Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on January 25, 1888 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 25, 1888
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LESS THAN ONE CENT A DAY II O?rr.r>'.« Nr.v NEARtY TWO THOUSAND PASES n( ths i-itr-nt wrtrfc. ni ibo Vc.u Att a C:;mj : tt,tfl NfiTBlj«h!r>i lia-.c a tfM-nVi Bl*-V(," "Ml** P-r " "Pififira." " •Tijtl»» Ihi- »r»: " BrtfM-nVi B "A Sfrlf-Mfl-d* M*J» *n«," "71*« I>*sr.»r." "I'M! TTh:*iHng BSOT," "A» Anchor," "A IAH<! nf I^ro." "Th« H«l Motsnteln MinM." " Aprl« R"*4 Efi-T Rriar Thorn," "Tb« T«tr»- Oli» Hurt,'* ; * From th* Ranks," "Ch»ek ipd Connter- CVr-k," etc., fts. Ths tnbi.-rjpthn pr1r« of Uil* "Kim of tha MiTithllM" U bnt W.OO a ye»r. Simpl* wipf f»nt »n r»e*lr>l nf in c*nU In ntarnpit. Addr^tn LIPFIVCOTTfl MACMZIXB. PHTLADEMTIIA. VOLUMK H STKKLING ILLINOIS. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25 IHf-8 NUMB EH 291 R. £ WK«T. sou, UI»I>U KAST. | OOINO WKMT. "— Passi'iigor 0:15 a.rn 30—PIISSIMIRPT 2:•*."> P »'. Tfi—Fn-lcht.....«:«» p.m.!42—Fn>lKlit.-..-.3:4.-; p.m. \RniVK FllOM F.AHT. JAKUIVR FROM WBST 7;>— PaflS('nper...H:Hi|).m. | :!r>—Piis-pncer 10:.T()a.m 77—Froljtht 9:40 ;i.m.|U—Frolglit..— 1:30 p.m. Passenger No. M connects with trains mst and west on Clinton Branch; with O. R. I & P. R. U nt Kock Island enst and west; with OaleBburg iKiRTOnn-r nt Rio; with main line tor-polnin west rounnll Bluffs, Omnlm (inM beyond, and at Bush noil for Kansas Olty and points beyond. C. & N. W. TIMkBBU. omyo BAST. - Marsnalltown revenger! ...__. «.1:4() p.m. DenvcrPass...lO:28 a. m. Atlantic Kx 2:37 a. m. Clinton Pass....6 37 a. m. OOIVOWK.OT Clinton I'ass.,8:17 p.m. I'aclflc Ex 2:25 ft. in. DenverPaM...4:M p. m. Marshalltown Passnuger.»l:16 m. Knmioirr TaAina THAT CARKT FABBKNGEES , OOUTQ BAST. OOIJfO WKHT. No. 74 „ 8.17 p. m. NO. 73 —10 :K 8, ID. No,84..._— 6:27 a.'m. No. 87 _ 3:43 a. m AffiRICM AAGAZINE Beautifully Illustrated, 25 c!s,,$3 a Year, IT* 0COPB.-THR AMEniOA^f MAOAZime --•r1r«f preference to nKtlotnl topic* ind vcenec. tod lt« litormtnr* and irt ar* nf th» big hut itindard. Fimoui A.miricRD writ^rn fill tin nujtM with & wid» TtriolT of in'difnting skotchei of lr*v«l tod »dT»at- ar«, torial fcnrl ibort • tor)pi, deacriptlri kouoacti of our ftmoun conrtrrtnpn arid women, brief •&»*• OK the fnremont probletm of the period, and, in aOOrt, tbli Mtg&ziue is Distinctively Representative of American Thought and Progjes*. It [B acknowledged by the prcti and pnbllo to b* tht moet popolar and entertain IB* of &•• •!(»• • cla»« monthltci. . IMPORTANT. fcJSS Illn«tmt«4 Premium *nd Bpcotal la. •f nc*ment« 1« Cmk or Valnable Pr«nlnn« to Club RalMr*. will be »*nt on r«c*l&* ••* IOC., irtkla paper !• mentioned* *3* Ke*pon«1ble and energetic pe wnnted to .H>lleU cabiicrlptlona. Tvrlt* at one*a for exoliulre terrltorjr* 749 Broadway, New York/ A few choice tracts of land-now lu the bands ot F. B. Hubbard, located In Iowa and Southern Minnesota, with WARRANTED PERFECT. Walla many of the lands now owned by specn lators are under a cloud of title. Tliese lands are sold with FKRFKCT ABSTKACTS. FROM SIX TO TEN DOLLARS PER ACRE. I bare also a FARM WEST of EMPIRE For sale cheap, on wblch a good property In Sterling or Rock Falls will be taken as part pay- moat. Now Is the time to get good bargains. 9IAPB AND DKHCKIPTIONl* Can be hod at ray oQIco, and cheap tickets to BUOW western lands. Delays are DangreronH on Thene Bar- ealiis. F. B. HUBBARD. Land ofllce opposite Maunerchor Hall, K. IIU. KIRK'S FLOATINg THE CHIEF For thai Bath, Toilet and Laundry. Snow Whlto and Absolutely Pure. If your dealer does not keep White Cloud Soap, •and 10 cent* for sample cnko to -the maker*, JKS. S. KIRK SCO, ~ CHICAGO. PAINT ttjrvitet CO1T A CD'S OXK-C01T BTOCT PA! Pdnt Friday, rua It to Church Sunday. Bii FMhknubla S!i»d«: LUck, MAFOOO. VemUioo Dtuc, Yellow, Olive I_ake, lircwuer and 'Wagon CrMU. N't^ Vaialshinff necetury. Dri« bftr4 with A "lalM." Quo Coat and job U doo*. YOUR BUGCY CO t: O «o Uj 00 Tip top for Ch&ln, Lawn Scats, SH& Pot*, Jt^by CArrU^'n. Curtain Pole*. Furniture, Front Daon. Store-fronts. Screen Doon* Boatt. Maniles, Iron Fence*, in fact crcrythinff. Just UM tblaf (or th« Udict to u« about tM hotua FOR ONE DOLLAR GOITS HONEST Arayoaeoliif to Paint this ycatf Ifw. don't buy • pfciiit eontaJumtr water or betuto* wbtn for th« lumo money (or neatly »o) you can procure (A)IT*<0-8 1-LHfe IUI\T It^t U w»rr,i(td to b«ac IIOSEtiT, (JKM1SK LUSEIfD-OUi P*1,NT and O«fl iron water and benzine. D*M**4 taU hr«»« ftad Uh* •« •Ihrr. Merchants handiirur It art car uents and authoriird by us, ta *rUlnir. U ««m>lIt !• wr Br 6 VfciHH with S «UTs7r • TICAU» wtlk V COATS. Our Shades trv tho Latest Bij\n used In the East now becoming so popular In the Wctt, and up with the time* Try this brand of HOMvST I'ilVT an* wu «Ut o«T«f regret It, TiJs to the wise l» KJEcknt HOUSE PAINT COIT'S FLOOR PAiNTK Hint that never driod beyond the ttlcl.» point, wrnHa « week, >mHl tha Job. and tht-nswear! Ntit lima tali for (OIT 1 d^S f UMJR r*[ST 4 popular and suiubto ihadcs, w«rr»*JiKl t« 4*7 har* •• a-TMk a«*r mipi.1. No troubia. No STICKY ADVERTISERS to 49 Randotph St., y 6' LORD&THOMftS T* Trade. . A well improved farm in Wbiteilde Co.