The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 24, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1859
Page 4
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tBGraSa^-ADVjBRT PATENT MEDICINES. MEDICAL P., J8». l.Daniel ot, Josltbt^fc. 'HoSty THK G.AJ?li) Cold*. -. \^?i***}f<.a*tif; ,-«•(. ^IP-"; .-w ;^-- i- -..-i--:v .• --— y*.-*^*-.™™"",! - .- . •».>-'* OKAUED EEOPOBAL9 to farulah nsa erisli for the "•" Jr " aiatday, all. the right, tWe and !nt«resW.whlcW the, said Josltf.KifMcOtBre had:at the tlmeoT fillBgW elite McKeAn WAS called to Ws door P«trtIon.)B:,bMikrapto In said to the. foil owing real 4«- bereoelTedMtbJsl>nwamuitUTio dies n«n^ Peter McDowdd, John Boone,ttD4 SOthcf jnnejiext.. Ttftat propossjs'most •^ppaailibr Materialsfot*ia.»»^, i »»»««j;.pf goja dlsUrigniiboa from oUiernua^eislf---^ 1 - : ''^^••-*-^"- J Ala f block forty-sefeV ., hlgily wife wuj _ Private advices jfrom' Utah, indicate farther trouble in that Territory. > Jong eiistiflg between " j, are , The differences ao namrf are parUoolarir<Jetell>e<11n prli4«a schedules, ,any of which»111 be fnrnlsbed totush if -(Jeslri:*o.. at- ti tie'jommandsnts jif the i i Mixm application to 'this „ aseabeltijrforUie.cbnVenlAiee^f of dealers laeach,aach portion* will be furnished as are act ally retired for. bH«. The commanaant and • navv-agea>itif e«h statlan w|H • bare A copy [of the schedules »«* tne •other yard?, for eiattilnatlon only, , j^gj^t, Application for them. ' ;- : - (;:•;. -•.:'-,' the United States troops under Cen. Johnston, j offers mast be made for toe-whole ef the claviM any , Jk.pplioation has been made to our govern• inent on behalf of Dr. King, who was recently convicted at Coburg, C. W., of poisoning his wife, and is now awaiting his execution. It is alleged that he was illegany arrested within the limits of the United States, and it is probable that a demand will be made upon the British government for redress, for this infraction of existing treaties. The Titoes correspondent has the highest authority for stating that the reported conveisa- tion of M. Be Sartige's with certain members of Congress, on the subject of the right of eearcn, has been seriously misstated. The conversation was purely informal, and the remarks of M. De Sartiges was simply to tbe effect that war would doubtless open a wide field for American shipping In the Heditteranean, but that our shipmasters must be careful not to forget that tbe neutral flag shall cover the goods, does not invalidate the necessity of the war privilege of searching for contraband goods of war. Joseeh H. Wardon has been appointed Surveyor of Customs at Troy, N. T. AM valor the City or Baltimore. TOBK, May 24. . >.Thc contract will be awwd«4 to 4he lowest SofiajW« Udder, who give» proper security for Its falBllmeiit. The tTnIted8Ute< reserrntbe right to reject »U the Udifor.aqr «la»* If4M»ed exorbitant. • ' "-' • and the Mormon militia, ander Gen. Wells.— 7«ra npon-oneoftte printed •caedulei, or.lalaWct «- *n*. .."•"•*"*•***•"•*"< ~*"" **** . AflntVirraitv thpMwlth. rtr thnw nlll nnr li« aAn*M»rMf i-6,000 of the latter have been called out by GOT. Onmining, to protect tbe citizens from •whatTie deems the uwnrjMtion of .authority on the part of Judges and t&e military. ^ ^^ ^^-^^^^ ^i^uatr, w b«fa> WaAblnsrton Matter*. Hrtred 1 in good order, and In suitable vessels And lAck- i agea, «s the ease may tie, ai the expense anil risk of K. May 23 : the contractor, and In all rekpecU (abject to 'the In- specthin, measurement, count, weight, *<•., of ib» yard whererecelved, and" to the entire satisfaction ot tbe commandant tnercot- ': - ,.-.-•;• • Bidders ararefened to tijecomraatidaBU of tbe respective ranb for sampres, InstrucUpns, or particular description «f the articles; And, att other thlnfs btlB? equal, preference will be given to artlcks of American manufacture. .•,-••'•'*;,• ' ' '• |. Everyoffsi, as required by lie;law of 10kb Angsul, 1840, most be accompanied ty » wrlt»»n guarantee, the for mof which Is herewith, given. . .. .Those only whose offers fcaybt aetepted will b* BO. tlued, And the contract villtefpfsrardedas FOOB thereafter as practicable, which they will he required to execute withUtten days after its receipt »t th« naitoHoe or navy agency named by them. • , Burettes in the full •mount will be required to sign the contract, and their responsibility certified to by A United States district Jntge, DmlteA States dlsUict Attorney, collector or navy agent. An additional se- •curity, twenty per ceetnm will be withheld from the amount of the bills until the contract shall hare keen competed; and eighty per centum of «ach kill, approved In triplicate fey the commandants «f the respective yards, will be paid by the navy ^ fent at .the polpta of delivery within thlrt/ days after lt» presentation to him. It Is stipulated In the contract that, if fefaMi be made by the parties of the first part in sMUverin* all ei Any of the Articles mentioned In ny .clau blf |for In* the contract, of the quality and at the time and places above provided, then, And In that cafe, u>e uontncto* and lils r sureties will forfeit and pay to the Dolled State* a stun of money not exceeding twice the antonm ofsuch class, which may be recovered from time t& The City of Baltimore reached her dock at time, according to the act or Ooagren In this caw j»o- 8o'cloot this a, m., with 800 passengers. ^Tfj'SP^r 1 ^"^ ^i 848 , ^ Thennmber^volnnt^toSn^ishaa- ,£ » h6 $* d *SE^£ESSTlST& vy, offering at Woolwteh number 260 daily. SOth July, one-fourth part bjr the 20th Bepteml>er. And, It is stated oonfidentally in London clubs, i^?!~^^?S?_ lrt ,?. e r l *a!.?