Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on February 17, 1941 · Page 16
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 16

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, February 17, 1941
Page 16
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Page Two Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Monday Morning, February 17, 1941 Moral Failure Is Given Help * * A • People, r laces Arizona: And odd Things People, Places Jesus specializes in helping individuals who have made a moral failure of life, declared the Rev. C. Arlin Heydon in liis morning sermon yesterday in the first Baptist Church. "He helps people," he said in part, "to save them from that moral failure. Jesus befriended many such people in His earthly ministry. The fallen woman who annointed Jesus in the house of Simon the Pharisee was saved to a new life. "Simon Peter, unstable, failing at the place he boasted of being the strongest, was saved, established by our Savior. The rich young ruler forms many a tragic contrast with whom Jesus helped. the He seemed a success by superficial standards but he lacked one thing Hif> monev managed him and he was a miserable moral failure Then, there was the self-righteous man who prayed, 'I thank God 1 am not as other men.' He made it Impossible for Jesus to help him. "The man to be commended is the one who prays humbly and sincerely, 'God, be merciful to me a sinner.' All the resources of heaven are available in the forgiveness of such a one's sin, o: establishing him in fellowship with God and the bringing of the power of God's spirit into the struggle on his side against sin and all the real enemies of man." In the evening, he spoke on "Our Savior Who Calls You," describing Jesus as the "Savior splendid" who succeeds in everything he attempts . -- o- -Reasons Told For Salvation Though it is contrary to all thai human reason might expect, the Word of God repeatedly and explicitly declares salvation to be an unmerited favor from God which is made available as a gift to all men said the Rev. R. S. Seal, jr., in his morning sermon yesterday in Grace Baptist Church. "From the human side," he added, "salvation is not conditioned by any kind of good works; man's only responsibility is to believe in the Son of God by whose substitu- tionary death salvation was made possible. Naturally, one asks 'Why does God save by grace? Why are good works not required as a condition of salvation?' The Bible resents a threefold answer. "First, men are said to be saved so that 'good works' may result. From a heart of unbelief if is impossible for any man's efforts to be pleasing to God. "Secondly, men are said to be caved for the sake of the benefits which accrue to them. Since it is not the will of God that men should perish to spend eternity in Hell, He has bestowed the priceless blessing of eternal life upon all who believe. "Thirdly, men are said to be saved so that in them God might manifest His grace. Though this motive of God is supreme in the salvation of men, it is usually passed over unrecognized. "God's greatest purpose in salvation is nothing less than to demonstrate before all intelligent beings of the eternity to come the matchless grace which He mani- ******* New Activity At Fort Huachuca Recalls Selection Of Site In 1877 BY DAVE BRIXEGAK Twice a month a flood of dollars more tremendous than anything that Uncle Sam has started rolling in Southern Arizona m many a year gathers at Fort Huachuca, rolls across the Cochise county hills and flows into the tills of Bisbee merchants. „*.„.,.That flood becomes a figurative torrent by the time the checks fested toward us bounding love." in His supera- Christian Way Is Discussed The Christian way is the only way to serve God, the Rev. W. H. Hedges pointed out in a sermon last night In Capitol Christian Church. "Proclaimed by the early Christians," he said In part, "the Jews thought this was blasphemy, the Romans called it inexcusable Intolerance. Some today think it bigotry, but Jesus taught that He was the way. "Peter declared there is no other name for salvation. Experience proves this faith of the early church is the only way of salvation. Christ is the gate to the Christian way. The gate is so narrow that pride, self-righteousness, all sin, must be left outside and on the inside is found cleansing through the blood of Christ. 'The principles of Christ are the principles of the Christian way. These are reverence for the will of God, reverence for personality, no respect for persons, for all are •worth dying for, serging men as servants of Christ the purpose of life and the motive of service, not self-seeking, not self glorification, not greed, but love. "The Holy Spirit is the helper on the Christian way, helping to play, to serve, to grow in Christlikeness, to guide aright, to testify concern- Ing the grace of God. "The Christian way Is the way of which none need be ashamed. Paul was glad to confess that he belonged to the way. Its destination, heaven, none need be ashamed of. Its companions uplift. Its activities give joy and satisfaction" of defense workers at the fort are cashed by Bisbee banks—staying open late" just for that purpose— and the stream of dollars makes its way into every business the mining city boasts. On payday nights Bisbee is a gay, .free-spending town, populated by hundreds of persons who want