-of HO acres to trade for Neb.—or Kansas lands. Strike quick it you Udealr*bl*. • < tf F. B, NO LONGER AN ASYLUM. SENATOR PALMER ON THE INRUSH OF PERNICIOUS FOREIGNERS. The Country Tlloli Hnd Populous Knnnjrh Now to nf K ln Putting; Up tint n«,r»—A SprolaJ Committee on the Puclflc Il»ll- WNJ« Mr^^njce—Biff Rt«cflipt« from Jri- tenml K«-vpntie—Capital Mmoollmiy. WASHINOTOS CITY, Jan. £5.—This question ot foreliii muni jmtioii was .extensively Jis uasod by Polmor In - tho son- ,flte Tuesday in a Rpeech lie dolivore-l in «upport of hh bill to stop sn ch Immigration. He disclaimed at thn outsot any intention to prevent any capable, honesr, Industrioun, law-ahidl if; person' from socking a home on American BOJ|. If It was daslrod that tho Amarican workingmm should retain his Buperiorlty over the underpaid labor of Europe DUch obstacles would have to bo interposed from time to timo as would deter the influx of thoie- wha would degrade American labor by undue competition. Much had be.'ii done for Ilia United Stales nnd for Ihe Amorlcnu laborers and artisans by the duties impo-od on forwigti manufactured, good*, but that v«ry process had stimulated immigrntlon.find that Immigration, although In the main huiioflcent, now thnmtenjd, \( coiitinii'vj without Heljct'lon, to aiis^ravatonx- istlns evils, itint to lower the standard of tin American pooplo by lowering the wages of tho.w who toiled. —A conviction-was—growiriiTj-sald—Pnlmer- that tho p. uiitry with iti (K).0(X),(i(K) popular tion ami its t",0,dOO,000,OiX) 'of wealth hail passed beyond the nee<l of immigration, Bill thai-It wns time to gn out of . tb<r"asylum" businou}; time to coaso to be a dumping- ground for Ihe viclouri, delinquent humnn product of nilier imUoim. Tho object of this bill was to provide for the exclusion of dependent, deiirc) lent, nnd dangerous classes through an imp-jcllon and Investigation in iheir own countries, ^Instead of at tha port' 6r entry, nnd to effect this with the least possible hardship or inconvenionoe'to desirable immigrant*. He (]uot<Mj extensively from tho United Status Cousiilnr. repufti to show the undeslr- uble character of lar^e closxes of Immigration from Europe; re erred to the 'Chicago riot is a result of the introduction of An-, -nrchists-mid-ihoir -toao'iiiiifVTitirt eoneluiled by saying that while his bill was not all that could bb d'-flird.l, It win a step in the right direction. It would make the evasion of the existing laws on the subject more difficult, and would compel "what was demanded by the enlightened HMitinumt of the American people—n moral quarantine. GOES-TO A SPECIAL COMMITTED. The Mei»n|;ti on tlie 1'nolflo Hallways— Queatlunlna; the Pnblln Printer. WABHINOTON CITY, Jnn. 29.— In the senate .Tucsdoy, nfter a sriri.ed debate, the president's Pacific railways message waa referred to a special committed of seven. A bill authorizing a bridge across the Mississippi at Burlington, la., ,,was passed. Palmer of Michigan made a Ion; speech In favor of bis bill to prevent undesirable Immigration. The deficiency bill, which failed last session, was then taken up, but without action the senate adjourned. A bill was reported favorably to the house providing rewards for Esquimaux natives who have taken care of ship-wrecked seamen. A resolution was adopted requiring of the public printer information as to furloughs or discharges from his office at a time whon tho work thero was largely in arrears, and also whether preference was given to veteran 'soldlors In employment. A bill auth- orising a bridge across ths Mississippi at Memphis waa passed.. Breckenrid^e of Arkansas Introduced a bill authorizing the president to discontinue customs districts where the receipts are less than The expenses. A bill was passed granting right of way to the Dulutb, Rainy Lake, Klver & Southeastern railway through certain Indian lands. In offering resolution* for the printing of 5,000 copies of the report of tho West Point board Of visitors, Wheeler or Alabama eulogized Geo. W, Chllds, presi dent of. the board, and the bouse adjourned. Dlsorlinlnatlou In Grocers'Freights. WASHINGTON CITY. Jan. 26,—The complaints of the NJW Yjrc board of rado ami transportation, the retail grocers' association, and Mr. L°g«ott, reprcwontlng • the Jobbing grocers of Now York .city, against tbo New York Central and four other trunk lines leading out of that city, oama np before the Inter-state commerce com mission Tuesday. . .The oomplHlnt in these cases iu brief U that the trunk lines make an unfair and unjust diacrimlnation in favor of ths larger snippem of grocers' freight by placing loss than car-toad quantities In a higher clam than car-loads, and foiclngtht smaller shipper to pay more for his transportation than the larger shipper who ships the same kind ot goods'In carloads. Sltnon Bternf, of New York, representing the Now.York board of trade and transportation, made a long openirg argument, and then put In the remainder of -the session presenting affidavits and explaining them. 1S87, wora fr,i,4-13,018 lioln; an increase of *4,940,104 over the collections during the corresponding period of the previous flsoal • year. "lli"ro niis increase on each of the principal objaoti ot taxation. ' A Mighty Hlow Cnmmliilon. ' WASHINOTON CITY, Jun. &.