« l -._9 1 ' ul v'?'' h '' that immediately on the meeting of Parliament, Palmerston will more and Ennsell will second, a vote of censure on ministers for having dissolved Parliament under, critical clrcnmstan- 068. The Honitenr beige gives notice that Belgian subjects who may attempt privateering, or sot contrary to the duties of neutrality, will be treated as pirates abroad, and be liable to prosecution by Belgian tribunals. Mrs. Sheridan Mnskrat, sister of Charlotte. Cushman, died at Liverpool, 10th. LOITDOX, May 12. Consols firm 91 S-8a92 1-4, bat very little doing. French funds improved upon higher quotations from France. The Rebellion in Modems. PBOVTOEHCE, R. I.—May 23. A letter from Florence says, incidentally, that Modena has followed Parma and driven ont the Dnke, and formed a professional government. There is no such information in the public accounts by the Vanderbik. Arrival of the America. QPEBEO, May 23. The steamer America from Liverpool, llth, arrived a this port yesterday, with 114 pas- a. North ,Weit quarter <V) of section thirty-sir (84J town thirty-nine; (»,) Sorth range feu»l»eii, (!«,) Bas.i; and ont-fonrth flbft rf Bast half ;(*.) *f north East quarter . (3O of v»tciion twenty, ;<1»^ u.wn range; fonrtcea, (14.) and «M bal^ (Xd -"" •ectlpntweB)^, (»,) town ™nge*nrteen, <M,);mBd one-third 5 T - " • (»,) ^uih Veit lrty-alne. of Eaxt • quarter, (JO tbe South , West qoarter (Jf) of, section ., r (U,)glveD to J> X. McOlureby W.Wam KiVtmoBd, dated Aniput 4«ti7183T, to Jeeui $l,TW, ani recorded « •Jw lots one aoditwo, (1 * S) In block two, (2.) Wol- eou'ii aadiUon, toCWcago; and the following ooltted to b« scheduled In lot tlneteen, (»)!•: Mock thlrt»,<80 r ) school section addition to Chicago; •!*» lot one A) In -Hock elgkteen, (18.) and lots Bw, fcj to, («.) sei <7)and eight, (8,) la block fortr-three, (48.) in school section addition to Jollet, Win county, Dl. Dated at Milwaukee, May 18th, 1859. DANIU, B. H10IIARDS, may2Q.dlaw6w _ Assignee. iven, tne «agtantng at «J point la the llnobetwsXB. • tecUon I», anitSft, 1>8I feetnorth ojthe qaar«r • section oorner; running vhence wcsti»x 'Se&. ; •to Uw Vast 'Sna of''FonVlrtnUistreet IMaet - Circuit Court, (ountr ef Portage. William B. Trtadwell, Jehn 8. PeiryjAna\.Edward Nor. on ' •-.',-" Against . H. H. Young, Mary A. Young. John W. Bachelor, I. D. Bogen, J. H. Morrison, WllUua M. Sinclair, A. Gun_hl«on, B. Telverton, B.C. Walker, J. />, Dreyfores, Q. Sauwlee, Q. A. Benbetl, t. T. Wflcox, Q. I. Per- fey, J. M. Benei 0.0. Jse!{s. The 8tat« of Wisconsin to the above -aamcit Defendant*: S IESi—Ton ai* hereby •nmrnened And. required to answer UK complaint In this Action, of which a copy l> herewith served upon you. And serve a copy of yonr answer on ns at our <,<hoe, numbers 8 and 4 in the State Bank of Wisconsin building. In the City of Milwaukee, within three months after Uie service hereof exclusive of the day bf such service; and if y< a fail to answer the complaint as aforesaid, tbe plaintiffs will apply to the Court for tu« rell- f demanded in the complaint. Dated Milwaukee. March S5, ISM. • O. A. * J. L . SIAKKWIATHER. .a. HJTi Attorneys, Mil. City. Witneas Uon.'OeorK« W.Oaie, Judge ol the i *-*»•• i Tib Judicial Olre .t, at Plover, the «3i Uar i Bxtf. i /of March, A. D. IkM. . * — Tf • GBO. II WALBBIDOE. ClerlC The eotnfelatnl In Ihe abor entitled cause will be died in the efflceof the Ole.L of tbe Circuit Court,., Portage county, At Plover, < i the Sith cay »f April, , . . whole by the 15th May, 18K). The\ remaining cl to be delivered oBe-foorth part on ter before the 1st September next, one-fourth part on or bel»re 1st Be- cemner next, one-fourth part on or before thedst teril, and the remainder OB or before the SOtb, June; 1880, unless earlier required with a notice of twelve days, comprising at each delivery a due proportion of each u-tlcle. Class 10 and all following, if additional qoa»- Jtlei of any of the articles named (herein are donsyid- ed, theyare tobefornUhed on like terms and conditions prerloni to the expiration of the fiscal vear.iwoa receiving • nonce of fifteen dayi froc the bura>an7lhe commandant ot the navy yard, or navy agent. form of Offer. of • , In the Vtate of eengers. Hews anticipated. New York Itlatten. NEW YOBK, May 23. A detachment of U. S. troops, accompanied by 10 or 12 officers, left this city this evening for camp Floyd. Dtab. Mr. Bigelow, of the Evening Post, writing from Paris, intimates that the Emperor's delay in leaving Paris is owing to tbe discovery of a combination among the disaffected Orleanists in the quarter fit- Jermain to make trouble in Paris during his absence. The Emperor was made aware of the scheme but made no arrests. He however let the conspirators know that he waa aware of their operations . SACKVILLE 53. 8.30 P. M. The Uue Is working to St. John K . i'., but up to the present hour nothing has been hoard of the steamer Asia now due of Cape Bj>oe with 3 days later news from Europe. • -, hereby Agree to furnish and deliver, In the respective navy yards, all the articles named in the classes hereunto annexed, agreeably to tbe provisions of tke schedules therefor, and In coca»rmlty with the advertisement of tbe Bureau of ''onattructlon 4c-, of the l»tb May, 1S59. Should my offer he accept- eJ, I request to be addressed at »nd the contract sent to Ihe navy ageni at or to -, for signature ano cmlflcsrte. Signature, a. V. Date. Witness. The schedule which On bidder encloses must be fiast- ed to his offer, and each ef them signed by him. Opposite each article in the schedule the price must be set, the amount carried out, the aggregate footed up {or each class, and the amount likewise written In words. form of Guarmttf. The undersigned, —• , or State o! , and . 0 [ •pfjl-lawtw O. A. A J.I JTA Plj.iot.(T» Attorney*. 324] KUEKlaVF'S STATS Or WISCONSIN, i Clraolt Court, Milwaukee Oo. ( SSt Janet Eiiott, Ephralm Mariner, Thomas !!• ed, Reuben A. Larati, Hiram Farmer, The Globe 11-nk, Ida Jan* Uwl«, ft- ecutor aad Ephraim MarlBi r, inii John J. Orion, executors of the last wiU an 1 testament of AUisoe Lewis, deceased, Martha L.