baths, shaves, haircuts and other sundry services, or shoes, shirts and socks, or even dresses for their women- animals. He requested authority to rule these settlers off. Experiences, Vicissitudes Were Many It would take more than a five- foot shelf of books to report all of the vicissitudes and experiences of the soldiers at this new frontier army post, but something of their misfortunes is reflected in a com- Lecture Given On Friendship Presenting her annual Friendship Day lecture at the Unity Truth! Center sen-ices yesterday morning! in the Woman's Club auditorium Mrs. Myrtle E. Gate spoke on "The Great Friend". "Just the thought," she said in part, "of someone who ha* loved us as a friend, someone who has walked with us through the shadow of some earthly experience, gives us new strength and courage. "This service is dedicated to our friends, to those present and far away. Even death does not separate friends for the memory of those who walk with us no more, remains to inspire, comfort and strengthen. "In the arena of personal and luman experience, this idea of friendship is expressed in many de- jrees. Jn trouble, trial or sorrow, Jie strong arm. the gentle presence, .he assuring word of friends virtually build a bridge over which we cross deep waters. "One is ever rich who has friends, "aithful hearts who stand by and believe in him. Friends dramatize to us the story of the divine, the nature and character of God who is incapable of recognizing anything unlike His own divine nature and being. "Back of the idea of friendship, no matter how imperfectly it is humanly expressed, is the divine idea. "Back of the love, loyalty and faithful expressions in human form, we look for and hope to find the SENTENCE SERMONS By THE REV. ROY L. SMITH Few Things Are Needed— —To make a wise man happy m the life he is compelled to live. —To make a contented man —To 3 make a jealous person wretched. -To make a rich man anxious. —To make a poor man better off. —To make thankful. —To make coward. a righteous man a guilty man a Brewery G folk. It Is free-spending from the farthest-up reaches of Tombstone canyon, where U. S. Highway 80 crosses famous Bisbee hill at an altitude of more than 6,000 feet, down to the Lowell and Warren and other contiguous communities. And it especially is free-spending- in Brewery Gulch, which has gone through more than one heyday. Juke boxes blare where once professors played pianos. Maybe the grade of whiskey is better, maybe it is worse—there are few alive who can give a comparison, and perhaps their judgment is warped. There are eager merchants, an accommodating populace, beautiful; iris. iDvernor Osborn's effort to Lesson Seen In Crosses The dramatic lesson exemplified In the three crosses of Calvary formed the subject of a sermon by the Rev. Harrison J. Vander Linden yesterday morning in the First Fundamental Baptist Church. "Two classes—the saved and the unsaved—are represented by the two thieves," he said in part. Christ, paying the pcnaltv for sinners, is in the middle. Christ our mediator between a Holv God and sinning men, died between heaven and earth to redeem lost mankind. un the second cross, one died to sin and was saved. Taken as a brand from the fire, that thief was saved. On the third cross, a thief died in sin. Two men dying at the feet of Christ; one believed, cried out, was vn n e / me[1 -, The othcr ejected, reviled, was lost. One went to heaven. The other to damnation. ery s . ide of Jesus persuade Uncle Sam to establish a permanent garrison of 30,000 men I at Fort Huachuca is a success, Bisbee and the Gulch are likely to get an entire new lease on the payday type of life, of which all that has happened this winter may be only a tantalizing sample. Brewery Gulch has little written history—most of what is told about it is legend, perpetuated by such colorful characters as Fred McKinney of the Brewery Gulch Gazette. But Fort Huachuca's story is chronicled accurately, and dates to that March 3, 1877, when Capt Samuel Marmaduke Whitside, of the Sixth United States Cavalry, picked the spot where he would establish a post for the protection of the settlers. * • » Sent By Territorial Military Commander Captain Whitside had been sent from Prescott by the military commander of Arizona Territory department. He had been given much latitude as to where he might put the post, as long as It was in the Huachuca mountains. H. L. (Pat) Hayhurst knows the 1 story perhaps as well as anyone. Let him tell it in his own language: •Those Damned Apaches" Were To Be Tamed Captain Whitside's colonel Instructed him to select "some convenient location." "Use your best judgment, but select a location that permits of easy access of the valleys of the Sonoita and Santa Cruz and yet permits control of the San Pedro valley, and is within striking distance of the Puerto de Las Mulas (vicinity of Bisbee) where those demand Apaches have been crossing." The fact that Captain Whitside began businesslike operations immediately it indicated in his message to his commander, dated March 8, 1877, which was: '"Have I authority to purchase beef in the open market delivered at this camn at 9J£o per pound?" The records indicate that the Apache went on the warpath April 16. raiding a ranch near Camp Cnttenden. The forays against the Apache in the Sonoita and Santa Cruz valley continued throughout the month. May 1, 