—In the senate Tuesday, In prc«entin.; a memorial iu refer- once to drlay In the construction of the new congressional library bulling, Vest unid that in his opinion, If the erection of the library building was left to tlin present commission, i tho youngest man In Washington would not j live toKeo It completed. DOESN'T CAUHY Til I- VOTE. HE WQULDN'T_TRUST PERKINS Sim Coy Han a Poor Opinion of BU Chief . Accunnr—Other Te«tlmnnj. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Jan. 2. r >.— 81m Coy, the principal defendant in tho tally-shoot forgery trial, waa on tha witness stand In his own belmU Tuesday afternoon. He was taken carefully over tho ground traversed by 8am Perkins in his sensational story. All of Perkins' allegations wera denied, tha wltn< averring tbat ho was at tho canvass of the votes as chairman of tha Democratic county central commlttoa and for tha purpose of watcbiilg tha counb.. In his cross-examination ho sal'l that ha bad never asaoclatod'wltb Perkins; that he had nover trusted him In politics, and that no one elsa would trust him. Ho denied that he bad ever kopt a gambling house, or had been interested In one. "I never played a game for a dollar in my life," be «al I, "nnd you can't produce a man who will »ay I have." Ho confemoil, however, that bo rented tho room over his saloon to bo usod for gambling purposes, antt It was so used. W. J. Craig, oilitor of tho__Bentlnol, corroborated Bpaan and Coy regarding tho object of their visit to room 69 on Friday morning during tho canvasi Ho said that Coy cann to Spaan anJ oskod regarding a point of law, and that they left tbo room to •look up tho matter, invltinz him to ucom- pony them, but he declined. Coy and Bpaan were absent but a few moments, and tho witness saw no tally papers in their possession at the time. During tho day 114 witnesses wore examined and 11U of thoso were called on reputation. Qentleme'n who have served with Coy In tha city council bore testimony to his Integrity and uprightness, ami when asked In cross-examination if thoy had hnnrj Jlltn ad- 'cused of putting "jobs" through that body, the witnesses denied that he wa) ever so engaged, and atnUid that sucli charges had their origin lu partisan malice. The evidence Is. nearly all In. Allen O. Meyers fitrlkci Ilnok. COLUMBUS, O., Jan. 25.— Allen O. Meyers, one of the men acrusnd of the tally-sheet, forgery here, has begun suit against "c. O. Hunter, C. D. Firestone and Theodora Butler, members of tho dtizeim' committee, and Cyrus Hilling,-.-prosecuting attorney, for »SO,000 damages. Judge Pugh, Tuesday afternoon, overruled tha motion for a continuance of tha tally- sUoet forgery canes, and the trial of the Drat one, that ogalnut K"bert Montgomery, w sot for Wednesday. Robbed of Twenty Thousand Dollars. ALBERT LEA, Minn., Jan. 2,\—The nawa Is just in circulation that several days ago ona Banford Tanner, a wealthy, erratic, and by,some deemed a miserly old bachelor, was taken in a sleigh by a person purporting to be a woman, but who was a man and pretending to be a detective, and when the said Tanner got out or tbo clutchoj of the pretended detective he was minus about'11,000 in money and fully $JO,0(;0 in securities upon St. Paul, Austin, audother bank* Tha highway robber ibeu skipped, and has not since beoii board of. Tho crime was committed in the south part of this county, In the town of Shell Rock. Tanner has been reticent about the matter, hence tbe long time in getting to the public, and the rubber has now got wall out ot tbe way. • Ao Artlit In Hard Luck. MiLWAffiEE, Jan. 35.— Tha state department will bo asked to Interest itself In tbe case of ThooQoro Breidwelser, tbe well-known artist and a prominent member of the Milwaukee artist's colony. A few months ago he left here on a visit to tbo scenes of his boyhood days In Vienna. A few days after bis arrival he was Belted and, despite bis protestations, forced into tbe Austrian army as a private He failed to take out naturalization papers while residing in tills country, but it is thought that if tbe American minister to Austria can be interested in tha case be may be able to procure the unfortunate artist's release from military duties. Xabor Leaden} Arrested For Conspiracy. PITTSBDBO, Pa., Jan. 2i>.—Labor circles are excited bare by the arrest of John E O'Shoa, ".walking delegate" of the Builders league;*John Scott, his assistant; John Flinn, master-workman of tbe Brlckmakers as| sembly, and five others prominent in labor circles. They are charged with conspiracy by a man named Wenzall, the owner of a non-union brick yard near the «uy.