-wis, Sarah Lewis, Mary Lmrks, Martha H. Lewis, Kiliabeth Lmiis» Lewis Willlaaa J. Lewis, Ida Jane *irts and other nnkrrovn Rein of Allison Lewis, decc:u^4, and Ictraboil Smith. I N virtue of »no parsnant to. a .Jfdgaicirt reodereil In said Court, M the above entitled action, dated March 1Mb, 1859, I shall expose for Kale and sell at Public Auctloa, at the Poit-Officf, In it,e City of Milwaukee OB SAMMi-dai, ibc Satii alatr *f Jolw 1859, at the hour of '1 r. m , of that day, the fef. lowing described premises, »s! « ,1. "The south half of lot titm.berej nine (»), in block numbernl ,thlrty-.rvra (»), in Tiilr^ Ward, of the City of Slil»aukrt, Caacty «f , KUwaiftct and State of Wl> oR«m." Dated eherirs Offica, Milwaoi «e. March 19, l£i» ovan t Villpa, I 4. j. LaNOWOUTHT PI'ffsA|>>s. f ------ apTl-lin2w EhV. Mil. Co., w'lj. tte 8tete of In the In. , hereby guarantee that In case WOKMS ! \VOU MS ! ! W A great many learned treatista have been written, explaining the ongin o[, and classifying the worms genemteil In the human system. Scarcely any topic of medical science has eliected more acnte observation and profonded research ; and yet physlcianj are very much dlvWed in opinion on the mbject. It muit be admitted, however, that, after all, a mode of expelling theat worms, and purifying the body from their presence, is of more value than the irtsest disquisitions at to the origin. The expelling agtnt hai at length been found— * r - JFIant't nrmifugt, prepared by Fleming Ercs. Is the much sought after specific, and has already super sedetlaH oiher^rorm medicines, its effictcj being uni versally acknowledged by medj^al practitioners. fcW Purchasers will be careful to ask for DB. M'LANFB OELKBRATKO VEBM1FDGE, manufactured by FLEMING BEOS.-of Pittsburgh, Pa. All other Vermifuges In comparison are worthless. Dr. U'Lane'e genuine Vermlfnge^^lao hii celebrated Uver.Pills, cas now be had at 'all respectable drug stores. Jfonc genuine iriOmoi the tignaturt of [Ij ma}-12-dAwlm FLEMING BEOS. HUMBOLDT AND HOOFLAND. WHICH ii the greatest T While tbe one has explored the almost Inaccessible mountain regions of South America, and added largely to our geographical know! edge, the other hai given Us attention to the mitiga tton of human suffering, and In bis Invention of the fa mous German Bitters, known in the country as "jff torxTs Sitters," has conferred an Invaluable boon up on mankind. Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint and Nerv oni Debility are speedily and permanently cured by this remedy. For sale by druggists and dealers in medicines everywhere, at 75 cents per bottle. mayl2-dawlm the foregoing bhl of for any of th* classes therein named be acee|>ted, he or they will, -within ten days after the receipt of the contract at the pojt office named, or navy agent designated, execute the t»ntract for the same, with good and sufficient sn etiis; and tn case said thall fall lo enter Into contract ai aforesaid, we guarantee to make pood the difference between the offer of said and that which may be accepted. Signature! of two fruaraniars C D. E. F. Date. Witness. I hereby certify that Uie above naniej —. are known to me as men of property, and able to make good their guaranty. Signature, O. H. Date To be signed by the Dnited States distract Jndjre, United States District Attorney, collector or navr ag«t. The following are the classes required al the respective navy yards : KITTtBT, MAItfE. Clasv No. fl. White-oak prohilscnnus Umber. Ko 14. White-ash oars. No IS. While-,,»k itavcs And heading K». 21. Iron. Ko. 82. Spikes atii nails No. 28. Lead, zinc and tin. No. 25. Hardware. No' Z7. Paints, oils, 4c. No. 82. Leather. No 8S, Boie No. 34. Brushes. No. 37. Pitch, tar, rosin No. gn Tallow, soap, oil. No. 89. Khtp c^.tjiK. ,-r "s,, 40 Stationery. No. 41. Fire wood. CHARLESTON, MAS4ACHl\aKTTi. Class No. 21. iron. No. K. Splkea and nmlj 28. Lead, line and tln._No. M Haj-uwar- s<, Lycwgas Edgerton, ra. . Winthrop 0. Loril and George Lord. !WAU»nAI 'S !• the Uaited Mates Wit»i. t Court, District of W .a.-^ics n. J .nlqislty. :nce And by virtus «.: a (iecm Bade bf la* I N pursua Wsarlct Uourt o' th»Wret. d »ut-, fo« the of Wisconsin, on the nlcrh d»j al May, I KM in thi above entitled cave, I shall aril at fubllc A»atlon al the office of tfte Qnited etatet ilarhar In tk« City af Milwaukee, In tfils tristrlei, .,» Frldsy, tbe aftejntli day of July, 1859, at three o'cl. ck in Ih? afternoon, rtt following (eicribed »ropem. Ui »it . "0«t lot •«,' number »w«nty one [81), ta ».e vtMage of Wus»>»c»», In tbe Counter of Wau^acc* Kl-teof tf»co8»in: also a >uffi.eient qusnUty of TV me, Fovrr to be B*ek out 'of the Was-p:i.:;» Rlr«r, »t the dam eve«tei» aorov saidJUver, In U»e Ullage •» Waupacea, to pro|>d «hr« ran of stonn lor flouring r»ur[>0j» , it «11 -TUT- , at llir r »ar." Uarshal't aOtce, aHlwankec, May IT, IMA. ms.rl8-la«rC» tt. J. TliOMA<. U g. M«Mrial. «»3 3j VT Clrc>-it PAPER WAREHOUSE Hanfnrd, Blackmarr & Co. (I.ATB HAUaiSOH, HAJCTOKD & O O.) Connected with HAKRISONt HANFOKD d; CO. MAHDFAOTUBEBS, FALLB, OHIO Soot, Neva, Cover, Colored aud Envelope Pneert Aim, Ledger Papers, Flat Oap», foMo foil. Letter and Jfote Papert, Which will be sold very low. Constant additions wll be made to the stock to meet tbe wants of the trade. fF Prlnten and others are Invited to call and ex amlne our stock and prices. AprUS NOTIOE. ffTOKEE hundred and twenty-two thousand dollars o • ,? n"* """'•Bagelionas of the Milwaukee* Super! «T'%£ 0 *A?°H" JU be * old atanetlonobSaturtay theSStb of Maylnstant, at 12# r. «., at the Chamba of OomiBerce. . may20-d6t CALL —THE— LATEST STYLES —OF— —AI- BUTTON'S! «pr!6 AWD HAY 1 ARR. benefit of All who m»y b e - ,n ttna c «F-««ni Streets, (Office with Hesara-Mabbett* Breed.)