Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on June 29, 1993 · Page 13
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 13

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 29, 1993
Page 13
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-THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL- TUESDAY, JUNE 29, 1993 — 13 4 5. )••". TUESDAY EVENING 6:00 P.M. (2) Married... With Children g (T) d) CD News g World News Tonight g j MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour g 1 Real Stories of the Highway Patrol I 21 Jump Street g I Cheers g l Full House g ! Star Trek: The Next Generation g ~l Sam Pecklnpah: Man of Iron ) Movie ** 1 /2 "Li'l Abner" (1:54) ) Invention ) Life Goes On g ) Supermarket Sweep (NICK) What Would You Do? CscTFi) Night Stalker CUSA) Q.I. Joe CDJSN) Movie ** "Adventures in flnosaur City"(1:30) Movie ** 1 /2 "Ladynawke" (2:04) 6:30 P.M. ) Who's the Boss? g (4) Entertainment Tonight g I Current Affair g I News (20) Emergency Call g (To) Cosby Show g [Roseanne g (pise) Next Step (ESPN) Baseball Tonight CUFE) Shop 'Til You Drop CNJCK) Wild ft Crazy Kids CUSA) Real Ghostbusters r^rjN) News g 7:00 P.M. © Cheers Alexis Smith guest stars as Rebecca's former college professor and Sam's new love interest, g (T) Route 66 Nick and Arthur become entangled with a sensuous young married flirt with a jealous husband when they seek work in Palm Springs. © Rescue 911 A skier is injured by an avalanche; a state trooper is shot when he stops a stolen car; the Trauma Response Team at Los Angeles Children's Hospital. (R) (S) g (T) Jeopardy! g © Wonder Years Lisa Berlin! temporarily agrees to go with Kevin to the junior nigh-school dance. (S) g (T) Nightly Business Report Scheduled: the Money File. (Jo) Magnum, P.I. A client, supposedly searching for his father, turns out to be a murderer. (36) All in the Family After 29 years of hostile silence, Archie and his brother Fred finally come face to face. (to) Roseanne Roseanne's hired for a job that requires expertise on a computer. (S) g © Star Trek: The Next Generation Tasha Yar's sister helps the Enterprise rescue Federation members held hostage on her planet. (S) g (W) News Coisc) Lifeforce An exploration of the distribution of solar energy, via plant life, on the Earth looking at why some species prosper only in certain climates. (ESPN) Major League Baseball "Teams to Be Announced" (Live) (FAM) Waltons John-Boy undertakes an act of charity. (liFE) Unsolved Mysteries (NICK) Looney Tunes (SCIFI) Invaders ' (TNT) Movie *** "Alvarez Kelly" (T%6) William Holden, Richard Widmark. An adventurer bringing a herd of 2,500 cattle to the Union Army Is abducted by Confederate guerrillas. (2'ioj (USA) Quantum Leap When Sam leaps into the persona of a womanizing college professor in 1972, he encounters his lost love and attempts to reshape the past. (S) g (WON! Major League Baseball tT CKlcago Cubs at San Diego Padres" From San Diego/Jack Murphy Stadium. (Live) 7:30 P.M. CD Major League Baseball "San Francisco Giants at Los Angeles Dodgers" From Dodger Stadium. (Live) § Wheel of Fortune g Full House Joey is secretly taped a video dating service and meets the woman of his dreams, g CD Are You Being Served? The staff is asked for ideas on how the store can make money after shopping hours conclude. (36) Designing Women The ladies face jail when Charlene's friend offers them authentic antiques at bargain prices. (S) © Cheers Woody's girlfriend returns from abroad; Frasler helps Cliff