- Wencell was furnishing brick for a man named t Curmlnghain. Tbe nnlon man employed on the job s'ruck and Cunningham cancelled bis contract with WenzelL Mormon Women .Not Renouncing Much. WABHIHQTOX CITY, Jaa 25. — The presi- , dent Tuesday transmitted to the senate the report of the board of control of tha Industrial home in Utah" territory, established by congress to provide employment and means y of support for the dependent women who have renounced polygamy, and for their ' children, with a view to aid in tbe supprea- ' sion of polygamy. The report says that the home has been In operation since Nov. So 1 , i 1H80, but that for the ten months covered by the report, it has received only twenty-seven persons xlthln Ita walla. Tbe expenditures. ' were fC,t'5o. The home, tbe report continues, ' has not yet attained that position which its creators confidently hope and believe it can, with" additional legislation enlarging the class of persons who n ay be admitted within its walls. _ j It Interferes With Prohibition. WASHINGTON CITY, Jon. $5. —The senate committee on finance listened to an argument Tuesday by Frye on bis bill giving the consent of congress tbat tha laws of the several states relating to tha sale of distilled and fermented liquors within tho limits ot each slat*, may apply to such liquors when ' thoy have been imported In tbe name manner i as when they have been manufactured la tho Uuitwd States. Th» fteoator represents that tbe exemptiou ot Imported liquors from the ' operation of state laws Is interfering with the temperance movement In Maine. Aggregate Revonae Tax. WASHIHOTOH CITY, Jan, 25. —The com- iwloiiar of luterual rufenue Mat to the senate Tuesday a communication nbowing^aoioag other statistics, that the amount of tax collected on spirit* sine* Uupt. 1, IBod. the. date . ef tb« beginning of the pre*«tst »y»tam of interns,! rwrnue, to Juna 30, 1SS7. was f l.OBtf,- ! 378,fiSO, and oa fwraanUJ liquors, Cterr, Jaa, 88,— Tu« total mlteeiieo* of Uiwroal r»t*ao» for she put r*or *a<Ui D*a ii, Must Present Their Charges formally. HABHIBBURO, 'Pa., Jan. 25.—Goveruor Beaver bus relumed to the Constitutional Defonao asBo-iuiiou it petition praying him to take action Against the Reading Railroad company for' violating Its charter, with h letter to tbe effect that the charges arc of such a graVd'character tbat they should be placed ,iu formal shape and formally signed by all the member* of tho committee. When this is .dune the charges will be referred with other papers to the attorney general. Looking for an Indianapolis Alan. NEW YORK, Jan. 25.— The Washington police have requested the New York police to look fur T. E. Hale, an Indianapolis, lud., newspaper advertising agent, who is believed to have come to New York, Ha left Wash. Ing'ton on Nov. -"O,-1887, intending tO( stop at Baltimore -and then corns to .New York. Bince that date nothing has been hoard of him, ; Kxcltement In Manitoba. KT. PAUL, Jan. S5.— Much excitement is reported in the Canadian Dominion province of Manitoba, because of the disclosures of tlie cripled financial condition of its government. The lato mla^liy, it appvare, not only expended all the ftmdi in the treasury, but left a deficit of about fW.1,00* Tn» question DOW in, what became of the moneyl Whnt'll Wa !>.. Without tha Circuit NBW YORK, Jan, 8-V —The proprietor! o( the great traveling circuses and menagerie* of this country declare that under the provisions of tha n)w inter-state commerce law it will be Impossible for them to transport toelr exhibitions from place to place vtith- oat loss, and that, therefore, they will abandon business in America and no (6 Europe. Lett •IJ.O.OOO for a School. ' QAI.VIWTOS, Tux., Jan. £5.—John T. AJ. ton su»U) treasurer • under Governor Hamilton, dit»l Mo id>v, aged fitl y.i.irn. il* fa*- qu*atfe*diiia fo«u»«, vsiu»4 »'- fito/jt-a, to Ul« city of O«!r*Monfor ths aiUbluhuteat JOHN JARRETT DENIES THAT HE RUNS THE LAB;R VOTE. Ho Alto 8nj-« That Thob*. In Not T«t Throuih with rnrllilc, niit Will BB on Hanil Neil Kindlon—A Huppy Time at • Conrcntfon—Loulnlnna Rnpnlrl Irani— • Tariff Reform " Defl." PriTeucno, Pa., Jan. 25.—John Jarrett, the wejl-linown labor loador, who hug just T»luni«!~fj : bniTV"iuiIilrigtifn 1 ~WKer«'he was in the Interest ot Thobo in the celebrated Car- Hula contest, emphatically denies the reports telegraphed from New York, In which he Is quoted as boing able to control _the labor vote In the interest of the Republican partyt He also repudiates the ntatemont tlmt bo would compel Thobe to again run ngalnst Carlisle, Mr. Jarrett said, however: "I know It to bo a fact that Thoba will be nominated again, and he has agreed to run. This whole thing has boeu infamous. He was simply sold out by protended friends. Thoba hns collected positive evidoncn, and now asks for a reopening of the oaso, Thoba is an honest, Intelligent, faithful man, with a reputation irreproachable, and deserving the moral support of ovtry worklngman in the country. There is Bonn-thing racjirally wrong. I know there is, buUwill not say Judt at present what It is^as that is farther on. But the case is by no mnam settled, not even so f;\ra3 the..caatiiat ia concerned." -"A GREAT OLD GRANNY." Mr». Oou(i»r^Olv<n Sunnlnr In R »ll.i « Lit tin Golni Over. ROCKFORB, Ills., Jan. M.