! _ those . WewiUieJlao . H. LA1IBEETON. oat " Paints, oils, *c. No. 2S. Plai canvas. So. 2P <5otito» canvaa. No. 80. Flax and cotton trine. N.I 32 Leather. No. 83. Hose. No 84. Brushes No Xi Bunting and dry goods. No. 87. ('itch, tar aad rosin No 88. Tallow, soap, oil. No. «9. Ship chandlerr No 40. Stationery. No. 41. Firewood. BROOKLYN, HEW TORK. Olasi Mo. 6. Yellow pine plank stock logs. NO 10. Wnlteplne. No 11. Ash, cypress, white-oak boat boards No. 12. Black Walnut, cherry, 4c. N 0 . 13. Locust So. 14. White-ash oars, hickory bar» and butts No 16. White oak staves and heading. So. 16. Black spruce. No. Ifi. Llgnumvltae. No 21. Iron. No 22 Spikes and nails. Mo. 23. Lead, zinc and tin. No 25. Hardware, No. 27. Palnti, oils, Ac. No 28 Flasi canvaa. No. 29. cotton canvas. No. 80. Flai and canton twine. No. 31. Glass. No. 84. Leather. No 83 Uose No. 84. Brushes. No. 35. Bunting and dry goods. No. 87. Pitch, tar and rosin. »o. 28. Tallow, soap and 011. No. 39. Bhlp cn.andk-ry. No. 43. Stationery Bo 41. Plre wood. PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA.. Clais No. 3. White oak promiscuous timber. Class No. 11. Ash, cypress, white oak boat boards No 12. Black walnut, cherry. So. 14. White ash oar. and hickory bars. No. 18. Llgnumvitae. No. 21 I*j n So. 22. Spikes and nails. No. 23. Lead, Hoc and Un No. 25. Hardware. No. 27. Paints, oils, Ac No *»' Flai canvas. No. SS. Cotton canvas. No 80. Max' and cotton twine. No. 81. Glass. No. 32 Leather No.83. Hose. No. 84. Brushes. No. 35. Bunting and dry goods. No. 87. pitch, tar aad rosin. No. 83 Tallow, soap ana on. No. 89. Ship chandlery. Nt). 40 Stationery. WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OFOOL-TMBIA^ Class No. 10. White pine. No. 21. Iron No S2 Bpikes and nails. No. 23. Lead, ilnc and tin. No. 24' Pig iron. No. 25. Hardware. No. 27. Paints and oils" No. 81. Glass. No. 32. Leather. No. 85. Tallow »oap OIL No. 8*. Ship chandlery. No. 4S. Tank an iron. No. 44. Chain Iron. No. 45 Incot No. 47. Bellows. No. 48. Polea. *Ai,r. Of WISCONSIN, I '. Mi^ankee Oocnty. | J»»eph R. Treat, against Jiunes W. Stearns, Hs>&jamlB f. StlleS, The IV« Ideal of •»''»"">'" * Millers' Usek, IViter V. Br»it»n. at W. Wheelock, Borace B »ree«ian and sXlltabeth, his wife and Caleb U. P.tlerion. Judgment Vveclostrre. I N virtue of and pursuant to a judgttcat rso^ered In salt! Court, in the aAKive entitle,! actloo* dat«U March 1. 1818. I shall e»po«r for sal* ajiJ icll at puto- Ilc auction, at the Po>t-O0ice ou Uie corner of ITuc.u- ainand Milwaukee strenu, la Uie cm of Mflirautee, on ilAiasrdaf, the I* Us stay os ' rj'ii sjsasi i. 1359, at the hour of t r. n. of that day, the following described mortgaged premises, or 10 much thereof ai may be necesaayry to raUe Uie arnouflt of iiald jiadg. ment. Interest and colts, toother with eipessn of sate, to wit : "The >onth »est quarter of tectlon Dumber fifteen [15J. In township naroher aeven ("J, nc«th 01 range number twenty-osie" [21 ] east, excepting nineteea and 92-10U acres Ceretefore ioltf to Thomas W. Riddle by Christian VV Insenrled linfl wile, laid premise! being situate In th* County of Milwaukee and Btata> of Wisconsin." Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, Mawli 10, 1S58. K. SrimoBsSitu, « A. J. LANGWOBTBr, Pl'ffs Att'y. ( gh'fl. Mil. Co., Wu. mjvrlo-lanidm-laatlawi>w .... „„„„„street,ortli«exten«loot» .. that ttreetrU represented In tbe-'plot of TUt41s' •Addition to the elty'of Mllwaakte^ thence wltk • the-sooih line of *ald-str»t, ; ra«t 50* fe*t • tnenco wiih U»e swuherry line of lah) streel - northeastenv-aboutSlOfrettoaaaAglfrlosal^ " . •atreet; thence with the south line of taMstree) • . tail about 80 ftet la *he potai wb«r« lha soHiik westerly line cf the land conveyed to AtirW Tliet by 4eed recorded in Milwaukee Coaal» ... lu vol 61 of«leeUsatrjiijs8lO,crossessaldsouil ' tine of said street; thence with said soBthw«»i«i5 • tyUne of Abram VUefi laud south 41 degree* east about *>» fee* U> A point on f3ev«mth street, where *ald line is intersreted bj Me weei line oJ Abram"Vllel'* laod,'Aeebraing to deed • ' recorded la vol t!, ot deeds at page 243; thentj . • south with said wes« liBe-«f Abram Tlief'a lajul . IUS chain* to a Corner; thence vest with boiwi ary «f said Abram VUet's land 8 efaalas; Uewt ' •oath with said boiindary«l*^A«et tanortH- line of Bhermaastreel; thence with sail) uonh line, weal (.93 chains lo section line; ifeeMk • with section Hue north 95* feet to the pbu* at. beglnAIng, containing about 80.10 awrea, Mir, being situated l»th« east half of IheBorlli easit suarter of section 19. and lr> toe weal Ualf it . tbe north west qvaiter of section W, town- f, range 42. Also lots », lu, 11, 12, Meet». . ' ' Lots t, 8, 4, 5,.* and >, Moet 3. ., . Lot t% block *. • • ' Lot 9, block. *. • - ' Let 8, Mock 13. AH In Vliet 1 * AddttiOB l» *s ctty of Mft.:^- wankec, being in ihc east half of the Aortt east <|uarter o/ section IB and ttw w«tn half of " N W ii of siictloo. au, town T, raogr tt e«nU— • Also the following real estate beginning at A point fa section line ftetwreri sections 1» and t. i!0 at nortli aide of Obermkn street aou-828 /eat north, of the qaartep section corner; thditce' ' with section lln« aorth 959 fcet, thence went &V92f feet to «ut SIQe of fourteenth sweet; thence with east slJe of jaij ureet, svuth »J fe«t lo north side o< an ajley; thence with' north side of said alley sutnh easterly (46 fe«t to north sldo of Sherman street; theMe wiih said north line of BberuMui street SOI (ect i* • plae*" or bcf^tuJUs;, ranesUttlsif li^ acrva mor« •r leas, being aluut&l In Ihc east hiu of th» ' ntrtl>e*st quarter ol scctlsn J*, to%jTj, ran*. n east. Also i Lot 4, block S»,8»coga Ward. . • Mo*th % lot o, block 8*, icoonil War*. Abo the following real estAhtbeing In_the eorOi easl quarter of sretjvn U^«»»n 7, rang* '<>, Wginnlng at a point IA ih« 'west line of >ai.l quuter section 10JX ehalma rm«tb of the jT^th west corner of said quarter Kotlaatit tke mirtu weal cornu ui lautU canteyed by &JDWI H Uicbafds to onejoha t*. etioentactet-, Uieiu* with said west line of said 4«arter secUoti uortk to s point S.lfi charus south ef the nortr* n- r «4 ouroer of said quarter a»cUoti; thence tmtii l4.!