0 l'i LT | 11 l u t i t (il tilt |l| i ·-( III I osl ||i | p u p i l A l l . I . I \ | M V I a n d \ o t c i , it t.ixc .111 I i l. Li |i( ID ,i niiiuniuin it is 11,1 111 V 'H t i l ( I I I ! i ) l l i l V . l t l M . ' , I H u l l l i t , c i p i i . i t i v c i n - 1 1 I in n Hit i And a t t t i \ o , l i li'i I t l i i ' . i i , ))i- it-.uly to ;i^s,l !. ' I n in in in ml l i n i i i j ' I l l s I t i o i i t c t l i 1 1 a i r lib t i l :in.l ( D P M I vat ;vi on l i n t l i I K ! - i t s \Vc h a v e to j;f I b:u K on i ( OHM i , , i t i ' e h.isis il ( t i l r i c i l i ' i- to IK i i. m i l , i n n tl, .UK) v. c iiui t not n u k e a i;oat of tlio t . i x - j u\ i . I l m . i v i - i , s o u J u d m n c n t I ) , i i i at li.mcl Li t u i \vbal k i n d (it I j u d g m e n t \ o u h.r . I A. .;. O K L L E T L Y . " ,'isil \ i " i r li ii 1-, d.i n£ A i i K i i - KJI K d i i L . i t i u i i W i k, .\m. IJ-i^." Cooil Food For Sound Thinkers I I w i l ' say of the- Lmci, Fie is my and m y f o i t u s s ; m y G o d i n , H i m \\:il 1 t i n s ! --I' i !»!·-' ! Equitable Life Insurance Company Home.- Ollice, W;\=lini|;l(n, D, C. Raymond II. Fisher Agent HOM it our wott!i behavinq? let us eslimalc on uvpfliuijlmq i' ... end vhilc wo're shuUtm up, you con rtv cU up on our cxcelltnl vc.iuc5 in ti incut n": sttoiffif rfriw/^ jy \yi L^jy.* vrw-' Tatf^l'-tfJZ*- tt!?»!'- IgT OODDES5 rf TIME $.n£J:'i "*! ^^ 17 Jewels . . . . ·£ f '_ jr GUSTAV GOOD Watchmaker Jeweler STATIONERY -:- GIFTS Denton, Md. 9 NOTICE! We wish to announce telephone and delivery service. No order too small -- no favor t o o g r e a t f o r prompt and efficient attention--Call Denton 252. For All Occasions be assured of the beauty that is naturally yours... avail yourself of our expert beauty service and lower prices PHONE 159 BEAUTY SHOPPE D E N T O N Apples For Sale STAYMEN, NERO, ROME BEAUTY, and LILY OP KENT. For tat- ing, canning, and cider. Make purchases now. O. A. NEWTON SON CO., Bridgevillc, L)ul. Phone, Eridgeville 2551 or 25G1. For Sale Chevrolet Coach '32, Rood condition and running order. Reasonable price. Cash. MRS. HELEN MOORE NAGLE, (10-22-tf) Hobbs, Mtl. For Sale Fancy eating and cooking apples. Grimes Golden, Golden Delicious Staymnn and Rome Beauty. Priced reasonable. II. A. REINIIOLD, (ll-5-?t) Denton, Md For Sale Reed baby carriage, good as new; also, baby pen, with floor. MRS. WM. BULLOCK, (11-5-31) Denton, Mil. T. Allan Temple, Manager. A VOTE FOR ZETH WEAVER FOR HOUSE OF DELEGATES Will Ue Appreciated Ci'cncial Ekction, Tuesday, Nov. 8th FARMER and DAIRYMAN (Pi! Adv ) PHONE 107 DENTON Half or Whole ISosicIess Hams Sliced Boneless Hams Halt or Whole Fresh Hants Sic Our Own Make Scrapple Newly Ground Hominy I©C Best Quality Wisconsin Cheese Evaporated Milk tail cans 4 for SK Roll Butter To the Citi/cns and Voters of Caroline County: It has been my privilege to know Sherman L. Tribbitt since he was a small boy and I have always admired his character. I have watchod him rise as a self made man to success i'rom the farm to clerk in a small meat store then to a better type grocery store. Entering the Insurance business at the age of twenty and making an excellent success for two yt'urs. Then he was called into the service of the government in 1917 in time of war. When he returned from France in 1919 he re-entered the