—At the woman's Suffrage convention in session hero JuJge Brown lu an address referred to Senator Ingnlls' speech against woman's auffrage,aay- Ing that InRalln was one of the brightest man in the United States. Mrs. R M. Gougar afterward arose and stated that Ingalla was not bright at all, and Mils. GOUOAll." that ho was 1 a gruat old granny. Ho was nob a politician or he would not have written the article In The Forum juiit nfter his state hnd declared lu favor of partial nufTrage, and tho people would bury him tho next time._ they bad B chance, Ingalls had not recognized that there were five American born women to one foreigner, and their enfranchisement would bring a groat mass of American votes to the polk Tho Hurortlon that only bad women vital in Kansas was met by the fact that SX^TSi) women voted in the cities of Kansas. Ei-Sflimtor Cattle thought an opportunity ought to bo given Judge Brown to apologize for calling Senator'Ingnlls a bright man. Judge Brown arose at once and said he had nothing to take back. No one In the senate was so feared by his opponents in congress an Ingalln, because of his sarcasm. HAD A MONKEY AND PARROT TIME. District Republican* Distinguish, Them- MlT« for Disorderly ProoaedlllRl. WAHHINOTON Crrr, Jan. A— The Republican convention of the District of Columbia met Tuesday in Willord's hall to select delegates to the national Republican convention. From the beginning to the end It was a scene of turbulence and disorder. The convention was divided Into two factions known ai the Carson faction and the Chase faction. Each faction hod a separata organization, and the scene was preaeutad of two conventions bolding session at the Bnme time In the same hall. It was difficult to hear one's voice above the cat-calls, yells and groans; which were kept up through the day from U) a. m. until after B p. m. The police finally cleared the hall of every one except delegates. Up to a p. m. tho mob had mingled with the delegates, the shoutors on both aides standing on chairs, and yelling at the top of their voices. When the crowd had been cleared out, each faction selected delegates as follows: Cbaaa factton-Ju'lgti KB rime I 8 tiellabarger, formerly member of congrona from Ohio, and Fred A. Dyson; alternates, VV. Calvin Chase and M. M. Holland. Carson faction— Perry Carson and Andrew Gleason; alternates, Daniel Ca- hlll and Marcollus West, With the exception of Bhellabargor, Gleason, and Cuhill, all delegates and alternates of both factions are colored. ,The Carsou faction is put down for Elaine and the Chase faction for Bherman. The convention waa the most disorderly and disgraceful ever held In the District. lite Iiiwu XjOs Dzs MOINKS, Jan. 25.— Both branches of the geueral assembly convened Tuesday morning. In the house the standing committees were not announced until in the afternoon, and perilling their announcement by the apeakcr an avalanche of bills was introduced, the total ,. number reaching 104 .The following givHg the general character of the bilU: For election of railway commUuiou- ers; to prohibit free parses; to fix maximum passenger fares; to preveut combinations of insurance companies; to provide for the relief of needy Union soldiers and their faml- •lies. A resolution to investigate the management of the 'Anamosa penitentiary was discussed at length in the senate, but finally tabled uutll after the visiting committee makes iu report. Another -vote was taken lu tb» bouse ou United States eeuator, with no material change from thojo already pub- liabud. The house adopted a resolution that all appropriations by this legislature should bo limited to the amount of tho estimated income of the state for the next two years, less the amount of the state debt The senate refused to concur in tho resolution, but referred it to the "committee on ways and means. Iowa Btatomuen at Fisticuff*. MABOS CITY, Iowa, Jan. 21— Senator Brower and Editor Bloom engaged in a slugging match Sunday morning iu the bar-room of the Feoly houso, at Garner. Brower is aa anti-Prohibitionist, but was elected from this district with the understanding that ha would vote with the Prohibition party. Bloom accused him of being a hypocrite, whereupon Brower resented with a blow. A lively tilt ensued be/ore they were separated. Brower left for DOS Molneti Monday. Bloom has sworn out a warrant for his arr«it, and has placed it In the hands of the sheriff. Denouoelua; Their Official* . TXTFIN, Ohio, Jan. IS.— A mammoth law and order meeting was held in Shawhan's opera house Monday night to devise means to have the exulting laws regarding tba closing ot saloons oil Sunday enforced. Resolutions) w«re adopted .ooudomning the mayor •ad manual for neglecting tiialr sworn datim, and also the grand jury, who failed to dud Indictments against the salooii-lnwp- •n who had willfully and por*UUmhr violated tto law. Tha citU,,r_a am arouaod and d«clnr» this trstfio ou th» first itay of tt» w*«k sbaU coon*. ' N«» Ottuum, J*a.»— ft» cmmn »l» U'4 bciug r«4jy to ti;j>H't d ', tlio r loriiin^ scH-ikm of Lluj Republican s H:»I con^i'iiUo i spynt iti lifltenlnj? to S|K}>>rhfq by t*x Governor \Varmoth and P. Ji. M. Pinchback. After tha tpoeclien the convention adjourmi'I to 0 p. m, Tba commit- too not being ready to report at that tims the body adjourn?-) for tha day. i HAVANA IN THE CUBAN METROPOLIS IN GRIP OF A DESPOT. THE Votlnjf on Lornl Option In Michigan. GRAND RAI'IHS, Mich, Jan. Z~>. — Locil option elections ner* held Tuesday in Khia- wassep, Eaton and Ca^s counties. Itoporlfl from Owosso indicate 5,100 majority for Prohibition irt Sliiawaasce counly, Eitnn cnnnty will give about 000 majority f-.>r froiiibilion, and Cosa county ly 1,8-)0 mnjority. Chiilli'ti^cd to H Joint Uebntn. BOSTON, Jan. 1'5.