get even, g fso) Golden Girls A soldier returning from the Persian Gulf sweeps Blanche off her feet. (S) g (NJCK) Bullwlnkle CTBsT(:35) Movie ** "Shadow of the Hawk' 1 (1976) Jan-Michael Vincent, Marilyn Hassett. Time Approximate. A medicine man's grandson and a young female journalist join forces to stop a sorceress's quest for power. (4:00) (Bisii) Zorro Diego and Bernardo must prevent the Eagle from becoming a permanent resident in the de la Vega house. fHiol Wimbledon Tennis Highlights Andrea Joyce provides a wrap-up of the day's matches, g 8:OOP.M. I South Beach Kate is forced to play V both sides of the fence when she poses as a treasure-seeking scuba /.' diver searching for a stolen bejeweled f»" chalice. (S) g V © Movie **'/2 "When No One Would * Listen" (1992J Michele Lee. James -r, Farentlno. A battered wife seeks legal .- help to protect herself and her children V from her abusive husband. Based on a * true story. (S) g (2:00) CD CD Full House Stephanie discovers •*" one of her classmates is a victim of *', child abuse but he makes her promise " not to tell anyone. (R) (S) g ,- © Nova Geologists' quest to predict .,- earthquakes, including a project that v* monitors seismic activity at the San * Andreas Fault. R) (S) g „ m Movie ** '^Buddy Buddy" (1981) % waiter Matthau, Jack Lemmon. A hit % man on his last assignment is * distracted by his bumbling hotel f ' hbor's attempts at suicide. (2:00) Movie **'/2 "Chicago Joe and the wgirl" (1990) Kiefer Sutherland, * Emily lloyd. An American serviceman . in World War II England embarks on a •, crime spree with a showgirl which * develops into murder. (2:00) CD Beverly Hills, 90210 As Brenda and Donna return from Paris, Dylan . "• and Kelly decide to keep their I encounter a secret; Brandon reevaluates his feelings for Brooke. (R) .(S)g * ©Together for Our Children* MTU.S.LC. Benefiting the Gorbachev * Foundation's efforts to immunize , children in the United States and | former Soviet Union. Scheduled t performers include Phil Collins, Billy T Joel, L.L. Cool J, Santana and Bonnie Raitt. CD Movie *** "Pat and Mike" (1952) Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn. A conniving sports promoter transforms a , talented teacher into the queen of the athletic world. Colorized. (2:00) TUESDAY EVENING 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 1 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30(11:00 BROADCAST CHANNELS CD CD CD CD CD CD CD 6D ra 09 m Married... News News News News Boss? Cosby Entertain. C. Affair News News News News MacNeil/Lehrer H. Patrol Emer. Call 2 1 Jump Street Cheers Full H'se. Cosby Roseanne Star Trek Gen. Cheers Night Ct. Major League Baseball: Giants at Dodgers Cheers Route 66 Rescue 911 Hard Cpy. Jeopardy! Wonder Business Entertain. Fortune Full H'se. Served Magnum, P.I. All Family Roseanne Design. Cheers Star Trek Gen. News | Golden G. Route 66 South Beach South Beach Dateline Movie: "When No One Would Rescue 911 Full H'se. Full H'se. Nova Cooper Cooper Listen" New.