« chains tn uxtitle of Green Bay ros>l- Ihenee along ciMdle of aaul road soot* lo IM.I :it 10.06 coa-iesj north uf tUe seutfi iins> «f au.i quarter u-ctica; thene» vast 14.70 chejas u, place ot imgloainij. rviitainiag about *J a< uj •04) be nf OB IV wsjst Bide ol the «reen 0ay road. Which lAld prop«ly,ad aloreaald^iBbail capfts« fur «AJe and sell al PuWlc Auction at the Court tlotue in the Oily ol UUwaukee, oa«alsss-d,.y. Ike UXh »»» •f narcla, lt>*», at Wu- imur 01 » p. •., of tint da. to satisfy >aKt <xoc«ti«n f to^ctliev witn eiperun of uate<] ShenlTs OUlse, ttiiwauUe, t «fc. 8,1359 " TO, Liana A HILUS.I A. I. LAJUJWuslTU Pi'ffs Att'ys. j SVIT. Hit Co , is ke.-eby post|>aa d tdl katu/ ', ISi*, at the Pact ufflce. at ~ .t*aauu>,MJOS* zotbBee., 1W. ftuJ. tt Ati»: I do not toeltatf tost, a»b»stren»dyl baw era faand for Povfba. Haarsm<«s,I«irMn,w, aast taw eonooaaitaiit «yi»p«wasof aCoM, Is your vanur Pcofout. 'Us constant aw In •y practfcs- and Kty tutMj- ftTtte last •s« yeanhaeahdwAnanansiMs SUM. rler virtue* for «ba treatmsM of thesB •sanplalnta. BBtUt flQQOt, *L s>. A,a.MOETLBT,»«.,«<Pmu, S. T..wrKM: "I ban Mad you Afeml K nsrT tmd la «sf AmOy «vsf sine* yod Invented It, and bsllevti it th. twrl nwdlein* for IU .wrioss evarputoot With • had soM I ehtmld SO»M> pay tw»Aty-flv8 dollira for A bottle then o> withol It, o. lake any other noady." _1 , ' flFRrswirzLD, *», F»t>. T, 18*4. bomMAlB: IwOl sbeerfarly oerttry yoov Ttctnr* k ths> beat rtmoiv. w« cotiaM for «i» cnn of whooptnn oongh, eroap, astd tk* enest dlcsaaee oT chlldnn. We of row fraUrnlty b> th« torth aavrsctate ymr skill, and •Manxod yow madicin. to onr Boople. . - , rTUUM OONKLIN, M. Di AM09 LBat (in. sfOinxuR, U, wrltM.M Jan-, I«6: • I hskta tsdiow Ibtrielila. which eoaflswl ma In doors aU vseks; took saany medicine* without rell.f; Anally M»d yoar ftatanl ky theadrlaaor 0<t etfcgvmaii. The flrst dns oafevu the earsaess tn say throat and lantrs; ISM ibaa an* k«If tko bottl. *^. n. eampletelf well loar awdldsMf «s* Ibs) c! CAB bay, and we e«ta«m s» tk« poor maa'a Mend.' <•» boy, and w* ««tMm jm, ix>e»or. * a* •»& a* UM bMt •• A»4kisMor Phthisic, u4 Wtar MijrcHjsjrai, Pt, t*t>. 4, iu<i. Bra: Tour Oerry nctaral la pstibnniii marr<iMun, s«ra> la thl* svthn. K tufMUfnt stnnJ ftom «l»rm safSTVpbiMof wnannspUon, and la now coring • m/>n •bofca* btbbrad an«er an a«Mtloai of (h. Inags for il^ last Ibrty yasni HUftlT U PAKKB, Ueicliant. I have found aottlng «4«al to yosw Cftirr, fxtanl f-r «rHBf essMaiid niUsT lo eonsnnatl** patients, or enrlnii sank *s an nraWtv" Wa ssight add Totama* at •vMs««sv tat tfa. mat «o» ttaclnc proof of t»e TtrtasK* tttss rtSMdy Is font I* In •»«• ^on-txM. Probably no osw remedy has ever tossj know* wtfcA; ad ssieta daagvroos CSMM as this. 8ovM hntnan a!4 eu Mack; hut evss) to tboM Ihi ' ink njtbf and xmlbrt Aston Housi, Naw f oat Cm. Murk i, 1«»C •Am. LowsTu: t fasri H a duty and a f>ldMnv« ^ ». t™/^ Te * r CVrr » •«"*«'»>•« *>M <br my wtb. Btu> h%4 bee* «n m«tba laboring an.W th* *.» •AVIS syaptofsa) <9f Caonraytlow. rVoni which DO aid *• •ocld (recur* sran) harssueh n-IVaf. ghe »«. .u«illr (WV lu». untH Dr. *tros«, of th> erry, w»i»e. w. b.-r, ..rr.» »» ••camiKended a trial of TOM ra«dMi>. w. Hr«. JB»«, •* we do yoar skill: (br ah. haa rM»«r.; nm that day. Che 10 not fit m itrotgt aa so* uw<d t» i, but I* frM from har eoogh, and rails b«ra>If well TOOTS with gratllnib and r»g«ril. 6RLANDO BHEUY, o» Auauwnu hi. DR. HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, A.TO DR. DOOFL,45IO'§ BALSAMIC CORDIAL. Tht yreat standard medicrnna nf (.h* pr*8fi\t Offt, hate acquired their yreat popularity tntt/ through years of'4nal, Unbounded mtutfac- tion it rendfT&l by tkem tn ,iil cases, <tn<i ih* people hw pronounced >h*m worthy. Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaiimlk*-, Debility of ihf .Venous System. Diseases of tbe Kidney*, and till i/t**(I.*>"f ifrMl/jy f'ruui i ii.\--ir-ir'--'( liver or wwicHeix nf •/,* tturnnrh >tn>t {I'j'.ttu ' oryofl.t, are *pf*il\l*j rtml pmntuimilif ^irtil ',•/ tlu GERMAN BITTER.^ Tlit Balsamic Cordial A,u iic-i'nrvt i rfputtlfion xHrp<liixin'j Unit '•;' .tjut »,mr*,;r i>"- partlltvTi extent ft irili curt, WTTH'M T iML Iht moit tfr'irrc and l»n.j-standing Congh, Cold, or Hoarseness, Bronchitis, [n foetus, Croup, Pnonmonia, Incipiont Consumption. Confirmed Consranption. A f?W <1<JXF* li'll' C//.TO '// n'..-.- ••>>'• n«r« thf mnst ITST* Dlarrhcoa f.r „(rum, CoLt> is THE BOIVKI.I T lit** Illfhcinf* a JACKIOH i I'o., \? DISCO VEEY OF THE AGF e j,r trl , 41- .\ r p ,l > /) ',,1 its net itMaalr Oil yoa ha>« tH»l A tsa'i j Oasaav rsittoi**'. II to mad* by oa« «f th* l«i ' ch«mJitj In tbe axirld, and Its rurM all an .01 4 o« lh« higt mcftts of Its virtual. — / Ayert Cathartic Pills. ftr tottls. Tft.- ti,/ tctli *.* tffi tfif 'j'ttait 9 fl Utf .{i' \I j, appr «ay,,the !!Ctt day *f tba> hoar of t». m. SterUT's Oll*e, Mil »aj,k«e, March tf, »S!». noday., Uie 4th 4ay of ApjU, a>t ihe'aamesilace nod Lime of Jay. . • UVfJ SlierU'. OSIce, stil»a«kee, S*irp|i M IH 9. A. Ji L«»(;W1lltTli?, ff Tl<«al>»*e sale n farther poi^>onetl in (Win day, the 21*t d«y ol May, 1S89, at the I the hoar el * • •., or ' ' ^ *»y. Dated l*prin '. uffire, JBM»»ak*e, April C, 1 ». j. r lb» Ako«e«at« II Hereby farther |.o^p..nrd t^ j of May, at Ita ,an.e ,.!».<* »T,« IJAted JiMrlff '• tftece, Mt.e, May »1 , l»-.'.i A J. LABOWuKTH CV, wla, rli»n, tate* th* f.T 8-»:r au,J )^ t l . B 11,^ «.ty ..