—The Tariff Reform league, of which Hon. Henry I* Fierce Is president, and James Runwil Lowoll flr«t vice president.bas chalk'iigod the Home Market club to a joint debute on the tariff issue, the time and speaker to be mutually agPeod upon. FRIGHTFUL LOSS OF LIFE. Upward" of Fifty Minors Blown Into Eternity In Ilrltish Colnmhln. VICTORIA, B. C. Jan. 25.—An explosion took- plbce injfo. 5 shaft of the Wollington colliery Tuesday mornine. Thora were 200 moil in the mine, and it was at flr»t f«arod that n terrible dLsaiter had resuilo't The hoisting gear was wrecked by the explosion and it was somu timo before It could be (jot iii\hn|M again. At 1 p. m. nearly sovenly of the miners had beon brought up, and as there was no fire in the pit it is reasonably sure that tho loin of life is small. LATER.—It is now learned that upward of fifty lives have boon loat by the coal pit explosion. An eye witness states that he win about 100 yarda from Ihe pit when he heard a report like that of a largo cannon, and there instantly shot far into the air a dense mass of black stnoko and dust, which converted thu snow-covered ground Into an Inky deposit. The explosion tx>k place In the last level, and In this twenty-five white miners and a number of Chinese were imprisoned. Fears that they were all killed were verified later, for at 5 o'clock all the white men were carried to. the surface dead, and the work of taking out the Chinamen was begum BleTfinJCIllnil iiiul Thirty Injured. WARSAW, Jan. 25.—An explosion of gunpowder occurred at Brest-Lltovsk, Russslnn Poland, Tuesday, killing eleven persona and injuring thirty. Should Tin Written In Guidon letters. LINCOLN, Nob., Jan. t-'5.—As numerous cases of freezing of teachers arid pupils of the public schools of this state during the lato storm have been reported. Mid many cases of heroism on the part of teachers and othcri have been made public, and to the ond thnt each heroic action may bo properly noted and rewarded, State fc-uporlntendent Lano issued a circular Monday, addressed to tho county superintendents, asking the number of children who perished during the storm, the number who have since died from exposure, the number who have lost limbs from freezing, the names of teachers maimed by freezing, and tho name-i of toaobers who por- formed.heroic actions In 8 iving or attempting to save the lives of pupils. In Defense of'Corn Lee. SPRINGFIELD, Mo., Jim 35.— Twenty-four witnesses for the defense testified Tuesday In tho Cora Leo murdor trial, their testimony being chiefly in refutation of evidence aub- mittad by tho state as to the alleged immoral relations batvreeu Cora Loo and Graham before their bigamous marriage, and tho circumstantial evidence regarding the murder of Sarah Graham and .discovery of her body on Mrs. Molloy's place. Everything sworn to by the prosecuting witnesses, iu short, was positively denied by .the witnesses for the defense, and testimony was alto offered to show that Cora Lou waa not In tho celebrated wajon drawn by the gray pony the night of Mrs. Graham's murdor. I)lEK"»t Mlntuke of Her Life. NEW YORK, Jan. 25.—Kitty Brown, who sang as a chorus girl in thu "Arabian Nights," waa married Bunday In tho Kingn county jail, Brooklyn, to Bennett Maa*, a prisoner who is accused of larceny. Rev. John G. Baas performed the ceremony. Tho girl is plump, blonde, prettyj and 18 years old. Her parents live In Boston, but she fell in love with Maas, and ran avvay from homo. Tjie wedding took place In the warden's room, and after a tender embrace the couple separated, the groom being returned to bis cell, and tho bride going to her boarding-house to await her husband's release. Our Iliuidy Northern Neighbor. PITTS iiima, Jan. i&— E. C. \V. Keefer, an Allegheny insurance agent who suddenly left the city and was next heard from iu Canada about two months a;o, and about whose disappearance and business liabilities much was said at the time, returned to the city Tuesday. Mr. Koefer explained his absence by stating that he found it necessary to. temporarily seek rufuge from the unreasonable and persistent officials of the insurance companies ho represented, who demanded from him a cold, spot-cash settlement at a time when he was unable to comply. Fulton's Cruiude Against Ilomanlsm. BOSTON, Jan. 25.—About 4,000 persons attended Ihe second of Dr. Fulton's meetings at Mochinic'ii hall Tuesday ni^ht in hit crusade agnitm Romanism. Petitions were largely signed asking congress to appoint a oommi-Hion on the strength of the allegations in Fulton's new book to investigate tho practice of auricular confession and decide whether it is calculated to pollute the morals of the |icople and undermine the foundations of our institutions. ., Don't I>l»erluiliinte Iletw««n These Sooan. tlrcU. NEW YORK, Jan. 25.—The latest "green goods" victim is Asbury H. Perkins, of Lancaster, B. C., who paid William Ro;era, of this city, (400 for an alleged $1,000 worth of bad money. Detectives were on tha watch and arrested both Rogers and Perkins as tho bunko sharp was putting his customer ou a train for home with the usual falsa valise. Put Mot Your Trust In Natural On*. LncA, O.. Jaa 2&.