1877, Captain Whitside advised military headquarters in precise military language that the soldiers had not received their cav for the preceding four months. Days came anf went.which were filled with routine duties such as getting the horses and mules properly shod, foraging for suppl ef and directing the scouting expeditions against the hostilesf October l, the captain informed military headquarters that he was discontinuing the sale of liquor to soldiers except by glass at the bar; he also complaineothat the Hualpai Indian Kpnitlc MrA*>« I%A»:«_: ^ _ . **»««» was a legend even then. munlcation to headquarters in September 3, 1878, which says in part: "I have the honor to submit zxx The rainy season started early in July and it has rained almost daily since x x x All buildings in this post have been constructed of adobe and were considered good buildings until the rainy season set in." From further perusal of the records, it is learned that a previous military camp had been established at the vicinity which was known as Old Fort Wallen. This camp was said to have been established upon the claim of the Barbacomari Spanish land grant. November 3,1879, the authorities at the post ordered for the library the New York Daily Graphic, the San Francisco Evening Bulletin, and full sets of Dickens, Thackeray and other books, including Bancroft's history of the United States. » * • Tombstone Blade Self Heard By this time, roxvdy Tombstone was beginning to make itself heard. The fort records continued to tell about Indian tribulations, stagecoach robberies, and frequent shooting matches in Tombstone, Charleston, and Bisbee. The record continued with memoranda on the pursuit of the Apache to the final capitulation of Geronimo, and thus the frontier period approached an end. * » » Leonard Wood Served There | In the late 1880's there was an assistant surgeon at the post by the name of Leonard Wood, who was to I climb high in the army ranks. With the hostiles pretty well pacified, the decade of the 1890's! was comparatively quiet at Fort! Huachuca; so much so, in fact, that soldiers- were permitted to buy discharge from the army. who had been identl- all-loving of God." and unchanging nature Truth Termed Saving Force What Jesus teaches about the 'New Birth" formed the theme of a sermon by the Rev. C. Vaughan Rock yesterday in the First Southern Baptist Church. "Just as God made plans for the purifying of the heavens and the earth," he said In part, "He also made that plan for the lives of individuals. If the new birth is fiction we should not waste our time with t. But Jesus says it is a fact and >xperience proves the truth of His statement. "How can a man he 'born again'? There are two births, the fleshly and the spiritual. By the first birth we are partakers of our parents but by the second birth we are partakers of God. One It of flesh, the other is of the spirit. "If language can be made to mean anything definite, the scrip- .ures teach an actual, literal new birth and not a change of the original nature; not a moral reforma- :ion of the old nature. One could not use plainer language than the scriptures. 'As many as received 3im to them gave Him the power .o become the children of God, even :o them that believed on His Name; who were born not of blood nor the will of the flesh nor the will of nan but of God.' 'Except a man be iorn again he cannot see the kingdom of God.' That which is born of he flesh is flesh: and that which is born of the spirit is spirit.' 'The truth is the death, burial, resurrection ot our Lord for the Gospel Need Is Delineated Exhorting Christians to "go out in the world unashamed," the Rev. Samuel A. Wright declared in his morning sermon yesterday in Neighborhood Congregational Church at "in the gospel of Christ we have the salvation that will save this world." "Paul, like us today," he said in part, "must have been ashamed of many thing.*, of his day and time. But there was one thing he was not ashamed of and that was the gospel of Jesus Christ. "St. Paul had found something that put meaning and significance into the whole of life: 'I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth.' "We should not be ashamed of the gospel of Christ in its insistence on the tragic sinfulness of man and his desperate need of interior salvation. If we have eyes to see anything today we ought to see that for which the gospel of Christ has always been right about, man needing an interior change of heart. "There is no such thing as inevitable progress, as some of us thought a few years ago. Many thought that science, education and many other things might save us, but what a foolish hope these things have turned out to be. "We need something deeper than science, education, to These things are well fied at one time or another with Fort Huachuca distinguished themselves during the Spanish American War, but there was little other than routine duties to occupy the permanent garrisoji at Huachuca until 1916. when a detachment left the post to accompany Gen. John J. Pershing on his expedition to Mexico to capture Pancho Villa. Then came the World War and :he part the soldiers of Fort Huachuca played therein. After the war, this army post again reverted to an uneventful matter of routine duties, down through the years until the present national defense program injected new life with a modern building