-, Dateline News News Movie: "When No One Would Roseanne Roseanne Room- Room- Two of Us Movie: "Buddy Buddy" (1981) Movie: "Chicago Joe and the Showgirl" Beverly Hills, 90210 (Key West Together for Our Children--M.U.S.I.C. Movie: "Pat and Mike" (1952) Aldo Ray News Sp. Listen" Jack's Place Jack's Place P.O.V. WKRP Wonder News Rush L. Cheers Newhart Wonder H. Patrol Cheers News Tonight For. News News News Ch. Rose Un touch. News Married... Arsenio Hall News I Paid CABLE CHANNELS A&E DISC ESPN FAM LIFE NICK SCIFI TBS TNT USA | WGN Sam Peckinpah: Man of Iron Invention Golf Next Step Baseball Life Goes On Su- You Do Shop- Crazy Night Stalker Lifeforce At the Improv Terra X | Treasure Biography Invention iNext Step Major League Baseball: Teams to Be Announced. Waltons Unsolved Mysteries Looney Bullwinkle Invaders Major League Baseball Cont'd Movie Cont'd G.I. Joe Movie Ghost- News Young Riders L.A. Law Get Smart Gallery Movie: "Shadow of Movie: "Alvarez Kelly" (1966) Quantum Leap Van Dyke Hitchcock Father Dowling Sam Peckinpah: Man of Iron Lifeforce Sportsctr. 700 Club NBA Final Nature NBA ScareMovie: "Dominick and Eugene" (1988) Dragnet Lucy Battlestar Galactica M. Moore M. Moore Night Stalker the Hawk" (1976), Chief Dan George Murder, She Wrote Hitchcock Invaders Movie: "Savage Wilderness" (1955) Boxing: Duran vs. Opponent TBA Major League Baseball: Cubs at Padres Eden Tenth In. | Movie: "The Ballad of Josie" PREMIUM CHANNELS DISN HBO MAX SHOW "Adventrs-Dino." IZorro Wimbledon Tennis Cont'd |Tennis Movie: "Ladvhawke" (1985) Movie: "Far and Away" (1992) Cont'd Walt Disney (Medal: Vietnam Movie: "Extreme Justice" Movie: "Radio Flyer" (1992) Movie: "Eve of Destruction" Crypt Line-Fire "The Diary of Anne Frank" Comedy Hour: N.Y. "MartialMovie: "Final Analysis" Movie: "Keeper of the City" CD CD CD CD CD CD QD (ID OD O> © CCD KTVU Kiev NK KRON NK KPtX COB Kvn cm mo AK KFWU WC xoeo PM KC*0 UM KOFY MO KICU MO KTW. PCX OMK NO lANFfl/WCIKO KFTY MO IANTAROBA ARTV1 BMTWTAffM0fT MmCANUDVUCLAMe* CONBUMm NtWt AND BUBMCM CHMMB. CA«.E NlWt NFTWOKC OtKJHD » cuneu WNFIUNCIKO 41 smnvNcnco a EURBtA MNFWNCIteo « IT 4T IT II il MOOtSTO UNRVINCIICO UNJOMI THI DMCOVtflY CHMtCL THI DHNtY CHANNB. WTWBTWUKKT t fPORTSPR 6E> TW FAMfcY CHANNB. (CM HOMtaoxoFnet MfADLMINem ursnte CNBUAX MUMCmlVMON MCXKOOCON MBUC BJOCATWIAI. OOVBWMNT OBB tHOWTMl OD (HOmMHETWOnK QB WTM MO ATUNTA (US) TWUWMNOCIUNNB. <B TMNUHVLLINRWOnt iron TUNNMNCTWOOKTUVBiaN (TWO TWWCXTHtACHAiMa Oj> MAMnwom am VMOHITtONi tOt> WON NO CHBAOO COVMMTV BU1FTN BOARD • tor Ft BraMt* owrfm I. umvn*. mmum, R i" •» uw ««r CS CB • for Ft. Bragg & Mendocino viewers only. 0D 69 CD • for TIA only. (TTFEl L.A. Law Grace confronts a defense attorney who makes an issue of his client's race in an attempt to win an assault case. CjJTcK) Get Smart Max and 99 must find DrTYes' new secret laboratory. (SCIFI) Night Gallery A successful writing team tells a story about a gorilla; two men try to dispatch a vampire for all time. CUSA) Murder, She Wrote While in Nashville to visit a country singer, Jessica discovers a web of infidelity and greed that leads to murder, g f5isNi Walt Disney Presents "Disneyland After Dark" Walt Disney takes viewers on a nighttime tour of the Magic Kingdom. (R) CHBO) Movie "Extreme Justice" (1993, Suspense) Lou Diamond Phillips, Scott Glenn. A Los Angeles cop is recruited by a top-secret vigilante squad created to exterminate the criminal element. (S) (MAX) Movie ** 1 /z "Radio Flyer" (1992, Drama) Elijah Wood, Joseph Mazzello. The power of imagination propels this tale of two adolescents planning a fanciful escape from their abusive stepfather. (S) 'PG-13' g (1:53) CSHOW) Movie **'/2 "Eve of Destruction" (1990, Science Fiction) Gregory Mines, Renee Soutendijk. An anti-terrorist agent is given the dangerous task of deactivating a vengeful robot running amok in San Francisco. (S)'R 1 (1:41) 8:30 P.M. (T) CD Hangin' With Mr. Cooper A teachers' strike puts Mark out of work and Vanessa gets him a job in the mail