— Tuesday afternoon the natural .gas mains which supply this city with fuel burst several miles out of the city, and the fires wont out all over town. Owing to the extremely cold weather and a scarcity of coal there is a great deal of suffering in cousequcuce. It will be. some time before the damage' can be repaired. Mr*. Vllas 8««iou»lj IU. MU.WAUKKB, Jan. 2S. — Dr. William Fox, cousin of Mr*. Vilas, who was «ummon«d to Washington for consultation, has returned, He said, Tuesday, that Mrs. Vilu was rery weak, and that her nervoui iy»t«m laamoj to b* all worn out, but that ha hopud that rest wouKi finally reslora her. Torn Up n*» Pirrgurno, [V, Jan. 3A — Ttta leagn* b*M* boll coiimj;U>i *re still la »ttnk>Eii fta4 poa- m»y nut tWitiplowi tbslr *ork for UT- tl«r«. Vuarv utauu to b* a hi-.A It 1* '.bat Um coiuuutt** luti »ii\*ij wra Up An* IJoodlpry Tlnmpnnt and Marrter Stalking Alironil UnrVmllpneod—The rrtwi Gagged atiil CU'«*n,« Opproftiirtl—Frnm Kuropeiui Points—NotRi from tlte Vutlexn—Irish Itmiu—T7»« Hiibnrnt Eplfmtlo. ~ j KET \VEST, Fin., Jim. 25.—During the last j ten days HoTftna-has-boeii in-n pwfoct turmoil and on the verge of mnb violence. The troublo was caused by the unscrupulous acts of Captain General Morln and his officials. j Although Marin hns been In office but threo I months his administration it reeking with ' orimoa of every description. Tlie govern- mont tax is short $50,000, tho local board of aldermen have gobble! $41,00), tha Car- dima tax offl'-e It short llO.u'X), and every ofilcj of trust is honeycombed with fraud. Two wi-eka ago tho indignant citizens made vain appeals to Marin for protection, A mass meeting was .held, but Marin ordered armed guards about tho gathering, and provoutad tho speakers from -addressing the p<opla. El , Progresso, a inerc.intile nowapapor, d(W j nnnnr"»l Marln'B not, and Tuesday tlia paper was suppremod by ordar of tho despot When Mnrln learne t thfit several merchants wore sending cablegram* of protogt to tho homo government ho placed an armed guard^aho.ut tho cable offlea Tlion the bright an j fear- La Lucha newspaper censured Marin In caustic language, and tho despot now throating to suppress this sheet. On Bunday thoro were twolvo murders, one snlcido, eight his;hw.iy robbarloi, an I four stabbing affrays in Havana and Cardenas. Honor Pezoz, a wealthy .sujar merchant, was found miird ;ra.l in tiia streets. Benor Antonio Luis, a prominent planter of Guinea, has been kidnapped, and li now hold for ransom at some unknown pltica, probably by tho murderer Lenqua Romero. La Lucha In Ita loot Issue, nuyi: "Wo must protact ourselves, as we are living on top of a pow« <ler mina" A special from Hiv.ana says that tho situation is becoming mure alarming every moment. FROM ACROSS THE ATLANTIC. Tho I.!>l>-»t Frontier Incident. METZ, Jan. 25.—R< g.irding the recent Incident on the frontier, in which a Frenchman nunidrl Barburot was deprived of his Kiin by a G.'rman customs ofTlcor named Hahnoraann, tho Lothrlnger Z >Run< says: "Uahnemami saw B'irborol following game on Germa noil. As pouching Is of daily occurrence he decided to arrest the intruder. Ho overtook Bnrbirot a few paces from tho frontier on Germ in soil, and requested litra to follow. Uarbarot refused nnd resisted arrest. During tho strug^lo which ensuid Bu-birut wai disarmed." Tho German district director atvl.tho p.illco commissary mars nking an ofllcial inquiry Into thq affair In order to determine whether Hahnomann's story or the version given by Barbarot, who said ho was enticed across the frontier and then arrested, is the correct one. Cardinal Mnnnlnc and Leo XIII. LONDON, Jan. 2-1.—ft transpires that Cardinal Manning tin* recently written a number of letters to tlie jxipo with a viaw of dissuading the holy lathur from Interfering with tho Irish Roman Catholic] in their struggle with tho English government for home rule for Ireland. Concerning these loiters Tha Chronicle says they undoubtedly have hod somecffi'ct, but their influence with the Vatican ban fallen fur short of the cardinal's executions. The bent results ha has been able to obtain, The Chronicle assorts. Is- tha not very positive assurance that the pope will not publicly condemn tho course of tbe National party, but will coijtont himself with giving private and detailed Instructions to tha Irish bishops as to tho future conduct of themselves, the clergy and thu faithful laity. The Pope Iile»«i Cleveland. ROME, Jan. '&— Tho Moniteur Tuesday published the text of Cardinal Gibbons' letter to the popo and Archbishop Ryan's ad- dross to his holiness. Tha pope, in replying to the letter, after expressing the groat pleasure be felt in receiving President Cleveland'* gift,' said: u ln America people enjoy lib. erty in tbo true aonsa of tho word. I entertain especial affection for America, and have therefore approved tho scheme for a Catholic university at Washington. Your great country has a grand future before It. Your nation lias a fron government of strong character. Your president commands my highest admiration, and I thank and bless you and him." _ Donnelly's Cryptogram "Miserable DrlveL" LONDON, Jan. 23.