program at the lonely outpost established by Capt Samuel Marmaduke Whitside 64 years ago. COVER CROPS Plant Llefgreen's — Eggplant, Melons, Peppers, Squash and Tomato Seeds FREE PARKING NEXT DOOR f t ^ • scouts were beginning to s were egnning to get rest- because the timl had 8 arrived i : same gasolines are available for all automo- i bile engines—how come the Buick FIREBALL eight gets more good out of them than others do? Partly because we expressly built these power plantt for modem fuels, but principally because FIREBALL design squeezes more good out of every drop of fuel than others. Your dealer can tell you why if you're interested— but the big thing is he'll prove that it does with an actual demonstration. And that, we promise, will be the most delightful experience you ever had in an automobile! d s t,rh . disturbed over the increasing | salvation L gressive, Hk^as lost! ^•cternalUr w "A< ;>»4. 1 as instantaneous. i»; LJ • tanla ncously, the other "lost, irremediably, irrjmarohi,. i«_r"X v "*" JI - Y ' irreparably, lost. One^thief was eter- nally saved that no man might de- ' '-•^_— IXEMPUI Of MNEKM MOTORS VAIUI___- SEE YOUR NEAREST BUICK DEALER save us. _ .. „_ and good but they do not go deep enough. We need the gospel of Christ." Argentine War Supplies Burn BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, Feb. 16—(AP)—-Fire in a ministry of war building used to store equipment, uniforms and supplies for all army units in the Buenos Aires area caused damage today which officials said would reach millions of pesos. It was controlled by firemen and soldiers after a 14-hour fight. The war minister ordered an investigation. sins of the world. No one is saved, no one is born again who has not belieyed this truth. It is the truth that saves." PADEREWSKI Feb. 15-22 In 'Fadereirikr» 30th anniversary or roncertiilnc In the- United Slain. We wish to pay homage, to Paderewakl. the man. the artlftt and gtatesman whose, con- eertft have- been an Inspiration to countless music lovera and whose patriotic fortitude It an example to the nation. The Stelnway ha> been the Inseparable and faithful friend of thli master-planlit and wo are proud to be representatives of the HOUM of Steinway. REDEWIU/S—212 TV. WASH.. PHOEMX Lesson-Sermon Topic Is 'Soul' "Soul" was the subject of th,e Lesson-Sermon in all Churches of Christ, Scientist, yesterday. The Golden Text was from Psalms 70:1. "Let all those that seek thee rejoice and be Rlad in thee: Mid let such- as love thy salvation say continually, Let God be magnified." Among the citations which comprise the Lesson-Sermon was the following from the Bible: "For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the thing:, of the Spirit. For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be." (Romans 8:5-7.) The Lesson-Sermon also included the following passages from the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," by Mary Baker Eddy: "The various mortal beliefs formulated in human philosophy, physiology, hygiene, are mainly predicated of matter, and afford faint gleams of God, or Truth. The more material a belief, the more obstinately tenacious its error; the stronger are the manifestations of the corpgreal senses, the weaker the indications of Soul. When once destroyed by divine Science, the false evidence before the corporeal senses disappears. Hence the opposition of sensuous man to the Science of Soul and the significance of the Scriptures, The carnal mind is enmity against God'." (144:4-13; 131:6-10) Pastor Voices Leader Need Between the birthdays of two outstanding Americans, "we cannot help facing the fact that God has always raised up leaders for critical hours in our national we, the Rev. Dr. R. N. Merrill s. sermon yesterday in the First Methodist Church. "When.the unity of this nation hung in the balance," he said, 'Washington arose to build a solidarity £,bWll. w—»*~%. which has never been broken. When that unity was threatened, Lincoln lifted his hands to release the slaves and to bind together the union more closely than ever before. "These men were great enough to rise above the planes upon which they entered life and to enlarge their circles of interest yntil they could take in all our people. "Washington forgot his aristocracy and Lincoln the prejudices which poverty might have imposed on him, to become the friends and leaders of all our people. Here is a fine test of character and leadership. Both these leaders now revered by all of us accepted their responsibilities with recognition of God's partnership. "Today, selfishness, partisanship and narrow nationalism threaten our solidarity. As much as in the beginning of the republic or in the sad '60,s, we need men like Washington and Lincoln in the nation's capital and in Phoenix, big enough to rise by the help of the Eternal, TelepKooe 3-lHj ~ .r Casket Paid For, Honest Man Dies ALBEMARLE, N. C., 'Feb ie ? J (AP)—John David Burris, 72'y»arV ' old*, wanted to leave no ohlizaHmT behind him when he died. "* So he made arrangements whwo. by he might make monthly -i"~ ments on his casket and f expenses. Last week—two later—he made his last $5 n The next day he had a paralysis and died. above th'emselves to 'build the wall and to man the breach, in tni moral and spiritual defenses of an America." • m IDENTICAL IN • OWNERSHIP WITH . 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