room of her brokerage firm. (R) (S) g (DISC) Treasure Hunters Nova Scotia's residents search for treasure that pirates supposedly buried on'Oak Island. (R) nricJT) Dick Van Dyke Rob's pal Jerry strains their friendship when he starts knocking Rob's television show in public. fsci H ) Alfred Hitchcock Presents A series of mishaps foils the plans of a real estate agent (Dwight Schultz) who intends to end his marriage by hiring a contract killer. (S) 8:45 P.M. fpism (:50) Disney Channel Salutes the American Teacher g 9:OOP.M. (T). Dateline Scheduled: cheating at the gas pump, from rigged pumps to altered gasoline. (S) g © d) Roseanne The power company disconnects power to the Conner home when Roseanne fails to pay the electric bill.JR) (S) g (D Two of Us QD Key West Buried treasure found on the beach by JoJo and Hunter tests their friendship while a dolphin becomes attracted to Savannah and begins to follow her around. (S) g (ME) Biography The early life and career of John Wayne, including clips from some of his lesser-known movies. fmscl Invention The development of helicopters; an innovative disaster- reaction program. (R) (?AMl Father Dowling Mysteries Father Dowling must clear his own name after his twin brother Blaine frames him in a bank robbery. (S) g CUFF) Movie *** "Dominick and Eugene" (1988) Tom Hulce, Ray Liotta. Robert M. Young's acclaimed account of the special relationship between a med-school student and his mentally handicapped brother. (2:30) (MICK) Dragnet Friday and Gannon discover a Fagin-like gang in operation while probing a series of Business burglaries. _ . , f§cm") Battlestar Galactica Starbuck crashlands on a planet and is rescued by a band of children who ransom him to the Cylons in exchange for their father. (USA! Boxing "Roberto Duran vs. Opponent to Be Announced" Scheduled 10-round middleweight bout from Casino Magic in Bay St. Louis, Miss. (Same-day Tape) foTsiT) Medal of Honor: Vietnam Profiles acts of bravery performed by those who earned the medal of honor. (R, (Part 2 of 2)^^ (TNL) Movie **Vz "Savage Wilderness" M9&5) Victor Mature, Guy Madison. Two trappers-turned-Army-scouts try to convince their hotheaded commander that an attack on Indians would be unwise. (2:05) I Cheers g ~| Sam Pecklnpah: Man of Iron l Movie *** f /2 "The Great Man" I ) Lifeforce j Sportscenter CFAM) 700 Club CNJCK) Mary Tyler Moore g cm) Night Stalker ) Movie *** "The Ballad of Josle" (2:00) •DISN) Movie *** 1 /2 "The Diary of \t\ne Frank" (2:35) CHBO) Comedy Hour g ) Movie *** "Final Analysis" 4) (SHOW) Movie ** "Keeper of the City" 10:30 P.M. (T) News Special (20") Bob Newhart CM) Wonder Years g nun Real Stories of the Highway Patrol GJD Arsenic Hall g Headline News NBA Finals Films fijicR") Mary Tyler Moore g 11:00 P.M. (D Cheers g (T) Wimbledon Update CD Forever Knight (T) News g (T) (M) News QT) Charlie Rose (20) Untouchables (3D Married... With Children g (15) Paid Program fDTsc) Profiles of Nature CESPN) NBA Today CFAM) Scarecrow and Mrs. King Alfred Hitchcock Presents f sci FI) Invaders (USA) Eden mlo) Movie ** "Martial Law 2: Jndercover" (1:32) 11:15 P.M. i Tonight Show g ff) (:20) Movie *** 1 /a "Flame Over 11:30 P.M. ) Murphy Brown g (:35) Nightllne g ) Paid Pro CM) paid Program Star Trek: The Next Generation g i Montel Williams CAMC) (:35) Movie **'/2 "Li'l Abner" (ESPN) Sportscenter ) Thirtysometning (NICK) Superman CrisD (:35) Movie *** "Pork Chop Hill ,„„._, Hitchhiker (SHOW) (:35) Movie *** "Carrie" (1:37) 12:00 A.M. (D M'A'S'H