( >| | I saUOoun, in tfle abort 15Ui day nf fclari'li, 1^39, f aAaif r*pi *4 IMdpht- anctli^n, .t the Post iirlift: teiuke»,on HsitdMlar, Ihr rf< dnf ol Julw. Ixa, al Uu? h»ur o( 'I i. M. n( that itay, u« f.tu.wuu describ*'! BortfagrJ T>resrjl>«, or 10 much tri»re,.f \» may fee neccatarv t« ihe amount -if •aMjii»lr anetitir, Itf4er»3l mxiA ewr^, together *'itVi expcr.iea ol sare, to «it : ••'The ngvUi CWV tl«r of |D«S Dumtwr tend 1 ') SSVI twelve (12), lii Mtxrgj n^tfiAer fortt-t;« i 4tf l« l^ie l^ffban Vju4 of L»<« <nid «j} ,,f H.irsu kre, aeiai^ QC Walker's **oUi4 A<14aion to •311! city, In ftre County oi atitwau«r», «•.«»- r>f « ... achincesj of Chemistry and ilxttein.* h».. X taxed tb«r ntittnat tn projn.3. tkli rMt, «,<i pwgiiU"»t which la known to naa. ionuiwirabl* j •f* shown that tkMM fau oava »lrta<« •bkrh . Mcdlta* UM ordinary mxllelMa, ud that th.r win an pr*^*n*«Ry •Ten tea «ura of all awn TVy ar» t.5. •d piouant to taka, boi rnwwfal to mro Th«-lr f*n^ 'trtlJ« 4 pro p»f«lM SUm slat. Cb< rlutactj*ia«af th. budj; ntQOM A* otaructleM of 111 orjmei, purify Uw bloud. >nd >ip>) Utfsfe. Tb*y f ur(«owt Uotiol humors whtrh a** arc* dlaUnawr. saia«lat« afcrrUJi ,-» di«-r organs fc to tba4r aararal action, aad u«part h«lth> tope MSh stMncU to Ik* whols sysMa. N u t oal; *". l&sy cttra ttK (vrry-day cosaplalntl of n«rj huiiy. but Hao »r«1,la|jln »ud dxnfvoos HM«M that ba»« tafl~i Uia be* eT human skfll. Whll» th«y »rodec« powwfnl «*»«»», th»y ar» at th* aama limn, la >)lralal*h««i d<^, th« SsaWt and bMt pnrsio that can b» smc!oy«j r.>» ra!Mr»n M*( i««ar<osi>d, tht>y ar« pl«s»snt to uk> : as i (Mint; tfntt sogwtable, an trmt tna any riak of hann Carw hare boo mad* whlcfa sorpavs W1X win th«y nst >ul- <>>nt%tn) ky »ra of cock rnj»*1 and cbarartrr tb» kn«|>tri£n of rntrulk Many «mlfwot d lib JtJcUni fcai« Irut lt«(, 0 Sin«i to ^rtlfj totV putlie tbe r»IlahllitT .f my r*n»ill««. whll. ..thrn hasw asm ain the sa<ura><» <* th«ar eDarMlun that my i*rFp%arUlonii eontrtbiiu fcnss^nnly t* Uu t-rvf ,.< 1*1 afllict*d % aufierlng fellow -m*a- ^ Tba Agmt tolow na0-J k pl^a*1 to rursiih (rttls ny •verkstD **•*>"?« eontalnlna: dlrwUr«s for thatr OM anrf osjrtlncatoa «4 Ufcelr rura, of the IMluwrbf mtoflaj u ti» — " 1~ti/ fitit»» fr. ,1'lJ />•; i rrr Ho.'Tin-l, ' TIIF. I. IV fit VIGOR A TO !"(-! \KKD I'V I'!;. \ \. f,.;., arising frnoi • lba| tiomarfi. N«a- . *Utaie»«ry. Ix««.y Api-llt«, all l'lr>r- HM DttttmMf vntrh rM]Qirv an evaroaal wi», acmfuia <>r Kic^'i fcrlL Tney mlmn, ^J purify fti« blim*! enrf «tlmul«tlDf th« sraUitc. cur« many plaints' wftlrh it woglj ao4 bm tnprx«e.t tti^T coulr] l>aled aturiffis efflce, iacms, I.TSD* » l»iu. Himtiff's •rtomtyi. ' .a», | A. J. , Apnl I »!,«-. ff H.I. 8TATB OF WIUCONIirs, / Circuit Coart, >*ilvnk«e Ceunty f L«ci«B kaKies, Bi»cutor of th» la« of 4oel Buttle*, deceased, Irrltahtrtty. tMrnnz»«enU of t>i« Uvar an.i KW«•;>, Duut, %n.i ntUw kmdrad n.mpUJna utai« fr. r. . *t* saat* of tb« I«v1y or obs&nctt^o nf Ite foai-ii. tia. ^ I>"-i not t« fnt i^T by naprln.-fi.M l**l*rs with «J»e <*btt [.111 Ib-y nul[< «K,r» ff,et oo *.t f,T «Tn> PlWJ, asui CAT* »UWn« •!«« K« ottttr [i-» -an ir- j-on -orapafv. win, thl« IB fj IctHnWr talar «r njr««»- pc^cra Th- akk wwr.t tt* r««t aiif t»i«r" i» ff.r if,-nt, ** tb. copper. OOSPORT, VIBGIIVU. Class Ro. 16. Black spruce. No. Zl. Iron. No 22 Spikes and nails. * So. 28. Lead, zinc and tin. No. X,'. Hardware No. 2T. Paints, oils, Ac. No. 28. Flax can" N2 »-°°"<»> <»nvas. No. SU. Flax and cotton No . . . . No. SU. Flax and cotton No. 81. Glass. Ho. 32. Leather. No. 33. Hose. Sr 0 '^*" vBrMhra - No - SSi Bunting and dry good. No S'S, tch vi lirprMin - No - 88 -Tallow, soap aid oil " 88. Bhlp Chandlery. No 40. BtaOonery. WARRINGTO'N, FLORIDA, Class Ko. 10. White pine. No. 12 sr . twine. Ho. 81. Glass. No. 82. Leaher No No. 84. Brushes. No. 35. Bunting ind dry g OT. Pitch, tar. rosin. No. 23. Tallow, ."al S». Ship chandlery. No. 40. Stationery. OIL No LANDS AND WATER POWERS. 490,000 ACRES op Cheice Farming and Pine Loads. S IN WISCONSIN, !f?. f gp fr ° m the tben at State, are now offered FOB SA^E, BT THB Fox and tPisoonsin ImproTemrat Co., At Low Prices, on Liberal Terms of Credit, and in large or small qualities to suit purchasers. THE FARMINQ LANDS, Oompritlogtbe fflfferent Tarletles of Oak opening, HraJrieand Hart Wood-taads, are well watered to iprings and never-falling Brooks, and are In the YlcLril- ty of good marltets. OJTIWUJ TBE PINE L4.NDS if the Fine Beglon of Wisconsin, and harlog been chosen with particular reference to tbe qnalitv of the amber and the yicinHy-of Jagging stream;; * WATKK • 2T«J KHKIIIt »r« MALE. i\ctr. STAf E Of WISCONSIN, i 4 Circuit Court, Milwaukee (Jo. ( Bobefl lianeyand John IK-Hew, against DcnRla Nugent and James Nugent. Execution. B Y virtue of ail erecutlon lawaetl from said Oo«rt Jn the abore entitled action, to aie dlrsrt«d an4 delivered against the goods, crmtleli and real estate of Dennis Nugent and Jamra Sugent, 1 he>ve leliej and taken the following described real estate as Uie property of the defendants or elUter of-tbem, to wit: fc"Lol noanber fo«r (4), bloek o»e hundied and thirty-Ioui (184)ln\fct First War«l of theOll. of Mllwa"i.-e, County of Milwaukee, Bt«te of Wlticons ,nd all the right, title ami Interest which Uu <«I<1 defendants or either ortheq) had * and t» i u,] presslses at tbe date of the flllng ol« certain warrant of attachment heretofore k tnsneil In thv .. Lion, to wit: On the bth day of June, 1SSS." , Which property, as aforesaid, I T m eipos* for sale and sell at PuWic Auction, at the Court House, in the City of Milwaukee, on Saturday. Ihe 29lk day of *Cpteuihcr, 185», at the hour of 2 r. •., of that day to satisfy said execution ud costs. Date<l Sheriff's, Office, Milwaukee, August 9, 18M. BtJTLka, Brrmjoi • OOTTRII.L, | UKRMAN L. PAGE, Pl'lfs Att'ys. [ sh'ff. Mil. Co. WIs. anglO-dlawCw t&r The aa>ovesale uthereby p«tp»oe<| to Saturday, Oetober 28, ISM, at tbe same place aud hour as aaove named. Dated BherW's Office, Milwaukee, August 2i,185S. •JlttMAN L. PAQ«. •126 Sh'ff. Mil. Co., Wls. c above salegs further postponed lo Saturday, Ihe 20th day of November, 1£&3, at the same place and hour as above named. D&ted BheruT'a Ofllce, Milwaukee, Oct. 28,1858. 