insurance business and was veiy successful until he was elected Treasurer of Caroline County. His record in this office 1 believe to be satisfactory to all. He has served his community in many honorary positions, twice as Mayor of Denton, Commander of American Legion Post No. 29, Department of Maryland, Treasurer of Denton Volunteer Fire Co. for the past sixteen years, and Chairman of the Republican State Central Committee of Caroline County. He is a large tax payer and his dealings with his fellow citizens are unquestionable. Mr. Ti-ibbitt did not seek the nomination for Clerk of the Court for Caroline County. He was selected by his party for his integrity and qualifications to fill this office. You will make no mistake in voting for him on November 8th. Yours truly, (Pol. Adv.) J. SPENCER LAPHAM, Goldsboro, Md. #3 ?J ^y.'fl ii_- ' ;#-: vs-fr - ajs^ ** The Family ESSKAY FLM®^! For flavor and freshness say Esskay All- Pork Sausage. A variety of styles and flavors to suit every taste. Pure, young pork and finest seasoning--that':; All-Pork Sausage at its best--that's Esskay All-Pork Sausage. GRADE will ESSKAY ALL-PORK SAUSAGE tn Rainbow Colored Don Is. Dwelling For Rent Attractive house, recently renovated and equipped for convenience and comfort, for rent at once. Good location on Second street, next the Brick Hotel. L. A. MOORE, (10-1-tf) Denton, Md. \ N O T I C E Experienced child minder dcsiies work afternoon and evening. Phone 214 ETHEL K. MEEKS. (10-29-2t) WANTED Good yellow corn. Higher cash prices paid. O. A. NEWTON SON CO., (7-9-tf) Phone 2561 Bridgovillc, Del. You change stations...control volume... turn the set off... with a flick of your finger! Think of it ... from anywhere in your home --upstairs, downstairs, even from the porch . . . you tune any one of 8 favorite stations without even going near your new 1939 Philco! No wires . . . no connections of any kind. That's Philco Mystery Control . . . the greatest invention since radio itself. No tiresome jumping- up-and-down . . . no effort . . . just complete convenience and thrilling enjoyment for you and your family! Continuous Demonstrations-- PhilcoRadio Demonstration Today, Sat. Nov. 5th In the Stewart Building recently vacated by the Hub Store, Market Street, Denton. Exhibit and demonstration will continue all through the day. A TT"|iyTn of a small RADIO will be awarded in the evening, about f JXlZjiJ J):30, to the person whose name is drawn from the lists of those who attended the Demonstration. L. M. ROYER QUALITY! ALL-PORK SAUSAGE THE WM. SCnLUDEKBKKG-T. J. KUKDLE CO. ( -.f-fe^lte- £f^iSN«tei»$5 -the Word "BUY" FOR BETTER BUTTER Step in a convenient American Store and say, "A pound of Louella, please," --the magic words that bring you the very finest sweet cream butter you over tasted -- butter that is quality controlled every step of the way from prize herds of cows right on down to the counters in our stores. Louella is not "just another pound of butter"; it is an outstanding, recognized food of such excellence that it is the holder of over 500 major awards. SWEET CREM BUTTFB Put Louella ta iho t:st, tcJcy, fight on your own table--it is bac::ed by cur r. r.t^ualified guarantor off complete satisfaction. "Where Quality Counts and Your Money Goes Furthest* NEWSPAPER! iKWSPAPJLJRl

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