CD Inside Edition g CD (12:05) Hunter CD (12:05) Whoopl Goldberg (T) Great Journeys dD f3a) rsci FI i Paid Program lovie *** "The Cowboy and the ' (2:00) Evening at the Improv ; Up Close Bonanza: The Lost Episodes F-Troop 'MacGyver g Twilight Zone (12:05) Movie ** "To Protect Lady Late Night With David Letterman 12:30 A.M. Best of Love Connection Studs (:35) Arsenic Hall g 20) (36) (SCIFI) Paid Program To) Perfect Strangers g S)ALFg ESPN) Running Unsolved Mysteries NiciT) Dobie Gillis WON) Movie *** "Term of Trial" (pi'sif) (:35) Movie *** Cankee"(1:25) (HBO) Movie ** A Connecticut Thief of Hearts" 1:00 A.M. CD Taxi CD That's Amore © (:05) News g CD P.O.V. g Dynasty fse) Infatuation Paid Program *** "The Counterfeit *** "D.O.A." (2:00) Auto Racing Patty Duke CD GO Room for Two Jill's miffed when Edieinvites some old friends to drop by for a visit. (S) g CbiSc) Next Step A look at a robot used to bring live vlde9 feeds from the ocean floor, high definition television. ) Lucy Show Art Linkletter selects ras a contestant on his show. .„) (:40) Tenth Inning (Time oroximate) With host Steve Stone. ) Tales From the Crypt A puppet OTO «s vengeance for his owner (Donald O'Connor) after the man's wife plays a dirtytrick. (R) (S) g fsfiow) (:40) Making of In the Line of FlreA behind-the-scenes look at the new Clint Eastwood Film. 10:00 P.M. QD News g jack's Place g £O.V. g I WKRP In Cincinnati I Wonder Years g I News l Rush Llmbaugh 1:15 A.M. ! Paid Program —I Movie **Vz "Year of the Gun" 1:30 A.M. I Jeffersons g I Designing Women g ) (:35) Movie *'/z "Kentucky Rifle" £00) i Paradise Beach ) (sci FI) Paid Program ovie **Vz "The Iron Major" Donna Reed r<:35) Honeymooners ) (:35) Movie ** "Memoirs of an Invisible Man" (1:39) 1:45 A.M. CD Later With Bob Costa* 2:00 A.M. iNewhart g d) Rush Llmbaugh GO) Nightowl Theatre CM) Mr. and Mrs. North SD Movie **Vz "Garbo Talks" (2:00) j Basic Training Workout (FAM) 700 Club UFJ) rscTFp Paid Program (NICK) Qet Smart rTBf)(:05) All in the Family (TNT) (;05) My Favorite Martian CoTsN) Movie ** 1 /2 "Spaceman In King Arthur's Court" (1:35) 2:15 A.M. (T) Entertainment Tonight g CHBO! Movie * 1 /2 "Confessions of a Serial Killer" (1:32) 2:30 A.M. CD The Judge g CD Exile ) Golden Years of Television PN) Getting Fit (LIFE) Paid Program fNicKlDIck Van Dyke (SCIFIJ New Classic ) Headline News (7) News g WEDNESDAY MORNING 6:00 A.M. ) CM) Headline News ) © CD News g ) ABC World News This Morning g ) To Lifel Yoga With Priscilla Patrick CM) Captain N and the Video amemasters ) (LIFE)(USA) Paid Program ) TOTTClub (44) Kenneth Copeland IA«£) Movie *** "The Roman Spring oTMrs. Stone" (2:00) (DISCI America Coast to Coast (ESPN) Body by Jake CFAM) Today With Marilyn "I Mr. Wizard's Wortd (semi Lost in Space Cn||)(:05) Little House on the Prairie • CTNT) Adventure Quest CCMSN) Mousercise HOW) Bunch of Munsch g 6:15 A.M. CD A.M. Weather 6:30 A.M. (D Headline News CD News g CD News I Sit and Be Fit (20) Camp Candy g I Paid Program (441 Adventures of T-Rex (so) AqDay (ESPN) Bodyshaping CFAM) James Robison (NICK) Lassie CTNT) Jonny Quest CUSA) First Business (WON) C.O.P.S. (DISN) Music Box CMAX) Movie *** "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" (2:18) ( SHOW i Red Riding Hood and GofdYocks 6:45 A.M. CD ABC World News This Morning g 7:00 A.M. CD Mornings on Two (T)Today g ) This Morning g ) CD Good Morning America g Q) Sesame Street g 1 Woody Woodpecker ) 700 Club ) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles g i DuckTales