11EBMAN L. PAB«, octS4-4w Sfc-rr. Mil. Oe., WIs. ty The above sale Is furtberpostponcd to Saturday Feb. 19, 1846, at tbe same place and hour as abov* named. Date rllTi Office, Mllwtukee, Nov. 20. t85g. HERMAN L. PAGE, th*a. HI. Oo., Wls _ The above sale Is still further postponed to Saturday, Angnst 20,1W9, at the same p»ace and hour as above named. . „ ilERMAB L. PAGE, feb20-lawtt Late Bh'».«il. (Jo^ Wls. ElliabaU* O»*e»0eid, widow of Adolph (IrrtatvH, d, - ceued, LOIIB A«»r aKfl \VHIian Claadrr. Vorecaosure. t N virtue of and f%r«uanl to a ja«!rtn.nt r^n.^wM |,, said Court, I* tt» abar* e«tiU*« actloa, 4»: f .l u, cc«ber 81st, IK*. 1 thall eipaM lor aale an,l •.•!! at, public auction, at Oie ifoit Ottice m ca< eitf ol M:iw*n k*«, o, saitairda), MM ^ 4» r •• Jtsi», IsM, at the li.«ur of * p. n. 4,1 thai d*f , ih* f-.i-.m, described mong%g,4 p*e>ru«a, or so riiur', l may be necessary to raise the. amount o«Sat<i J cocu, tOKeAef oitlithe ei[.rr.«.- t» wit : "Lot numb«r tix»-»n (itj, m ««*-k .,«r dreu an* %«eoly-«e«en ^T), ui the C \VarJ . f Uie ci4j ol Mllvauikm, Oatmly i.f ^ ' Prepared by Dr. J. O. AVER, PUOB 99 Cr«. P«B Boa. PITS P*f*« f^n f I. £OUD BT ;nHM RICR, Mii»au*-e. J.rl. aEVl> * QO_rt,i <%1 .o. ,-,.> *,..,. - ,,.rj tsVn ifl the United SltatM. rrf> 1 T - ^ • .4 * DR.M'LANF'S Cl.l.l-BR AM.l) VERMIFUGE LIVER PILLS. .-81.^41- 4; I fl^l*.., VI N J. \V T R I. A '1 M II \ (oufitkutijil l T th- RuT»,.. I' . i .\ t-nr-.- f .-'v L.II . i • . Oated BhertB 's office, M11«rauki», Aarll l<t ;•>' OODO, U»ow» « OUDIS, | A J. LA&iWoKtil > PlalnlUTi Attoruejrs John A. Page, execuior tha last will and .« «I off eai | OESCUTT goUBT, I Milwaukee County. ( William P. I ynde, against John Cnmmlngs, Sally Ann Camming, Gre««r Heazel Abraham B. Warner, P«ter Kcmble, The Globe Bank William Bmlth. Be»ry Benftleben. AbrahamStetahart Lewis J. Claude, George W. Peckham, Lewis 8. Mack, Herman S. Mack, Leander Hnbby, Arthur Hoghw, Bamnel 9. Lester, Badger State Bask, Robert B. Bell, James Lsngworth, Charles Knap, John W. Butler Henry Carter, Jerrjs Langdon, Samuel W. Barnard Ud David M. Mlsner, Assignee. The State of Wlsflonjln, to all the defendant* above nan»o\ except John «um«lngs and Bally Ann Ouin- \OV are hereby summoned and required to annrr J. tte complaint In this action, wWch wlu STTn the office of me Clerk of the ClrcuU Court" OoSjy I? ' Sheri* Mil. L., , \» i. s,AJ of Uelektah 11. Reed, deceased. II. Darld P. Hull, Marian Alt«n Hall, Edwin* Palmer, Trustee, J«stina Uathsway, Byron W. UlATk, Charles B. Clark, Robert B. Bell, The far-Bert A Milter's B'k Henry L. Palmer, lleTBaun Bchvarttng, and Augustus Ovealich, A«> signees of the People's Bank of Haertel, Orrcs- leaf A Company, Edward O. Tyler, Jabei O. Foster, Horace P. Hunn and | Jasper K. Goedrich. j I N parsuance and by virtu* »f a dscre* ma-Jebylhe District Court of the tWre4 Slat* for the District of Wisconsin, on the twelfth day of Match, a. o 1869 in theaboK entitled caose, I shall s*it at l»ubll« Auction, at the CnlteU States Marshal', offlte. in the CHy 0} MUwaukee, on Monday, th« ninth day of May, Issi, at 11 o'clock i. M., " The following real esut* beln« an4 lying Ii Ihi Conoty of Mllwavkae aa4 s»at« ef Wl>co»sin, acd kncsre Aod described u the <o«tti en»t quarter oj the north west quarter of section nuraSer tea 110) In township number »evea IT), north of ranfii nuialwr twenty-two (22) tut.; less the south east 711 after fcel-as- ten (Ifl) acres of the above detcribe4 tract of land which Is executed and reieriert." Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Match 28,1219 ». J. THOMAS, U a. ManljAl A..O. Hit, CompH's 8allcitor. mar 9 " The akove sale Is hereby aOjouvned to the time ar Dated April 21,1889. knrt-u., n nNOHEi LTNDB * MILLER. »pr281awOw .?lalntlTs * Attorneys. NOTICE. al" of JHOBA_R» agem 01 a-rnstea, or iiANIIL O. JKNHK. Agent, At the offloeof theLaod Department, at Agent of Trustee*, or O A Appleton, ,- natylg .or of W.H. EODrTAT, Company'. Agent, v ,-.: MWtaoon- " f - 1 *' -- ZS&fe ;/ ptrcent..r>eraDnunl, deeming myself- Insecure, I ahaU oBfer for tale aad shall sell at pnblic sale on the preml- No; « Spring streeS lathe fourUi Ward, of the OUv S U ^^ t0n8 i lar<Uyi * hBl8u ' *»T of June next, O o'clock In tue forenoon, for the purpose of pavlni at JO o'clock In tue forenoon, for the purpose of said ram and..!**™!, the following Jwopjrty conTCTel to me said by mortgage tolrit: A two stoVy Brick bnUd- Ing nineteen and one-half fee- front by thirty-live fowl' ?*fe«un»tea»ff.j>iairof lots 2 an* 8, m block Tl, In 4 . 4 W"dof th«0iqr o >AKTJ,Wwl»hIrigte«iigAgeHaoksiorO«anlbose«for L the puttwteof TWtlnBttie€Urdeinorf6rJ1ollI( eo'wlth flrat da«s vttlcleiontht mortrewnakle tenna. Aim.of uinlnt on the J«t of Jnnefoi ^Oott'ieorier jtt.AtiTlSd for Waawatoea leaves Ta« Oott'j _ at 13 at. and ft WiMonaln. artthtueleaae of .Fv^^^Ait^ty^jgssR, the eleventh day of Jily, 1859, at ta» aamc hour at* place as Above. Marshal's Offica,Milwaukee, Hay 9, 1831. snaylO-lawtt M.J. THOMAS, B. s. aUrsUal. BTATK OF WISOOJigIS, I Orcajt Court, Milwaukee County. f Alonzo L. Kane4 against.