—Dr. Masson, professor of literature lu tho Edi n burgh university, and generally regarded as the foremost authority in tha kingdom in the decision of literary questions, bun written bis opinion of Ignatius Donnelly's cryptogram, treating of the subject In terms anything but. complimentary to that gentleman.' After going into the matter exhaustively to show the absurdity of Mr. Donnelly's claims, tbe professor concludes by characterizing the American's work as "mixorabla drivel," ending in a tissue of arithmetical conundrums tbat would bo b Used and ridiculed even in bedlam. Ireland .to Take Second Place. LONDON, Jan. 25.—Henry Matthews, home secretary, in an address to his Birmingham constituents Tuesday evening, said there bad never been a cabinet more united than tbe present one. The next session of parliament, he said, would be devoted entirely to business In which Ireland would take second place. The local government bill to be introduced at tha beginning ot tbe session would ba broad and liberal. A flandrcd-Yottr-Old Colony. BTDNET, N. B. W., Jan. E5.—Tin celabra- tion of tho centenary of tho colony of Now South Wales was bejun Tuesday, and will extend throughout the weak. The ceremony of unveiling a magnificent statua of Queen Victoria waa performed by Lady Carriugton, wife of the govaruor, Lord Carringtou, in tha presence of the governors of oil tha Australian colonkis. Dillon Snjnt It'* » Fulloro. LONDON, Jan. 25.—John Dillon, in a speech at Cambridge Tuesday evening, declared tbat ths coercion policy of the government was r an al-jtvt failure. His only fear wag not that tho National spirit would ba quenched by coercion, bat that the last chance ot knitting the hearts of the EnglUb and the Iriah peopla In bonds of sympathy would pass without being soltxi. ! Snlllvwi and Jeat Smith. ', LONDON. JSSL US.— Toe Daily News says tbat John U Sullivan offers to deposit £100 ImnxxUaiely, to bind * ixwiob with J»m 1 Smith, tba nmouut to U) forfeited to Siuilh la <Mue Sujltvau should b* beatao by Cbtw«*UU. MOSES QILLOJ* *' " • - - - - • ' * _^^ „ SPLINT COAL Jitst tlie thi'-ia to czim in Th!« hlnrt of wrnthrr. TKY IT. Two for a Cent And t ! 'e best ever mads. Cheap enough, surely, and so goodvihat those who have used them won't have any others. What are they ? Ath-lo- pho-rosPills. Whatarctheyfor? For disordered Stomach or Liver,lndigest- . ion, Dyspepsia,Constipation, Nervous or General Debility, Headache, Lassitude, Diseases of Women, They'I, fake away that tired feeling, give new life and strength. Small and pleas- ant to take, yet wonderfully effective. Prepared from tha formula of an eminent physician. Neatly put Up in bottles, and told by ail druggists. THE ATHLOF'HOROS CO. 112 Wall St., New York. K»BeOenolnnBnl«-«li hour Ins tbl«St»m» .JAMES MEANS' S3 SHOE. ,. Uttt Coy 'Skin. DnoiMlleil In DttTabinty.Qomfart ondAp. — A pOBtftl enrd w • I.-, XScf •vTt'naiiJStiiWor Territory. Q^SAf^^fcJk 1IG5E3&C3, J. R. BELL & SON 7111 sell them to you 12 yon will g[-n tbem B chanc*, as well asj FINE OLOTHIKO. A new aod deslntble rtock of wbtch they hwe ob hand. Don't think of going anywheretSs, j as no one else in the city keep* ^^ The James Means Shoe OruOncftnd Astaerdo CHICAGO STERN RAILWAY. Penetrates the Centre* or Ponoht. Itlon la ILLINOIS, IOWA, WISCONSIN, MICHIGAN, . MINNESOTA, DAKOTA, NEBRASKA AND WYOMING. Its TRAIH HKBVICB U earotalty arranged to meet requlraments of local tzarul, as well as to furnish the most attracttn) Bontae or through trarel between Important TRADE CENTRES-; *n* KOIJIPJBEXT of Day and Par. lor Cars, Dining and Palace Bleeping Oars U without rlTal, ITS ROAD-BED !• perfection «t stone-ballasted steel. . The North- Western 1» the favorite route for the Commercial Travel, the Tourist and the seeken after new homes In ttta Q«W«o Northwest. • . .. Detailed Information cheerfully furnished by . E. i. H. WHITMAN, ' H. O irl Vlce-Pres. & Qen. Mangr. ' Traffic Manager, I P. S1UOJ, Gu'l hmipr Ariit, CONSTIPATION T 8 called tlie "Father of Diseases," because 1 there Is no medium through which disease so often attacks the system as by the absorption of poisonous ga»cs In tbe retention of deoaved and ellete nmtior In tbe stomach aod bowels. It Is caused by a Tirrild Mver, uot enoagh bile being; excreted from the blood to iiroduce Nature's own cathartic, and Is generally accompanied wltb such result* as £osa of Appetite. Sick Headache, Bad Breath, etc. The treatment of Constipation docs uot consist merely In unloading the bowels. 3"he raedl- clne must uot only act as a purgatlire. but be s tonln as well, and not produce after lu use greater costlvencas. To secure a regular habit of body without changing tha diet or dliorganl- zlug the system " My attention, after suffering with Coasting- tlon for two or three years, was called to Simmons Liver Regulator, and, havlua tried almott everything else, concluded to try It, 1 first took a winvglasHliil nnd afterwards rcdu^eU Ins doso to a tvuspoouful, aa per dlreotlotis, titter each meal. 1 found that It had done me Homuohxood that I continued It uuttl 1 took two boKSc*. Hlooo then I have not experienced any difflcully, I keep It in my home and w >uld not be without it. buthave no use for It. It hayinKC«re<l me."-^O*o' W. SIMS, Asst. Clerk Sujwrlor Court, Bibb Co. Georgia. , . . Tab o only the Gesm!ae< Which hu on the Wrapper the red 25 mark and signature ot J. M. IBKlLiai A CO. LAOS £8! Do Tour Own DjelDg, »t Soiwt, wKfc PEERLESS

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