The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 7, 1973 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 7, 1973
Page 1
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ftar tMh Vm. The fomi'V daily paper of Brazorio County THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS , 1913 14 Miver *fr la t*> !>*«> dt» thf Coif in Ibc am frw hy WHAT to read Yard!*, w ^yoid Ut«- Prtsumily she Hr*r<y* Sky and Sec :<xi*> shai. "I'm Mill a' Jt"«-?s frcr;-, j Wfcii i-i'! V.-.i-.-. Jtit;sw.*j A V».','? Dilijr It Cent* Brazos standards going up in June "I> u Ota Mffstyjfl at the fi«! m«fmg (o ask the Ixajfd to frss*«- ifci* arf^*im*«i « » <«rr«eti«» o( an error, untea* ihe *ith!r» !o have ih* <rjrr«titon m»(*f in advanc* of that *T«* to TWQB m<wb«T» KVelci«. rr;?ftl ihai *S-«tie h* und#n(«od that Usl M<x»iAy'i m AtMtn on TWQB'j cotairutr.j; p^mcing proce** (Kid djtrrf!) (o ixar w th<" iiaiwijrd* tec INC Rmaa, h* rnmmntf fd rju« f',f JA-rfU Ceuntr rns^sMMrti*** 4<**d Own if h»<J )>*fl ct»«»«l, TWQB Half ftpiitrf. 'ry> " to *orr7i,ng, CT it fflttat, '« t* cttan({«J or w it a mailer A'I tr,*f to charge it oflknaSy, &» UvM i* Yactu* T>JKwi»j," }-"s#itbi latrf "He awur«d ro* thai th«r* t* no probl*ii>, Tl« dwrtge wilt tw 1 juttt «*nt to *** tt to l*ii*K«r a." f s*Ma added »rrini5 w> M««ai»y'» tawtng. Fjdd* Mid he »a* fym- 'hrtkc fc«'A«s* "ifc* caiia ^Kifc{«sn t* th«r fa<l that {Ji* bearing far «n a««xrjr *0h no mere raannry thin the Tei*» Water Quality k-r ta, \ jus? **ci«J so be 4?jf< Uu! we arouJdn't be Muck v«-ar« -»«h WA-wliriii ihiJ *tm'( fcigh M4 n««ntrf » ttytf KkeMs wH She- EPA «tf«rm«Mi hem thai ihe Itncer «oo*4 t« ctur4{«ij to uf^rKfe- i£ to * w»i-d t* r«rJuc«<5 inscn a leve-l c^ ! .Ctt) to i cwur-t erf S» HiS * i«-i!*T ijJiied ilutt FrtWt conctrtt "onw th«> asw- i ».-£»*?. *«» <»( Ifur IJf-lIi'A lli'.er iff iuMifi*tJ irxl will h* aiily us*-* tn th» Mr earn sv fioarti miaeKtd thM J (o to tnclo&e ca«J« nt jsr »«S *v»ifT s be (rcjkl tfciitccw am eiru to Vtt- un m! ' ' J'ifisH t^piaintti thij i rtvart j«« &«?. bs TViQB itu& WM to be fu.." {^ <hc f^tsjfjraiHi fiijstsng fnxtas !o bf «afacriit:«d to the Kl'A io RM-*» nr» i«i«ii »iticr swrxiarili bj 1ST* (ia<J tefl bt»eic r**«K«srt, r:»S IS> awns' J E • C«s',;r,ui-<i cc Pa^e W ' tetn- TWQB FP monobuoy s/fe backed by Casey »M.j*.-*,t.f M. u,-. i :*;•• r*»-Vcirr.« *'. i ">3) .£i:.i-;r. «7 w< la tti ssfcs hrT t J hwSff * t/*titf fc*d «< furrow* «*•» (rwm * If SCEKING BOX OFFICE VOLUNTEERS «: Jilf t "Ti $** 7*1 (a is..", ,-> V t, * •: ;•- T. £ + r ; t r.-.. .4 r. i -l Triir.f<i It«v. *5 SCOUTEW TRAINING SATURDAY t-js ttv&ttft n at S*tur4»T (r«n t * n * p tn *'. S5 IVtttSJrt CdTYt^] OlUJ'C* lf( IjLl tie* if »»,»t»t»ti'.t in fi»S Tf prcirr. Ihf rev T>«r {« ;» rr.»y , «U',h Akttt, *»4 Z^dk Mote* ib to meet : A! she On li»ti Six- (CtvrUGjC ti tc Hartwr authorities to consider budget lor Tttr !iC4 will be •\ * » ) ( 4 ! ; <> n I) ) i ( r 1 1 1 i 5 p re Federal funds use on agenda at Richwood HICHWOOD - Revenue t&an^; fu&d$ fcff" tbe pertGcJ «*Jtng June » »t!l be R»d3fW«d Oi*} CouanJ tne<eti •t C«> SUU a! T» pro tarRfch', fee a regular **» It :i rwq-jirrd that Kwicrai (ur*is b> the cocncil Rrtidecu are r»pecta!i> asviud U> be perMtit (or ite* •< TIM AIMCXAT** WASHINGTON ~ Tte* Sciute H'^ursate oxnasittee today resume* queitiontag Ku#b Sksta Jr . ch« (oncer Ntxoa campaign treasurer wt» teattifmi that he refused to lie or k.«-p quct about the that paid far the Olhcr '.Kf*aH»£.l tleflvt oc «rjjti( a o! iir.ti Other rx-x bu>ux%> inti'j«4r» viivoukjicn at furd^LvfH uxM r*Air wjutpcwTJt (or it* poise* car. p*ii»r^ in cr&mnce («r *fr«d n»lrol (or Oj-iJer Cr«*i tHu e bj the mimiatag pooi, 4 Alto in A and <;nja TV brid m U>e port *<JjTiirr,»Uiti(W5 office, I'X'l IV«c Si in Krvvport ir»d Ihc paymnvt o/ Hidi .'