g l Robert Tilton CAMC) Movie ** "The Rage of Paris" CDISC) Pasquale's Kitchen Express , (ESPN) Sportscenter CFAM) Augie Doggie ft Friends ) Paid Program I Yogi Bear (sci Ffi Voyage to the Bottom of the (TBS) COS) Little House on the Prairie CTNT) Charlie's Angels PSA) Real Ghostbusters (WON) Perry Mason j Adventures of the Gumml Bean ) JFK: In His Own Words g CSHOW) OWL/TV 7:30 A.M. ) Jetsons ) Beetlejuice g ) Stunt Dawgs —} Great Chefs of New Orleans PN) Sportscenter CFAM) Flintstone Kids ! It Figures J Looney Tunes ) Q.I. Joe ) Adventures in Wonderland g 1 Orchestral g 8:00 A.M. I Mister Rogers g 1 Flintstones ) Paid Program ) Alvin and the Chipmunks g ) Teenage Mutant Nima Turtles g ) This Morning's Business ) Fugitive ") Low Cholesterol Gourmet j Fitness Pros ) Inspector Gadget ) Your Baby and Child ) Frog Prince j Dark Shadows f:05) Little House on the Prairie harlle's Angels iScooby Doo ) Joan Rivera j Fraggle Rock g ) Babar I Movie ** "Drop Dead Fred" 8:16 A.M. i) Movie *** "Career" (1:45) -^ 8:30 A.M. Sesame Street g Leave it to Beaver Paid Program imes Bond Jr. g Headline News ("DISC") Graham Kerr (ESPN) Getting Fit (FAM)Popeye ) What Every Baby Knows l sci FI) Dark Shadows (USA) Real Ghostbusters (DJSN) Welcome to Pooh Comer g CHBO) Pinocchlo g 9:00 A.M. (D Family Feud (T) Wimbledon Tennis g ~| Vlckll illy Jessy Raphael I New Leave It to Beaver ) Q*D Paid Program ) (Love Lucy ) Widget (Ait) O'Hara. U.S. Treasury Cmsc) Easy Does It (ESPN) Bodies in Motion (FAMjWattons CUFE) Thlrtysomething CNICK) Eureeka's Castle (SCIFI) Movie *** 1 /2 "The Wolf Man" ^j'(:05) CHIPs (TNT) Movie *** "I'll Cry Tomorrow" 1 Denver, the Last Dinosaur g ) Geraldo J Under the Umbrella Tree CHBO) World Entertainment News Report (MAX) Movie *** "Cold Turkey" (1:39) 9'30 AM CD Whoopl Goldberg* I Barney & Friends g (26) Okavango CM) CUD Paid Program ID'S the Boss? g [Brady Bunch (DISC) Homeworks [ESPNJ Bodyshaping I Dinosaucers ) Dumbo's Circus g 10:00 A.M. ) Joan Rivers l Price Is Right ) CD Home ) Reading Rainbow g ~) Bonanza l Movie **'/2 "The Hills Have Eyes" DO) I Mama's Family ) Richard Bey ) Paid Program (A*!") Rockford Files g CAMC) Movie **Vi "Here Come the jTaves" (1:39) CBisc) Pasquale's Kitchen Express J Latin Futbol Weekly ) 700 Club CUFE) Movie ** 1 /2.".Fall From Grace" /rcrXXv • .<*•>•..i *'•• -.11..,-...... ^.-./j-^.^k. .-it,, ) (:05) Movie ** "Ants!" (2:00) ) American Gladiators ) News g ) Mouse Tracks g ) Movie ** 1 /2 "Prelude to a Kiss" ! Movie *** "The Man Inside" 10:30 A.M. Square One Television g )227g so) Headline News Great Chefs of San Francisco JSPN) Horse Show scm) One Step Beyond DISN) Jump. Rattle and Roll 11:00 A.M. Divorce Court Newsg Young and the Restless g Loving g Paradise Beach Where in the World Is Carmen mdlego? g ~ Cagney & Lacey Leave It to Beaver Montel Williams Paid Program ~ Movie **'/2 "The Hired Gun" Low Cholesterol Gourmet Flashback Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant I Doctor Who vie ** "Fire and Rain" (2:00) ) Joan Rivers j Adventures of the Gumml Bean ) Movie **Vz "Decision Before 3awn" (1:59) 11:30 A.M. ) People's Court g I News g I Loving g ) Club Connect I Leave It to Beaver I Paid Program ~) Graham Kerr j Auto Racing ) Cross-Wits (NICK) Capped! A Company I Movie ** "Quantrill's Raiders" 0) 12:00 P.M. ) (T) News g ) Jinny Jones ) All My Children g sriie Rose I Perry Mason ) Family Feud ) Andy Griffith ) Movie ** "Zuma Beach" (2:00) ) Who's the Boss? g 1 Movie ***V2 "The Matchmaker" i j Easy Does It ) Trivial Pursuit The Interactive Moonlighting Land of the Giants 1:05) Tom * Jerry's Funhouse Designing Women g Walt Disney Presents Last Action Hero: First Look Movie **** "Annie Hall" (1:34; 12:30 P.M. People's Court Bold and the Beautiful g Paid Program I Andy Griffith ) Mr. Belv ilvedere g ) Homeworks Goalsl ) Trivial Pursuit ) Sharon, Lola and Bram: Back by ir Demand ) (:35) Fllntstones Lead-Oil Man l Movie *** "Defending Your rin ' Another 3 vyortdg ) As the World Turns I One Life to Live g 1 America g o) (40) Streets of San Francisco !) Movie ** 1 /2 "All in a Night's &k" (2:00) so) Movie ** 1 /2 "The Stranger" (2:00) ^ Fugitive America Coast to Coast NCAA Today $100,000 Name That Tune Supermarket Sweep Muppet Babies sci FI ) Lost in Space TBS)(:05) Jetsons Movie **'/2 "The Bastard" (2:00) Talkabout Major League Baseball Movie *** "Tom Sawyer" (1:30) Movie * "Godzilla vs. Blollante" 1:30 P.M. Frugal Gourmet ~ World Roller Hockey League FAMl Let's Make a Deal Shop Til You Drop Wortd of David the Gnome 035) Brady Bunch Sale of the Century ~ (:35) Movie *** "Noises Off" 2:00 P.M. Beetlejuice g Days of Our Lives g Guiding Light (T) General Hospital Are You Being Served? Cannon Paid Program Perfect Strangers g " Mrs. Columbo Movie *** "Up in Arms" (1:46) Beyond 2000 Zorro g Anything but Love Dennis the Menace Voyage to the Bottom of the is) (:05) Saved by the Bell g g Joker's Wild 2:30 P.M. I Inspector Gadget ) Wild America g (jb Kids Wanna Know f44) Dennis the Menace (ESPN) Up Close (FAM) My Three Sons I Tracey Ullman j Flipper I (:35) Saved by the Bell g ) New Tic Tac Dough I Famous Adventures of Mister o Movie *** "Star Trek VI: The scovered Country" (1:51) 2:45 P.M. •(MAX) Movie ** "Botany Bay" (1:34) 3:00 P.M. (~5f) Merrie Melodies g (so) Geraldo Jane Whitney Donahue g GpD Highway to Heaven g MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour g Magnum, P.I. Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers g AJE) Rockford Files g cOIc) Mother Nature Inside the PGA Tour FAM) Littles LJFE) Jane Pratt NICK) Yogi Bear SCIFI) Incredible Hulk TOS) 005) Jeffersons g TNT) Bugs Bunny ft Pals Press Your Luck Fraggle Rock g 3:30 PTM. 40) Tom and Jerry Kids g als Spin g Wildlife Chronicles ESPN) Max Out Super Mario Bros. Looney Tunes 035) Andy Griffith Captain Planet and the Scrabble Adventures in Wonderland g Movie ***tt "Sleeper" (1:28) 4:00 P.M. Tiny Toon Adventures g iry Povich g Golden Girls g Oprah Winfrey g Designing Women g Barney & Friends g In the Heat of the Night g Mattock g Darkwfng Duck g Joan Rivera In Search Of... Movie **'/2 "Born to Be Bad" Profiles of Nature Sportscenter Popeye Movie *** "The George !enna Story" (2:00) Night Gallery •05) Beverly Hillbillies g Jetsons $26,000 Pyramid Paradise Beach Care Bean g 4:3OP.M. GO) Batman g Inside Edition g Golden Girts g Sesame Street g Goof Troop g Best of Sunday Conversations Inspector Gadget l Muppet Babies 1 Alfred Hitchcock Presents (:35) Sanford and Son 4BA Basketball Draft ) $100,000 Pyramid ! Designing women g ) Quack Attack g ) Life Stories: Families In Crisis g j Movie *** "Handle With Care" 8) 5:00 P.M. ) Out of This Wortd CD News g >ple's Court g ) Charlie's Angels )New» ) Star Trek: The Next Generation g ) Growing Pains ) M'A'S'H ) Our Century j Hitter: The Whole Story I Rln Tin Tin K-9 Cop g ) Hey Dude j Battlestar Galactica 7:05) Movie **V 2 "Little House on 'rairle" (2:00) ) My Two Dads g ) Movie ***tt ^Deliverance"

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