- ' John 8. Plllmore, George W. Ptckharo and CftlkertjlM Pbreclosmrc. . I N virtue of and pursuant to a Judgment restdered In said Court, in the Above entitled action, dated March 18,18», I shall expose for sale and sell at Pub- Uc Auction, at the Post-Office In the City of Milwaukee •a MUttrdavr, (be 2el slay of Jatlr lau' at the hour of i r. u,, of .that day, the following described mortgaged premises or so much thereof as tna'v be necessary to rais.tb* amoirBt ot sa!4 judgment. Interest and costs, together with the expenses of saJe to wit: ' "Lot nnmtor thirteen £13} and the ean thirty 138] fact .of lot niunber twelve 12), .in block • number seventf-seven [77], In the Fourth Want of thetjltyof Mllwaakie, In the Cousrty olllil. wankee and State of Wlaeoolln." ; Dated oherlff's Office,-Milsrankte, April 1.1SJ9. . '. be^ leave to call the Attention of thr '1'rjJi-, ^nd more especiatly tlic Physicuru, ot" the Country, to nvo ut the most popular remedies now iK-furr the public. We refej- to Dr, eiias. S'LuRf'* OlrbratftJ Vermifuge and Liver Pills. We do not reconimrnd them aj universal Cure-all.s, Imt Dimply tbi vvhal their name purports, vi/. ; THE v KR MI FIT; r:, For expelling Worms from rht human system. It hns also beer administered with the most satisfactory results to various Animal' subject to Worms. THE LIVER PII,LS, i i ' KH Ill.^i i A ! ' r u at; *, r lu.*eu I.y If'-- 1e< rel lialiit 3, / , n in 1. ^ iu» 1 r •- X ;.r-*- A CL i»K W ASR.l.STlU Dr AMD.* 1 iMM hive l,.v 1^1 -j.e - Un'v«»ly 1,' i.,,j |.«. u. itr -..i^i ..' :n i leir frll-iw vrefttun*s v is fully i.e-»tili-.l any arrN.titf ,Q t.,*-i from \,l p.irtd I Xerli'Mli ,'iHTe l.e.-u T..91I..-.I w 'h I.'.- I ^ntft^ei. yet rrnui what 11,-y IIAV^ ^vi» ('n.m -.I.eir mu^t .iBil'ie mrie'l Uie p<vd5iOility H ..1 I., t form* "I i one o! tl;. ' Atl'yj. aprl-SraJllnllr OWCTJIf OOOET, i MUwaoiee Odonty.J : , ; Charles W. WlUard, f lalnllff, . . TBibereby gtyen, pwr»n»nt io section Id/chapter 118 1 Bevlied Statutes ome&late 61 Wlsjon«ln,tbjitth. Grand aod Petit Jurors for the June Term ISM. of Mo MonlclpAl ™_ „..,.•., of thatdty, At the M gom, OB HMn tbreet, In the Betentti: DUed OlevkXOace, City of Mill A ,• HEJK1 _ BMyaJEi Clerkof feel * I andAugartos B. Wo.4.1 Defendanu! w»qkee,wiUilntwen! eloslveof thedar ' _.intfcesalacity of days after^hesTTlce.hereof, ex. ssrvlce; and H you tall to t.i_ •>•-"yme 1 AforeiAld '" per «ut1, post paf, to snj one box'of PTfls (or twelvj til BILIOUS DERAKCEMENTS, SICK HavAD-ACHS, *Vc. in Clf^S of FEVER AND AGUE, preparatory to or after raking Quinine, they almost invariably makt i speedy and permanent cure. As specifics for tbe above mentioned diseases, they are Unrivaled ind never known to fail tvhen ad ministered in accordance with tht directions. Their unprecedented popularity has induced the proprietors, FLEMING BROTHERS, ... PITTSBURGH, PA. to dispose of their Drug business In which they have been successfully-engaged for the last Twenty Years, and they will notf give theii undivided time and attention tc i their manufacture. And.beJng determined that'Dr. M'Lane's Cele- i&rated Vermifuge and'Liver Fills ishall continue to occupy the high jppsition they now hold am,o4ig the jgreat remedies of the 'day, they continue to spare neitrir time .jior expense in procuring the Bcsf |»n4 Purest material^and cgm- i |»i}nd;.them.«. the mosit tr^o ' Address' all orders to FlEpO BBSS. fHlifcirgh, Pi. ' u*trlet:t, nr i>ln»tiito of ler, u> well : whleti hear an prcvenlmu ol r.'.ttily th4 iivcft-t lor* . rr un.l Uinr - life, .in. I »i, . til LI. .1.1 Pen- DS in any i art of the wn ueau-U t»y furw&nlm^ l i-urr with i> remittance for MMlr»nea A.IJrcM l>r. AMOS a BUN. o itr«t, Llullv'o, N. Y. , ic. ru.r NUCRIFF'M VII i:. >,-». STATE OF WISCONSIN, ( 'Circuit Court, MilwiiUket; County | Sidney 8hxparU. Christian ITtnry Meyer, aoil .Uarjfarei, his wit--. -Mm.* tf. Brk>wn, Davtii (*. I'tiwer, Edvanl Ussse. VV.iM i m V Metrlll, N*l»on Web.trr, CtinrlM I X... 'll-i Deuner rtac1ba.-li. B. an<l .«. »' Or .%r..l I A.lailnlstraton "f ihe estate of John C LeRi-v. J.<-ceased, Ormund T Crane, Cturle* t Bo.l^. A.liintiin lr»lor of the .S!sit« «' Charles II. Schr- n.-r. lec-13- ed, James W. Areie/1 ao.l He. m«n (i C. K^u n ,rr I N virtue of »ml purjuani to a juilument ren.ler-l 'n laidCoart In the above entltle,lacti,,u^lau-.| K-i.r.i:i ry 8, 1S5», I shall ejp«e for .ale an.f - •• • • li.m, at the Pujl-Ouice, In Uie City Saturday* « 1 »*' tt ! u , da » r »t the Imur yf ^ r. »., "f that day, the loll,,win* scribed mortgaged yrernists or. so nluvh i hereof *.i : be necessary to roise the ameunt of S;IM| uilxmem. t«rest snd coau, together wllh the eTpens. s •{ lal. It: »i.ot number sixteen (1«) and thu east h»lf .r l.n number ftfteen-(15). In hlock fort^-(iv« ,'i.'.), , n the tfecoml Waril of tho City of Uiiwankt-e, being on Tamarack street, between fifth mil Six'h streeU, all In the Connty t»f MilwulWf Oflles Milwaukee, AiVil t. 1*59. A. J. UAN-.iV-ullTIIT. Sheriff llll»auke« i'.i., \Vi A Ii 1\ >. I' M rt :\ 1CI for * m ' e * n< l * el ' »t Cuhltr A ,f >lil«»uk,f^. > I \ K I Dated gherllf'. apr3-3m-Uc2w •OO] • STATE OP WISCONSIN, ( Clroalt Court. Milwaukee County. | Jamea'8. Brow.n, Juihua Hathaway anil Thomas I den, against • A. Patterson Smith awl Alfrea Kdwardj. Voreclosure. I Nvlrtae-of anil Borauaot M a juJifinent remlere.1 ;n aiiil Court. In the above entltleii urtlon. d'ted Uarch IT, 1859, I shall expose for sale nn.l iell >t Public Aatctlon, at the Post Offlce, In the <Mty of Mllwankie, on Saturday, tkc 9«l d«r »' July. '•«'.», at hehourofSP.u. of that day, the following drtcribe.1 mortgaged premises, or ao'much thereof as may be oe- cessary4o raise tha amount of said inUgment, Interest and costs, together with the expenses of sate, to »lt: ''Block number twenty-eight 133), of Clsrt's . addition, Jn ihe IpRhth Ward, of the city of Mll- wanfcee and county of Milwaukee, and State at Wisconsin. Bated Skertra Office, illlwiakee, April 1st, 1859. DAVID B. Oaon, r A. J.LANGWOHT1IV, - - £.!> . Sheriff Mil. C»., Wu. Clatr-d Id, Ih-u :>• All parls <>' Liu- 'luu eariy received cn^ea. .Vo Pea is re»(Utieil No OIASQS :or -"»v,, be statuii when U)H p TVsOftaxcn C<i4) S^r plication; a above.

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