« < or' U*ctor »Ui be opened *nd cotKcitmee vaU be rrponw^t on tbetr nmrod a»* ignmcnt t during pr<neRU!Kin of cid bu»u>RU Aito on the *e«xi» a a tnpcrt at tbe PUnotag 4cd Coauntuuca on Mr «ndl Mn M H Uttlil ' ffwvxt) gv*t»S,t prwMiM Icr th* t J Her eyes make you doubt your own graadton, B M I- C t; KiKoor 41 1 KAY STARK MAM JN »«1 Mr» »>. k » A I wl asvd *»*!<• t» «v H« »») *fl fam* but ! far tte \neUfl Mtctkn w the Youth Sstufrfwoj in that Nn» M€4l(4 city, Tto tniaticiafts have been UttHvdl to pc*forTa ^ SB VtavfM, Aitttria MIU, ItANDLKY. voted b) the M«n*> Gar\k« Club of (Uajatpocl aa * life >>«»ij{ Th* <h»«<pf ooiaf lo !» !«^r t* (XT i'-itht t-lvic. to to »t,oi he recalU that he tpd an) * tie prmrKkd Uw t mulled to UM local club** being formed *nd UMM MIUMfll IT »raoog tJ» gr«du*tt* |etlinf badwior <kgrtc» Ibb ro«Ub from tbe Ufiivsraltjr of Dcnra , the to A» . he i atuallj turret lo K*>k ** (u nn» cutcbMie Ml a When . a* be b«4 ivaii) *<r-m whal he Uwughi he had he aiitrf titr ether maa te t4k« a knk iM feu new fill ttiusi r! b«-*me * caiT* ryc» Oie *u in«ny peopk? duuU ib« h« tell* «f bit «!f» e>«*. Angril vtill her in tl» (tarfctug Ux « Uw it\ Ht^iwa> M here (ram J to 6 p m thi» He »*ni> to pro»t ' d^ubtu^; t*»mis<i" thai he KM UM iruUi •Vijnl huhad the uunul fcr three maotlu. and during itut lime aeverai peopte, Bnriuding t»« \ctcfuiirii!B have ««« her Bui IK> one hii sc«t> ihu tiippen before ha* been handtag cat lie far man> . and the U a fini (or him. also. ve'» bet«««n (our and five old. and h-e Uunj{» sfae » protab)) a (fur nac) . ^>c can tee perfecUy at tintes, but at och«n she u almost louii) bluxi Uo« vtteruwnao speculated tititl iix h*» cauravu beiund ber SAIGON — The Saigon government, apparently :r>iag to (orriUl! any bv Henry A. to the CotrammtsU. todi> tt would out ne-w truce worked cu( m Pans. BULLETIN WASHINGTON !AP> - PresuSent Nuon ansauactd today Uut Kjmai City Police OaHCUreonU KeUeyiahi* choice for FBI director, selected from 37 top candidates See rotated story OK Page U DETROIT — Gecer*! Motco Corp has rejected a terrorut d«mind that U refatre 1.000 em ploy e«i in ArgenUaa. a spokesman says. SPACE CENTER. ilwwlM — Ratug UJrir chaan» of succen at So••». Skytab'* iitrooauti w«r« ready today for a dramatic two-roan Jpaee walk to try to unijun a wiar WASHINGTON - The wholesale price index, a measure of taflalioo io Ibe economy, took another enornwu* jump to May, nawg 2.1 per cent over April, Uw Labor Department reported today The cutor change t*k«* (i«<* »Vn the call turn* her h«a4 or »metinvti rv«o *i »b* ber eyo mi'! Mtf« xtbat he wtll du with ber eventually. He might tett her tf sumeijn* ix<ne» «kxt« wad uJfws Ibc right price Sow* tuv« iuggcattii that be siwuW exbiba ber m «xtte k.u»i uf uaveling sho* SuversU tiuok he likHdd Mntv u Kipie>'s telwve it or Not Those »re m« (Mwpte *b» have *ecn tiie calf With the «K»vktx> have iot>h**rd about M. Aog«U speodt COM> ot hu tuoe but *urJ THK EV!* HAVk. IT - U* aWHy to »«». B. r. *j*ftt U irwaM, FW th«t •'•- ciatorwithlhf turwof hDfhMjJer - " sfee Wink* TW* calf b« The index showed w prk«s tocretutog at an annual rate of » 3 per oeot Tbe bigg«»l tncr(*»c» were in farm prtdUcti which were up » i per ctttt over April MARIETTA. O», - Potk« M> a pkt to roto up to til of Lockheed Corji wa» expiMcd when Utt victim stot a man who had t^kcfi tffrn add ht( iiu&iiy praocct. MIOOX — Coannuaut force* »iUek*d Soytb i« OM D*Jta for tiw faurth hut

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